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CMSS Improver 2016



CMSS Improver 2016

The Improver 2016 The official breed magazine of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society

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CMSS Improver 2016

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Table of Contents: CMSS Office and Directors 5 Secretary-Manager Report 6 Rapport du secrétaire 8 President’s Report 10 Change in Purity for Logic 11 2015 Class Leaders 13 2015 Production Awards 14 Accent-P named Cow of the Year 2014 16 2015 Excellent Cows 18 2015 Very Good Two Year Olds 19 Priorities for Genetic Improvement 20 Top 20 LPI Sires 22 Top 20 LPI Cows 23 Country Report: USA 24 Country Report: UK 26 Country Report: Australia 28 2016 Cow of the Year 36 2015 Field Day & AGM Report 42 2015 National Sale Report 46 2015 National Show Report 47 Top Sires by Trait 50 Classification x Sire 51 Available Sires 52 2015 Production Records 56 Country Report: New Zealand 61 All Time Champions 62 Member Directory 63 Fee Schedule 66 3


CMSS Improver 2016

Secretary-Manager: Ryan Barrett 203 Ferry Road, Cornwall, Prince Edward Island C0A 1H4 Office: (902) 200-1396 Cell: (902) 439-9386 Email: Web: President:

Dave Prinzen, Bloomfield, ON (Term ends 2017) Tel: (613) 393-5087 | Email:

Vice-President: Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON (Term ends 2018) Tel: (519) 349-2707 | Email: Exec. Member: Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB (Term ends 2018) Tel: (204) 433-7982 | Email: Directors:

Johnathan Eccles, Dromore, ON (Term ends 2016) Tel: (519) 334-3440 | Email:

Brenda Cupples, Errington, BC (Term ends 2017) Tel: (250) 586-6157 | Email:

Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE (Term ends 2016) Tel: (902) 436-7881 | Email:

Irene Vietinghoff, Norwood, ON (Term ends 2018) Tel: (705) 639-1414 | Email:

/milkingshorthorn CMSS Improver 2016

@CanMShorthorn 5

Secretary-Manager Report by Ryan Barrett The past year has undoubtedly been a year of change for the Society. The largest of these changes has been transitioning to a new registry service provider at Holstein Canada. Moving our registry service to Holstein Canada in concert with a number of other breeds has been discussed for a number years, but I’m happy to report that we were finally able to make it a reality, with the first new certificates printed by Holstein Canada in early March. In preparation for this transition and the anticipated interruption in service, the Board enacted a moratorium on late registration fees for all of 2015. This allowed us to end our service with CLRC as cleanly as possible and also enabled a number of breeders to get caught up on overage registrations and start fresh in 2016. Due to a surge in registrations received at the end of the year, the Society finished 2015 with our highest number of registrations in more than 20 years! Also encouraging was that the 2015 National Show was the largest since moving our National Show to Lindsay from the Royal in Toronto. I received a number of comments from both exhibitors and spectators that they were impressed with the depth of quality in the classes, and it was great to welcome some new exhibitors to the show as well as having some previous exhibitors return to the show. Thirteen exhibitors showed a total of 52 head, a total that we hope to exceed in future years. Those that know me well will know that I tend to be of an optimistic frame of mind. I’m always trying to find ways to both grow the footprint of our breed in Canada as well as foster genetic improvement of Milking Shorthorns. Later on in this issue of the Improver, you’ll read about some of the genetic improvement strides that the breed has made in recent years, as well as discussing how we can keep improving the breed into the future. When it comes to breed growth, there are encouraging signs. We had a number of first time buyers again in 2015 across the country. Some of these new buyers purchased embryos, hopefully making heifers that will come from non-Shorthorn recipients, thereby growing our population. One of my major frustrations occurs when there is interest in the breed and I am not able to find high quality breeding stock for prospective new buyers. We still have many herds that are very happy with their Shorthorns but who 6

CMSS Improver 2016

are not yet at a point to make breeding stock available. Other herds are not taking advantage of classification and official milk recording services, which limits marketability of breeding stock. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would encourage existing breeders to consider ways to grow their herds in an effort to foster breed growth. This might involve some use of sexed semen or implanting embryos (made or purchased) in recipients from other breeds. Firstly, having extra female replacement options can allow for more flexibility in voluntary culling, thereby improving the overall quality of your herd. However, everyone that feels a connection to the breed and wishes to see the breed prosper are encouraged to make breed growth a personal challenge. A larger breed population will over time lead to increased sire selection, increased markets for purebred dairy sales, and a stronger genetic base from which to drive genetic improvement. A larger population will most definitely be essential in implementing genomic testing and selection for Milking Shorthorns. I have been active in communicating with industry partners to try and identify ways that we can explore ways to research genomic testing and evaluation for our breed. It is likely that we will have to pool resources with some of our international sister societies as well as testing a large number of females along with males to build a sufficiently large reference population. We have already started to build a bank of hair samples for future testing; moving forward, the goal will be to find ways to access genotypes from other countries as well as helping to fund research and testing to build the reference pool. If you have samples to contribute, please feel free to send them to me for safe keeping in advance of a future project. As always, I want to thank those breeders that find ways to contribute in a myriad of ways to the betterment of the Society. Directors, committee members and individual members from across the country are generous with their time and their financial support of CMSS programs and activities. Your contributions are at the foundation of the breed’s continued success, and I thank you for them! I have heard a number of producers from other breeds who remark that the Milking Shorthorn Society “punches above our weight” in terms of getting positive attention for the breed in the Canadian dairy industry. Let’s hope that we can keep that up and capitalize on that attention by continuing to grow and improve our breed. I continue to be available by phone, text, email, Facebook, Twitter and more if you have questions or concerns. While working for the Society is not my full time job, I enjoy hearing from anyone interested in talking Shorthorns. I look forward to seeing many of you at Society events later this year, and hopefully together we can continue shining a spotlight on the Red, White and Roan! CMSS Improver 2016


Rapport du secrétaire 2016 par Ryan Barrett, Secrétaire, SCSL La dernière année fut, sans aucun doute, une année de changements pour la Société. Le plus gros de ces changements a été la transition vers un nouveau fournisseur pour le service d’enregistrement, Holstein Canada. Déplacer notre système d’enregistrement vers Holstein Canada, de concert avec plusieurs autres races, était en discussion depuis plusieurs années, mais je suis content de vous informer que c’est finalement une réalité et les premiers nouveaux certificats ont été imprimés par Holstein Canada au début mars. En vue de cette transition et de l’interruption anticipée du service, le Conseil a mis en place un moratoire sur les frais pour enregistrements tardifs pour toute l’année 2015. Ceci nous a permis de terminer en douceur notre service avec CLRC et a également permis à bon nombre d’éleveurs de se rattraper dans les enregistrements en souffrance et débuter du bon pied en 2016. Grâce à une vague d’enregistrements reçus à la fin de l’année, la Société a terminé 2015 avec le plus grand nombre d’enregistrements en plus de 20 ans! Il fut aussi encouragent de constater que l’exposition nationale 2015 fut notre plus imposante depuis que l’exposition nationale est déménagée à Lindsey plutôt qu’à la Royal à Toronto. J’ai reçu plusieurs commentaires tant des exposants que des spectateurs qui furent impressionnés par la grande qualité des classes. C’était excitant d’accueillir de nouveaux exposants ainsi que de revoir des exposants vétérans, de retour pour l’exposition. Treize exposants ont présenté 52 animaux, un total que nous espérons dépasser dans les prochaines années. Ceux qui me connaissent bien savent que j’ai tendance à être optimiste. J’essaie toujours de trouver de nouveaux moyens d’élargir l’empreinte de la race au Canada tout en nourrissant l’amélioration génétique des Shorthorns Laitiers. Dans cette édition de l’Improver, vous pourrez lire au sujet des avancées de la race en termes d’amélioration génétique au cours des récentes années ainsi que des discussions sur les façons d’améliorer la race dans l’avenir.   Du côté de la croissance de la race, il y a des signes encourageants. Nous avons eu plusieurs nouveaux acheteurs en 2015 de partout au pays. Certains de ces nouveaux acheteurs ont acheté des embryons pour obtenir, espéronsle, des génisses provenant de receveuses autres que Shorthorns et qui aideront à augmenter le cheptel.   Une de mes plus grandes frustrations est lorsqu’il y a de l’intérêt pour la race et que ne suis pas capable de trouver d’animaux de bonne qualité pour ces acheteurs potentiels. Nous avons encore plusieurs troupeaux qui sont satisfaits de leurs Shorthorns mais qui ne sont pas rendus au point d’avoir des animaux à 8

CMSS Improver 2016

vendre. D’autres troupeaux ne prennent pas avantage de la classification et du contrôle laitier officiel ce qui limite la commercialisation de leurs animaux. Au risque de me répéter, j’encourage fortement les éleveurs à considérer d’autres moyens pour élargir leur troupeau dans le but d’augmenter le cheptel de la race. Ça peut être l’utilisation de semence sexuée ou l’implantation d’embryons (produits ou achetés) dans des receveuses d’autres races. Premièrement, avoir des femelles supplémentaires pour le remplacement pourrait donner une option de plus pour la réforme volontaire ce qui augmenterait la qualité générale de votre troupeau. Par contre, tous ceux qui sont attirés par la race et veulent que la race prospère sont encouragés à faire de la croissance de la race un défi personnel. Un cheptel plus imposant augmentera, avec le temps, la sélection de taureaux, augmentera les marchés pour les ventes d’animaux pur-sang et élargira la base génétique avec laquelle améliorer la génétique. Un plus grand cheptel sera définitivement essentiel pour l’implantation du testage génomique et la sélection pour les Shorthorns Laitiers. J’ai communiqué activement avec les partenaires de l’industrie pour essayer d’identifier les méthodes à explorer pour la recherche sur le testage génomique et l’évaluation pour notre race. Il semble vraisemblable que nous aurons à rassembler nos ressources avec certaines de nos sociétés sœurs internationales ainsi que le testage domestique d’un grand nombre de femelles et de mâles pour établir une population de référence assez substantielle. Nous avons déjà commencé à construire notre banque d’échantillons de poils pour un testage futur. Plus tard, le but sera de trouver des façons d’accéder aux génotypes d’autres pays ainsi que de financer la recherche et le testage pour construire notre cheptel de référence. Si vous avez des échantillons à contribuer, n’hésitez pas à me les envoyer pour qu’on les conserve de façon sécuritaire jusqu’à un projet futur. Comme toujours, j’aimerais remercier les éleveurs qui trouvent toutes sortes de façons de contribuer à l’amélioration de notre Société. Les administrateurs, les membres de comités et les membres individuels de partout au pays sont généreux de leur temps et de leur appui financier aux programmes et activités de la SCSL. Vos contributions sont la fondation du succès continu de la race et je vous en remercie! Plusieurs producteurs m’ont dit que la Société des Shorthorns Laitiers joue dans la cour des grands quand on parle de l’attention que la race suscite dans l’industrie laitière canadienne. Espérons que nous pourrons garder le cap et profiter de l’attention pour continuer à agrandir et à améliorer notre race. Je suis toujours disponible par téléphone, texte, courriel, Facebook, Twitter et plus si vous avez des questions. Même si travailler pour la Société n’est pas mon travail à temps plein, j’aime toujours parler de Shorthorn avec des intéressés. J’ai hâte de voir plusieurs d’entre vous aux événements de la Société au cours de la prochaine année et, espérons-le, nous pourrons continuer à faire briller le Rouge, Blanc et Rouan! CMSS Improver 2016


President’s Report by David Prinzen, CMSS President Time flies when you are having fun. The years seem to pass so fast as I get older. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 months since I last wrote a Presidents Message. We have had a good year as a Society, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those involved with the CMSS activities this past year. We had a great turn out last July at our Annual Meeting and Field Day hosted by the Edwards family and the Laughlin family in eastern Ontario. I look forward to the AGM and Field day hosted by Ferme Serol this July in Quebec!! I also would like to thank those involved with the Canadian Dairy XPO at the beginning of April. Thanks to Don and Karen Richardson for bringing animals and helping with the event and to Doug and Irene as well for taking time to travel to Stratford and promote our breed. It is always interesting to talk and visit with people who have or are interested in our breed. Another way to promote our breed is to have 4-H calves available to young people who might need a calf for showing. They always notice a calf of colour at 4-H shows and events. As well I would like to thank my fellow directors and our SecretaryManager Ryan. Without every one’s input and feedback, we couldn’t do what we do. It’s great to own some Red White and Roan!!

