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ACADEMICS of CMR Photographic Stories Photojournalism Period 4

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Senior, Hailey Lapier writes academic notes on her arms in psychology class. photo By Tori Lapierre Junior, Justus Nicholson takes part in an activity involving cheese on Nov. 31 in Denise Claire’s room. photo By Tori Lapierre

Photo story by Tori Lapierre Sophomore, Katie Dewing working on a painting in her art class with Andrew Nagengast. photo By Tori Lapierre

Mixed pastel chalk in this white tray expresses the beauty of art. photo By Tori Lapierre

Learning equations, Frshman Kale Stout has fun using his whiteboard to solve problems for his teacher Laura Cline. photo By Tori Lapierre

Crunching NumbersJunior Eric Garrity focuses on his math assignment in room 325 on Oct. 31. Photo by Amber Kegel. Relaxing- Tiffany Melancon and Kenden Andrews sit on a couch in room 322 on Oct. 31.Photo by Amber Kegel.



A look into C.M. Russell High School Page by Amber Kegel

Working Hard- Sabra Wheeler helps students with Halloween-themed assignment in room 323 on Oct. 31. Photo by Amber Kegel. Focused- Laura Cline’s math class works hard on their math assignment on Oct. 31. Photo by Amber Kegel.

Having Fun- Tiffany Melancon, Sunie Enoch, and Lyllian Mountainsheep discuss in room 322 on Oct. 31. Photo By Amber Kegel.

Sophomore Trevor Walker crawls under the scary spider webs at Amanda Ferderer’s Obstacle Course on Oct. 31 at CMR. Photo by Camden Robertson.

Giving Attention Sophomore Tristan Ecklund pays attention in geometry in Warren Mayes’s class at CMR on Oct. 31. Photo by Camden Robertson.

Wyatt Murch in Waren Mayes class posing for the camera on Oct. 31 at CMR. Kenneth House makes sure he doesn’t tangle himself in the ropes on Oct.31 at CMR. Teayre Klosterman shows her class how to wrap an ankle on Oct. 30 at CMR. Photos taken by Camden Robertson.

CMR Labs

Travis Stauler(10) mixes a sample on Oct.30.


Ashton Fairhurst (10) mixes dry ingredeunts for an ensime lab on Oct.30.

Ruby Jennings (10) mesures liquid on Oct.30

(below) Drake Hudgins(10) (left) and Germaine Din (10)(right) pipet ensimes into a sample on Oct.30.

Jaydon Favela (10) pours water into a sample on Oct.30.

Ella Cochran presents her project on her family shield on Oct. 30.

In history on Oct. 30, freshman Tristin Bobo shares his family shield project.

C .M. Russell


Photos by Emily Carter Jordan Belote is doing her school work in her free time in the Media Center on Oct. 30. Mikenzie Dato and her friend Jazmine Henderson are having their lunch with their group and gets surprised on Oct. 30. Three girls are having lunch together in the Commons. Telling each other about their day-to-day lives on Oct. 30.

Working like

Mad by Issac Urban

Chaos at the food counter: As all the cooking students rush to get the ingredients on the counter, all worth it for good food. Stirring the Sauce: 12th grader Claire Grandone stir’s the alfredo sauce, watching very intently on not trying to burn the sauce and make a delicious meal!

Working like mad people: Three students work hard as they work on their practice applications. They go back and rewrite to make it seem perfect for the job. Cooking man: 9th grader, Adam Authur, watches the sauce as he stirs it to make sure it doesn’t burn, so he stirs and stirs to make sure its perfect. Working Maddysun: Sophomore Maddysun Johnson works hard as she focuses on trying to make everything perfect on her computer.

CMR Art &FCS Photos by Kaylebb Stahmer

Art teacher Andrew Nagengast explains to a student how to add dimensions to his artwork in his Art Workshop class on Oct. 31.

Junior Emily Rogers works on a piece while surrounded by colored pencils for her Art Workshop class. Gracie Livingston and Katie Dewing collaborate on an assignment for their second period Fashion Design class.

Senior Jocelyn Volkomener sketches her drawing into a glass pane on Oct. 31 in 501. Dani Stark leads her Culinary Arts class through notes on pasta on Oct. 31.

Out of the

Ordinary Photo story by Natalie Bosley

Carefully kneading tortilla dough, sophomore Lauren Lindseth cooks with her classmates on Oct. 31. Photo taken by Natalie Bosley.

Freshman, Lacie Malsam draws an eyeball in Andrew Nagenghast’s Art class on Oct. 31. Photo taken by Natalie Bosley.

Sophomores Tenaya Gaines, Lauren Lindseth, and Rylee Jarasceski roll out tortilla dough in Tammy Petzold’s 4th period Spanish class on Oct. 31. Photo taken by Natalie Bosley. Sophomore Ashton Permann gets his ankle rapped by Teayre Klosterman in her 4th period Medical Class on Oct. 31. Photo taken by Natalie

Junior Tyler Marr wraps sophomore Ashton Permann’s ankle with the help of Teayre Klosterman on Oct. 31. Photo taken by Natalie Bosley.

CMR Athletics and Med Prep

Photos by Regan Bishop

Mikayla Beaulieu and Aiden Dewing work on their notes for their fourth period Honors Human Biology class on Oct. 30. Photo by Regan Bishop. Ashton Blake watches as his classmates speed through a Halloween obstacle course on Oct. 31. Photo by Regan Bishop. Savannah Cobb makes her way through a makeshift spider web in her fourth period gym class while being cheered on by her teamates on Oct. 31. Photo by Regan Bishop.

PE and Health teacher Amanda Ferderer prepares her fourth period gym class for a fun Halloween themed obstacle course on Oct. 31. Photo by Regan Bishop. Fourth period Honors Human Biology prepares notes and drawings for the anatomy of the skin on Oct. 30. Photo by Regan Bishop.

About to


By Talon Reinke

Magic Music - Practicing “Road to The Isles” with all the choirs before going out and standing in the sections (altos, sopranos, basses, tenors). Photo by Talon Reinke. Choir Girl - Hailey Sage, a 10th grader in Concert Choir, practices “Road to The Isles” by herself before going out and singing it with all the other choirs. Photo by Talon Reinke.

Girl doing homework - Onika Gray is doing her homework in math class, room 302. Photo by Talon Reinke. It’s zombie time! - First Period drama students do their national time of the Year of the Zombie walk. Pictured are freshmen Amy Mcnees, Missy Witt, and Arianna Ground chasing after junior Jayden Vasquez. Photo by Talon Reinke. Battle against the Ships - Having extra time in choir, sophomores Hayden Niebaum and Alex Justman play Battleship. Alex Justman won this epic calling of coordinates. Photo by Talon Reinke.

Profile for CMR Stampede

Photojournalism -- Academic Stories  

Photojournalism -- Academic Stories