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Changing Seasons, New Beginnings

Issue 50 Autumn 2015

Inside this edition 4

Renewed, restored and ready


Changing people


Family matters


Sligo to Kindu

inmission Autumn 2015


our people Global Partners (by country) Burundi Dioceses of Gitega & Matana DR Congo Dioceses of Bukavu, Kindu & N. Kivu

Staff Linda Abwa Partnership Coordinator Rachel Brittain Mission Resource Coordinator

Jenny Christie Administration Coordinator

Kenya Diocese of Kajiado; Urban Development Programme, Nairobi

Roger Cooke Mission Resource Manager

Rwanda Dioceses of Kibungo & Shyogwe South Sudan Dioceses of Ibba, Kajokeji, Maridi & Yei

Brian Lavery Finance Manager

Jenny Smyth Mission Director

Kelly Yates Partnership Coordinator

Zambia Diocese of Northern Zambia

Trevor Buchanan

Mission Partners

Shane Fitzpatrick

Rory & Denise Wilson, with Gideon Luwero Diocese, Uganda

Norman Jackson

Rev Adrian Dorrian (Chair)

Welcome New, yet familiar Renewed, restored and ready Jenny Christie reflects on changing seasons and new Chang beginnings New ing Seasons Inside 4


Begin nin


this edi


Renewe and readd, restored y Family matters

New beginnings Meet our new Partnership Coordinators 14

, Issue 50

10 16

Changin people g Sligo to Kindu

Autum n 201


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Family matters Building the CMSI Community


Changing people An update from CMSI’s Mission Partners


Walking together in mission Reflections from our summer teams

Robbie Syme (Vice Chair) Rev Caroline Casserly-Farrar


Dr Elaine Elborn Canon Brian Harper


From Sligo to Kindu Canon Patrick Bamber shares some thoughts on a new Partnership Link Snippets News from CMSI

Rev Dr Paddy McGlinchey Philip McKinley Niall Manogue David Reynolds David Shepherd

Mission Associates Isabelle Prondzynski UDP, Kenya Deirdre & Mark Zimmerman, with Zachary & Benjamin Nepal Alison Gill Province of Burundi

Published by CMS Ireland @cmsireland

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Roger Thompson Partnership Coordinator

Board of Trustees

Ronnie & Maggie Briggs Kajiado Diocese, Kenya


Gillian Maganda Personnel Coordinator

Uganda Dioceses of Luwero & Madi West Nile

Paul & Tania Baker, with Lana Luwero Diocese, Uganda


Anne Buckley Finance Assistant

Egypt Diocese of Egypt

Nepal Human Development Community Services; SD Church


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Changing Seasons, New Beginnings

Featurin g:

Issue 50 Autumn 2015

firm foundations

Inside this edition 4

Renewed, restored and ready


Changing people


Family matters


Sligo to Kindu

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welcome... this, the 50th edition of inMission magazine. As you can see, we’re marking this minor milestone with a few, small changes (dare we say ‘upgrades’) to the magazine. A little bit of newness, some slight improvements, but in reality, it should feel fairly familiar. We still hope to inform and inspire you as we share news, stories and reflections from the wider CMSI family. For those of us who have been in the CMSI office over the past few weeks, there’s been a sense of anticipation as we near the start of September. We’re looking forward to hearing from colleagues who have been away on teams or annual leave over the summer. We’re excited about the arrival of two new additions to the staff team and the potential we now have as a full-strength team. But above all, we’re eager to get started on a new year of working alongside God’s people as they engage in God’s mission. Of course, despite this sense of a changing season and a fresh start, the focus of our work in CMSI remains the same. As we look ahead to the coming year, there’s a sense of both the new and the familiar.

The biblical story of mission is one that involves both ‘new’ and ‘familiar’. God’s plans and purposes remain the same. His love and presence are steadfast, constant, stable. Yet, as Jenny Christie reminds us in her reflection (Pages 4-5), He’s the one who makes all things new; He rearranges and restores, renewing life and bringing change. As we embark on a new season of equipping the church in mission, we hope that you’ll continue to walk with us. May each of us embrace both the familiar and the new as together, we love God and love others. Roger Cooke Editor Page 3

Some of our previous editions

inmission Autumn 2015

Editorial: Welcome

inmission Autumn 2015

Restored, renewed and ready

renewed, restored and ready Written by Jenny Christie CMSI Administration Coordinator

I have always loved the autumn. Crisp, bright September days, the excitement of returning to school or university (and the new stationery that went with it!), wearing cosy jumpers again and the sheer beauty of the trees, as the leaves turn a riot of reds, oranges, golds and yellows.