Visit our website at: 10

CMSS Improver 2016

Change in Purity for GMC Rebel Logic In early 2016, the CMSS Board of Directors made a decision to make a correction to the purity percentage for the popular proven sire GMC Rebel Logic. Under previous herdbook registration rules, Logic qualified to be registered at 91.5% purity. However, under current herdbook registration rules, Logic is able to be registered at 100% purity. Directors felt that upgrading Logic to 100% purity would be a net benefit for Canadian breeders, so Holstein Canada has been informed of this change and purity percentages for Logic’s progeny and grand-progeny are being changed. This will result in a number of Logic daughters increasing in purity percentage, including a number that will be upgraded to purebred (100%). In addition, there are a few sires that have Logic as a sire or grandsire who also increase in purity:

Springville Logic Premium, increased to 100% Kundes Golden Logic Adventure, increased to 91.2% Lady Grove Conrad, increased to 81.3% Koopycrest Anecdote-P, increased to 86.4% purity

New registration papers won’t be automatically issued for animals that have increased in purity due to this change; however, registration papers can be reissued upon request. New purity percentages will be reflected in the pedigree database and will be reflected online at CDN and in our new online database when it becomes available later this year. Canadian Milking Shorthorns are registered at the average purity percentages of their parents. Animals reaching a purity of 15/16ths (93.7) or greater are automatically upgraded to purebred (100%) status. The exception to this comes when an animal has non-breed colouring, such as black or blue roan. In this case, animals with non-breed colour can have a maximum purity percentage of 50%. If any breeders have questions, they can feel free to contact the SecretaryManager, Ryan Barrett.

CMSS Improver 2016



CMSS Improver 2016

2015 Class Leaders Based on Composite BCA in 305 days, completed by December 31st, 2015. Only includes animals 75% purity or greater.

Milking Yearling Serol Zumba Zsazsari


6802 311 4.6 238 3.5 303-338-326 Serol, QC

Junior Two Year Old Eloc Pingerly Crunk


8975 362 4.0 303 3.4 370-366-384 Cole, NS

Senior Two Year Old Koopycrest Logic Ali Anne (3x)

2-9 10041 467 4.7 333 3.3 403-458-411 Koopmans, ON

Junior Three Year Old Serol Ace Sitaelle


8801 429 4.9 326 3.7 335-401-379 Serol, QC

Senior Three Year Old Maple Inn Marissa 9th


8064 339 4.2 287 3.6 291-303-319 Naylor, MB

Four Year Old Serol Ace Satin

4-1 10132 484 4.8 361 3.6 334-400-365 Serol, QC

Five Year Old Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P


Mature Cow Deerhaven Ted’s Megan

7-2 14038 539 3.8 424 3.0 422-411-393 Mutrie, AB

10 Years and Over Lynmark NS Clarica


8293 641 7.7 287 3.5 270-517-287 Barrett, PE

8271 351 4.2 265 3.2 276-300-270 Lynmark, ON

Knottview Farm Award: (highest kgs of Fat in 305 days) Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P - 641 kgs of Fat owned by Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PEI

Joseph Sullivan Award: (highest kgs of Protein in 305 days) Deerhaven Ted’s Megan - 424 kgs of Protein owned by Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB

Highest Milk Producing Cow: (highest kgs of Milk in 305 days) Deerhaven Ted’s Megan - 14,038 kgs of Milk owned by Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB

Dreymaur Award: (highest 3 year average milk yield) Deerhaven Ted’s Megan - 3 year average of 10,833 kgs of Milk owned by Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB CMSS Improver 2016


2015 Production awards Records completed by December 31st, 2015 Only includes animals 75% purity or greater.

Superior Production Awards

Cows completing a record in 2015 that is 200 Composite BCA points above breed average (=> 960) Serol Zumba Zsazari 1-11 6802M Eloc Pingerly Crunk 2-1 8975M Serol Zumba Mirana 2-0 8304M Lady Grove Mocha Alice 12 2-0 8000M Serol Zumba Charmcandy 2-1 8933M Prinsville Liriano Showgirl 2-0 8462M Oceanbrae Jurist Nutella 2-2 8033M Showcase Cotton Ball 2-1 7971M Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn 2-2 8835M Serol Sam Souris 2-0 7916M Lady Grove TP Lady Nancy 8 2-5 7881M Koopycrest Logic Ali Anne 2-9 10041M Oceanbrae Star Tiara 2-11 8551M Serol Ace Sitaelle 3-3 8801M Oceanbrae Logic Feather 3-3 8960M Serol Ace Satin 4-1 10132M Oceanbrae Chili Pepper 4-3 10371M KG Accent Candy of Oceanbrae 4-6 10605M Oceanbrae Drama Joe 4-7 10373M Lady Grove BM Alise 4-7 9510M Eloc Plato Logielicious 4-0 9999M Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P 5-6 8293M Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi 5-7 9663M Deerhaven Ted’s Megan 7-2 14038M Oceanbrae N Missy 8-7 11867M Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 6-4 10077M

311F 362F 356F 412F 326F 286F 331F 316F 289F 301F 313F 467F 314F 429F 454F 484F 439F 407F 395F 353F 356F 641F 482F 539F 521F 430F

238P 303P 282P 272P 295P 263P 259P 255P 268P 266P 274P 333P 278P 326P 302P 361P 322P 304P 309P 312P 325P 287P 312P 424P 326P 313P


303-338-326 370-366-384 357-375-371 330-416-344 374-336-378 382-321-365 341-345-336 334-326-327 362-289-335 331-307-341 318-313-338 403-458-411 337-305-335 335-401-379 336-420-347 334-400-365 354-372-335 356-342-313 350-329-319 330-305-332 332-297-332 270-517-287 312-388-308 422-411-393 380-424-320 330-352-313

Serol, QC Eloc, NS Serol, QC Lynmark/Northend Serol, QC Prinsville, ON Bovidae, NS Showcase, ON Oceanbrae, PE Serol, QC Lady Grove, MB Koopycrest, ON Oceanbrae, PE Serol, QC Oceanbrae, PE Serol, QC Oceanbrae, PE Oceanbrae, PE Oceanbrae, PE Lady Grove, MB Eloc, NS Oceanbrae, PE Oceanbrae, PE Deerhaven, AB Oceanbrae, PE Oceanbrae, PE

Lifetime Production Award Level 1: (40,000 + kgs M in 6 lactations or less)

Lynmark Out Fleece 6 lact. Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 5 lact. Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi 5 lact. Oceanbrae Jurist Betty 5 lact. Headacher Prince of D Ireland 5 lact. Sugar Hill Sam Lait 5 lact. Oceanbrae Bessie Joe 58th 5 lact. Lyndale Hello Molly 5 lact. 14

47,743M 46,019M 45,817M 45,164M 45,094M 43,734M 43,455M 43,365M

2084F 1748F 1771F 2106F 1541F 1536F 1569F 1541F

1627P 1457P 1483P 1542P 1375P 1333P 1244P 1451P

Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON Robert Howe, Embro, ON Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON CMSS Improver 2016

Eloc Kourt Crackle 6 lact. Prinsville Outlaw Elegance 6 lact. Oceanbrae L Patty Jo 5 lact. Lady Grove Diamond Lady Nancy 5 lact. Perrybrook Jedinina 5 lact.

42,771M 42,689M 41,826M 41,689M 40,358M

1747F 1546F 1307F 1610F 1558F

1385P 1385P 1284P 1337P 1540P

Sandy Cole, M. Musquodoboit, NS Prinsville Farm, Bloomfield, ON Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE I & D Naylor, Kleefeld, MB W & C Welch, Lyndhurst, ON

Lifetime Production Award Level 2: (60,000 + kgs M)

Lynmark NS Clarica Oceanbrae N Missy Deerhaven Ted’s Megan Oceanbrae Princess Joe

7 lact. 6 lact. 5 lact. 6 lact.

66,035M 64,891M 63,182M 60,345M

2486F 2231F 2282F 2132F

2176P 1914P 2045P 1831P

Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE

Clydagh Trophy

Highest Herd Average BCA with 10 or more completed lactations:

Ferme Serol enr., Roxton Falls, QC

12 records 7523M 332F 269P BCA: 298-323-325 Comp BCA: 946

Semper Trophy

2nd Highest Herd Average BCA with 10 or more completed lactations:

Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PEI

43 records 8328M 341F 264P BCA: 295-300-287 Comp BCA: 882 Prinsville, ON Richford, ON Lynmark, ON

Other top herd averages with more than 10 completed records: 23 rec. 7392M 283F 239P BCA: 271-256-268 40 rec. 7309M 275F 231P BCA: 268-250-260 22 rec. 6818M 281F 227P BCA: 243-250-248

CMSS Improver 2016

Comp BCA: 795 Comp BCA: 778 Comp BCA: 741


“Accent-P” named Canadian Cow of the Year for 2015

The 2015 Canadian Milking Shorthorn Cow of the Year is a recordbreaking cow from Prince Edward Island who has been making headlines for the past few years. Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P EX-94-2E is a six year old cow that is the all time Canadian Milking Shorthorn record holder for single lactation fat production after breaking this record in each of the last two years. Fawn has been an extreme producer of fat and protein, with three lactations in a row over 7 percent fat. In her record setting third lactation, Fawn produced 707 kgs of fat in 305 days. Accent-P is also one of only two Milking Shorthorns in Canada classified 94 points or better, is polled, and continues to appear near the top of the breed’s LPI list. Despite still being a relatively young cow, Accent-P has been excelling as a brood cow. Accent-P has two Excellent daughters as well as two Very Good daughters with more young daughters on the way. Accent-P is owned by Oceanbrae Farms of Belmont, Prince Edward 16

CMSS Improver 2016

Island. She is the product of embryos purchased from the United States out of a Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P, a cow whose progeny have been excelling in Milking Shorthorn far and wide. In fact, Accent-P is a maternal sister to the 2014 Canadian Cow of the Year, Koopycrest Mocha Ali Accent! Fred Barrett, owner of Accent, notes that “she continues to amaze us with the sheer amount of components she produces as well as the quality of her daughters. In this past last lactation, Accent had two monthly milk tests that exceeded 10% for fat, which is unheard of for our breed. We are very honoured to accept this award and look forward to continued success with Accent and her cow family.� The Canadian Cow of the Year Contest is voted on by members of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society following the publishing of nominated cows earlier in 2015. The other two nominees this year were Prinsville Logic Starshine VG-89, a former National Show Grand Champion owned by Prinsville Farms of Bloomfield, ON, and Lynmark NYS Sandy EX-90-9E, the first Milking Shorthorn to score Excellent 9 times owned by Lynmark Farms of Norwood, ON.

