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Fall 2012 · VOLUME 11 · ISSUE 3

A publication of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

Los Angeles: Always Evolving Los Angeles County has been evolving over the last several years. These development projects will have a significant impact on tourism and the economy, and with new developments come new opportunities for people to live, work and play. Staples Center and L.A. LIVE are often credited with the resurgence of downtown L.A. With new Metro lines spanning the County, several transit-oriented developments have popped up, including the Del Mar Station in Pasadena and Hollywood & Vine. And the LA Cleantech Incubator has given new life to the Arts District by encouraging clean tech companies to make L.A. their home.





“Having worked in downtown L.A. for more than 30 years, I saw it through various stages in its development … To see it come back is so gratifying,” said 2012 Chamber Board Chair Karen Hathaway, LAACO, LTD./Los Angeles Athletic Club. “The Chamber is playing a tremendous part — without the Chamber’s leadership, this City would have been faltering.” Here is a look at some projects that are popping up in L.A. County. 1





Los Angeles International Airport More than $4.1 billion being spent on LAX, including ongoing expansion of the Tom Bradley International Terminal, construction of new utility plant and updates to airfield. About $850 million spent on modernization project during the 2011-12 fiscal year, generating 10,700 jobs and $600 million worth of labor income in L.A. County. Plans for an additional $8.5 billion for capital improvement projects over next 10-15 years, projected to create 90,500 jobs countywide. Status: In progress




Farmers Field Privately funded $1 billion football stadium and event center, connected to the L.A. Convention Center. If built, will create more than 25,000 new jobs, $1.9 billion in output and $378 million in direct expenditures into L.A. economy. Status: AEG aiming for 2016 completion.

1 10


Los Angeles Stadium at Grand Crossing Located 20 minutes from downtown in the City of Industry, the privately-funded $800 million NFL stadium will generate more than 18,000 jobs and $760 million annually for the local economy. Status: Majestic Realty Co. project has been approved and entitled.


USC Village Project/Specific Plan A $1.1 billion, 20-year blueprint that will provide new shopping, dining and community benefits. Will create about 12,000 new jobs for students and community residents. Status: Progress over the next 20 years


Wilshire Grand $1 billion plan to tear down Wilshire Grand and build a 900room hotel. Status: Scheduled to open in 2016


Port of Los Angeles Will invest $1.2 billion dollars in capital improvements including the Downtown Harbor project over the next




*To read about some of the developments that have already made a significant contribution to the County, read the facts on the bottom of each page.

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With several important issues on the November statewide ballot — many of which affect businesses in Los Angeles — the Chamber will be reviewing and taking positions leading up to the elections. Visit after Sept. 17 to view the Chamber’s positions. Proposition 30

Temporary taxes to fund education. guaranteed local public safety funding.

Proposition 31

State budget. Transparency and spending limitations. State and local government.

Proposition 32

Proposition 35

Proposition 38

Changes law to allow auto insurance companies to set prices based on a driver’s history of insurance coverage.

Proposition 36

Proposition 39

Proposition 34

Genetically engineered foods. Mandatory labeling.

Prohibitions on corporate contributions to candidates.

Proposition 33

Death penalty repeal.

Human trafficking. Penalties. Sex offender registration. Three strikes law. Sentencing for repeat felony offenders.

Proposition 37

Prohibits political contributions by payroll deduction.

Follow the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce on

Tax for education and early childhood programs. Tax treatment for multistate businesses. Clean energy and energy efficiency funding.

Proposition 40

Redistricting. State senate districts. Referendum.

and at

A better L.A. is our business The voice of an evolving region A s our cover story outlines, Los Angeles is an ever-

evolving place — an area constantly striving to reinvent and improve itself. Like the area we represent, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce is also continuously striving for improvement. We are always looking for ways we can better deliver on our mission of being the voice of business, helping our members grow and promoting collaboration. And in the past several months, we have succeeded in delivering all three.

Calendar of Events Want to know what’s coming up at the Chamber? Visit to view and register for upcoming events. Below are some key signature events you don’t want to miss:

Event Highlights

In this issue you’ll see that in the area of collaboration the Chamber has partnered with the L.A. County Federation of Labor and other prominent business organizations to form the Fix LAX Now coalition, which will address the need for modernization at LAX. We must ensure that this critical asset can compete and thrive in a world economy.

SEPT. 19 | OCT. 17 | NOV. 7 Connection Point 2012 This series is a follow-up to last year’s program that will teach you how the strategic use of free social media communication tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest can build your business, brand and bottom line. RSVP today at Contact Bridget Netter, 213.580.7576 or

We are also partners in a statewide coalition advocating for thoughtful reforms to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). These reform discussions will continue beyond this year’s legislative session, and we remain committed to pursuing these important reforms that are critical to improving our economy and our environment. You will also see that we’ve continued to be the voice of business and individual citizens on pension reform. If the City of L.A. is going to achieve fiscal stability, it must address the pension system. The Chamber has long been an advocate for pension reform, but over the last few months we’ve joined together with former Mayor Richard Riordan to demand change now and ensure that our collective voices are heard.

WED-THU | OCT. 3-4 Cash for College Convention The two-day College & Career Convention features college life seminars, interactive career demonstrations, financial aid presentations and an exhibit hall with college and university representatives from throughout the United States. Contact Paola Santana, 213.580.7586 or

To help us tell our collective story, we hope you’ll join us on Oct. 17 as we take these and other issues to City Hall with our annual ACCESS L.A. City Hall event. This is your opportunity to join hundreds of area business leaders as we meet with city officials on key policy issues, the state of the economy and job creation. This event will also feature the presentation of our third annual economic report on the L.A. City Council Districts.

FRI | OCT. 12 Principal for a Day

Our efforts to improve the economy and quality of life in our region continue to make a difference every day. Thank you for your volunteer time and financial investment. Together can achieve full prosperity for the Los Angeles region!

The future of our workforce depends on business and civic leaders building relationships with local schools. Principal for a Day allows you to be a part of the solution to strengthening public education. Shadow a Los Angeles school principal and experience a typical day as an administrator and educator. Contact Gail Levy, 213.580.7594 or


Gary L. Toebben President & CEO Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

ACCESS L.A. City Hall

Chamber VOICE is a quarterly publication of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce 350 S. Bixel St., Los Angeles, CA 90017. For membership information, contact the Chamber at 213.580.7592 or visit The Chamber VOICE is produced by the L.A. Area Chamber Marketing & Communications department in conjunction with Chamber Staff. Mandy Denaux, Director of Marketing & Communications, 213.580.7532, Monika Medina, Senior Interactive Marketing Manager, 213.580.7516, Alejandro Guzmán, Communications Manager, 213.580.7544, Meghan Long, Creative & Design Manager, 213.580.7548,

Chamber Senior Staff Gary Toebben, President & CEO, 213.580.7525, David Eads, Executive Vice President & COO, 213.580.7546, Benjamin Stilp, CFO & Vice President of Administration, 213.580.7521, David Rattray, SVP of Education & Workforce Development, 213.580.7515,

WED | OCT. 17 ACCESS L.A. City Hall Join business leaders from throughout the region for a networking breakfast and a special City Council meeting on issues vital to L.A.’s businesses. Topics include job creation, prioritizing essential city services, pension reform, fixing the budget deficit and lowering L.A.’s business tax. This event is free and open to the public. Contact Jessica Duboff, 213.580.7558 or

TUE | DEC. 4 Southern California Visionaries Awards Luncheon The Southern California Leadership Network annually recognizes leaders who are inspiring positive change in the region at this pinnacle leadership event in Southern California. Contact Brian Williams, 213.580.7577 or

Carlos J. Valderrama, SVP of Global Initiatives, 213.580.7570, Ruben Gonzalez, VP of Public Policy & Political Affairs, 213.580.7568, Brian K. Williams, VP of Leadership Programs, 213.580.7577, Lee Ligons, VP of Business Development, 213.580.7523, Michelle Attebery, Director of Events, 213.580.7585, Jessica Duboff, Director of Public Policy, 213.580.7558,

Increase your organization’s visibility in Los Angeles and gain new customers by advertising in the L.A. Area Chamber’s publications and website. Advertising with the Chamber is available exclusively to Chamber members. Contact Monika Medina, 213.580.7516 or



First phase of $56 million Grand Park project was completed in July 2012.


