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Joomla CMS KickStart Training Joomla Basics: Part Two

Part Two: Content and Navigation Presented by:

Kendall Cabe InfoTeam Corporation July 8, 2009 Joomla Chicago Monthly Meeting

Original Presentation by Nick Martinelli Š Copyright Nick Martinelli 2009 Presentation modified by Kendall Cabe for July 8, 2009

Part Two: Content and Navigation What we are talking about: Content What’s content? Planning content Sections and Categories How to create it in Joomla

Navigation Examples of navigation How to create menus in Joomla

What is content? Web content is the textual, visual or aural content that is encountered as part of the user experience on websites. - Wikipedia 4/20/2009

Examples of Content: Articles (text) Audio Video Images Calendars Modules

Types of Content There are two general types of content on a site: 1.

Content you create for your site


Content website users create

Creating Content Four easy steps to adding content to the site: 1.

Plan – what’s on the site


Organize - create a sitemap / layout content


Write – create the content


Post – Put the content into Joomla

Organizing Content Sections Highest level container Can have many categories

Categories Middle level container Can have contain many articles

Articles Lowest tier Article = webpage = content Visitors see and read your articles Articles can be uncategorized

Facts on Uncategorized Articles Uncategorized is a section and category Allows for articles to show up without section/category Also known as “static content�

Steps to add content Here is the steps listed to enter your content: 1.

Add the Sections


Add the Categories


Add the Articles

Lets Dive into Creating Content What’s next: Create sections and categories Create an article Create and uncategorized article Walkthrough of the WYSIWYG editor

Navigation Navigation = Menus Controls how people get around

Many menus to do many things Main menu main navigation must contain the homepage item

User menu contains functions for users when logged in

Top menu Duplicate links, Shopping Cart link, login, etc

Other menu Footer menu, repeated links, shopping help, support etc

Lets Create Menus What we are going to do: Look at Joomla Core Menus Learn about types of links Create new menu items that point to content

Your Turn‌ Questions?

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Joomla Basics Part 2  
Joomla Basics Part 2  

Part 2 of the Joomla Basics program at Joomla Chicago User Group Meetings.