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Forcefield Performance specialise in Impact Protection and High Performance Clothing Systems. We pride ourselves on developing and producing cutting edge, innovative and class leading products. Winning countless awards and glowing reviews Worldwide, our brand continues to grow in popularity across many industries and sports. Forcefield Mission Statement: To be the first choice optimum-performance protective product for all sports where impact is a constant threat. We seek to achieve this with a rolling development programme, producing radical new materials and designs that clearly differentiate us from our competitors. Our performance, quality, innovation and compliance to strict PPE Directives are further augmented by the very highest standards of customer service and integrity.

Visit and follow our links to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on all things Forcefield. Forcefield Performance products are trusted throughout the World in: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Motorcycling Mountain Biking Mountain Boarding Karting Powerboating

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Snow Sports Kite Buggying Kite Surfing Jet-skiing Equestrian and more

Whatever your sport, Forcefield have you covered.



Forcefield Body Armour Forcefield are privileged to work with many professional sports stars. Heroes from the past, present and rising stars in all fields choose Forcefield to protect their most precious assets. Themselves.

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Multi Density By using a combination of specialised high-tech energy absorbing materials, we can provide protectors that are less bulky than our competitors whilst offering unrivalled protection.

All Forcefield Body Armour® is fully CE approved. This is the core of our market-leading strategy: maintaining a credible product, with proven performance.


CE testing standards for limb and back armour take into account the products’ comfort and ergonomic functions, as well as their all-important protection levels. Armour that conforms to CE standards is declared to be proven in reducing the incidence and severity of injuries. Forcefield’s Pro Sub 4 Back Protector, for instance, has achieved an astonishing and repeatable 3.38kN impact measurement.

This patented technology allows protection evenly across its surface. Most hard shell/plastic protectors’ performformace will vary across this area. You never know where the impact will strike!

Repeat Performance Technology Our materials offer repeat performance technology, whereas hard shell protectors can only take one impact and should be discarded immediately after a fall.

With authentic CE approved limb or back protection, the end user can be confident that extensive research and testing has gone into the development of the product that they have chosen to protect themselves, their friends or family and that it has been accredited by the leading authorised body.

Flexibility A combination of Nitrex technology and multi-layers has enabled Forcefield to offer lightweight and flexible protectors. This allows the armour to flex with the body and not be restricted by it.

Breathability The unique triangular Nitrex outer grid has been designed with special vent holes at the base for extra breathability and also reduces weight.

Full details on individual Forcefield products’ CE ratings can be found at

Nexton/Nylair Nexton/Nylair is a hollow polyamide fibre with excellent thermal properties. The hollow fibre not only reduces weight but allows air to become trapped therefore further enhancing its insulation properties. Nylair is capable of keeping the wearer warm with one third less weight, creating a garment that is non-bulky but exceedingly breathable and thermally responsive.

All Forcefield Body Armour® is fully CE approved.

Defender fabric A key feature in our Tornado+ range, Defender fabric blocks airflow from the outside to maintain core temperature. It does this by reducing wind chill, whilst remaining breathable, and regulates the temperature of the fibre in order to retain a dry and warm micro-climate between the skin and the garment.



Forcefield Body Armour

Body Armour range

Forcefield Pro L2 Back Protector S M L ladies FF1002



Forcefield Body Armour

Forcefield Armour: “Top performer in our investigation.” RiDE Magazine

Forcefield Sport Lite 1 Back Protector XS S M L ladies FF1021

Forcefield Sport Lite 2 Back Protector S M L Ladies FF1012

Forcefield Pro Sub 4 Back Protector S M L XL FF1004 The world’s only CE back protector to achieve a true 3.38kN average multiple impact rating, and not just for a single impact.

