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World Leaders in Body Protection Systems

Planet Knox Ltd. Unit 5, Derwent Mills, Wakefield Road, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 0HT. Telephone ++44 (0)1900-825825 Fax: ++44 (0)1900 824824 e-mail:

World Leaders in Protection Systems Body Protection Systems

over 25 years 25 years of race inspire With dof race boinspired dy protection development,

With over 25 years of race

inspired development, Knox leads the field in body protection systems.

Its founders were the first to develop and market back

Gregorio Lavilla

protectors in 1981. Today Knox offers you a diverse range of specialist equipment specifically designed to meet and exceed the very toughest of today’s

Yukio Kagayama

impact performance standards. James Ellison

The real deal

Left: Roger Marshall and Wayne Gardner discovering another use for one of our first back protectors in the early 1980’s.

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25 Years of race inspired body protection

Knox now leads the field in body protection systems.

John Reynolds

manufacture our own products, in the UK. We don’t just copy others. Early fibreglass body mould

That’s why our products are different! Our products are engineered by a team that is passionate about producing the most effective

Moulded in our UK factory

protection on the market.

Designed in our UK factory

Handmade in the UK

This constant development and drive to improve our products, using only the best materials available, means that every year the bar is raised.

Concept and graphic design

Prototype mould making

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The Technical Brand

At Knox we innovate, design and

Wrist and elbow movement (C5) Hand and finger movement (C7-T1)

Cervical Division

T4 T5 T6 T7

Sympathetic tone (T1-T12) (including temperature regulation) and trunk stability (T2-T12)

Thoracic Division

Foot motion (L4-S1) and knee flexion (L5) Sexual function (S2-S4) and bowel and bladder activity (S2-S3)

It's a publicised fact that most back

good at everything but we are

professional, choose Knox and

protectors in pockets of motorcycle

specialists and innovators of

you’ll have the best protection on

jackets and suits offer less protection

protection. Our products are not

the market... every item exceeds

than a cheese sandwich.

gimmicks; they are designed,

European Standards and is made

It's also a fact that more than two

developed and engineered by a

with care, using the highest

bikers a week in the UK end up in a

team who have been making

quality materials

wheelchair as a result of a

protection for 25 years.

motorcycle accident.

a naturally strong hexagonal

performance and maximum

honeycomb. It gives

coverage using only high quality

advanced impact

materials. Many of our products

protection and

are still hand made in the UK.

is lightweight

adjacent shows the performance

At Knox our philosophy is to

and breathable.

of the Knox back protectors.

build products that are genuinely

(Source Spinal research) Wearing a Knox back protector


of injury to the back. The chart


L1 L2 L3 L4

certified to the highest standards Lumbar Division

that allow total flexibility and movement on the bike. That’s


S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6

why top MotoGP, WSB and BSB Sacral Division

At the core of Knox protection is

Knox products offer the best in

can significantly reduce he risk


Knee extension (L3)

Whether you ride for fun or as a



Ejaculation (T11-L2) and hip motion (L2)

At Knox we don’t pretend to

racers choose to wear Knox year after year.

88% Contour











64% CE Test

est CE T

16% Cheese Sandwich

2% Typical

se Jacket Back al Chee ich Typic Back w et d k n c a S Ja

This chart shows the impact protection abilities of the Knox back protector range. Every one exceeds the relevant CE impact protection standard... EN1621-2

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Heart rate (C4-C6) and shoulder movement (C2)

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 T1 T2 T3

You only have one spine so protect it!

Impactenergy energy absorbed absorbed Impact

Breathing (C1-C4) and head and neck movement (C2)

Protect your Freedom

FUNCTIONS AFFECTED by the Spinal cord

The Real Deal


Highest performance and Ultra



light. CE approved to Level 2 of EN1621-2. Ultra light weight at only 600g. Engineered and formed in a 5 layer mould that follows the contour of the back. Maximum coverage including side panels. 2 styles Tour and Race Tour - 3 sizes, S/L/L+ Race with coccyx - 2 sizes S/L 3 colours - Black, Camo and Black Retro Optional chest Contour Camo

protector can be fitted.

Contour Black Retro Race

Contour Black Retro

Cross over Z fastener strap system and adjustable side straps for increased posture support (IPS System).

Contour is manufactured in a 5 layer mould that follows the contour of the back.

