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Graphically Speaking Univeristy of Northern Iowa 2900 Campus Street Cedar Falls, IA, 50614

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Graphic Technologies University of Northern Iowa

A LOOK INSIDE: Graphic Technologies is the study and uses of technologies for visual communication for both print and non-print communications. It involves the study of technology required to produce the millions of printed products used in all aspects of our lives. The program studies the manipulation of digital images for both print and nonprint, the creation of websites for industry and private sector, the creation of animation for scientific visualization and the study of data management and manipulation for highend digital printing processes. Beyond the technical details of graphic communications, the

program includes the elements of management and supervision necessary to successfully operate business enterprises. In the graphic technologies program, all printing processes and methods are experienced through laboratory activities, collaborative discussion, observation, and formal study. The combination of lecture and hands-on activities provides students a broad understanding of this field. In addition to the graphic communications for print, students develop the general skills needed to work for commercial and promotional businesses as Communication Specialists in corporate

marketing, publications, print buying, presentations, web presence, and digital imaging. The graphic communications industry is one of the top ten largest industries in the United States. It is a rapidly growing industry that includes more than 50,000 individual commercial graphic communications facilities dispersed throughout all fifty states. Additionally, a large number of in-plant shops are incorporated into business, service, and manufacturing firms. Well over one million people are employed in this growing and dynamic industry.

December 2011 | Graphically Speaking




When pursuing a degree in Graphic Technologies, a requirement of the program is to do an internship before graduation. We sat down with Jim Volgarino and asked him a few questions about interning.


Q: What do employers get out of an internship? get the chance to have someone work on A: Employers special projects, other activities, and opportunities that

they might not get the chance to do. The intern can research information that the employer does not have time to do. Other tasks include updating information or changing a process so it’s more efficient.

are the average number of hires after Q: What an internship? is really no exact number but internships offer A: There great experience, and experience gets you higher up on the totem pole.

Q: What are the steps to getting an internship? just three simple steps. First you should think about A: It’s what company you would like to intern with according

to your interests. Second, speak with a career service representative and get it approved. And your last step is to register for the course.

Q: What is in it for the student? gives the student real world experiences in A: Interning which they can take into their future career. It also of-

fers an opportunity to get your foot in the door as well as being a great resume builder!

are some local internship opportunities for UNI Q: What students? are over a dozen local companies that do A: There internships. Some include non-profits and campus

opportunities such as events and programs. For more information on local companies contact Jim Volgarino.


Graphically Speaking | December 2011

Grafx Club The student organization that is using modern technology to bring creative apparel, prints and more to the campus and community.


The University of Northern Iowa Grafx Club is a modern student organization that brings the print and design processes of today to the public for fast and economical printing and design solutions. Grafx Club is very beneficial to students pursuing a career in the Graphic Technologies field because it provides students with experience using the different equipment, while giving them a chance to practice using the different printing processes. It can also give students good design and artwork material to include in their portfolio. Grafx Club meets every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. in room 18 of the ITC building. They can usually be found screen printing shirts,

making prints, and cutting vinyl for organizations around campus as well as various customers around the Cedar Valley community. With interest in expanding, Grafx Club is starting a new campaign to get more students involved. The campaign includes promotional t-shirts and cards around campus to catch people’s attention. If you happen to see someone wearing a t-shirt with a giant QR code on it like the image to the left, you know that they are in Grafx Club! As a bonus, those who attend a meeting by checking in on facebook also get a free personalized koozie or t-shirt with anything to their liking on it. If you are interested and would like to become a member, all you have to do is come to a meeting!





Find out more here:

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Instructors Jim Volgarino Jim Volgarino is the Lab Manager and a professor for the Graphic Technologies program. As the instructor of the Foundations and Estimating and Management courses, he uses his indutry experience to teach in an interesting and in depth way. As well, Jim serves as the advisor to the Grafx Club. He aids and oversees student production of apparel, prints and more for customers in the community. Jim has the most industry experience of all the in the program, with his years of experience in print production, management and ownership. He has a B.A. in English/Journalism as well as working on his M.S. in Graphic Technologies, both from UNI. Jim’s favorite part of the program is watching students grow and evolve to the technologically savvy and creative employees of the future.

Lee Geisinger


Lee Geisinger is the Program Coordinator & a faculty instructor within the department. Currently, Geisinger teaches Digital Prepress and Communication Technology and will soon be taking on Computing Fundamentals, Advanced Digital Prepress, Communication Technology, and Foundations. Giesinger recieved both an AAS in Graphic Communication from Kirkwood, as well as a BA in Graphic

Graphically Speaking | December 2011

Communications in May 2004 and MS in Graphic Communications in May 2011, both from UNI. Geisinger also has a lot of background experience in printing, prepress and design, which are all the things the Graphic Technologies program entails. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of the programs and software with students that are so passionate about the Graphic Technologies program. “Graphic Technologies students can go anywhere with this degree,” says Geisinger.