Page 4

Photo Credit: Andreas Krappweis (

inmission Autumn 2015 Stormont Park, Belfast

Restored, renewed and ready

“Behold, I am making all things new.” Revelation 21:5

For me, autumn has always been a time of new beginnings, of hope and opportunity, of adventures yet to be had! My husband Dennis and I have three awesome children – Abby, David and Jonathan. They were all spring babies, with the result that I now also associate autumn with morning sickness, which always seemed to be at its height in September and October. It’s amazing what the body remembers! And yet, even the sickness was a reminder of the new things that were happening inside of me, which filled me with such hope and excitement. Over the last few weeks in CMSI’s Belfast office, we have been reorganising things in preparation for the imminent arrival of our two new colleagues, Linda and Roger. We started moving some furniture in the Partnership Coordinators’ room, shifting a desk here, emptying a filing cabinet there, some heavy lifting, some gentle clearing – it’s quite astonishing what can be accumulated over 200 years! Before long, the office looked like it had been hit by a hurricane and we wished we hadn’t started. However, after a bit of perseverance, a lot of elbow grease and a dab of creativity and craic, the CMSI offices now look bright and welcoming; areas of the office that were dark and empty have been given new purpose.

While thinking about all of these associations and activities, God’s words literally jumped to mind, “Behold, I am making all things new.” God is always doing a new thing. Indeed, He is the master of new things: the seasons, so marked at this time of year in our part of the world by the wonderful leaves; new life, when a tiny new person is being formed inside a mother’s womb; CMSI, after 200 years, God’s faithfulness to the Society and each new stage that has come along. God’s new covenant in Jesus Christ with us, His people, is the ultimate example of His longing for us to have a life full of purpose for His glory, followed by the hope of eternal life with Him. What a promise! Like the drab corners of the office being restored and renewed over the last few weeks in preparation for this new stage within CMSI, God is rearranging us, shining His light into the dark, purposeless parts of our lives and filling them with hope, purpose and expectation. It is so exciting to be part of His plan and as we move into the new term, we are all full of anticipation for what God will do with CMSI next. (By the way, we’d love you to drop by the office, meet Linda and Roger and see the new layout the coffee machine is always on!) Page 5

inmission Autumn 2015

New beginnings

new beginnings Linda Abwa and her family

Introducing our newest staff

Linda Abwa

On the 1st September, the CMSI staff team will meet together to finalise their plans and priorities for the year ahead. It’ll be the first day of work for our two new Partnership Coordinators, Linda Abwa and Rev Roger Thompson. inMission caught up with them both during their busy August to find out a little more about them. IM

Tell us a bit about yourselves

Rev Roger Thompson

LA I’m originally from Kells, near Ballymena. I’m a trained nurse and midwife - having taken both these courses with the intention of serving in mission overseas. Eventually, God led me to apply to Mission Africa (a mission agency based in Belfast) and for the last 12 years, I have been serving in HIV-related ministry in Nigeria. My sending church is 2nd Donegore Presbyterian, near Parkgate, Templepatrick. While in Nigeria, I met my husband, Billy (yes that’s his real name!). We have six-year-old twins, Niah and Nathaniel. RT I grew up near Peterborough in England and gave my life to Jesus aged 15. While teaching with CMS Britain in Tanzania in 1987, I met Fiona (née Kelly), who is a former CMSI Youth Officer and Mission Partner. Since then, I’ve been a church youth worker and an anti-racist secondary teacher, before being ordained in Bristol in 1996. We moved to Northern Ireland in 2000, where I served first as curate of Lisburn Cathedral and then, for the past 11 years, as Rector of Cairncastle and Craigyhills (Larne). We have two sons: Kieran [18] and Nathan [16].

Page 6

Rev Roger Thompson and his family

inmission Autumn 2015

New beginnings

IM What do you get up to in your

spare time?

