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September 8, 2010

Video and Joomla and Portable Devices Quick Introduction to Video Options and Lessons Learned Tools and Process utilized to support Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA 1

How to Optimize Encoding 

Many codecs     

FLV (Most Popular for Web) H.264 (Apple Tools Compatible: iphone, ipad, ieverything, etc) (GNU GPL Licence) MPEG-4 ( Proprietary) Windows MPEG-2 MPEG-4

New Comers  WebM (vp8)  Theora


My experience: Two Codecs Needed FLV – Flash  Advantages:  

minimum Buffer, low file size Supported widely by all browser

Disadvantages:  

Most Smart Phones including Apple/Android technology will not play FLV FLV (Adobe)

H.264 for  Advantages:  

Plays in many SmartPhones, GNU GPL RSS, Pod casting can be created

Disadvantages:  

Bigger File, Must buffer 100% online before it will play. Can frustrate the visitor.

Conclusion: Huge Waist of Time and Demanding Solution 3

Requirement: One Codec's for Many Options 

Need One Encoding to work with traditional web and portable devices.

H264 is the best candidate. 

Problem: needs to buffer 100% before playing 

 

Solution: A. Find a tool that will move H.264 index file to the front.    

Why: Index file that is required to play loads last. (At the End)

One codec for two environments Free Time Less hair loss for you and your clients Less storage is used by eliminating FLV codec's

V. Find a Player that will play H.264 in a Flash Box on the traditional Internet.


Converters 

Worth Mentioning  Miro

Video Converter 2.4  Super Converter 

And the best for H.264 for traditional websites and Apple/Portable devices is 


Resources  ReelSEO How

To Use Google Video XML Sitemaps For Video SEO

(  HTML5  Converter


Flash Player Wizard (

Do Not forget to put you plugging such as Google Analytics into a wizard, under behavior section.


Install Google Analytics Pro and you can see Video Play details (Time, Quantity, Repeat Play and etc)

Practice HORA Most Visited Video: 8

Next Steps for Video Pod-Casting on Smart Phones for our Documentary TV Series 

Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA Announces Open Casting for a New Documentary Series TV Program Focused on Conscious Evolution and Development of the Individual in Active Modern Society

Link to a Practice HORA Documentary release via Marketwire:  9

Video for Joomla  

A presentation to the Joomla User Group on how to use video and portable devices for Joomla.

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