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Volume1, Issue 2

Spring 2009

Career Management Services Center Newsletter

Director’s Greeting We have come to the end of a n o t h e r school year, and I must say it was an eventful one. The Career Deborah Young Management Services Center (CMSC) has been busy with our everyday operations, expanding our reach to three of the schools of the college, and constantly working on ways to better serve our students. A goal of the CMSC is to inspire students to become leaders and change

agents at the college as well as in their communities. Two great examples of this are Daphne Denis and Rashaan Cummings, both recent alums of MEC. These two leaders have given of their time by coming back to the college to speak to students about their experiences. Ms. Denis spoke about her journey from MEC to graduate school and Mr. Cummings, financial consultant for Cayden Financial, led a financial literacy workshop. Aside from student development the Center has also been expanding its relationship with the schools of the college. Meetings have been held to inform staff of the three schools about our services and programs and to assist

with ways to better serve our students. All in all we’ve had a very productive semester and are on our way to preparing for the next one. Congratulations to the 2009 Graduates. Best of luck in all your endeavors and remember the CMSC is for alumni also.

Deborah Young Director

Science Association Gets Lesson in CV Writing Ms. Morgan’s inter-active presentation not only gave students pointers within their specific field, but also reminded them that having a proficiency in business etiquette skills is equally important.

Judy L. Morgan, CMSC Marketing Manager conducts workshop for MESA

The CM SC pres ent ed a t a Medgar Evers Science Association (MESA) meeting, in what proved to be a much anticipated workshop. Judy L. Morgan, Marketing Manager of the CMSC conducted a workshop on the subject of resume and curriculum vitae writing.

The presentation came to a close with the reiteration of always being prepared. This rang true by the end of the day. Vice President of MESA, Gerialisa Caesar, was chosen by the CMSC to attend the 3rd Annual Thurgood Marshall College Fund Civic Responsibility Conference in Washington, DC. Due to her preparedness, professionalism, high GPA, and enthusiasm Ms. Caesar was the obvious choice.

Medgar Evers College - Career Management Services Center (CMSC)

The CMSC is pleased to have forged this relationship with MESA and looks forward to future endeavors together. For more information about MESA or other clubs and organizations on campus, contact Student Life & Development at 718.270.6050

MESA members at workshop



Helpful hints for getting recruited Checking your email regularly for opportunities – some opportunities have a very short response time. As much as the CMSC tries to get information out to students in a timely fashion, sometimes we receive late notices. Being prepared eliminates much of the stress from this part of the process. If you are registered on College Central Network you will receive information about jobs and opportunities straight to your email inbox. Understanding the screening process – students that work with the CMSC know that every contact they have with staff is part of the screening process. Your response emails, phone calls, and completion of applications are all part of the process. GPA – while every opportunity does not necessarily require a high gpa, having a good one doesn’t hurt. Maintaining a minimum of a 2.5 will keep you in the running for average level opportunities. 3.0 and above is preferred. Campus or community Involvement – though involvement in extra curricular activities is not always a necessity, it does give an applicant the edge to stand out from the crowd.

CMSC Working for You The CMS is dedicated to serving all students in making a smooth transition from life at Medgar to life in the workforce. One way we accomplish this task is by forging relationships with all schools and departments. A CMSC staff member is assigned as a liaison to each school in order to get to know the chairs’, deans’, faculty’s, and students’ individual needs. A common misconception among students and staff is that the Center is onl y f or business st udents . In actuality, the Center services students of all majors. Our workshops, resources, and opportunities are beneficial to all students. As the job market becomes more saturated and in our current economic situation it is crucial for a job seeker to have more than just book smarts. It is equally important for job holders to know how to maintain and maneuver within their current jobs. The CMSC is here to

assist with all career related situations and anomalies. Deborah Young, Director, liaises with the School of Business, Jemma St. Lawrence, Career Recruitment Coordinator with the School of Liberal Arts and Education, and Judy L. “A common misconception among students and staff is that a career services center is only for business students. In actuality, the career center services students of all majors.” Morgan, Marketing Manager works with the School of Science Health & Technology. Each liaison has attended the schools’ faculty meetings, and developed a plan of action on how to better acclimate students to career services. The CMSC has a number of ways you