LA As a family, we like spending our free time outdoors. There are some beautiful hill walks around Abuja – where we were based in Nigeria – which we’ve enjoyed at the weekends. I also enjoy trying to cook food from around the world and making friends and family eat it, no matter what the result. When I get the chance I like to read anything from historical fiction to missiology journals to parenting books!

St Patrick’s Church, Cairncastle. © Albert Bridge

Linda will focus on the Global Partners in these countries

RT I love playing tennis, walking our Golden Lab ‘Nugget’ in the Glens of Antrim and watching films (recent favourites include ‘The Theory of Everything’, ‘Testament of Youth’ and ‘Selma’). IM What work/role are you leaving in order


South Sudan


to join the CMSI staff team?

LA Ten years ago, my husband and I helped set up the HIV ministry of the United Evangelical Church in Abuja and I’ve been managing the programme for several years. I’ve been responsible for basic at-home care for people living with HIV and facilitating local support groups, HIV education ‘training of trainers’ in churches around Nigeria, oversight of the poverty reduction programme with women, Christianity Explored groups plus management and administration tasks. RT Until mid-August, I served as Rector of St Patrick's, Cairncastle with All Saints', Craigyhill - two very different congregations in a parish union. In addition to the ongoing pastoral care of the people, I oversaw two major refurbishment projects, established a new Messy Church congregation and worked hard at cross-community reconciliation. IM You were appointed to the Partnership Coordinator role

in April. What have you been up to since then?

LA As we’ve made the move from Nigeria to Ireland, the last few months have been a flurry of handovers, Board meetings, immigration planning and applications, completing and graduating my Masters course, house packing, memory gathering and many sad goodbyes. RT We’ve been busy celebrating our 200th birthday at St Patrick’s. We had a big celebration service, put on a Murder Mystery Play called ‘Who killed the Vicar?’ and hiked over the Ulster Way from Glenarm to Cairncastle. After that it's been house hunting and saying a lot of goodbyes!

Page 7

inmission Autumn 2015

New beginnings

“Please pray for steadfastness through all the change that lies ahead” IM What most excites you about

joining the CMSI staff team as a Partnership Coordinator?

LA I’m excited to join the CMSI team

to play my part in building genuine mission relationships between believers in Ireland and believers in our partner churches. I am really looking forward to assisting churches and short-term teams to make relationships that will align us with God’s purposes in mission.

Roger will focus on the Global Partners in these countries

RT Renewing friendships and making new links with CMSI’s Global Partners in Kenya, Zambia and Nepal. I’m also looking forward to being part of the CMSI team and meeting new people in link parishes.


IM What do you foresee as the biggest

challenge to starting in this new role?

LA I suspect the biggest challenge ahead for me is the vast job of building meaningful relationships within the church. In many ways I am starting as an outsider: I will need to work at updating myself on Northern Irish culture to begin with, but also the more detailed mechanisms of the Church of Ireland, and the various nuances in culture which must exist from parish to parish. RT Getting to know so many new people in lots of very different places! Finding out what challenges Global Partners and Mission Partners are facing and how best to support them via the link parish network. IM What things would you like inMission

readers to pray for you in the coming weeks and months?

LA I would really appreciate prayers for my transition into a new home, church and job all at once. Please pray for steadfastness through all the change that lies ahead, so that I can quickly become effective and take on the challenges with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, due to immigration delays, my husband can’t join me in Northern Ireland just yet. I would appreciate prayers for his immigration issues to be swiftly dealt with so he can join us soon.



Page 8

RT Patience! Please pray that I’ll be able to take things at God's pace and not expect things to fall into place straight away. Pray too for help with our family as we look for a house and (hopefully!) move in, as well as helping Kieran find a place at university or equivalent.