VOICE 10 ways the Chamber helped your business

Seen + Heard at the Chamber

Your investment in the Chamber helps us build a stronger economy and quality of life in the region. Here are a few ways we helped improve L.A. business:

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck at the Accenture Pancakes & Politics Breakfast Speaker Series in June.

IMPROVING STATEWIDE BUSINESS CLIMATE. "California is coming back," Gov. Brown told the ACCESS Sacramento delegation. (Photo by Tia Gemmell)


Led delegation to state capital

More than 100 business and civic leaders spent a day in Sacramento to advocate for immediate action to improve the statewide business climate. The annual ACCESS Sacramento trip focused on jobs and business-friendly legislation, CEQA reform, health care, education and workforce development. The delegation held more than 50 meetings with state lawmakers and elected officials, including Gov. Jerry Brown, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, State Controller John Chiang, Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, Chief Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor and Community Colleges Chancellor Jack Scott. Bottom line: Through advocacy trips like these, the Chamber is ensuring that the voice of L.A. area business is being heard.


Term Limits Reform passed by voters

Proposition 28, which garnered the support of 61 percent of voters and passed in every county in the State in the primary election in June, was co-sponsored by the Chamber and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. Proposition 28 will reduce the allowable time in office from 14 to 12 years without extending the term of any sitting legislator but allow them to serve in one House, which will increase institutional knowledge and experience. This primary election was also the first time other Chamber-sponsored ballot initiatives were at play: the new legislative and congressional districts drawn by the Citizens Redistricting Commission created by Proposition 11 in 2008, and Proposition 14 which created the top two primary in June 2010. Bottom line: Voters showed an understanding for the need to fix term limits and to make the state Legislature more accountable.


Led business delegation on pension reform

The Chamber and civic leaders, including former Mayor Richard Riordan, told the City’s Executive Employee Relations Committee that now is the time for pension reform in Los Angeles and outline recommendations for change. "Our message today is not about blame, it is about all of us working together to find a solution to a pension system that if unchanged will spell disaster for the City of Los Angeles," said Riordan. "The time to act is now. If not now, when? If not us, who?" Bottom line: If the City is going to return to fiscal stability, now is the time for pension reform in L.A.

MOVING AMERICA FORWARD. The Chamber joined Sen. Barbara Boxer, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and others to celebrate the passage of the Transportation Reauthorization bill. (Photo by Gary Leonard)


Advocated for Transportation Reauthorization bill


The Chamber organized a coalition of chambers of commerce across the nation to support the Transportation Reauthorization bill that both Houses of Congress passed and was eventually signed into law by President Barack Obama. Transportation reauthorization and the inclusion of America Fast Forward has been the top priority of the Chamber's ACCESS Washington, D.C. trip for two years. Bottom line: This good news for L.A. County will help to accelerate projects voters approved in Measure R in 2008.


Partnered with labor to modernize LAX

The Chamber partnered with the L.A. County Federation of Labor, LA/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council and other business organizations to create the Fix LAX Now coalition. This coalition was triggered by the Los Angeles International Airport Specific Amendment Plan Study Draft Environmental Impact Report. Other business organizations which have joined the coalition include the Central City Association of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, the Valley Industry and Commerce Association and the Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy and Jobs. Bottom line: After nearly 20 years of studies and planning to fix LAX, we need to ensure our elected officials make the necessary decisions to finally give L.A. a 21st century airport.


HONORED LA’S YOUTH VOLUNTEERS. The Chamber honored HIRE LA’s Youth sponsors, partners and volunteers during a reception for their efforts to train youth for entry-level jobs. (Photo by PBF Photography)

Spearheaded statewide effort for CEQA reform

The Chamber and other leading business organizations joined to advocate for responsible, thoughtful CEQA reforms to preserve the original intent of the law — environmental protection — while stamping out abuses for nonenvironmental reasons. This coalition of business, labor, schools, hospitals, clean technology companies and local government united around a package of modernization proposals to integrate environmental and planning laws; eliminate duplication; and enhance public disclosure and accountability. Bottom line: Action on CEQA reform is one of the biggest steps the state Legislature can take to improve our economy and our environment at a faster pace.

Announced funding to end chronic homelessness

The Home For Good Funders Collaborative announced more than $105 million in resources from public and private systems to help end chronic homelessness in L.A. County. Home For Good is a joint initiative between the Chamber and the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. The funding will provide permanent supportive housing to more than 1,000 chronically homeless individuals throughout the L.A. region. The resources include housing vouchers, capital funds and health, mental health and substance abuse services. Bottom line: The Home For Good plan is a common-sense path to end long-term and veteran homelessness in L.A. County by 2016.


Helped get jobs for hundreds of youth

The Chamber and its HIRE LA’s Youth campaign partners hope to place 1,200 local youth in entry-level jobs this year. The Chamber trained these youth through Job Skills Workshops, awarded them the Work Readiness Certificates and connected them to quality first-time employment opportunities. Businesses benefit because our youth are better prepared when they graduate from college and are more seasoned and ready for full-time employment. Bottom line: A skilled workforce will respond to our future employment needs.


Supported USC, NBCUniversal and Walmart projects

The Chamber testified in support of major development projects including University of Southern California’s 20-year blueprint plan, the $1.6 billion NBCUniversal Evolution Project and plans for a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Chinatown. All projects will create thousands of jobs during construction and in operation. Bottom line: These development projects are good for the people of L.A. and ultimately good for the economy.


Led businesses to trade event in Chile

The Chamber organized and participated in the California Pavilion at the ExpoHospital 2012 in Santiago, Chile. Six California firms participated in the event, exhibiting medical equipment, devices, instruments and supplies. The event featured 174 companies from around the world, with more than 3,000 registered visitors. The trip was possible thanks to the U.S. Small Business Administration's State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Grant through the California STEP Grant Initiative. Bottom line: The Chamber is committed to helping businesses expand their opportunities in international trade.

In May … "Our partnership will not only strengthen our economic relationship, it will also create global competitiveness and innovation," said Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency Senior Executive Vice President Sung-Keun Oh during the Memorandum of Understanding signing with the Chamber. Gustavo Arnavat discussed projects supported by the Inter-American Development Bank at a special briefing. Ambassador of Argentina to the U.S. Jorge Arguello talked about the future of diplomatic and bilateral trade relations between the U.S. and Argentina. At a joint council meeting, Dr. Elaine Chang, South Coast Air Quality Management District discussed the 2012 Air Quality Management Plan, a multiagency effort which will lay out planning information to meet federal air quality requirements. In June ... "I'm in awe of how L.A. LIVE has made a difference to this City. Good policing helps, but it's about development — making spaces available for legitimate activities,” said Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck at the Accenture Pancakes & Politics Breakfast Speaker Series. Financing experts including Natalie Orta, U.S. Small Business Administration, joined the Emerging Commerce Council for a conversation on current funding and financial options for emerging technology companies. State Sen. Ed Hernandez discussed the Affordable Care Act with the Health Care Council. Republic of Congo President Denis Sassou Nguesso announced that based on the recommendation of the Chamber, his government will evaluate having a Consulate General in Los Angeles. In July ... “Sunshine is a great disinfectant. We need to put more sunshine in the system to address some of these problems,” Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield on the State budget at the Accenture Pancakes & Politics Breakfast Speaker Series. Tim Rainey, California's Workforce Investment Board (WIB) and Gregory Irish, City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board, outlined the future of the WIB at the Education & Workforce Development Council. Julia Lowell and Rachel Swanger of the Pardee RAND Graduate School discussed trade relations with Japan at the Global Initiatives Council. Tournament of Roses President Sally Bixby talked about the history of the Tournament at the Power Hour Speaker Series. "Delegation is the best thing to do for the health of your business. If you're not delegating you're closing yourself off to other opportunities,” said Linda Bidrossian, SCORE - LA, at the Small Business Council. In August... "Growth will continue, albeit slow. 2012 is better than 2011 and 2013 will be better than 2012. The real question is the speed rather than the direction,” said Christopher Thornberg, Beacon Economics, at the Economic Briefing. L.A.’s green tech community including Fred Walti, Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator, gathered to discuss the landscape of green sustainability in the City. "The issue of costly health care is not getting the attention it deserves,” said Dr. Arthur Kellermann, RAND Corporation, at the Health Care Council. California Community College Chancellor Jack Scott and Jamie Merisotis, president & CEO of Lumina Foundation, spoke about college completion at the Accenture Pancakes & Politics Breakfast Speaker Series. Fred Pickel, Office of Public Accountability, shared the results of his report on LADWP’s proposed power and water rate increases. Don't miss out on any action this fall ‒ go to for a calendar of upcoming speakers and events.

