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Emadale Farm 9 Ferme Serol 37 Foundation Sires 38 Koopycrest 27 Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns 60 Laughlin Milking Shorthorns 7 Lynmark Farms 2 Northend Milking Shorthorns 34-35 Oceanbrae Farms 32-33 Prinsville Dairy Farms 29 Prosperous Acres 49 Richford Farms 23 Semex Alliance 59

DATES TO REMEMBER July 20th, 2013

CMSS Field Day and AGM Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PEI

August 7th, 2013

Western ON Coloured Breed Sale Carson’s Sales Arena, Listowel, ON


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September 20th, 2013

National Milking Shorthorn Show Lindsay, ON

October 1-2nd, 2013 World Dairy Expo Madison, WI

203 Ferry Road Cornwall, Prince Edward Island CANADA C0A 1H4 Tel: (902) 439-9386 Fax: (902) 436-0551 Email: Web: 3

CMSS Office Contact Info:

Name President John Knox

Secretary-Manager: Ryan Barrett 203 Ferry Road, Cornwall, PEI C0A 1H4 Tel: (902) 439-9386 Fax: (902) 436-0551 Email: Web:

CMSS Board of Directors 2012-2013 Seat

Term Ends Phone



2015 (705) 887-5711

Vice-President Dave Prinzen


2014 (613) 393-5087

Past-President Fred Barrett

Eastern Can 2013 (902) 436-7881

Directors Diane Naylor Brenda Cupples Don Richardson Jenna Kippen

Western Can At Large Ontario At Large

Genetic Improvement: Fred Barrett (Chair) John Knox Diane Naylor Brenda Cupples Dave Prinzen


2015 2014 2015 2013

(204) 433-7892 (780) 789-3689 (519) 349-2707 (905) 939-2151

CMSS Committees Promotion & Youth: Diane Naylor (Chair) Irene Vietinghoff Dave Prinzen

Show: Dave Prinzen (Chair) Doug Wherry Jenna Kippen

Secretary’s Report

Ryan Barrett, Secretary-Manager, CMSS Like every year, the past year has been one of both challenges and opportunities. Many Canadian dairy farmers, particularly in the Eastern Provinces, experienced a hot, dry summer which resulted in a shortage of forages. Many producers I have talked to note that their cows have milked well on high quality forage, but that they are hoping for an early spring so that they don’t run out of it. On course, this shortage of feed and generally higher production across the country has resulted in a weak market for replacement animals of any colour. For many breeders, this presents an opportunity to make valuable culling decisions to improve the total merit of their herd at a time when replacement prices aren’t much higher than beef prices.

At the same time, the genetic merit of our next generation of heifers has never been better! CDN recently announced the 2013 LPI base change adjustments which adjust all LPI values across the breed to account for annual levels of genetic improvement. After a few years without large base changes (ie. genetic progress), the Milking Shorthorn breed will see a base change of 44 LPI points, comparable with the 50 point base change for the Jersey breed (with a much larger sire sampling program and genomic selection) and much larger than the base changes for Brown Swiss, Guernsey, or Canadienne.

This level of genetic improvement is also becoming quite evident in the performance of Two Year Olds over the last two years, as these young cows are dominating the ranks of our Superior Production Awards and have fat percentages significantly higher than Mature Cows. This is due in part to sire selection that has put increased emphasis on fat production over the past few years. It is encouraging to see positive results from these changes in selection, and kudos to breeders for playing their part in helping to make improvements in breed average production and component percentages.

Another cause for optimism in our breed was a significant increase in registrations last year. Our breed registered 371 animals in 2012. While this total is quite a bit smaller than most other Canadian breeds and it is still not anywhere near the level that we would like, it is a 32% increase from our 2011 registration total and is the highest level of registrations we’ve experienced in 20 years! True, we had a couple of herds get caught up on registrations last year, but that does not account for the full increase that we saw. As well, transfer numbers were at their highest level in several years as well, which says good things about the level of interest there is in purchasing Milking Shorthorns. That being said, I encourage all breeders to keep their registrations up to date, as it is the cheapest way to add value to your cattle while also providing revenue 5

to the Society to help promote the breed!

Yet another bright spot has been increased international interest in Canadian Milking Shorthorn genetics. In the past 24 months, Canadian breeders have sold embryos to Australia and United States, as well as the first ever embryo exports to New Zealand, Japan, and Ireland. At the same time, Canadian sires sampled through the Syndicate program at Semex have had semen exported to these countries as well as the United Kingdom, Venezeula, Nigeria, and Trinidad & Tobago. Our trusted milk recording and classification system combined with high quality, higher purity genetics have made Canadian Milking Shorthorns of interest from several international buyers. This is good news for breeders, as it provides an additional source of income while increasing the equity of breeding stock in general.

The CMSS Board decided to forego National Sales in 2013 in favour of a new listing service called the CMSS Marketplace. We have already sold the first animals via this service to a new breeder in Quebec and I hope that breeders across the country will take advantage of this service. We will re-evaluate having National Sales in the future but given the soft market for cattle this winter and spring as well as a sale happening at the time of the Field Day this summer, your Board’s decision seems appropriate thus far.

I was able to travel to Stratford, Ontario in February to attend the inaugural Canadian Dairy Xpo on behalf of the Society. We had a prime booth position and had a better level of interaction with producers than I had expected. We gave away a lot of copies of the Improver and got to talk to several producers about the benefits of the breed. Special thanks to the Richardson family for hosting me for a couple of days and helping with the booth, as well thanks to Jim and Judy Snyder for also helping to man the booth.

As most of you know, I tend to be an optimistic person, viewing the glass more often than not as half full rather than half empty. I am realistic that we continue to be faced with challenges, including a small population, a lack of presence in many parts of the country, and a lack of genomic selection available to our breeders. At the same time, we have seen a steady increase in membership and population in recent years and we continue to find new breeders interested in adding Milking Shorthorns to their herds. Our level of sire selection from diverse genetic sources has never been higher and we continue to have a number of animals setting new All Time records. My challenge to all breeders continues to be a call to be ambassadors of the breed in your region. Think of the breed growth that we would experience if half of our herds sold to a new breeder every year! Take advantage of the marketing services offered by the Society, consider exhibiting or attending our National Show in Lindsay, and don’t be afraid to talk to your neighbouring dairy 6

herd about why you love your Shorthorns. There are a lot of herds in Canada where Milking Shorthorns will thrive, particularly herds emphasizing efficient production from forage and pasture. In an economy with rapidly increasing energy, labour, and grain costs, Milking Shorthorns are definitely a wise choice for many Canadian herds.

Finally, I hope to see many of you at the Field Day and AGM in July at Oceanbrae Farms in Prince Edward Island. This is the first Field Day “on the Island� since 1999 and my family are excited to have Milking Shorthorn breeders come for a visit and see the herd. Field Days have long been a great way for our breed to build community while accomplishing the business of the Society. If you would like any help in making arrangements for travel or accommodations, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. My sincerest wishes for a prosperous year for all Shorthorn breeders!



Lynmark Out Fleece is 2012 Cow of the Year

The Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society is proud to announce that the 2012 Canadian Milking Shorthorn Cow of the Year is Lynmark Out Fleece EX-94, bred and owned by Lynmark Farms of Norwood, Ontario. Sired by Mericrest Outlaw, Fleece scored 94 points this past year at her first opportunity to be classified as Excellent. Fleece completed a very strong Four Year Old record, with 9298 kgs of milk at 5.2% fat and 3.3% protein for BCAs of 307-396-311 in 305 days. Fleece also placed second in the Four Year Old class at the 2011 National Show last September. As well, she comes from a strong cow family, with both her dam and grand-dam being multiple Excellent cows as well as Star Brood Cows. Fleece now sits second All Time for Four Year Old Fat production at 479 kgs of fat produced in 305 days in her most recent lactation. The Cow of the Year contest is voted on by members of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society. This year's contest featured four strong nominees which all received multiple votes. The other three nominated cows were Oceanbrae N Missy EX-93, owned by Oceanbrae Farms of Miscouche, PEI; Maple Inn Rosemary 56th EX-95, owned by Maple Inn Farms and Lynmark Farms of Norwood, ON; and Prinsville Logic Starshine VG-89, owned by Prinsville Dairy Farms of Bloomfield, ON. 8

2012 Was Quite A Year! Cedar Creek Logic Skylight 17 EX-91

3-8 305d 8637 303F 3.5% 266P 3.1% 1st Four Year Old and “Queen of the Milky Way” at the Northeast National Show 2012 Co-owned with GMC Milking Shorthorns and Keith Van Camp Skylight’s daughter: GMC-W-V Zeus Skyhigh 1st Summer Yearling at the Northeast National, NH State Fair and NY Spring Show in 2012

Cedar Creek Idol Aster 15

1st Jr. Yearling & HM Junior Champion, Canadian National Show 2012 Sold to Kee-Muse Farms in the 2012 National Fall Sale

GMC Kaiser Lily

2nd Fall Calf, Northeast Open & Junior National Shows 2012 daughter of GMC Logic Lilac EX-91-2E 5-0 305d 8060M 372F 4.6% 270P 3.4%

Lynmark Clay Sally

Junior Champion at the 2011 and 2012 Canadian National Shows Co-owned and bred by Lynmark Farms

Cedar Creek Logic Jeanette 14

Due in September to Royalty 1st Senior Calf, Canadian National Show 2012 Co-owned with Keith Van Camp Full Sister: Cedar Creek Logic Jeanette 11 GP-82 1st Summer Yearling & Res. Jr. Champion, Canadian National Show 2010 2-2 336d 6932M 330F 4.8% 245P 3.5% BCA: 270-307-290 Owned by Brodie & Brenda Cupples 3/4 sister to to Jeanette: Cedar Creek Logic Jeanette 6 VG-89 4-6 323d 8874M 313F 3.5% 261P 2.9% BCA: 290-255-260 (+55 +28 +20)

Emadale Zumba Lulu

2nd Int. Calf, Canadian National Show 2012 Owned by Kee-Muse Farms

Thank you to my partners, the buyers, breeders, and caregivers of these animals.


Doug Wherry (905) 728-0979 (home)

Oshawa, ON L1G 2Z6 (905) 244-2422 (cell)


2012 Production Awards includes records completed up to December 31st, 2012

Superior Production Awards

completing a record 200 Comp. BCA points higher than breed average for 2012 (greater than or equal to 945 Composite BCA) Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple Oceanbrae Idol Irette Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P Lady Grove Mocha Angeline Lynmark Diamond Chloe Headacher Mocha Sally Oceanbrae Plato Cass Northend Logics Chundoo Quality Inita Oceanbrae CD Joe Deerhaven Ted’s Megan Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi Oceanbrae Jurist Betty Oceanbrae Jurist Layla Oceanbrae Princess Peach Northend Logic Proud Lynmark Out Fleece Oceanbrae POD Nutmeg Oceanbrae Jurist Mika Lynmark Rubiann SR Oceanbrae N Missy Lady Grove Frolic Rosemary 4

1y BCA: 382-406-395 2y BCA: 385-383-393 2y BCA: 303-445-336 2y BCA: 313-335-347 2y BCA: 324-322-317 2y BCA: 339-288-334 2y BCA: 313-310-326 2y BCA: 332-279-337 2y BCA: 322-384-349 2y BCA: 331-284-340 3y BCA: 367-333-372 3y BCA: 325-365-326 3y BCA: 350-300-351 3y BCA: 312-372-310 3y BCA: 326-302-353 3y BCA: 384-245-329 3y BCA: 303-337-338 4y BCA: 307-396-311 4y BCA: 344-309-341 4y BCA: 307-322-324 5y BCA: 296-370-305 5y BCA: 337-314-306 6y BCA: 353-306-323

Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON Boos Hill Farm, Alexandria, ON Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE I & D Naylor, Kleefeld, MB Lynmark Farm, Norwood, ON Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE B & B Cupples, Thorsby, AB Boos Hill Farms, Alexandria, ON Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE B & B Cupples, Thorsby, AB Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE Lynmark Farm, Norwood, ON Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE I & D Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

Oceanbrae Lass Lily Fisher Dairy Ace Lori Oceanbrae Cinnamon Prosperous Acres Amy Sugar Hill Ruler Latte Prosperous Acres Muffie Oceanbrae Ilene Sugar Holme PE Rose Edith Prosperous Acres Shirley Oceanbrae Princess Joe

48920M 48569M 44561M 47738M 46556M 44723M 44700M 40451M 40429M 40374M

Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE I & D Naylor, Kleefeld, MB Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE J & J Snyder, Dashwood, ON Bob & Jon Howe, Embro, ON J & J Snyder, Dashwood, ON Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE Katherine McKay, Embro, ON J & J Snyder, Dashwood, ON Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE

Lifetime Production Award Level 1: (40,000 kgs M + in 6 lact or less)


1931F 1708F 1642F 1951F 1557F 1647F 1687F 1539F 1544F 1418F

1650P 1639P 1527P 1757P 1497P 1613P 1457P 1254P 1423P 1232P

Lifetime Production Award Level 2: (60,000 kgs M +)

Shady Brae Lace Kilbucko Betty Merrittview June 2nd Oceanbrae Michelle 4th Knoxdale Katie

67783M 67086M 65866M 63019M 61931M

2288F 2660F 2353F 2101F 2710F

2187P 2244P 2107P 2070P 2172P

S & J Edwards, Cobden, ON I & D Naylor, Kleefeld, MB Walter Goudy, Markdale, ON Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE Knoxdale Farm, Fenelon Falls, ON

Northend Edwards Liz

89301M 2793F 2590P B & B Cupples, Thorsby, AB

Lifetime Production Award Level 3: (80,000 kgs M +)

2012 Class Leaders (305 day lactation)

Based on Composite BCA. Only includes animals 75% purity or greater.