CMSI members at April's ‘Shine' event in Dublin

inmission Autumn 2015

Family matters

family matters Building the CMSI Community (Part 1) The introduction to the Autumn 2014 edition of inMission (‘Better Together’) included this observation:

CMS Ireland’s greatest successes almost always involve the ‘personal touch’ – face-toface encounters, sharing together, faithful friendship, prayerful solidarity. It’s in these things that we most clearly see God at work, changing lives. As a staff team, we’re increasingly convinced that these are the things that matter most. In recent months, we’ve been hugely encouraged by a growing sense of ‘family’ and ‘community’ – things that are often talked about and highly valued by those with long associations with the society. That’s one of the reasons we’re so excited about our new staff arrivals: these appointments mark a significant investment in relationships. The Partnership Coordinators are, first and foremost, relationship builders. They’re responsible for connecting with parishes in Ireland, liaising with our Global Partners and developing real relationships between the two. Roger and Linda will join Kelly in helping to make connections and facilitate partnerships. Of course, it’s not just about the Partnership Coordinators. As a whole team we’ve been exploring ways to increase our presence across Ireland, make more personal connections and develop the sense of the CMSI family. For example, in addition to our new staff appointments:

• • •

We’ve been developing our annual programme of events – to ensure they’re as attractive, enjoyable and effective as possible for our members and supporters; We’ve made a commitment to increase our speaking engagements across Ireland; We’ve made plans to re-introducing the CMSI Roadshows in the coming year; We’re committed to ensuring CMSI is present at diocesan synods; We’ve started looking at how to breathe new life into ‘membership’.

Such efforts and activities are clearly redundant without the continued, active engagement of ‘our people’ – those friends and supporters who already represent the heart of the CMSI family; we simply want to serve such people and add to their number. In the Winter edition of inMission, we’ll consider five ways in which people can stand with CMSI and help to build a community that changes lives…

1. Pray for CMSI 2. Attend our events 3. Join as members 4. Give regularly 5. Serve as volunteers Page 9

inmission Autumn 2015

Changing people

changing people Sunset in Kajiado, Kenya

An update from our Mission Partners

Ronnie and Maggie Briggs Kajiado Diocese, Kenya It’s now about six months since we arrived back in Kenya. We settled in well at the beginning but the mixture of the familiar with the new did bring its challenges in the first few weeks. Who would have imagined such a changing season for us? God has equipped us in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. Here’s a brief summary of our time in Kenya so far:

The Briggs’ new home in Oltiasika

We were really well received by Bishop Gaddiel and the diocesan staff. The bishop has a very clear vision of what he wants in terms of development here in Kajiado, so our roles are also very clear.

Page 10

inmission Autumn 2015

Ronnie, Maggie and Bishop Gaddiel.

Changing people

Development work requires the support and encouragement of the local community and we’ve spent quite a while working towards this. It all culminated in a community meeting held in Oltiasika with the bishop, the local MP, all local church and community leaders and about 400 others! This was a very positive experience and opened up many opportunities for us to interact with and support the local Maasai of the Oltiasika area. We returned briefly to Ireland to support our family after Ronnie’s mother fell and broke her hip. Many thanks to all who supported us with prayer over this time. She is doing reasonably well and we, as a family, are still considering what the best next step should be for her. We received a very enthusiastic CMSI team in July from Christ Church, Bray and St Mark’s, Dundela. This team made a very strong impact on the local community and has been a very positive support to our work here.

We received some funding to help build a house for us at Oltiasika and we are pleased to say that it is almost compete and we hope to move into it in September. We also received funding for repairs and modifications to the Land Rover we have been using and again, we are delighted to say that it will be on the road again soon. Many thanks to everybody who helped make these two funding opportunities available. The main priorities for us in the coming months are fourfold: Supply of clean water to the local community Support to local women to improve the quality of their bead making skills Improving the quality of the breeding livestock on the ranch Support to the local primary schools to raise the quality of education Please continue to pray for all the above as we seek to develop work plans for the next six months.

Page 11

inmission Autumn 2015

Changing people

“Change is a constant, bittersweet experience, but it certainly beats stagnation.” The Wilson Family Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda Rory, Denise and Gideon are keeping well and keeping busy. Following their Home Assignment in April and May, they returned to Uganda without a new teacher for Gideon’s P2 year. So, over the past few months, Denise has been teaching Gideon. A new teacher will be taking over for the Autumn term, allowing Denise to get involved in a busy period of hosting visitors, including an international conference for the care of premature babies. Rory continues to juggle a number of busy roles at the hospital; the hospital is still seeking someone to fill the key position of Business Manager. The following is adapted from a couple of blogs that Denise recently wrote on the CMSI website…