CMSS Improver 2016


2015 Excellent Cows Cows




Valley Crest Alice 39


VC Monster

Oceanbrae Jurist Betty


B Jurist

Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Jurist Layla


B Jurist

Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Logic Feather



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Logic Felicia



Ash Lawn Farms Ltd, ON

Sugar Hill Sam Lait



Robert Howe, ON

Oceanbrae Pepper Lorelei



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Eloc Plato Logielicious



Sandy Cole, NS

Lynmark NYS Sandy



Lynmark Farms, ON

Maple Inn Rosemary 59th



Lynmark Farms, ON

Lynmark Crab Cakes


Storm Ruler Lynmark Farms, ON

Prinsville Ruler Emerald


Storm Ruler Prinsville Dairy Farms, ON

Oceanbrae Bessie Joe T



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Lynmark KRR Roxanne



Lynmark Farms, ON

Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple



Shawn Koopmans, ON

Oceanbrae Famous Laurie



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Adam Lorna-P



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Redrama Ladylike



Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Maple Inn Rose Bud



Lynmark GSR Purdy


Storm Ruler Lynmark Farms, ON

Prinsville Redman Fiona


Redman (HO) Prinsville Dairy Farms, ON

I & D Naylor, MB

Maple Inn/Lynmark, ON

2015 Excellent Bulls Bulls




Lady Grove Conrad



Naylor/CMSS Syndicates, MB


CMSS Improver 2016

2015 Very Good Two Year Olds Cows



Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty



Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger


Oceanbrae DJ Treasure-P



Headacher Snoopy Duchess



Oceanbrae Adventure Paris


Adventure Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Ironman Plum


Ironman-P Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Oceanbrae Pete Idealistic


O Pete

Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Franlea Sam Bella



A, L & E Franken, ON

Kolson Nitro EXP Jirra



Stephen & Janet Edwards, ON

Kolson Nitro EXP Lexie



Stephen & Janet Edwards, ON

Lady Grove A. Socks


LG Alex

Ivan & Diane Naylor, MB

Laralor Alex Sunmaid


LG Alex

Johnathan Eccles, ON

Lynmark FRL Miss Mitzie



Lynmark Farms, ON

Maple Inn Diamond Lacy



Maple Inn Farms, ON

Oceanbrae Ironman Julie


Prinsville Logic’s Eve



Prinsville Dairy Farms, ON

Prinsville TP Fiona



Prinsville Dairy Farms, ON

Richford Adam Stef



Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON

Swanhill Max Ginger


LG B Max

Arthur Van Den Bosch, MB

CMSS Improver 2016


Oceanbrae Farms, PE

Ironman-P Oceanbrae Farms, PE Oceanbrae Farms, PE Jenna Kippen, ON

Ironman-P Oceanbrae Farms, PE


Priorities for Genetic Improvement by Ryan Barrett, CMSS Secretary-Manager Flashback to the year 2000 in the Milking Shorthorn breed: influence of the bull Meriville Peerless and his sons is dominating Canadian pedigrees, and sire availablity leaves a lot to be desired. While the breed is attracting a number of new breeders, genetic improvement is somewhat hampered by the genetic options available. Since I started working with the Milking Shorthorn breed, one of the priorities for breed improvement that I have repeatedly heard from breeders has been improving fat percentage in the breed. In the early 2000’s, the dominant Peerless sire line had a notable downward effect on fat percentages while raising milk production levels. Particularly by the time that Mericrest Outlaw was in heavy use, breed average fat percentages were at an all time low. As noted, the early 2000’s was also a time of limited sire availability, which hindered the ability to improve fat percentages, along with other traits. By 2005, the number of available sires started to increase, and Canadian breeders had more choice for their breeding programs. Relationships with AI units selling semen in Canada were cultivated, and emphasis was placed on importing semen from sires that would address Canadian priorities, particularly components and mammary system improvement. Changes in milk component pricing which favours fat, as well as the implementation of Solids Non-Fat ratio levels in many provinces, has accelerated a move to improve fat percentages for many breeders. As you can see on the graph on the next page, breed average fat percentage has increased for cows born in 2011 by approximately 0.3% in comparison to cows born in 2001. That is a significant level of improvement on a breed-wide basis in that time. Bulls such as Logic, Plato, Jurist, Ace, and Adam-P have all been notably above average for fat percentage while also being above average for conformation. Birth years since 2009 show the most rapid rate of phenotypic increase, and this has also been the period of the fastest improvement in breed average LPIs. Canadian breeders should be commended for their efforts in the past decade or so. During the same period, average first lactation classification scores have remained relatively steady, but the latest five year genetic trend shows an improvement of 0.5 points per year, which is a faster rate than four other breeds. 20

CMSS Improver 2016

Milk production figures have also improved...but not at the same rate of improvement as fat percentage. Average first lactation 305 day milk yield has increased 417 kgs for animals born in 2011 compared to those born in 2001. Genetically, the annual rate of progress for milk and protein in the Milking Shorthorn breed is not much above zero, and needs to be addressed moving forward to ensure that current breeders are seeing genetic progress in their herds while positioning the breed to continue being an attractive option for Canadian dairy producers. Thankfully, genetic improvement can address multiple traits at a time... this is the beauty of our Lifetime Performance Index. By selecting for animals with strong LPI figures, we tend to favour animals that excel for multiple traits, enabling simultaneous progress across multiple traits. Nonetheless, I would encourage breeders to look more closely at milk and protein kgs when making mating decisions. Look at the rate of improvement made with fat in just a few years...what if we could see a breed average milk yield of 8000 kgs with an improvement in protein percentage in the next few years! That is definitely an achieveable target if we keep working together and keep our eyes on the prize! CMSS Improver 2016


Top 20 LPI Sires - April 2016 1




B Jurist

Oceanbrae Ironman-P GMC Rebel 3 +1709 Logic Kulp-Gen 4 +1690 Jurist Ace Mapleton Vly 5 +1636 J Zumba Kulp-Gen OK 6 +1561 Adcmy Adam-P Clarefield 7 +1434 Mocha Oceanbrae 8 +1397 Idol Oceanbrae 9 +1394 Diamond Jack Innisfail Prince 10 +1381 of Diamonds Wildwood DG 11 +1381 Lady’s Lance Oceanbrae 12 +1361 Logic’s Plato Innisfail 13 +1284 Prime Time 2


Rel. Milk



Fat %

Prot %


Conf MS

+583 +47 +25 +0.37 +0.23 2.85 +5


+102 +25


+0.36 +0.14 3.00 +9


-223 +19


+0.53 +0.08 3.10 +12 +10

+90 +51 +13 +0.83 +0.26 3.02 +2


+377 +10




-480 +14


+0.63 +0.30 3.19 +12 +8

+178 -1



-0.09 3.17 +10 +12

+574 +22



-0.16 3.06 +1


+239 +5



-0.04 2.79 +2


+321 +5



-0.16 2.88 +4




-0.06 +0.11 3.02 +1


-309 +22


+0.64 +0.11 2.88 +1


-284 +4


+0.30 +0.12 2.82




-0.07 2.86 +9

14 +1280

Vinra Frost Ted

+190 +18


+0.18 -0.10 2.98



15 +1265

Bar-D Cindy’s Clay

+333 +16


+0.02 -0.11 2.95



16 +1259


+376 +24


+0.14 -0.09 2.94



+651 +30 +14 +0.04 -0.07 3.08



-0.03 3.07 +2


Oceanbrae Pepper’s Poseidon Cate’s Tangerines 18 +1168 Perles Titan Vinra Peerless 19 +1143 Frolic Wildwood 20 +1139 Nell’s Prestige 17 +1197


+324 -4



+244 +7

+11 -0.06 +0.12 2.87



+456 +4

+10 -0.26



-0.04 3.05

CMSS Improver 2016

Top 20 LPI Cows - April 2016 LPI 1


















10 +1968 11 +1956 12 +1953

Name Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel-EXP Lady Grove TP Lady Nancy 8 Lands-Brook Chardonnay-EXP Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger Lady Grove A. Shiraz Lady Grove Mocha Angeline Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple Lady Grove BM Ali Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P Lady Grove BJ Charm Lady Grove BM Alise




Fat %

Prot %



+581 +76 +34 +0.86 +0.46 2.94 +9 +789 +39 +28 +0.10 +0.17 2.64 +11 +425 +60 +15 +0.72 +0.09 3.01 +11 +773 +43 +21 +0.17 +0.02 2.70 +10 +229 +39 +16 +0.50 +0.23 2.89 +8 +565 +63 +22 +0.67 +0.17 3.09 +8 +309 +43 +20 +0.52 +0.28 3.14 +9 +581 +39 +16 +0.24 +0.01 3.18 +12 +486 +55 +17 +0.58 +0.11 2.83 +6 -67 +72


+1.33 +0.25 3.01 +4

+280 +45 +14 +0.58 +0.15 3.12 +11 +820 +48 +26 +0.21 +0.09 2.95 +7

13 +1942

Lady Grove BJ Cherry

+269 +44 +15 +0.57 +0.19 2.90 +8

14 +1941

Lady Grove A Coral

-121 +62 +13 +1.21 +0.40 3.01 +5

15 +1935

Oceanbrae Logic Feather

16 +1911

Prinsville TP Fiona

17 +1909

Lady Grove A. Christie

+201 +58 +12 +0.86 +0.17 3.03 +7

18 +1903

Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme

+657 +55 +18 +0.45 +0.03 2.86 +3

+42 +43


+0.73 +0.17 3.13 +10

+852 +25 +18 -0.18

-0.10 2.72 +10

19 +1899 Koopycrest Logic Ali Anne +151 +33


+0.46 +0.03 3.14 +13

20 +1893


+0.75 +0.13 2.90 +9

Oceanbrae Logic Felicia

CMSS Improver 2016

-144 +36


Country Report: United States by Junia Isiminger, AMSS Secretary Greetings from the American Milking Shorthorn Society! The year of 2015 was a good one for Milking Shorthorns in the United States. The Society printed the first edition of our Bull Book, a successful National Sale, and we are seeing promising PPR results. In addition, I was able to attend your annual Summer Field Day and visit some of Canadian Milking Shorthorn farms. Our first edition of the AMSS Bull Book was printed and distributed at our National Convention in June. It has proven to be an excellent promotion piece and has been passed out at your Field Day, National Shows and sent to Australia. Thirty-seven bulls are featured, with an additional 47 bulls listed. Featured bulls provide pedigree information and contact information to obtain semen. Listed bulls provide just bull name and contact information to purchase semen. We will be printing the Bull Book annually. It has already provided to be very valuable to our breeders in making mating decisions and purchasing semen. The 2015 Annual Meeting and National Sale was held in Black River Falls, Wisconsin in June. The sale had a total of 64 lots cataloged, including one pick of the herd, two choice females and four embryo lots. The top selling lot was a pick of 8 females out of Innisfail WO Lady Luck x Innisfail Perfect Storm selling for $9,700. The 53 live lots averaged $2,860, with the high selling lot being Mysha-WO McCinnamon, a Sr. 3 year old consigned by Mysha Herd and Katie Bue, purchased by Todd Thomas for $8,750. The 2015 National Sale was the highest grossing sale in the history of AMSS National Sale. The 2016 Annual Meeting and National Sale is scheduled for June 15-18, 2016 in Dublin, Ohio. The sale already has an impressive lineup of lots. The American Milking Shorthorns had an impressive year in the show ring. We had our first Jim King Triple Crown Winner. To win this prize, one cow had to win the Grand Champion title at three out of the four National Shows in the same show season. Winning the title of Grand Champion at the Eastern National (All-American Dairy Show), International (World Dairy Expo) and Winter National (NAILE) was Cate’s Ruben Tulsa Time, owned and bred by Peter Cate of New Hampshire. Pete’s history with this cow family is deep. His parents bought the foundation cow of this great “T” family in 1967 and they have continued to develop this family for almost 50 years. 24