The $232 million Ramon C. Cortines School Of Visual And Performing Arts on Grand Avenue opened in 2009



A better L.A. is our business 1 We collect American and Californian art at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. I am in charge of our art collection and this painting of the Carmel Mission is just one example of the artwork we own. It’s important that we showcase the talent that we have amongst us. 2 I picked this poster up at the World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast. It reminds me of how important trade is to our area and it’s a great reminder on what I want to do at the Chamber. Often Angelenos don’t think of themselves as a significant part of the global market place – we need to work on that if we’re going to meet our potential in Los Angeles.

In the Office of

Karen Hathaway

Each quarter we'll get a peek inside the office of some of L.A.'s most prominent business leaders. This quarter we visited with 2012 Chamber Board Chair Karen Hathaway, president & managing partner, LAACO, LTD./Los Angeles Athletic Club, at her office in downtown L.A.


3 I got this book (“Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard”) from my daughter for Christmas. She wants me to open my mind. I have this book on my desk to remind me to step outside my comfort zone.


4 I am a first adopter when it comes to technology – it’s pretty amazing stuff that they have coming out. Right before Christmas last year, fellow Chamber Board member Eugene Chi sent me an invite for the opening of the Century City Microsoft Store. My husband and I stopped in while doing some Christmas shopping and they showed me this new Samsung tablet. We ended up buying several for our district managers. 5 I picked up these bookmarks when I attended Planetfest 2012 held by the Planetary Society in Pasadena. It’s inspirational. We’re not just global, we’re a part of the intergalactic community. By 2030 people will be journeying to Mars. I’m not sure if they think I’ll be too old, but I’d love to go!

4 3

6 These are business cards of people that I have met recently at various Chamber events. I am at the Chamber almost every day. And when I’m not at the Chamber I communicate via phone or email with someone regarding the Chamber every single day – no question about it.

5 6 Photo by ImageActive

When the community works together, the community works. Like individuals, businesses are members of the community too. The most extraordinary enterprises take this connection to heart, doing what they can to help their neighborhoods grow. Bank of America is pleased to support the businessmen and -women who thrive on active community involvement and appreciate their important role in advancing the public good. Visit us at


Oxy produces oil and natural gas in California, for California: > We’re the largest publicly traded company headquartered in the city of Los Angeles > We’re

California’s largest natural gas producer and largest oil and gas producer on a grossoperated barrels of oil equivalent basis

> We

paid over $255 million in California corporate and payroll taxes in 2011

> We’re

proud to be a committed partner and a good neighbor in Los Angeles

Headquartered in Los Angeles since 1920

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Hollywood and Highland opened in 2001 – a portal to the Hollywood/Highland Metro Red Line station.

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8/9/12 5:12 PM



Big dreams for a better L.A.



For more than 120 years, the L.A. Area Chamber has

Statewide Pension Reform

championed L.A.’s port, international airport, water system,

Across our state, local officials are facing crippling budget shortfalls and are being forced to fund growing pension obligations rather than libraries, parks, and public safety. The Chamber strongly supports Gov. Jerry Brown’s 12-point plan for pension reform, which if fully implemented, is estimated to have an impact between $4 and $11 billion over 30 years.

entertainment industry and freeway system. We asked members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, what’s your


dream project or policy idea for the L.A. region that the

California Environment Quality Act Modernization

Chamber can help make a reality?

CEQA was originally intended to ensure that development projects meet environmental standards. However, the law is often abused to stop projects for reasons wholly unrelated to the environment. The Chamber is currently organizing a series of bus tours to help legislators understand the abuses that hinder job growth and economic development. A statewide coalition of business groups and other stakeholders is currently uniting to modernize CEQA so that it lives up to its original intent.

Reforming the City of L.A.'s Uncompetitive Business Tax The City of Los Angeles levies a gross receipts tax on most businesses that is the highest in L.A. County and near the top of all major U.S. cities. The Chamber successfully advocated for the creation of a new business tax reform commission at City Hall, which has recommended a 15-year phase out for the tax to the City Council.

REGIONAL ECONOMIC ENGINES Los Angeles International Airport Modernization LAX is a $40 billion annual regional economic engine and supports 300,000 local jobs. The Chamber is proud of recent progress to modernize outdated terminals for a better passenger experience. However, there is still a pressing need to provide more transit access to the airport and to reconfigure the two northern runways to accommodate the next generation of larger, cleaner and quieter aircraft. With about $310 billion in containerized trade moving through the Port of Los Angeles/Port of Long Beach, infrastructure improvements are essential to maintaining the ports as the nation's busiest complex, particularly as we near the opening of the widened Panama Canal in 2014. The Chamber advocates for expediting terminal improvement projects, to increase capacity and improve the environment.

Alberto Mier y Terán Senior Vice President & General Manager Univision

Local Ports & Goods Movement

Measure J - Measure R Extension

L.A. City Budget Crisis & Public Pension Reform In 2006, the Chamber first raised concerns about the City's unfunded pension liabilities. Today, the pension crisis is the single greatest financial threat to the City's solvency. Unfunded pension liability and growing pension obligations affect local businesses through reduced City services and higher taxes. The Chamber supports reforms to the City's budget that: (1) reduce pension obligations; (2) focus on the delivery of essential city services; (3) contract for non-essential services; and (4) strengthen the reserve fund.

REGIONAL STEWARDSHIP Business Leaders Homelessness Task Force – a Partnership with United Way of Greater Los Angeles The Chamber and the United Way of Greater Los Angeles formed the Business leaders' Task Force and launched the Home For Good report - a five-year strategic plan to end chronic and veteran homelessness in Los Angeles via permanent supportive housing. Placing a chronically homeless individual in PSH costs taxpayers 42 percent less than when they are living on the street.

REGIONAL STEWARDSHIP 2013 Election Races in Los Angeles Next year will be an unprecedented election for the City of Los Angeles with open seats for mayor, city controller, city attorney, nine City Council seats and three Los Angeles Unified School District seats. The business community must weigh in on these races and change the face of public policy in the City of Los Angeles. The L.A. Jobs Political Action Committee, sponsored by the Chamber, is focused on supporting candidates who stand for job creation, business investment and fiscal solvency.

EDUCATION & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Community Colleges Poised for Transformative Change As a result of Chamber-sponsored legislation, SB 1143, the Student Success Taskforce recommendations, and subsequent legislation to ensure these recommendations come to fruition, the California Community Colleges System is better poised to achieve improved educational outcomes for California’s Community College students. SB 1456 & SB 1062 are critical steps in helping students reach their college and career goals, while providing a net return on California’s investment in their education.

Linked Learning and K-12 Education The Chamber continues to strongly support Linked Learning programs that bring together strong academics, demanding technical education and real world experience. SB 1070 (Steinberg) and AB 1246 (Brownley) help us move in the right direction toward successful education, training and workforce development pathways in regions across California to prepare students for success in both college and career.

Investing in Early Education A bright spot on California’s education landscape is Transitional Kindergarten (TK), implemented for the first time statewide this fall. Created under the Kindergarten Readiness Act of 2010, TK moves up the start date for kindergarten and provides thousands of children an additional year to get ready to learn and succeed. Efforts like AB 1853 (Bonilla) will help to continue to strengthen TK implementation to develop standards for teachers, and important professional development opportunities.

Lupe Valdez Director, Public Affairs Union Pacific

Alan Rothenberg Chairman & CEO 1st Century Bank

The L.A. Area Chamber is a valuable resource for Los Angeles — a chamber that values businesses, small or large, and brings together stakeholders from diverse interests to solve the challenges facing our region during these unsettling times. I believe our Chamber can play a critical role in supporting businessfriendly initiatives that make our region a place where both businesses and residents thrive.


The most important project underway is the massive modernization of LAX. We are witnessing the beginning of the airport’s renaissance. Billions of dollars, producing thousands of well-paying local jobs, have already been invested to restore LAX. But it can't stop there. Our 21st century city deserves a 21st century airport; that's why we formed the Coalition to Fix LAX Now, joining other business organizations and the labor community to speak with one voice: enough is enough — it's time to fully modernize LAX.

