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CMSS Improver 2017



CMSS Improver 2017

The Improver 2017 The official breed magazine of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society

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CMSS Improver 2017

67 32 38 39 13 40 28 34, 35 32 59 2 68 33

Table of Contents: CMSS Office and Directors 4 President’s Report 5 Secretary-Manager Report 6 Rapport du secrétaire 8 2016 Class Leaders 10 2016 Production Awards 11 New All Time Production Records Set 12 Accent-P breaks Fat Record 14 Sale Report: Ferme Serol Dispersal 15 2016 Excellent Cows 16 2016 Very Good Two Year Olds 17 Top 20 LPI Sires 18 Top 20 LPI Cows 19 Genetic Expansion in Canadian MS 20 2016 National Show Report 25 2016 Field Day & AGM 30 Milking Shorthorns and Robots 36 Clarica named 2016 Cow of the Year 41 Country Report: USA 42 Country Report: UK 44 Country Report: NZ 46 Available Sires 50 Classification x Sire 53 2015 Production Records 54 Classification Schedule 60 All Time Champions 61 Member Directory 62 Fee Schedule 66 3

Secretary-Manager: Ryan Barrett 203 Ferry Road, Cornwall, Prince Edward Island C0A 1H4 Office: (902) 200-1396 Cell: (902) 439-9386 Email: Web: President:

Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON (Term ends 2018) Tel: (519) 349-2707 | Email:

Vice-President: Johnathan Eccles, Dromore, ON (Term ends 2016) Tel: (519) 334-3440 | Email: Exec. Member: Dave Prinzen, Bloomfield, ON (Term ends 2017) Tel: (613) 393-5087 | Email: Directors:

Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB (Term ends 2018) Tel: (204) 433-7982 | Email:

Brenda Cupples, Errington, BC (Term ends 2017) Tel: (250) 586-6157 | Email:

Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE (Term ends 2016) Tel: (902) 436-7881 | Email:

Irene Vietinghoff, Norwood, ON (Term ends 2018) Tel: (705) 639-1414 | Email:

/milkingshorthorn 4

@CanMShorthorn CMSS Improver 2017

President’s Report by Don Richardson, CMSS President Let me introduce myself. I farm just outside St. Marys, Ontario. I’m married to my wife Karen, with two children named Riley and Sheldon. We milk 45 cows in a tie stall barn, and rotationally pasture in the summer months. I bought my first two Milking Shorthorns in a dispersal sale in 2002. I liked them so well that I gradually switched the herd over to Milking Shorthorns. There’s a great group of people involved with the Milking Shorthorn breed, with a desire to help new breeders start up. I’d like to share one of my experiences in the breed that illustrates the great community of breeders that I’ve found in our breed. A few years ago, I ordered Treeton Pingerly semen from Semex. I found out later that Fred Barrett ordered Pingerly semen the same day and that there wasn’t enough to fill both orders, so they were going to split what they had between the two of us. Fred said, “no, give Don what he ordered and I’ll take what’s left”. Fast forward a few years, and Fred helped set up a new breeder in PEI who wanted a number of quality Milking Shorthorn cows. However, this runs Fred a little short of milk. I happened to have some heifers to sell, so I picked three from the top of the herd, just as other Milking Shorthorn breeders have done when I bought from them. Two of the heifers I sold to Fred just happened to be Pingerly daughters. After they calved out, each of the Pingerly daughters classified Very Good. I’m very pleased with the outcome, as in the end, Fred got two Very Good Two Year Olds and a new breeder got set up in our breed! Looking forward in seeing everyone at the CMSS Field Day on July 29 in Prince Edward County!

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Secretary-Manager Report 2017 by Ryan Barrett One of aspects of my work with the Society that I truly enjoy is having the chance to talk to Milking Shorthorn breeders from across the country. This may be a short interaction to answer a question or help sort out a registry issue, or it could be a longer conversation about the breed, about how things are going on their farm or with their family. Recently, I had a conversation with a long time Milking Shorthorn breeder who remarked that “I think that Milking Shorthorns have been the best kept secret of the dairy industry for a while...but that secret is starting to get out.” I agree. The same week, I was touring herds of another breed. While I knew most of the people on the tour quite well, we didn’t often talk about Shorthorns, because they are justifiably passionate about their breed. Nonetheless, I had a number of unsolicited conversations about Milking Shorthorns that day, including a couple of discussions with breeders interested in how they could add some red, white and roan to their herds. That’s a great day in my view! Last November, the Serol herd from Quebec dispersed, with about thirty head of Milking Shorthorns selling. While there is a definite sadness in losing passionate breeders like Serge and Carole from the breed, dispersal sales of quality herds can often result in growth of the breed. In this case, we have gone from having only a few herds in Quebec with Milking Shorthorns to more than a dozen! The challenge will be to foster these new herds to increase the likelihood that they will continue with the breed. There continues to be growth in the breed, with interest from new buyers in different parts of the country. However, to be able to support growth, we need to have a stronger base to grow from. There have been multiple times in the past few years when I have had producers interested in adding a few Milking Shorthorns to their herd, but I have been 6

CMSS Improver 2017

unable to source quality genetics at the right age and stage for their needs. It’s always frustrating to pass up an opportunity to get someone new introduced to the breed...but they need to start with quality cattle to ensure a positive experience. This brings me to a point which I know that I’ve talked about in previous articles: the need to grow the breed from within. We have grown our membership significantly in recent years, but the number of cattle on milk recording, classified, or registered per year hasn’t necessarily grown at the same rate. We have a number of members who quite like their Milking Shorthorns, but who only have a handful of cows. My challenge is to figure out how to get the producer with one or two Milking Shorthorns to add a couple more. How do we get the herd with ten cows to grow to twenty? I plan to reach out to members in the coming months to ask some of these questions and listen to what you have to say. A couple of tools that I know would have significant impact on growing the base of our breed are embryo transfer and sexed semen. Through embryo transfer, producers have the opportunity to implant Milking Shorthorn embryos in cows of other breeds using high quality genetics that might not always be available to purchase in your area. There are a number of breeders in Canada who flush cows each year, and I’m sure that several would be willing to consider custom flushes to mutually agreeable sires. While sexed semen hasn’t been as widespread in our breed than in others, we will try and identify when sexed inventories are available, and we will continue to work with AI units to consider making more sexed Milking Shorthorn semen. I continue to consider it a privilege to work with the Milking Shorthorn breed and with the members of our Society. I hope that together we can continue to succeed in growing and improving our breed each year!

CMSS Improver 2017


Rapport du secrétaire 2017 par Ryan Barrett, Secrétaire, SCSL L’un des aspects de mon travail que j’apprécie vraiment avec la Société est d’avoir la chance de parler aux éleveurs Shorthorn Laitier de partout au pays :depuislesinteractionscourtespourrépondreàunequestionouaiderà résoudre un problème d’enregistrement aux conversations plus longues sur la race, sur la manière dont les choses se passent sur leur ferme ou avec leur famille. J’ai récemment eu une conversation avec un éleveur de longue date de Shorthorn laitier qui m’a dit : « Je pense que les Shorthorns Laitier sont le secret le mieux gardé de l’industrie laitière depuis un certain temps... mais ce secret est en train de se savoir.  » Je suis d’accord. La même semaine, je visitais des troupeaux d’une autre race, et même si je connaissais assez bien la plupart des gens présents à la visite, on ne parle pas souvent des Shorthorn, parce qu’ils sont passionnés par leur race, ce que je peux comprendre. Ce jour-là, j’ai toutefois eu un certain nombre de conversations spontanées sur les Shorthorns Laitier, notamment avec des éleveurs intéressés par la manière dont ils pourraient ajouter des rouge, blanc et rouan à leurs troupeaux. Ça, c’est un grand jour! En novembre dernier, le troupeau québécois Serol a été dispersé; il y avait une trentaine de sujets Shorthorn Laitier à vendre. Même si nous sommes tristes de perdre des éleveurs passionnés comme Serge et Carole, les ventes de dispersion de troupeaux de qualité peuvent souvent entraîner la croissance de la race. Dans ce cas, nous sommes passés de seulement quelques troupeaux de Shorthorn Laitier au Québec à plus d’une douzaine! Le défi sera d’encourager ces nouveaux troupeaux pour augmenter les chances qu’ils continuent avec la race. La croissance de la race continue, avec l’intérêt de nouveaux acheteurs de différentes régions du pays. Mais, pour pouvoir soutenir la croissance, nous avons besoin d’avoir une base plus solide. Au cours des années passées, il m’est arrivé plusieurs fois de rencontrer des producteurs qui voulaient rajouter quelques Shorthorns Laitier à leur troupeau, mais je n’ai pas pu trouver de la 8

CMSS Improver 2017

génétique de qualité au bon âge et au stade qui correspondaient à leurs besoins. C’est toujours frustrant de laisser passer une occasion d’introduire une autre personne dans la race... mais ils doivent démarrer avec des animaux de qualité pour avoir une expérience positive. Ceci m’amène à un point dont j’ai déjà parlé dans de précédents articles : la nécessité de développer la race de l’intérieur. Nous avons sensiblement augmenté le nombre de nos membres ces dernières années, mais le nombre d’animaux sous contrôle laitier, classifiés ou enregistrés chaque année n’a pas nécessairement augmenté au même rythme. Il y a un certain nombre de membres qui aiment bien leurs vaches Shorthorn Laitier, mais qui en possèdent seulement quelques-unes. Mon défi est de trouver un moyen pour que le producteur qui possède une ou deux Shorthorns Laitier en ajoute deux de plus. Comment faire passer un troupeau de dix à vingt vaches? Dans les prochains mois, j’ai l’intention de vous contacter, nos membres, pour vous poser certaines de ces questions et écouter ce que vous avez à dire. Je sais que des outils comme le transfert d’embryons et la semence sexée auraient un impact significatif sur la croissance de la base de notre race. Le transfert d’embryon permet aux producteurs d’implanter des embryons Shorthorn Laitier chez des vaches d’autres races en utilisant de la génétique de haute qualité qui ne serait peut-être pas toujours disponible dans votre région. Chaque année, un certain nombre d’éleveurs canadiens récoltent des embryons sur leurs vaches, et je suis certain que plusieurs autres seraient disposés à envisager des récoltes d’embryons à forfait pour des taureaux sur lesquels ils s’accorderaient mutuellement. Même si la semence sexée n’est pas aussi répandue dans notre race que dans d’autres, nous allons essayer d’identifier lorsque des inventaires de semence sexée sont disponibles, et nous allons continuer à travailler avec les unités d’IA pour étudier la possibilité de produire davantage de semence sexée de Shorthorn Laitier. Pour moi, c’est toujours un privilège de travailler avec la race Shorthorn Laitier et avec les membres de notre Société. J’espère que nous pourrons continuer à réussir à faire grandir et améliorer notre race chaque année! CMSS Improver 2017


2016 Class Leaders Based on Composite BCA in 305 days, completed by December 31st, 2016. Only includes animals 75% purity or greater.