One of the most constant and difficult aspects of life at Kiwoko is the perpetual movement of people. In Kiwoko, our community fluctuates - people come for a few months or years and then move on, because they have fulfilled a contract, need further training, get married to someone living elsewhere, etc. It is difficult to keep saying goodbye to people with whom you have shared work, ministry and leisure time. It is tempting to withdraw and avoid giving too much to relationships when you know that you will have to say goodbye, all too soon. Yet God knows what Kiwoko needs, and when, in terms of skills, ministry and personality. New blood is welcomed. It has been amazing to meet people from all over Uganda and even the world, to learn from their life experience while working with us. We are humbled by the many wonderful people who have sat around the dinner table with us. Recently, several of our senior children’s ministry leaders left us to do some further study, leaving behind only a few committed people to carry on. It was a major gap. However the gap called for

Page 12

inmission Autumn 2015 The Wilsons

Changing people

a re-evaluation, a new look at the needs of our children. As a result we have a brand new team, a new strategy and a fresh wave of zeal for reaching out to our children. The passing on of some of our leaders heralded the end of a season and we enter a new one with a younger but enthusiastic team. The timing is even perfect as we welcome the CMSI META team from Ballyholme Parish to work alongside and mentor our new inexperienced leaders in some children’s ministry skills.

The Bakers

Change is a constant, bittersweet experience, but it certainly beats stagnation.

The Baker Family Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda Paul and Tania are currently on holiday for a few weeks, having returned to Ireland to see friends and family. This is a really special visit for them, as they bring home the newest addition to their family. Just 18-months-old, Lana has been cared for by the Bakers since shortly after her birth at Kiwoko Hospital. The visit home marks a significant landmark in an on-going process; Paul and Tania have managed to navigate their way through the system to secure Legal Guardianship, a Ugandan Passport and a UK Visa for Lana. Please pray for them as a family and for the next stages in the process. We hope to provide a fuller update from the Bakers in the next edition of inMission. Current Opportunities There are lots of opportunities for individuals and families from Ireland to serve alongside our Global Partners on Short-Term Experience Placements (STEPs) or as longer-term Mission Partners. As we partner with God’s Global Church in mission, people are our most valuable resource. You can find out more about these opportunities on our website, or by contacting Gillian Maganda in our Belfast office.

Page 13

inmission Autumn 2015

Walking together in mission

walking together in mission Lion paw prints

The Kenya META

Mission Experience Teams Abroad

Over the summer months, 40 individuals have taken part in six METAs visiting CMSI’s Global Partners. Here are some reflections from two of the teams. The META to Kajiado Diocese, Kenya The following is an extract from a blog by team member, Rev Baden Stanley (Christ Church, Bray). Walking in the steps of Aslan With all the furore over the horrific killing of Cecil the Zimbabwean Lion, the protection of these magnificent creatures is very much at the centre of world awareness. While we must never lose sight of the value of the human lives that have been forgotten and ignored by us all for far too long, it is important that we remember our role as stewards of God’s creation. We started this journey in mission with a focus on the symbol of the Lion as a common thread in our partnership with St Mark’s, Dundela and the Anglican Church in Kenya. Having ‘Aslan’ in common has built strong bridges among our Page 14

communities, the bonds of relationship, trust and partnership will not easily be broken. We are committed to ensuring that we build together on what has begun. If this trip were a Hollywood film, (and I was being played by Brad Pitt!), there would have been a majestic male lion, standing astride a nearby rock, roaring into the setting sun as a light breeze wove its way through his mighty mane: as it was, we found paw-prints of one of the largest lions in the area. It was an appropriate ending to our journey that thrilled each of us to be so close to, if not in sight of, our journey’s theme. It carried a sense of unfinished business and reminded us that our shared journey with Aslan continues. Our thanks to everyone who made our trip to Kenya such an amazing, humbling experience.