In 2008, voters approved a sales tax increase to generate $40 billion in transportation funding over the next 30 years. This summer, Congress passed a long overdue Transportation Reauthorization bill that included the Chamber-supported America Fast Forward provision. Passing a 30-year extension in November will enable Metro to increase its bonding capacity and implement Mayor Villaraigosa's 30/10 Plan.

My dream project for the City of Los Angeles would be to create a Chamber program within our middle school and high schools focused on anti bullying education. I’d like to see a curriculum course within our LAUSD schools that teach students the realities of this type of behavior in an effort to reduce this type of conduct, and create an environment for our students where they focus on their studies and succeed in school and in life.

Continued from page 1 L.A. Status: In final negotiations. Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor project – The $1.7-billion 8.5-mile light rail line will connect southwestern Los Angeles and LAX. The project is expected to provide more than 18,000 jobs. Status: Scheduled to open in 2018. Expo Line – Phase one of the Expo Line from downtown L.A. to Culver City opened in April 2012. Status: Phase two to Santa Monica scheduled to open in 2015.

five years. Will create about 5,000 permanent jobs and more than 13,700 jobs during build out. Status: Progress over the next five years. 7



Paramount $700 million upgrade to Hollywood lots over the next two decades. Would create nearly 7,300 jobs during construction and accommodate 5,500 permanent workers at the studio. Status: Progress over the next two decades. NBCUniversal Evolution $1.6 billion investment, will create more than 30,000 jobs during construction and operations over the next two decades. Will include upgrades and improvements to studio production and post-production facilities, new mediarelated office space, and enhancements to Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park and Citywalk. $100 million to be invested for key transportation improvements to enhance traffic flow and access to transit. Status: Progress over the next two decades. Metro Light Rail Projects Gold Line Eastside Extension – Metro in final stages of negotiations for development, which includes housing and retail, along the Gold Line in East




Millenium Hollywood Project The $1-billion project located near the Capitol Records building will include residential units, luxury hotel rooms, office space, restaurant and retail space and a sports club. Status: Draft EIR to be released soon and project to be presented to L.A. City Council’s Land Use Council in November. NMS@Culver City $63-million six story project will include residential units on top of restaurants and shops. It is located across the Kirk Douglas Theatre and Sony Pictures Plaza near the Metro Expo Line. Status: Scheduled to open in 2014.

and 219-room Residence Inn by Marriott. 800 construction jobs and 300 onsite operational jobs. Status: Scheduled to open in 2014. 13



FIGat7th $40 million renovation anchored by a Target store – the largest retail renovation in Downtown L.A. Status: Scheduled to open in late 2012. The Broad Collection A $307.7 million, 120,000-square-feet museum will have more than 2,000 pieces of art, and employ 40 full-time and 15 part-time employees. Located at Grand Avenue and 2nd Street, next to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Status: Completion in 2013. Bringing Back Broadway 10-year plan to revitalize the historic Broadway district between 2nd Street and Olympic Boulevard. ACE Hotel to open a 180-room business in the United Artists Theater. New restaurants: UMAMIcatessen, Figaro Bistro, the L.A. Brewing Company and ALMA. Ross store to open. Status: Progress over the next decade.


City Hall

Join the L.A. Area Chamber for a special City Council meeting focusing on job creation.

Wednesday, Oct. 17 7:45 – 11:30 a.m.

The event will feature: „„ A plenary session with City leaders „„ A presentation from Beacon Economics about its 2012 economic report on the L.A. City Council Districts „„ Discussions about job creation and the state of the economy. For more information or to register, visit accesslacityhall or contact Shannon Cooper, 213.580.7565 or

L.A. LIVE Courtyard and Residence Inn $172 million project - 23-story tower to house a 174-room Courtyard by Marriott LA CleanTech Corridor is located in a four-mile long strip between the Los Angeles River and Alameda.



A better L.A. is our business Spotlight on Education

L.A. Compact key for student success Having witnessed the improvements made in Boston schools through a similar compact, Rattray knew it would help unite L.A.’s leaders for a common good. “Securing money for schools, achieving consensus on standards for teachers and implementing effective accountability systems … These are things that we need buy-in from all of the key stakeholders in the region.”

In February 2010, leaders of L.A.’s business, education,

civic and nonprofit worlds came together and signed a commitment to work toward three goals: making sure all students graduate from high school; have access to and are prepared for success in college; and have access to sustainable careers. Now, more than two years later, the Chamber and other L.A. Compact partners have made significant progress toward those goals, racking up key victories to improve schools and provide better opportunities for students. The L.A. Compact consists of 18 major L.A. institutions who all want to see positive change in L.A. public schools, and better prepare local students for college and the 21st century workplace. “It’s one of the rare initiatives where everyone sitting in the room is focused on what’s best for kids and is willing to put their own institutional interests aside to get there,” said Chamber Senior Vice President David Rattray. “That’s what’s making the difference with these early victories and that’s exactly what we had set out to do in the beginning.”

Winning the grant money was just a taste of what can happen when L.A. leaders speak with one voice. The partners’ joint advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels also helped bring resources to L.A. Schools. The group advocated for additional funding to states for education jobs to prevent teacher layoffs and by working together to reach out to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, asking her to support S. 3206 (Harkin) which passed, this brought $1.2 billion to California’s schools.

Through the Los Angeles School Development Institute (LASDI), the Compact has been busy driving effective reform through innovation and collaboration. LASDI is helping implement effective reform for more than 100 of the most challenged schools while also guiding new schools, which were built with $20 billion in bonds. LASDI’s mission is to support the development of high-performing schools. LASDI consultants help school teams with facilitation and coaching; curriculum and instruction; assessment and data; professional development; and leadership, staffing and operations.

As a result of the collaborative effort, LAUSD graduation rates are improving and have moved from 52 percent in 2008-09 to 60 percent in 2011-12. But Rattray said the L.A. Compact is always evolving and will now include new strategies aimed at improving early childhood education, which studies have clearly shown impact a student’s ability to succeed in K-12 education and beyond.

Testament to the Compact’s effectiveness just a few months after it was signed, the group won a $5 million federal grant to support Public School Choice, a competitive bidding process to run some of L.A.’s lowest performing schools.

“We’re renewing our commitment so that we can immediately put children on the right track … That starts with a good quality early childhood education system.” The L.A. Compact will also begin to outline clear roles for L.A.’s business community to get involved by way of partnering with schools, providing internships with students, working with teachers and faculty and sponsoring students. A companion document signed by local business leaders could also be in the works. If you would like to get involved with the L.A. Compact, visit or contact Chelsey Rask, 213.580.7572 or

The Compact proposal was selected from a pool of 1,700 applications from all over the country and is benefiting 60,000 students at some of LAUSD’s lowest achieving schools. “We tried to up the game on both sides with Public School Choice,” said Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy. “We knew the status quo wasn’t good enough so it was time for innovative solutions.”

Focus on Southern California Leadership Network:

25 Years of dynamic leadership shaping Los Angeles The Southern California Leadership Network is proud to be celebrating 25 years of Leadership L.A. — the premier civic leadership program in the community. For more than two decades, Leadership L.A. has fostered more than 650 fellows from various backgrounds and sectors and built a rich network of civic-minded leaders who are in the position to influence change. Through SCLN’s fellowships — Leadership L.A., Leadership Southern California and California Connections — our region is building a diverse and vibrant network of community leaders who understand and respond to the ever-changing challenges and opportunities facing our region and state. Read what some of our alums are saying about Leadership L.A. For more information, contact Brian K. Williams, 213.580.7577 or

"Through Leadership L.A., I am much more conscious of leadership — becoming more attuned to leadership skills and the importance of leadership styles. The program gave me an opportunity to meet the leaders of organizations and institutions in the community and broadened my network of friends, acquaintances and resources for my law practice and clients."

"Leadership L.A. introduced me to some of the most dynamic leaders I have ever met. There was a collective passion and sense of responsibility for making L.A. a better city. When you build a network like that, it's an inspiring and powerful thing. It made me a better leader and strengthened my resolve, knowing that others were also committed to improving our region."

"At the end of the day, leadership is not about me — it's about serving others. Leadership L.A. has changed how I view myself and how I view the world, and this perspective impacts every decision I make. Leadership is no longer about how I do something, but about why I'm doing it. And this realization has literally changed my life."