Contour Camo Race

Contour Race

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every size. The most comprehensive size range to fit Men, Women and Children. Slim design fits neatly under clothing, even tight race leathers! Made from Thermoplastic Rubber to give superior shock absorption can withstand repeat impacts. CE approved to En1621- 2 level 1 7 Sizes as detailed below 2 Sizes of body belt - S/L Colour - black Cross over Z fastener strap system and adjustable side straps for increased posture support (IPS System).

Ricochet body belts support and help to protect the lower back.

Venturi system shows raised sections for increased air flow... and pinholes for breathability.

Optional chest protector can be fitted.

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large belt

small belt

9 Race

9 plate

8 plate

7 plate

6 plate

5 plate

Ricochet 9R

4 plate


Ricochet - The back protector to suit

Award winning Stowaway was

Size Guides

developed with BSB Team Rizla Suzuki.

Back Protectors,

Suitable for all riders but especially good

Torso length (ie neck to waist) is

for touring as it rolls away into

the correct measurement to use

its own sports bag. The lightest back

when selecting your size of back

protector in the range at only 500g.

protector. If you visit a Knox Dealer, a trained specialist will measure you correctly. Alternatively, you can visit our website, where you can print out a size chart for measuring your torso

CE approved to EN1621- 2 level 1

length.The torso defines the

2 Sizes - S/L Colour - black

minimum area of protection as

Optional chest protector can be fitted.

defined by EU standard EN1621-2.

Size Range Approximate Torso Length Contour S 450mm Contour L 510mm Contour L+ 550mm Contour S RACE** 450mm Contour L RACE** 510mm Ricochet 4 plate 350mm Ricochet 5 plate 400mm Ricochet 6 plate 450mm Ricochet 7 plate 475mm Ricochet 8 plate 510mm Ricochet 9 plate 525mm Ricochet 9 plate RACE** 510mm Stowaway S 450mm Stowaway L 510mm

The torso length is taken from the nape of the neck to the waist. Choose the nearest “torso length� on the size guide. This will give you the ideal size.

Safety Shirts, Gilets and Knox Dry Inside Shirts Size

Chest size in inches Chest size in cm





X Large

X Large

38 96.5

40 101.5

42 106.5

44 112

46 117

48 122

Shorts and Knox Dry Inside Pants

Spacer fabric for breathability

QR straps that also cross-over for comfort

Breather holes for increased air flow






X Large

XX Large

Waist size in inches Waist size in cm,

28 71

30 76

32 81

34 86

36 91

38 96.5

Chest Protection Size S Size L

See shirt sizes above


**Please note that the Race back protectors are longer because they have added coccyx protection.

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Stowaway - rolls up for easy storage.


Gilets - the easy way to wear protection. Knox Gilets have been designed to give maximum protection with minimum effort. It's as simple as putting on a jacket but with the added benefit of an integral back protector and a removable chest protector. No matter what the weather there is a Gilet to suit the conditions. Gilet - 2 styles for different riding conditions. The Gilet Air is built for summer riding and uses mesh for breathability. The Gilet X Air is built to keep the wind out and

Gilet Air X Incorporates the Award Winning Stowaway back protector.

uses Cold Killers 3D+

Incorporates the Contour back for maximum performance. Superior strong tear resistant

This Gilet is made from Cold Killers 3D+ wind proof fabric.

mesh for breathability. Contour back is CE

Great for touring and can be easily stored. Stowaway back and chest protector are CE approved to EN1621- 2 level 1

approved to EN1621- 2 level 2 Chest - EN1621-2 level 1 6 Sizes -XS/XXL Colour - black

Adjustable side straps on both styles for increased posture support and fit (IPS system)

To choose the correct size please see Page 11

Removable and adjustable CE approved chest protector on both styles

6 Sizes -XS/XXL Colour - black

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Gilet Air

Knox offer a range of protectors

MX riders aren’t superhuman -

been making it since the mid 80s

ideally suited for all types of off

they don’t bounce better than

when we launched our first off road

road or MX riding; protectors that

the rest of us, perhaps they are

range. However most off road riders

have been tested to prove that they

just simply prepared to put up

still confuse our CE approved impact

actually absorb energy and reduce

with more unnecessary injury

protection with traditional hard

the effects of impact. All Knox

and pain than most other

plastic harnesses, which are in fact

protectors are CE certified to

motorcyclists. But we’re not

simple stone deflectors and give

exceed the toughest EU standards.

here to tell you that you should

little or no actual crash protection.

wear Knox body armour you’re consenting adults after all. What we want is to inform you that all that pain and injury can be reduced if you choose to wear Knox. But it’s up to you to make that choice......

