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3. Flight Log Correction After the download* process has been completed the user needs to go to the “External Flight Log Input Process� option on the Technical Records Menu.

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* Aerosoft assistance is required to establish an FTP setup between “Flight Ops System” and PMI Page 2 of 5 Aerosoft Confidential 2006

* An automatic job scheduler can be setup to handle FTP of the flight log data, do the data validation and submit the Time Apply job Select the “Make Corrections to EXT Flight Logs” option.

If any records had been rejected they will appear in this option. The system will display the rejected records if there are any generated from the first option “Process External Flight Logs” as seen in the subsequent screen shown below.

Right mouse click or enter the number 1 in front of the record you wish to correct. The following screen will appear. To make the correction, press the “Log Correction” button.

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The following widows will appear displaying the record selected for correction and allow you to over-type any corrections on the record. You may use the TAB key to move from field to the next field on the record while the SHIFT+TAB will navigate backwards on the fields on the same record.

The User can make their corrections by over-typing on any field and when finished making the corrections on the record then click OK. It should be noted that the system will validate and take into account if any flights are carrying over to the next day because the date is also being stored in the OUT, OFF, ON and IN fields even they are not displayed on the screen. The Date recorded on this screen is the OUT date or departure date from the gate. So, it is possible to leave the Page 4 of 5 Aerosoft Confidential 2006

gate at 23:58 and take of at 00.11 which mean, the actual take off was in the next date, but the system takes the gate out date. For example, if the OUT time on the screen shot was 23:45 and the ON time was 01:30, then the system would know the date for ON and IN would be the next day.

Once the user presses “OK” the record will remain in this correction screen until the “Move to Active” button is pressed. Only records in Active state will be Time Applied.

When all records have been corrected and moved to active, this is all the intervention that is required of the User for correcting rejected records. The next flight log download will pick these records up and process them with the rest of the downloaded records.

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PMI Flight Correction Process  

PMI Flight Correction Process

PMI Flight Correction Process  

PMI Flight Correction Process