Milking Yearling 1. Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple 1-9 8650 378 4.4 292 3.4 (382-406-395) Koopmans, ON 2. Lady Grove VF Ted June 1-10 7179 271 3.8 236 3.3 (311-285-315) Naylor, MB

Junior Two Year Old 1. Oceanbrae Idol Irette 2-2 8774 352 4.0 291 3.3 (385-383-393) Boos, ON 2. Oceanbrae Fawns Accent-P 2-1 6933 414 6.0 252 3.6 (303-445-336) Barrett, PE

Senior Two Year Old 1. Quality Inita 2. Oceanbrae CD Joe

2-8 8434 411 4.9 297 3.5 (322-384-349) Boos, ON 2-11 8931 310 3.5 299 3.4 (331-284-340) Barrett, PE

Junior Three Year Old 1. Deerhaven Ted`s Megan 3-2 10190 373 3.7 335 3.3 (367-333-372) Mutrie, AB 2. Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme 3-4 8600 391 4.5 280 3.3 (325-365-326) Barrett, PE

Senior Three Year Old 1. Northend Logic Proud 3-7 8290 374 4.5 301 3.6 (303-337-338) Cupples, AB 2. Prinsville Logic Starshine 3-11 9810 314 3.2 320 3.3 (336-268-337) Prinsville, ON

Four Year Old 1. Lynmark Out Fleece 4-6 9298 479 5.2 308 3.3 (307-396-311) Lynmark, ON 2. Oceanbrae POD Nutmeg 4-3 10547 377 3.6 341 3.2 (344-309-341) Barrett, PE

Five Year Old 1. Lynmark Rubiann SR 2. Oceanbrae N Missy

5-8 9105 455 5.0 305 3.4 (296-370-305) Lynmark, ON 5-5 10608 392 3.7 315 3.0 (337-314-306) Barrett, PE

Mature Cow 1. Lady Grove Frolic Rosemary 4 6-11 11047 382 3.5 329 3.0 (353-306-323) Naylor, MB 2. Fieldcrest ideal-P 9-6 10179 389 3.8 314 3.1 (318-306-302) Barrett, PE

10 Years and Over 1. Knoxdale Katie 2. Northend Edwards Liz

10-0 7101 313 4.4 259 3.6 (237-265-264) Knox, ON 10-6 8596 283 3.3 243 2.8 (279-234-241) Cupples, AB


2012 Production Trophies and Awards Knottview Farm Award

(highest kg of fat in 305 days)

Lynmark Out Fleece - 479 kgs of fat owned by Lynmark Farm, Norwood, ON

Joseph Sullivan Award

(highest kg of protein in 305 days)

Oceanbrae POD Nutmeg - 341 kgs of protein owned by Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PEI

Highest Milk Producing Cow in 305 days

Lady Grove Frolic Rosemary 4th - 11047 kgs of milk owned by Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

Dreymaur Award

(highest 3 year average milk yield)

Fieldcrest Ideal-P with an average of 10703 kgs M (5th, 6th, and 7th lactations) owned by Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PEI

Clydagh Trophy

(Highest Herd Average BCA, >10 completed records)

Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PEI 40 records 8104M 303F 259P BCA: 298-276-292 Comp: 866

Semper Trophy

(2nd Highest Herd Average BCA, >10 records completed)

Northend Farm, Thorsby, AB 17 rec. 7531M 294F 254P BCA: 281-273-293 Comp: 847

additional herd averages with more than 5 head over 700 Comp BCA: Sugar Hill, ON 5 rec. 8006M 300F 256P (278-252-274) Comp: 814 Richford, ON 13 rec. 7722M 283F 249P (279-253-277) Comp: 809 Prinsville, ON 17 rec. 7378M 268F 242P (271-243-273) Comp: 787 Lady Grove, MB 53 rec. 7275M 276F 239P (257-244-260) Comp: 761 Serol, QC 6 rec. 6926M 281F 240P (243-248-260) Comp: 751 Onaknoll, ON 13 rec. 7280M 255F 234P (250-218-246) Comp: 714 Prosperous Acres, ON 33 rec. 6756M 256F 228P (239-225-246) Comp: 710 Lynmark, ON 23 rec. 6565M 259F 220P (236-231-243) Comp: 710

Most Improved Herd BCA (over 10 completed records)

Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns, Kleefeld, MB Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON Richford Farm, St. Marys, ON


+89 Comp BCA +67 Comp BCA +54 Comp BCA

April 2013 Genetic Evaluation Changes by Ryan Barrett, Secretary-Manager, CMSS

In April 2013, the Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) implemented a rescaling of values for Lifetime Profit Index (LPI) across all breeds by halving the standard deviation for each breed. This was done for a few different reasons. Firstly, there was perceived need to reduce the intensity place on LPI differences for elite animals in each breed. In general, there is a spread of several hundred LPI points amongst the Top 5 LPI proven sires, which over-emphasizes the actual difference that producers can expect by using these elite sires. For breeds with genomic evaluations, it was felt that reducing the LPI range would also keep high index genomic young sires closer in value to progeny proven sires, helping to counteract the perceived genetic superiority of these unproven sires that in truth may not be much better than the top proven sires. Finally, by decreasing the range while moving the “average” up to a positive constant figure, it would eliminate the negative LPI values that often creep in on ancestor animals on extended pedigrees. These negative values are not often seen on indices in several other countries, including the USA.

In implementing this halving of standard deviation, each breed was asked to agree upon a “constant” value which would be added to the base index for every animal. This will enable the bulls and cows at the top of the LPI lists to retain values similar to what was seen previously, while increasing the final value for animals that were further down the list. Ranking of animals does not change, but the difference in LPI points between individual animals on the ranking list has decreased. The CMSS Board, in consultation with CDN, agreed that 1000 would serve as a good constant for the Milking Shorthorn breed. This keeps the values for the #1 sire at close to 2000 LPI while making for an easy to remember benchmark for what is an average LPI animal. The breed average will now effectively be +1000 LPI, and an animals with a negative LPI value will be at the very bottom of the breed for genetic merit.

At the same time as these changes to scaling, CDN implemented the annual base change, which takes into account average levels of genetic improvement in the breed. While previous base change adjustments have not been very high for Milking Shorthorns, the April 2013 adjustment is 44 LPI points, similar to that for the Jersey breed at +50. The breed also saw a 0.51 increase in conformation, behind only Holstein (0.80) and Ayrshire (0.52) among the breeds. This base change is applied across the entire population


Top 20 LPI Milking Shorthorn Sires - April 2013 LPI


Rel. Milk 72


Fat Prot Fat% Prot% SCS Conf MS 44

24 +0.37 +0.19 2.75

1 1978

B Jurist

2 1695

Clarefield Mocha




13 -0.09 -0.08 2.96 +13 +11

3 1668

GMC Rebel Logic





+0.33 +0.03 2.91 +13 +11





+0.35 -0.02 2.89







+0.05 +0.10 2.99







+0.04 -0.07 2.88






19 +0.16 0.00







13 +0.04 +0.10 2.83







+0.21 -0.08 2.98







-0.17 -0.14 2.85







+0.05 -0.05 2.90







-0.14 -0.06 2.78






11 -0.17 -0.05 3.06



79 -315


-5 +0.32 +0.09 2.87







-0.17 -0.12 3.04







+0.14 -0.05 2.98







+0.10 -0.05 2.96



84 -164



-0.04 +0.09 2.78



84 -167


-3 +0.04 +0.04 3.24



89 -129





4 1566 5 1473 6 1419 7 1359 8 1350 9 1317 10 1291 11 1286 12 1254 13 1230 14 1224 15 1213 16 1180 17 1162 18 1122 19 1119 20 1070


Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato

Wildwood D G Lady’s Lance Vinra Frost Ted K Schie

Vinra Peerless Frolic Dropstad

Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack

Wildwood Nell’s Prestige Innisfail Prime Time

Blissful Diamond Sam Bar-D Cindy’s Clay Nordica TVC Anthony Kingsdale Peri’s Champ

Mericrest Now You See Glenbrook Storm Ruler






Top 20 LPI Cows - April 2013 Rk LPI 1 2222 2 2080 3 2013 4 1972 5 1949 6 1930 7 1903 8 1835 9 1815 10 1813 11 1804 12 1778 13 1773 14 1756 15 1754 16 1745 17 1744 18 1731 19 1724 20 1723


Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel EXP Lands-Brook Chardonnay EXP Lady Grove Mocha Angeline Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple Oceanbrae Jurist Layla Oceanbrae Jurist Betty Northend Plato’s Currant Prinsville Jurist Zurich Hauxwell Elsie 6th Headacher Logic Doris Merrittview P Judy Lady Grove BM Ali Knoxdale Elsa Lady Grove BM Alise Merrittview Pepper K 5A Knoxdale PF Ellie Lady Grove OLP K Betty 7 Oceanbrae POD Nutmeg Oceanbrae Jurist Paprika





Prot% Conf













+10 Naylor, MB






+10 Naylor, MB





























































Naylor, MB







Knox, ON







Naylor, MB

























Barrett, PE







Barrett, PE

Naylor, MB

Barrett, PE

Koopmans, ON Barrett, PE Barrett, PE Cupples, AB Prinzen, ON

Knox, ON Kippen, ON Snyder, ON

Goudy, ON Laughlin, ON Naylor, MB



Semex Alliance

Proven Sires: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Logic x Edward x Ladysman Clarefield Mocha Ultimate x Sovereign x Caesar Oceanbrae Diamond Jack POD x Champ x O David Lemon Grove Biestar VPrince x Redpath x Tenor

Young Sires: Mapleton Vly J Zumba Julius x Koyote x Rebel 9th Oceanbrae Ironman-P Adam-P x Thor x Architect Treeton Pingerly Monarch x Maxwell x Quiggle Select Sires Canada

Proven Sires: Blissful Diamond Sam Diamond x Pepper x Destiny Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Jurist x Derek x Clay Spungold-R Frolic Poker Frolic x Othello x Kays Prestige Mysha-WO Advent Liriano Advent x Merlin x Othello

(519) 821-5060

200MS00402 MSCANM7592198 100% purity CAN: +1566 LPI +25M +22F +0.35% 0P -0.02% +7 Conf 200IS8089 MSCANM10036789 81.3% purity CAN: +1695 LPI +566M +17F -0.09% +13P -0.08% +13 Conf 200MS00401 MSCANM7592189 91.5% purity CAN: +1254 LPI +267M +3F -0.14% +5P -0.06% +2 Conf 200MS8022 MSCANM10036718 75% purity CAN: +927 LPI -24M -2F -0.02% -1P -0.02% +5 Conf 200MS00403






(613) 258-3800

100% purity

80.3% purity

65% purity

007MS00344 MSCANM10036612 82.1% purity CAN: +1213 LPI +289M +2F -0.17% +3P -0.12% +7 Conf 007MS00346 MSUSAM370012479 87.5% purity CAN: +1745 PA LPI +235M +42F +0.55% +16P +0.22% 007MS00348 MSUSAM466748 82.1% purity USA: +478M -24F -0.24% +5P -0.05% 007MS00347 MSUSAM360012770 50% purity USA: +801M +29F 0.00% +13P -0.07% +1.0 PTAT

Young Sires: Purple Idalee RR Zeus EXP 007MS00351 Red Ruben x Megadeth x Othello Mysha-WO Robin Nitro-EXP 007MS00349 Red Robin x Othello x Clay Springville Logic Premium 007MS00353 Logic x Othello x Liz 7th Rebel CRV Canada




(519) 788-0526

56% purity

65% purity

89.5% purity

Canadian Proven Sire: B Jurist (SRB) MSCANM10036534 75% purity T Bruno x Jagardo x Mellanberg CAN: +1978 LPI +521M +44F +0.37% +24P +0.19 +6 Conf

Foreign Proven Sires: Pell-Pers (SRB) Flarkbacken x Botans x Backgard Andersta-P (SRB) Vattergard x Ingvasta x Frasta


75% purity

75% purity

Foundation Sires

Proven Sires: GMC Rebel Logic Rebel 9 x NYS x Renown Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P OK Academy x Derek x Clay Hard Core Plum Millionaire Plumchuck x HO x CitationR Mysha-WO Biestar Lyman Biestar x Merlin x Othello Innisfail Lilyhill Academy x Othello x Rebel

Young Sires: Spungold-R Prince of PA POD x Othello x Prestige Hard Core Othello Snoopy Othello x Clay x OTS Pacesetter Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty Kaiser x Koyote x Dusty Glen Harc Core R Rob Romeo EXP OK Academy x Derek x Clay Rovin Bolero EXP Liriano x Logic x Jurist Genervations

Proven Sires: Vinra Frost Ted Frost x Outlaw x K Schie Blissful Teds Spurgeon Ted x Pepper x Destiny

(519) 291-9916

076MS00432 MSCANM10036607 91.5% purity CAN: +1668 LPI -46M +17F +0.33% +0P +0.03% +13 Conf 076MS00439 MSUSAM465413 85.6% purity CAN: +1067 PA LPI -380M +13F +0.51% -3P +0.17% 076MS00435 MSUSAM370011475 71.9% purity USA: -395M -4F +0.06% +1P +0.08% -0.5 PTAT 076MS00438 MSUSAM465415 85.6% purity USA: -150M -12F -0.04% -6P -0.01% +0.1 PTAT 076MS00436 MSUSAM461776 86.6% purity USA: +339M -4F -0.10% -1P -0.07% 0.0 PTAT 076MS00441


82% purity



86% purity




Young Sire: Echo Farm Ted McCoy Ted x Frolic x Contender Spungold-R CD Playboy CD x Othello x Kays Prestige Rocking WS Kourts Fredrick Kourt x Outlaw x HO

ABS-St. Jacob’s ABC

Young Sire: Nixs LCD Lido CD x Othello x Loren




(905) 873-8700

81.3% purity

64.1% purity

69.7% purity

014MS00110 MSCANM10036695 90.7% purity CAN: +1419 LPI +272M +13F +0.04% +4P -0.07% +2 Type 014MS00113 MSUSAM466355 89.1% purity USA: +1023M +32F -0.03% +24P -0.04%

Young Sires: Kundes Golden Logic Adventure 014MS00116 Logic x Jurist x Derek Genex Canada


(519) 766-4622

89.5% purity

86.4% purity 001MS00543 MSUSAM467909 USA: +429M +21F +0.03% +17P +0.02% 77% purity 001MS00544 MSUSAM68302215 001MS00545


(888) 785-7883 029MS5650

76.6% purity


86.4% purity

2012 Field Day Report The 2012 CMSS Field Day and AGM was held on Saturday, July 21st, hosted by Don and Karen Richardson and family of Richford Farms, St. Marys, Ontario. After many days of extreme heat in Southern Ontario, the Field Day weekend brought more moderate temperatures in the mid 20s along with lots of sunshine. Don and Karen Richardson’s farm sits in northern Oxford County, on the border with Perth County. Don purchased his first Milking Shorthorns in the Seagrave/Nordica Dispersal in 2002. After seeing a place for the breed in his tie-stall herd which incorporates rotational grazing, Don has expanded his Milking Shorthorn herd with purchases of foundation stock from the Oceanbrae, Headacher and Prosperous Acres herds. The majority of the herd is now comprised of Milking Shorthorns or MSHolstein crosses. A couple of standouts from the herd tour were Oceanbrae Logic Lace, a third lactation cow that should definitely reclassify higher than her current GP-83 from first lactation, as well as Headacher Prince of D Ireland VG-85, currently milking over 100 lbs a day. Towards the end of the morning, a judging class of first lactation heifers was held with Fred Barrett acting as official judge. Numerous breeders noted that they would be happy to take any of the four heifers home for their herds. These heifers were by Mocha, Plato and Fred Barrett amd Don Richardson Famous. After a lovely BBQ lunch sponsored by Semex Alliance, production award certificates were announced and presented to breeders in attendance. As well, the 2012 Cow of the Year was presented, with Doug 18

Part of the Two Year Old judging class.

