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___________________________ Caspian’s Embassy: A Journal ___________________________ The daily log of Prince Caspian X of Telmar in which he tracks his life progress on the island of Barnacle Bay.

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Copyright © 2011 by C.M. Pye & Coffee Press Published by C.M. Pye & Coffee Press, a made-up publishing company by CrescentMoonPye, whose sole purpose is to produce utter nonsense related to ‘The Sims’ games for the free entertainment of the simming public. All rights reserved… by this author to constantly tweak, edit, alter, update, polish, perfect, and obsessively agonize over the correct spelling, wording, and/or presentation of the volume(s) related to Caspian’s journals regardless of the last and final ‘printing’ offered to the public. This edition is based upon the perpetual memories constantly popping up and being logged daily by Caspian Telmarine (also known as Prince Caspian X of Telmar; Lord of Cair Paravel; and Emperor of the Lone Islands) who is currently living on the island of Barnacle Bay and fulfilling his duties as the Telmarine Ambassador and Envoy to the Governor there. Printed in Narnia

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Day 1 This is the first entry made while aboard the Dawn Treader into the Embassadorial journal of Prince Caspian X of Telmar, Lord of Cair Paravel, and Emperor of the Lone Islands… Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Telmar as well as Telmarine Envoy to the Governor of Barnacle Bay; but henceforth to be simply addressed on this island of Barnacle Bay as Caspian Telmarine (B-Bayers don’t like long titles and won’t use them to address me anyway).


As the Dawn Treader approaches the island, I wonder at the marvelous shores of Barnacle Bay. (I also wonder at the navigational skills of my Captain, as he seems to have just steered right over something floating in our path. I do hope it wasn't a sea creature or a local fisherman!) The island is certainly beautiful, as my father said it would be, and should be well populated by the looks of it. Note: my father is a playable ghost in Telmar, and is King again now that my uncle is dead - so please don't get technical if you've seen or read something recently that says otherwise.

The island of BB is so remote from any other island chain (more distant even than the western islands) and is so impossibly far from Telmar that I fail to see why my father insists that we make an alliance with these people.


My father must have some insight regarding this mission that he has not yet shared with me. I'm sure I will be enlightened in good time. But for now, I must go ashore and meet with the Governor as soon as possible to .make my introduction. - a small boat is rowing toward the Dawn Treader as the anchor sinks quick and deep into the bay -

Oh... it was just a buoy we ran over. Well, that's a relief. No harm done then, aye?!


Let's hope it is safe here. I have just been informed by the Governor's messenger that weaponry is not allowed on the island, so I will have to leave my sword on the ship.

I will also need to change into the clothes that the Governor sent by way of our BB greeter, even though I'm certain I shall feel quite silly and underdressed in them. But it is necessary that I blend in with the citizenry on the island to gain quick acceptance amongst them, so I will do as the B-Bayers do.


The islanders here certainly appear to be non-threatening to us Narnians at the moment and seem quite a fanciful people, as much as my Telmarine homelanders are.

I am confident that the denizens of this world won't scoff at the idea of a Telmarine Ambassador sent to Barnacle Bay nor will they take issue with my journal's vagaries should they ever happen to read them. That said, I look forward to befriending these sims (as they refer to themselves) and to learning about their unusual culture. Hopefully this effort will be to the benefit of both nations as well as to myself.


I'm sure this will be quite an adventure in and of itself, getting these events all written down in my journal! The Dawn Treader is now safely anchored off-shore with the crew left on board and I have disembarked, joining my worthy guide in the small dinghy.

- guide begins rowing toward the dock -

I now must begin the task I have been given...