Milking Yearling Showcase Ace Canola


8368 410 4.9 292 3.5 362-432-389 Showcase, ON

Junior Two Year Old Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty


8242 347 4.2 273 3.3 370-381-374 Oceanbrae, PE

Senior Two Year Old Prinsville Liriano Ima Star


9441 378 4.0 306 3.2 369-363-369 Prinsville, ON

Junior Three Year Old Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn

3-5 11892 429 3.6 361 3.0 418-376-388 Oceanbrae, PE

Senior Three Year Old Eloc Pingerly Crunk

3-9 10509 434 4.1 347 3.3 383-391-390 Eloc, NS

Four Year Old Oceanbrae Logic Feather

4-5 10530 432 4.1 353 3.4 364-372-376 Oceanbrae, PE

Five Year Old Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple (3x) 5-5 12329 530 4.3 389 3.2 415-445-401 Koopycrest, ON Mature Cow Lyndale Hello Molly

9-1 11181 399 3.6 348 3.1 338-309-322 Lynmark, ON

Knottview Farm Award: (highest kgs of Fat in 305 days) Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple - 530 kgs of Fat owned by Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON

Joseph Sullivan Award: (highest kgs of Protein in 305 days) Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple - 389 kgs of Fat owned by Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON

Highest Milk Producing Cow: (highest kgs of Milk in 305 days) Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple - 12,329 kgs of Fat owned by Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON

Dreymaur Award: (highest 3 year average milk yield) Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple - 12,574 kgs of Fat (1st, 2nd, 3rd lactations) owned by Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON 10

CMSS Improver 2017

2016 Production awards Records completed by December 31st, 2016 Only includes animals 75% purity or greater.

Lifetime Production Award Level 1: (40,000 + kgs M in 6 lactations or less) Oceanbrae Jurist Layla Spruce Briar Frolic Utopia Oceanbrae Jurist Marigold Lynmark Crab Cakes Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple Maple Inn Rosemary 59th Prinsville Ruler Emerald Oceanbrae Frolic Kristy Oceanbrae DJ Darling Prosperous Acres Tangerine

5 lact 6 lact 6 lact 5 lact 3 lact 6 lact 6 lact 6 lact 4 lact 4 lact

48,944M 47,082M 46,530M 45,772M 44,757M 44,468M 43,903M 41,815M 40,774M 40,207M

1878F 1626F 1842F 1781F 1932F 1667F 1565F 1485F 1581F 1432F

1745P 1505P 1660P 1567P 1432P 1445P 1412P 1394P 1374P 1306P

Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE A & A Bromley, Westmeath, ON Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Prinsville Farms, Bloomfield,ON Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE J & J Snyder, Dashwood, ON

Lifetime Production Award Level 2: (60,000 + kgs M) Valley Crest Alice 39

10 lact 65,181M 3201F 2173P I & D Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

Clydagh Trophy Highest Herd Average BCA with 10 or more completed lactations:

Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PEI 34 records 8080M 345F 265P BCA: 304-321-306 Comp BCA: 931

Semper Trophy 2nd Highest Herd Average BCA with 10 or more completed lactations:

Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 27 records 7667M 291F 246P BCA: 280-264-276 Comp BCA: 820

Superior Production Awards Cows completing a record in 2016 that is 200 Composite BCA points above breed average (=> 965) See pages 54 to 59. Records shaded in grey

CMSS Improver 2017


New All Time Production Records Set! A number of Canadian Milking Shorthorn cows have established new records for single lactation production in a number of different age categories. Showcase Ace Canola G-79 has set new records for 305 day Fat and Protein production for Milking Yearlings. At the age of 1 year and 10 months, Canola produced 8368 kg M 410F 4.5% 292P 3.5%. Canola is owned by the National Agriculture Museum at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. She is sired by Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace. Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn VG-87 has established a new record for 305 day Milk and tied the record for 305 day Protein production for Three Year Olds. At the age of 3 years and 5 months, Jocelyn produced 11,892 kg M 429F 3.6% 361P 3.0%. Jocelyn is owned by Fred and Matthew Barrett of Oceanbrae Farms in Belmont, Prince Edward Island. She is sired by Treeton Pingerly, an Australian sire marketed by Semex. Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple EX-90 has established new records for 305 day Milk and Protein production for Five Year Olds, and is now number two all time for Fat in the same age category. At the age of 5 years and 3 months, Apple produced 12,329 kg M 530F 4.3% 389P 3.2%. Apple also holds the breed record for single lactation milk and protein production, set in her second lactation. She is sired by Clarefield Mocha, an Australian sire marketed by Semex. Apple is owned by Shawn Koopmans of Picton, Ontario. Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P EX-94-3E has established a new record for 305 day Fat production for Mature Cows, as well as a new breed record for fat production across all age groups. At the age of 6 years and 10 months, Accent-P produced 10,789 kg M 807F 7.5% 378P 3.5%. Accent-P is owned by Fred and Matthew Barrett of Oceanbrae Farms in Belmont, Prince Edward Island and is sired Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Two other cows cracked the All Time Top Three in their respective age categories. Northend Zumba Cascade GP-80 now sits #3 all time for 305 day Milk for Three Year Olds, producing 11,122 kg milk in second lactation. She is owned by Glenda Mutrie of Thorsby, Alberta. Oceanbrae Adam Lorna-P EX90-2E now sits at #2 all time for 305 day Milk and Protein for Four Year Olds, producing 11,845 kg milk and 385 kg protein in third lactation. Lorna-P is owned by Oceanbrae Farms of Belmont, PEI. 12

CMSS Improver 2017

Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple EX-90 All Time Leader - Five Year Old for Milk and Protein

Oceanbrae Adam Lorna-P EX-90 #2 All Time for Milk and Protein for Four Year Olds

CMSS Improver 2017


“Accent-P” breaks her own Single Lactation Fat Record

Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P, a mature cow from Oceanbrae Farms in Prince Edward Island, has set a new record for fat production in a single lactation for Canadian Milking Shorthorns. In fact, Accent-P has broken her own previous record by 100 kg of fat! In a 305 day lactation starting at 6 years and 10 months of age, Accent-P produced 807 kg of fat, eclipsing her previous record of 707 kg of fat produced as a four year old cow in 2014. This equates to more than 2.6 kg of fat produced per day, more than double the breed average for Milking Shorthorns! Accent’s complete fifth lactation record in 305 days was 10,789 kg of milk, 807 kg of fat at 7.5%, and 378 kg of protein at 3.5%. Accent-P has proven to be an exceptional cow in many ways. As evidenced by her name, she is naturally polled. As well, she’s classified Excellent 94-3E, one of the highest classified Milking Shorthorns in Canada. She has had a total of twelve daughters, naturally and by embryo transfer, and was named Canadian Cow of the Year in 2015. Her owners, Fred and Matthew Barrett of Oceanbrae Farms in Belmont, Prince Edward Island, continue to marvel at her exceptional production. According to Fred, “her fat production continues to be impressive. She has had several monthly fat tests with over 10 percent fat, figures unheard of in our breed. She has now produced over 3500 kg of fat in five lactations, when many cows would take nine or ten lactations to produce the same amount.” Accent-P is the product of an imported embryo from the United States sired by Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Her dam is Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P, a former National Show Champion who has had a significant impact on the Milking Shorthorn breed around the world. 14

CMSS Improver 2017

Sale Report: Ferme Serol Dispersal Roxton Falls, QC - November 1st, 2016 Serge Girard and Carole Beauregard were still relatively new Milking Shorthorn breeders when they made the decision to disperse their herd in November 2016; however, they have made a big impact on the breed in their decade breeding Milking Shorthorns. This culminated with winning the Clydagh Trophy for the top BCA herd average in Canada in 2015, as well as hosting a very successful AGM and Field Day in July 2016. As a result of their successful herd dispersal, their impact on the breed will continue in Quebec and elsewhere, including with a number of new Milking Shorthorn owners! A total of 29 head of all ages sold for an average of $2,026. Fourteen cows averaged a very strong $2,571, while five bred heifers averaged $1,990 and ten calves averaged $1,280. The high seller on the day was Serol Sam Souris VG-86, a third lactation Blissful Diamond Sam daughter from the “Scarlett” family that had numerous family members sell on the day. Souris sold for $4,100 to Ferme des Chamois of Farnham, Quebec. Second high seller was Serol Dutch Abrielle GP-83, a first lactation Sunshine Moneys Dutch heifer with a sweet udder that sold for $3,600 to Ferme Brittania, a noted Canadienne herd from St-Valerien, Quebec. Third high seller was Serol Sam Ayelle VG-85, a second lactation Diamond Sam daughter from the “Ina” cow family that descended from Quality Ina. Ayelle sold for $3,500 to Yvan Paquette of Stanbridge-Est, Quebec. The high selling bred heifer was Serol Morris Angel, sired by homebred sire Serol Adventure Morris and carrying an embryo out of original brood cow Oceanbrae Sassy Scarlett. Angel sold for $2,500 to Oceanbrae Farms of Belmont, PEI. High selling calf was Serol Dutch Aryelle, daughter of Sam Ayelle. She sold for $2,000 to Ferme Roger & Ginette Ferland of Stanstead, Quebec. The sale featured a total of 18 different buyers, 14 of which are first time buyers of Milking Shorthorns, and 14 of which are in Quebec. This bodes well for the future of the breed in the province of Quebec!

CMSS Improver 2017


2016 Excellent Cows Cows




Lynmark Out Fleece Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P Oceanbrae Redrama Penny-P Lynmark NS Clarica Oceanbrae Jurist Layla Oceanbrae Lady 57th Oceanbrae Pepper Lorelei Sugar Hill Logic Lactantia Lynmark KRR Roxanne Oceanbrae Chili Pepper

EX-94-5E EX-94-3E EX-93 EX-92-6E EX-92-4E EX-91-3E EX-91-3E EX-91 EX-90-3E EX-90-2E

Outlaw C.D. Aramis Storm Ruler Jurist Logic Logic Logic Roxie Rodd C.D.

Lynmark Farms, ON Oceanbrae Farms, PE Oceanbrae Farms, PE Lynmark Farms, ON Oceanbrae Farms, PE Oceanbrae Farms, PE Oceanbrae Farms, PE Bob & Jon Howe, ON Lynmark Farms, ON Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Adam Lorna-P Oceanbrae Redrama Ladylike Oceanbrae Jurist Marigold Oceanbrae Logic Betty Lynmark NP Clarabella Lynmark LL Romance Lynmark LB Sierra

EX-90-2E EX-90-2E EX-90-2E EX-90 EX-90 EX-90 EX-90

Adam-P Aramis Jurist Logic Prestige Lance Bulldozer

Oceanbrae Farms, PE Oceanbrae Farms, PE Oceanbrae Farms, PE Oceanbrae Farms, PE Lynmark Farms, ON Lynmark Farms, ON Lynmark Farms, ON

2016 Excellent Cows (GE) Bulls




Lynmark GA Scottie



Prinzen Jurist Oksana



Shawn Koopmans, ON

Prinsville Jurist Summer



Prinsville Dairy Farms, ON

Prinsville Poker Summer



Prinsville Dairy Farms, ON

Lynmark Farms, ON

2016 Excellent Bulls Bulls



Lynmark St Clare





Lynmark/CMSS Syndicates, ON CMSS Improver 2017

2016 Very Good Two Year Olds Cows


Richford Ironman Iceland


Eloc Logic Chili



Sandy Cole, NS

Oceanbrae Pepper Trinity



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Richford Pingerly Saffron



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Adventure Tia


Adventure Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Kolson Ironman P Lacie


Ironman-P S & J Edwards, ON

North Star Jacks Dorito


Parti Jack

Oceanbrae Mocha Sydney



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Mocha Acadia



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Mocha Heather



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Lady Grove A Chrystal



I & D Naylor, MB

Westside Logic Rosette



Westside Farms, ON

Lynmark NYS Rosina



Lynmark Farms, ON

CMSS Improver 2017



Ironman-P Richford Farm, ON

Doug Wherry, ON


Top 20 LPI Sires - April 2017 LPI


Rel. Milk



Fat %

Prot %


Conf MS


+2028 Treeton Pingerly

+961 +29 +26 -0.18 +0.02 2.69 +10 +9



+611 +46 +26 +0.31 +0.22 2.76 +4




+131 +50 +14 +0.73 +0.25 2.96 +4














10 +1386 11 +1347 12 +1326 13 +1305 14 +1302 15 +1276 16 +1271 17 +1237 18 +1189 19 +1178 20 +1147 18

B Jurist Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace GMC Rebel Logic Oceanbrae Ironman-P Clarefield Mocha Mapleton Vly J Zumba Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Wildwood DG Lady’s Lance Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Oceanbrae Idol Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Innisfail Prime Time Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Vinra Frost Ted Bar-D Cindy’s Clay Dropstad Wildwood Nell’s Prestige Mericrest Now You See Vinra Peerless Frolic

