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Life Before and

After Chuck

Life Before and

After Chuck

A Household Scrapbook





Dream Come True A Simulated acrylic painting by C.M. ‘Cressie‘ Pye, created right after the facility’s fountain was built.

© 2011 C.M. PYE & COFFEE PRESS http// Home office located at Published by C.M. Pye & Coffee Press, a made--up publishing company by CrescentMoonPye, whose sole purpose is to produce utter nonsense related to ‘The Sims’ games for the free entertainment of the simming public. All rights reserved by this author to constantly tweak, edit, alter, update, polish, perfect, and obsessively agonize over the correct spelling, wording, and/or presentation of the volume(s) herein regardless of the last and final ‘printing’ offered to the public. This edition is based upon the game-play experiences of an imaginary Sim family and their imaginary pets although they would undoubtedly dispute their imaginary status. The Pets EP has finally come out and there was No Way I was going to wait to play horses in the game. This Story is the result of my first lot, EA’s “The Madison”, played in Appaloosa Plains as my simself. Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real sims, simmers, or simming events is entirely coincidental unless stated otherwise. Apologies for any eye strain that you may encounter while reading this document. It is very hard to read 18th Century typefaces, I know! Makes your eyes go all wonky, which is why Benjamin Franklin wore spectacles! The publisher wishes to thank the Site; also Electronic Arts Inc. for the creation of The Sims 3, without which none of this silliness would be possible; and Actraiser from Photobucket for the use of his/her Parchment pic in my book cover background template.

Printed in Issuuland


This book is dedicated to EA and the developers of TS3, for putting horses into the game and making the Pets EP epic and finally releasing it (OMG, cannot believe they put racehorses in the game! Dreams can come true!)

and to Thoroughbreds everywhere - I love that you exist. You are all beautiful to me. as well as The professional horse racing world (around the globe), with all it’s connections, and especially the dedicated people on the backside who get up every day at 4:30 am to care for their equine athletes; who work until long after the sun goes down; who try to get some sleep; and who begin it all over again the next morning – 7 days a week, 50 weeks a year. As a rabid h-racing fan, I appreciate what you do and I thank you for it!

[ note to self: insert Aunt Bessie’s painting here after you paint it ]

Introduction Our Story begins on EA’s ‘The Madison‘ lot in Appaloosa Plains - a community dedicated to the use of horses as transportation instead of machines. For the most part, anyway. This is horse country and these are ‘horsey‘ sims. C.M. ‘Cressie’ Pye has discovered an oil painting in the attic of the property, painted before the fire in 1802 had consumed most of the house and outbuildings (it’s a good thing old Auntie Bessie had it in her house at the time of the blaze). Cressie is determined to restore the property to it’s original design. [although EA’s version is lovely too!] Cressie just had her birthday in October and imaginary friends from EA gave her a 2-year-old racehorse. What joy! It’s just what she’s wanted her entire life! We now join our subjects as they continue on with their daily activities:

Brushed Joplin’s Solace for the First Time Cressie: Today I, Cressie Pye, begin making notes for my first book. I will call it "Racing for Two: A Champion’s View" and I will take reference photos for it as I develop the Featherpen Stables, LLC facility’s Thoroughbred training, racing, and breeding program. Then I will practice writing on my laptop because I would like to be an illustrious author someday. I begin by noting that Solace is a fine animal, if a bit feisty. Why does anyone consider brushing and caring for a Thoroughbred 'work'? I love it, but I am going to have to buy some appropriate clothing to care for this horse. He’s likely to step on my toes and that is going to hurt in these sandals. Led Solace to the Back Yard Cressie: Boy, Solace is going to be a handful for a trainer that doesn’t know anything about training! Constantly feeding Solace carrots doesn’t get on his good side (surprisingly) and it isn’t going to teach him anything useful in the long run (pardon the pun). I’d better figure out what I’m doing, fast, or this horse is going to get frustrated and sour.

Cressie Made a New Outfit Cressie: Now that's more like it! A wardrobe to fit my new lifestyle and to go with my new duties taking care of Solace... now I feel more the part. A horse owner at last and a racehorse owner at that!