Sara Smith Sara Smith is yet another wonderful professor who provides the most current and accurate education for Graphic Technologies students everyday. Sara instructs students in classes such as Digital Graphic Communications, Graphic Communications Imaging, and Graphic Technical Visualization. Sara has her B.A. in General Studies and a M.A. in Communications & Training Technology. She is also a professor with many years of experience in teaching technology in industry and for academia. Her most inspirational aspect of Graphic Technologies is the knowledge students receive from the hands on experience offered in both a lab and classroom setting.

Antonio Scontrino Antonio Scontrino is the newest professor for the Graphic Technologies program. He teaches Web Publishing, and Digital Imaging I and II. He graduated with a B.A from the University of Palermo, a M.A. in Business from Central Connecticut State University and a P.h.D from the University of Palermo in Industrial Desgin. Antonio spent seven years teaching in Italy, four years teaching in Connecticut and is now in his first year of teaching at UNI. He says, “The first step in being successful is to do what you love, and do it with passion.”

Employment Outlook Vast opportunities exist in the Graphic Technologies field. Qualified individuals are needed in all areas including management, sales/marketing, estimating, printing/publishing, customer service, and technical/ creative specialty areas such as electronic prepress. Entry-level managers and

supervisors are needed to direct departments within graphic communications companies. Energetic leaders are in high demand for quick printing and in-plant printing/duplicating establishments. With a constant need for printed products, people skilled in graphic technologies will be in demand well into the future.

Employment Opportunities • • • • • • • • • • • •

Communications Specialist Web Designer Marketing Assistant/Director Manager-Production Operations Graphic Artist/Graphic Designer Supervisor, Copy Preparation Publication Writer/Editor Photography Coordinator Technical Sales Pressroom Supervisor Bindery Department Manager Marketing/PR for magazines & newspapers

Graphic Technologies Advantage The Graphic Technologies program remains successful because students have the opportunity to work hands on with the equipment provided in the lab. The lab includes a digital offset printer, a wide format color printer, a color laser printer, vinyl graphics, screen printing, dye-sublimation, and a computer lab equipped with both Mac and Windows computers that are loaded with Adobe Creative Suite 5 for students to use. The Graphic Technologies field is very hands on and the more that students get to use the equipment while they are in college, the more prepared they will be in their future jobs.

December 2011 | Graphically Speaking


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Corey Moen

Sarah Mulford

{Layout and Web Design}


Major: Graphic Technologies Year: Senior Why GT?: Great program with a mixture of experienced professors and hands on work environments! Future Goals: Plan to be a graphic designer for a marketing or creative firm in Des Moines, Iowa.

Jen Jacobson {Layout and Photography}

Major: Graphic Technologies Year: Senior Why GT?: I like the GT program because it opens your eyes up to so many new possibilities within technology! Future Goals: My future career goal is to create my own business with one of the many business possibilities that go along with this major.

Andrea Abrahamson {Editor and Photography}

Michael Ficken {Layout and Production}

Major: Graphic Technologies Year: Senior Why GT?: I’ve been interested in working with computers ever since high school so I thought getting in to graphic design would be fun. I also like the print production side of the GT program. Future Goals: I would like to be in the field of prepress or operate a digital press or an offset press.

Major: Graphic Technologies Year: Senior Why GT?: I like the Graphic Tech program because it allows us to get a well rounded education into the industry and creates more options for us when we graduate due to the wide range of skills we are taught. Future Goals: I am looking into doing an internship and eventually accomplishing a job with some sort of graphic design background and possibly expanding my skills into a position that supports web design and development.

Club Graphics, Inc. 2012 Graphic Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89165

John Doe

Graphically Speaking | December 2011

Major: Graphic Technologies Year: Senior Why GT?: I enjoy the Graphic Technologies program because it offers hands on experience & great one on one with the professors. Also because I love the design work involved with the projects we do. Future Goals: My future goal is to work in the advertising world or with Google.

Samantha Schilmoeller {Editor and Proofreader}

Major: Graphic Technologies Year: Senior Why GT?: The Graphic Technologies program at UNI offers me the opportunities to learn and think creatively in not only a classroom setting but also through the Grafx Club where we get hands on experience by working on different jobs for a number of people. Future Goals: To pursue a career that allows me to utilize my Graphic Technology skills.

Grace Grosskruger {Journalist}

Major: Graphic Technologies Year: Senior Why GT?: The Graphic Technologies program gives you great hands on experience and the small class sizes gives you good one on one time with the professors. Future Goals: Work at an advertising firm doing graphic design and marketing concepting.




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Graphically Speaking Newsletter | Final  

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