-233 +16


+0.44 +0.06 3.15 +13 +12

-104 +14


+0.31 +0.19 3.02 +8





-0.06 3.03 +9 +13

+191 +7



-0.10 2.98 +7

-668 +6


+0.60 +0.31 3.24 +10 +6

-125 -10


-0.08 +0.10 3.02 +1


-272 +23


+0.59 +0.03 2.92 +1


+497 +16



-0.15 3.03 +1


+294 +2



-0.15 2.88 +4


-308 +1


+0.23 +0.11 2.83 +1


+289 +4




+157 +16


+0.16 -0.10 2.96



+279 +10



-0.11 2.95



+360 +20


+0.08 -0.09 2.94



+443 +1





-403 -19


-0.04 +0.10 3.28 +9


+251 +5

-0.05 2.79 +1

-0.05 3.05

+11 -0.10 +0.11 2.86





CMSS Improver 2017

Top 20 Active LPI Cows - April 2017 LPI




Lady Grove BJ Charm

+518 +53 +19 +0.48 +0.11 2.86 +12



Lady Grove BJ Cherry

+413 +48 +20 +0.48 +0.20 2.73 +9



Lady Grove A Shiraz

+730 +64 +25 +0.50 +0.13 3.01 +9



Lady Grove A Chrystal

+190 +58 +13 +0.82 +0.19 2.89 +12



Lady Grove A Christie

+332 +59 +14 +0.73 +0.13 2.88 +8



Lady Grove BJ P Opal

+1032 +46 +25 +0.03 -0.03 2.66 +4


+2043 Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty

+781 +37 +19 +0.06 -0.02 2.75 +10



+76 +40


+1967 Oceanbrae Pepper Trinity

Oceanbrae Logic Feather





Fat %

Prot %



+0.60 +0.15 3.12 +11

+592 +42 +13 +0.26 -0.06 3.03 +10

10 +1965

Lady Grove A Coral

-103 +55 +12 +1.01 +0.35 2.99 +7

11 +1952

Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple

+480 +33 +13 +0.20 +0.01 3.14 +11

12 +1938 Oceanbrae Mocha Acadia +117 +45 +10 +0.66 +0.15 2.96 +7 13 +1923

Richford Pingerly Saffron

14 +1923

Koopycrest Logic Ali Anne

15 +1903 Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger

+665 +24 +21 -0.07 +0.07 2.93 +11 +95 +32


+0.46 +0.03 3.16 +13


+28 +10 +0.54 +0.31 2.96 +8




+1.17 +0.24 2.98 +3

-170 +31


+0.65 +0.12 2.91 +10

18 +1886 Oceanbrae Mocha Heather +344 +17


+0.04 -0.01 3.04 +11

16 +1893

Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P

17 +1889

Oceanbrae Logic Felicia

19 +1833

Prinsville Jurist Zurich

+642 +38 +26 +0.16 +0.20 2.92 +4

20 +1825

Lady Grove BJ L Nancy 6

+402 +22 +15 +0.08 +0.11 2.81 +7

CMSS Improver 2017


Genetic Expansion in Canadian Milking Shorthorns: The History and the Reality Today

by Ryan Barrett

The current membership of the Milking Shorthorn breed in Canada is dominated by breeders who are relatively new to our wonderful breed. This is encouraging, as they are breeders who have chosen to breed Milking Shorthorns based on their merit as efficient, durable, and productive, and profitable dairy cattle rather than simply carrying on a family history with the breed. Conversely, many of these newcomers to the breed may be less familiar with some of the recent history of the breed, particularly the embracing of genetic expansion for the survival and growth of the breed. Therefore, let’s take a look at where we’ve come from, where we are today, and the future for Milking Shorthorns in Canada. As most breeders would know, the Milking Shorthorn breed that we know today developed from a dual purpose history. From the very beginnings of the Shorthorn breed in the late 1700’s, lines were established within the breed that emphasized milk production as well as beef production. For many years, breeders emphasizing dairy Shorthorn genetics in Canada were organized under the Dual Purpose Shorthorn Society, while all Shorthorns were registered in the same herdbook. At one time, Shorthorn dairy cattle were a common sight in many parts of Canada. Following World War II and a move toward farm specialization and consolidation that continues today, the versatile Dual Purpose Shorthorn fell out of favour, with dairy producers favouring the high production of Holstein cattle, bred only to produce milk. As the number of herds with Dual Purpose cows reduced across the country, the genetic base of the breed also contracted. With a smaller genetic base, it is harder to identify the top genetics to breed for desired traits without becoming a victim of inbreeding. In the late 1970’s and 1980’s, dairy-type Shorthorn breeders around the world began exploring options for outside blood that would 20

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enable the breed to modernize and emphasize milk production while retaining many of the traits that have made Shorthorns a durable and efficient breed for years. American Milking Shorthorn breeders embarked on their genetic expansion trajectory a bit earlier than their Canadian counterparts, with Milking Shorthorn genetics from New Zealand and Illawarra genetics from Australia being imported as early as the 1960’s. While these genetics were not 100% descended from the Coates Herdbook, they were Shorthorn-dominant genetics bred for milk production that helped start a wave of modernization in North America. This was followed by use of the Norwegian Red bull K Schie, who brought significant yield improvements to the breed. These genetics made their way north of the border into Canada with some time delay, as most Illawarra semen at the time could not be imported into Canada, but Illawarra-influenced Milking Shorthorns from the USA were routinely brought across the border. By the 1980’s, a number of breeders also began to incorporate some Red Holstein genetics into their breeding programs, particularly through the use of Glenafton Enhancer and Hanover Hill Triple Threat. Sons and grandsons of these bulls would go to AI in Canada, the United States and Australia, and would have immediate impact on the breed. Other Red Holstein sires would also be used; however, cattle still needed to be 75% purity to show in Canada and the USA, so Shorthorn genetics still tended to dominate, and animals would often be crossed back to a

On the left is Cheapside Peri 17, Grand Champion at the 1986 Canadian National Exhibition. On the right is Richford Ironman Iceland, Grand Champion at the 2016 National Milking Shorthorn Show. While Peri 17 is shown as a mature cow and Iceland is a first lactation heifer, you can see some differences from 30 years of breeding and genetic expansion. CMSS Improver 2017


100% pure bull after a Red Holstein sire was used. At the end of the 1980’s, Dual Purpose Shorthorns changed their name in Canada to Milking Shorthorns, to reflect the new reality and genetic focus of the breed. At the same time, massive improvements to both the productivity and dairy conformation of the breed were taking place. From 1989 to 1999, average 305 day milk production in Canada increased by more than 33%, a fantastic rate of improvement. At the same time, cows were being bred with better udders, improved persistency of production, and more angularity than cows of previous generations. A combination of outcross genetics, primarily from the United States with Illawarra and Holstein influence, as well as 100% genetics that still featured strong production levels like Pinehurst Rebel 9th and Meriville Peerless, fundamentally changed the nature of our breed. In the early 2000’s, Canadian breeders suffered from a lack of AI sire options. American genetic companies were testing fewer Milking Shorthorn sires, and many that were sampled couldn’t be exported to Canada; the same with genetics from other Shorthorn populations. Canadian breeders had no domestic young sire program, so selection suffered. Due in part to this lack of selection, as well as over-use of some sires that were not genetically superior, production levels stagnated in the mid-2000’s. However, by the late 2000’s, sire selection had grown significantly, and rates of genetic improvement have also recuperated. As well, a number of breeders have made wise use of embryo transfer to improve the genetic merit of their own herds by multiplying the influence of their best females. This review of recent Milking Shorthorn history allows me to circle back to the topic of genetic expansion. Without the infusion of new genetics from genetic expansion programs, I am positive that the Milking Shorthorn breed would be functionally extinct in Canada today. It has modernized a breed while allowing us to retain so much of what makes Milking Shorthorns unique and desirable. As many breeders will say, today’s Milking Shorthorn is not your grandfather’s Dual Purpose Shorthorn. Our breed has the lowest inbreeding rate of any dairy breed in Canada...a notable feat for a breed with a comparatively small popu22

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lation. At the same time, it is important to find balance in breeding philosophy and in genetic expansion. The breed needs to retain breed identity, breed character, and the durability and functionality that set it apart from other breeds. There is a need for a range of genetics to allow for progress without detrimental inbreeding depression. Many new breeders mention to me that they are frustrated by the lack of 100% purity sire options, as they would like to use purebred sires as much as possible. This is quite understandable, given the reality of pure breeding in our other major dairy breeds. In Holstein or Jersey circles, animals at less than 100% purity are usually not looked upon the same way, and are not often considered for honours, the show ring, or sire selection. This is not the case in the Milking Shorthorn breed. We continue to require than females must be 75% purity or higher to show or to be recognized with production awards from our Society, but cattle at various levels of purity can still be profitable, a pleasure to work with, and strong foundational stock from which to build herds on. As a result of our breed’s embracing of genetic expansion, particularly in the past 30 years, it will be less common to see 100% purebred sires being offered by AI organizations. Our Society will continue to search for a diversity of genetics which include higher purity pedigrees. Nonetheless, I feel it would be unwise to discount sires with lower purity percentages simply because of that number. If a breeder choses only to use bulls with purity levels over 87%, for example, they would be dealing with a very small subset of available sires, and they may miss out on some top genetics that still have a majority of Milking Shorthorn genes, but that are definitely not “purebred” by conventional standards. Compared to other Shorthorn populations, Canadian Milking Shorthorns tend to be at a higher purity level. This may be a benefit to our breeders as breeders in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States look for high quality genetics that allow them to consolidate the “Shorthorn” identity of their respective populations. I will admit that currently there are fewer high purity (greater CMSS Improver 2017


than 75%) sire options available through AI than I would prefer. This presents a challenge for us to work together with our international Societies to ensure that a range of genetics are selected in sire programs, not just multiple bulls from Grand Champion show cow or bulls where Shorthorn/Illawarra genetics are in the minority. At the same time, some of these outcross sires may work very well on high purity cows, balancing milk production with component percentages, functional conformation, longevity, fertility, and health traits. I continue to be encouraged by the new producers being attracted to our breed by the merits of the breed itself. The breed continues to make in-roads with dairy producers emphasizing feed efficiency, animal health, longevity of production, and milk quality. I want to do whatever I can to foster continued growth and breed improvement, so I felt it important to provide some context on how far our breed has come, as well as empowering our next generation of Milking Shorthorn breeders to capitalize on all of the genetic resources available to breed dairy cattle that make you money while being a pleasure to work with. It continues to be great to own the Red, White and Roan!

Shown above is Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty, Grand Champion at the 2015 National Show. Betty is a fine exampie of a modern Canadian Milking Shorthorn, with a pedigree that includes genetics from Australian Illawarra (Pingerly, TVCassius), Red Holstein (Tulip-Red, Triple Threat, others), and Swedish Red (B Jurist). She carries a purity of 76.3%, with Shorthorn genetics still making up three-quarters of her genetic make-up. 24

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2016 NATIONAL SHOW September 23rd, 2016 - Lindsay, ON

Judge: Chris Kyle, Ayr, ON

4-H Showmanship - sponsored by Knoxdale Farms (8): 1. Julia Deklein 2. Alexa Prinzen 3. Daniel Prinzen 4. Myra Kiezebrink 5. Joy Prinzen 6. Mackenzie Stewart 7. Ethan Stewart Junior Calf - Sponsored by Emadale Milking Shorthorns (7): 1. Richford Conrad Iogo (Lady Grove Conrad) - Don Richardson 2. Richford St Clare Inya (Lynmark St Clare) - Don Richardson 3. Lynmark SC Sienna (Lynmark St Clare) - Lynmark Farms 4. Lynmark RL Cheesecake (GMC Rebel Logic) - Lynmark Farms 5. Pinerille St Clare Cora (Lynmark St Clare) - Jenna Kippen 6. Prinsville Cody Equity (Rovin Ali Cowboy Cody-EXP) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 7. Headacher Blaine Diamond (Eichlers Liriano Blaine-EXP) - Jenna Kippen Intermediate Calf - Sponsored by Laughlin Farms (5): 1. Lynmark Conrad Reggie (Lady Grove Conrad) - Lynmark Farms 2. Richford Ironman Idyllic (Oceanbrae Ironman-P) - Don Richardson 3. Emadale LSC Taco Maid (Lynmark St Clare) - Doug Wherry 4. Lynmark Conrad Cornelia (Lady Grove Conrad) - Lynmark Farms 5. Pinerille St Clare Hiccup (Lynmark St Clare) - Jenna Kippen Senior Calf - Sponsored by GMC Milking Shorthorns (2): 1. Lynmark SC Chelsee (Lynmark St Clare) - Lynmark Farms 2. Headacher Premium Ila (Springville Premium) - Jenna Kippen Summer Yearling - Sponsored by Laralor Milking Shorthorns (4): 1. Prinsville Pingerly Star (Treeton Pingerly) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 2. Prinsville Adventure Starstruck (Kundes Golden Logic Adventure) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 3. Lynmark Conrad Cinderella (Lady Grove Conrad) - Lynmark Farms 4. Lynmark Bolero Cinta (Rovin Bolero EXP) - Lynmark Farms Junior Yearling - Sponsored by New York Milking Shorthorn Assoc. (5): 1. Green Acres Shaker Today (Green Acres Logic Shaker) - Lynmark Farms 2. Lynmark Titan Prize (Cates Tangerine Perles Titan) - Lynmark Farms 3. Koopycrest Logic Ali Avril (GMC Rebel Logic) - Shawn Koopmans 4. Headacher Pingerly Dimples (Treeton Pingerly) - Jenna Kippen 5. Richford Conrad Illinois (Lady Grove Conrad) - Don Richardson Senior Yearling - Sponsored by Dr. Tim Henshaw (2): 1. Prinsville Mocha Fiona (Clarefield Mocha) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 2. Lynmark RB Fancy (Rovin Bolero) - Lynmark Farms Junior Herd - Sponsored by Prinsville Dairy Farms (4): 1. Prinsville 2. Richford 3. Lynmark 4. Headacher CMSS Improver 2017