Medgar Evers College - Career Management Services Center (CMSC)

can get involved that we know will benefit you. Whether student, faculty or staff we can work together towards “creating success, one student at a time.” Examples of Collaborative Efforts: • Faculty Dereck Skeete (SSHT) to speak at graduate school workshop • Faculty Gregory Vaughn (SSHT) meets with CMSC staff to strategize on how to better serve computer science students • Director Jeffrey Sigler (FYP) moderates BEEP panel discussion • Jemma St. Lawrence presents j ob s e a rc h s tr a t e gi es t o Education majors (LA&E) • Judy L. Morgan presents at S oc i a l W or k C onf e r e nc e (LA&E) • Deborah Young sits on the Omnicom Task Force (SoB) • NABA President, Curtis Harris plans collaborations with CMSC



Recruitment Happens In Real Time Students seeking to be recruited for employment, scholarship, leadership, and other opportunities, need to know Written by t h a t the Jemma St. Lawrence process does not happen by chance. Being prepared is the key! Having a resume that has been reviewed and updated is just the beginning. Attending workshops like Interviewing Skills, Techno Etiquette, and even practicing a oneon-one mock interview with a career coach are all things you should also do to prepare for an opportunity.

have a clear advantage. They understand the process of being “pipelined” to get recruited. At the CMSC “the process” starts with being registered on College Central Network and getting your resume approved. Resumes must be rele-

Students who take the time to work with the Center staff are the ones who

The recruitment process can sometimes get very involved. You

Students can register at medgarevers vant and sometimes have to be edited in order to “speak to” the opportunity. This can be a meticulous process involving close communication between applicant and the CMSC staff who continuously work to keep the process going smoothly.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Medgar Evers College - Career Management Services Center (CMSC)

may be required to submit more than just a resume. Some opportunities require a cover letter, essay or writing sample, official transcript, and reference letters. You may also need personal documents like a birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, or social security card. All these documents need to be verified before the student’s application can be submitted to the recruiter. This doesn’t have to be a daunting task as long as you are prepared and work closely with the CMSC staff. The end result, can be a huge success. You may land a job, scholarship, or even leadership opportunity. At the very least going through the process gives you the chance to develop your skills and be bett er pr epare d for the ne xt opportunity.

2008 - 2009 Recruitment Efforts (partial list) Lagrant Foundation conference of workshops at Ruder Finn; NYC Thurgood Marshall Civic Responsibility Conference; Washington, DC Thurgood Marshall Sales/STEM Conference; New Orleans, LA BEEP Leadership Conference; Atlanta, GA Minority Access Internship College Summit Internship Nike Summer Internship Lagrant Foundation Scholarship Diversity Leaders Summit at the United Nations UVI’s Summer Institute for Future Global Leaders in the Caribbean. Walgreens US Census Emmis Communications NYC Department of Environmental Protection Hudson River Park Trust The Dean of Students and the Office of Student Affairs Student Life President’s Office



Student Spotlight!

Phillip Parris is currently a sophomore majoring in Business with a minor in Environmental Science. With this academic combination both the School of Business and the School of Science, Health and Technology are proud to claim him as their own. As a result of CMSC recruitment efforts, Phillip was chosen as one of the student representatives to attend this year’s Black Executive Exchange Program National Confer-

ence in Atlanta, GA., and the 3rd Annual Thurgood Marshall College Fund Civic Responsibility Conference in Washington, DC.

Phillip, also through a recruitment effort, is the first MEC recipient of the Lagrant Foundation Scholarship, a welcomed and well deserved $5,000 award.

With all this involvement, Phillip continues to remain balanced and maintain a 3.8 gpa.

Past recipient of the Peter Laurel Scholarship and the Medgar Evers College Alumni Scholarship

Phillip is truly the epitome of the ideal Medgar student, his involvement and achievements include: • Captain of the MEC Intramural Men’s Volleyball team • 1st place in advertisement competition at Pace University • Participation in case study competition at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania • Competed in the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge


The Career Management Services Center would like to acknowledge: Sonia Fairweather, Nursing Kisha George, Public Administration Carol Phillip, Biology They have been recognized by the 311 Citizen Service Center as giving Outstanding Customer Service. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Did You Know?