The day progressed very rapidly once I was on land. The profusion of sights and smells at the dockyard was intoxicating (all right, maybe not every one of them was pleasant) and I had to remind myself that there would be plenty of time for sightseeing later. At that moment, however, my guide hurried me along to the awaiting coach… “What in the name of Aslan is that thing?!” I asked. It had doors and wheels like a coach, but no horses attached and it was very low to the ground. It was decorated with a very shiny metal I had never seen before. My guide informed me that the vehicle was called a ‘limousine’ or a ‘car’ for my future reference. I must say, it was quite noisy but a very interesting experience. The driver asked me how long I was intending to stay on the island and that, if I wanted him to, he would teach me how to drive the car. I replied that I didn’t know the length of my stay, but that I would certainly accept his kind offer if there was time. As it turns out, there will be time because I was able to meet with the Governor of the island. Here follows the events that filled the rest of the day: 13

Acknowledged as an Ambassador

The Barnacle Bay government officially recognized me, Caspian X, as the Telmarine Envoy after I relayed my country's wish for good relations and presented King Caspian IX's letter of introduction to the Governor along with my father’s wish that I be accepted as Ambassador to their island. Tobias Goldbeard was assigned to show me around Barnacle Bay and to educate me on BB's daily political processes from the bottom up. Learned the intricate BB dialect

I was given a private lesson in the Barnacle Bay dialect and its idioms so that I could avoid offending the citizenry. So much to remember in such a short time! I felt invigorated by the experience, though. I get a language lesson

Tobias led me up the stairs to a cramped office and had me sit in the office chair. Tobias then expounded on the dangers of saying the wrong thing to the wrong sim and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He then began to list all the things I should and shouldn't say in Barnacle Bay. It was a very long list and took quite some time to get through, but I was able to recite them all back to Tobias accurately. 14

Ate at a local Restaurant

It's always fun to learn about a culture by seeing what they choose to eat. Some of the ways the B-Bayers serve fish is a bit questionable, but for the most part the food tastes like it does back home. Maybe it could use a little more salt now that I think about it... Impressed Dave Piece

Many cultures prize logic above all other things and as much as Dave favored and responded to that style of conversation, I hope this is a cultured island and that it values others aspects of simness as well. I will need to meet more B-Bayers to be certain. Based on his clothing, Dave appears to be involved in law enforcement on the island, but I am not certain. By the way he speaks, he seems to be interested in just the facts of the matter. It is time to return to the hotel, but I hope to talk to Dave again because there is more to this sim, I believe. ____________________________________________________ And that is how the first day went. When I was taken back to my lodgings after the meal, I was exhausted and wished for nothing more but to fall quickly asleep; and would have done were it not for this journal. As it was, I stayed up and wrote the day’s entries down before I forgot them. I’m not sure why anyone would want to read any of this, but my father said it was important to do, so I did it. To sleep I gladly go‌ 15

Day 2

I’ve overslept, I think. As I stretch in bed and write in this journal with the magic quill the man at the desk downstairs gave me, I look out of the window to see that it is another lovely day out. I wonder if the weather in BB is always like this? Well, it’s way past sunrise so I’d best get up and go into that box that rains to wash up. What a strange contraption that is! But a fantastic one. One thing I can definitely say about this island, almost everyone smells nice. They must all have a rainshower in a box in their homes. (My singing voice sounds really good in it too! I wonder what else it can do?) …(Aaah! That scared me! What…?) What kind of creature is making that scream? Oh! It’s coming from one of those car things outside. What an awful sound. I’m writing my reaction down now so I can remember the original feeling that honking cars gave me. My friends will be amused to know it scared me once I tell them about cars. I guess the rainshower will have to wait. The person in that car is waving at me to come out so I’d better get dressed and go. I can keep writing in my journal as I go about from now on since I have this magic quill pen.


I was driven to a little plot of land with a tiny, simple cottage overlooking the sea. The driver called it ‘The Gull’s Nest’ and said that the Governor has designated it as property for my personal use while I am here on the island. I suppose I must consider this my new BB home then. (I hope it has a boxed rainshower inside). When I returned to the car, I learned from the driver that my cell phone (this machine that lets you hear friends’ voices from far away if they have the machine too) can also paint quick pictures if I aim it and click this button. Well, I wish I had known that yesterday when Tobias gave it to me. I would have recorded some things I had seen to put in my journal. I’ll use it today to see how it works. The driver was kind enough to give me the extra set of ‘prints’ he took of my arrival yesterday so I will be able to paste them into this journal on the correct pages when I get time. We arrived at court (they call it Courthouse here) and my day of work began:


Work as a janitor on first day at the Council

(A janitor is a cleaning servant, as I understand it now). Well, today was my first official day as acting Ambassador for my father, King Caspian IX. It didn't seem very prestigious a position, considering Tobias put me to work polishing the brass plating on the podium! But I got to listen in on the Council business and started to learn the names of the Members as they debated the day's issues and problems regarding trade with Shang Simla. So it wasn't a bad first day after all. Plus I practiced taking pictures on this new phone during my break. There are so many wondrous things on this island. Now I can show the Narnians all the things I have seen here when I get back home. I think I now realize why my father wanted me to create this journal.