Junior Champion: Richford Conrad Iogo - Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON Reserve Junior Champion: Prinsville Pingerly Star - Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON HM Junior Champion: Green Acres Shaker Today - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Dry Cow - sponsored by Fieldcrest Farms (2): 1. Prinsville My Elegance (Mysha-WO Advent Liriano) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 2. Green Acres Logic Issue (GMC Rebel Logic) - Lynmark Farms Two Year Old - Sponsored by Sunderland Cooperative Inc (2): 1. Richford Ironman Iceland (Oceanbrae Ironman-P) - Don Richardson 2. Lynmark Royal Sochi (Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty) - Lynmark Farms Three Year Old - Sponsored by Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns (3): 1. Lynmark NYSee Paris (Mericrest Now You See) - Lynmark Farms 2. Lynmark NYSee Nikki (Mericrest Now You See) - Lynmark Farms 3. Prinsville Logic’s Eve (GMC Rebel Logic) - Prinsville Dairy Farms Four Year Old - Sponsored by Grand Valley Fortifiers (1): 1. Headacher Snoopy Duchess (Hard Core Othello Snoopy) - Jenna Kippen Mature Cow - Sponsored by Oceanbrae Farms (3): 1. Lynmark Clay Sally (Bar-D Cindys Clay) - Lynmark Farms 2. Prinsville Nitro Eclipse (Mysha-WO Robin Nitro-EXP) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 3. Prinsville Adam’s Evelina-P (Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P) - Prinsville Dairy Farms Grand Champion and Best Udder of Show: Richford Ironman Iceland - Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON Reserve Grand Champion: Lynmark NYSee Paris - Lynmark Farms HM Grand Champion: Lynmark NYSee Nikki - Lynmark Farms CanWest DHI Production Award: Lynmark NYSee Nikki - Lynmark Farms Breeder’s Herd - Sponsored by Northend Farms (4): 1. Lynmark 2. Richford 3. Prinsville 4. Headacher Progeny of Dam - Sponsored by Maple Inn Farms (4): 1. Lynmark 2. Richford 3. Headacher 4. Prinsville Premier Breeder and Exhibitor: Lynmark Farms Premier Sire: GMC Rebel Logic 26

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L to R: Judge Chris Kyle, Alexa Prinzen with the Reserve Junior Champion (Prinsville Pingerly Star), and Julia Deklein with the Junior Champion (Richford Conrad Iogo)

L to R: Judge Chris Kyle, Mark Shearer with the Reserve Grand Champion (Lynmark NYSEE Paris), and Kevin McMurray with the Grand Champion (Richford Ironman Iceland)

Richford Ironman Iceland 2016 National Show Grand Champion

Grand Championship line up at the 2016 Canadian National Show CMSS Improver 2017



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2017 CMSS FIELD DAY & AGM Saturday, July 29th, 2017 Hosted by Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, Ontario in beautiful Prince Edward County! Featuring: • Herd Tours at Prinsville Dairy Farms (126 Main St, Bloomfield) and at Koopycrest Farm (2300 County Rd 8, Picton) • Noon Meal at Prinsville • Fun Auction • Presentation of Production Awards

Hotel Information: Best Western Belleville 387 Front St, Belleville Tel: (613) 969-1112 Group Reservation available under “Canadian Milking Shorthorn” $143+taxes/night Book by June 28th Picton Harbour Inn 33 Bridge St, Picton Tel: (613) 476-2186 Travelodge Hotel Belleville 11 Bay Bridge Rd, Belleville Tel: (613) 968-3411

See you in Prince Edward County in July!

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2016 Field Day and AGM: Ferme Serol, Quebec It has been quite a few years since the Field Day was held in Quebec, and with Serge Girard and Carole Beauregard indicating that they were planning a herd dispersal for later in the year, there was no time like the present to hold the Society’s biggest social event and Annual Meeting in La Belle Province. While July 23rd was a rainy day in Roxton Falls, those in attendance didn’t let that dampen any spirits. A big crowd of breeders from Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and the United States attended along with a number of local dairy producers and friends of the Girard/Beauregard family. The day started with a tour of the Serol herd, which served as an advanced viewing in preparation for their dispersal sale in November. Many of the out-of-province guests were not fluent in French, but a number of bilingual guests were very helpful in helping to translate conversations throughout the day. Serge and Carole also put together a fun herd trivia game for guests to complete as they viewed the herd, which featured six different breeds, with Holsteins and Milking Shorthorns being the most numerous. Following a lovely catered buffet lunch, a lively fun auction was held, with Secretary-Manager Ryan Barrett assuming auctioneer duties in both official languages...and some mixture of the two! This was followed by presentation of production awards and an official welcome from our hosts Serge and Carole. While they remarked that it was bittersweet to be saying farewell to the dairy industry this fall, they have loved their time with the Milking Shorthorn breed, and they hope that they have been able to raise the exposure of the breed in Quebec. The major business from the Annual General Meeting involved approval of a number of small bylaw amendments related to registration rules, stemming from service provision moving to Holstein Canada. AMSS Secretary Junia Isiminger brought greetings from the American Society, and Annie Cote brought greetings from Holstein Canada. There was also significant discussion about how to raise the profile of the breed in Quebec, with a number of good ideas presented on making headway on issue. Our thanks to Serge and Carole and their families for hosting us last summer, and we hope to be returning to Quebec for a Field Day again soon! 30

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The Serol herd, including Milking Shorthorns, Holsteins, Brown Swiss, Ayrshires, Guernseys and Canadiennes!

Outgoing CMSS President Dave Prinzen presents a number of production awards, including the Clydagh Trophy for Highest Herd Average BCA to Carole Beauregard and Serge Girard of Ferme Serol.

A big crowd of Milking Shorthorn breeders and friends of Ferme Serol during the Fun Auction. CMSS Improver 2017



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Milking Shorthorns and Robots Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns, Kleefeld, MB

Milking Shorthorns in the new robotic milking system at Kleehaven Holsteins / Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns As their herd size has grown in the past few years, the Naylor family of Kleefeld, Manitoba have made investments in new facilities and new technology to accommodate their growing herd of Milking Shorthorns and Holsteins. While some cows are milked in their original tie-stall barn, the majority of the herd is milked in a free-stall facility nearby. Last year, they decided that their older swing-14 milking parlour would need to be replaced. After significant research, viewing other nearby operations, and considering that they have found it difficult to access reliable help for milking, the Naylors settled on purchasing two De Laval robot milking systems. “We really liked the scope of information that the robots could provide us on our cows, in order to better manage the herd,� notes Diane Naylor in reference to making the decision to introduce robots. Ivan and Diane’s son Philip manages the free-stall barn, so he had significant input on the type of robot to install. They went with De Laval for a number of reasons, including the teat cleaning system, the comprehensive software program, the proximity in Manitoba to a local dealer, and the ability to milk a cow manually if the need arises. The robots were installed in the summer of 2016, with the robot starting to milk on August 10th. They finished milking in the parlour at 8:00 am, and by 8:30 the parlour was already being dismantled. By 11 am, they were starting to move cows into the robots. It was a lengthy process, as each cow had to 36

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be entered into the robot, identified, have the feed manger and bum board customized to the cow, followed by teaching the robot where that cow’s teats were. There wasn’t a lot of sleep for the first few days, but it was a necessary process to ensure success with the robots. The Naylors have noticed significant advantages for their operation in introducing the robots. Firstly, they have seen an increase in production of close to 20% since installation of the robot systems. According to Diane, “we see particular benefit for the fresh cows, as they can be milked multiple times per day. We have had a couple of cows produce more than 80 kg of milk per day at less than three weeks post calving. Related to this, we now have the ability to top-dress the high producing cows in the robots so they are individually fed according to production, receiving a partial mixed ration at the feed bunk rather than a total mixed ration that we used before. Health monitoring is cited as another advantage, as the Naylors are now able to detect a sick cow more easily as the robot monitors feed intake, milk yields, and mastitis, all of which they have found to be very accurate. The robot also has a glycol dispenser which can be activated for fresh cows as needed. They also added “bovi-boosters,” which can either wash their back feet or spray a hoof treatment if selected. Neck collars also have activity monitors, which help with tracking heats. Also significant is the time flexibility that it gives the family. Diane notes that if they are busy with field work or family functions, they have more flexibility as to when barn work and chores can be done. Of course, the “alarm” can go off at any time of day, but they can address issues immediately. The robots do

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require significant maintenance and cleaning, as they are in operation most of the day. Diane adds that some cows have a hard time being milked due to rear teat placement; if teats are too close together, the laser cannot differentiate between the two. If teats are too short, that also poses a problem, so teat placement is important in sire selection. Temperament also has to be considered, with the odd cow being scared of being in a confined space and constantly kicking, which is a big issue. Thankfully, the number of problem cows has not been a huge challenge. Diane notes both breeds (Holstein and Milking Shorthorns) have adjusted well to the robots and behave similarly. They have noticed that the barn is now very quiet and calm, with the cows enjoying having fewer people around! There is a pecking order in the herd, with certain cows coming to the robot at certain times and often preferring one robot over another. When a new cow enters the herd, they often have to fetch her for a few days until she gets used to visiting the robot, but the cows that have become used to the robots and return after calving for the next lactation show no issues and readily visit the robot. Diane adds that the Milking Shorthorns are probably a bit more patient, often more willing to wait their turn than the Holsteins. On the whole, they find the Shorthorns a bit easier to work with, as they take things in stride very well! Their quiet nature and lack of complications have allowed them to excel alongside Holsteins in their new robotic milking system.