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Protect and Survive!

Crash protection isn’t new, we’ve

The Cross Range

Cross Shirt

Cross Shorts

Impact protection, not just

Engineered to be used across a wide

a plastic stone shield - this

range of sporting applications. Made

shirt offers real CE approved

from breathable Airtex mesh with fly front.

impact protection for the

Removable and replaceable CE approved

complete upperbody.

hip, short thigh and Coccyx protector. CE approved to EN1621-1 Sizes XS - XXL

Featuring removable back and chest protector, and fixed shoulder and elbow protectors

Cross guard knee (S) short length shown Size S and L available

with neoprene thumb loop to

Cross shirt front

stop the sleeve riding up. Chest and back protector CE

Cross shorts

approved to EN1621-2 Level 1 Shoulder and elbow protector CE approved to EN1621-1

Cross Guards: Engineered to be used across a wide range of sporting applications. Made from injected

Sizes: XS - XXL

LDPE with integral honeycomb section for outstanding protection. Sewn to a mesh

Rear view to show Award winning Stowaway back protector Featured with Cross Shorts

bonded foam with adjustable soft elastic straps. Short and long lengths available. and transport. CE approved to EN1621-1

Cross guard elbow (L) long length shown Size S and L available

Colour - black

To choose the correct size please see Page 11

Includes mesh carry bag for easy storage

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Adjustable side straps on both styles for increased posture support and fit (IPS System)

Multi Sport Range

Multi Sport Shirt One shirt - multi combination multi purpose - perfect sense. The Ultimate in versatility and high performance. This great looking shirt can be used in a number of ways. There are nine possible combinations making it the most versatile safety shirt, ideal for those participating in a wide range of sporting Back, chest & shoulder option

Multi Sport Shorts

applications. Back, chest, shoulders and arms can be

Multi Sport Suit

used independently so this shirt

This combines all the great features from the shirt

can be worn as one garment or

and shorts in an incredibly comfortable and practical

in eight other ways.

one piece suit. Sizes XS - XXL Colour - black

Chest and back protector CE

Multi Sport Shorts

approved to EN1621-2 Level 1

Designed and engineered for a wide range of

Shoulder and elbow protector CE

sporting applications. Made from breathable Airtex

approved to EN1621-1

mesh and polyester with fly front. Includes removable

Sizes: XS - XXL Colour - black

and replaceable Hip, Long thigh and Coccyx protectors. All Protectors CE approved to EN162-1

Back & chest option

Back & chest option

One piece suit option

Sizes XS - XXL. Colour - black

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Full Multi Sport shirt

Knox Dry Inside is made from

base layer that keeps you

97% soft cotton but unlike

dry. A New innovation

normal cotton it wicks the

from Knox to keep riders

moisture away, leaving the rider

dry and comfortable.

feeling dry and comfortable.

Most motorcycle clothing

The cotton combined with

linings are sticky to wear

Schoeller 3 X Dry technology has

so many riders opt to use

a fantastic wicking capability but

some kind of base layer.

its secret is in the one way water

Cotton is the most

path which means that once the

comfortable fabric and

water vapour or molecules have

feels good against the

been pushed to the outside of

skin but it absorbs

the fabric they are not allowed

moisture so it gets wet,

back through. The garments are

cold and uncomfortable.

also treated with an antibacterial

Up to now riders have

coating to avoid odours.

settled for man made polyesters base layers but they snag easily, cling and can smell.

Available in long or short sleeve tops and long pants. Black/Orange or Black/White Sizes S- XXL 2 colours

Available in long or short sleeve tops and long pants. Black/Orange or Black/White Sizes S- XXL 2 colours

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Knox Dry Inside

Dry Inside – the cotton


and best selling Aeropack... Streamlined aerodynamic

Knox Scaphoid Protection System

The first glove protection system

shape reduces buffeting

from Knox. There are an estimated

from the wind.

Without SPS - the grab effect breaks the Scaphoid

The leather is worn through

With SPS the glove slides forward eliminating the grab effect.