CMSS Improver 2016

The Grand Champion of the North Eastern National Show (Big E) was Heavenly Betty, owned by Ryan Rida of Worthington, Massachuttes. Betty was bred by Heavenly Show Cattle of Monroe, Wisconsin. From the April 2016 genetic evaluations, the number one PPR bull in the United States is a B Jurist son, Ecuafarm BJ Don Juan, followed by Echo Farm T-Bruno Plutonium at #2 and GE Kulp-Gen PJ Cowboy-ET at #3. We are starting to see a resurfacing of more full herdbook bulls at the top of the PPR list, with 5 being full herdbook followed closely by 12 bulls being 50% Milking Shorthorn and 9 being 75% Milking Shorthorn. Top full herdbook bulls include Echo Farm Taser Motown, Echo Farm Ted McCoy ET, Clayside Milk Money, Kundes Golden Logic Adventure and Echo Farm Beautys KS Conquest. In July, I was honored to spend a weekend in your country attending your Field Day and visiting three additional Milking Shorthorns breeders with my husband, Mike. Attending your event taught me that Canadian breeders are interested in knowing which American bulls are exportable and what their purity percentages are. Following my visit, I am working with several breeders on exploring the possibility of getting more of our bulls exportable. The AMSS is committed to working on facilitating this process to help United States breeders who develop bulls and Canadian breeders who want United States genetics. While in Canada, we also visited Lynmark Farms, Prinsville Farms and Laralor Milking Shorthorns. A special thank you to those breeders for welcoming us and taking time to talk cows. My husband and I were quite impressed with your Canadian Milking Shorthorns. Looking into 2016, the American Milking Shorthorn Society is exploring the possibility of adding percentages to registrations, continuing to work on exportable bulls and increasing our promotion of the Milking Shorthorn breed. We continue to have new owners of Milking Shorthorns and increased interest in our Native Milking Shorthorns. The future is bright for our breed! Finding Joy in the Journey with the Red, White and Roan,

Cates Ruben Tulsa Time Grand Champion at Three National Shows in 2015 CMSS Improver 2016


Country Report: United Kingdom by Frank Milnes, Secretary, Shorthorn Society of the UK The dairy industry here in the UK is suffering like everyone else from the global downturn in milk price. The abolition of milk quotas in 2015 by the EU has also led to producers seeking to expand to maintain their income and this of course has the negative effect of worsening the oversupply problem and keeping the milk price low. The only positive thing to come out of this is that when the milk price is low then producers have to look very closely at the cost of production and the Dairy Shorthorn can certainly produce milk very efficiently. A recent survey carried out by a veterinary practice in Wales showed that in a study of 34 farms which milk record with NMR, the Shorthorns produced the highest yield of milk per cow per year of life. This emphasise the fact that the highest lactation yields do not necessarily mean the highest daily yield as the cows have to get back in calf and produce for many lactations. Our challenge as ever is in convincing other people that profitability is about yield per cow per day of life minus the costs of keeping the cow. Considering the state of the dairy industry we are very fortunate to have maintained our pedigree registrations and in 2015 actually increased the number of registrations by a small amount. The registration income combined with the income from the sales of semen have ensured that the Society has again returned a reasonable profit from its yearly activities. The success of Red Cattle Genetics can be seen from the fact that of the last four young bulls selected for semen collection to have returned a proof, three of them returned a positive £PLI proof. During the last twelve months, the Society has been debating whether or not the Coates’s herdbook should now be closed to outside blood. The percentage of pure shorthorn blood in animals registered in the herdbook has gradually decreased over the last 10 years and there was a strong feeling that we now have a much improved Dairy Shorthorn animal. The introduction of outside blood has increased the dairyness, milk yield and conformation of the Dairy Shorthorn but we do not want to lose the important functional traits which set the Dairy Shorthorn apart from the other breeds. Closing the herdbook would consolidate the improvements made and retain the important Shorthorn traits of fertility, longevity, and mobility. Council decided therefore after consultation with the members that from January 1st 2018 cattle will be registered in Coates’s herdbook dairy with no 26

CMSS Improver 2016

percentage purity displayed. All cattle registered before that date will retain their percentage purity so that anyone wishing to research the pedigrees can still calculate the percentage purity if they so wish. I am leaving at the end of March to attend the World Shorthorn Conference in Uruguay. This Conference encompasses both Beef and Dairy Shorthorn societies and whilst there will be few Dairy Shorthorns in Uruguay I do think it is very important for the organisations to be able to come together every three years for a tour of Shorthorn herds and a Conference where each country and organisation can report on what is happening in their part of the world. We do import and export large quantities of semen and it is always very interesting to see the different genetics at work in different parts of the world. On top of that the opportunity to meet and socialise with people who share an interest in Shorthorn cattle is a wonderful experience.

Marleycote Princess Jill 31st EX-93 Grand Champion, UK Dairy Expo 2015 owned by the MacLean Family, Bushmills, Northern Ireland

Looking for Milking Shorthorns? Contact us for assistance in locating available animals, or check out our Genetics Available page on our website! CMSS Improver 2016


Country Report: Australia by Michael Tuhan, Illawarra Cattle Society of Australia Total milk production in Australia has increased over the last 5 years from just over 9 billion litres to over 9.7 billion litres in 2014/15. This is still considerably lower than the industry highs of around 11 billion litres in the late 90’s. The Illawarra breed represents just over 1% of the population of dairy cows on herd recording. Holsteins are by far the dominant breed numerically, accounting for around 2/3 of the population. However, while production per cow has increased, fertility has declined, leading to increased interest in alternative breeds such as the Illawarra for pure breeding and/or cross-breeding. The introduction of Red Holstein and Scandinavian bloodlines into the Illawarra breed from the early 90’s has led to significant production increases within the breed. However, with dairy producers increasingly looking at alternatives to the Holstein, the Illawarra Cattle Society (ICSA) has recognised the need to preserve traits (e.g. longevity, calving ease, temperament etc) that differentiate it from the major breeds. For this reason the ICSA has made some policy changes in the last few years in an effort to help preserve the breeds identity as a genuine alternative. Firstly the ICSA showing policy has been changed such that animals sired by Holstein, Ayrshire or European Red Breeds that were born from 2012 are no longer eligible to be shown in the Illawarra show ring. However, it should be noted that not all shows have strictly enforced this policy at this point in time. Secondly, the Illawarra Development Program (IDP) committee, which is responsible for managing the genetic direction of the breed, has set a minimum threshold of 37.5% Illawarra content for bulls to be endorsed for commercial A.I. collection. The IDP committee is currently actively working with 4 major artificial breeding companies in the selection process for bulls entering A.I. and so has a major role in driving the genetic progress and direction of the breed within Australia. The success of Treeton Pingerly daughters both in Australia and also in Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. has seen the committee look for quality sons of this great sire for the next generation, so watch out for two young bulls both from EX classified dams that will become available in 2016! 28

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CMSS Improver 2016



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CMSS Improver 2016



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2016 CMSS Cow of the Year

Lynmark NS Clarica EX-92-5E Bred and Owned by: Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Top Record: 7-5 305d 9332M 349P 3.7% 301P 3.2% BCA: 285-268-281 Lifetime: 8 lact. 69,876M 2636M 3.8% 2291P 3.3% BCA: 284-265-280 Clarica has been a remarkably consistent producer, now milking in her eighth lactation at almost 12 years of age. She has also been consistently above herd average for BCA, with a lifetime composite BCA +150 points above herdmates. Clarica has had some success as a show cow, including a Reserve Grand Championship at the 2007 National Show as a Three Year Old. She was also 1st Mature Cow and the CanWest DHI Award Winner at the 2010 National Show, and has two other Top 3 placings at previous National Shows. She is the dam of CMSS Syndicates young sire Lynmark St Clare available from Semex, as well as having Very Good daughters by Nell’s Prestige and CD. 36

CMSS Improver 2016

The following are the two cows nominated for CMSS Cow of the Year for 2016. Cows are nominated based on their individual success and the success of their progeny. These are cows that have excelled in lactation, classification, genetic index, show results, and/or progeny performance and are currently living here in Canada. Members are encouraged to submit their vote by June 30th, 2016 by emailing or sending in a ballot by mail to the CMSS office at 203 Ferry Rd, Cornwall, PE C0A 1H4.

Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty VG-88-2y Bred and Owned by: Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE Top Record: 2-0 300d 8118M 341F 4.2% 269P 3.3% BCA: 369-380-374 #4 LPI Cow in Canada (April 2016) at +2125 Betty is the defending Grand Champion from the 2015 National Show after taking Champion and Best Udder honours as a Two Year Old. In April 2016, she rose to #4 on the LPI Cow list based on her strong two year old production as well as a Very Good 88 score in first lactation, the only 88 point first lactation Milking Shorthorn in Canada last year. Betty was also featured in the International Red Cow Photo Contest in early 2016 in the Crazy Cow In Print magazine in Australia. Her EX-92-3E “Jurist” dam has produced over 50,000 kg milk in 6 lactations and also has an EX daughter by “Logic.”

CMSS Improver 2016



CMSS Improver 2016

CMSS Improver 2016



CMSS Improver 2016

Milking Shorthorns: An Efficient Dairy Alternative • More efficient converter of feed to milk, especially pasture and other forages, lowering feed cost. • Cows producing in excess of 9000 kgs of milk per 305 days on low input management. • Superior feet and leg structure, with excellent hoof durability. • Greater reproductive efficiency, with fewer days open, higher nonreturn rate of cows and heifers, and smaller calving intervals, meaning less wasted time and expense to the breeder. Milking Shorthorns have the highest 56 day Non-Return Rate across all breeds! • Ease of calving - 98% of cows calve unassisted or with easy pull! • Greater salvage value for bull calves and cull cows than other dairy breeds. • Industry leading figures for longevity, with the highest number of cows (46%) lasting until fourth lactation or more. • According the Canadian Dairy Network, the breed with the greatest percentage of cows recorded as very quiet or quiet temperament. • According to recent CDN studies, the breed with the lowest average somatic cell score.

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2015 Field Day and AGM: Kolson & Laughlin Herds, Ontario

On July 26th, the CMSS Field Day was hosted by two herds in the Ottawa Valley of Ontario. The first visit of the day was in the morning to the Kolson herd of Stephen and Janet Edwards and family of Cobden. The Edwards purchased their first Milking Shorthorn less than a decade ago, and now have a small but growing number of Shorthorns in their majority Holstein herd. One of their first purchases went Excellent (Shady Brae Lace, by Outlaw), and they currently have two daughters and four grand-daughters of this first herd favourite. During our visit, daughters of Nitro and Zumba were notable, as well as a yearling heifer by Ironman who would go on to win the Junior Championship at the National Show in September. We then moved on to Laughlin Farms in Kinburn, a little less than an hour down the road. This was the second time the Laughlins have hosted the Field Day, and their hospitality was once again outstanding. Brian also started with Milking Shorthorns a little more than ten years ago, but the herd is now comprised completely of registered Milking Shorthorns. Brian’s son Lennie is now taking over day-to-day management of the farm, but Brian is continuing to play an active role. Following a barbeque lunch, Secretary-Manager Ryan Barrett handed out production awards from the past year. The 2015 Cow of the Year Award was also presented to Oceanbrae Farms for Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P EX-94. The Annual Meeting was then held, with a strong turnout of members and invited guests in attendance. One guest, AMSS Secretary Junia Isiminger, brought greetings from south of the border and distributed some new promotional materials featuring the new AMSS logo. Topics discussed at the AGM included the upcoming movement of registry service to Holstein Canada, as well as details for the upcoming National Show in September. Following the AGM, guests toured the Laughlin herd. Some daughters of Mocha stood out, as well as couple of young daughters of Ironman-P.


CMSS Improver 2016

Touring the Kolson herd in Cobden, Ontario, home of the Edwards family.

AMSS Secretary Junia Isiminger (centre) addressing the CMSS Annual Meeting.

