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Special thanks to the students, graduates, instructors and photographers who contributed work herein.


INTRODUCTION Cinema Makeup School was founded in 1993 by a professional makeup artist seeking to provide a useful and up-to-date education to aspiring makeup and special effects technicians.

makeup classes.



Many graduates of the school have gone on to do acclaimed work at the highest levels. Zena Shtysel has won two primetime Emmy awards and been nominated four more times for her work as key At the time, there were very few schools dedicated exclusively to makeup and those that existed offered makeup artist on Dancing With the Stars. Michelle Bankson has done key hair and makeup training that was either outdated or out-of-step with the needs of the entertainment industry. Most of the for countless top musical acts including P.Diddy, Coldplay, and David Guetta. Sculptor and painter industry’s training—especially in the special effects world—happened informally through apprenticeships Casey Love has created beautiful concept art and and internships that were often unpaid, unadvertised effects work for over twenty feature films (including Men In Black 3, AVPR: Alien vs. Predator Reand all-but-inaccessible to people without insider connections and financial means. At the same time, quiem and Priest) and is a sought-after designer of horror-themed art and memorabilia selling his original the explosion of special effects-driven blockbuster pieces for thousands of dollars. Gage Hubbard movies (that had been going on, unabated, since and Wayne Anderson have charmed television the late ‘70s) created unprecedented public awareness of, and interest in, special effects. With so few audiences as finalists on SyFy Network’s Face Off makeup competition. Liz Mendoza and Gil doorways to the industry and so many interested young people, someone needed to bridge that gap. Romero occupy top academic positions at major competing makeup schools. These are just a few examples; even graduates from CMS’s most recent The school opened its doors in a modest facility in the heart of L.A. and got to work teaching students. classes are already starting their careers in major effects shops. The plan was simple: offer shorter, more concentrated classes; keep all instruction up-to-date with As it enters its third decade of instruction, CMS the latest professional methods and standards; and has never been a more vital institution. Exciting attract top working artists to teach at the school. new offerings such as The Leonard Engelman Fellowship Honors Program, the Protégé Lab It worked. Internship Program, and improvement projects like the newly-opened Jack Pierce Memorial Gallery Since its inception, the school has grown consisfor Makeup and Character Arts have radically tently for over twenty years. It has moved twice to enhanced and expanded the school in just the past upgraded facilities and even with more and more twelve months. Current students and recent grads start dates offered each year, core classes are have placed highly in a number of recent student always full. competitions, and some had their work featured in notable trade publications, like Make-up Artist CMS’s longtime Director of Education, Leonard magazine, before even graduating. Many othEngelman, was elected the first Governor of the ers have gone on to high-profile jobs with effects Make-up Artists and Hairstylists Branch of the shops like Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.; The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Character Shop; Legacy Effects; and assisting (the governing body for the Oscars®), and continues his work with the school to this day as a special well-known artists such as Ve Neill; Steve Wang; Kazuhiro Tsuji; and Joel Harlow. Meanwhile, enrollinstructor and chairman of the school’s honors ment continues to grow. program. The current faculty pool—which rotates due to Hollywood’s continued demand for many of our instructors’ services—includes multiple Emmy® Still, the plan remains the same: pair eager students winners and nominees. Even Oscar-winning makeup with top established talent, teach them the latest methods in a concentrated creative environment, artist Joel Harlow, known for his work as Johnny and great work will follow. Depp’s personal makeup artist, has stepped into CMS classrooms to teach character and prosthetic



Cinema Makeup School students with Oscar-winning makeup artists Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. as part of the school’s lab internship program.


CMS and The Industry


TESTIMONIALS “Hosting interns in a working makeup effects studio can be risky. Newbies can slow down the process. They can actually create more work because they need their hands held every step of the way. That’s why I was so pleased by the performance of the interns who came to us through Cinema Makeup School. Not only were they enthusiastic, serious, and hard-working…they had skills.”

—Alec Gillis Oscar-winning SFX artist Founder, Amalgamated Dynamics


“I think Cinema Makeup School’s new scholarship program is a wonderful idea. I’m very honored that the school has proposed granting the first scholarship in my name and I wholeheartedly approve.”

—Dick Smith Oscar-winner, “The Godfather of Makeup” The Godfather, The Exorcist, Taxi Driver

“The students were absolutely wonderful. Every one of them had a great attitude and did exactly what we needed. There are some serious skill sets there. Some of the zombie makeups they put together would have made [Emmy-winning Walking Dead makeup artist, Greg] Nicotero envious….I couldn’t have asked for a friendlier, harder-working bunch.”

—Ed Blair Editor, Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine

“Amazing graduates.” —Kazuhiro Tsuji Oscar-winning SFX artist Looper, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,

Tropic Thunder

“It was great to see your great facility and meet your teaching team and very talented students. I still want to come and do a little demo for your students next time I’m in town.”