Wherry accepting the award for Lynmark Out Fleece on behalf of Lynmark Farms. President John Knox and PastPresident Fred Barrett then presented the Distinguished Service Award to James and Patricia Knott, the previous Secretary-Treasurer Past-President Fred Barrett and CMSS President team for the CMSS and John Knox present Pat & Jim Knott with past breeders under the their Distinguished Service Award. Knottview prefix. Fred thanked Jim and Pat for their lifetime of involvement with and service to the Milking Shorthorn breed. Jim is now a Presbyterian minister in nearby Embro, ON. Following a lively fun action featuring donated items from a number of businesses and breeders, the Annual Meeting was called to order by President John Knox. A good number of current and former members were in attendance, including members of the Ulrick family from Seagrave Farm and the Knott family from Knottview. John and Ryan highlighted Society accomplishments in the past year as well as the financial status of the Society. After completing a three year term as Director for Ontario, Brian Laughlin decided to not re-offer for another term. Don Richardson was nominated and acclaimed to this position...welcome Don! The two other directors with terms ending in 2012 (Diane Naylor for Western Canada and John Knox for Ontario) both re-offered for those positions and there were no additional nominations.

Judging a class of Two Year Olds 19

2013 CMSS Field Day & AGM Saturday July 20th, 2013

hosted by Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, Prince Edward Island

Friday, July 19

1 pm 3 pm 6 pm

Saturday, July 20 9 am 10:30 am 12 pm 12 pm 12:30 pm 1 pm 1:30 pm 2 pm 6:30 pm

Summer Selection Sale bidding opens Directors Meeting at the Farm Open House at Oceanbrae, Viewing of Sale Cattle (refreshments to be served)

Herd Tours start Judging Classes Noon Meal (sponsored by Semex) Summer Selection Sale bidding ends Remarks from Guests/Speakers Award Presentations Fun Auction Annual General Meeting Evening Reception, featuring Island food and Entertainment. Planning in progress... stay tuned for more details.

Donated Semen confirmed for the Fun Auction includes: Semex: 5 doses of Plato Foundation Sires: 5 doses of Logic and Royalty CRV Canada: 10 doses of Pell-Pers Highly rated local accommodations options: Cairns Motel in Summerside $60 single, $80 double (877) 244-7676

Country Pines Inn & Suites in Summerside (Hwy 1A) rates $80-100, including suite options. Weekly rates available (866) 494-5233

The Barrett Family welcome all Milking Shorthorn breeders to Prince Edward Island. A number of sponsors have already been confirmed, in an effort to make the weekend special for breeders travelling from outside of the province. If you have any travel or accommodation questions or want to know about other things to see and do in PEI, contact Fred and Margaret at (902) 436-7881 or Ryan at (902) 439-9386. More details: 20

2012 National Milking Shorthorn Show

September 21st, 2012

Lindsay, Ontario

Judge: John Werry, Oshawa, ON

L to R: Judge John Werry, Evan Stanley with the Reserve Junior Champion, Doug Wherry with the Junior Champion, and CMSS President John Knox 4-H Showmanship: 1. Julie DeKlein 2. Evan Stanley 3. Emily Kyle 4. Leslie Welch 5. Daniel Prinzen 6. Joshua Prinzen 7. Alexa Prinzen 8. Myra Kiezebrink 9. Jeannette Straathof Junior Calf: (Sponsored by Emadale Milking Shorthorns) 1. Prinsville C.D.'s Stars (Bar-D Krause's Fawn's C.D.) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 2. Quality Logic Iris (GMC Rebel Logic) - Richford Farms 3. Lynmark LB Mary Rose (Lynmark Bulldozer) - Lynmark Farms 4. Lynmark LB Miss Mousse (Lynmark Bulldozer) - Lynmark Farms 5. Prinsville MVZ Zinnia (Mapleton Vly J Zumba) - Prinsville Dairy Farms Intermediate Calf: (Sponsored by Headacher Farms) 1. Lynmark AP Scarlett (Kulp-Gen Acdmy Adam-P) - Lynmark Farms 2. Emadale Zumba Lulu (Mapleton Vly J Zumba) - Kee-Muse Farms 3. Richford Diamond Jack Betty (Oceanbrae Diamond Jack) - Emily Kyle, Ayr, ON 4. Kee-Muse DS Cookiee (Blissful Diamond Sam) - Kee-Muse Farms 5. Prinsville Adam's Eloquence (Kulp-Gen Acdmy Adam-P) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 6. Whitewater Moaning Myrtle (Oceanbrae Diamond Jack) - Whitewater MS Senior Calf: (Sponsored by GMC Milking Shorthorns) 1. Cedar Creek Logic Jeannette 14 (GMC Rebel Logic) - Doug Wherry & Keith Van Camp 2. Prinsville Adam Evening (Kulp-Gen Acdmy Adam-P) - Rob Ashton 3. Lynmark WNP Clarabella (Wildwood Nell's Prestige) - Lynmark Farms 4. Firelight Plato's Sunflower (Oceanbrae Logic's Plato) - Leslie Welch Summer Yearling: (Sponsored by Laralor Milking Shorthorns) 1. Maple Inn Rosebud (Lynmark Bulldozer) - Lynmark Farms


Junior Yearling: (Sponsored by New York Milking Shorthorn Assoc.) 1. Cedar Creek Idol Aster 15 (Oceanbrae Idol) - Doug Wherry & Keith Van Camp 2. Prinsville TP Esmeralda (Treeton Pingerly) - Prinsville Dairy Farms Senior Yearling: (Sponsored by Dr. Tim Henshaw) 1. Lynmark Clay Sally (Bar-D Cindy's Clay) - Lynmark Farms & Doug Wherry 2. Lynmark B Rosemarie (Lynmark Bulldozer) - Lynmark Farms 3. Prinsville Adam's Eve (Kulp-Gen Acdmy Adam-P) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 4. Prinsville Nitro's Eclipse (Mysha-WO Robin Nitro) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 5. Lyndale GSR Gidday (Glenbrook Storm Ruler) - Lynmark Farms Junior Champion: Lynmark Clay Sally - Lynmark Farms & Doug Wherry Reserve Junior Champion: Lynmark AP Scarlett - Lynmark Farms HM Junior Champion: Cedar Creek Idol Aster 15 - Doug Wherry & Keith Van Camp Junior Herd: 1. Lynmark 2. Prinsville 3. Prinsville 4. Lynmark Dry Cow: 1. River's Edge Betty Anne (Meriville Prince Edward) - Lynmark Farms Two Year Old: (Sponsored by Sunderland Cooperative Inc) 1. Prinsville Plato's Melody (Oceanbrae Logic's Plato) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 2. Lynmark Logic Ladyship (GMC Rebel Logic) - Prinsville Dairy Farms 3. Prinsville Logic's Equal (GMC Rebel Logic) - Prinsville Dairy Farms Four Year Old: (Sponsored by Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns) 1. Lynmark Clay Pigeon (Bar-D Cindy's Clay) - Lynmark Farms 2. Lynmark BDS Salmon (Blissful Diamond Sam) - Lynmark Farms 3. Cedar Creek Logic Jeanette 6 (GMC Rebel Logic) - Doug Wherry Mature Cow: (Sponsored by Oceanbrae Farms) 1. Lynmark Out Fleece (Mericrest Outlaw) - Lynmark Farms 2. West-Lie Norma (Mericrest Now You See) - Whitewater Milking Shorthorns 3. Maple Inn Rosemary 59th (Innisfail Prince of Diamonds) - Lynmark Farms 4. Lynmark Clay Equity (Bar-D Cindy's Clay) - Prinsville Dairy Farms

Grand Championship Line-up at the 2012 National Show


L to R: Judge John Werry, Irene Vietingho, Tim Shearer with the Reserve Grand Champion, Scott Stewart with the Grand Champion, and CMSS President John Knox Grand Champion: Lynmark Out Fleece - Lynmark Farms Reserve Grand Champion: Lynmark Clay Pigeon - Lynmark Farms HM Grand Champion: West-Lie Norma - Whitewater Milking Shorthorns Best Udder of Show: Lynmark Out Fleece - Lynmark Farms CanWest DHI Production Award: Lynmark Out Fleece - Lynmark Farms Breeder's Herd: 1. Lynmark 2. Prinsville Progeny of Dam: 1. Prinsville 2. Lynmark 3. Lynmark 4. Prinsville Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Lynmark Farms


Changing the Face of the Breed:

Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P From time to time, there is an individual cow that not only reaches the pinnacle of the breed on her own merits, but changes the face of the breed through her progeny. In the Holstein breed, Comestar Laurie Sheik’s progeny and grandprogeny have dominated both the show ring and the proof sheets for many years. In the Jersey breed, over 80% of Canadian Jerseys have Duncan Belle appear at least once in their extended pedigree, following her multiple RAWF Grand Championships and her many sons and grand-sons in AI. In the Milking Shorthorn and Illawarra breeds, Sunny View Little Princess 30, born in the 1950’s, can appear as many as 10 times in some extended pedigrees. It appears that the Milking Shorthorn breed has a new matriarch who is changing the face of the breed in Canada and the United States: Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P. The only time I saw Accent-P in person was at the 2005 AMSS National Sale in Kansas. She was selling as a Four Year Old and was consigned by her breeders, the Ruzic family of Rovin Acres in Wisconsin. Accent had an impressive Three Year Old lactation over 10,000 kgs of milk at 4.7% fat and 3.5% protein in 363 days. I remember an impressive young cow with a well attached udder, and with a rather unique light red colour. What made her even more unique was the fact that she was polled. While the polled gene tends to be on average more common in Milking Shorthorns than in other breeds, there have been few polled cows that become quite as influential in the breed as Accent has become. Accent ended up being the high seller of that National Sale, selling to the Kulp Family of Pennsylvania for $7,400. That November, Accent would go on to win the Four Year Old class at the Winter National Show in Louisville, Kentucky and would win Grand Championship honours. She would also be named All-American for her 2005 achievements. She would also follow with two more lactations over 10,000 kgs of milk in 305 days at over 5% fat…significantly above the breed average for fat in the Milking Shorthorn breed. Accent also would score Excellent 92 points. Accent’s polled gene comes through her maternal line despite several generations of use of non-polled sires. Her dam, Rovin Alise Clay Ali-P EX24

Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P EX-92

93, also has records over 10,000 kgs with high component percentages and has had other successful progeny other than Accent, including a privately sampled son by Othello and a son and daughter via embryo transfer at Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns in Manitoba. While Accent’s personal accomplishments are impressive, they are only part of story. The truly lasting influence of Accent will be through her progeny and grand-progeny, who are combining type and milk production with fat and protein production that before now has not been consistently seen in the Milking Shorthorn breed. A number of Milking Shorthorns breeders have been yearning for high purity genetics with significant improvements in fat and protein production, as these have been traits that have required improvement for a number of years. There are few other examples in the Milking Shorthorn breed of cows that have transmitted fat and protein percentage as consistently as Accent, which is why she and her offspring are changing the face of the breed for both existing breeders but also for those giving Milking Shorthorns new consideration as a breed of choice for their herds. Firstly, let us examine her two sons that have been sold to AI units. Her oldest son, Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace-EXP, was sampled by Select Sires and sired by the SRB bull B Jurist. The combination of Accent’s strong type and component production with the very strong component production of Jurist has led to Ace becoming one of the breed leaders for fat and protein production among bulls at the EXP purity level or higher in the USA. He currently sits #13 on the AMSS PPR index list; however, he is #5 among bulls at the EXP purity level or higher. He also #1 among all proven sires for PTA Fat % at 0.36. He is also the #1 sire in Canada for fat and protein percentage after the April 2013 proof round. Ace daughters are receiving considerable attention in multiple countries for the quality of their udders as well as their dairyness and productivity. Accent’s other son in AI is Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P, one of few recent sires in AI to carry the polled gene. While Adam-P has not transmitted the high milk production of his dam, his daughters also have significantly improved fat and protein percentages. Adam-P is also above average for type, with daughters possessing strong feet and legs, improved size and stature, as well as strongly attached rear udders. While below average for milk and for length of teat, AdamP daughters are sticking around in many herds. A polled son of Adam-P, Oceanbrae Ironman-P, has been sampled by Semex with progeny in several countries. Perhaps of even more lasting influence will be the merit of Accent’s daughters. Accent was heavily flushed by the Kulps, with embryos and daughters sold to a number of different herds in the USA as well as three herds in Canada. These daughters include: continued on page 26 25

Accent: continued from page 25 • Kulp-Gen Jurist Anika-P EX-90, owned by Samantha Benson of Chehalis, WA. Anika-P produced in excess of 11,600 kgs (25,000 lbs) of milk in second lactation at 6.8% fat and 3.5% protein. She has a son by Logic in AI (Kundes Golden Logic Adventure) and has a VG daughter as well. She has been at or near the top of the Top PPR Cow List for a number of proof rounds. • Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel-EXP GP-84-2yr, owned by Ivan and Diane Naylor of Kleefeld, Manitoba. Purchased as a calf from the Kulps, Angel is the #1 LPI cow in Canada in April 2013, and her daughter by Mocha sits at #3 LPI. Angel produced 9490 kgs of milk at 4.4%F and 3.5%P in first lactation, good enough to be a Class Leader.

2012 National Sale Results 2012 Spring Sale - April 14th, 2012

High Seller: 2nd High Seller: Sale Average:

Additional Buyers:

High Seller:

Additional Buyers: 26

Lynmark CD Clementine (open heifer) Consigned by Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Purchased by Ferme Serol, Roxton Falls, QC


$1560 on 9 head

Bovidae Farm, Falmouth, NS Perry Kuepfer, Linwood, ON Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON

2012 Fall Sale - September 8th, 2012

2nd High Seller: Sale Average:

Oceanbrae Redrama Ladylike (bred heifer) $2000 Consigned by Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PE Purchased by John Eccles, Holstein, ON

Lady Grove Mocha Alice 12 (open heifer) $3000 Consigned by Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB Purchased by Northend Farm & Lynmark Farms Lynmark GSR Gidday Consigned by Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON Purchased by John Eccles, Holstein, ON $1842 on 6 head

Kee-Muse Farm, Cannington, ON George Devries, Palmerston, ON


• Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P VG-86, owned by Oceanbrae Farms of Belmont, PEI. Fawn’s Accent just set the new All Time 305 day Fat Record in Canada at 696 kgs of fat after producing 9815 kgs of milk at an astounding 7.0% fat. She is also a high protein producer (3.7%) and has three fresh heifers by Logic in the Oceanbrae herd. She was the product of embryos by CD purchased from the Kulps. • Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple VG-88, owned by Shawn Koopmans of Picton, ON. Apple is the #5 LPI cow in Canada after becoming the new All Time Class Leader for Milking Yearlings with 8650 kgs of milk at 4.4%F and 3.4%. • Kulp-Gen OK Academy Annie-P VG-88, owned by the McCools of Chehalis, WA. • Kulp-Gen Ted Anika-P VG-85, owned by David Kulp of Manheim, PA Accent also has three other young daughters scored Very Good in the USA. Almost universally, these many daughters, spread across multiple herds in different parts of North America, have had consistently higher fat and protein percentages while also having strong milk production and strong functional conformation. A number of these daughters are being considered as potential dams of AI sires, as this family definitely seems to be transmitting excellence over multiple generations.