Lisa Greer Quateman

Carlos Illingworth

Founder Carpenter Global Ventures

Managing Partner Polsinelli Shughart LLP. Board Member of Southern California Leadership Network

LLA 1997


Chamber Snapshots Scenes from some of the Chamber’s key events in 2012 page


Director, Public Affairs & Government Relations Vons, a Safeway Company Member of SCLN Alumni Council

Rob Carpenter LLA 2009

LLA 2010

2 1. More than 500 business executives and members of the diplomatic corps gathered for the 86th Annual World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza. From left to right: World Trade Week Chair Valeria Velasco, Los Angeles World Airports; Chamber Board Chair Karen Hathaway, LAACO Ltd./Los Angeles Athletic Club; and Keynote Speaker Amy Liu, Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program. (ImageActive) 2. Chamber members and civic leaders spent May 23 in Sacramento to advocate for immediate action to improve the statewide business climate. From left to right: Chamber President & CEO Gary Toebben; California State Controller John Chiang; Chamber Board Member Deane Leavenworth, Time Warner Cable; Chamber Board Chair Karen Hathaway, LAACO Ltd./Los Angeles Athletic Club; and California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer. (Tia Gemmell) 3. The U.S. Small Business Administration and the Chamber celebrated the power of small businesses at the annual Small Business Awards at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel on June 13. Above, title supporter Wells Fargo representatives with the more than 12 award winners honored at the luncheon. (ImageActive)

LA CleanTech Corridor formed in June 2011 and currently has seven portfolio companies.



VOICE Southern California's economic engines:

Naturalization: Strategy for a stronger economy

By the


 10 MILLION The Los Angeles economy and local tax coffers would

benefit if employers encouraged their employees who are green card holders to go through the naturalization process. Right now, more than three quarters of a million green card holders in L.A. County are eligible for naturalization. A 2010 report from the Economic Policy Institute, The Effects of Citizenship on Family Income and Poverty, showed that the average income among adult citizen immigrants is 14.6 percent higher and the poverty rate 3 percent lower than among adult green card holders. Immigrants who had not attained citizenship had a much lower median family income of $38,600 and the poverty rate among non-citizen immigrants in 2007 was 20 percent, more than twice as high as the poverty rates for both citizen immigrants and native-born citizens. “What our study shows is that providing a path to citizenship for non-naturalized immigrants can raise

Help your employees become naturalized:


Encourage them to visit one of the many not-for-profit organizations that provide naturalization assistance and teach civics and English to the immigrant community.


Partner with a local legal service provider to educate them on the requirements and benefits of naturalization.


Sponsor a workshop about the naturalization process.


Encourage employees to volunteer their time as an immigrant tutor, help green card holders practice for the naturalization interview, or provide help in filling out the citizenship application.


Offer incentives and benefits to the employees who have gone through the process and/or hold a celebration for the families of these employees.


incomes, lower poverty and help millions reap the full benefits of their hard work,” said EPI Economist and the report’s author Heidi Shierholz, in a written statement. “This also has benefits for the rest of us, since higher incomes for naturalized immigrants will mean higher tax revenues, helping pay for the services that we all value.” The L.A. Area Chamber recognizes the positive impact that naturalization can have on L.A.’s economy and is encouraging the business community to pave the way for employees to become citizens. “By carving out a path for green card holders to become citizens we can help individuals reap the full benefits of becoming American citizens,” said Chamber President & CEO Gary Toebben. “When that happens, we will have ushered in a way for immigrants to improve their incomes and contribute more to society through taxes and civic engagement.” The EPI study reported that in some cases, employers prefer to hire U.S. citizens — for example, because they don’t face the same restrictions on international travel — and it is legal for employers to hire based on a candidate’s citizenship status. Joseph Czyzyk, chairman & CEO of Mercury Air Group Inc., agrees that there are many benefits when employees become citizens. “The most important thing we find is that they (naturalized immigrants) have a full understanding of the differences between the country they left and the United States,” Czyzyk said. “They begin to understand free enterprise, the freedom to move about without restrictions.” Czyzyk speaks from experience. Born in Poland and the son of Holocaust survivors, his parents moved to the United States when he was 16 years old. “In many cases, the immigrant — whether they hold a green card or have been naturalized — has more energy to succeed than those that were born here.” Figures from the EPI report support Czyzyk’s notion. In 2007, adult citizen immigrants had a median family income of $57,823, slightly higher than the $56,000 median family income of native-born citizens. For more information, contact Sonia Campos-Rivera, 213.580.7538 or

foreign born persons in California

63% long-term foreign-born persons who own their own home employed 46% the population ages 16+ made up by foreign-born persons


3.5 MILLION foreign born persons in L.A. County

40% people ages 25 – 64 with a Ph.D. in California who are foreign-born persons


the poverty rate among non-citizen immigrants in 2007 — more than twice as high as the poverty rates for both citizen immigrants and native-born citizens.



4. In June, the Chamber and L.A.’s Largest Mixer hosted a Summer Business After Hours Mixer at the FigOly Restaurant & Bar at the Luxe City Center Hotel. From left to right: Chamber Executive Vice President & COO David Eads; Angie English, Senator Curren Price’s office; and Dave Linden, L.A.’s Largest Mixer. 5. In July, the Chamber, along with L.A. City Councilmember Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Unified School District Board President Mónica García, HOT 92.3's Josefa Salinas and other Cash for College partners presented $129,000 to local high school graduates during the 7th annual Scholarship Awards reception at the Chamber. Front row from left: Michele Siqueiros, member of the California Student Aid Commission; Garcetti; and Salinas. (PBF Photography) 6. "The Southern California Leadership Network’s program gives us the tools to be more than just the average leader," said Dorothy Randle, City of Los Angeles, addressing her more than 30 fellow graduates of the Leadership Southern California 2012 class on Aug. 1 at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza.

Staples Center opened in 1999, L.A. LIVE opened in 2005.



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Sprint 10-15 percent off monthly bill for new accounts. Contact Marvin Lee, 213.256.7344 or

Good Job.

Creating a 21st Century waterfront for the industries and communities we serve, thousands of men and women in dozens of job disciplines are hard at work every day at the Port of Los Angeles. They represent just a portion of the more than three million jobs connected to commerce flowing through the nation’s number one trade gateway. Investing more than $1.5 billion over the next several years, the Port of Los Angeles is also building aggressively for a strong and sustainable future that delivers more jobs and cleaner air. Working on today, and working for tomorrow.

Nate Parker, Surveyor

Omni HotelAD.indd Los Angeles, Luxe Hotel and Ritz-Carlton/J.W. Marriott all either endured or opened in the last couple of years in downtown L.A. pageLA 8 Chamber — POLA 1 8/10/12 renovations 12:11 PM

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VOICE Face to face:

Los Angeles City Councilmember Jose Huizar The L.A. Area Chamber speaks with a civic leader on issues affecting the business community in the L.A. region.

14 Councilmember Jose Huizar about his ongoing efforts in Bringing Back Broadway and the overall revitalization of downtown Los Angeles.

I plan to focus on three main themes in my service to Downtown: economic development, livability and connectivity.

This quarter we spoke with District

— Councilmember Jose Huizar You have been one of the most vocal — if not, the most vocal — city leader calling for a collective effort to bring back Broadway. What is your motivation behind this? Councilmember Huizar: Broadway is the birthplace of vaudeville and cinematic entertainment in Los Angeles and was once considered the retail capital of the United States. It features one of the largest concentrations of historic theaters on one street in the nation with 12 beautiful theaters, which are set between commercial buildings that are also architectural gems. For years, historic Broadway was the “hole in the donut” with revitalization happening all around it, while it continued to decline. When we kicked off Bringing Back Broadway in 2008, we had more than 1 million square feet of vacant commercial space in the upper floors and a 15-20 percent vacancy rate on the ground floor on a street that offered some retail but became a ghost town at sun down. Currently, Broadway doesn’t serve the needs of the diverse downtown community and its residents, workers and visitors, especially at night. These challenges combine to threaten the long-term utility of Broadway. It also reduces the City's ability to capture revenue, create and retain jobs and to sustain the viability of its urban downtown center. With downtown as the main economic driver for the region, a faltering Broadway has a profound ripple effect in areas far beyond downtown. What does it mean to bring back Broadway? What are we talking about here? Councilmember Huizar: Bringing Back Broadway is a public-private partnership initiative focused on an ambitious 10-year plan to revitalize the historic Broadway district between 2nd Street and Olympic Boulevard. Now, we’re just past the four-year mark of the 10-year plan for Bringing Back Broadway. We’re working hard to recruit businesses and help those that are already here. Designer Tarina Tarantino is making Broadway her brand’s world headquarters with her Sparkle Factory. Restaurant favorites like UMAMIcatessen, Figaro Bistro, the L.A. Brewing Company and ALMA are planting their flag on Broadway. Ross is bringing the first national department store on Broadway in years. ACE Hotel has purchased the United Artist Theatre and commercial building for a boutique hotel, which is going to have a tremendous impact on the rest of the street. We also have an Entertainment Overlay and Design Guide in place, which provides guidelines for development for the historic district, and helps protect a cohesive, historically sensitive aesthetic for Broadway. We’re working on a Commercial Reuse Policy to help us activate the upper floors and create a creative commercial corridor. But, we need flexibility in our codes to achieve that in buildings that in many cases have been vacant for decades.

