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Stellenbosch is a bustling business hub in the Boland and Cape Winelands region. Many of the businesses are of a technological as well as services nature for the Stellenbosch University which is by far the predominant institution in town. Providing services to the students and faculties are of the core activities of many businesses in Stellenbosch. The town, Stellenbosch, is becoming more and more the centre for large and prestigious companies such as the Medi- Clinic Group of Companies, Remgro Group, PSG, Zeder, Mergon, Distell and many others. The research facilities of the University of Stellenbosch are key drivers for business development. In the area of technology there is the Techno Park, located in Strand Road. These businesses specialise in sophisticated and advanced projects as well as the provision of services, equipment and expertise to the wider general population. Stellenbosch is one of the fastest growing markets in medical facilities driven by the Medi-Clinic Hospital. Stellenbosch is recognised as one of the most desirable towns in Africa.

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Spescare was founded to develop sub-acute private health care services throughout South Africa. The name Spescare is an abbreviation for 'Specialised Care' and as such our focus is to provide specialised care programs to our patients during their rehabilitation process. Spescare forms part of the National Hospital Network which is currently the 4th largest hospital group, representing independent hospitals throughout South Africa. We are also members of the Sub-Acute Hospital Association of South Africa and the Private Healthcare Information Standards Committee. Spescare is a private hospital service provider focused on providing sub-acute, convalescent, rehabilitation and transitional care programs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and service to our patients and their families. Our specialised programs focus on assisting each patient to reach his or her maximum potential, while providing each family with peace of mind. Our staff members are experts in the fields of medical and physical rehabilitation care along with naso-gastric nutrition (tube feeding), total parenteral nutrition (TPN), oxygen and intravenous therapy, tracheostomy, wound care and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Multidisciplinary Team of • Physiotherapists • Occupational Therapists • Speech Therapists • Psychologist • Social Worker • Case Manager • Facility Doctors • Dietician • Wound Care Specialist

Our Mission, Vision & Values Our mission is to improve lives, maximise function, inspire hope and promote dignity and well-being with expertise and compassion.

Vision • Be the premier resource of medical and physical rehabilitation in South Africa, providing a coordinated, comprehensive continuum of services and patient education. • Provide expertise in rehabilitation management by providing solutions to assure the best outcome at a reasonable cost. • Exceed in the delivery of individually focused outcomes.

Life Path Health

Welcome To Life Path Health

Life Path Health Accreditation

Highly specialised treatment programmes, e.g. addiction treatment and adolescent programmes are only provided at certain of the clinics in a specific geographic area in order to eliminate duplication of specialised services, thereby avoiding unnecessary cost in the service delivery system. Patients requiring highly specialised treatment are therefore cross-referred between clinics in close proximity of each other. We offer treatment options in a therapeutic milieu dedicated to offer peace of mind and dignity to many people who suffer from various emotional and behavioural problems.

We are committed to quality health care. Proof of this commitment is our membership of The Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA). HASA is an industry association that represents the collective interest of the majority of private hospital groups and independentlyowned private hospitals in South Africa. Currently HASA comprises a total of 192 private hospitals representing approximately 27 000 beds and 90% of the private hospital industry in South Africa.

We Specialise In: Addiction Rehabilitation, Adjustment Disorders, Anxiety Disorder, Dementia, Electro Convulsive Therapy, Mood Disorders such as Depression, Bipolar, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Panic Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Psychotic conditions incl Schizophrenia and Psychotic Mood Disorders

When you use a HASA member facility, you know that it meets rigorous standards that keep pace with the ever-changing advancements in the health care profession. The Life Path Health Group is further an active participation member of the Psychiatric Focus Forum (PFF), a specialist division in the National Hospital Network. Life Path subscribes to the minimum standards set by the Psychiatric Focus Forum for Mental Health Care facilities. • Unique Specialised Group, proven, growing, sustainable, linked with Medical Professional Basis Nearby. • Exceptional Leadership within the group. • Financially stable.

Valuation Certificate and Term Sheet JONKERSVIEW ERF 13833, STELLENBOSCH TERM SHEET • 10 Year Commercial Lease by Sub – Acute Hospital Group • Total Rentable Area

Total 4 305.25m²

1. Current Building Value: R23 700 000 held in Mosselrivier Eiendomme Drie (Pty) Ltd. attached valuation)


2. Projected development completion cost: R28 million as @ 30 June 2017. (Open book to all investors, monitored by Board of Directors)

3. Tenant installation R 5 000 000 4. Syndication Cost

• Original building cost at discounted rate

R 16 000 000 R 1 800 000 R 1 200 000 R 1 500 000 R 1 500 000

• Total Cost for acquiring the property

R 22 000 000

• Construction and tenant installation • Tenant Installation

R 29 000 000 R 5 000 000

• Total Syndication Cost

R 56 000 000

• • • •

Transfer and Attorney Fees Raising Fee Developers margin Lease Agreement fee

5. Initial yield on Investment = 9,25% net. Ten year triple net lease starting 1 July 2017. Beneficial occupation by Tenant on 1 June 2017. 6. Yearly Rental increase equal to Discovery Medical Aid tariff increase. Average increase (2013 – 2016) = 9% 7. Projected monthly expenses • Rates and taxes • Maintenance allowance • Property Management

R 47,000 R12,000 R 7,500

8. Projected net annual returns at 8%, 9% and 10% escalations Escalation % 8% 9% Year 1 9,25% 9,25% Year 2 9,99% 10,08% Year 3 10,79% 10,99% Year 4 11,65% 11,98% Year 5 12,58% 13,06% Year 6 13,59% 14,23% Year 7 14,68% 15,51% Year 8 15,85% 16,91% Year 9 17,12% 18,43% Year 10 18,49% 20,09%

10% 9,25% 10,18% 11,19% 12,31% 13,54% 14,90% 16,39% 18,03% 19,83% 21,81% Tel: 021 2000 717 Fax: 086 683 5821 165 Main Rd Paarl 7646

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