Met the Mayor then went shopping for food

Tobias took me for a tour of the Courthouse after the Council Members adjourned for the day. We went upstairs and he introduced me to the Mayor, Eleanor Goldbeard. (I suspect that the two might be related, but I didn't ask. Nepotism occurs in Telmar, so why not here? I'll ask about it later when I know them both better). _________________________________________________ Now that the work day is done, I really want to go across the street and buy some food to keep in my satchel. The B-Bayers' cuisine is interesting, but I really miss the way Trout is cooked in Telmar. I don't know if I can do it myself, having been a Prince of the Realm and not required to cook for myself, but now's the best time to try. What could go wrong? Hey! I can’t believe it! This grocery store has Telmarine limes! Well, I will just have to stock up on those to snack on during the day because B-Bayers don't take many breaks to eat. I miss home a little but I am fascinated by the cultural differences here. Wonder what else I could do today...


Hung out at the Supermarket

It's getting close to sundown, but I am not ready to go home quite yet. It's going to get lonely not having anyone to go home to - not like in Telmar at the castle where there are always people out and about. Even my new Mood Candle won't have the kind of power needed to dispel homesickness. I am going to see if I can start up a conversation with someone in the grocery store using the new dialect skills I learned. I need to practice and use charisma so Tobias will give me something to do other than polishing the brass around the Courthouse. I'm an ambassadorial Prince, for Aslan's sake! Why am I sent off to do menial chores? Don't they have servants who do that kind of thing here? Met and impressed Jeff Smith today I ran into one of the Campaign workers that I saw working at the Courthouse. Jeff introduced himself and asked me what all those limes were going to be used for. I sheepishly admitted that I didn't know, but that it made me feel at home when I had them in my pack.


Jeff realized that I must be that Telmarine Prince that everyone was buzzing about at the water cooler today. Jeff was impressed and asked me about the political system in Telmar and about their election process. I had to explain that Telmar is a monarchy that still runs as a medieval-style government. He was fascinated and started pelting questions at me so fast that I didn't have time to answer them before he thought of more questions to throw at me. I like this sim and hope we can be friends. We seem to have a lot of interests in common. Jeff asked what Telmarine women are like and so I thought it was only fair to ask the same question about Barnacle Bay women. “Maybe we should go to a hotspot...â€? he said to me. I had to ask what that was, but I was willing to go after he told me there would be food, drink, and dancing ‌


Day 3

Made an impression on Mayor Eleanor Goldbeard last night And it may not have been a good one!

I crossed paths with the Mayor at the restaurant bar (which was the ‘hotspot’ Jeff took me to) and I am told, after consuming 3 bottles of nectar all by myself, I decided to make it known to the Mayor that I was an Ambassador of Telmar and polishing brass plaques all day was definitely not why I came to this island! I don’t remember saying that, but Jeff said that I told the Mayor I would like to know more about how BB imported Telmarine limes if they didn’t even know where Telmar is. He said it took a few tries to engage the Mayor's full attention to what I was saying because I had apparently lost my shirt while dancing on top of the bar (after drinking the second bottle of nectar). But Jeff said I certainly got her full attention when I whispered in her ear and invited her over to my castle. The Mayor looked shocked (rightly so) and Jeff quickly explained to her that I didn't mean to offend – that in Telmar that phrase is just a courtesy – and he tactfully shuffled me out the door and into the waiting taxi. I slept on my bathroom floor and Jeff woke me with a phone call this morning. What was that nectar made from anyway? (I need to get my shirt back. I’m going to need to buy a Wardrobe )…