You have been leading the effort to bring back the streetcar. How does a streetcar improve conditions in downtown? Councilmember Huizar: It’s a $125-million project. We’re planning to raise $62.5 million from the private sector through the Community Facilities District and the rest of the funding is from the public sector — the City and CRA, as well as the federal government. And I think people understand the need for those partnerships. The City cannot do this alone, and the return on investment for the downtown community is going to be significant. The plan is for a modern, fixed-rail streetcar system to link with regional transit and connect the unique neighborhoods in downtown. Streetcars run in the same lane of traffic as other vehicles — same speed, same stopping at lights. They are emissions-free, which for those who enjoy outdoor dining, that means quiet. But what streetcars also do is bring economic development. AECOM did a study on what a streetcar would do for downtown Los Angeles and found that the streetcar will bring $1.1 billion in additional development beyond what will happen in downtown without a streetcar. The streetcar will bring more than 9,000 jobs and $25.5 million in annual tourism spending and $47 million in city revenues — all above what would happen without a streetcar.

proactive approach to business downtown. Let’s put our heads together and come up with creative ideas. I’m of the mindset that nothing should be off the table. When you look at the really successful business people downtown, oftentimes you’ll find people who had a vision that others didn’t necessarily share — at least at first. But their approach was unique and bold and exactly what was needed downtown. I want to foster an environment downtown where people like that can be successful — free of all the bureaucratic hurdles that those doing business downtown often face.

Aside from just improving the Historic Core, you are also focused on an overall downtown revitalization. How does that begin to happen? Councilmember Huizar: I plan to focus on three main themes in my service to Downtown: economic development, livability and connectivity. Downtown is the economic engine for the entire region. About 500,000 people come to downtown to work each and every day. And we have more than 12 million annual visitors and tourists. The success of a vibrant and thriving downtown affects literally millions of people who live outside of downtown in communities throughout Los Angeles and the Southern California region. We need to support policy and planning proposals that keep that in mind, keep businesses thriving, keep people working and keep downtown on an ascending track. How can the Chamber and L.A.’s business community help?

To help you better achieve your goals we take a different approach to providing communication services.

We make the needs of your business our top priority. • Bandwidth Flexibility: Fluctuating traffic. Unexpected spikes. Our flexible solutions let you direct bandwidth to those areas of your business where it is needed, and pay only for what you need. • Managed Security: We can provide network protection from viruses and other malicious online attacks, so you can better consolidate software and systems onto one online platform that serves all your departments.

Peter Yen 562-677-0325

• Ethernet Solutions: Use Ethernet technology for connectivity between buildings. These solutions offer cost effective network applications. • Dedicated Internet Access: Deploy dedicated Internet access on a high-capacity fiber network for a reliable, continuous link between your local area network (LAN) and the Internet.

Your Technology Lifeline

Councilmember Huizar: Please continue to challenge the policymakers to do a better job. The Chamber has been and should continue to be an active participant in a

Your local Time Warner Cable Business Class Account Representative will help you tailor the best solution for your unique needs. And regardless of which you choose, we have the infrastructure and dedicated local support in place to implement it quickly and without disruption.

NoHo Commons project has received more than $15 million in Community Redevelopment Agency funds.



A better L.A. is our business Join us at upcoming small business events:

Focus on small business:

Small Businesses Thrive in the Arts District In the early 1970’s, the area north of 7th Street between Alameda and the L.A. River became a mecca for artists attracted by the $.25 per square foot rent, spacious lofts and tight-knit community. This same sense of camaraderie and architectural character makes the area a destination for small businesses.

SMALL BUSINESS COUNCIL Join us at the Chamber on Oct. 4 to walk away with an action plan while learning the seven habits business leaders use to grow their companies. To RSVP to the Small Business Council on Oct. 4, visit

Small Businesses Thinking


SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS ROUNDTABLE Our mission is to facilitate meaningful peerto-peer discussion that drives BIG results for small business owners. The Small Business Owners Roundtable meets most second Wednesdays of the month. To RSVP, visit

BUSINESS AFTER HOURS MIXER AT THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Join us Thursday, Sept. 20, 6-8 p.m., to build new business relationships with Chamber members and the Los Angeles business community amongst the dinosaurs. To RSVP, visit

One of the small businesses that anchors the neighborhood is Urth Caffé, which opened its Arts District location in 2008. "We needed factory space for our coffee roasting and for our growing catering divison," says Co-Owner Shallom Berkman. "We were not originally interested in having a cafe there." However, when developers offered Berkman the opportunity to open a cafe opposite a new condo development on South Hewitt Street, he decided to build a cafe in addition to the first and only exclusive heirloom organic coffee roastery in the nation.

Through its history, small businesses have been an integral part of the "To our surprise, the Arts District location has grown fabric of the community. more rapidly that any of our other branches and is now As artists' studios began the busiest branch of all," says Berkman. A new Urth popping up in the late Caffé is getting ready to open in Pasadena, but Berkman says the downtown location will remain, "the heart of our 60s, cafes, galleries, performance venues and business." retailers followed. Some small businesses became The neighborhood has been home to pioneers of various local icons, such as Al’s sorts for more than a century. It was first a home for Bar, which was home to citrus groves and filmmakers, then freight depots and factories, before the City of Los Angeles passed the Artist groundbreaking punk rock, in Residence Ordinance in 1981, allowing artists to legally and the General Store, owned by Joel Bloom, the live and work in the industrial district, and causing the late community activist area to bloom into the rich community it is today. Now and unnofficial Arts District mayor who was instrumental in the area is home to artists, entrepreneurs, as well as the L.A. Cleantech Incubator (LACI). Located down the street shaping the community. from Urth Caffe, LACI is home to a number of clean tech These days, small business owners are still having a huge startups that will help solidify the neighborhood as a impact on the arts district. Last year, Urth Caffé became mecca for small businesses. the first-ever recipient of the Arts District Community Luminary Award. “The Arts District has changed so “I love this area. There’s a great sense of community you don’t find elsewhere; I know all my neighbors,” says Angie much since we opened here,” said Berkman at the award Myung, co-founder of Poketo, a retail shop that opened its ceremony. “It’s a dream come true being here.” flagship store at 820 E. 3rd Street in June. Poketo’s mission to provide “art for your everyday” fits in perfectly at a location nestled between murals by Shepard Fairy and local artist Kim West. Art can be found at every turn in the neighborhood, with pieces by famed street artists JR and INSA, wheat-paste posters and installations.

To learn more about the Arts District and see local artwork from the 1970-90s, visit the $.25 Square Foot exhibit at the Art Share L.A. Warehouse Gallery, open 2 - 6 p.m., Wednesday - Saturday through Sept. 29. Admission is free. Visit

Advice for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses All companies start small. And Microsoft Corporation is no different. Several decades later, the former Small and MediumSized Business (SMB) is now a multinational corporation and the world’s largest software maker. SMBs are defined as businesses with less than 500 employees. These businesses employ more than 50 percent of the country’s private sector workforce, and accounted for more than 60 percent of net new jobs from 1993

to 2008, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Microsoft is giving valuable advice to SMBs through a blog written by Cynthia “Cindy” Bates, vice president of Microsoft’s US SMB Organization (left). It is just one example of how Microsoft is committed to aligning its services to give SMBs the tools and resources they need to succeed in today’s economy. One area where SMBs are growing is the area of women-owned firms. Businesses owned by women continues to grow at twice the rate of all U.S. firms.