Did you know that for the 2008 - 2009 academic year there were 451 approved student resumes on our database, College Central Network?

Did you know employers have looked at approved student resumes 698 times?

That means that more than half of the approved resumes on College Central Network were seen by employers at least 3 times! Is your resume approved on College Central Network? If not contact the Career Services Center today!

Medgar Evers College - Career Management Services Center (CMSC)



Events! The CMSC keeps busy throughout the semester assisting students in their vocational development. On a daily basis the CMSC provides assistance with basics, like resume building, prepping students for interviews, recruiting, and other administrative work, but in addition the department hosts a number of events. These happenings allow for greater student/employer interaction and greater development of students’ skills. Career Expo Career Fair Macy’s Boot Camp Financial Literacy Cayden Financial Job Search Workshops Resume Writing Workshops Advanced Resume Writing Interviewing Skills Workshops Dining Skills Workshops Communication Skills Art of Working a Room Techno Etiquette Walgreens Recruitment Omnicom Info Session Education Round Table CMSC Overview Importance of and How to Finance Graduate School BEEP Kaplan Tabling JP Morgan Chase Tabling

Medgar Evers College - Career Management Services Center (CMSC)



Black Executive Exchange Program 2009 February 17 - 19 marked the 6th Black Executive Exchange Program Student Professional Development Conference hosted by the CMSC at

for US Operations at Adecco, lectured on “Why Some People Get an Offer and Others Don’t”. His dynamic talk included the give-a-way of his book entitled “7 Secrets to a Job Winning Interview”, subsequently raffled of at all the workshops. Deborah McDaniel, Director of Consumer Strategy at CIGNA brought a holistic approach to her workshop on “Personal Branding & Building Your Network.”

BEEPer William Rolack with Director Deborah Young, Professor Cox, and students

Medgar Evers College. This year consisted of six “visiting professors”, known as BEEPers, who visited classrooms conducting workshops on various professional topics.

and Executive Director of Protocol, Inc. also joined in as a BEEPer during the panel discussion led by the Director of the Freshman Year Program, Jeffrey Sigler. “Where are We Now?” was a dynamic exchange between BEEPers and students regarding racism, race relations, education, and socio-economic status, in a new presidential era. Included was a closed networking

Students were pumped up by Nicole Desir’s workshop on “Your Personal Brand.” As Associate Vice President of Brand Management at The Beanstalk Group (a part of Omnicom) Ms. Desir talked about the importance of branding and how it pertains to individuals as well as companies and products.

The CMSC spearheaded the initiation of the Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP) at Medgar Evers College (MEC) in the Spring of 2006. The intention of the initiative was to give students first-hand, inside information on today’s workplace.

Uly Keener, Jr., Executive Advisor at Gateway International Group, Inc. used his past experiences in corporate America as well as a business owner to speak to students on “Gaining Experience & Credibility on Your Job.”

The main goal of the conference is to have students gain knowledge: • In becoming life long learners • Successfully applying classroom learning to work situations • Becoming Community Change Agents

Whitney Terrill, an Analyst at Goldman Sachs and the youngest of the BEEPers, gave students insight on being well-rounded and having experiences outside of your comfort zone. She spoke about “How to Stand Out in Today’s Job Market.”

William Rolack, Diversity Manager



BEEPers at Panel Discussion

session where selected students met one-on-one with BEEPers and got immediate feedback on their networking skills. This mock-interview of sorts gave students a chance to interact with the BEEPers on a more personal level and to receive some mentorship from these top executives. The conference concluded with an open networking reception where students, faculty, and administrators mingled with the BEEPers.


Dr. Edison O. Jackson, College President Dr. Vincent Banrey, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services Deborah Young, Director Judy L. Morgan, Marketing Manager / Newsletter Editor Jemma St. Lawrence, Career Recruitment Coordinator Michelle Rice, Career Counselor We are located in Room S 302 and can be reached at 718.270.6055 Medgar Evers College - Career Management Services Center (CMSC)

CMSC Spring 2009 Newsletter  

CMSC Spring 2009 Newsletter