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Clarica named 2016 Cow of the Year

The Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society is proud to announce that Lynmark NS Clarica has been voted Cow of the Year for 2016. This award was presented to her breeder and owner, Lynmark Farms of Norwood, Ontario, at the CMSS Field Day and AGM held on Saturday, July 23rd at Ferme Serol in Roxton Falls, Quebec. Clarica, scored Excellent 92-6E, is a daughter of the Australian sire Glenbrook Storm Ruler marketed by Semex Alliance and Hauxwell Clara 20th EX-90, a Six Star Brood Cow that traces back to a British importation in the early 1990s. Clarica is currently milking in her eighth lactation at twelve years old, and has a lifetime production of more than 72,000 kg of milk. Across her lactations, she has averaged more than 150 points above herd average for Composite BCA, while also producing two Very Good daughters and a son that is being marketed internationally by Semex (Lynmark St Clare). In addition, Clarica has had success in the show ring. She was the 1st Place Three Year Old and Reserve Grand Champion at the 2007 National Show, as well as the 1st Place Mature Cow and CanWest DHI Production Award Winner at the 2010 National Show. Clarica also has two other Top 3 placings at previous National Shows. Clarica was bred by her owners, Tim Shearer and Irene Vietinghoff, after purchasing her dam at a CMSS National Sale. According to Tim and Irene, “that purchase was one of the best decisions we’ve made, as that cow family has become foundational in our herd. We emphasize cow families in our herd, and Clarica is a direct result of working with great genetics.” Cow of the Year voting was completed in June, with members of the Society eligible to vote for their choice of two worthy candidates. The runner-up in voting was Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty VG-88-2y, National Show Grand Champion in 2015 and #4 LPI cow in Canada, owned by Oceanbrae Farms of Miscouche, Prince Edward Island. CMSS Improver 2017


Country Report: United States by Junia Isiminger, AMSS Secretary The year of 2016 was a difficult dairy economy to navigate for the United States, much like the rest of the world. However, the AMSS had a positive year. We were able to print the second edition of our Bull Book, hold a successful National Sale, have an outstanding Champion Cow, created a new Import/Export committee and have promising PPR results. In addition, I was able to attend your Annual Summer Field Day for the second year. The second edition of the AMSS Bull Book was printed and distributed at our National Convention in June. It has proven to be an excellent promotion piece and has been passed out at your Field Day, National Shows and sent to Australia. Thirty-nine bulls are featured with an additional thirty-four bulls listed. Featured bulls provide pedigree information and contact information to obtain semen. In addition, the AMSS updated our breeding chart with additional notes to assist breeders in mating decisions regarding herdbook levels. We will continue to print the Bull Book annually. The 2016 Annual Meeting and National Sale was held in Dublin, Ohio in June. The sale had a total of 55 lots, including one choice of females and five embryo lots. The top selling lot was a Summer Yearling consigned by Peter Vail, selling for $5,500. The live lots averaged $2,400. The 2016 National Sale was once again one of the highest grossing sales in the history of our national sale. Our sale was held live online with The 2017 Annual Meeting and National Sale is scheduled for June 14-17, 2017 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The sale is already showing an impressive lineup of lots. Milking Shorthorns had an impressive year in the show ring. We had a repeat for our Jim King Triple Crown Winner. To win this prize, one cow had to win the Grand Champion title at three out of the five National Shows in the same show season. In 2015, for the first time, this honor went to Cate’s Ruben TulsaTime EXP and she repeated in 2016. Winning the title of Grand Champion at the North Eastern National (Big E), International (World Dairy Expo) and Winter National (NAILE) was Cate’s Ruben Tulsa-Time EXP owned and bred by Peter Cate of Warren, New Hampshire. Tulsa Time’s sire is Innisfail Red Ruben and her dam is Cates KAO Daytona ET, a Kuszmar Alfairs Othello daughter. Pete’s history with this cow family is deep. His parents brought the foundation cow of this great “T” family in 1967 and they have continued to develop this family for almost 50 years. 42

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The Grand Champion of the Eastern National Show (All-American Dairy Show) was Kuszmar Arkansas Mud-EXP, bred and owned by Kusylyk Cattle Co. of Batavia, New York and sired by Kuszmar Mudslinger. This was the first year in many years to have a Western National Show. The Grand Champion of the Western National Show (Washington State Fair) was Kundes Golden Jealousy Dandy, bred and owned by Randy Kunde, Oakville, Washington. The number one PPR bull in the United States after the April 2017 proof round is the B Jurist son Ecuafarm BJ Don Juan, followed by Echo Farm T-Bruno Plutonium and Echo Farm T-Bruno Titanium. We are continuing to see many GE (50% Milking Shorthorn) and EXP (75% Milking Shorthorn) bulls in the top 25 PPR, with only four bulls being full herdbook. Top full herdbook bulls include Echo Farm Ted McCoy ET, Clayside Milk Money, Kundes Golden Logic Adventure and Mikes-Dar Titan ET. In July, I was honored to spend a weekend in your country attending your Field day. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit any additional farms, but greatly enjoyed visiting with you the Canadian breeders. One new item in AMSS business in 2016 was the creation of the Import/ Export committee chaired by Mikayla Krause of Texas. She has made contact with our sister organizations including Canada, England and Australia. She is working on United States bulls being made available for export and working on arranging import of foreign bulls. The other members of her committee all have an international interest in promoting Milking Shorthorns globally. This is a committee that is dedicated to international work which can only make our breed stronger. In 2017, the Society will be continuing to work on adding percentages to registrations, producing exportable bulls, and increasing our promotion of the Milking Shorthorn breed. We continue to have new owners of Milking Shorthorns and increased interest in our Native Milking Shorthorns.

Cates Ruben Tulsa TimeEXP, Grand Champion at the Northeast National, International, and Winter National Shows in 2016. CMSS Improver 2017


Country Report: United Kingdom Transition is perhaps the best word to describe 2016 starting with the retirement of Frank Milnes. Frank has been a dedicated and hard working secretary for the Society for over the last seventeen years. He will be sorely missed and hard to replace having done so much to take the breed forward in such a fluctuating industry. From the 1st January 2018, the Dairy Shorthorn Society’s Coates herd book will be closed. As a result, the society’s semen company Red Cattle Genetics will be rebranded as Shorthorn Sires UK (SSUK). By closing the breed to outside bloodlines, the society is trying to maintaining the breeds fertility, locomotion and longevity, fundamental traits which set Shorthorns apart from other breeds. Genomic evaluations are now in the pipeline for UK bulls which will further enhance the selection process. The company remains a successful branch of the society and members and commercial breeders have increased interest in sexed semen which is a new product and useful management tool the society have invested in. The SSUK committee is regularly selecting sires that return positive proofs. The UK dairy industry is continually plagued by an unsteady milk price which is largely controlled by retail power. The increasing pressure to produce milk for little return is forcing many farmers to look at the cost of production. This in turn has maintained the Society in good stead as the Dairy Shorthorns lead the way in efficient and sustainable

Sunrise IPOD Jenna, sired by Gelli Ipod’s Discoverer, the #1 bull for type from Shorthorn Sires UK. 44

CMSS Improver 2017

milk production. We are very fortunate that the pedigree registrations have remained on par from the previous year. TB regulations still cause huge problems to farmers. Certain areas of the country now have to test every six months, whilst low infected areas must be on stand still for sixty days if their cattle stay in a high risk zone for shows etc. Despite these turbulent times the Dairy Shorthorns have had an impressive year in the show ring by taking centre stage and winning the coveted Interbreed Crowns. Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16 EX90 sired by Drisgol Watzon won five Interbreed titles, owned and bred by Rob Kite. Whilst the well established National Show was won by Churchroyd Peggy 19th EX91 sired by Nejay Prince 4. Peggy 19th went on to win the interbreed title at the Great Yorkshire Show which has never been won by a Dairy Shorthorn, a fantastic achievement for the Collins family who own and bred the unbeaten cow. Sales of Dairy Shorthorns held up well with a high of 2,060gns for a light roan third calver Newpark Barrington 11th by Winbrook Vince from the Hauxwell Dispersal of Tom Ripley. Whilst youngstock trade was exceptional with a high of 1,800gns for a maiden heifer from the Rodway herd of Graham Madeley. Rodway Marie 83rd ET by Treeton Pimp attracted some lively bidding from both the UK and Ireland. Classification results continue to improve with two EX-97 cows in the breed and we now boast nine cows that have achieved over 100,000kgs. Last year the Shorthorn World Conference was held in Uruguay. The trip was expertly organized and a must for any Shorthorn enthusiast. In 2022 the World Conference will be held in the UK to commemorate the Coates herd book being 200 years old, as the book is reputed to be the oldest herd book in the world. We hope we can entice our friends to cross over the waters and join what promises to be a great tour. Best wishes to all our Shorthorn friends in Canada and throughout the world. If any Shorthorn enthusiasts are planning a visit to the UK, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the office who will help arrange farm visits.

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Country Report: New Zealand by Ross Soffe, President, New Zealand Milking Shorthorn Association

This has been a very wet season for much of New Zealand, which has not been good for production due to poor grass growth, compounded by pasture damage caused by cows grazing wet paddocks. This is disappointing in view of increases in farm gate milk prices. Pingerly daughters are continuing to attract a lot of attention. Good calves grow into tall strong cows with type and production. They continue to perform well in the show ring, competing well in the All Breeds section. Te Kiripi CR Alan daughters are continuing to perform well in the in the Te Kiripi herd and we are looking forward to see his daughters perform on widespread proofs. Also calving next season are Oliver Woods Carbo daughters. Carbo is a son of Brecon Encore and brings together two outstanding type and production cows: Oliver Woods Tal Cara and Brecon Arty Empress. The Carbo daughters have been attracting attention in the show ring. Semen sales have been steady, but we would like to see the sales of our young bulls increasing. Although the market is swamped with choice, we believe that the progress we have made recently breeding good bulls from cows performing well in NZ conditions is a consideration which cannot be overlooked. We are putting extra efforts into promotion. We believe that the Milking Shorthorns we are breeding are improving rapidly and we are currently promoting a roan, polled, A2A2 bull named Brecon Durango. He is by Northbrook Duncan out of an R Fastrup (Danish Red) cow, Brecon Fast Dimple. He has good production behind him, so we believe that in addition to being a good Milking Shorthorn sire he will be a good crossbreeding option for commercial crossbred herds. His A2A2 status is an added bonus, as we do not have many A2A2 bulls currently available.


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Milking Shorthorns: An Efficient Dairy Alternative • More efficient converter of feed to milk, especially pasture and other forages, lowering feed cost. • Cows producing in excess of 9000 kgs of milk per 305 days on low input management. • Superior feet and leg structure, with excellent hoof durability. • Greater reproductive efficiency, with fewer days open, higher nonreturn rate of cows and heifers, and smaller calving intervals, meaning less wasted time and expense to the breeder. Milking Shorthorns have the highest 56 day Non-Return Rate across all breeds! • Ease of calving - 98% of cows calve unassisted or with easy pull! • Greater salvage value for bull calves and cull cows than other dairy breeds. • Industry leading figures for longevity, with the highest number of cows (46%) lasting until fourth lactation or more. • According the Canadian Dairy Network, the breed with the greatest percentage of cows recorded as very quiet or quiet temperament. • According to recent CDN studies, the breed with the lowest average somatic cell score.

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New Milking Shorthorn Owners Producers who have purchased or registered a Milking Shorthorn for the first time in the past year:

Dale and Cindy Goudy, Olds, AB Wim Ruysch, Leduc County, AB Graeme Buys, Ile des Chenes East, MB Allen Martin, Mount Forest, ON Ferme M. Dicaire Inc, St-Eugene, ON Framina Farm Inc., Allenford, ON Maughlin Farms, Rockwood, ON Pat and Dorothy Burdzy, Conn, ON David Zwygart, Fortierville, QC Ferme Britannia, St-Valerien, QC Ferme Des Chamois, Farnham, QC Ferme Leonard & Alain Provost, Acton-Vale, QC Ferme Roger et Ginette Ferland, Stanstead, QC Ferme Rustik, St-Edouard-de-Maskinonge, QC Ferme Trefle Rouge, St-Simon-de-Bagot, QC Guylain Ouellet, Ferme Neuve, QC Guillaume Boulerice, St-Edouard, QC Mark Frost, Kingsey Falls, QC Richard Bilodeau, Issoudun, QC Stephane Guay, Brownsburg-Chatham, QC Yvan Paquette, Stanbridge East, QC Nicolette Greener MacLean, Clifton, NS Andrew and Jennifer Nicholson, Montague, PE Amos Kuepfer, Cardigan, PE James and Margaret Kuepfer, Cardigan, PE 48

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Lifetime Production Leaders as of May 1st, 2017 Rank 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Name Oceanbrae Noelle S Maple Inn Rosemary 33rd Oceanbrae Joe 34th Northend Edwards Liz Merrittview Pepper K 5A

# Lact. 12 10 9 9 10

Rank 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Name # Lact. Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P 5 Merrittview Pepper K 5A 10 Valley Crest Alice 39 10 Kilbucko Betty 8 Valley Crest Alice 3 10

Rank 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Name Merrittview Pepper K 5A Oceanbrae Noelle S Oceanbrae Joe 34th Maple Inn Rosemary 33rd Fieldcrest Ideal-P