Bottom-Line Benefits

Bates recently addressed this growth in SMBs. “Women entrepreneurs aren’t just succeeding, but are an integral gear in our country’s economic engine,” writes Bates, who then goes on to list some sites to be of value to women-owned businesses. Every week SMBs can find practical advice by Bates, ranging from topics on building stronger teams to tips for what business owners should look for at mid-year checkups. Read more at

Save up to 50 percent by utilizing the advantages provided by the L.A. Area Chamber and its members.


Los Angeles Area Rx Card

Chamber members can now “ConnectLunch” to make personal connections with three other members in an intimate lunch setting.

As a resident of L.A. County, you and your family have access to a FREE Discount Prescription Drug Card program. Download and print a Los Angeles Area Rx Card.

Certificates of Origin The Chamber has adopted the next generation eCert technology as our standard to process your Certificates of Origin.

Human Resources Expertise Chamber members will receive a free six-month membership with the Employers Group, California's preeminent human resources expert.

Office Depot Save up to 65 percent on office supplies from Office Depot, with next-day delivery and convenient ordering by fax, phone or web.

The Parking Spot Save 20 percent at both locations of The Parking Spot at Sepulveda and Century.

Find out more at For more information contact Pat Clark, 213.580.7595 or



Completed in 2009, the Hollywood & Vine Red Line station apartment project features 375 apartments and 28,000 square feet of ground floor retail.


VOICE Member Anniversaries Congratulations to our renewing members! We greatly appreciate your continued support and involvement. *Circle Level Members are in bold. 85 Anniversary

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1 Anniversary Alliant Supplies Corporation Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, CA Chapter aka AAFA-CA Atlantic Aviation - LAX Bezaire, Ledwitz & Borncamp, APC Bryan College Dakota Communications

Employers Choice Online Encore Tax Consulting Group, Inc. Eudora International EZ Event Staffing Google, Inc. Grand Destinations Greater L.A. Cote D'ivoire America Chamber of Commerce Greenberg Traurig LLP Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio Hooters of Downtown L.A. House of Health/Casa de Salud IDEATE California JESTAR Group Junk King L.A. Taxi Cooperative, Inc. dba Yellow Cab Co. Los Angeles County Disposal Association aka LACDA Masters Limousine, Inc.

McDonald's Corporation Move LA NAIOP SoCal National Inspection Testing & Certification Corp. aka NITC Patrick S. Cole Capital & Interlink Capital Strategies Pepperdine University-Graziadio School of Business & Management Preschool California Shaklee US, LLC Simon Property Group / Brea Mall South African Consulate GeneralLos Angeles THINK Together Tierra Global Advisors Woodcraft Rangers

Welcome to the Chamber Thanks to our new members who joined the Chamber during April, May, June and July. To learn more about Circle Level membership benefits, call 213.580.7595. Gold Keolis Transit America Michael Griffus 310.981.9500 Transportation

LEDtronics, Inc. Larry Rallo 310.534.1505 Lighting

SILVER Centennial Founders, LLC

DHL Express Peter Klevecz 805.200.6464 Logistics Provider

ECO Plant America, Inc. Jackie Seem 213.700.4458 Environmental Services

Gilmore Bank

TIAA-CREF Financial Services

The Advancement Project

Rita Lulla 626.432.6360 Financial Services

Kimberley Pattillo Brownson 213. 989.1300 Public Relations/ Advocacy

Tyco Integrated Security Steve J. Petralia 818.428.6682 Security/Guard Systems

Urban Partners, LLC

Cecil R. Adams 323.549.3621 Financial Services

John Hrovat 213.437.0470 IA Architects Interior, Construction

Carlene Matchniff 661.222.3298 Developers/Community Planning


Wireless Secured

Helen Watts 213.623.2164 Architects/Interior

Webcor Builders

Jones Lang LaSalle

Aaron Wyman 310.722.2383 Information Technology/ Services

Shelley Doran 213.239.2800 Contractors/General

Jeff Adkison 213.680.7900 Real Estate



La Peer Health Systems

310.707.3622 Exporters

Alaska Airlines Jeff W. Etherington 206.433.3200 Airlines

California Forward Stacy N. Danielson 916.491.0022 Public Relations/ Advocacy

California Pizza Kitchen Eric Chow 213.626.2616 Restaurants/Full Service

Alfie Ramos 310.360.9119 Health Care

A+ Healthcare

877.586.2772 Internet/Web Hosting

New Century Financial Quennie Zerna 713.840.1600 Business Solutions

New Directions, Inc. Gregory C. Scott 310.914.4045 Community Organizations

Academy of Dance and Choreography Sharon T. Shakur 323.871.8877 Community Organizations/Youth Programs

ACN - Ashley Moore

ACN - Jeremy Jones Jeremy Jones 404.808.8402 Business Solutions

Real Estate/Investments

Shilla-ARI Retail Inc. Jay Cho 213.910.4040 Manufacturers

Sheldon Velasquez 818.912.4724 Health Care/ Care Management & In Home Care

Ashley Moore 410.370.9186 Business Solutions

Now Property Communities Actively Solutions Living Independent Roshaun Gendrett and Free (CALIF) 323.356.3230 Ms Lillibeth Navarro 213.627.0477 Community Organizations/Social Service Organizations

Maricela Sandoval 714.564.5533 Business Organizations

Chavez Cellular

Angel Accounting & Finance

Carlos Chavez 213.480.0167 Telecommunications/ Wireless Phones

Scott Ou 626.627.3157 Accounting

City Kitchen

Assistance League

Marie Orellana 213.236.4995 Caterers

Anna Neish 818.846.3777 Community Organizations

Community Partners Lupe Solorio 213.346.3200 Community Organizations

BeeKeeper Productions Stephanie J. Hubbard 323.202.5645

11:11 Global Exporters Video & Film Production Eric Reed Bio Ionic, Inc.

Lunarpages Internet Burnham Nationwide, Solutions Inc. Alfonso Fernandez Fred Weaver 424.206.7051 Document Services

Business & Entrepreneurship Center

Ad Ops Consulting Services David Telian 323.378.7697 Information Technology/ Services

Brandon Romero 323.525.3001 Hair Restoration

Moniruzzaman Malek 323.932.0100 Consulate Offices

Paramveer Cheema 310.370.8370 Consultants/ Environmental

Control Chief Matt Bell 214.930.5193 Manufacturers/ Electronics

BK Trade Group Pak Choi 323.221.2582 Exporters

Blakely Legal Group

British Academy of Film and Television Arts - LA Wayne C. Watkins 323.658.6590 Entertainment

British Columbia Canada William Fox 916.607.0861 Trade Organizations

Dustin Rissman 877.421.4994 Consultants/Financial

Consulate General of Bangladesh

BioHygiene Environmental

Matthew Blakely, Esq. 310.734.0395 Attorneys/Business & Civil Litigation

Compete Consulting Group

CustomerBliss Jeanne Bliss 310.310.8843 Consultants/Executive Coaching

District Export Council of Southern California Guy Fox 310.413.8834 Exporters

EcoBizCheck Trenton Carroll 310.503.5547 Testing & Certification

Encore Travel Planning Jeannine SingleterryCampbell 800.397.1820 Travel Agencies

Excalibur Medieval Restaurant

Highline Studios Damon Hoydysh 424.245.4031 Video & Film Production

InterLOGIC Inc. - Worldwide Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Alina Wade 213.749.7751 Restaurants/Full Service

Ivan Gerdzhikov 323.588.8900 Logistics Provider

Executive Charters Limo & Bus Service

JC Party Rentals Inc.