Well, I don’t have time to go to the restaurant to look for my shirt because I have to go to work in an hour, so I’ll go look for it afterwards. For now, I’ll have to wear the suit the Governor gave me. I hope I don’t run into the Mayor today. I’m so embarrassed! That’s the last time I go out on the town with Jeff without paying attention to how much I’m drinking – I think he suggested that particular nectar on purpose. He said it was a necessary part of the Courthouse initiation. I just hope I don’t have to be ‘initiated’ again. I’m so tired. I hope I make it through the day. Bought a comfortable chair

Tobias worked me like a dog today, making me stuff envelopes faster than I could keep up. I think that Tobias resents me for going over his head when I told the Mayor that I wanted something else to do besides clean the podium. I had to sit in a faux-silver, uncomfortable plastic chair all day and Tobias's angry glares were really stressing me out! I know I screwed up and tomorrow I will have to find a way to placate Tobias.


But right now, I need a break. After work I'm going to buy a comfy chair for my house so I can relax and de-stress and watch the magical moving-picture box and read and do whatever else can be done in a new comfy chair. What a disappointing day. I stopped by the restaurant to get my shirt and they don’t have it. Why would anyone have taken it? Who would want it besides me? Plus, I couldn’t afford the chair I really wanted so I settled for this wicker chair I found at the consignment shop. It’s not much, but it will do. Anything’s better than sitting on the toilet seat to read the newspaper.

I’m still so stressed out. Maybe a workout will help... 24

Learned Arobic routine from TV

I always thought I was in pretty good shape, but sitting in chairs all day apparently takes its toll. I just learned that any type of exercise can help get you toned up, so I feel that I learned a little more about what it means to be athletic from copying the actions of that sim working out on the magic TV box,.

It might be that my voyage from Telmar was a little too pampering traveling as a Prince; so next time I sail I'm going to get my hands all calloused up by working the deck with the Captain and crew. I daydream of the Telmarine Sea and the mermaids in it while I’m at work to distract myself while I muddle through the tedious jobs I’m given...


It’s getting late now so I’m off to bed to get an early start even though I don’t have to work tomorrow. I think it will be a better day than today – how could it not be?! Good night, journal.

Day 4 Repaired a Toilet

Here we go again! More troubles to greet my new day ... my first accomplishment this morning (well, I guess technically the second) seems to be the clogging of this mechanical garderobe…

… must be what this reddish bowl on a stick is for… if I push it over that hole… yes, this seems to be working! There! 26

I never had these kinds of problems at home! Then again, I had servants so that might be why. Well that, and the fact that medieval technology doesn’t compare to the complicated intricacies of these marvelous modern objects. But I figured out how to fix the garderobe without any help nonetheless. Being independent and living like the average 'Joe' is challenging. I never knew what they spent their time on, having state affairs and princely things to keep me constantly occupied back home. I am determined to get to know my people's needs a little better in future because of living like a typical B-Bayer. It is not as easy as I thought it would be. Couriers here on BB apparently do not wait on ceremony. They just stick your messages in a box on a pole outside of your house; then they leave you to find the packages out whenever you will. That delivery method wouldn’t last 2 seconds in Telmar, let me tell you! The messenger would spend some time in shackles for it. (There is a hinged metal flag on the box - I wonder what that’s for?) I have been left a wrapped package. It does not say from whom it was sent, however. It’s soft, whatever it is…


My shirt! I wonder who sent it back to me? I don’t have many modern clothes so I am grateful to whomever it was. It does desperately need a wash, though, by the smell of stale nectar on it. (I still wonder what humiliations I invited on myself that night out with Jeff. It will be hard to look Mayor Eleanor in the eye knowing how shamefully I behaved towards her). Now that I’ve washed myself and my shirt in the rainshower, I should go into town to look around. There’s so much that I haven’t seen yet. I think I’ll go back to the consignment shop to see if I can find some more furniture - maybe something to match this nice bed left behind in the Gull’s Nest by the previous owner.