Life is good...

Cressie Burned Her Lunch Up Cressie: It would have been a good idea to read that cookbook earlier when I wanted to. Now look what I've done! I’ve started a fire!

And I've frightened Solace and ruined my old stove! Really, is that any way to begin my new life here in Appaloosa What-ever-it'scalled? (maybe the firefighter will be cute, though)

And to make the situation a total loss, it wasn't even a guy firefighter so I didn't even get to practice flirting. So much for my first day here in my new home. Thank goodness the last owners left their fire alarm behind. I’m a vegetarian - next time, I’m going to make a salad since I don't know how to cook mac 'n cheese. Apparently! Geez, what a mess! It smells like a campfire in here.

Solace Panicked Cressie: I feel bad about burning up my stove, but I feel worse that I frightened Solace with a fire. He's still a bit nervous in his new surroundings and this certainly didn't help. Maybe I should try to calm him a little. I’m still hungry and tired, but he's my first priority right now.

Caught a Yellow Python Cressie: The next day, I led Solace to the Equestrian Center. Snakes at the Equestrian Center don’t seem like a very good thing, so I will catch this one and release it in the woods where it's less likely to scare anyone or any horses. Wonder what a python is doing out here? Aren’t they tropical? Maybe I should sell it to the Pet Store since it's not a native species to this area – I’m running low on cash anyway and this snake is an uncommon breed so maybe it will fetch a good price.

Captured a Green Swallowtail Cressie: As much as I need the money, I should sell this uncommon butterfly to the Pet Store or donate it to the Nature Center - but I love its color and would rather keep it. Maybe I’ll decorate my new house to match the butterfly, using its colors for inspiration...

Rode Solace Home Cressie: After taking some pointers at the Seminar at the Equestrian Center, I (despite being so tired I was ready to pass out) decided to put what I learned to use before I forgot what they taught me. Riding Solace for the first time ought to be an interesting experience.

Ridden By Cressie For First Time Solace: Well, this doesn't seem so bad. She feels a little off balance, but she's not heavy. I should take off running and see what she does...

Cressie Learned the Riding Skill Cressie: Solace is not the easiest horse to control, but he's eager enough. Once mounted on him, I find that if I relax and center my weight, Solace relaxes as well sensing my comfort level. This should be nice to walk him around the neighborhood after he eats some hay. He won't cooperate unless he's full.

I also learned... Don't ride when you're tired

We went for a trail ride anyway.

Caught a Catalina Macaw Cressie: What luck! I was able to coax the bird on to my arm and it seemed tame, so it must have been someone's pet at some point. Either the Macaw escaped or the owners were irresponsible and decided to release it outside. I will put an ad in the paper and if no one answers it, I'll keep him. If that's the case, I'll name him Crackers after a pet parrot I once had. And... I Found a Custerous Gossticite! What an interesting space rock! The Geological Field guide said it must be worth about $28, but I need the money so I’m gonna send it to the Science Lab to let them do with it what they will. They may pay me more than the Consignment shop will since they’ll know what it is. Solace is so Ornery!

Cressie: Ouch, Solace! That's not nice! When I'm trying to dismount, you're supposed to sit still. Moving in a circle while I'm trying to get my foot out of the stirrup is very uncooperative of you. Just for that, I'm not giving you an apple when we get home. I hope you're pleased with yourself! Oh, look! A gem! (hey, I could have landed on that. That would have hurt.)

Found a Smoky Quartz Gem Cressie: Only worth $21, but every little bit helps when you have to pay your bills right away. Man, I am starving! I'm going to eat the apple that I WAS going to give to Solace. (OK, I'll give him the other one but he doesn't deserve it on account of him being so contrary today)

Saw a Foal on the Way Home Cressie: Oh! It looks like my neighbor has a new horse. What a little sweetheart it is! (Well, one hopes so, anyway). Wonder what breed it is and if the neighbors bred it or if it's adopted. I should take Solace over there tomorrow to socialize him with other horses, especially young ones, so I can see how he behaves.