Milk 94,525 91,564 90,589 89,301 88,338

Owner Barrett, PE Haggett, ON Barrett, PE Cupples, BC Goudy, ON

Fat 3674 3563 3201 3178 3175

Owner Barrett, PE Goudy, ON Naylor, MB Naylor, MB Patterson, ON

# Lact. Protein 10 2947 12 2881 9 2797 10 2720 8 2683

Owner Goudy, ON Barrett, PE Barrett, PE Haggett, ON Barrett, PE

Milking Shorthorns make great 4-H project animals! Stand out from the crowd with a Milking Shorthorn! There are breeders across Canada who will sell or lend heifers for interested 4-H members! To find a Milking Shorthorn breeder in your area, contact the CMSS office. The CMSS also provides Thank You gifts to 4-H members showing Milking Shorthorn us for more details! CMSS Improver 2017



(519) 821-5060

Proven Sires: Clarefield Mocha Ultimate x Sovereign x Caesar Mapleton Vly J Zumba Julius x Koyote x Rebel 9th Oceanbrae Ironman-P Adam-P x Thor x Architect

200IS8089 MSCANM10036789 81.3% purity CAN: +1532 LPI +98M -6F -0.16% +0P -0.06% +9 Conf 200MS00403 MSUSAM6803833 100% purity CAN: +1475 LPI +191M +7F -0.02% +1P -0.10% +7 Conf 200MS00404 MSCANM9993327 80.3% purity CAN: +1664 LPI -104M +14F +0.31% +5P +0.19% +8 Conf

Young Sires: Koopycrest Anecdote-P Ironman-P x Logic x Mocha Lady Grove Conrad Ace x Logic x Prophet (HO) Lynmark St Clare Mocha x Ruler x H North Star

200MS00125 MSCANM11907968 86.4% purity CAN PA: +1810 LPI -5M +23F +0.39% +5P +0.11 +11 Conf 200MS00122 MSCANM11682145 81.3% purity CAN PA: +2079 LPI +327M +56F +0.67% +16P +0.16% +9 Conf 200MS00124 MSCANM11751400 90.7% purity CAN PA: +1494 LPI +309M +2F -0.18% +6P -0.05% +5 Conf

Select Sires Canada

(613) 258-3800

Proven Sires: Purple Idalee RR Zeus EXP Red Ruben x Megadeth x Othello GMC Ace Hal Ace x Ted x Frolic North Stars Famous Patriot-EXP Famous x Talent (HO) x M Royalty North Stars Presto-EXP Shale x Talent (HO) x M Royalty

007MS00351 MSUSAM69827487 56% purity USA: -156M -17F -0.06% -9P -0.02% +0.8 PTAT 007MS00357 MSUSAM6831139 83.0% purity USA: -719M +22F +0.27% -4P +0.10% +0.1 PTAT 007MS00356 MSUSAM68308471 64.7% purity USA: +430M +13F -0.01% +12P -0.01% +0.6 PTAT 007MS00355 MSUSAM68307590 63.9% purity USA: -462M -23F -0.03% -24P -0.05% +0.2 PTAT

Young Sires: Eichlers Liriano Blaine-EXP 007MS00359 Liriano x Dapper Ruben x Moonshine GI2 Gold Mine MD Justice 007MS00360 Megadeth x Destry (HO) x Tribute (HO)



67.2% purity


46.0% purity

CMSS Improver 2017

Direct Genetics (distributor for Taurus-ST) Proven Sires: GMC Rebel Logic Rebel 9 x NYS x Renown Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty Kaiser x Koyote x Dusty Glen

076MS00432 MSCANM10036607 100% purity CAN: +1709 LPI -223M +19F +0.53% -3P +0.08% +12 Conf 076MS00442 MSUSAM68307222 86% purity USA: +48M +10F +0.04% -2P -0.02% +0.6 PTAT

Young Sires: Rovin Bolaro EXP 076MS00444 Liriano x Logic x Jurist Rovin Ali Cowboy Cody-P-EXP 076MS00445 Cowboy-P x Clay x Everything Else Holdstar Genetique Inc. Proven Sires: SAK Kourt Taser-EXP Kourt x Jordan (HO) x Clay Kundes Golden Logic Adventure Logic x Jurist x Derek Blissful Teds Spurgeon Ted x Pepper x Destiny GE Gold Mine RT Badger Treble x Dynamite x Jordan (HO)

75% purity


61.8% purity

014MS00115 MSUSAM68302107 62.2% purity USA: +508M +31F +0.06% +14P -0.01 +0.3 PTAT 014MS00116 MSUSAM68306871 91.2% purity USA: +48M +61F +0.31% +11P +0.05% +0.3 PTAT 014MS00113 MSUSAM466355 89.1% purity USA: -183M -5F -0.01% -9P -0.02% 0.0 PTAT 014MS00118 MSUSAM68307829 54.7% purity USA: +298M +30F +0.10% +23P +0.07% +0.3 PTAT


77.9% purity


53.2% purity

(902) 439-9386

UK Proven Sire: Strickley True Perfection Fair Perfection x W Diamond

CMSS Improver 2017


(819) 357-2145

Young Sires: Zenas Kourt Zippo 014MS00119 Kourt x Megadeth x Othello GI2 Gold Mine Kourt Parley 014MS00121 Kourt x Redman (HO) x Rainbow-Red (HO) CMSS

(877) 634-9556


66.8% purity


Cogent Canada

(519) 291-9916

Young Sires: Churchroyd Percy Madonnas Prince x C Victor x M Maverick Churchroyd Wild Card C Harry x Stadel (HO) x Fair Measure Rodway Ronson C Pluto x Red Duke x Superstar (HO) ABS Canada Proven Sire: Nixs LCD Lido CD x Othello x Loren Genex Canada Proven Sires: Echo Farm Ted McCoy Ted x Frolic x Contender Rocking WS Kourts Fredrick Kourt x Outlaw x HO


52.1% purity


40.0% purity


40.6% purity

(888) 785-7883

029MS5650 MSUSAM68302099 86.4% purity USA: -482M -39F -0.12% -28P -0.07% +0.4 PTAT (519) 766-4622

001MS00543 MSUSAM467909 86.4% purity USA: +76M +1F -0.01% +14P +0.06% -0.4 PTAT 001MS00545 MSUSAM68302824 76.6% purity USA: -202M -20F -0.07% -1P +0.03% -0.2 PTAT

Young Sires: Kundes Golden Badger Fantasy-EXP 001MS00548 Badger x Kourt x Outlaw GMC Treble Hershey 001MS00549 Treble x Fido x Ted



66.5% purity


68.0% purity

CMSS Improver 2017

Classification x Sire Bull B Jurist Blissful Diamond Sam Blissful Ted’s Spurgeon Clarefield Mocha Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty GMC Rebel Logic Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Kundes Golden Logic Adventure Mapleton Vly J Zumba Mysha-WO Advent Liriano Mysha-WO Robin Nitro-EXP Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Oceanbrae Ironman-P Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Panorama Aramis Rocking WS Kourts Fredrick Springville Logic Premium Spungold-R Frolic Poker Treeton Pingerly Vinra Bar-D Famous

CMSS Improver 2017

EX 7 1 0 1 0 10 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 2 0 0 0 0 1

(Updated May 2nd, 2017) VG 6 13 2 14 1 32 7 15 3 8 2 4 13 11 10 9 1 0 1 9 2

GP 12 28 2 26 6 23 20 20 3 34 2 4 24 29 36 8 4 4 3 5 18

G 8 15 3 7 2 7 11 7 0 10 1 6 22 7 25 12 1 1 4 3 5

F 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Proof +4 +4 -+9 -+12 +4 +10 -+7 --6 +1 9 +1 +5 ---+10 +3


2016 Production Records Records completed between Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2016 with a Composite BCA greater than 840 and purity 75% or greater. Records shaded gray are Superior Production Award winners. Age Name M Milking Yearlings 1-10 Showcase Ace Canola G-79 8368 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: 1-11 Richford Diamond Jack Lydia G-78 8597 Sire: Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Owner: 1-11 Ashtonia DJ Elva GP-81 7883 Sire: Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Owner: 1-10 Oceanbrae Logic Poppy VG-86 7088 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 1-11 Serol Plato Samedi GP-82 6671 Sire: Oceanbrae Logic Plato Owner: 1-10 Oceanbrae Adventure Jo GP-83 6404 Sire: Kundes Golden Logic Adventure Owner: 1-11 Kolson Ironman P Lacie VG-88 6469 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner:

410 4.9 292 3.5 362-432-389 1183 National Ag Museum, Ottawa, ON 323 3.8 280 3.3 371-344-373 1088 Bernard Plante, St-Bruno, QC 307 3.9 249 3.2 335-320-323 978 Rob Ashton, Port Perry, ON 267 3.8 228 3.2 326-300-322 948 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 291 4.4 238 3.6 297-316-326 939 Ferme Serol Enr, Roxton Falls, QC 296 4.6 224 3.5 290-329-311 930 Sam Freeze, Newtown, NB 269 4.2 224 3.5 277-280-295 852 Stephen & Janet Edwards, Cobden, ON

Junior Two Year Olds 2-0 Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty VG-88 8242 Sire: Treeton Pingerly Owner: 2-3 Lady Grove A Shiraz GP-80 8624 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: 2-1 Oceanbrae Adventure Tia VG-88 7594 Sire: Kundes Golden Logic Adventure Owner: 2-3 Lady Grove BJ P. Opal G-77 8669 Sire: B Jurist Owner: 2-0 Serol Zumba Isaelle G-77 7062 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: 2-0 Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger VG-87 6635 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner: 2-0 Oceanbrae Lass Maureen VG-85 7444 Sire: Clarefield Mocha Owner: 2-0 Oceanbrae Pete Idealistic VG-86 7661 Sire: Oceanbrae Jurist Pete Owner: 2-0 Serol Sam Marina G-75 7443 Sire: Blissful Diamond Sam Owner: 2-5 Franlea Sam Bella VG-87 7759 Sire: Blissful Diamond Sam Owner:

347 4.2 273 3.3 370-381-374 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 355 4.1 308 3.6 360-362-395 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 389 5.1 243 3.2 322-405-315 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 295 3.4 276 3.2 362-301-353 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 315 4.5 257 3.6 314-342-352 Ferme Serol enr., Roxton Falls, QC 329 5.0 245 3.7 300-362-340 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 279 3.8 243 3.3 336-307-338 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 280 3.6 235 3.1 340-304-322 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 311 4.2 249 3.4 314-321-323 Ferme Serol enr, Roxton Falls, QC 316 4.1 261 3.4 315-316-326 A, L, & E Franken, Teeswater, ON


F %

P %



1125 1117 1042 1016 1008 1002 981 966 958 957

CMSS Improver 2017

2-1 Prosperous Acres Harriet GP-80 7246 278 3.8 240 3.3 322-305-329 956 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 2-4 Oceanbrae Pretty Jo G-78 7406 304 4.1 247 3.3 315-317-321 953 Sire: Oceanbrae Jurist Pete Owner: Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 2-4 Oceanbrae Adventure Indigo 7306 372 5.1 234 3.2 293-368-289 950 Sire: Kundes Golden Logic Adventure Owner: Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 2-1 Oceanbrae Ironman Julie VG-85 7200 308 4.3 239 3.3 306-320-310 936 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner: Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 2-2 Prosperous Acres Plato Marla GP-82 7268 270 3.7 233 3.2 316-287-311 914 Sire: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Owner: James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 2-1 Oceanbrae Ace Pepper Pot GP-80 6210 323 5.2 206 3.3 276-347-282 905 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: A & J Nicholson, Montague, PE 2-1 Onaknoll Ironman Meggy G-76 6485 296 4.6 223 3.4 283-318-297 898 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner: Dwayne Palmer, Bruce Mines, ON 2-4 Keemuse Zumba Lemon GP-80 6844 302 4.4 217 3.2 292-318-286 896 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: Kee-Muse Farms, Cannington, ON 2-3 Prosperous Acres Plato Ashley G-76 7141 274 3.8 248 3.5 297-280-318 895 Sire: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Owner: James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 2-5 Lady Grove A Coral GP-80 6037 320 5.3 241 4.0 253-327-309 889 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 2-3 Lady Grove Zumba Alice 14 7030 300 4.3 240 3.4 282-297-296 875 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 2-3 Serol Sam Ayelle VG-85 6812 258 3.8 234 3.4 292-272-308 872 Sire: Blissful Diamond Sam Owner: Ferme Serol enr, Roxton Falls, QC 2-3 Lady Grove Royalty Cherub 6658 288 4.3 231 3.5 277-294-297 868 Sire: Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty Owner: Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 2-3 Oceanbrae Ironman Tracy 6592 289 4.4 233 3.5 273-295-295 863 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner: Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 2-1 Prinsville Ace of Stars 6702 283 4.2 236 3.5 277-286-299 862 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 2-4 Kolson Zumba Rebel 6948 269 3.9 217 3.1 295-280-282 857 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: Stephen & Janet Edwards, Cobden, ON 2-4 Lady Grove A. Chrystal VG-85 6718 306 4.5 232 3.5 269-300-283 852 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 2-3 Prinsville Pingerly Melody G-77 6491 262 4.0 214 3.3 281-282-285 848 Sire: Treeton Pingerly Owner: Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 2-2 Headacher Logic Inspiration GP-81 7306 251 3.4 239 3.3 297-251-299 847 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 2-5 Lynmark CPT Tutti Fruitti GP-80 6858 261 3.8 247 3.6 277-258-305 840 Sire: Cates Tangerine Perles Titan Owner: Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Senior Two Year Old: 2-11 Prinsville Liriano Ima Star VG-87 9441 378 4.0 306 3.2 369-363-369 1101 Sire: Mysha-WO Advent Liriano Owner: Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON CMSS Improver 2017