Bought a book and semi-precious stone at Consignment Shop

No furniture here today, but I think that having a book to read at work might be a good idea. There are times when Tobias has nothing for me to do. Besides, literature might be an aspect of B-Bay's culture that would shed light on their sometimes bizarre behavior. I also saw a piece of turquoise on display that might look nice on the kitchen counter. Gull's Nest needs all the help it can get! As I left the shop, near the parking lot, I discovered a glittery rock that might be a gemstone. Whatever it is, it might be worth something so it's a good idea for me to collect it and bring it home. I can examine it later. I think I’ll go buy an extra shirt at the Stylist’s shop… 29

The Mayor suggested B-Bayan wardrobe additions

Of all the luck! Why did the Mayor have to be in here? I tried to remain inconspicuous behind the counter and was going to leave when I heard Mayor Eleanor telling Tobias what he should wear around town; she was restyling his wardrobe at the stylist shop. Well, this is silly - I’m not a child! I’m going to have to talk to her and apologize sometime. It might as well be now. Besides, that's not a bad idea to have the Mayor, a woman of refined tastes, do the same for me. These clothes I was given on arrival are fine, but I can’t keep wearing the same thing day after day. At home that wouldn't seem amiss, but here it seems to matter more how extensive a wardrobe you have and how full your closet is with shoes. It might help me 'blend in with the locals' better, as they say, if I mix my clothing up a little. I don't want to disappear or to stand out unduly; I want just the right amount of attention. And clothes can help me do that. Who better than the head of the town to tell me what clothes those should be?!


So I shyly approached the Mayor (under Tobias’s watchful glare) and apologized for interrupting them both, but said that I felt I must ask the Mayor’s pardon for the horribly inappropriate things I may have said or done while under the influence of that nectar the other night. And I apologized to Tobias if my comments made to the Mayor offended him in any way, making it known that I don’t normally behave like that, Tobias relaxed and the Mayor actually laughed! She said that I must be the 30th courthouse initiate to fall victim to Jeff Smith’s idea of a Welcome party and that if I was going to continue to socialize with him, then I had certainly better have more than one shirt to wear to work the next day.

She volunteered right there and then to pick out some things that would suit me and be appropriate for my age and station on the island. It turns out that she is very good at being my stylist.


Day 5 Befriended Mayor Eleanor Goldbeard

Had to work again today, but my day off yesterday did wonders for my attitude. Although Tobias had me stuff envelopes again, it didn't seem so bad this time because there were two volunteers helping. I wore my new ‘threads’ to work today and got tons of compliments. It's amazing how sims accept you faster if you dress like them and talk like them. As a bonus, the Mayor heard that I gave her all the credit for my wardrobe choices. She stopped by and I can say for certain that she is a friend now. It was a good day overall. Tobias made me a Ballot Counter

I think I got a promotion today. Tobias acted like he was bestowing treasure on me, so being a Ballot Counter must be very prestigious indeed! Elections are unheard of in Telmar, it being a medieval monarchy, so this should be a very enlightening experience. I don't really understand what I'll be doing, but I can count so I'm not worried. How hard could it possibly be? 32

Clothes make the Man in BB

I’m amazed! After the Mayor left the room, one of the volunteers leaned over and said, "She did a good job, you are total 'Eye Candy' now and it makes me want to eat you up!" I don't know what to think of that because the last sims who said they wanted to eat me up were cannibals on Charcoal Island. But the look on this woman's face seemed to indicate that it's a more pleasant experience in BB. She invited me to join her and her friends at the local dance club after work. I think I might go even though I’m tired, but I'll keep my guard up just in case they mean me harm. ( like the Sirens of Razor Rock did - that was an unpleasant experience, let me tell you! ) Someone else told me today that I looked like Eddie Van Halen in his heyday with these sunglasses on. (Who's Eddie Van Halen, I wonder...?) One thing for sure, being Eye Candy sure does set off colorful social sparks for the sims surrounding you! They seem to stand a little closer to me than they used to. The lusty stares are a bit disconcerting, though.