CLASSIFICATIONS BY SIRE as of April 8th, 2013


Bar-D Cindy’s Clay Bar-D Krause`s Fawn`s C.D. B Jurist Blissful Diamond Sam Cate’s Tangerines Perles Titan Clarefield Mocha Glenbrook Buttercup’s Design Glenbrook Storm Ruler GMC Rebel Logic Gold Mine Frost Kourt Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Kingsdale Libby’s Rebel Kingsdale Peri’s Champ Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Lemon Grove Biestar Lisnamulligan Fairway Mapleton Vly MSTR JP Mericrest Now You See Mericrest Outlaw Meriville Prince Edward Merrittview Pep Design Northend Edward’s Bertie Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Panorama Aramis Vinra Bar-D Famous Vinra Frost Ted Vinra Peerless Frolic Wildwood DG Lady’s Lance Wildwood Nell’s Prestige


5 0 2 1 0 0 4 4 2 1 1 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 3 5 14 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 4


10 5 6 6 1 3 22 18 18 6 8 8 7 0 0 6 0 2 10 20 47 4 1 3 2 2 2 4 9 11 8



19 5 9 22 8 12 37 38 15 15 18 18 14 4 9 15 4 10 21 40 70 11 11 12 16 3 3 7 31 10 22

Lifetime Production Leaders ranked by kgs of milk as of February 1st, 2013

1. Oceanbrae Noelle S EX 2. Maple Inn Rosemary 33rd VG 3. Oceanbrae Joe 34th VG 4. Northend Edwards Liz EX 5. Merrittview Pepper K 5A EX 6. Hauxwell Princess 6th EX 7. Northend Mike’s Runt 8. Cheapside Betty 205 EX 9. Hauxwell Clara 20th EX 10. Valley Crest Princess 3 EX


12 lact 10 lact 9 lact 9 lact 10 lact 11 lact 9 lact 10 lact 10 lact 9 lact

94525M 91567M 90589M 89301M 88338M 87953M 82294M 80946M 80860M 76858M

12 3 5 8 4 2 19 15 4 13 9 12 5 3 2 7 4 10 4 21 14 3 8 12 10 1 3 4 10 2 0

3018F 3134F 2861F 2793F 3563F 3114F 2575F 2818F 2875F 2941F

F Conf

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

-4 -1 +6 +7 +3 +13 +1 +4 +13 -4 +4 -1 +1 --+5 --11 +6 0 -1 --4 +2 +7 --+2 -6 +2 -4

2881P 2722P 2797P 2590P 2947P 2524P 2644P 2549P 2575P 2350P

Cow of the Year 2013


Sire: Glenbrook Storm Ruler Breeder and Owner: Lynmark Farms, Norwood, Ontario

Top Completed Lactation: 7-5 305d 9332M 349F 3.7% 301P 3.3% (285-268-281) Lifetime Total: 5 lact. 46,331M 1714F 3.7% 1541P 3.3% (285-255-284)

“Clarica” was the Reserve Grand Champion at the 2007 National Show as a Three Year Old, and also the 1st place Mature Cow and DHI Award winner in 2010. Her dam is a Five Star Brood Cow and Clarica herself has three daughters and one son. Her oldest daughter (by C.D.) is VG-85 and is projected for just under 9000 kgs M at 6.0%F in second lactation.


Breeder and Owner: Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, Alberta

Top Completed Lactation: 3-3 305d 8781M 344F 3.9% 290P 3.3% (314-307-318) Lifetime Total: 2 lact 16,476M 627F 3.8% 550P 3.3% (315-297-323)

“Player-P” is one of the oldest daughters of “Famous” in Canada and has been a strong performer in each of her first two lactations. She has had a heifer calf at each of her first three calvings, including the most recent in January 2013. “Player-P” is +1441 LPI (Apr’13) and her VG-85 dam is from the “Dairymaid” family originating from the Maple Inn herd in Ontario. 30

A ballot is enclosed with your copy of the Improver for all members of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society. One vote will be accepted per membership, and can be made by returning the ballot or replying by email. Votes are due by June 20th. The winner will be shown on the CMSS website, and also featured in the Ontario Dairy Farmer magazine.

PRINSVILLE LOGIC STARSHINE VG-89 Sire: GMC Rebel Logic Breeder and Owner: Prinsville Dairy Farms Bloomfield, Ontario

Top Completed Lactation: 3-11 305d 9810M 314F 3.2% 320P 3.3% (336-268-337) Lifetime Total: 2 lact: 19,916M 651F 3.3% 675P 3.4% (320-251-322)

“Starshine” was Grand Champion at the National Show in 2011 after placing first in the Four Year Old class. She was also the runner up to the Class Leader for BCA among Senior Three Year Olds last year. “Starshine” has six registered daughters and two sons, with her daughter by C.D. placing first in the Junior Calf class last fall. Embryos from “Starshine” have also been sold to Japan, the first Canadian MS embryos to go to that country.

VALLEY CREST ALICE 39 EX-93-4E Sire: Valley Crest Monster

Breeder: H & S Patterson, Milton, Ontario Owner: Ivan & Diane Naylor Kleefeld, Manitoba

Top Completed Lactation: 10-2 305d 8882M 401F 4.5% 277P 3.1% (277-318-266) Lifetime Total: 7 lact. 49,241M 2419F 4.9% 1634P 3.3% (224-273-224)

“Alice” was Nominated All-American Mature Cow in 2008 after placing 5th at the World Dairy Expo. She has six registered daughters in Canada, with the oldest scored EX-92 and with over 32,000 kgs of milk in four lactations. She also has a GP-82 daughter by C.D. and four ET daughters by Mocha. “Alice” also has a son by Ted in use in the Laralor herd in Ontario, with daughters at Lady Grove as well. 31



Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P Sets New All Time Single Lactation Fat Record

The Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society has a new All-Time Single Lactation Fat Champion…and this cow has destroyed the previous record by more than 140 kgs of fat! The new Fat Champion is Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P, a Junior Three Year Old owned by the Barrett family of Oceanbrae Farms in Belmont, Prince Edward Island. Accent was classified Very Good 86 at three years of age. In her 305 day second lactation, Accent produced 696 kgs of fat, eclipsing the previous record of 565 kgs of fat set by an Ontario cow several years ago. Accent produced these 696 kgs of fat by producing 9815 kgs of milk, for a fat percentage of 7.0%, a full four percent higher than the Milking Shorthorn breed average! Accent also produced 355 kgs of protein (at 3.7%), good enough for second place on the All-Time Protein leader list for Milking Shorthorn Three Year Olds. Accent’s BCA is an impressive 371-644-413. Making Accent even more special is the fact that she is naturally polled. Sired by Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D., her dam is former All American Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P EX. Accent was the result of an imported embryo imported from the United States, and she has two maternal brothers who are proven AI sires. Fawn has been flushed several times and has eight daughters, including three first lactation heifers newly fresh in the Oceanbrae herd. 36



Shorthorn News from Around the World

The American Milking Shorthorn Society has a new Executive Secretary in Cory Salzl. Cory has bred Shorthorns under the Corstar prefix in previous years and has significant industry experience to draw upon in this position. He fills the position vacated by David Kendall, who resigned from the AMSS to accept a position with Taurus Sires of Pennsylvania.

Grand Champion at the 2012 World Dairy Expo was Mi-San Acres O Lust, the 1st Place Senior Three Year Old Othello daughter owned by David Riley of Ohio. Reserve Grand Champion honours went to Halpins Reyfene, the 1st Place Five Year Old owned by Halpin Farms of Indiana.

At the Northeastern National Show in Springfield, MA in September 2012, the Grand Champion was Innisfail ST Lady 910-EXP (1st Sr. Three), owned by GMC Farm, NH and John Anderson, NY. Reserve Grand Champion was Innisfail RU Princess 6084 (1st Five Yr), owned by Bartlett & Kostka of Massachusetts. Canadian content at the show included Cedar Creek Logic Skylight 17 winning the Four Year Old class for co-owners GMC Farm of New Hampshire and Doug Wherry and Keith Van Camp of Ontario. Her daughter, GMC-W-V Zeus Skyhigh, also won the Summer Yearling class.

The celebrated and well-known Rodway Dairy Shorthorn herd dispersed in England last May. At the same time, a new breed record at public auction was set with the high seller, Rodway Sonnschein 15 VG-89. A daughter of Kingsdale Libby’s Rebel, she sold for 5,300 guineas to R & S Crank of Chester. Sonnschein previously won the Grand Championship at the Royal Highland Show in 2010.

The New Zealand Milking Shorthorn Association is celebrating the 100th anniversay of Milking Shorthorns in that country later this year. As well, New Zealand recently hosted the World Shorthorn Congress in March 2013.

It has been a tough year in many part of Australia, where extremely low milk prices combined with dry weather have resulted in producers selling herds and fewer breeders participating in shows and breed events. Nonetheless, a number of herds continue to have cows setting new breed records for production and a new Society-sponsored sale in Queenland took place in April. Jason Smith of Baromi Illawarras reports that he got three heifers and one bull out of embryos purchased from Prinsville Dairy Farms, and he is very happy with the calves thus far! 39

Rapport du secrétaire 2013 Ryan Barrett, Secrétaire, SCSL

Comme chaque année, cette dernière année fut remplie de défis et d’opportunités. Plusieurs producteurs de lait canadiens, particulièrement dans les provinces de l’est, ont subi un été chaud et sec qui a causé un manque de foin. Plusieurs producteurs à qui j’ai parlé ont remarqué que leurs vaches ont bien produit avec des fourrages de qualité mais ils espèrent un printemps hâtif pour ne pas manquer de nourriture. Le manque de fourrages et la plus haute production partout au pays ont créé un marché faible pour les animaux de remplacement, peu importe la couleur. Pour plusieurs éleveurs, ceci représente l’opportunité de prendre des décisions de réforme profitables pour améliorer le mérite général de leur troupeau à un temps où les prix des animaux de remplacement ne sont pas beaucoup plus hauts que les prix de la réforme.

Aussi, le mérite génétique de notre prochaine génération n’a jamais été si bon! CDN a récemment annoncé les ajustements aux changements de base IPV 2013 qui modifiera toutes les valeurs IPV de la race pour prendre en considération les niveaux annuels d’amélioration génétique. Après quelques années sans changements de base significatifs (i.e progrès génétique) la race Shorthorn laitière verra un changement de base de 44 points IPV, comparable aux 50 points pour la race Jersey (avec un programme d’échantillonnage de taureaux plus élaboré et une sélection génomique) et bien plus grande que les changements de base pour les Suisses Brunes, les Guernseys ou les Canadiennes.

Ces niveaux d’amélioration génétiques deviennent aussi très évidents dans la performance des vaches de Deux ans au cours des deux dernières années; ces jeunes vaches dominent les rangs de nos Prix de production supérieure et ont des pourcentages de gras significativement plus hauts que les vaches matures. Ceci est dû en partie à la sélection des taureaux qui ont misé sur la production de gras au cours des dernières années. C’est encourageant de voir les résultats positifs découlant de ces changements dans la sélection; bravo aux éleveurs d’avoir fait leur part pour aider à apporter des améliorations dans les moyennes de production de la race et dans les pourcentage de composantes.

Une autre raison d’avoir foi en notre race est l’augmentation significative des enregistrements au cours de la dernière année. Notre race a enregistré 371 animaux en 2012. Même si ce total est beaucoup plus petit que la plupart des autres races canadiennes et qu’il est loin de ce que nous voudrions, c’est quand même une augmentation de 32 % par rapport aux enregistrements de 2011 et le plus haut total d’enregistrements depuis les 20 dernières années! 40

Il est vrai que quelques troupeaux ont soumis plusieurs enregistrements qui étaient en retard l’an dernier, mais c’est loin d’être la seule raison de l’augmentation de cette année. Aussi, le nombre de transferts était à son plus haut niveau depuis plusieurs années ce qui est significatif du niveau d’intérêt dans l’achat de Shorthorns laitiers. Ceci étant dit, j’encourage tous les éleveurs à garder leurs enregistrements à jour car c’est le moyen le plus économique d’ajouter de la valeur à vos animaux tout en apportant un revenu à la Société pour aider à promouvoir la race!

Un autre fait intéressant fut l’augmentation de l’intérêt international dans la génétique canadienne de Shorthorn laitier. Au cours des 24 derniers mois, les éleveurs canadiens ont vendu des embryons en Australie et aux États-Unis. Nous avons aussi vu les toutes premières exportations d’embryons vers la Nouvelle-Zélande, le Japon et l’Irlande. Au même moment, les taureaux canadiens échantillonnés grâce aux programmes Syndicates de Semex ont vu leur semence exportée vers ces pays ainsi qu’au Royaume-Uni, au Venezuela, au Nigeria et Trinidad & Tobago. Nos systèmes éprouvés de contrôle laitier et de classification, jumelés à la grande qualité et la haute pureté de la génétique, ont rendu les Shorthorns laitiers canadiens intéressants pour plusieurs acheteurs internationaux. C’est une bonne nouvelle pour les éleveurs car c’est une source additionnelle de revenus ainsi qu’une augmentation de la valeur des animaux de reproduction en général.

Le Conseil d’administration de la SCSL a décidé de ne pas faire de vente nationale en 2013 et l’a remplacé par un nouveau service d’inscription appelé le CMSS Marketplace. Nous avons déjà vendu les premiers animaux grâce à ce service à un nouvel acheteur au Québec et j’espère que les éleveurs de partout au pays profiteront de ce service. Nous étudierons la possibilité de tenir une vente nationale dans l’avenir, mais avec le marché lent pour les animaux cet hiver et ce printemps, ainsi que la vente qui se tiendra lors de la Journée champêtre cet été, il semble que la décision de votre Conseil est appropriée jusqu’à maintenant.