With SPS the leather is not damaged

100,000 Scaphoid injuries per year

Engineered so that the weight is

in the UK alone. The injury is

carried low, reducing stress to the

common amongst bikers and

lower back over long distances.

the healing process is slow

Main compartment has an expanding

and often complicated. It occurs

zip, giving an extra 20% capacity.

because of the “grab effect� of leather gloves on a road surface.

Compression strap system designed to carry the Stowaway back protector

In an accident the glove palm grips

when not in use, or a carry mat.

the tarmac but the rider is thrown forward. This puts a strain on the Unzip the bottom pouch to reveal

Scaphoid that often results in a

a protected mesh helmet sack.

break due to hyper extension. The

NEW Added stash pouch on waist belt for easy access at tolls.

SPS system is sewn to glove palm

Knox SPS eliminates this grab effect allowing the palm to slide forward, reducing the risk of Scaphoid injury.

New colour scheme. Two tone, black with red reflective trim.

Several leading brands of gloves now incorporate Knox SPS. Contact Knox for further details.


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The highly acclaimed


Part No



40 41 42 215 216

22cm 27cm 27cm 12cm 16cm

18cm 19cm 20cm 21cm 26cm

** New styles available summer 07 Part No Part No Height


Shoulder - S/L Elbow/Knee - S Elbow/Knee Elbow/Knee Hip Hip

Knox Air X - V2 Description

Shoulder/Elbow/Knee Shoulder/Elbow/Knee Shoulder/Elbow/Knee

47** 45** 45**

129 34 35

22cm 26cm 31cm

18cm 19cm 18cm

Part No



127 128 31 33 238 213 206 64 65 66 67

20cm 25cm 25cm 29cm 33cm 14cm 24cm 38cm 40cm 43cm 48cm

15cm 17cm 15cm 17cm 18cm 26cm 15cm 26cm 29cm 32cm 34cm

Knox Advance X* Description

Shoulder - S/L Elbow/Knee - S Shoulder Shoulder/Elbow Knee Shoulder/Elbow Knee Knee/Shin Hip Hip Back Back Back Back *Supplied with a velcro kit

Knox Advance* Part No



Elbow - S Elbow Arm/Shoulder/Knee Shoulder Shoulder Shoulder Knee Knee/Shin Knee/Shin Hip *Supplied with a velcro kit

26A 1 25 125A 119 125 231 235 161 205

30cm 34cm 28cm 19cm 24cm 24cm 21cm 34cm 34cm 19cm

16cm 15cm 19cm 14cm 19cm 20cm 16cm 20cm 18cm 18cm

Knox does not make clothing

Knox Flexiform

protection partner of many

Smooth, soft feel with thin edges. Breathable. Very comfortable. Hardly noticeable in the garment. In flexible polyeurethene, for excellent impact protection.

Knox Air X – V2 In K resin with built in memory. The size can be altered by squeezing the sides. Breathable. Honeycomb inner for superior impact protection.

but we are proud to be the discerning clothing brands. When buying garments from any of these brands look out for this Knox

Knox CE approved body protection is fitted as original equipment by leading manufacturers into their branded motorcycling clothing.


Knox Advance X Award winning protection. A best seller. 3 layer armour with a honeycomb core. Ultra lightweight. Completely flexible.

Knox Advance

Kn ox


For replacement after an accident, or when current armour is uncomfortable, Knox has a size to fit almost every garment on the market

The original popular upgrade. 3D thermoformed 3 layer armour with a polypropylene honeycomb core. Comfortable. Ultra lightweight.

The measurements above represent the actual size of the protector. The protector pockets should ideally be approx 1cm bigger all round. The protector opening should be at least 85% of the width of the protector. Care should be taken when inserting or removing protectors as excess force can cause damage. We will not accept responsibility for damage caused by rough handling.

It is your guarantee that the Knox elbows, shoulders or knees are the genuine articles and are CE approved to EU standard EN1621-1. Please note: The back pad in a jacket or suit may not be a Knox item or even CE approved. Ask your dealer for confirmation and guidance.

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Knox Flexiform


Knox Fitting Guide

Knox Catalogue  
Knox Catalogue  

Specialising in the design and manufacture of impact protection since the 1980’s, Knox aim to be the best. Protection is their only focus an...