Manhattan Beach Community & Destination Guide 2021-22

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anhattan Beach’s four square miles include four distinct neighborhoods, all offering a different feel. The Tree Section, lined with shady trees and no sidewalks, provides a slower, more suburban feel. East Manhattan Beach, made up of larger lots with bigger homes, boasts sweeping Los Angeles city views. The Hill Section flaunts some of the most spectacular architecture in the city with lush, native landscapes and sprawling ocean views. And, of course, The Sand Section, with its walkability and oceanfront mansions, rounds out the four as the most compact, coveted, and celebrated neighborhood in the South Bay. Each of the four sections offers different landscape, views, lot sizes, house structures, street characteristics, and elementary schools. Few cities of our small size and only 37,000 residents have such clearly defined neighborhoods. In addition to our iconic pier, vast beaches, copious volleyball courts, surfable waves, varying topography, and bustling, culture-filled downtown - the four neighborhoods are a significant part of what makes Manhattan Beach unique, even among other beach towns.