—Neill Gorton BAFTA-winning SFX artist Doctor Who, Being Human, Children of Men

06 “With Cinema Makeup School, so many of the teachers I’ve worked with: Mike Spatola, of course Leonard Engelman... Some schools will hire students that graduated, but they only know that curriculum. You need to have people that have a wealth of information. And [at CMS] you have, like, Craig Reardon and so forth that come in and teach classes, and I think that’s essential. It seems like your students are listening to what these veterans are saying and I think that’s the most important thing.”

—Howard Berger Oscar-winning SFX artist Founder, KNB Effects Group “With the advancment of technology in the field of makeup, there is nothing more important than a good education. It is my honor to follow in Dick Smith’s footsteps as your sponsor for the Cinema Makeup School scholarship.”

“Most of the time I see demos from schools and wonder what the heck people are teaching. Honestly, I saw this [CMS student work] and was highly impressed! Good stuff!”

—Christopher Allen Nelson SFX artist World War Z, American Horror Story, Star Trek “Los Angeles is the epicenter of movie makeup. In order to have a successful school in Hollywood, you have to be good. To be able to come to a school like this...I wish I would have had this kind of opportunity when I was starting up.”

—Michael Key 2-time Emmy-winner, publisher of Make-up Artist magazine “I have been a Makeup & FX Artist for 35 years, but when my daughter Constance chose this as her career path, we decided she should receive overall training in all areas and learn the latest techniques. After looking at the various curriculum’s offered by the LA Makeup Schools, CMS was our first and only choice....”

—Cleve Hall Makeup artist Troll, TerrorVision, Alienator


—Ve Neill 3-time Oscar-winning SFX artist Pirates of the Carribean, The Hunger Games


STUDENT REVIEWS These quotes are taken directly from the “comments” section of anonymous student evaluation sheets collected in classes on March 3, 2013 and May 22, 2013.

“I loved this school! I learned so much!”


“It’s been some of the best times I’ve ever had. I feel knowledgeable, confident and ready to work in this field. I loved every teacher, intern and student. Thank you, Cinema, for everything!”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my education here. I do wish there was a more advanced beauty option in the master course if you have experience…but the educators are well-versed in their craft.” “I have loved every second of being here and have gotten more out of this program than I ever imagined I would. I do strongly feel that the beauty course should start the master program.”

“Love it! Great school, great faculty. Everyone is very knowledgeable, helpful + nice. Very relevant in the field. Love it here.”

Oscar-winning instructor and guest lecturer Joel Harlow critiques student SFX work.

“CMS is, without a doubt, the absolute best make-up school in the world. There are not enough words to express my appreciation to each and every instructor and staff member of this school. It is an honor and a privilege to be mentored and guided by such incredible artists. Thank you for making it one of the best experience [sic] of my life!!!”


“Love the schooll. [sic] The staff is all nice + personable + easy to talk to. I love that if feels like a family here + a home away from home.” “I love the ambience of the school. I like the style. The Art Deco building is a joy to walk into. The security guys are friendly as well, one feels safe.”

“Love that I chose this prestigious school! I learned a lot and met so many great friends + especially the instructors. I’m grateful for my experience here and don’t have any regrets in choosing this school.” “Best experience ever!” “It is a great school that seems very organized. I would recommend it to all the people who wants to be special effects Artist. [sic]” “Overall each teacher was different, and I was able to gain something different from each and every one. I learned a lot, and I am ready to learn even more.” “The school is everything I hoped for. Clean, friendly. Good location. Great pictures. Etc. I’m so happy I was able to come learn at CMS. I can’t wait to learn more!”


“There is nothing bad I can comment about the school. It is (so far) everything I had hoped. I feel looked after here, and if I have any problems I can go talk to someone about that.”




Above: Golden Shyne and Mo Meinhart at L.A. Fashion week, Sophie Coenen during a CMS High Fashion Photo Shoot. Below: Jordan Morris during a CMS Beauty Class


Clockwise from top: Heath Kinkaid working at ADI, Miyo Nakamura at IMATS, KC Mussman at IMATS, Mo Meinhart at the CMS lab, Midge Ordonez and Leonard Engelman during an honors workshop.


NOTABLE GRADUATES Zena Shteysel (Emmy winner, Dancing With the Stars) Sherri Zebeck (Emmy winner, John Adams, Fast Five, The Wire) Michelle Bankson (The Hard Easy, Duran Duran) Sarah Egan (Saturday Night Live, The Whitest Kids U’Know, Movie 43)

Zena Shteysel


Amy Strozzi (Emmy nominee, So You Think You Can Dance?) Carlton Coleman (Inception, Tropic Thunder, CSI) Gage Hubbard (SyFy’s Face Off, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, Bled) Tyler Dolph (Poultrygeist, The Poughkeepsie Tapes)