Got Hooves Cleaned Solace: Oh, so that's what that shiny pointy thing she's always waving around is for! It looked so sinister, but if I had known it makes my feet feel so good, I would have let her do that ages ago. Clean feet! Nice...

Visited the Training Grounds This Morning Cressie: So that's where the practice track is! I looked in the Yellow Pages and couldn't find it listed anywhere. What a nice park it is and so close to home! Now I'll know where to take Solace to get him exercised properly. Maybe I can find a jockey willing to do it on a daily basis so I can focus on painting and writing for a while. I have to continue working on the house too. Saw a Wild Horse at the Practice Track Solace: Oooh, one of my own species! This horse looks fast and could be a lot of fun to socialize with. It will be nice to have a mate while exercising and to make a friend with the same interests so I can do horse things in company. I love my home, but this place is a hoot!

Slept at the Practice Track Cressie: I woke up way too early this morning. Instead of going home, I decided to take a nap while Solace was exercised, schooled at the gate, and put in a stall here. Maybe he’ll get the hang of breaking and I can enter him in a maiden race to see what he's got under the hood. Gained a New Trait at the Practice Track Solace: Neighing at the top of my lungs is fun! It might be annoying to every one else, but I like it so I'm going to keep being noisy. I also like to scare people who come up to me by neighing right in their face and baring my teeth slightly. They don't know whether to run or stand their ground. It's so funny... oh, time to go home now, I guess. I hope we come back here again. Stupid Toilet Cressie: Got home, put Solace to bed, and went to take a shower. Why is it, when you buy an old house, the toilet is always the first thing to go? Then the shower. I need to earn some bucks soon so I can take care of house repairs and pay the bills. The financial strain is becoming oppressive.

Learned Handiness Cressie: Learning to fix the plumbing is not my idea of a good time, but without funds to hire a plumber I have no choice. Now that I kind of know how to do basic repairs, it at least won't take me so long to fix the fixtures the next time they break. And they will, trust me - they will... This bathroom is in serious need of a general makeover. I know the original house had an outhouse and the household used chamber pots, but there’s no way I’m going THAT far to restore this old place. Some nice Georgian-style reproductions will be appropriate once I find ones I like. When am I going to have the time though? Running this facility is a morningto-night job. I can’t even afford to get a part-time job because the garden and Solace and the repairs are all I can get done in a day. Anything else is going to have to wait until tomorrow because I’m going to bed!

Please feel free to visit again! More updates to the story will follow shortly...

Go Baby Go! Run with joy as you cross the finish line. . .

THE never END-ing Be kind to your Pets! Feed them treats often...

Acknowledgements I want to thank for providing me with the fun free typeface

18thCentury Font

that I used to create the Georgian-Style mood in this book/on

the cover. And also to John Stracke, for making the

Essays1743 Font

which is based on the typeface used in a 1743 English translation of Montaigne's Essays. I used EA’S ‘The Sims 3’ game, Microsoft Word, various public domain sites, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PDF, and to create this documented work of Sim life as it plays out. If I have forgotten to thank anyone for their assistance, I do apologize. This process is tediously drawn out and I did not take notes as I went along. Your input has been very much appreciated.

Thoroughbreds are forever! Thanks to King Charles II Stuart (1660 - 1685) for reinstituting horse racing after the Cromwell period! It was the beginning of a sporting tradition that continues uninterrupted [relatively] to this day.

To learn more of this cool history, see:

Film suggestion: King of the Wind (DVD became available 2011)

About the Author


Hello! Do you love the Pets EP as much as I do? I hope so. If you didn’t realize it yet, I’m obsessed with Thoroughbreds. Stop by my Featherpen Stables, LLC thread and say Hi if you get the chance:

I’m chronically wordy and have written things all over the place at Simatography and TS3. I just can’t help myself. If I don’t get the words out, my head will explode and that wouldn’t be very pleasant, now would it? Not for me anyway.

Happy Simming to you all!

Life Before and After Chuck: A Household Scrapbook  
Life Before and After Chuck: A Household Scrapbook  

C.M. 'Cressie' Pye finally has her Thoroughbred horse farm now that the TS3 Pets EP has come out. Her training, racing, & breeding operation...