J’ai pu visiter Stratford, Ontario en février pour assister, au nom de la Société, à l’édition inaugurale de l’Xpo Laitière Canadienne. Notre kiosque était très bien situé et nous avons eu plus d’interventions avec les producteurs que nous avions espéré. Nous avons donné plusieurs copies du Improver et avons parlé à plusieurs producteurs des avantages de la race. Un merci spécial à la famille Richardson de m’avoir accueilli pendant quelques jours et de m’avoir aidé au kiosque. Merci également à Jim et Judy Snyder de m’avoir aider à tenir le kiosque.

Comme plusieurs le savent, je suis une personne plutôt optimiste qui voit le verre plus souvent à moitié plein qu’à moitié vide. Je suis réaliste et sais que nous continuerons à faire face à plusieurs défis, incluant un petit cheptel, un 41

manque de présence dans plusieurs régions du pays et un manque de sélection génomique pour nos éleveurs. En même temps, j’ai vu une augmentation croissante des membres et du cheptel au cours des récentes années et nous continuons à trouver des éleveurs qui sont intéressés à ajouter des Shorthorns laitiers à leur troupeau. Notre niveau de sélection de taureaux provenant de sources génétiques diverses n’a jamais été aussi élevé et nous continuons à avoir bon nombre d’animaux établissant de nouveaux records de tous les temps.

Le défi que je lance à tous les éleveurs est qu’ils continuent à être des ambassadeurs de la race dans leur région. Imaginez la croissance de la race qui pourrait être possible si la moitié de nos troupeaux était vendue à un nouvel éleveur chaque année! Profitez des services de marketing offerts par la Société et considérez apporter des animaux à l’Exposition nationale à Lindsay, ou à y assister. N’ayez pas peur de parler à vos voisins des raisons pourquoi vous aimez vos Shorthorns. Plusieurs troupeaux au Canada pourraient profiter de la présence bénéfique de Shorthorns laitiers, particulièrement les troupeaux qui visent l’efficacité de production avec les fourrages et le pâturage. Dans une économie où les coûts de l’énergie, de la main-d’oeuvre et des grains sont toujours à la hausse, les Shorthorns laitiers sont définitivement le bon choix pour plusieurs troupeaux canadiens.

Finalement j’espère vous voir en grand nombre lors de la Journée champêtre et l’AGA en juillet à Oceanbrae Farms sur l’Île du Prince Édouard. C’est la toute première Journée champêtre ‘sur l’île’ depuis 1999 et ma famille a très hâte d’accueillir les éleveurs de Shorthorns laitiers pour une visite et pour voir le troupeau. Les Journées champêtres ont longtemps été un bon moyen pour notre race de créer des liens tout en faisant des affaires pour la Société. Si vous avez besoin d’aide dans l’élaboration de vos plans de voyage et pour votre hébergement, n’hésitez pas à m’appeler ou à m’envoyer un courriel.

Mes meilleurs voeux pour une année prospère à tous les éleveurs de Shorthorns!


A web portal for Milking/Dairy/Illawarra Shorthorn news and information from around the world! If interested in having your own website hosted, contact Ryan at 42

What sires are you using? We talked with some breeders across Canada to get an idea what traits they emphasize when selecting sires for use in their herd, as well as finding out what sires they have been using recently. We talked to: Diane Naylor, Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns of Kleefeld, Manitoba. Diane farms with her husband Ivan and her sons Will and Phil. They have a mixed herd of Holsteins and Milking Shorthorns, with over 50 Shorthorns in milk. Fred Barrett, Oceanbrae Farms of Belmont, Prince Edward Island. Fred farms with his son Matt, with a mixed herd of primarily Milking Shorthorns (more than 40 in milk). Oceanbrae Farms won the CMSS Master Breeder award in 2009. Dave Prinzen, Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON. Dave farms with his father Bernard, having a mixed herd of Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Milking Shorthorns. Dave is the current Vice-President of the CMSS. Don Richardson, Richford Farms, St. Marys, ON. Don and his family have a mixed herd of Milking Shorthorns and Holsteins, with Shorthorns now comprising more than half of the herd. 1. What are the most important traits you consider when choosing sires to use in your herd? Richardson: Milk production, overall type, and fat and protein components are the most important traits I consider. Prinzen: I emphasize all-around conformation, as milk usually comes from sound cows. I also like bulls with a little more style, as we like to do some showing. Barrett: When choosing bulls, I tend to consider production, fat and protein percentages, and well-attached and balanced udders. These traits are the ones that have the greatest influence on the bottom line. Naylor: In a nutshell, we stress production along with good components and type. We pay attention to LPI or Net Merit figures, as well as the depth and strength of the cow family, as we want a cow that produces and stays in the herd for a long time. Type-wise, we pay specific attention to udders, feet and legs, and rumps. 2. What sires have you been using the most recently? Richardson: Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato, Oceanbrae Ironman-P, Clarefield Mocha, and Vinra Bar-D Famous Prinzen: We have used all of the CMSS Syndicate sires (Jack, Plato, Zumba, & Ironman-P). We are also using bulls like GMC Rebel Logic, Mocha, Kundes Golden Logic Adventure, and Treeton Pingerly. We also have a Valleyriver Ruben 43

Redman son of our Starshine cow that we are breeding to a few select animals. Barrett: At the moment, the sires I am using most are Mocha, the SRB bull Pell-Pers, Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace, and Adventure. Naylor: The sires getting the most use recently are Adventure, Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty, and Mocha, along with some Ace, Logic and Jurist. We do have a cleanup bull, who is a polled Royal Treble son of Rovin Alise Clay Ali-P, the dam of Accent-P. 3. What sires are represented the most in your heifer pens? Richardson: Plato, Famous, Ironman-P, Mapleton Vly J Zumba, and our previous herd sire, Oceanbrae Jack Frost, a full brother to Plato. Prinzen: Ironman-P, Pingerly, Zumba, Logic, Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P, B Jurist, and Mysha-WO Robin Nitro. Barrett: Lately, we have registered mostly daughters of Plato, Logic, Ace, and our previous herd sire, Oceanbrae DJ Belmont. We are also starting to get some daughters of our most recent herd sire, Oceanbrae Jurist Pete, a brother to Plato. Naylor: In our younger group, we mostly have daughters of Mocha, Ace, and B Jurist, along with a couple of Adventure calves and a few by herd sires. In the older group, we have heifers by Zumba, Ace, Logic, Jurist, and Mysha-WO Robin Nitro-EXP. 4. What sires have you been the most pleased with in your young cows recently? Richardson: I have been quite impressed with our Plato daughters, largely due to their higher butterfat. A couple of ours have now calved for the second time and I’m very pleased with the way they have matured. We are also milking three Mocha daughters which are very well balanced and flashy with positive production. We are also milking four Lisnamulligan Fairway daughters. They aren’t flashy, but they have improved production over their dams and are good commercial cows. Prinzen: I quite like our two Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace daughters. Although they aren’t the biggest cows, they have beautiful udders (improved over dams) and are the type of balanced cows that will develop over time. Our Jurist daughters are quite milky with spunk, and our Logics are all-around good cows. Storm Ruler has left a few young Very Good cows in the herd as well. We have also used a little of the Red Holstein bull Redman to good effect, as he is leaving beautiful udders along with improved production on select matings. Barrett: We have had very good success with B Jurist. He has left strong, durable cows that produce better than their dams with higher components and functional udders that are wearing well. We have had two EX daughters of Jurist and have a couple more with the potential to go Excellent. Logic has also worked well at Oceanbrae, siring great feet and legs and good overall size and type with extra fat test. Logic doesn’t give as much milk volume, but he does a lot of good things We have now calved in quite a few Plato daughters. They have generally 44

had improved fat over dams with well attached udders and good feet and legs. Some have lacked dairyness, but are quiet, easy to manage cows. We are also milking quite a few daughters of Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s CD. They are generally big cows with well attached udders but with variable component percentages and below average milking speed. Naylor: Our young cows are sired by quite a few different bulls, but we quite like our first daughters of Mocha and Plato, as well as the Logics and Jurists. Our first milking daughter of Panorama Aramis is also quite nice, scoring 85 points recently.

Excellent Cows 2012

Lynmark Out Fleece Shady Brae Lace Oceanbrae N Missy Oceanbrae Michelle 4th Lynmark Champaige Lynmark NYS Sandy Lynmark Clay Equity Oceanbrae Cinnamon Lynmark NS Clarica Oceanbrae Lady 20 ET Prinsville Design’s Patience Maple Inn Rosemary 59th Lynmark RL Clarice Lynmark Clay Pigeon Lynmark Crab Cakes Eloc Kourt Crackle Northend Outlaws Chick

Mericrest Outlaw EX-94-2E Mericrest Outlaw EX-93-5E Hauxwell Notary EX-93-3E Mericrest Outlaw EX-91-5E Kingsdale Peri’s Champ EX-91-3E Mericrest Now You See EX-90-7E Bar-D Cindy’s Clay EX-90-3E Oceanbrae Champ EX-90-3E Glenbrook Storm Ruler EX-90-3E Glenbrook Buttercups Design EX-90-2E Glenbrook Buttercups Design EX-90-2E Innisfail Prince of Diamonds EX-90 GMC Rebel Logic EX-90 Bar-D Cindy’s Clay EX-90 Glenbrook Storm Ruler EX-90 Gold Mine Frost Kourt EX-90 Mericrest Outlaw EX-90

Lynmark, ON Kolson, ON Oceanbrae, PE Oceanbrae, PE Lynmark, ON Lynmark, ON Prinsville, ON Oceanbrae, PE Lynmark, ON Laughlin, ON Prinsville, ON Lynmark, ON Lynmark, ON Lynmark, ON Lynmark, ON Eloc, NS Deerhaven, AB

Very Good in First Lactation 2012

Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple Oceanbrae CD Pepper Lynmark GSR Purdy Oceanbrae RL Courtney Oceanbrae Bessie Joe T Eloc Plato Logielicious Northend Plato’s Currant Prinsville Redman Star

Clarefield Mocha Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s CD Glenbrook Storm Ruler GMC Rebel Logic Vinra Frost Ted Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Valleyriver Ruben Redman

VG-87 VG-87 VG-86 VG-85 VG-85 VG-85 VG-85 VG-85

Koopycrest, ON Oceanbrae, PE Lynmark, ON Mt. Elgin, ON Oceanbrae, PE Eloc, NS Northend, AB Prinsville, ON


Distinguished Service Award Mike Sullivan of Maple Inn Farms

The Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society is proud to present its Distinguished Service Award to Mike Sullivan of Maple Inn Farms, Peterborough, Ontario. Mike has been a fixture of the Milking Shorthorn breed in Ontario for many years and has served the breed in number of ways. Mike started farming with his father Joseph (a Past-President of the CMSS) in 1964, initially shipping cream before transitioning to ship fluid milk a few years later. The Maple Inn herd was active in the show ring across Ontario, including local shows in Peterborough and Lindsay as well as the CNE and Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and the World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin. Mike lists as one of his showing highlights when Maple Inn Dairymaid 56th EX-95 won Grand Championship honours at the 2008 National Show, with Rosemary also named Reserve Grand in 2009 and 2011. The story of the Maple Inn herd has been built on the strength of cow families, particularly the Dairymaid and Rosemary cow families. For example, Maple Inn Rosemary 33rd VG sits second all time for lifetime milk and fat production among Canadian Milking Shorthorns. Members of the both families have been exported to the United States, and Maple Inn was the first Canadian herd to export embryos to the United Kingdom in the 1990’s. Mike was a director of the CMSS for the best part of 20 years. He was a long time Chairman of the Sale Committee, instrumental in organizing and running the annual National Sales that were held in Peterborough or Lindsay for a number of years. Maple Inn cattle have helped to form the foundation of a number of new Milking Shorthorn herds in Canada and the United States, including one of the 2013 Cow of the Year nominees. Due to health considerations, the Maple Inn herd ceased milk production in 2004 but Mike continues to breed Milking Shorthorns at the farm just south of Peterborough. In receiving this Distinguished Service Award, Mike receives an Honourary Life Membership to the CMSS. 46

UPDATES TO STAR BROOD AND MASTER BREEDER AWARDS Change to Star Brood Calculations: Proven sires can now contribute points for calculation of Star Brood Cow awards. - Proven son with LPI greater than 1200 = 6 points - Proven son with LPI greater than 1350 = 9 points - Proven son with LPI greater than 1500 = 12 points

Change to Master Breeder calculation: With elimination of gold and diamond awards for lifetime production and introduction of Superior Production Awards and new Lifetime Production Awards, these awards need to be accounted for in Master Breeder point accumulation. These awards now contribute in the following ways: - Superior Production Award = 2 points - Lifetime Production Award Level 1 = 2 pts - Lifetime Production Award Level 2 = 4 pts - Lifetime Production Award Level 3 = 6 pts Both Star Brood Awards and the Master Breeder Award are available to be calculated upon request by the breeder. Full information on calculating Master Breeder and Star Brood Cow awards are available online at or contact Ryan for more information.