Bogar Arizmendez 323.248.7474 Limousines

EZ American Business, Inc. Eizzeldin Barham 714.348.6677 Exporters

First Financial Bancorp Alexander Madejski 310.571.3600 Ext:208 Real Estate/Industrial & Commercial

Galaxy Tour Inc. Sheena Yu 626.821.1946 Tour Operators

GEI Consultants, Inc. Eliza Jane Whitman 818.552.6400 Engineers/Architectural

Golden Eagle Hospitality - CSULA/ University Auxiliary Services Amanda Tapia 323.343.2531 Facilities/Banquet

Gourmet Celebrations Karla Campos 310.253.7705 Caterers

HGA - L.A. Office James Matson 310.557.7600 Architects/Engineering

Jeeza Arriola 818.765.4819 Party Supplies

JLM Staffing Solutions LaShondra Ferguson 866.240.8607 Staffing

Koenig Mediation Enrique G. Koenig 310.684.2458 Business Solutions

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Joseph L. Norfleet Joseph L. Norfleet 323.292.6218 Ext:7159332 Insurance

Los Angeles Apartments for Rent Magazine Rebecca Lincoln 310.258.1720 Publishers/Directories & Guides

Los Angeles Junction Railway Company Daniel Davis 323.277.2005 Railroads

LVX Group, Inc. Jiahao Li 626.236.7366 Travel Agency Corporate Travel

Magellan Storage South L.A. Abraham Reyes 323.892.0623 Storage/Self

Magellan Storage, Downtown L.A. Bob Ruiz 213.342.8292 Storage/Self

Manhattan Data, Inc. Asim Ashary 949.305.6000 Health Care/Services

Maureen Martinez Insurance Agency, Inc. Maureen Martinez 866.840.9554 Insurance

McDonalds - Laddaran Management Corp. Arlene Ladaron 323.754.7738 Restaurants/Fast Food

Midlink Group Minhaj A. Khan 877.800.7865 Energy Conservation Services & Products

Mil-Tek, USA

Bryan Wingfield 703.342.4581 Waste Management

Moondance Events & Entertainment, Inc. Wendi Mirabella 310.287.2329 Event Management

New Futuro

Linda Vasquez 310.490.4887 Education/Services

Palatin Remodeling Gil Palatin 888.586.2323 Contractors/General

Pan American International Travel, Inc. Zoe Zhou 626.282.6348 Travel Agency Corporate Travel

Paragon Business Solutions, LLC Alejandro J. Parajon 818.482.0612 Accounting - Tax Services

Planet Aid, Inc. Michael Moore 323.727.7711 Community Organizations/Material Reuse Program

Pravana Naturceuticals

Felix Cabrera 818.347.4705 Retail/Specialty Items

Priority Mailing Systems Scott McGuire 310.533.9933 Mailing Services

Spotlight Cinema Networks Yeva Mousiadis 310.309.5764 Advertising

Sticky Web Media, Inc. Tony Tateossian 213.377.5133 Internet/Web-Based Business Services

Sweet Apple Travel Valenzia Turmawan 626.242.3770 Travel Agencies

Qdoba Mexican Grill - TCH Carriers, LLC Vince Kach Downtown L.A. Robert Lopez 213.572.0344 Restaurants/Fast Food

Quality Sheds, Inc. Dr. Matthew Poturich 310.867.2734 Construction

Rapid Response, Community Development Department AKA CDD Rosa Arcadia 213.744.7300 Government Agencies

424.234.5021 Freight Forwarders

Turkish Consulate General in Los Angeles Office of Commercial Attache' Mine Caglar Cost 323.852.1894 Consulate Offices

UGM Enterprises, Inc. Patricia J. Edouarde 323.465.9115 Consultants/Business

Vast Creation, Inc.

Malik M. Ali-Awan 323.443.7602 Retail/Specialty Items

Josefina M. Santiago 323.325.3570 Community Organizations/Social Service Organizations

Roger Marks Health Insurance

Wild Poppy Juice Company

Red Camel L.L.C.

Roger N. Marks 818.997.7490 Insurance/Health

George Bryson 310.384.1004 Beverages/Fruit Juice

Seven 59 Events & Marketing

World Vision-US Programs

Georgine Trujillo 323.715.6089 Event Management

Situation Interactive Lisa Wisely 310.359.8927 Marketing and Design

Athena Boulgarides 323.888.2121 Community Organizations

Zankou Chicken at Sunset & Fairfax Dikran Iskenderian 323.882.6365 Restaurants/Fast Food

Faces of the Chamber

Members talk about why they invest in the L.A. Area Chamber

“The L.A. Area Chamber offers a great forum for learning and networking. Surrounding oneself with good people is the foremost decision a business person can make.” Steven Diels President AAMCOM Call Center

“As an L.A. Area Chamber member I can work cooperatively to help reach my public policy goals, while staying in contact with people who may be able to help me grow my business.” Coby King Public Affairs Executive Ek & Ek, LLC

Member since 2010

Member since 2010

The Los Angeles area is a super region – it is a global player and I want to connect to the people in it, which is why being a Chamber member is important. I want our region to grow in influence in the State, the Nation and the globe. It is hard to get benevolent legislative representation for our region and especially for business. The Chamber offers individual businesses like AAMCOM Call Center a more influential collective voice in the region, the State and beyond.  

I share the Chamber's belief that we must reinvest in critical infrastructure in Los Angeles to get our economy moving and to ensure a prosperous future. I also support the Chamber's goals of improving our education system from top to bottom. And as a Chamber member, I am able to interact with others who I genuinely enjoy knowing, from long-time friends to new contacts.

“The L.A. Area Chamber allows “The L.A. Area Chamber has the “Participating in the L.A. Area me and our business to connect best national and international Chamber allows me and my with other business leaders and network you need to do business colleagues an opportunity to remain at the forefront of issues in highly connected members of our in this area.” the area and helps us stay engaged diverse community.” Sachiko Yoshimura with local stakeholders.” Chief Executive Director Mark Wilbur President & Chief Executive Officer JETRO Los Angeles Virginia Victorin VP Relationship Manager, Global Member since 1962 Employers Group Philanthropy Member since 2009 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

Member since 2010 Topic relevance and timely convening on a variety of critical issues including, education reform, workforce development and the new Home For Good, a partnership of the United Way of Greater Los Angeles and the L.A. Area Chamber – which recently announced a $105 million initiative to end chronic and veteran homelessness in L.A. by 2016 – make the Chamber one of the most relevant organizations for business leaders and owners.

Employers Group has partnered with the Chamber to bring members industryleading human resources, compliance and business consulting services. We also partner with the Chamber to advocate for business and employer rights on issues facing our community. We have benefitted greatly by partnering with the Chamber on several visits to our state and nation’s capitol to fight for business to stay in Southern California.

JETRO’s mission is to promote trade and investment between the United States and Japan, and we are very grateful that the Chamber is supporting us by providing great events and information to activate global business. As the importance of global trade is increasing, our hope is that our tremendous partnership with the Chamber will continue and be even stronger in the future.

The 16-acres of green space — Grand Park — from the Music Center to City Hall, will feature more than 140 species of plants.



A better L.A. is our business Be a part of the L.A. Area Chamber’s signature events by becoming a sponsor.

350 S. Bixel St., Los Angeles, California 90017 213.580.7500 | Fax 213.580.7511

ACCESS L.A. City Hall | OCT. 17

Our Mission

By being the voice of business, helping its members grow and promoting collaboration, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce seeks full prosperity for the Los Angeles region.

Diamond Club

The Chamber gratefully acknowledges the support of our largest member investors, the Diamond Club, for their help in fulfilling the Chamber’s mission.

AT&T Automobile Club of Southern California Bank of America Chevron Corporation Citibank N.A. Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Kaiser Permanente Majestic Realty Co. Microsoft Corporation Occidental Petroleum Corp. Port of Los Angeles Ralphs Grocery Company Siemens Corporation Southern California Edison Southern California Gas Company, a Sempra Energy utility Southwest Airlines Co. Time Warner Cable Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. UPS Verizon The Walt Disney Company Wells Fargo

Southern California Visionaries | DEC. 4 Inaugural Dinner | FEB. 7

Different sponsorship levels are available. Contact Lee Ligons, 213.580.7523 or

BE A PRINCIPAL FOR A DAY 10.12.12 Strengthening Los Angeles schools and building tomorrow’s workforce has never been more important. page The $147 million USC Galen Center opened in 2006.

As a business leader, you can play a vital role in ensuring L.A.’s youth graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in college and more importantly, meet your future hiring needs. As a Principal for a Day, you’ll shadow a principal, administrator or lead teacher to learn more about the challenges and circumstances they face and interact with students who may aspire to enter your industry or profession. Principal for a Day provides an opportunity to connect with educators and forge business-education partnerships that strengthen public schools, sustain education reform and support increased student achievement.


VOICE - Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce  

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce VOICE for Fall 2012.

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