Went ‘Clubbing’ after Work

Jeff Smith joined my group at the dance club soon after we arrived and he whispered to me that I was “like chum in the water surrounded by hungry sharks”, then he nudged me in the arm, grinning. It did feel a bit like that with so many women jostling each other to dance with me (if that’s what they call that jumping around that they do). I’m used to a bit of attention, but I think I prefer it to be a little more sedate and respectful (I was pawed at a few times – BB women can get aggressive in groups!) Jeff handed me a glass of some fruity-scented nectar, which I drank because I was nervous, but… I determined to have only one. I didn’t want a repeat of the last time I went out to socialize with Jeff! Got a Tattoo


Darn it, Jeff! Stop giving me evil nectar drinks! I’m no lightweight back in Telmar – I can hold my juice drinks with the best of them, but this BB nectar he keeps giving me is made from something that Telmarines apparently can’t handle. Jeff, obviously suspecting this, hands me a second glass of nectar as I’m using a pick-up line on this pretty barmaid and says to me, "to be bad-A in Barnacle Bay, Caspian my friend, you've got to get a tattoo”. Now, I don’t have anything against tattoos for those that really want them, but I am not real keen on the idea of tattoos on myself. I may be descended from pirates, but there have been not so few generations of royalty in between, and it is not considered genteel in my social circle back home to be tattooed. Maybe it’s because my family is trying to downplay its piratical origins, I don’t know. But this was not a good idea to get tattooed regardless of the reasoning. I was not in a sensible mind-set to make that type of decision last night. I remember Jeff arguing his point by repeating something I had said earlier, “… but if it's what B-Bayers do, then I better do it so I don't offend them”. I must admit that he had very little trouble convincing me at the time to get ‘tatted’ and I remember saying, “Well, if I have to get one then I'll get a traditional Telmarine naval symbol put on my back. This is going to hurt...” Jeff handed me a third glass of nectar for courage, which I drank down, and we went to the tattoo parlor.


Well, there’s nothing for it. I have a tattoo now.

I just hope my father never sees it or he’ll have an apoplexy on the spot! Maybe I can get it removed before I go back to Telmar. At least I got a semi-faded looking one and didn’t pick some random girl’s name to put on my arm. Could have been much worse I guess. The ordeal wasn’t over for the night though. Slept on a Community Lot

Getting that tattoo put on over the shoulder blades hurt like a Telmarine Aspit bite, even considering the nectar haze I was in! The tattoo artist gave me something called Ny-t-nyt and said it would help ease the pain as the tattoo healed. Whatever it was, it worked right away because I became so groggy that I could hardly stand up, much less get home. Jeff dragged me outside laughing his head off and took a nap on the park bench outside of the parlor while I slept it off on the other one. I hope that's not illegal here...


Day 6 I’d say ‘no harm done’, but that’s not the case here. I overslept and I was very late for work! It was close to lunchtime if I recall. The sun was well up at the very least when I woke on that bench and Jeff left a note stuck to my forehead saying that he truly tried to wake me, but that I was dead to the world and he couldn’t lift me. He had to leave me there snoring away.

He said he’d “cover for me at work”, whatever that means, and that he was sure no one would be the wiser. Well, I’m wiser! Never again do I drink anything that Jeff hands me. This latenight cavorting during the work week is starting to do damage to my mission here. Jeff’s a great guy and a good friend, notwithstanding the nectar jokes, and I’m positive that he doesn’t mean anything by his pranks; but he must understand that I cannot fail here! It would be disastrous to be sent away due to my behavioral indiscretions.


In Love with a Girl

I ran as fast as I could back home, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and put on the most conservative work clothing I owned; then I took a taxi to the courthouse. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get upstairs without being noticed… This was bad! And I had no idea what Jeff was telling people, so I had no idea what I was going to say if anyone confronted me. He just said he’d sign me in. As I was waiting for the reception guard to look the other way, there was a high-pitched scream as a woman’s heel on her shoe broke and she fell, spilling her purse contents across the slick floor. I took advantage of the commotion to run unnoticed to the elevator past the sign-in desk and I must tell you it killed me to leave a damsel in distress while trying to save my own skin! I am utterly ashamed of myself. I looked back before the elevator doors closed to make sure she was all right, when I heard the guard ask her name and if she needed medical assistance. Right as the doors shut, I heard “Alice, Alice Gilscarbo and no, I’m fine…just embarrassed…” As luck would have it, Jeff was by the elevator when the doors opened and he pulled me to the side to give me my ‘cover story’, he called it. It made no sense to me what he made up, but I memorized it in case anyone asked me where I had been all this time. Thankfully, Tobias had been in an all-day meeting and so I got away with my lateness unnoted, but with my honor scarred.