Viewing the Laughlin herd at the 2015 Field Day and AGM. CMSS Improver 2016


Upcoming Events May 14, 2016

Green Acres Herd Dispersal, Randolph Center, VT

June 15-18, 2016

AMSS National Convention, Dublin, OH

July 23, 2016

CMSS Field Day and AGM Ferme Serol, Roxton Falls, QC

Aug 1, 2016

Consignment Deadline for National Sale

Aug 9, 2016

August 2016 Genetic Evaluations Released

Sept 2, 2016

CMSS National Sale

Sept 23, 2016

Canadian National Milking Shorthorn Show Lindsay, ON

Oct 4-5, 2016

International Milking Shorthorn Show World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI

True Perfection semen available from the CMSS. Limited quantities available. $25/dose 44

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All Time Star Brood Cow List Stars



8 7 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P Oceanbrae Pepper 2nd Fieldcrest Rubin Pearl Hauxwell Clara 20th Fieldcrest Ideal-P Oceanbrae Lady 10th Sunnbro Lady Leigh Valley Crest Alice 39 Cheapside Peri 17 Cheapside Peri 37 Lands-Brook Chardonnay-EXP Lynmark Clay Equity Maple Inn Dairymaid 118th Merrittview Penny 1Y Nordica Magic Janine Oceanbrae Leigh Liz

Kulp Genetics, PA Oceanbrae Farms, PE Lynmark Farms, ON Lynmark Farms, ON Oceanbrae Farms, PE Oceanbrae Farms, PE Oceanbrae Farms, PE I & D Naylor, MB Cheapside Farm, ON Cheapside Farm, ON I & D Naylor, MB Prinsville Dairy Farms, ON Maple Inn Farms, ON Walter Goudy, ON F & D Ulrick, ON Oceanbrae Farms, PE

For the full listing, visit

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2015 National Sale Report The 2015 National Sale once again provided some high quality Milking Shorthorn genetics, with a total of nine live animals and two embryo lots selling. The sale was held on September 4th, 2015 using the remote sale format that has proved successful in previous years. High seller was Northmark Alicia, a Logic heifer out of Lady Grove Mocha Alice 12 that was consigned by the partnership of Lynmark Farms and Northend Milking Shorthorns. Alicia was purchased outright for $4000 by Brodie and Brenda Cupples of Errington, British Columbia. Second high seller was Richford Pingerly Lesly, a Three Year Old cow due in October 2015 for her second calf. Consigned by the Richardsons of Richford Farm in St. Marys, Ontario, Lesly was purchased for $3700 by Oceanbrae Farms of Miscouche, Prince Edward Island. Nine live animal lots averaged $2689 per consignment. When adding two embryo consignments, the overall sale average was $2532 per consignment. This is the highest National Sale average in many years for the Society.

Northmark Alicia, the high selling consignment in the 2015 CMSS National Sale. Alicia is a GMC Rebel Logic daughter out of Lady Grove Mocha Alice 12, and a granddaughter of Valley Crest Alice 39, the 2013 CMSS Cow of the Year. 46

CMSS Improver 2016

2015 NATIONAL SHOW September 25th, 2015 - Lindsay, ON Judge: Glenn Barkey, Blackstock, ON 4-H Showmanship - sponsored by Knoxdale Farms (8): 1. Julia Deklein 2. Kelsey Edwards 4. Tanner Bromley 5. Myra Kiezebrink

3. Carson Edwards

Junior Calf - Sponsored by Emadale Milking Shorthorns (9): 1. Richford Conrad Illinois (Lady Grove Conrad) - Richford Farms, St Marys, ON 2. Kolson Ironman P Rowan (Oceanbrae Ironman-P) - Kolson Milking Shorthorns, Cobden, ON 3. Lynmark Titan Prize (Cates Tangerine Perles Titan) - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 4. Headacher Pingerly Dimples (Treeton Pingerly) - Headacher Farms, Schomberg, ON 5. Koopycrest Logic Ali Avril ET (GMC Rebel Logic) - Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON Intermediate Calf - Sponsored by Laughlin Farms (4): 1. Spruce Briar Ironman Charlotte (Oceanbrae Ironman-P) - Spruce Briar Jerseys, Westmeath, ON 2. Ashtonia DJ Eveleen (Oceanbrae Diamond Jack) - Rob Ashton, Port Perry, ON 3. Prinsville Mocha Fiona (Clarefield Mocha) - Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 4. Koopycrest Royalty Ali Ava ET (Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty) - Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON Senior Calf - Sponsored by GMC Milking Shorthorns (4): 1. Richford Pingerly Saffron (Treeton Pingerly) - Richford Farms, St Marys, ON 2. Spruce Briar Ironman Barnie-P (Oceanbrae Ironman-P) - Spruce Briar Jerseys, Westmeath, ON 3. Lynmark RB Fancy (Rovin Bolero) - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 4. Cedar Creek Poker Rosie 8 (Spungold-R Frolic Poker) - Emily Kyle, Ayr, ON Summer Yearling - Sponsored by Laralor Milking Shorthorns (4): 1. Lynmark NYS Rosina (Mericrest Now You See) - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 2. Oceanbrae Pepper Trinity ET (GMC Rebel Logic) - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI 3. Lynmark Logic Savanna (GMC Rebel Logic) - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 4. Koopycrest P Per Ali Ariel ET (Pell-Pers) - Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON Junior Yearling - Sponsored by New York Milking Shorthorn Assoc. (4): 1. Richford Ironman Iceland (Oceanbrae Ironman-P) - Richford Farms, St Marys, ON 2. Keemuse Ted Liberty (Vinra Frost Ted) - Keemuse Farms, Cannington, ON 3. Keemuse Logic Ariel (GMC Rebel Logic) - Keemuse Farms, Cannington, ON 4. Lynmark Otis Posh (Lynmark KAO Otis) - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Senior Yearling - Sponsored by Dr. Tim Henshaw (7): 1. Kolson Ironman P Lacie (Oceanbrae Ironman-P) - Kolson Milking Shorthorns, Cobden, ON 2. Lynmark Royal Sochi (Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty) - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 3. Lynmark Otis Siesta (Lynmark KAO Otis) - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON CMSS Improver 2016


4. Lynmark CC Flirt (Bar-D Cindys Clay) - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 5. Oceanbrae Ironman Kelly-P (Oceanbrae Ironman-P) - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI Junior Herd - Sponsored by Prinsville Dairy Farms (5): 1. Lynmark 2. Richford 3. Koopycrest 4. Spruce Briar 5. Headacher Junior Champion: Kolson Ironman P Lacie - Kolson Milking Shorthorns, Cobden, ON Reserve Junior Champion: Lynmark Royal Sochi - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON HM Junior Champion: Richford Conrad Illinois - Richford Farms, St Marys, ON Dry Cow - sponsored by Fieldcrest Farms (3): 1. Prinsville Adam Evening (Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P) - Rob Ashton, Port Perry, ON 2. Richford Pingerly Lesly (Treeton Pingerly) - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI 3. Headacher Kourt Ida (Gold Mine Frost Kourt) - Headacher Farms, Schomberg, ON Two Year Old - Sponsored by Sunderland Cooperative Inc (6): 1. Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty (Treeton Pingerly) - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI 2. Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger (Oceanbrae Ironman-P) - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI 3. Lynmark NYSee Nikki (Mericrest Now You See) - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 4. Prinsville Logic’s Eve (GMC Rebel Logic) - Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 5. Prinsville My Elegance (Mysha-WO Advent Liriano) - Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON Three Year Old - Sponsored by Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns (5): 1. Oceanbrae Redrama Peg-P (Panorama Aramis) - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI 2. Headacher Snoopy Duchess (Hard Core Othello Snoopy) - Headacher Farms, Schomberg, ON 3. Prinsville CD’s Stars (Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s CD) - Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 4. Lynmark NP Clarabella (Wildwood Nell’s Prestige) - Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 5. Headacher Logic Imagine (GMC Rebel Logic) - Headacher Farms, Schomberg, ON Four Year Old - Sponsored by Grand Valley Fortifiers (3): 1. Prinsville Nitro’s Eclipse ET (Mysha-WO Robin Nitro EXP) - Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 2. Oceanbrae Logic Betty (GMC Rebel Logic) - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI 3. Oceanbrae Logic Feather ET (GMC Rebel Logic) - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI Mature Cow - Sponsored by Oceanbrae Farms (2): 1. Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET (Clarefield Mocha) - Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON 2. Prinsville Ruler Emerald (Glenbook Storm Ruler) - Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON Grand Champion and Best Udder of Show: Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI Reserve Grand Champion: Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI HM Grand Champion: Oceanbrae Redrama Peg-P - Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI CanWest DHI Production Award: Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple - Shawn Koopmans 48

CMSS Improver 2016

Breeder’s Herd - Sponsored by Northend Farms (4): 1. Oceanbrae 2. Prinsville 3. Lynmark Progeny of Dam - Sponsored by Maple Inn Farms (7): 1. Oceanbrae 2. Prinsville 3. Headacher 5. Ashtonia

4. Headacher 4. Lynmark

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor: Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI Premier Sire: GMC Rebel Logic

Jim Kiezebrink on the halter of the Reserve Junior Champion (Lynmark Royal Sochi), Kelsey Edwards with the Junior Champion (Kolson Ironman P Lacie), and Judge Glenn Barkey

Fred Barrett with the Grand Champion (Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty) and Dan Ulrick with the Reserve Grand Champion (Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger) at the 2015 National Milking Shorthorn Show in Lindsay, Ontario. CMSS Improver 2016


Top Active Sires by Trait April 2016 Genetic Evaluations Milk 1. Treeton Pingerly 2. Mapleton Vly J Zumba 3. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 4. Clarefield Mocha 5. Oceanbrae Ironman-P

+803 +377 +239 +178 +102

Conformation 1. GMC Rebel Logic 1. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 3. Clarefield Mocha 4. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 4. Mapleton Vly J Zumba

+12 +12 +10 +9 +9

Fat 1. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 2. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 3. Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato 4. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 5. Mapleton Vly J Zumba

+51 +25 +22 +14 +10

Mammary System 1. Clarefield Mocha 2. GMC Rebel Logic 3. Mapleton Vly J Zumba 3. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 5. Oceanbrae Ironman-P

+12 +10 +9 +9 +8

Fat % 1. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 2. Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato 3. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 4. GMC Rebel Logic 5. Oceanbrae Ironman-P

+0.83 +0.64 +0.63 +0.53 +0.36

Feet & Legs 1. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 2. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 3. GMC Rebel Logic 4. Blissful Diamond Sam 5. Panorama Aramis

+13 +11 +10 +6 +6

+22 +13 +8 +7 +5

Dairy Strength 1. Clarefield Mocha 2. GMC Rebel Logic 2. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 4. Mapleton Vly J Zumba 5. Oceanbrae Ironman-P

+12 +8 +8 +7 +6

+0.30 +0.26 +0.14 +0.08 +0.02

Rump 1. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 2. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 3. GMC Rebel Logic 4. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 5. Clarefield Mocha

+11 +10 +8 +5 +3

2.68 2.79 2.86 2.88 2.94

Herd Life 1. Blissful Diamond Sam 2. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 3. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 4. GMC Rebel Logic 4. Mapleton Vly J Zumba

105 104 102 101 101

Protein 1. Treeton Pingerly 2. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 3. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 4. Mapleton Vly J Zumba 5. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Protein % 1. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 2. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 3. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 4. GMC Rebel Logic 5. Oceanbrae Logic Plato Somatic Cell Score 1. Treeton Pingerly 2. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 3. Mapleton Vly J Zumba 4. Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato 5. Lisnamulligan Fairway 50

CMSS Improver 2016

Lactation Persistency 1. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 1. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 3. GMC Rebel Logic 4. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 5. Mapleton Vly J Zumba

106 106 105 104 103

Calving Ability 1. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 2. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 3. Lisnamulligan Fairway 3. Mapleton Vly J Zumba 3. Vinra Bar-D Famous

110 105 101 101 101

Daughter Fertility 1. Mapleton Vly J Zumba 2. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 3. Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato 4. GMC Rebel Logic 5. Clarefield Mocha