2-8 Richford Mocha Ilean GP-84 8708 Sire: Clarefield Mocha Owner: 2-11 Serol Zumba Zsazsari GP-81 7723 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: 2-8 Richford Zumba Sam GP-84 8219 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: 2-9 Prosperous Acres Iron Luna GP-80 7880 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner: 2-9 Lynmark Otis Cheerio GP-83 7268 Sire: Lynmark KAO Otis Owner: 2-11 Richford Zumba Iggy GP-80 8588 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner:

342 3.9 275 3.2 333-323-324 980 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 355 4.6 276 3.6 292-332-321 945 Ferme Serol enr, Roxton Falls, QC 290 3.5 269 3.3 322-279-324 925 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 271 3.4 267 3.4 314-266-326 906 James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 311 4.3 258 3.5 275-288-300 863 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 268 3.1 260 3.0 318-246-295 859 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON

Junior Three Year Old: 3-5 Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn VG-87 11892 Sire: Treeton Pingerly Owner: 3-5 Northend Zumba Cascade GP-80 11122 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: 3-3 Serol Sam Sassysan GP-83 9421 Sire: Blissful Diamond Sam Owner: 3-5 Serol Sam Souris VG-86 9608 Sire: Blissful Diamond Sam Owner: 3-2 Serol Zumba Charmcandy GP-83 9696 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: 3-3 Prinsville Ironman Fashion GP-80 8968 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner: 3-3 Serol Zumba Mirana GP-81 9203 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: 3-3 Prinsville Jurist Equity VG-85 8960 Sire: B Jurist Owner: 3-1 Oceanbrae Redrama Jackie VG-85 8174 Sire: Panorama Aramis Owner: 3-2 Prinsville CD’s Stars VG-87 7949 Sire: Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s CD Owner: 3-0 Prinsville Liriano Showgirl GP-83 8143 Sire: Mysha-WO Advent Liriano Owner: 3-0 Showcase Nitro Cotton Candy G-76 8245 Sire: Mysha-WO Robin Nitro-EXP Owner: 3-0 Lynmark RL Crisp-P GP-83 6813 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner:

429 3.6 361 3.0 418-376-388 1182 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 369 3.3 330 3.0 388-318-355 1061 Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB 370 3.9 299 3.2 358-349-348 1055 Ferme Serol enr, Roxton Falls, QC 368 3.8 316 3.3 354-335-359 1048 Ferme Serol enr, Roxton Falls, QC 369 3.8 323 3.3 353-332-359 1044 Ferme Serol enr, Roxton Falls, QC 413 4.6 301 3.4 320-368-330 1018 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 355 3.9 297 3.2 325-311-323 959 Ferme Serol enr, Roxton Falls, QC 358 4.0 284 3.2 316-314-309 939 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 329 4.0 257 3.1 308-304-295 907 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 296 3.7 269 3.4 302-277-313 892 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 272 3.3 253 3.1 315-259-301 875 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 298 3.6 262 3.2 300-266-291 857 National Ag. Museum, Ottawa, ON 305 4.5 234 3.4 266-296-282 844 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON

Senior Three Year Old: 3-9 Eloc Pingerly Crunk VG-86 Sire: Treeton Pingerly 56

10509 434 4.1 347 3.3 383-391-390 1164 Owner: Sandy Cole, Middle Musquodoboit, NS CMSS Improver 2017

3-7 Prosperous Acres Becca VG-85 8642 Sire: Spungold-R Frolic Poker Owner: 3-9 Lynmark NP Clarabella EX-90 7778 Sire: Wildwood Nell’s Prestige Owner: 3-8 Sugar Hill Logic Lactantia EX-91 9289 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 3-6 Kolson Spurgeon Poppy GP-82 7979 Sire: Blissful Ted Spurgeon Owner:

289 3.3 292 3.4 319-265-332 916 James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 338 4.3 271 3.5 283-305-304 892 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 324 3.5 273 2.9 316-277-284 877 Bob & Jon Howe, Embro, ON 311 3.9 263 3.3 292-280-296 868 Stephen & Janet Edwards, Cobden, ON

Four Year Old: 4-5 Oceanbrae Logic Feather EX-92 10530 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 4-9 Oceanbrae Adam Lorna-P EX-90 11845 Sire: Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Owner: 4-10 Oceanbrae All Spice VG-85 10522 Sire: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Owner: 4-1 Prinsville Adam Evening VG-86 9111 Sire: Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Owner: 4-0 Oceanbrae Adam Precious-P 8345 Sire: Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Owner: 4-0 Oceanbrae Logic Felicia EX-92 9020 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 4-1 Spruce Briar Jack Youtopia GP-81 9318 Sire: Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Owner: 4-2 Oceanbrae Ted Miss Perfect-P GP-80 8614 Sire: Vinra Frost Ted Owner: 4-11 Lady Grove BM Alison GP-83 9801 Sire: Lady Grove Biestar Max Owner: 4-3 Maple Inn Rose Bud EX-90 9016 Sire: Lynmark Bulldozer Owner: 4-0 Oceanbrae Princess Raspberry VG-85 9270 Sire: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Owner:

432 4.1 353 3.4 364-372-376 1112 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 399 3.4 385 3.2 381-322-381 1084 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 391 3.7 313 3.0 338-315-310 963 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 434 4.8 301 3.3 300-359-304 963 Robert Ashton, Port Perry, ON 359 4.3 308 3.7 299-318-338 955 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 399 4.4 303 3.4 304-335-312 951 Ash Lawn Farms, Ayr, ON 371 4.0 320 3.4 307-307-323 937 Andrew & Ann Bromley, Westmeath, ON 381 4.4 271 3.1 305-337-295 937 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 348 3.5 308 3.1 323-285-311 919 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 359 4.0 294 3.3 299-294-300 893 Maple Inn/Lynmark, Norwood, ON 337 3.6 265 2.9 311-283-273 867 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE

Five Year Old: 5-5 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple EX-90 12329 Sire: Clarefield Mocha Owner: 5-4 Lynmark Prestige Nora VG-85 10782 Sire: Wildwood Nell’s Prestige Owner: 5-7 Lynmark LB Sierra EX-90 8652 Sire: Lynmark Bulldozer Owner: 5-11 Lady Grove Sam K Betty 5 GP-82 8912 Sire: Blissful Diamond Sam Owner:

530 4.3 389 3.2 415-445-401 Shawn Koopman, Picton, ON 443 4.1 358 3.3 343-349-348 Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB 361 4.2 288 3.2 282-293-288 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 362 4.1 306 3.4 276-281-291 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

CMSS Improver 2017

1261 1040 863 848


Mature Cow: 9-1 Lyndale Hello Molly VG-88 11181 Sire: Kuszmar Alfairs Othello Owner: 6-2 Oceanbrae DJ Darling VG-85 10505 Sire: Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Owner: 7-7 Oceanbrae Jurist Marigold EX-90 9381 Sire: B Jurist Owner: 6-1 Lady Grove CD K Betty 4 G-75 9946 Sire: Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s CD Owner: 6-7 Oceanbrae Jurist Layla EX-92 9601 Sire: B Jurist Owner: 8-9 Oceanbrae Princess Joe VG-88 9137 Sire: Meriville Prince Edward Owner:

399 3.6 348 3.1 338-309-322 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 359 3.4 344 3.3 324-280-325 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 409 4.4 329 3.5 291-322-313 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 358 3.6 323 3.2 307-280-308 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 356 3.7 327 3.4 299-280-311 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 326 3.6 281 3.1 303-274-287 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE

969 929 926 895 890 864

2016 GE Production Records Records completed by cows less than 75% purity between Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2016 with a Composite BCA greater than 880 Milking Yearlings 1-9 Oceanbrae Ironman Alice GP-82 7274 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner: 1-11 Richford Diamond Jack Echo G-77 8482 Sire: Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Owner: 1-11 Richford Ironman Sylvia GP-83 8226 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner:

291 4.0 254 3.5 347-334-374 1055 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 289 3.4 260 3.1 362-301-342 1005 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 303 3.7 255 3.1 352-316-336 1004 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON

Two Year Olds 2-3 Onaknoll David Paige GP-84 Sire: Onaknoll David 2-5 Onaknoll David Pam G-76 Sire: Onaknoll David 2-4 Kolson Nitro EXP Jirra VG-87 Sire: Mysha-WO Robin Nitro-EXP 2-7 Richford Famous Mozy GP-83 Sire: Vinra Bar-D Famous 2-4 Lynmark FRL Miss Mitzie VG-85 Sire: Holstein 2-4 Richford Ironman Arctic GP-81 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P 2-3 Sugar Hill Alex Sweet Sire: Holstein

334 4.2 271 3.4 338-348-352 1038 Dwayne Palmer, Bruce Mines, ON 302 3.7 280 3.4 344-308-359 1011 Dwayne Palmer, Bruce Mines, ON 286 3.7 246 3.2 327-298-319 944 Stephen & Janet Edwards, Cobden, ON 281 3.4 262 3.2 327-273-320 920 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 280 3.7 254 3.4 307-280-318 905 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 273 3.7 251 3.4 304-276-318 898 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 277 3.9 214 3.0 307-298-285 890 Bob & Jon Howe, Embro, ON


7985 Owner: 8221 Owner: 7733 Owner: 8254 Owner: 7506 Owner: 7395 Owner: 7099 Owner:

CMSS Improver 2017

Three Year Olds 3-2 Prinzen Jurist Oksana EX-90 10171 446 4.4 343 3.4 373-405-385 1163 Sire: B Jurist Owner: Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON 3-5 Prinsville Jurist Summer EX-90 10035 401 4.0 327 3.3 365-361-363 1089 Sire: B Jurist Owner: Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 3-8 Lynmark GA Scottie EX-92 8621 356 4.1 295 3.4 316-324-331 971 Sire: Holstein Owner: Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Four Year Old: 4-3 Prinsville KEP Talya VG-85 Sire: King Edward of Prinsville 4-7 Richford Fairway Rosy GP-80 Sire: Lisnamulligan Fairway 4-10 Prinsville Outlaw Yofia VG-86 Sire: Mericrest Outlaw

9776 Owner: 10400 Owner: 10967 Owner:

345 3.5 287 2.9 337-295-305 937 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 349 3.4 310 3.0 337-284-307 928 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 322 2.9 334 3.0 347-256-324 927 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON

Five Years and Older: 6-3 Lady Grove Amazered Princess GP-81 9490 Sire: Red Holstein Owner: 5-7 Northend Plato’s Currant EX-90 8664 Sire: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Owner: 5-2 Prinsville Elevation Yolanda VG-86 9565 Sire: Prinsville DJ Elevation Owner:

402 4.2 322 3.4 292-309-304 905 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 428 4.9 291 3.4 274-340-283 897 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 367 3.8 297 3.1 303-292-289 884 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON

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Classification Schedule Early May ON – Dundas, Glengarry, Stormont ON – mid-round: Perth QC – Frontenac, Beauce QC – mid-round: Nicolet, Drummond, Yamaska, Lotbinière, Mid May ON – Wentworth, Niagara, Brant, Haldimand & Norfolk, Russell, Prescott QC – Québec & Montmorency, Dorchester, Lévis Late May ON – Carleton ON – mid-round: Leeds & Grenville, Lanark, Renfrew & Pontiac, Bruce QC – mid-round: Abitibi & Témiscamingue, Bagot & St-Hyacinthe Early June ON – mid-round: Huron, Grey, QC – Montmagny, L’Islet, Kamouraska, Bellechasse QC – mid-round: Québec Central, Québec West BC – mid-round Mid June ON – mid-round: Halton, York & Peel, Simcoe & Dufferin QC – mid-round: Deux Montagnes & Terrebonne, Rive Nord et centre du Québec, Nord et centre du Québec Late June ON – Lambton, Middlesex, Essex, Kent, Elgin ON – mid-round: Peterborough QC – mid-round: Portneuf, Lac St-Jean & Roberval, Lapointe & Chicoutimi AB – whole province Early July ON – mid-round: Northumberland, Ontario Central QC – Rivière Du Loup, Témiscouata, Rimouski, Matapédia, Matane, Bonaventure MB – whole province


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Fat Prot

Fat Prot

9078 707 309 10132 484 361 9298 479 308 8293 641 287 12329 530 389 9823 508 328 10789 807 378 10805 543 332 14038 539 424 11293 488 355 8882 401 277 9596 394 309

Four Year Olds 2014 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P ET 2015 Serol Ace Satin 2012 Lynmark Out Fleece Five Year Olds 2015 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P ET 2016 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple 3X 2014 Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme ET Mature Cow 2017 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P 2009 Oceanbrae Pepper 2nd 2015 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan 10 Years and Older 2001 Valley Crest Princess 5 2013 Valley Crest Alice 39 2011 Kilbucko Betty

13457 446 418 11845 399 385 11577 397 383

12329 530 389 11478 428 363 11275 439 324

15815 522 468 14038 539 424 12070 394 392

11293 488 355 10938 315 343 10358 266 309

Four Year Olds 2010 Sugar Hill Ruler Latte 2016 Oceanbrae Adam Lorna 2013 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan

Five Year Olds 2016 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple 3X 2011 Northend Clayton Maggie 2014 Oceanbrae Sassy Stephanie

Mature Cow 2007 Oceanbrae Joe 34th 2015 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan 2000 Oceanbrae Lady 10th

10 Years and Older 2001 Valley Crest Princess 5 2007 Northend Mike’s Runt 2009 Oceanbrae Joe 34th

13457 446 418 11845 399 385 11577 397 383

10 Years and Older 2001 Valley Crest Princess 5 2007 Northend Mike’s Runt 2009 Northend Mike’s Runt

Mature Cow 2007 Oceanbrae Joe 34th 2015 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan 2000 Oceanbrae Lady 10th

11293 488 355 10938 315 343 10130 321 319

15815 522 468 14038 539 424 12070 394 392

Five Year Olds 2016 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple 3X 12329 530 389 2011 Northend Clayton Maggie 11478 428 363 2009 Knoxdale Elsa 10625 417 362

Four Year Olds 2010 Sugar Hill Ruler Latte 2016 Oceanbrae Adam Lorna 2013 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan

Three Year Olds 2016 Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn 2010 Northend J P Bluy 2013 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P ET

9815 696 355 9691 530 315 9077 514 271

Three Year Olds 2013 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P ET 2013 Lynmark CD Clarity 2014 Oceanbrae Adam Epitome-P ET

11892 429 361 11161 361 342 11122 369 330

Three Year Olds 2016 Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn 2010 Oceanbrae Princess Joe ET 2016 Northend Zumba Cascade

11892 429 361 9926 366 361 9815 696 355

Two Year Olds 2014 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET 3X 16742 676 488 2013 Cedar Creek Idol Belle 4 9855 390 336 2013 Boos Hill Mapleton JP Carly 3X 9383 461 334

8368 410 292 8650 378 292 8089 286 292



Year Name Milking Yearlings 2016 Showcase Ace Canola 2012 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET 2007 Oceanbrae Leigh Liva

Two Year Olds 2014 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET 3X 16742 676 488 2014 Boos Hill Mapleton JP Carly 3X 9484 480 334 2015 Koopycrest Logic Ali Anne 3X 10041 467 333

410 292 407 267 378 292

Fat Prot


Year Name Milk Milking Yearlings 2016 Showcase Ace Canola 8368 2014 Koopycrest Logic Ali Anne 3X 8188 2012 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET 8650

Two Year Olds 2014 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET 3X 16742 676 488 2004 Northend Edwards Liz 10829 349 316 2011 Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 10264 387 327

9061 315 290 9048 272 277 9039 331 272



Year Name Milking Yearlings 2011 Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi ET 2010 Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 2011 Deerhaven Logic Charity

2017 CMSS Directory

Annual Members of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society

Atlantic Canada Barrett, Fred (Oceanbrae)

1081 Belmont Rd, Miscouche, PE C0B 1T0

(902) 436-7881

Bidalosy Farms Ltd (Bidalosy)

2408 Hwy 236, Beaver Brook, NS B6L 1H4

(902) 895-0142

Bovidae Farms Inc. (Bovidae)

128 Castle Frederick Rd, Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0

(902) 798-3794

Cole, Sandy (Eloc)

RR#3, Middle Musquodoboit, NS B0N 1X0

(902) 384-2517

Freeze, Sam (Freelane)

43 Taylor Rd, Newtown, NB E4G 1N9

(506) 433-6709

Hornbrook, Ronald (Landslide)

100 Hornbrook Rd, Mount Middleton, NB E4G1G5 (506) 433-1058

Quebec Desmarais, Charles (Desmarac)

100 Chemin St-Felix, Danville, QC J0A 1A0

(819) 839-1960

Ferme Dante Inc. (Durham Castle) 121 route Rivieres des Vases, Isle-Verte, QC G0L 1K0 (418) 898-6215 Ferme Serol Enr (Serol)

1571 rang 8, Roxton Falls, QC J0H 1E0

(450) 548-2657

Plante, Bernard (Baby Burn)

840 rang 3, St-Bruno, QC G0W 2L0

(418) 719-5470

Eastern Ontario Boos Hill Farms (Boos Hill)

61 Sandfield Ave, Alexandria, ON K0C 1A0

(613) 525-3892

Bromley, A & A (Spruce Briar)

2326 Bromley Line, Westmeath, ON K0J 2L0

(613) 587-4517

Edwards, S & J (Kolson)

Box 397, Cobden, ON K0J 1K0

(613) 646-7934

Kelly, Greg & Amy (Maplehier)

2413 Drummond Conc 9A, Lanark, ON K0G 1K0

(613) 259-5581

Laughlin Farms Ltd. (Laughlin)

5450 Carp Rd, Kinburn, ON K0A 2H0

(613) 832-3245


CMSS Improver 2017

Eastern Ontario National Museum of Science & Technology (Showcase)

PO Box 9724 Stn T, Ottawa, ON K1G 5A3

(613) 947-2440

Perry, Dale (Perrybrook)

997 Hwy 32, Gananoque, ON K7G 2V3

(613) 382-3929

Smith, Robert (Pinerille)

3012 River Rd, Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z8

(613) 432-6272

Straathof, Tony (Whitewater)

RR#1, Westmeath, ON K0J 2L0

(613) 587-4343

Welch, Leslie (Firelight)

186 Sweets Corners Rd, Lyndhurst, ON K0E 1N0

(613) 387-2389

Central Ontario Ashton, Robert (Ashtonia)

125 Medd Rd, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B2

Clarkridge North Farm (Clarkridge North)

791 Horseshoe Valley Rd, Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0 (705) 330-2098

Kiezebrink, Jim (Keemuse)

RR#1, Cannington, ON L0E 1E0

(705) 432-2174

Kippen, Jenna (Headacher)

6825 18th Sideroad, Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0

(647) 212-4407

Knox, John & Julie (Knoxdale)

230 Cty Rd 30, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0

(705) 887-5711

Koopmans, Shawn (Koopycrest)

2300 County Rd 8, Picton, ON K0K 2T0

(613) 961-9558

Lynmark Farms (Lynmark)

2019 12th Line Asphodel, Norwood, ON K0L 2V0 (705) 639-1414

Martin, Edward M (Twinbrook)

1754 Post Rd, Lindsay, ON K9V 4R6

(705) 324-3869

Prinzen, David (Prinsville)

Box 14, 126 Main St, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0

(613) 393-5087

South, Paul (Southdale)

785 Durham Rd 10, Sunderland, ON L0C 1H0

(705) 357-2615

Wherry, Doug (Emadale)

218-516 Canonberry Court, Oshawa, ON L1G 2Z6 (905) 728-0979

CMSS Improver 2017

(905) 852-2388


Western Ontario Ash Lawn Farms (Ash Lawn)

488 Brant-Oxford Rd, Ayr, ON N0B 1E0

(519) 632-7602

Eccles, Johnathan (Laralor)

224072 Southgate SR 22, Holstein, ON N0G 2A0

(519) 344-3440

Franken, Adrian & Linda (Franlea) RR#2, Teeswater, ON N0G 2S0 Goudy, Bruce (Merrittview)

(519) 357-1937

635389 Euphrasia-Holland Townline, Markdale, ON (519) 986-4446 N0C 1H0

Goudy, Wayne & David (Goudyview) 795113 East Back Line, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0

(519) 986-2841

Howe, Bob & Jon (Sugar Hill)

RR#5, Embro, ON N0J 1J0

(519) 475-4244

Maughlin Farms Inc. (Maughlin)

5193 7th Line, Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0

(226) 979-9736

Martin, Allen

7522 Sideroad 3E, Mount Forest, ON N0G 2L0

Ropp, Christian

4261 Line 52, Brunner, ON N0K 1C0

(519) 595-4001

Richardson, Don (Richford)

137147 13th Line, St. Marys, ON N4X 1C7

(519) 349-2707

Shoemaker, Daryl (Cedar Creek)

6730 Eighth Line W, Elora, ON N0B 1S0

(519) 846-5292

Snyder, J & J (Prosperous Acres)

70641 Shipka Line, Dashwood, ON N0M 1N0

(519) 237-3294

Snyder, Lisa (Prosperous Acres)

70641 Shipka Line, Dashwood, ON N0M 1N0 (519) 237-3294

Northern Ontario Grant, Brendan (Sleepy G)

RR#1, Pass Lake, ON P0T 2M0

(807) 977-1631

Palmer, Dwayne (Onaknoll)

RR#2, Bruce Mines, ON P0R 1C0

(705) 785-3837


CMSS Improver 2017

Manitoba and Saskatchewan Cook, C & L (Blue Horizon)

Box 41, Clanwilliam, MB R0J 0K0

(204) 865-2289

Naylor, Diane (Lady Grove)

Box 38, Kleefeld, MB R0A 0V0

(204) 433-7982

Van Den Bosch, Arthur (Swanhill) Box 185, Swan Lake, MB R0G 2S0

(204) 836-2030

Vinding, Christine (Julsgard)

(306) 230-5221

Box 14, Delisle, SK S0L 0P0

Alberta and British Columbia Cupples, B & B (Northend)

Box 754, Errington, BC V0R 1V0

(250) 586-6157

Mutrie, Glenda (Deerhaven)

Box 620, Thorsby, AB T0C 2P0

(780) 789-4165

Wilton, Craig (Elginheir)

Box 747, Coalhurst, AB T0L 0V0

(403) 360-2613

Honourary Life Members Barrett, Keith (Oceanbrae)

11 Kenmoore Ave, Summerside, PE C1N 5S7

Knott, James H (Knottview)

356689 Blue Mountains Townline, Clarksburg, ON (519) 537-0520

Sullivan, Michael (Maple Inn)

2417 Dillon Rd, Otonabee, ON K9J 6X9

CMSS Improver 2017

(902) 436-6204 (705) 745-0830


Fee Schedule Horaire des prix Effective January 1st, 2016


CMSS Improver 2017

CMSS Improver 2017



CMSS Improver 2017

Improver 2017  

Annual breed journal for the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society. Published May 11th, 2017

Improver 2017  

Annual breed journal for the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society. Published May 11th, 2017