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Things You Need to Know About Electric Fireplaces

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An electric fireplace can well be the answer for a hassle-free way to have a roaring fireplace in your home. There would be no need for chopped wood, open vents, soot and grime to get toasty warm during the cold nights. Most electric fireplaces are portable so you could have several options on how to arrange a room with it as the focal point. They look so natural that sometimes it is hard to guess whether they are traditional or not. It is a great addition to any home. It aesthetically

pleasing, energy-efficient, operated by remote control and has adjustable setting for its flame complete with a realistic sound. How Does It Work? The "fire" produced by an electric heater is just an illusion. At first glance, the flame is so realistic that it is hard to tell whether the fireplace is conventional or not. Older models used stationary image while current models have flames that seem to "burn" the logs instead of behind them. Refracted light in a random three-dimensional pattern is used to achieve this effect. The












photographic image that has three dimensions. The image is created by superimposing two 2-dimensional pictures of the same image set at varied reference points. In the case of reflection holograms the use of a photographic plate and two laser beams are employed to take capture an image of the flame. The heat is produced by the heating coils or elements inside an electric fireplace. The heat is instantly produced when the fireplace is turned on.

With this type of electric fireplace, the heat is focused within a limited are. However, there are types that have fans that forces warm air to be distributed in the room. Fan-forced heaters are efficient as heat can be distributed over a large space instead of just around a limited perimeter of the fireplace. You can choose from varied makes and models. Choosing which one to buy depends on the user's requirements. Built-in types are best for new constructions or renovations. They can be placed anywhere in a room, below or above grade, in or outside a wall and even at corners of a room. Plug-in electrical fireboxes are best paired with a free-standing mantel. Electric fireplaces with electric log inserts are good options for the conversion and renovation of existing wood burning or gas fireplace. Some models come with a media package such as shelves for DVDs and Blue-rays. There are free-standing electrical stove units that look like conventional wood-burning cast iron stoves too. Wall mount type on the other hand is the perfect solution for a small area. An electrical fireplace is energy-efficient, convenient and highly affordable heating option for the home.

About TheFireplaceWarehouse is one of UK's largest display of LIVE living flame gas fires and cheap fireplaces - probably the largest selection in the world. Two floors with over 300 displays of fires, stoves and classic fireplaces, allowing thousands of combinations. For more information, you can visit .

Things You Need to Know About Electric Fireplace  

An electric fireplace can well be the answer for a hassle-free way to have a roaring fireplace in your home. TheFireplaceWarehouse is one...

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