109 107 107 105 103

Daughter Calving Ability 1. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 2. Blissful Diamond Sam 3. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 4. Vinra Bar-D Famous 5. Mapleton Vly J Zumba

106 102 101 101 100

Temperament 1. Clarefield Mocha 2. Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato 3. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 3. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 5. GMC Rebel Logic

110 107 105 105 103

Milking Speed 1. Clarefield Mocha 2. GMC Rebel Logic 2. Mapleton Vly J Zumba 4. Oceanbrae Ironman-P 4. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack

110 104 104 102 102

Classification x Sire Bull B Jurist Blissful Diamond Sam Blissful Ted’s Spurgeon Clarefield Mocha GMC Rebel Logic Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Kundes Golden Logic Adventure Lisnamulligan Fairway Mapleton Vly J Zumba Mysha-WO Advent Liriano Mysha-WO Robin Nitro-EXP Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Oceanbrae Ironman-P Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Panorama Aramis Rocking WS Kourts Fredrick Spungold-R Frolic Poker Treeton Pingerly Vinra Bar-D Famous Vinra Frost Ted CMSS Improver 2016

EX 5 1 0 1 7 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 1 2

(Updated March 19th, 2016) VG 7 12 1 10 28 5 13 1 2 4 1 4 13 4 6 10 1 1 6 2 7

GP 12 29 2 18 21 17 19 4 7 29 2 4 22 17 32 8 3 2 5 10 6

G 8 15 3 6 7 12 4 0 11 6 1 6 17 3 20 9 1 4 3 5 5

F 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Proof 5 4 -10 12 2 12 --9 9 --2 9 1 7 ---2 -3 51


(519) 821-5060

Proven Sires: Clarefield Mocha Ultimate x Sovereign x Caesar Mapleton Vly J Zumba Julius x Koyote x Rebel 9th Oceanbrae Ironman-P Adam-P x Thor x Architect Treeton Pimp Monarch x VPrince x Treaty

200IS8089 MSCANM10036789 81.3% purity CAN: +1434 LPI +178M -1F -0.15% +1P -0.09% +10 Conf 200MS00403 MSUSAM6803833 100% purity CAN: +1281 LPI +182M +3F -0.07% +3P -0.04% +7 Conf 200MS00404 MSCANM9993327 80.3% purity CAN: +1813 LPI +102M +25F +0.36% +8P +0.14% +9 Conf 56.3% purity AUS: +222M -6F -0.23% -1P -0.13% 104 Conf

Young Sires: Koopycrest Anecdote-P Ironman-P x Logic x Mocha Lady Grove Conrad Ace x Logic x Prophet (HO) Lynmark St Clare Mocha x Ruler x H North Star

200MS00125 MSCANM11907968 86.4% purity CAN PA: +1871 LPI +127M +29F +0.41% +7P +0.09 +11 Conf 200MS00122 MSCANM11682145 81.3% purity CAN PA: +1939 LPI +258M +56F +0.78% +14P +0.18% +7 Conf 200MS00124 MSCANM11751400 90.7% purity CAN PA: +1466 LPI +324M +6F -0.15% +7P -0.05% +6 Conf

Select Sires Canada Proven Sires: Purple Idalee RR Zeus EXP Red Ruben x Megadeth x Othello Springville Logic Premium Logic x Othello x Liz 7th Rebel Sunshine Moneys Dutch Money x Frolic x Othello

(613) 258-3800

007MS00351 MSUSAM69827487 56% purity USA: -368M -16F -0.01% -13P -0.01% +0.7 Type 007MS00353 MSUSAM68301465 100% purity USA: -806M -32F -0.01% -25P 0.00% 007MS00352 MSUSAM68306830 81.7% purity USA: -323M -40F -0.15% -23P -0.07% -0.4 Type

Young Sires: Eichlers Liriano Blaine-EXP 007MS00359 Liriano x Dapper Ruben x Moonshine GMC Ace Hal 007MS00357 Ace x Ted x Frolic North Stars Famous Patriot-EXP 007MS00356 Famous x Talent (HO) x M Royalty North Stars Presto-EXP 007MS00355 Shale x Talent (HO) x M Royalty 52


67.2% purity


83.0% purity


64.7% purity


63.9% purity

CMSS Improver 2016

Direct Genetics (distributor for Taurus-ST) Proven Sires: GMC Rebel Logic Rebel 9 x NYS x Renown Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty Kaiser x Koyote x Dusty Glen

076MS00432 MSCANM10036607 100% purity CAN: +1709 LPI -223M +19F +0.53% -3P +0.08% +12 Conf 076MS00442 MSUSAM68307222 86% purity USA: +11M +3F +0.01% -4P -0.02%

Young Sires: Rovin Bolero EXP 076MS00444 Liriano x Logic x Jurist Rovin Ali Cowboy Cody-P-EXP 076MS00445 Cowboy-P x Clay x Everything Else Cogent Canada Proven Sires: SAK Kourt Taser-EXP Kourt x Jordan (HO) x Clay Kundes Golden Logic Adventure Logic x Jurist x Derek Blissful Teds Spurgeon Ted x Pepper x Destiny GE Gold Mine RT Badger Treble x Dynamite x Jordan (HO)

(519) 291-9916


75% purity


61.8% purity

014MS00115 MSUSAM68302107 62.2% purity USA: +602M +32F +0.05% +32P -0.02 +0.4 PTAT 014MS00116 MSUSAM68306871 91.2% purity USA: -62M +65F +0.36% +9P +0.06% +0.4 PTAT 014MS00113 MSUSAM466355 89.1% purity USA: -92M -5F -0.01% -7P -0.02% -0.2 PTAT 014MS00118 MSUSAM68307829 54.7% purity USA: +260M +25F +0.08% +17P +0.05%

Young Sires: Zenas Kourt Zippo 014MS00119 Kourt x Megadeth x Othello Churchroyd Percy Madonnas Prince x C Victor x M Maverick Churchroyd Wild Card C Harry x Stadel (HO) x Fair Measure Rodway Ronson C Pluto x Red Duke x Superstar (HO)

CMSS Improver 2016

(877) 634-9556


77.9% purity


52.1% purity


40.0% purity


40.6% purity


CRV Canada

(519) 788-0526

Foreign Proven Sires: Pell-Pers (SRB) Flarkbacken x Botans x Backgard Andersta-P (SRB) Vattergard x Ingvasta x Frasta ABS Canada Proven Sire: Nixs LCD Lido CD x Othello x Loren Young Sire: Ovensdale Pixie’s Treble Treble x S Leader

Genex Canada Proven Sires: Echo Farm Ted McCoy Ted x Frolic x Contender Rocking WS Kourts Fredrick Kourt x Outlaw x HO

75% purity


75% purity

029MS5650 MSUSAM68302099 USA: -372M -32F -0.10% -22P -0.06%

86.4% purity


75% purity


(519) 766-4622

001MS00543 MSUSAM467909 86.4% purity USA: +45M +2F +0.00% +12P +0.06% -0.5 Type 001MS00545 MSUSAM68302824 76.6% purity USA: +25M -13F -0.07% +7P +0.03% -0.2 Type MSUSAM68314754

66.5% purity


68.0% purity

(902) 439-9386

UK Proven Sire: Strickley True Perfection Fair Perfection x W Diamond



(888) 785-7883

Young Sires: Kundes Golden Badger Fantasy-EXP 001MS00548 Badger x Kourt x Outlaw GMC Treble Hershey 001MS00549 Treble x Fido x Ted



66.8% purity

CMSS Improver 2016

CMSS Improver 2016


2015 Production Records Records completed between Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2015 with a Composite BCA greater than 800 (>870 in 1st lactation) Age Name M Milking Yearlings 1-11 Serol Zumba Zsazsari GP-81 6802 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: 1-11 Oceanbrae Belmont Salsa GP-82 6153 Sire: Oceanbrae DJ Belmont Owner: 1-11 Serol Zumba Scarletta GP-80 5976 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner:

311 4.6 238 3.5 303-338-326 967 Ferme Serol Enr, Roxton Falls, QC 243 4.0 201 3.3 280-270-279 829 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 246 4.1 217 3.6 261-265-289 815 Ferme Serol Enr, Roxton Falls, QC

Junior Two Year Olds 2-1 Eloc Pingerly Crunk VG-86 8975 Sire: Treeton Pingerly Owner: 2-0 Serol Zumba Mirana GP-81 8304 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: 2-1 Lady Grove Mocha Alice 12 VG-87 8000 Sire: Clarefield Mocha Owner: 2-0 Prinsville Liriano Showgirl GP-83 8462 Sire: Mysha-WO Advent Liriano Owner: 2-2 Oceanbrae Jurist Nutella G-79 8033 Sire: B Jurist Owner: 2-1 Showcase Cotton Ball GP-81 7971 Sire: Mysha-WO Robin Nitro EXP Owner: 2-2 Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn VG-85 8835 Sire: Treeton Pingerly Owner: 2-0 Serol Sam Souris VG-86 7916 Sire: Blissful Diamond Sam Owner: 2-5 Lady Grove TP Lady Nancy 8 GP-84 7881 Sire: Treeton Pingerly Owner: 2-5 Lady Grove Ace Alice 13 GP-80 8045 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: 2-3 Prinsville TP Fiona VG-85 8225 Sire: Treeton Pingerly Owner: 2-5 Lady Grove Zumba Miss Molly G-77 8123 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: 2-0 Richford Zumba Italy GP-83 6899 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: 2-4 Northend Zumba Cascade GP-80 8622 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner:

362 4.0 303 3.4 370-366-384 1120 Sandy Cole, Middle Musquodoboit, NS 356 4.3 282 3.4 357-375-371 1103 Ferme Serol Enr, Roxton Falls, QC 412 5.2 272 3.4 330-416-344 1090 Lynmark/Northend, Norwood, ON 286 3.4 263 3.1 382-321-365 1068 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 331 4.1 259 3.2 341-345-336 1022 Bovidae Farms, Falmouth, NS 316 4.0 255 3.2 334-326-327 987 National Agri. Museum, Ottawa, ON 289 3.3 268 3.0 362-289-335 986 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 301 3.8 266 3.4 331-307-341 979 Ferme Serol Enr, Roxton Falls, QC 313 4.0 274 3.5 318-313-338 969 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 314 3.9 282 3.5 315-302-340 957 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 288 3.5 246 3.0 342-294-315 951 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 301 3.7 260 3.2 329-298-321 948 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 288 4.2 229 3.3 311-316-318 945 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 307 3.6 250 2.9 342-298-305 945 Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB


F %

P %



CMSS Improver 2016

2-2 Serol Sam Inabrielle VG-86 6656 306 4.6 249 3.7 286-322-328 936 Sire: Blissful Diamond Sam Owner: Ferme Serol Enr, Roxton Falls, QC 2-0 Richford Ironman Saphaire GP-82 7531 296 3.9 243 3.2 316-302-312 930 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner: Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 2-1 Richford Zumba Lilac VG-85 7424 302 4.1 237 3.2 311-311-304 926 Sire: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Owner: Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 2-5 Lady Grove RL June 6 G-77 8369 284 3.4 269 3.2 327-273-324 924 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 2-1 Prinsville Jurist Equity GP-80 7469 298 4.0 239 3.2 311-304-306 921 Sire: B Jurist Owner: Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 2-5 Running Spring Paprika GP-84 7449 283 3.8 263 3.5 301-280-325 906 Sire: Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Owner: Jamie Bartlett, Caledonia, ON 2-4 Lady Grove BJ K Betty 9 F-68 7957 257 3.2 263 3.3 319-254-325 898 Sire: B Jurist Owner: Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 2-3 Prinsville Ironman Fashion GP-80 6938 309 4.5 235 3.4 282-309-294 885 Sire: Oceanbrae Ironman-P Owner: Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 2-1 Serol Sam Sassysan GP-83 6581 270 4.1 219 3.3 292-290-300 882 Sire: Blissful Diamond Sam Owner: Ferme Serol Enr, Roxton Falls, QC 2-4 Lady Grove Adam Sapphire GP-83 6492 288 4.4 234 3.6 276-300-304 880 Sire: Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Owner: Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 2-3 Prosperous Acres Chip G-75 6886 290 4.2 246 3.6 279-287-304 870 Sire: Lynmark Clay Brick Owner: James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 2-4 Lady Grove Mocha Alice 9 G-78 7334 288 3.9 236 3.2 294-285-291 870 Sire: Clarefield Mocha Owner: Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB Senior Two Year Old: 2-9 Koopycrest Logic Ali Anne VG-87 10041 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 2-11 Oceanbrae Star Tiara VG-85 8551 Sire: Lemon Grove Biestar Owner: 2-8 Richford Pingerly Lesly VG-85 8097 Sire: Treeton Pingerly Owner: 2-8 Quality Logic Iris GP-81 7972 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 2-11 Oceanbrae Pepper Actress G-75 8069 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: 2-10 Oceanbrae Adam Precious VG-87 7026 Sire: Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Owner:

467 4.7 333 3.3 403-458-411 Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON 314 3.7 278 3.2 337-305-335 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 283 3.5 250 3.1 329-286-313 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 336 4.2 267 3.4 302-311-310 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 341 4.2 266 3.3 296-307-299 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 299 4.3 251 3.6 280-296-306 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE

Junior Three Year Old: 3-3 Serol Ace Sitaelle VG-85 8801 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: 3-3 Oceanbrae Logic Feather EX-92 8960 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner:

429 4.9 326 3.7 335-401-379 1115 Ferme Serol Enr., Roxton Falls, QC 454 5.1 302 3.4 336-420-347 1103 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE

CMSS Improver 2016

1272 977 928 923 902 882


3-3 Oceanbrae Logic Lillypad VG-85 7905 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 3-5 Oceanbrae Logic Optima VG-86 8509 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 3-2 Richford Pingerly Bonnie GP-81 8924 Sire: Treeton Pingerly Owner: 3-4 Oceanbrae Redrama Penny VG-89 9278 Sire: Panorama Aramis Owner: 3-4 Laughlin K Betty GP-81 8126 Sire: Gold Mine Frost Kourt Owner: 3-4 Lynmark NYS Brieann VG-85 7053 Sire: Mericrest Now You See Owner: 3-1 Oceanbrae Ted Miss Perfect-P GP-80 7169 Sire: Vinra Frost Ted Owner: 3-2 Oceanbrae Famous Laurie EX-90 9592 Sire: Vinra Bar-D Famous Owner: 3-5 Onaknoll Diamond Matty GP-80 7528 Sire: Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Owner: 3-2 Maple Inn Rose Bud EX-90 7285 Sire: Lynmark Bulldozer Owner: 3-5 Oceanbrae Redrama Petal VG-85 8603 Sire: Panorama Aramis Owner: 3-5 Oceanbrae Logic Betty VG-88 7371 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 3-2 Headacher Diamond Sam Aelly GP-81 7943 Sire: Blissful Diamond Sam Owner: 3-2 Headacher C.D. Lexie GP-80 7433 Sire: Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Owner: 3-2 Oceanbrae Logic Fawn VG-85 7016 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner:

350 4.4 264 3.3 301-330-307 938 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 370 4.3 286 3.4 299-325-308 932 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 302 3.4 298 3.3 325-272-331 928 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 317 3.4 283 3.0 325-276-304 905 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 358 4.4 264 3.2 291-320-290 901 Laughlin Farm, Kinburn, ON 346 4.9 245 3.5 266-323-285 874 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 320 4.5 241 3.4 277-308-287 872 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 235 2.5 271 2.8 351-213-304 868 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 311 4.1 259 3.4 282-288-298 868 G & D Palmer, Bruce Mines, ON 319 4.4 235 3.2 279-301-276 856 Maple Inn & Lynmark, Norwood, ON 304 3.5 263 3.1 302-267-283 852 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 344 4.7 240 3.3 260-299-261 820 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 273 3.4 252 3.2 289-246-280 815 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 298 4.0 224 3.0 277-276-257 810 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 298 4.2 225 3.2 265-276-262 803 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE

Senior Three Year Old: 3-9 Maple Inn Marissa 9th 8064 Sire: Lisnamulligan Fairway Owner: 3-11 Prinsville Adam’s Evelina-P VG-87 8509 Sire: Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Owner: 3-9 Lady Grove BM Alison GP-83 8570 Sire: Lady Grove Biestar Max Owner: 3-6 Oceanbrae OLP Lacey VG-85 7567 Sire: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Owner:

339 4.2 287 3.6 291-303-319 913 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 364 4.3 267 3.1 284-303-272 859 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 304 3.5 258 3.0 293-260-272 825 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 304 4.0 247 3.3 273-271-274 818 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE

Four Year Old: 4-1 Serol Ace Satin G-79 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 58

10132 484 4.8 361 3.6 334-400-365 1099 Owner: Ferme Serol Enr, Roxton Falls, QC CMSS Improver 2016

4-3 Oceanbrae Chili Pepper EX-90 10371 Sire: Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Owner: 4-6 KG Accent Candy of Oceanbrae VG-85 10605 Sire: Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Owner: 4-7 Oceanbrae Drama Joe VG-85 10373 Sire: Panorama Aramis Owner: 4-7 Lady Grove BM Alise GP-81 9510 Sire: Lady Grove Biestar Max Owner: 4-0 Eloc Plato Logielicious EX-91 9999 Sire: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Owner: 4-11 Oceanbrae Jack Miley GP-81 9789 Sire: Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Owner: 4-9 Oceanbrae Plato Cass VG-85 8741 Sire: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Owner: 4-1 Serol Ace Sassy Star VG-87 8395 Sire: Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Owner: 4-6 Lynmark Cleer-P VG-87 8673 Sire: Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Owner:

439 4.2 322 3.1 354-372-335 1061 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 407 3.8 304 2.9 356-342-313 1011 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 395 3.8 309 3.0 350-329-319 998 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 353 3.7 312 3.3 330-305-332 967 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 356 3.6 325 3.2 332-297-332 961 Sandy Cole, Middle Musquodoboit, NS 375 3.8 322 3.3 315-300-319 934 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 397 4.5 298 3.4 290-328-304 922 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 349 4.2 314 3.7 289-298-331 918 Ferme Serol Enr, Roxton Falls, QC 314 3.6 276 3.2 281-253-273 807 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON

Five Year Old: 5-6 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P EX-94 8293 Sire: Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Owner: 5-7 Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi VG-87 9663 Sire: B Jurist Owner: 5-5 Oceanbrae Pepper Tea VG-88 9934 Sire: Vinra Frost Ted Owner: 5-11 Lynmark Diamond Chloe VG-87 10264 Sire: Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Owner: 5-1 Headacher Mocha Sally GP-83 8776 Sire: Clarefield Mocha Owner: 5-2 Oceanbrae L Patty Jo VG-88 9190 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 5-9 Oceanbrae Jurist Milkmaid GP-81 8360 Sire: B Jurist Owner:

641 7.7 287 3.5 270-517-287 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 482 5.0 312 3.2 312-388-308 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 443 4.5 294 3.0 312-349-283 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 418 4.1 325 3.2 314-324-304 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 311 3.5 288 3.3 290-255-291 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 318 3.5 272 3.0 294-256-266 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 304 3.6 282 3.4 271-247-282 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON

Mature Cow: 7-2 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan VG-86 14038 Sire: Vinra Frost Ted Owner: 8-7 Oceanbrae N Missy EX-93 11867 Sire: Hauxwell Notary Owner: 6-4 Oceanbrae Lass Loretta VG-88 10077 Sire: Lemon Grove Biestar Owner: 6-8 Heachacher Prince of D Ireland VG-85 11057 Sire: Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Owner:

539 3.8 424 3.0 422-411-393 Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB 521 4.4 326 2.8 380-424-320 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 430 4.3 313 330-352-313 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 362 3.3 328 3.0 350-290-318 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON

CMSS Improver 2016

1074 1008 944 942 836 816 800

1226 1124 995 958


6-2 Oceanbrae Jurist Betty EX-92 8392 Sire: B Jurist Owner: 6-3 Oceanbrae Frolic Kristy GP-80 9196 Sire: Vinra Peerless Frolic Owner: 7-5 Oceanbrae Princess Joe VG-88 9491 Sire: Meriville Prince Edward Owner: 6-8 Oceanbrae Jurist Liza GP-83 8926 Sire: B Jurist Owner: 7-9 Lyndale Hello Molly VG-88 8265 Sire: Kuszmar Alfairs Othello Owner: 8-0 Lady Grove Diamond Lady Nancy VG-85 8252 Sire: Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Owner: Aged Cow: 10-2 Lynmark NS Clarica EX-92 Sire: Glenbrook Storm Ruler

472 5.6 298 3.5 270-381-295 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 329 3.6 298 3.2 303-272-301 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 369 3.9 279 2.9 294-291-266 Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE 349 3.9 292 3.3 274-271-275 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 333 4.0 272 3.3 270-275-272 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 333 4.0 258 3.1 269-275-258 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

946 876 851 820 817 802

8271 351 4.2 265 3.2 276-300-270 846 Owner: Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON

2015 GE Production Records Records completed by cows less than 75% purity between Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2015 with a Composite BCA greater than 850 Two Year Olds 2-2 Prinsville FR Precious VG-87 Sire: Holstein 2-1 Lady Grove A. Socks VG-85 Sire: Lady Grove Ted Alex 2-2 Prinsville Jurist Summer VG-88 Sire: B Jurist 2-7 Lynmark GA Scottie VG-87 Sire: Holstein

7725 Owner: 7559 Owner: 7518 Owner: 7300 Owner:

282 3.6 249 3.2 327-294-323 944 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 287 3.8 256 3.4 316-296-328 940 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 273 3.6 248 3.3 318-284-322 924 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 282 3.9 244 3.3 300-288-309 897 Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON

Three Year Olds 3-10 Richford Diamond-J Melee G-77 10428 Sire: Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Owner: 3-2 Richford Jack Frost Misty GP-84 9202 Sire: Oceanbrae Jack Frost Owner: 3-9 Prinsville Outlaw Yofia VG-86 10798 Sire: Mericrest Outlaw Owner: 3-2 Prinsville KEP Talya VG-85 9124 Sire: Holstein Owner: 3-9 Lady Grove Aramis Cherie VG-87 8418 Sire Panorama Aramis Owner:

387 3.7 307 2.9 367-337-330 1034 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 414 4.5 288 3.1 331-370-320 1021 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 330 3.1 318 2.9 367-277-331 975 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 312 3.4 268 2.9 340-289-308 937 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 388 4.6 277 3.3 288-332-292 912 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB


CMSS Improver 2016

3-4 Richford Adam-P Sta G-79 Sire: Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P

7409 304 4.1 249 3.4 280-284-289 853 Owner: Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON

Four Year Old: 4-5 Prinzen Plato Alfalfa 12725 Sire: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Owner: 4-1 Prinsville Elevation Yolanda VG-86 9827 Sire: Prinsville DJ Elevation Owner: 4-7 Prinsville Jurist Zurich VG-85 8905 Sire: B Jurist Owner: 4-5 Richford Mocha Giddy VG-85 8672 Sire: Clarefield Mocha Owner: 4-7 Rovin RT Amy-P GP-82 9576 Sire: Panorama Royal Treble Owner:

534 4.2 398 3.1 444-464-428 1336 Philip & David Prinzen, Bloomfield, ON 384 3.9 305 3.1 328-320-311 959 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 356 4.0 309 3.5 291-287-309 887 Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 310 3.6 291 3.4 303-270-313 886 Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 334 3.5 304 3.2 313-269-304 886 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefled, MB