Motor Cycle News Product of the Year 2009 Pro Sub 4 Back Protector

Britain’s Forcefield Pro Sub 4 is the World’s best back protector... no back protector on the market can claim to absorb more force in an impact than Forcefield’s new (Pro) Sub 4. Bike Magazine

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Body Armour range

I’ve used this for 11 months and could recommend it to anyone who wants to stay safe out hacking but doesn’t want to wear a bulky body protector. Your Horse

Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure Chest, Back & Arm Protector SML FF20032

Forcefield Lumbar Protector SML FF1005

Forcefield Extreme Harness Flite Chest & Back Protector SML FF20012

Forcefield Race-Lite Chest Protector SML FF40031

Forcefield Rib Protector SML FF40021

Here’s the benchmark by which all back protectors should be judged. Motorcyclist Magazine

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Body Armour range

Forcefield Action Shirt Armoured Shirt XS S M L XL FF3011

Forcefield Action Shorts Armoured Shorts XS S M L XL Sport Armour: FF3012-1 Pro Armour: FF3012-2 Forcefield Board Shorts Armoured Shorts XS S M L XL FF3005 Forcefield Limb Tubes SML FF3014

Forcefield Strap On Leg Protector FF4001

Forcefield Extreme Arm Protector SML FF2004


Our rider was raving about the Forcefield finding it flexible yet reassuringly solid... Excellent impact testing, the results showing consistency throughout and great construction. RiDE Magazine Body Armour Investigation. Winner 2005 & 2008

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Body Armour range




Forcefield Upgrade Back Inserts Level 2 (Pro) FF1003-001-2 (385 x 285 mm Max H FF1003-002-2 (445 x 340 mm Max H FF1003-003-2 (425 x 270 mm Max H FF1003-007-2 (440 x 250 mm Max H FF1003-008-2

x W) L

x W) x W) x W)



Forcefield Upgrade Performance Armour Shoulder FF4004 (215 x 120mm Max L x W) Arm FF4004 (255 x 120mm Max L x W) Leg FF4004 (300 x 120mm Max L x W) Hip FF4004 (185 x 155mm Max L x W)








“ “

I recently landed an 18 metre kicker pretty much entirely on my arse and am still able to sit down- so that says something. Jenny Jones, GB Snowboarder and X Games winner

I’ve tried hard-shell armour in the past and always found it too stiff and uncomfortable. I simply couldn’t believe just how light and easy-to-wear Forcefield gear was when I first tried it on.

My knees have never been so happy. Document Snowboard

” ”

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Performance Engineered Clothing range

Forcefield Base Layer Shirt XS S M L XL XXL FF6001 Forcefield Base Layer Pants XS S M L XL XXL FF6003 Forcefield Climate Control clothing: “Recommended 18/20.” RiDE Magazine

Forcefield Base Layer Neck Tube Universal size FF6005

Forcefield Base Layer Balaclava Universal size FF6004

We have been using this quality kit for years and wont use anything else. Supermoto International

Even 250 miles in Tarmac melting heat couldn’t sweat this suit up. 18/20, Recommended. Ride magazine

Forcefield Thermal Base Layer Shirt XS S M L FF8001 Forcefield Thermal Base Layer Pants XS S M L FF8002

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Performance Engineered Clothing range

Forcefield Tornado+ Shirt XS S M L XL XXL FF5001 Forcefield Tornado+ Pants XS S M L XL XXL FF5002


Overall I am very impressed... Value for money 5/5: Build Quality 5/5.

Forcefield Tornado+ Balaclava Universal size FF5003

Forcefield Tornado+ Neck Warmer Universal size FF5004

Forcefield Tornado+ Gloves S M L XL FF5005

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How to buy At Forcefield we know there is no such thing as ‘normal’, which is why we always recommend, where possible, to try before you buy. This ensures a correct and comfortable fit, which will ultimately improve the usability and performance of the Forcefield Performance product you have chosen. Our website contains full details of all our products, technical specifications, sizing information and locations where they can be purchased. Visit:, or call us on +44(0)1933 410818.

Visit and follow our links to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on all things Forcefield. Manufactured and distributed by: Davies Odell Limited, Portland Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, UK, NN10 0DJ Telephone: +44 (0)1933 410818 Facsimile: +44 (0)1933 315976 Email: All descriptions and specifications are intended as a guide to the goods described within. Our policy is one of continuous improvement and we reserve the right to change specifications or designs at any time. The contents of this catalogue, the text and pictures, may not be copied or reproduced in any way without written permission from Davies Odell.

Forcefield Body Armour®  

Forcefield Body Armour® is the brand dedicated to protecting against IMPACTS to the body

Forcefield Body Armour®  

Forcefield Body Armour® is the brand dedicated to protecting against IMPACTS to the body