inmission Autumn 2015

Walking together in mission

The META to Shyogwe Diocese, Rwanda Kelly Yates (Partnership Coordinator) “It was a great encouragement to lead this team as they walked together in mission with the people of Shyogwe. Alongside each other, they learned more about their partnership and the global church. The team look forward to visiting each other’s churches in the years ahead as they each plan to develop their link further. It is exciting to see both the global partnership being strengthened as well as a friendship growing between the link parishes in Ireland.” Adam Quigley “On the top of a mountain after a 50-minute journey up a dirt track, we arrived at Mutara parish, to be met by lots of small children and ladies weaving baskets. The catechist, Wellars, took us into his small church. Sitting on the concrete floor, we talked and worshiped with people who have nothing materially but are full of the Spirit of God. And his Spirit moved me to tears. What a God we serve!” Marlyn Quigley “We met with a number of remote communities in churches they have built themselves from hand-made mud bricks. They each welcomed us with open arms. Many are poor, but not in spirit, for we have been truly humbled by the depth of their love, trust and faith in God. Someone once said they did not know that Jesus was all they needed until Jesus was all they had. These people are a living example of that.” Rt Rev Jered Kalimba (Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese) “We really enjoyed the presence of this team among us. We mostly learnt that the Diocese of Shyogwe is not isolated, we are part of the Global community whereby Christ is at the heart. This visit taught us that we are blessed to benefit from our brethren - not only their prayers and financial support but also their stories, testimonies, talents and experiences that contribute to building the Kingdom of God in our Diocese. “Our wishes are to be a blessing to our partners from Ireland, we hope this visit enriched and encouraged them in different ways. May the Lord continue to strengthen our partnership and bless both communities in Ireland and Rwanda.” John Davies “CMSI has given our team something very special, the opportunity to give thanks to God alongside our fellow Christian’s in Rwanda. This in turn has produced six thankful souls from three parts of Ireland. When all is stripped away all that is left is Love and a willingness to do God’s will.”

The planned summer teams to Burundi and South Sudan had to be postponed due to the recent political instability in both countries. Please continue to pray for peace in these places.

Page 15

inmission Autumn 2015

Sligo to Kindu

sligo to kindu Developing a new partnership Written by Canon Patrick Bamber

Page 16

Patrick Bamber with Bishop Masimango in a Kindu village

inmission Autumn 2015 Patrick, Guy and Andrew

Sligo to Kindu

One of the CMSI teams this summer visited Kindu Diocese in DR Congo. As team member Canon Patrick Bamber explains, it was a significant visit for his parish (Calry, Sligo), as they set out on a new Partnership Link with Kindu. I said I didn’t know what would happen or where we would be led. Not, perhaps, what a management guru would advise a budding new leader to announce, but perfectly true and perfectly in keeping with the pilgrimage tradition of the early Celtic Church. The occasion was my first Sunday in Calry on 3rd May 2009. In 2014, we were joined in Calry by a Congolese family: refugees from their homeland who were having to cope with the very different culture and climate of the Emerald Isle. At General Synod that year, I attended a mission breakfast for synod members along with a posse of venerable African bishops, who were in Ireland to mark CMSI’s bicentenary. I thought the one Congolese bishop present might be willing to make contact with my new Congolese parishioners. As we spoke, Rev Andrew Rawding joined in and suggested the bishop - Masimango Katanda - could visit Sligo. It seemed like a good idea, so the two of them came and stayed. We hosted a meeting for anyone interested in meeting the bishop, which included Guy Marsden - a seasoned traveller in Africa and our church warden. As Bishop Masimango was leaving, he invited myself and Guy to visit his diocese - Kindu. Andrew Rawding said he was planning a trip with CMSI in 2015. With the kind agreement of our wives and, in my case, my bishop, plans were made to go. The understanding was always that the trip was to facilitate partnership - it wasn’t an African jaunt in the sun. Guy and myself were so encouraged at the number of people who gave to make the trip possible. This was hard evidence that our church was behind us, sending us out.

We had a memorable time. It was an enormous privilege to be able to experience something of the life of God’s people in the veritable heart of Africa. We were impressed with the godly people we met. Of course, there were sad and somewhat depressing situations, but also a great deal that was positive. The diocese has challenges to contend with, some of which are similar to our own. They also have life and exuberance. The church in Congo is young, Kindu Diocese has only existed for 17 years, and there was plenty of talk of new churches and parishes. Hopefully, folk in Sligo will get involved in this link, following the good example of Revd Andrew Rawding’s parishes of Brackaville, Donaghendry and Ballyclog. But I hope that as we learn about Christian brothers and sisters in Congo we may become more globally minded, mission-centred people. I would never have predicted this link when I first came to Sligo, but I also feel that this is God’s leading and I trust him for whatever he will do next. Page 17

inmission Autumn 2015


snippets CMSI news in brief

Alison’s Engagement Congratulations to CMSI Mission Associate, Alison Gill, who recently announced her engagement to Paul Guinness, a fellow missionary in Burundi, also from England. Alison and Paul are currently in the UK on Home Assignment and are making plans for a wedding in December. Please pray for them both as they enjoy this special time together and make plans for their future.