I was distracted the entire day. It went by quickly I guess, because it was time to go home already. I have no idea what I did during the ballot counting because I couldn’t get fair, if unfortunate, Alice out of my thoughts. I hope I counted correctly! Even when I got home, I was in a waking dream state.

I don't know anything about her except her name and that she is a vision of loveliness. She is a nymph, a goddess, my savior... how am I going to find her again? How can I get a proper introduction when I know nothing about her, who she hangs out with, where she lives, who her family is...? Oh... family. What if my father doesn't want me to lose focus on why I am actually here? But surely, my free time should be my own, right? And what about a direct alliance with BB? Wouldn't my father be happy if I found a princess here to marry and to provide me with an heir to the Telmarine throne? Logically, I am obligated to find this girl... for the good of Telmar! Right then! Tomorrow I go to find her...


Day 7 Caught an Insect

Out behind my small dwelling, overlooking the sea, is a hill where I often sit and watch as the sun rises for signs of the Dawn Treader’s return. Every few days I have noticed swarms of butterflies appear nearby and flutter on the hill all day long.

Today I caught one of them and if ever I can find the glorious Alice, I can present her with this marvel of nature, the Swallowtail Butterfly (I saw it named so on the TV’s nature show). It is as beautiful as she, and I'm going to name the butterfly 'Aalis' in Alice's honor until I can give it to her as a gift. I hope that is an accepted custom here.


Befriended Tobias Goldbeard

There was only one way to find Alice that I could think of and that was to scour the island from one end to the other. Since I don’t possess a vehicle of any kind, I put on these exercise tights and funny shoes to jog down the street, looking to each of the houses that I passed in hopes that I would catch a glimpse of Alice. This is a fairly large island and I realized quite quickly that I needed to cover more ground in less time if I was ever to find her. It reminded me that I should take the Governor’s chauffer up on his offer to teach me how to drive. It will be fun to learn I think. But it is my guess that these cars are quite costly, so purchasing one any time soon is out of the question for me. I have seen residents, especially children, riding about on a two-wheeled vehicle that looks much less complicated than a car, so logically should cost less. Maybe I will purchase one of those soon. To my surprise I found that I live on property next to my boss’s. As I was jogging by this large mansion, Mayor Eleanor caught sight of me and waved me over to talk to her. I don't know if these ‘biking shorts’ are appropriate dress to greet a Mayoral family in, though what other choice did I have but to do her bidding? She'd already seen me! Hopefully social dress codes for officials that disallow informality aren't enforced or as important in BB as in Telmar. Tobias is apparently related to Mayor Eleanor - she informed me that her son wished to see me. I suspected they were a family!


I will take this opportunity to form a friendship with Tobias, making my ambassadorial duties much easier in the future I believe. Tobias is very, very serious about politics so we should have plenty to talk about. (I will not make the mistake of joking about work again. Not with Tobias, anyway.)

I continued chatting with Tobias for a time, but today’s goal was to find Alice. I made my apologies to him for not being able to stay and thanked him for his hospitality, waved goodbye to the Mayor, and took my leave to continue searching the streets of Barnacle Bay. She must be somewhere near here because most of the residential area is on this side of the island. It’s a shame Jeff didn’t know who she was or I’m sure he would have told me an easier way to find her. But I had to work with what I knew and I definitely knew how to run - so that is what I continued to do until I was spent.


Day 8 I walked into the setting sun yesterday as my hopes faded with the light. I did not catch sight of Alice even though I jogged up and down two entire streets. I was fatigued and returned home to my bed, disappointed and alone, with only Aalis to sympathize with me from her bug tank.


This morning I find that my feet, and every other muscle for that matter, are sore. But it doesn’t compare to the aching in my heart. Where is my Alice? I know I must eat something even though I have no appetite. I don’t even have the desire to shower this morning. The daylight seems dull and my wits must be the same if I am wallowing in my despair. I’m obsessing over someone I don’t even know. Come on, Caspian, chin up - don’t give up so easily! I must continue to search. At least, if I try again today, I will know that I gave it my all. Either way, going for a run will be good for my spirit, my body and mostly my mind. Running clears the head and mine needs it badly!