Five Years and Older: 6-6 Lands-Brook Chardonnay VG-86 9474 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Owner: 5-9 Lady Grove Red Princess 1 VG-86 8446 Sire: Holstein Owner:

425 4.5 326 3.4 310-348-326 984 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefled, MB 423 5.0 279 3.3 262-328-266 856 Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefled, MB

New Zealand Milking Shorthorn Report by Ross Soffe, President, NZMSA As we approach the end of the season, low commodity prices continue to have a negative effect on cashflows for a second season, and a tough year with a wet cold spring and a very hot summer has led to lower production for most. Hopefully next season will see that lift in commodity prices we are waiting for. Our young Milking Shorthorn bulls have sold good numbers of straws with slow growth in sales. This spring, we are only marketing two new young bulls, one of which is a white bull by Brecon Harold out of a cow by the Red Holstein sire Cedric Red. Our Breed Scheme bulls are marketed by Semex, while Livestock Improvement Corp. also has good bulls available to a wider market. The bull Brecon Encore has produced good daughters, and Northbrook Bishop has good type, production and breeding indexes. Of the overseas bulls, Treeton Pingerly has produced some outstanding type and production daughters. The Canadian bulls Plato and Ironman now have daughters in milk. Their daughters are average size with very good type and with snug udders, but only average production. Mostly they will be calving at 24 months. so we think next years production should be better. CMSS Improver 2016


Fat Prot


8293 641 287 9823 508 328 9663 482 312 10805 543 332 14038 539 424 15815 522 468 11293 488 355 8882 401 277 9596 394 309

Five Year Olds 2015 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P ET 2014 Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme ET 2015 Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi ET Mature Cow 2009 Oceanbrae Pepper 2nd 2015 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan 2007 Oceanbrae Joe 34th 10 Years and Older 2001 Valley Crest Princess 5 2013 Valley Crest Alice 39 2011 Kilbucko Betty

11478 428 363 11275 439 324 11266 399 341

15815 522 468 14038 539 424 12070 394 392

11293 488 355 10938 315 343 10358 266 309

Five Year Olds 2011 Northend Clayton Maggie 2014 Oceanbrae Sassy Stephanie 2002 Cheapside Maid

Mature Cow 2007 Oceanbrae Joe 34th 2015 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan 2000 Oceanbrae Lady 10th

10 Years and Older 2001 Valley Crest Princess 5 2007 Northend Mike’s Runt 2009 Oceanbrae Joe 34th

10 Years and Older 2001 Valley Crest Princess 5 2007 Northend Mike’s Runt 2009 Northend Mike’s Runt

Mature Cow 2007 Oceanbrae Joe 34th 2015 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan 2000 Oceanbrae Lady 10th

Five Year Olds 2011 Northend Clayton Maggie 2009 Knoxdale Elsa 2014 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan

Four Year Olds 2010 Sugar Hill Ruler Latte 2013 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan 2010 Oceanbrae Lass Lily

9078 707 309 10132 484 361 9298 479 308

Four Year Olds 2014 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P ET 2015 Serol Ace Satin 2012 Lynmark Out Fleece

13457 446 418 11577 397 383 11249 424 379

Four Year Olds 2010 Sugar Hill Ruler Latte 2013 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan 2010 Oceanbrae Lass Lily

11293 488 355 10938 315 343 10130 321 319

15815 522 468 14038 539 424 12070 394 392

11478 428 363 10625 417 362 10732 402 358

13457 446 418 11577 397 383 11249 424 379

9926 366 361 9815 696 355 10621 338 353

Three Year Olds 2010 Northend J P Bluy 2013 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P ET 2008 Sugar Hill Ruler Latte

9815 696 355 9691 530 315 9077 514 271

Three Year Olds 2013 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P ET 2013 Lynmark CD Clarity 2014 Oceanbrae Adam Epitome-P ET

11161 361 342 10864 394 347 10648 274 296

Three Year Olds 2010 Oceanbrae Princess Joe ET 2011 Oceanbrae POD Nutmeg 2012 Oceanbrae Princess Peach

8650 378 292 8089 286 292 9061 315 290



Year Name Milking Yearlings 2012 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET 2007 Oceanbrae Leigh Liva 2011 Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi ET Two Year Olds 2014 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET 3X 16742 676 488 2013 Cedar Creek Idol Belle 4 9855 390 336 2013 Boos Hill Mapleton JP Carly 3X 9383 461 334

267 292 269


Two Year Olds 2014 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET 3X 16742 676 488 2014 Boos Hill Mapleton JP Carly 3X 9484 480 334 2015 Koopycrest Logic Ali Anne 3X 10041 467 333

Year Name Milk Fat Milking Yearlings 2014 Koopycrest Logic Ali Anne 3X 8188 407 2012 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET 8650 378 2014 Oceanbrae Star Tiara 8328 366

Two Year Olds 2014 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET 3X 16742 676 488 2004 Northend Edwards Liz 10829 349 316 2011 Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 10264 387 327

9061 315 290 9048 272 277 9039 331 272



Year Name Milking Yearlings 2011 Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi ET 2010 Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 2011 Deerhaven Logic Charity

2016 CMSS Directory

Full Members of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society

Atlantic Canada Barrett, Fred (Oceanbrae)

1081 Belmont Rd, Miscouche, PE C0B 1T0

(902) 436-7881

Bovidae Farms Inc. (Bovidae)

128 Castle Frederick Rd, Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0

(902) 798-3794

Cole, Sandy (Eloc)

RR#3, Middle Musquodoboit, NS B0N 1X0

(902) 384-2517

Freeze, Sam (Freelane)

43 Taylor Rd, Newtown, NB E4G 1N9

(506) 433-6709

Hornbrook, Ronald (Landslide)

100 Hornbrook Rd, Mount Middleton, NB E4G1G5 (506) 433-1058

Quebec Desmarais, Charles (Desmarac)

100 Chemin St-Felix, Danville, QC J0A 1A0

(819) 839-1960

Ferme Dante Inc. (Durham Castle) 121 route Rivieres des Vases, Isle-Verte, QC G0L 1K0 (418) 898-6215 Ferme Serol enr. (Serol)

1571 rang 8, Roxton Falls, QC J0H 1E0

(450) 548-2657

Plante, Bernard (Baby Burn)

840 rang 3, St-Bruno, QC G0W 2L0

(418) 719-5470

Western Canada Cook, C & L (Blue Horizon)

Box 41, Clanwilliam, MB R0J 0K0

(204) 865-2289

Cupples, B & B (Northend)

Box 754, Errington, BC V0R 1V0

(250) 586-6157

Mutrie, Glenda (Deerhaven)

Box 620, Thorsby, AB T0C 2P0

(780) 789-4165

Naylor, Diane (Lady Grove)

Box 38, Kleefeld, MB R0A 0V0

(204) 433-7982

Van Den Bosch, Arthur (Swanhill) Box 185, Swan Lake, MB R0G 2S0

(204) 836-2030

Vinding, Christine (Julsgard)

(306) 242-1761

CMSS Improver 2016

Box 14, Delisle, SK S0L 0P0


Eastern Ontario Boos Hill Farms (Boos Hill)

61 Sandfield Ave, Alexandria, ON K0C 1A0

(613) 525-3892

Bromley, A & A (Spruce Briar)

2326 Bromley Line, Westmeath, ON K0J 2L0

(613) 587-4517

Edwards, S & J (Kolson)

Box 397, Cobden, ON K0J 1K0

(613) 646-7934

Kelly, Greg & Amy (Maplehier)

2413 Drummond Conc 9A, Lanark, ON K0G 1K0

(613) 259-5581

Laughlin Farms Ltd. (Laughlin)

5450 Carp Rd, Kinburn, ON K0A 2H0

(613) 832-3245

National Museum of Science & Technology (Showcase)

PO Box 9724 Stn T, Ottawa, ON K1G 5A3

(613) 947-2440

Perry, Dale (Perrybrook)

997 Hwy 32, Gananoque, ON K7G 2V3

(613) 382-3929

Smith, Robert (Pinerille)

3012 River Rd, Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z8

(613) 432-6272

Straathof, Tony (Whitewater)

RR#1, Westmeath, ON K0J 2L0

(613) 587-4343

Welch, Leslie (Firelight)

186 Sweets Corners Rd, Lyndhurst, ON K0E 1N0

(613) 387-2389

Central Ontario Ashton, Robert (Ashtonia)

125 Medd Rd, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B2

Clarkridge North Farm (Clarkridge North)

791 Horseshoe Valley Rd, Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0 (705) 330-2098

Kiezebrink, Jim (Keemuse)

RR#1, Cannington, ON L0E 1E0

(705) 432-2174

Kippen, Jenna (Headacher)

6825 18th Sideroad, Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0

(647) 212-4407

Knox, John & Julie (Knoxdale)

230 Cty Rd 30, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0

(705) 887-5711

Koopmans, Shawn (Koopycrest)

2300 County Rd 8, Picton, ON K0K 2T0

(613) 961-9558

Lynmark Farms (Lynmark)

2019 12th Line Asphodel, Norwood, ON K0L 2V0 (705) 639-1414

Martin, Edward M (Twinbrook)

1754 Post Rd, Lindsay, ON K9V 4R6


(905) 852-2388

(705) 324-3869 CMSS Improver 2016

Prinzen, David (Prinsville)

Box 14, 126 Main St, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0

(613) 393-5087

South, Paul (Southdale)

785 Durham Rd 10, Sunderland, ON L0C 1H0

(705) 357-2615

Wherry, Doug (Emadale)

218-516 Canonberry Court, Oshawa, ON L1G 2Z6 (905) 728-0979

Northern Ontario Grant, Brendan (Sleepy G)

RR#1, Pass Lake, ON P0T 2M0

(807) 977-1631

Palmer, Dwayne (Onaknoll)

RR#2, Bruce Mines, ON P0R 1C0

(705) 785-3837

Western Ontario Ash Lawn Farms (Ash Lawn)

488 Brant-Oxford Rd, Ayr, ON N0B 1E0

(519) 632-7602

Eccles, Johnathan (Laralor)

224072 Southgate SR 22, Holstein, ON N0G 2A0

(519) 344-3440

Franken, Adrian & Linda (Franlea) RR#2, Teeswater, ON N0G 2S0

(519) 357-1937

Goudy, Bruce (Merrittview)

635389 Euphrasia-Holland Townline, Markdale, ON (519) 986-4446 N0C 1H0

Howe, Bob & Jon (Sugar Hill)

RR#5, Embro, ON N0J 1J0

(519) 475-4244

Ropp, Christian

4261 Line 52, Brunner, ON N0K 1C0

(519) 595-4001

Richardson, Don (Richford)

137147 13th Line, St. Marys, ON N4X 1C7

(519) 349-2707

Shoemaker, Daryl (Cedar Creek)

6730 Eighth Line W, Elora, ON N0B 1S0

(519) 846-5292

Snyder, J & J (Prosperous Acres)

70641 Shipka Line, Dashwood, ON N0M 1N0

(519) 237-3294

Westside Farms (Westside)

2919 Bleams Rd, New Hamburg, ON N3A 3J3

(519) 634-8523

Honourary Life Members Barrett, Keith (Oceanbrae)

11 Kenmoore Ave, Summerside, PE C1N 5S7

Knott, James H (Knottview)

356689 Blue Mountains Townline, Clarksburg, ON (519) 537-0520

Sullivan, Michael (Maple Inn)

2417 Dillon Rd, Otonabee, ON K9J 6X9

CMSS Improver 2016

(902) 436-6204 (705) 745-0830 65

Fee Schedule Horaire des prix Effective January 1st, 2016


CMSS Improver 2016

CMSS Improver 2016



CMSS Improver 2016

Improver 2016  

The 2016 Improver, the annual journal of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society

Improver 2016  

The 2016 Improver, the annual journal of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society