For all of the latest news on Milking Shorthorns in Canada! Be sure to bookmark us! 47

Top Sires by Trait Milk kgs 1. Oceanbrae Pepper’s Poseidon 2. K Schie 3. Clarefield Mocha 4. B Jurist 5. Meriville Peerless

Fat kgs 1. B Jurist 2. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 3. K Schie 4. Oceanbrae Pepper’s Poseidon 5. Dropstad Protein kgs 1. B Jurist 2. K Schie 3. Oceanbrae Pepper’s Poseidon 4. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 5. Clarefield Mocha 5. Vinra Peerless Frolic Fat Percentage 1. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 2. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 3. B Jurist 4. Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato 5. GMC Rebel Logic Protein Percentage 1. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 2. B Jurist 3. Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P 4. Mapleton Vly MSTR JP 5. Oceanbrae Defender ET 5. Prairie-Pin WR’s Ladysman Somatic Cell Score 1. B Jurist 2. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 2. Kingsdale Peri’s Champ 4. Nordica Sampson 5. Vinra Peerless Frolic


April 2013

663 659 566 521 491 44 42 37 30 28 24 19 17 16 13 13 +0.55 +0.51 +0.37 +0.35 +0.33 +0.22 +0.19 +0.17 +0.15 +0.13 +0.13 2.75 2.78 2.78 2.80 2.83

Conformation 1. Clarefield Mocha 1. GMC Rebel Logic 3. Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato 4. Blissful Diamond Sam 5. B Jurist 5. Mericrest Now You See

Mammary System 1. Clarefield Mocha 1. GMC Rebel Logic 3. B Jurist 3. Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato 5. Kingsdale Peri’s Champ

Feet and Legs 1. Wildwood DG Lady’s Lance 2. GMC Rebel Logic 2. Pinehurst Rubin 7th 4. Blissful Diamond Sam 5. Glenbrook Buttercups Design Dairy Strength 1. Clarefield Mocha 2. GMC Rebel Logic 3. Mericrest Now You See 4. Innisfail Prince of Diamonds 4. Innisfail Prime Time Rump 1. Clarefield Mocha 1. Mericrest Now You See 3. Bar-D Cindy’s Clay 4. B Jurist 4. GMC Rebel Logic

Lactation Persistency 1. Vinra Peerless Frolic 2. Innisfail Prime Time 3. B Jurist 3. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace 3. Wildwood DG Lady’s Lance

13 13 7 7 6 6 11 11 7 7 6 11 8 8 7 6 15 8 7 6 6 11 11 9 6 6 115 110 107 107 107

Herd Life 1. Wildwood DG Lady’s Lance 2. Prairie-Pine WR’s Ladysman 2. Innisfail Prime Time 4. Vinra Frost Ted 4. Wildwood Nell’s Prestige

Milking Speed 1. Wildwood DG Lady’s Lance 2. Des Frenes M Master IV 3. Meriville Prince Edward 3. Kingsdale Libby’s Rebel 5. Northend Edward’s Bertie

Milking Temperament 1. Kingsdale Peri’s Champ 1. Krause’s Edith Edsel 3. Prairie-Pine WR’s Ladysman 4. Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato 4. Glenbrook Buttercups Design

113 109 109 107 107 111 110 106 106 105

Calving Ability 1. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 2. Innisfail Prince of Diamonds 3. Blissful Diamond Sam 3. Prairie-Pine WR’s Ladysman 5. Meriville Prince Edward Daughter Calving Ability 1. Krause’s Maxines Mike 2. Oceanbrae Diamond Jack 3. Mericrest Now You See 4. Gold Mine Frost Kourt 5. GMC Rebel Logic

108 106 104 104 103 109 107 106 105 102

109 109 108 105 105


2013 2011 2002 2004 2010

Note: All records are on animals 75% or greater

Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P 9815 Oceanbrae Diamond Irma 10327 Hauxwell Nellie 8148 Cheapside Elsie 10179 Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel 9490

Three Year Old

342 347 316 353 345

2010 2011 2004 2008 2008

361 394 349 338 364

Three Year Old

Oceanbrae Princess Joe 11161 Oceanbrae POD Nutmeg 10864 Northend Edward’s Liz 10829 Sugar Hill Ruler Latte 10621 Northend Clayton Maggie 10524


Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P 6933 Quality Inita 8434 Oceanbrae Kay Keely 10057 Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 10264 Boos Hill Irette Irwin 4J 9579

2012 2012 2006 2011 2003

327 304 308 295 264

Two Year Old

387 392 278 315 288

2011 2006 1999 2010 2011

Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 10264 Oceanbrae Kay Keely 10057 Oceanbrae Roan Dixie 9878 Deerhaven Ted’s Megan 9846 Oceanbrae Princess Peach 9400


Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple 8650 Deerhaven Logic Charity 9039 Tweedside P Candice 7107 Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi 9061 Oceanbrae Princess Joe ET8059

Two Year Old

290 277 272 292 292 2012 2011 1997 2011 2009

Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi 9061 Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 9048 Deerhaven Logic Charity 9039 Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple 8650 Oceanbrae Leigh Liva 8089

315 272 331 378 286

Fat Prot Year

Senior Yearling


2011 2010 2011 2012 2007


696 455 429 421 416

414 411 392 387 385

378 331 321 315 286

355 326 298 345 333

252 297 304 327 313

292 272 264 290 254

2010 2013 2008 2011 2004


378 286 315 272 331

292 292 290 277 272

Fat Prot

Northend JP Bluy 9926 Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P 9815 Sugar Hill Ruler Latte 10621 Oceanbrae POD Nutmeg10864 Cheapside Elsie 10179

366 696 338 394 421

361 355 353 347 345

Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 10264 387 327 Oceanbrae Lady 54th 9720 314 326 Oceanbrae Jurist Layla 9231 368 322 Northend Edwards Liz 10829 349 316 Boos Hill Irette Irwin 4J 9579 385 313

Three Year Old

2011 2010 2011 2004 2003


Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple 8650 Oceanbrae Leigh Liva 8089 Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi 9061 Oceanbrae Lass Loretta 9048 Deerhaven Logic Charity 9039

Two Year Old

2012 2007 2011 2010 2011

Senior Yearling

Fat Prot Year

All Time Champions

Senior Yearling



Northend Clayton Maggie11478 Cheapside Maid 11266 Cold Springs Plum Bess 10951 Krause’s Joyce Joyful 10922 Cheapside ENH Pride 10916

Oceanbrae Joe 34th 15815 Oceanbrae Lady 10th 12070 Oceanbrae Sassy Selena 12014 Northend P Edward Jerry12003 Fieldcrest Ideal-P 11145

2000 2007 2009 2008 1996

Valley Crest Princess 5 11293 Northend Mike’s Runt 10938 Oceanbrae Joe 34th 10358 Hauxwell Princess 6th 10224 Valley Crest Princess 3rd 10134

10 Years and Over

2007 2002 2010 2008 2010

Mature Cow

2011 2002 1997 1999 2000

Five Year Old

488 315 287 342 374

522 394 370 431 380

428 399 423 382 423

355 343 278 285 296

468 392 356 358 356

363 341 355 326 354

418 379 365 356 344


Valley Crest Princess 5 Valley Crest Alice 30 Kilbucko Betty Valley Crest Princess 3

10 Years and Over 2001 2013 2011 1996

480 455 452 428 425

565 479 453 446 444

254 305 320 363 324

392 308 339 418 252

11293 8882 9596 10135

488 401 394 375

355 277 309 294

Northend Clayton Maggie Knoxdale Elsa Des Frenes Rose 21A Cold Springs Plum Bess Cheapside ENH Pride

Valley Crest Princess 5 11293 Northend Mike’s Runt 10938 Northend Mike’s Runt 10130 Merrittview Pepper K 5A 9660 Kilbucko Betty 9596

10 Years and Over 2001 2007 2009 2003 2011

11478 10625 7688 10951 10916

13457 10650 11249 11170 11130


Oceanbrae Joe 34th 15815 Oceanbrae Lady 10th 12070 Fieldcrest Ideal-P 10784 Northend P Edward Jerry 12003 Oceanbrae Sassy Selena 12014

Mature Cow

2011 2009 1997 1997 2000


Sugar Hill Ruler Latte Boos Hill Irette Irwin 4J Oceanbrae Lass Lily Hauxwell Wild Sarah 3 Krause’s Joyce Joyful

Five Year Old

2010 2004 2010 1999 1998

Four Year Old

Fat Prot Year

2007 Oceanbrae Pepper 2nd 10805 543 332 2002 Oceanbrae Joe 34th 15815 522 468 2011 Maple Inn Lady Nancy 8823 487 268 2008 Valley Crest Princess 7 9792 475 304 2010 Seagrave M Thora 18A 10161 463 319

Mature Cow 2009 2007 2007 2002 1999

10650 9298 10249 13457 8307


Maple Inn Nancy 8704 Lynmark Rubiann SR 9105 Hauxwell Dairymaid 19 9500 Northend Clayton Maggie 11478 Valley Crest Gloria Ann 21 9948

Five Year Old 2003 2012 2003 2011 2001


Boos Hill Irette Irwin 4J Lynmark Out Fleece Lynmark Crab Cakes Sugar Hill Ruler Latte Maple Inn Rosemary 44

2004 2012 2013 2010 2004

446 424 390 426 342

Fat Prot

Four Year Old

Sugar Hill Ruler Latte Oceanbrae Lass Lily Hauxwell Wild Sarah 3 Krause’s Joyce Joyful Oceanbrae Donna

13457 11249 11170 11130 11038


2010 2010 1999 1998 2000


Four Year Old


488 315 321 364 394

522 394 409 431 370

428 417 394 423 423

446 565 424 390 426

355 343 319 313 309

468 392 362 358 356

363 362 357 355 354

418 392 379 365 356

Fat Prot

2012 Records of Production

records with a composite BCA greater than 760 BCA, completed in 2012


1-9 Sire: 1-10 Sire: 1-11 Sire: 1-11 Sire: 1-10 Sire: 1-11 Sire:

Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET Clarefield Mocha Lady Grove VF Ted June 3 Vinra Frost Ted Oceanbrae Pepper Tina ET Vinra Frost Ted Onaknoll Rosesharon Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Prosperous Acres Evelyn Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Lady Grove BM Maree Lady Grove Biestar Max

8650 Owner: 7179 Owner: 6967 Owner: 6461 Owner: 5533 Owner: 6290 Owner:

378 4.4 292 3.4 (382-406-395) Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON 271 3.8 236 3.3 (311-285-315) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 259 3.7 207 3.0 (304-278-276) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 232 3.6 207 3.2 (294-258-288) Onaknoll Farm, Bruce Mines, ON 239 4.3 200 3.6 (257-272-286) James and Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 243 3.9 198 3.1 (268-253-261) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

1183 Class: VG-87 911 Class: GP-81 858 Class: GP-84 840 Class: GP-82 815 Class: G-78 782 Class: G-78

2-2 Sire: 2-1 Sire: 2-4 Sire: 2-3 Sire: 2-2 Sire: 2-2 Sire: 2-4 Sire: 2-1 Sire: 2-5 Sire: 2-1 Sire: 2-2 Sire: 2-2 Sire: 2-4 Sire: 2-2 Sire: 2-0 Sire:

Oceanbrae Idol Irette (3x) Oceanbrae Idol Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P ET Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Lady Grove Mocha Angeline ET Clarefield Mocha Lynmark Diamond Chloe Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Headacher Mocha Sally Clarefield Mocha Oceanbrae Plato Cass Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Northend Logics Chundoo GMC Rebel Logic Oceanbrae Ted’s Madison Vinra Frost Ted Sugar Hill Jack Sugar Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Oceanbrae Logic Nanny GMC Rebel Logic Oceanbrae CD Pepper ET Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Cedar Creek Logic Jeanette 11 GMC Rebel Logic Prosperous Acres Carleen Cates Tangerine Perles Titan Oceanbrae RL Courtney GMC Rebel Logic Prinsville Logic Fashion ET GMC Rebel Logic

8774 Owner: 6933 Owner: 7364 Owner: 7530 Owner: 8277 Owner: 7461 Owner: 8071 Owner: 8134 Owner: 7014 Owner: 7109 Owner: 6977 Owner: 6432 Owner: 6707 Owner: 6614 Owner: 6400 Owner:

352 4.0 291 3.3 (385-383-393) Boos Hill Farm, Alexandria, ON 414 6.0 252 3.6 (303-445-336) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 322 4.4 267 3.6 (313-335-347) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 306 4.1 241 3.2 (324-322-317) Lynmark Farm, Norwood, ON 288 3.5 267 3.2 (339-288-334) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 304 4.1 254 3.4 (313-310-326) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 276 3.4 266 3.3 (332-279-337) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 254 3.1 239 2.9 (350-267-314) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 286 4.1 248 3.5 (295-298-322) Bob & Jon Howe, Embro, ON 265 3.7 234 3.3 (311-285-312) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 268 3.8 220 3.1 (304-285-293) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 301 4.7 226 3.5 (270-307-290) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 284 4.2 236 3.5 (276-287-299) James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 277 4.2 232 3.5 (277-283-297) Mt. Elgin Dairy Farm, Guelph, ON 264 4.1 208 3.2 (284-287-285) Prinsville Dairy Farm, Bloomfield, ON

1161 Class: GP-81 1084 Class: VG-86 995 Class: GP-80 963 Class: GP-83 961 Class: GP-83 949 Class: VG-85 948 Class: VG-85 931 Class: VG-85 915 Class: GP-82 908 Class: VG-85 882 Class: VG-87 867 Class: GP-82 862 Class: VG-85 857 Class: VG-85 856 Class: G-78

Junior Two Year Olds


2-1 Sire: 2-3 Sire: 2-3 Sire: 2-3 Sire: 2-1 Sire: 2-0 Sire: 2-0 Sire: 2-0 Sire: 2-3 Sire:

KG Accent Candy of Oceanbrae ET 7800 Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Owner: Prosperous Acres Goldy 6990 Oceanbrae King Lear Owner: Whites Hunter Lady 6536 Whites Hunter Owner: Oceanbrae Pepper Tea ET 7025 Vinra Frost Ted Owner: Sugar Hill Jack Quinn 6900 Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Owner: Cedar Creek Bud Golden Bride 4 5949 Prosperous Acres Buddy Owner: Headacher Adam Blossom-P 5528 Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Owner: Serol Clay Sensass 5867 Bar-D Cindy’s Clay Owner: Prosperous Acres Cream Puff 6574 Gold Mine Frost Kourt Owner:

228 2.9 233 3.0 (323-230-295) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 254 3.6 237 3.4 (284-254-296) James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 251 3.8 220 3.4 (272-256-282) Kee-Muse Farm, Cannington, ON 274 3.9 208 3.0 (282-271-258) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 233 3.4 229 3.3 (285-235-290) Bob & Jon Howe, Embro, ON 212 3.6 202 3.4 (269-238-281) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 235 4.2 192 3.5 (248-258-263) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 236 4.0 207 3.5 (249-246-269) Ferme Serol, Roxton Falls, QC 217 3.3 221 3.4 (267-217-276) James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON

848 Class: GP-82 834 Class: G-77 810 Class: GP-80 810 Class: VG-85 810 Class: GP-82 788 Class: G-78 769 Class: GP-82 764 Class: GP-80 760 Class: GP-83

2-8 Sire: 2-11 Sire: 2-6 Sire: 2-8 Sire: 2-8 Sire: 2-6 Sire: 2-6 Sire: 2-6 Sire: 2-6 Sire: 2-10 Sire: 2-10 Sire: 2-11 Sire: 2-10 Sire: 2-6 Sire:

Quality Inita (3x) Lemon Grove Biestar Oceanbrae CD Joe Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Lady Grove Kourt Tess Gold Mine Frost Kourt Lady Grove Sam K Betty 5 ET Blissful Diamond Sam Prosperous Acres Lucy Mae Oceanbrae King Lear Oceanbrae DJ Darling Oceanbrae Diamond Jack Northend J D Lucy Mapleton Vly MSTR JP Maple Inn Lacy’s Pride Lemon Grove Biestar Lady Grove CD K Betty 4 Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Edel Bertie Myriam 582 Northend Edward’s Bertie Knoxdale Bstar Tessie Lemon Grove Biestar Spruce Briar Frolic Utopia Vinra Peerless Frolic Prinsville Jurist Starry B Jurist Lady Grove Biestar Iona Lemon Grove Biestar