Had to put a Shirt on for Decency’s Sake I found Alice's house! She was working in her garden by the side of her house. What a lovely picture she made - too bad I didn’t think to take one! The only problem was that I now smelled like a basilisk because I'd been jogging all over the island looking for signs of her whereabouts – definitely not the first impression I wished to make, but it couldn't be helped. I had to talk to her before I lost my opportunity or nerve. Thankfully, I hadn’t been wearing my shirt (which was tucked into my waistband) so at least it wasn’t all sweaty. I modestly put it on, feeling a sense of shyness come over me. The question was how to approach her and introduce myself properly - how is this usually handled here by sims? What would Jeff do? I thought maybe I could ask her if she knew where the street ‘Porthilly View’ was and that would seem innocent enough and not too forward… …so I walked up and said, “Pardon me, may I…” which turned out to be a mistake because her back was turned and I must have frightened her. She turned the watering hose on me – not intentionally I don’t think… but she did continue to spray me with water as she stared at me with a shocked look on her face. 44

She eventually blinked and stopped squirting me with the hose once she realized that she was still doing it. “Oh my, I am So sorry! Look at what I’ve done! You’re soaked through… please come inside and let me get you a towel to dry off with. Oh, I am so sorry… I don’t know what I was thinking…” I must have looked like a wet, dripping wharf rat, but I didn’t mind. My Alice was even prettier when she blushed. I followed her into her house as she continued to apologize. I noticed she was trying not to stare at me - I couldn’t stop staring at her though. I stopped on the threshold, not wanting to drip all over the floor, but she motioned for me to follow her and I found myself in her bedroom. I didn’t think it was at all proper to be in a lady’s bedroom, especially when we actually haven’t even introduced ourselves, but I couldn’t help but follow her. She told me to open the top drawer of the bureau if I wanted something dry to change into while she got some towels from the bathroom.


I opened the drawer out of curiosity more than anything, and was sadly faced with the fact that she might already have a man. The drawer was full of men’s things. “Are you Ben Barnes?” I was confronted by a little blond girl staring earnestly at me with her pencil and schoolwork held to her chest. I backed away from the open drawer and stared at the little girl in shock. … what's this, I thought? Alice has a child (she looked exactly like Alice)? How can it be that she has a school-aged child? Darnit. Maybe she looks much younger than she is and she might be still be with the father of the child. I better tread lightly so that I don't say or do the wrong thing here, I thought. This was not turning out at all how I had hoped... my Alice, how could she have a child?... my heart was beating much harder than it should... I jumped when Alice handed me a towel. “You can dry off in the bathroom, if you like, Mr…?” “Caspian, Caspian Telmarine.” I said, still reeling… “Oh, you’re that Ambassador from Telmar! My husband mentioned that you had arrived on the island, What a fine welcome I’ve given you! I’m Alice GilsCarbo. Please accept my sincere apology for staring and drenching you outside like I did – it’s just that you look just like that actor that played in ‘Dorian Gray’. Do you know the one I’m talking about? I think I was a bit starstruck when I first saw your face. It really is uncanny how much you look like him.”


Alice pointed behind me and showed me the poster on her wall of the painting from the movie and it was like staring myself in the face. This whole situation was staring me in the face and I wasn’t liking it one bit! (I was horrified by that poster.) I’d made a great fool of myself and all I wanted was to get out of there as quickly as I could without offending Alice or her child. I was starting to feel ill all of a sudden and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be sick. I told Alice it was quite all right about the water-soaking and that I was glad to have met the both of them, but that I really must be going and I handed her the wet towel while making my way toward the front door as fast as I tactfully could. I could feel that poster’s eyes following me out the door and it was making my skin crawl. What was wrong with me? I was shaking like a leaf by the time I reached home.




Caspian's Embassy: A Journal - Volume 1  
Caspian's Embassy: A Journal - Volume 1  

The daily log of Prince Caspian X of Telmar in which he tracks his life progress on the island of Barnacle Bay.