Amy Strozzi

Liz Mendoza (Jackass 3D, Insidious, lead instructor at Ruby Makeup Academy) Tara Lang (Your Highness, SyFy’s Face Off) Morgan Muta (Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.) Ian Lome (Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.) Hannah Lux Davis (Skyline) Lymari Millot (award-winning bodypaint artist) Graham Schofeld (Untraceable, Epic Movie, NCIS)

Liz Mendoza

Tara Lang

12 Miyo Nakamura (X-Men: First Class; sculptor at Biomorph, Inc.) Tomo Hayashi (Thor, Cowboys & Aliens, Real Steel, Snow White and the Huntsman) Samantha Ward (The Devil’s Carnival) Wayne Anderson (SyFy’s Face Off) Casey Love (M.I.B. 3) Miyo Nakamura

Wayne Anderson


Jennifer Quinteros (X-Men: First Class, Coldplay, Rihanna) Tuesday Coren (Pee Wee’s Playhouse, hair stylist) Elle Favorule (The Devil’s Carnival)

Breanna Ortola (co-founder of Alchemy Mineral Blends) Sally Walker (co-founder of Alchemy Mineral Blends) Ali Magee (Star Trek Into Darkness)

work by Casey Love

Victoria Payne (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) Rochelle Kneisley (Exit 33, Dark World, The 7) Katie Machaiek (SyFy’s Face Off) Miranda Jory (SyFy’s Face Off) Jennifer Quinteros




Lina Hang, 1st Prize IMATS 2012

Devan Weitzman, 1st Prize IMATS 2013 RECENT IMATS student competition winners

Melissa Jimenez, 2nd Prize IMATS 2013

Devan Weitzman (1st Place, LA 2013) Melissa Jimenez (2nd Place, LA 2013) Lina Hang (1st Place, LA 2012) Sara Mentira (2nd Place, NY 2012) Miranda Jory (1st Place, Vancouver 2011) Sunny Scarlett (1st Place, London 2011) Chikako Kitabata (2nd Place, Sydney 2011) Tuesday Coren (1st Place, LA 2010) Miranda Jory (2nd Place, LA 2010) Tuesday Coren (2nd Place, LA 2009) Lymari Millot (1st Place, LA 2008) Kayla Barry (1st Place, LA 2007) Orso Balla (3rd Place, LA 2009)



Recent major U.S. media appearances: SYFY “Face Off” TRAVEL CHANNEL “Trip Flip” CNBC “Treasure Detectives” Syndication “The Doctors” FOOD NETWORK “Will Work for Food” REELZ TV “Dailies” UNIVISION “Control” (Spanish-language) XBOX Live “Monster Makers” HISTORY CHANNEL “U.F.O. Hunters” ANIMAL PLANET “The Most Extreme” Trade publications and sites regularly reporting on CMS: Make-up Artist magazine The Artisan magazine Fangoria magazine Below-the-Line News Behind The Marquee



Cinema Makeup School Chief Academic Officer Mike Spatola poses with visiting students from a Japanese beauty school, in town for a seminar with airbrush instructor Nelly Recchia.


International Recognition




“The most prestigious [makeup] school in Hollywood.” —Alarma TV (Mexico)

“One of the most famous makeup schools in Hollywood.” —50MN Inside, TF1 (France)



“The Hoyt’s Insider” FOX 8 “LAX”

TF1 “50MN Inside” CANAL+




TELE 5 “Steven Liebt Kino”

18 “...Where magic comes to life. You can feel the energy as you take your first step inside one of the world’s best makeup schools” —EBS World Education, EBS (Korea)



“Area English”




EBS “World Education” “Dong A Daily”

DSMART “The Hollywood File” EKSI 10


“A place renowned for turning anyone into literally anything.” —The Hoyt’s Insider (Australia)




CMS students come from all over the world, representing dozens of countries across six continents. Some come from nations with up-and-coming film industries and return home already among the most capable makeup and special effects technicians in their home countries. Others plan to move to the U.S. permanently to chase their Hollywood dreams.


Either way, when they land in L.A., CMS’s international students are greeted by a welcoming environment and plenty of like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. Even those students who speak little or no English can have plenty of fun bonding with their classmates through the universal language of creativity.



The Jack Pierce Memorial Gallery for Makeup and Character Arts features work by top pros and graduates of CMS

CMS’s facility is located in the historic Wiltern Theater Building in the heart of Los Angeles; just a stone’s throw from Hollywood.

22 CMS classroom and lab facilities are all spacious and well-lit for an ideal training environment

CMS Facility A peek inside CMS: over 10,000 sq. ft. dedicated to education and creation.


CMS’s labs are open to the school’s graduates for life. Even after they graduate, many choose to work on their first professional projects at CMS.



Makeup by graduate Miyo Nakamura




FAX 213.739.0189 MAIL 3780 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 202 Los Angeles, California 90010 USA


PHONE 213.368.1234

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CMS Prospectus  

An Introduction to Cinema Makeup School

CMS Prospectus  

An Introduction to Cinema Makeup School