411 4.9 297 3.5 (322-384-349) Boos Hill Farms, Alexandria, ON 310 3.5 299 3.4 (331-284-340) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 292 3.9 260 3.4 (312-295-329) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 308 4.1 255 3.4 (304-308-319) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 323 3.9 270 3.3 (312-302-314) James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 276 3.6 257 3.4 (315-279-325) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 282 4.2 263 3.9 (282-288-333) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 309 4.4 247 3.5 (273-297-294) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 285 4.1 223 3.2 (284-288-282) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 253 3.6 225 3.2 (269-243-267) Edelweiss Dairy Ltd, Innisfail, AB 266 4.2 237 3.7 (244-251-279) Knoxdale Farm, Fenelon Falls, ON 264 3.6 232 3.2 (268-240-264) Andrew & Anne Bromley, Westmeath, ON 247 3.9 224 3.6 (249-245-273) Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 259 4.3 218 3.6 (243-254-269) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

1055 Class: GP-81 955 Class: GP-80 936 Class: G-75 931 Class: GP-82 928 Class: G-71 919 Class: VG-85 903 Class: G-76 864 Class: GP-80 854 Class: G-75 779 Class: F-65 774 Class: N/C 772 Class: G-79 767 Class: GP-82 766 Class: G-76

Senior Two Year Old

8434 Owner: 8931 Owner: 7565 Owner: 7485 Owner: 8262 Owner: 7631 Owner: 6795 Owner: 6997 Owner: 6887 Owner: 6941 Owner: 6358 Owner: 7230 Owner: 6267 Owner: 6080 Owner:


Junior Three Year Olds

3-2 Sire: 3-4 Sire: 3-0 Sire: 3-1 Sire: 3-3 Sire: 3-2 Sire: 3-3 Sire: 3-3 Sire: 3-4 Sire: 3-0 Sire: 3-1 Sire: 3-2 Sire: 3-2 Sire: 3-5 Sire: 3-0 Sire: 3-3 Sire: 3-1 Sire:

Deerhaven Ted’s Megan Vinra Frost Ted Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme ET B Jurist Oceanbrae Jurist Pepsi ET B Jurist Oceanbrae Jurist Betty B Jurist Oceanbrae Jurist Layla B Jurist Oceanbrae Princess Peach Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Prosperous Acres Candy Oceanbrae King Lear Northend Famous Player-P Vinra Bar-D Famous Oceanbrae Frolic Kristy Vinra Peerless Frolic Oceanbrae POD Milkmaid Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Prinsville Outlaw Music Mericrest Outlaw Prinsville Jurist Fashion B Jurist Lady Grove BJ L Nancy 5 B Jurist Onaknoll Bertie Roselyn Northend Edward’s Bertie Lady Grove Logic Janessa GMC Rebel Logic Oceanbrae Jurist Milkmaid B Jurist Sugar Hill Sam Lait Blissful Diamond Sam

10190 Owner: 8600 Owner: 9269 Owner: 8295 Owner: 9089 Owner: 10648 Owner: 8660 Owner: 8781 Owner: 8678 Owner: 8423 Owner: 8466 Owner: 6910 Owner: 6789 Owner: 7728 Owner: 6731 Owner: 7236 Owner: 7198 Owner:

373 3.7 335 3.3 (367-333-372) Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB 391 4.5 280 3.3 (325-365-326) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 324 3.5 302 3.3 (350-300-351) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 402 4.8 270 3.2 (312-372-310) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 341 3.8 321 3.5 (326-302-353) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 274 2.6 296 2.8 (384-245-329) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 346 4.0 304 3.5 (307-304-330) James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 344 3.9 290 3.3 (314-307-318) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 290 3.3 291 3.4 (318-261-327) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 332 3.9 290 3.3 (307-296-296) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 256 3.0 271 3.2 (328-246-323) Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 270 3.9 247 3.6 (265-255-291) Knoxdale Farm, Fenelon Falls, ON 267 3.9 243 3.6 (260-252-286) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 273 3.5 263 3.4 (273-237-286) Onaknoll Farm, Bruce Mines, ON 279 4.2 241 3.6 (252-258-277) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 266 3.7 257 3.5 (257-233-279) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 260 3.6 221 3.1 (271-241-254) Bob & Jon Howe, Embro, ON

1072 Class: VG-85 1016 Class: VG-87 1001 Class: VG-87 994 Class: VG-87 981 Class: EX-90 958 Class: VG-85 941 Class: G-76 939 Class: VG-87 906 Class: GP-80 899 Class: GP-80 897 Class: GP-82 811 Class: GP-83 798 Class: VG-85 796 Class: GP-80 787 Class: GP-81 769 Class: GP-81 766 Class: EX-91

3-7 Sire: 3-11 Sire: 3-6 Sire: 3-6 Sire: 3-11 Sire: 3-6 Sire:

Northend Logic Proud GMC Rebel Logic Prinsville Logic Starshine GMC Rebel Logic Merrittview Don Jackie 9T Oceanbrae Pepper Poseidon Oceanbrae Lady 55th Oceanbrae Thunder Oceanbrae Kay Karma Gold Mine Frost Kourt Lynmark Clay Pigeon Bar-D Cindy’s Clay

8290 Owner: 9810 Owner: 7894 Owner: 7603 Owner: 7917 Owner: 6920 Owner:

374 4.5 301 3.6 (303-337-338) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 314 3.2 320 3.3 (336-268-337) Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 295 3.7 263 3.3 (285-263-292) Walter Goudy, Markdale, ON 267 3.5 253 3.3 (274-239-281) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 280 3.5 264 3.3 (269-237-275) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 280 4.0 240 3.5 (253-252-270) Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON

978 Class: VG-87 941 Class: VG-89 840 Class: G-74 794 Class: G-78 781 Class: GP-80 775 Class: EX-90

Senior Three Year Olds


3-7 Sire: 3-7 Sire: 3-9 Sire:

Landslide 66 Glenbrook Buttercups Design Nixholm NYS Tody ET Mericrest Now You See Headacher Prince of D Ireland Innisfail Prince of Diamonds

Four Year Olds

7594 Owner: 7394 Owner: 7632 Owner:

279 3.7 248 3.3 (264-238-264) Ronald Hornbrook, Mt. Middleton, NB 257 3.5 233 3.1 (270-232-262) Harold K Nixon, St. Eugene, ON 259 3.4 239 3.1 (273-229-262) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON

766 Class: GP-80 764 Class: VG-85 764 Class: VG-85

4-6 Sire: 4-3 Sire: 4-9 Sire: 4-8 Sire: 4-2 Sire: 4-4 Sire: 4-4 Sire: 4-4 Sire: 4-2 Sire: 4-5 Sire: 4-9 Sire: 4-2 Sire: 4-8 Sire: 4-0 Sire: 4-0 Sire:

Lynmark Out Fleece Mericrest Outlaw Oceanbrae POD Nutmeg Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Oceanbrae Jurist Mika B Jurist Lady Grove R Logic Smartie GMC Rebel Logic Oceanbrae Lady 54th Blissful Diamond Sam Oceanbrae Jurist Liza B Jurist Oceanbrae Kay Kassidy Oceanbrae Thunder Oceanbrae Sassy Stephanie GMC Rebel Logic Oceanbrae T Charisma (3x) Oceanbrae Thunder Lynmark Scotia Kourt Gold Mine Frost Kourt Knoxdale DS Infinity Blissful Diamond Sam Prosperous Acres Elvira Daisy Oceanbrae King Lear Oceanbrae RL Princess GMC Rebel Logic Knoxdale T Marsha Vinra Frost Ted Valley Crest Monica 57 Glenbrook Storm Ruler

9298 Owner: 10547 Owner: 8940 Owner: 8732 Owner: 8740 Owner: 9353 Owner: 9915 Owner: 9665 Owner: 9125 Owner: 8573 Owner: 9004 Owner: 8412 Owner: 8729 Owner: 7673 Owner: 7639 Owner:

479 5.2 308 3.3 (307-396-311) Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 377 3.6 341 3.2 (344-309-341) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 377 4.2 308 3.5 (307-322-324) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 372 4.3 302 3.5 (298-318-318) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 374 4.3 297 3.4 (300-320-313) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 367 3.9 306 3.3 (310-301-312) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 308 3.1 316 3.2 (324-250-316) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 353 3.6 282 2.9 (316-287-282) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 326 3.6 266 2.9 (317-281-283) Boos Hill Farm, Alexandria, ON 357 4.2 285 3.3 (279-288-285) Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 322 3.6 295 3.3 (286-258-286) Knoxdale Farm, Fenelon Falls, ON 316 3.8 276 3.3 (281-261-282) James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 321 3.7 259 3.0 (282-261-256) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 291 3.8 268 3.5 (254-243-273) Knoxdale Farm, Fenelon Falls, ON 288 3.8 233 3.0 (268-250-251) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

1014 Class: EX-94 994 Class: VG-85 953 Class: EX-90 934 Class: VG-85 933 Class: GP-82 923 Class: GP-83 890 Class: VG-85 885 Class: VG-85 881 Class: GP-83 852 Class: VG-88 830 Class: GP-81 824 Class: GP-82 799 Class: VG-85 770 Class: G-78 769 Class: GP-83

5-8 Sire: 5-5 Sire: 5-8 Sire: 5-3 Sire:

Lynmark Rubiann SR Glenbrook Storm Ruler Oceanbrae N Missy Hauxwell Notary Oceanbrae Princess K Wildwood Nell’s Prestige Oceanbrae POD Pepper ET Innisfail Prince of Diamonds

9105 Owner: 10608 Owner: 10232 Owner: 9429 Owner:

455 5.0 305 3.4 (296-370-305) Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 392 3.7 315 3.0 (337-314-306) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 380 3.7 291 2.8 (329-306-288) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 378 4.0 292 3.1 (294-298-278) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE

971 Class: VG-86 957 Class: EX-93 923 Class: GP-83 870 Class: VG-87

Five Year Olds


5-11 Sire: 5-4 Sire: 5-7 Sire: 5-4 Sire: 5-3 Sire: 5-3 Sire:

Oceanbrae Lass Lily Oceanbrae Champ Prosperous Acres Rosey Oceanbrae King Lear Prosperous Acres Chelsea Oceanbrae King Lear Northend Claytons Beth Krause’s MN Clayton Lady Grove Diamond Lady Nancy Innisfail Prince of Diamonds Oceanbrae Princess Joe ET Meriville Prince Edward

8697 Owner: 8419 Owner: 8307 Owner: 8787 Owner: 8620 Owner: 8884 Owner:

378 4.3 276 3.2 (278-305-271) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 324 3.9 299 3.5 (276-263-299) James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 334 4.0 269 3.2 (278-281-277) James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 308 3.5 277 3.1 (293-257-283) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 313 3.6 277 3.2 (283-254-280) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 312 3.5 270 3.0 (280-248-262) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE

854 Class: GP-83 838 Class: GP-82 836 Class: G-78 833 Class: GP-80 817 Class: VG-85 790 Class: VG-88

6-11 Sire: 9-6 Sire: 7-0 Sire: 6-0 Sire: 9-1 Sire: 7-8 Sire: 7-6 Sire: 8-4 Sire: 7-0 Sire: 7-8 Sire: 8-9 Sire: 8-5 Sire: 7-6 Sire:

Lady Grove Frolic Rosemary 4th Vinra Peerless Frolic Fieldcrest Ideal-P Seagrave Thor Oceanbrae Cinnamon Oceanbrae Champ Oceanbrae Ilene Bar-D Cindy’s Clay Shady Brae Lace Mericrest Outlaw Northend Outlaws Chick Mericrest Outlaw Sugar Holme P E Rose Edith Meriville Prince Edward Oceanbrae Sassy Selena Wildwood Dusty K Schie Sugar Hill Ruler Latte Glenbrook Storm Ruler Shady Brae Matilda 2 Vinra Peerless Frolic Oceanbrae Michelle 4th Mericrest Outlaw Oceanbrae Sassy Scarlett Meriville Milk More-P Fisher Dairy Ace Lori Valley Crest Ace

11047 Owner: 10179 Owner: 9826 Owner: 9030 Owner: 10151 Owner: 9893 Owner: 9471 Owner: 9219 Owner: 9325 Owner: 8221 Owner: 9265 Owner: 8770 Owner: 8553 Owner:

382 3.5 329 3.0 (353-306-323) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 389 3.8 314 3.1 (318-306-302) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 396 4.0 329 3.4 (301-305-307) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 340 3.8 290 3.2 (297-281-293) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 320 3.1 323 3.2 (313-250-305) Stephen & Janet Edwards, Cobden, ON 283 2.9 300 3.0 (326-236-303) Glenda Mutrie, Thorsby, AB 365 3.9 284 3.0 (290-281-265) Katherine McKay, Embro, ON 339 3.7 289 3.1 (283-267-273) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 316 3.4 288 3.1 (285-243-269) Bob & Jon Howe, Embro, ON 337 4.1 286 3.5 (255-265-272) Onaknoll Farm, Bruce Mines, ON 296 3.2 287 3.1 (285-233-271) Fred Barrett, Miscouche, PE 302 3.4 285 3.2 (273-240-271) Ferme Serol, Roxton Falls, QC 300 3.5 280 3.3 (265-236-267) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

982 Class: VG-85 926 Class: EX-92 913 Class: EX-90 871 Class: VG-85 868 Class: EX-93 865 Class: EX-90 836 Class: N/C 823 Class: VG-85 797 Class: GP-82 792 Class: VG-85 789 Class: EX-91 784 Class: VG-87 768 Class: VG-85

7101 313 4.4 259 3.6 (237-265-264) Owner: Knoxdale Farm, Fenelon Falls, ON

766 Class: VG-85

Mature Cows

10 Years and Older

10-0 Knoxdale Katie Sire: Meriville Prince Edward


2012 Records of Production - Genetic Expansion

cows 74% purity or less with a composite BCA > 800 BCA, completed in 2012


1-11 Prinsville Diamond Kezia Sire: Oceanbrae Diamond Jack

7446 280 3.8 249 3.3 (317-292-323) Owner: Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON

932 Class: GP-81

2-3 Sire: 2-3 Sire: 2-3 Sire: 2-2 Sire: 2-3 Sire:

8270 Owner: 8090 Owner: 7872 Owner: 8210 Owner: 6870 Owner:

391 4.7 289 3.5 (333-383-357) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 341 4.2 270 3.3 (335-348-342) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 325 4.1 257 3.3 (338-342-338) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 258 3.1 312 3.8 (339-263-395) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 267 3.9 219 3.2 (278-264-270) Philip Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

1073 Class: VG-85 1025 Class: GP-81 1018 Class: GP-83 997 Class: GP-80 812 Class: GP-82

2-7 Prinsville Biestar Yoshepa Sire: Lemon Grove Biestar

7865 263 3.3 250 3.2 (311-255-305) Owner: Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON

871 Class: VG-85

3-5 Sire: 3-8 Sire: 3-4 Sire: 3-5 Sire: 3-1 Sire: 3-1 Sire: 3-1 Sire: 3-9 Sire:

10312 Owner: 9788 Owner: 7994 Owner: 8618 Owner: 8850 Owner: 7695 Owner: 7165 Owner: 8100 Owner:

407 4.0 341 3.3 (386-377-392) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 352 3.6 309 3.2 (339-303-329) Nicholas Snyder, Dashwood, ON 380 4.8 282 3.5 (293-345-317) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 330 3.8 295 3.4 (318-300-335) Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 306 3.5 278 3.1 (322-276-309) Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON 287 3.7 254 3.3 (297-273-302) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 286 4.0 246 3.4 (274-270-289) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 274 3.4 255 3.1 (295-247-287) Brian Laughlin, Kinburn, ON

1155 Class: VG-85 971 Class: VG-85 955 Class: VG-86 953 Class: GP-80 907 Class: GP-84 872 Class: VG-87 833 Class: G-72 829 Class: G-80

9611 Owner: 8842 Owner: 7768 Owner:

386 4.0 320 3.3 (325-327-333) Don Richardson, St. Marys, ON 405 4.6 313 3.5 (286-329-310) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 311 4.0 262 3.4 (272-270-282) Prinsville Dairy Farms, Bloomfield, ON

985 Class: GP-80 925 Class: VG-86 824 Class: GP-80

Junior Two Year Olds

Northend Plato’s Currant Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato Northend Teds Cascara Vinra Frost Ted Lady Grove KPC VC Alice 3 Kingsdale Peri’s Champ Northend Pronto’s Flash Northend Pronto Lady Grove Mocha Karissa Clarefield Mocha

Senior Two Year Olds Three Year Old

Lady Grove Red Princess 1 Carousel Distrigene (HO) Prosperous Acres Maisie Oceanbrae King Lear Lands-Brook Chardonnay-EXP GMC Rebel Logic Prinsville Biestar Zara Lemon Grove Biestar Prinsville Jurist Yoko B Jurist Northend Bertie’s Spread Northend Edward’s Bertie Richford Biestar Suess Lemon Grove Biestar Laughlin Titan Rita Cates Tangerine Perles Titan

Four Year Old 4-1 Richford Freemont Sonindor Sire: Freemont (HO) 4-11 Ladygrove Impish Sire: Lady Grove GBD Sam 4-2 Prinsville Logic Melodie Sire: GMC Rebel Logic


4-4 Northend Rulers Cascade Sire: Glenbrook Storm Ruler

8249 285 3.5 255 3.1 (289-248-274) Owner: G & D Palmer, Bruce Mines, ON

811 Class: G-77

5-2 Sire: 5-4 Sire:

Ladygrove Little Lady Lady Grove GBD Sam Ladygrove Sweet Sally Lady Grove GBD Sam

10129 Owner: 8587 Owner:

400 4.0 317 3.1 (334-328-320) G & D Palmer, Bruce Mines, ON 265 3.1 280 3.3 (289-223-289) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB

982 Class: GP-80 801 Class: VG-85

8-6 Sire: 7-5 Sire: 6-2 Sire: 6-4 Sire: 8-9 Sire:

Northend Magnets Christie Northend Edwards Magnet Northend Mikie’s Cascara Northend Mikie Valley Crest Alice 55 Valleyriver Ruben Redman (HO) Prosperous Acres Muffie Kingsdale Peri’s Champ Prosperous Acres Isabel Merrittview Lofty’s Red King

10598 Owner: 10380 Owner: 9175 Owner: 9117 Owner: 8957 Owner:

406 3.8 338 3.2 (339-330-331) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 338 3.3 313 3.0 (331-273-307) Brodie & Brenda Cupples, Thorsby, AB 371 4.0 316 3.4 (295-297-313) Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 328 3.6 317 3.5 (280-252-299) James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON 318 3.5 310 3.5 (276-248-292) James & Judy Snyder, Dashwood, ON

1000 Class: EX-90 911 Class: G-80 905 Class: EX-92 831 Class: N/C 816 Class: VG-86

Five Year Olds

Mature Cows

Changes to All Time Leaders

New #1 Yearling for Fat & Protein: Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple VG-88,

New #3 Four Year Old Fat: Lynmark Crab Cakes EX-90

Owner: Shawn Koopmans, Picton, ON 1-9 305d 8650M 378F 4.4% 292P 3.4% BCA: 382-405-395

Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 4-4 305d 10249M 453F 4.4% 339P 3.3% BCA: 333-371-339

New #2 Two Year Old Fat: Quality Inita GP-81

New #2 Five Year Old Fat: Lynmark Rubiann SR VG-86

Boos Hill Farms, Alexandria, ON 2-8 305d 8434M 411F 4.9% 297P 3.5% BCA: 322-384-349

Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 5-8 305d 9105M 455F 5.0% 305P 3.4% BCA: 296-370-305

New #1 Three Year Old Fat: Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P VG-86,

New #2 Ten Years and Older Fat: Valley Crest Alice 39 EX-93

Owner: Oceanbrae Farms, Belmont, PE 3-4 305d 9815M 696F 7.0% 355P 3.7% BCA: 371-644-413

Ivan & Diane Naylor, Kleefeld, MB 10-2 305d 8882M 401F 4.5% 277P 3.1% BCA: 277-318-266

New #2 Four Year Old Fat: Lynmark Out Fleece EX-94 Owner: Lynmark Farms, Norwood, ON 4-6 305d 9298M 479F 5.2% 308P 3.3% BCA: 307-396-311


Directory of Milking Shorthorn Members the following are Full Members of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society, with prefix noted in brackets after their name.

Boos, Toni & Maria (Boos Hill)

Eastern Ontario

61 Sanfield Rd, Alexandria, ON K0C 1A0 Tel: 613-525-3892 Bromley, Andrew & Anne RR#1, Westmeath, ON K0J 2L0 (Spruce Briar) Tel: 613-587-4517 Canadian Agriculture Museum PO Box 9724 Station "T", Ottawa, ON K1G 5A3 (Showcase) Tel: 613-996-7812 Edwards, Stephen & Janet (Kolson) Box 397, Cobden, ON K0J 1K0 Tel: 613-646-7934 Fisher, Ben & Alisa (Three Charms) 3400 9th Line Rd, Metcalfe, ON K0A 2P0 Tel: 613-821-2095 Laughlin, Brian (Laughlin) 5450 Carp Rd, Kinburn, ON K0A 2H0 Tel: 613-832-1435 Leroux, Jeff & Hannah RR#1, Harrowsmith, ON K0H 1V0 Tel: 613-483-5618 Mosier, Shawn (Redrock) 5932 Battersea Rd, Battersea, ON K0H 1H0 Tel: 613-353-1348 Nixon, Harold K (Nixholm) 3625 Nixon Rd, St. Eugene, ON K0B 1P0 Tel: 613-674-5236 Perry, Dale H (Perrybrook) 997 Highway 32, RR#1 Gananoque, ON K7G 2V3 Tel/Fax: 613-382-3929 Smith, Robert S (Pinerille) 3012 River Rd, Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z8 Tel: 613-432-6272 Straathof, Tony & Adrian (Whitewater) RR#1, Westmeath, ON K0J 2L0 Tel: 613-587-4343 Welch, Leslie (Firelight) 186 Sweets Corners Rd, Lyndhurst, ON K0E 1N0 Tel: 613-387-2389 Welch, William & Carol (Cambraelyn) 186 Sweets Corners Rd, Lyndhurst, ON K0E 1N0 Tel: 613-387-2389 Grant, Brendan (Sleepy G)

Northern Ontario

RR#1, Pass Lake, ON  P0T 2M0   Tel: 807-977-1631 Mutton, Barry & Carole (Olebar) RR#2, Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0 Tel: 705-387-1571 Palmer, Glenna & Dwayne (Onaknoll) RR#2 Bruce Mines, ON P0R 1C0 Tel: 705-785-3837 Underhill, Gary and Nancy (Dan-Ann) RR1, Richards Landing, ON P0R 1J0 Tel: 705-246-2453


Central Ontario

Ashton, Rob (Ashtonia) Kiezebrink, Jim (Kee-Muse) Kippen, Jenna (Headacher) Knox, John & Julie (Knoxdale) Koopmans, Shawn (Koopycrest) Lynmark Farms (Lynmark)

Prinzen, Bernard & Dave (Prinsville) South, E Paul (Southdale) Sullivan, Mike (Maple Inn) Wherry, Doug (Emadale)

Eccles, Johnathan (Laralor)

125 Medd Rd, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B2 Tel: 905-852-2388 RR#1, Cannington, ON L0E 1E0 Tel/Fax: 705-432-2174 6825 18th Sideroad, Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0 Tel: 905-939-2151 230 County Rd 30, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0 Tel: 705-887-5711 2300 County Rd 8, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 Tel: 613-961-9558 2019 12th Line Asphodel, Norwood, ON K0L 2V0 Tel: 705-639-1414 Box 14 126 Main St, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0 Tel: 613-393-5087 785 Durham Rd 10, Sunderland, ON L0C 1H0 Tel: 705-357-2615 2417 Dillon Rd, RR#8, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X9 Ph: 705-745-0830 516 Canonberry Ct, Apt 218, Oshawa, ON L1G 2Z6 Tel: 905-728-0979

Western Ontario

RR2 Southgate SR22, Holstein, ON N0G 2A0 Tel: 519-334-3440 Eix, Brian (Eixdale) 1935 Floradale Rd, Elmira, ON N3B 2Z1 Tel: 519-669-2028 Goudy, Walter (Merrittview) RR#3, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0 Tel: 519-986-3015 Howe, Bob & Jon (Sugar Hill) RR#5, Embro, ON N0J 1J0 Tel: 519-475-4244 Kuepfer, Perry (Kuepcorner) 7322 Rd 116, Linwood, ON N0B 2A0 Tel: 519-698-1161 Martin, Edward M (Twinbrook) 1044 Arthur St. N, Elmira, ON N3B 2Z1 Tel: 519-669-4769 Richardson, Don (Richford) RR#4 St. Mary’s, ON N4X 1C7 Tel: 519-349-2707 Ropp, Christian 4261 Line 52, Brunner, ON Tel: (519) 595-4001 Shoemaker, Daryl & Karen (Cedar Creek)6730 Eighth Line W, Elora, ON N0B 1S0 Tel: 519-846-5292 Snyder, Jim & Judy (Prosperous Acres) 70641 Shipka Line, RR#2 Dashwood, ON N0M 1N0 Tel: 519-237-3294


Western Canada

Cook, Curtis & Lorraine (Blue Horizon) Box 41, Clanwilliam, MB R0J 0K0 Tel/Fax: 204-865-2289 Cupples, Brodie & Brenda (Northend) Box 59, Thorsby, AB T0C 2P0 Tel: 780-789-3689 Mutrie, Glenda (Deerhaven) Box 620, Thorsby, AB T0C 2P0 Tel: 780-789-4165 Naylor, Ivan & Diane (Lady Grove) Box 38, Kleefeld, MB R0A 0V0 Tel/Fax: 204-433-7982 Van Den Bosch, Arthur (Swanhill) Box 185, Swan Lake, MB R0L 1Z0 Tel: 204-836-2030 Vinding, Christine (Julsgard) Box 14, Delisle, SK S0L 0P0 Tel: 306-242-1761 Wytinck, Ron (Skyline) Box 113, Cypress River, MB R0K 0P0 Tel: 204-743-2067

Atlantic Canada

Barrett, Fred & Margaret (Oceanbrae) 1061 Belmont Rd, Miscouche, PE C0B 1T0 Tel: 902-436-7881 Barrett, Keith & Sylvia (Oceanbrae) 1081 Belmont Rd, Miscouche, PE C0B 1T0 Tel: 902-436-6204 Cole, Sandy (Eloc) RR#3, Middle Musquodoboit, NS B0N 1X0 Tel: 902-384-2517 Hornbrook, Ronald (Landslide) 100 Hornbrook Rd, Mt. Middleton, NB E4G 1G5 Tel: 506-433-1058 Wilson, Bob (Bovidae) 128 Castle Frederick Rd, Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0 Tel: 902-798-2794 Desmarais, Charles (Desmarac) Ferme Artisalait Rosie (Rosie Dada) Ferme Dante Inc. (Durham Castle) Ferme Serol Enr. (Serol)


100 Chemin St. Felix, Danville, QC J0A 1A0 Tel: 819-839-1960 551 rue St-Jean, Brownsburg-Chatham, QC J8G 1M2 Tel: 450-533-0281 121 Rte Rivieres des Vases, Isle-Verte, QC G0L 1K0 Tel: 418-898-6215 1571 Rang 8, Roxton Falls, QC J0H 1E0 Tel: 450-548-2657


CMSS Fee Schedule / Horaire des Co没ts Effective April 1st, 2008 Add applicable GST or HST for your province.

Membership Annual Membership Annual Membership for a first time member Junior Membership Associate Membership (paid directly to CMSS) Registrations and Transfers 0 to 6 months of age 6 to 12 months of age Over 12 months of age Animals 50% purity or less (regardless of age) Registration of Imported Animal Registration of Embryo Flush Registration of Herd Prefix or Tattoo Letters

$85.00 $40.00 $25.00 $20.00

Member Non-Member $18.00 $30.00 $26.00 $40.00 $40.00 $50.00 $10.00 $10.00 $26.00 $10.00 $10.00

$40.00 $20.00 $10.00

Transfer of Embryo Maximum transfer fee per flush

$15.00 $50.00

$15.00 $50.00

DNA Test Kit (includes lab fees) DNA from holding bank sample

$45.00 $20.00

$45.00 $20.00

Transfer of Ownership $25.00 $25.00 Transfer of Ownership (within family) $10.00 $10.00 Transfer of Whole Herd within family (no reissue)$100.00 $100.00 Transfer of Herd Prefix $25.00 $25.00 Registration of Lease $10.00 $10.00

Duplicate Certificate Corrected Certificate

Rejected Application Handling Fee Rush Fee (except for exports)

$10.00 $15.00

$10.00 $10.00

$10.00 $15.00

$10.00 $10.00

Herdbook services are provided by the Canadian Livestock Record Corp. 2417 Holly Lane, Ottawa, ON K1V 0M7 (613) 731-7110 Payment accepted by cheque, money order, VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX.

Exception: Associate Membership payment due directly to the CMSS office. 62

CMSS Improver 2013  

Annual publication of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society

CMSS Improver 2013  

Annual publication of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society