Burundi Refugee Appeal A few weeks after launching the Nepal Appeal, CMSI also launched a Burundi Refugee Appeal. In the run-up to planned elections in June, political tensions escalated in Burundi and many tens of thousands of people fled to neighbouring countries, including Rwanda and DR Congo, fearing for their lives. Despite receiving limited media coverage, the resulting refugee crisis is a significant one. CMSI wanted to encourage prayer and financial support for our Global Partners in the region as they respond. Thanks to all those who continue to pray for the situation and to those who have contributed to the financial appeal, which has so far raised over £3000.

Nepal Earthquake Appeal The earthquake and its aftermath in Nepal were widely reported in April and May – but behind the headlines, our partners have been working hard and responding effectively since the days following the disaster. The CMSI appeal was launched to encourage prayer for Nepal and for our friends and partners there, as well as to raise funds to support them in their longer-term responses. As we draw this appeal to a close, we’re delighted that over £25,000 has been raised for this appeal, with lots of interest and communication along the way. On behalf of our partners in Nepal, we want to thank you for your prayers and your support! Page 18

inmission Autumn 2015

Snippets There’s been a lot of activity on the CMSI website over the summer months. In addition to blogs from the various summer METAs, we’ve updated some of the pages, including the ‘Giving’ pages. In addition to supporting CMSI’s General Fund, it’s now possible to donate online to any of our Global Partners or Mission Partners. We hope to make further updates and upgrades to the website in the coming months, but do have a look and let us know what you think. Hands of Hope (Rwanda)

Arua Homecraf ts (Uganda)

ndicraft pal)

Maasai Craft s (Kenya)

ding crafts ing stories

Union an)

Kiwoko Hosp ital (Uganda)

Shyogwe Craft s (Rwanda)

33 Dargan Road,

Belfast Office

Belfast, BT3 9JU +44 (0)28 9077 5020 belfastoffice@cms marketplace@cms


Come Along Book us in! CMSI staff and volunteers are always keen to get out and about to parishes and church groups. We love coming to meet with folk, to share news and stories from our Global Partners and to provide some thoughts about mission. Our diaries are filling up nicely, but there’s still space for more. So please do book us in. We’re available for Sunday Services, special events and midweek gatherings. In particular, we’d love to come and share our new Marketplace presentation, or chat to Sunday School teachers about our Children’s Resource, or introduce our Discover resource – a discussion series exploring the biblical story of mission. Whatever the occasion, we’ll find something suitable to inform, encourage and inspire.

We’re really looking forward to the upcoming CMSI Weekend in Newcastle, Co. Down. Our September weekends in Glenada have always been a highlight of the year. They offer a chance to catch up with friends, to enjoy fellowship, chat and worship together and to hear news from CMSI’s Global Partners and Mission Partners. This year’s Bible reflections will be led by Mission Director, Jenny Smyth and there’ll also be input from some of those who recently participated in our Mission Experience Teams Abroad. To book a place for the full weekend or for the Saturday programme, please visit the CMSI website, or contact Jen in our Belfast office. We’ve also started making plans for the IMPACT annual celebration on 27th November (details overleaf). Please do join us for this special evening of worship and thanksgiving. Page 19

cmsi Annual Celebration Friday 27th November; 7:30pm Belvoir Parish Church, Belfast An evening of thanksgiving and sharing, with worship led by Ian Hanna and stories from around the world. An event for all CMSI friends, supporters and link parishes

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Church Mission Society Ireland is registered in Dublin, Ireland - Reg No. 26905 - as a Company Limited by Guarantee, with permission to omit the word ‘Limited’. Charity Ref No: CHY 910 Recognised in the UK as a Charity by the Inland Revenue - Ref No. XN 48809. CMS Ireland is a registered business name - Registered Office: Dublin Office, as above.

inMission 50  

The Autumn 2015 edition of CMSI's inMission Magazine.

inMission 50  

The Autumn 2015 edition of CMSI's inMission Magazine.