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CMR Instrumentation senses physical and environmental changes. In any context where a complex real-time measurement is required, we can improve the understanding of the world. Our applications range from Arctic environmental monitoring to complex control of oil, gas and renewable energy. CMR has always attracted great minds. The Arctic pioneer and researcher Odd Dahl plays a significant role in our history. As a member of Amundsen’s Maud scientific expedition in the 1920s Dahl sailed through the Arctic North-West Passage and built scientific sensors to understand the secrets of the Arctic. Today CMR Instrumentation continues in the spirit of Christian Michelsen, the first prime minister of an independent Norway from 1905–1907, who died in 1925 and bequeathed his fortune for the establishment of a foundation for science and intellectual freedom – the basis of our activities today. CMR Instrumentation’s aim is to open up new dimensions within measurement technology, improving reliability and accuracy.


The Norwegian Polar Institute

Lord Kelvin

Arctic Research

Acoustic Monitoring




CMR Instrumentation possesses a breadth of expertise applicable to the R&D of instrumentation technology. Since the Norwegian oil adventure started in the 1970s, oil and gas measurements have been a core area of expertise at CMR. Today CMR Instrumentation provides solutions to many different industries based on in-depth scientific knowledge. In addition to the oil and gas industry, we provide technology development and application solutions for the environmental science, fisheries, aquaculture and renewable energy sectors. CMR Instrumentation extracts all possible information from complex processes using a wide range of measurement principles. The expertise in technology is based on physics disciplines such as acoustics, electromagnetics and optics at PhD and MSc level. This knowledge, combined with advanced signal processing, signal transmission and data presenta­ tion, enables us to provide innovative solutions to demanding measurement problems.

Our expertise within modelling and simulation supported by experimental measurements is used extensively to reduce development time and cost. We carry out complete projects, from the initial idea right through to qualified and certified products. Passion drives our enthusiastic researchers in the work to provide creative solutions. Key objectives for our work processes are reliability, safety and risk reduction.





Acoustical measurement methods

Aanderaa Instruments AS

Multiphase flow measurement

Fish flow meter

Meteorological instrumentation and positioning system

Sensors for the oil industry

Uncertainty analysis

Radiosonde High-voltage treatment of cancer Telecommunications – Nera AS

Fiscal flow measurement

Michelsen centre Michelsen Medical

Real-time Environmental Monitoring:

CMR Sailbuoy Autonomous exploration of the unknown. The CMR SailBuoy is an unmanned vessel capable of travelling the ocean for extended periods of time.

Environment and Renewable Energy Environmental measurements have been an important pillar in CMR since the beginning. Today’s application areas range from buoy technology for Arctic environment monitoring to measurement and modelling requirements within wind energy, geothermal energy and carbon capture and storage.

Project focus Fiscal Flow metering CMR Instrumentation utilised its extensive expertise in transducer and electronics design, flow dynamics and computational fluid dynamics in the design of single-phase ultrasonic oil and gas flow meters for FMC Technologies. CMR Instrumentation is now developing new-generation acoustic sensors for the flow meters.

Oil and Gas With CMR’s experience in measurement technology, CMR is an obvious partner in solving the critical measurement challenges in the petroleum industry. CMR Instrumentation’s expertise in complex measurements has been applied in the development of a wide range of metering solutions within upstream and downstream oil and gas processes. This has made CMR world-leading within areas such as multiphase and fiscal flow metering applications. CMR holds a position as an advisor to oil companies and government bodies in connection with measurement uncertainty and reliability.

Fish Flow Meter CMR Instrumentation has developed a unique Fish Flow Meter for measuring fish mass. The meter enables biomass measurement at high flow rates while the catch is pumped on board the fishing vessels. Its measurement principle has evolved from oil and gas multiphase metering, and is based on electrical conductivity measurements.

Marine and Fisheries The CMR portfolio includes biomass measurements and environmental/process monitoring for caught and farmed fish. CMR also offers expertise relating to underwater observation, marine sciences and subsea monitoring.

Medicine CMR’s activities within Medicine & Health started through researcher Odd Dahl’s development of the world’s first high-voltage facility for treating cancer at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. Today the activities within medical technology have developed into a fruitful cooperation with CMR’s subsidiary company, Michelsen Medical AS. CMR MULTIPHASE FLOW RIG. STATE-OF-THE-ART FLOW TEST FACILITIES

Visiting Address CMR Instrumentation Fantoftvegen 38 Bergen, Norway Postal Address CMR Instrumentation P.O. Box 6031 Postterminalen NO- 5892 Bergen Norway Telephone + 47 55 57 40 40 Contact CMR Instrumentation is a unit in the CMR group

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