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智慧城市 国际信息设计展

Address GeoCity Smart City International Information Design Exhibition


智慧北京 Smart Beijing


智慧城市 Smart City






Smart City - Big Design X Big Data





University Day



2011 奥地利 Ars Electronica 动画节 Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2011






Smart City, Destiny's Child 日历



在跨入新千年的第二个十年,首都建设目标由十一五的“数 字北京”跃升为“十二五”的“智慧北京”,围绕城市智 能运转、企业智能运营、生活智能便捷、政府智能服务等 方面启动。一个“智慧”的城市,应该是城市软硬件协调, 城市资源合理分配,高效使用,通过科技的聪明部署,和 社会的协同运作,以实现以人为本的高生活品质,并对自 然资源的极大尊重和善用。信息设计正是“智慧城市”的 眼睛和大脑,帮助人们迅速看清问题,并找出解决问题的 方法。信息设计将推动北京设计产业发展,带动城市规划、 交通、通讯、环境等相关产业的发展。 “智慧城市 - 国际信息设计展”捕捉世界前沿设计趋势, 为北京作为新崛起的“设计之都”提供借鉴,充分体现设 计提升生活品质,设计让城市更“智慧”的设计周主旨。

In the next ten years, Beijing will evolve its development to Smart City from Digital City via smart urban mobility, smart businesses, smart social life and smart governance. Smart City should feature in facilitating urban mobility, reasonable allocation and high efficacy of urban resources via smart technological design and social collaboration, and it should lead to an ultimate lift in social well-being as well as harmony between society and nature. 4

The information design serves as data visualization and smart thinking for smart cities. It gives us possibility to enable urban citizens to spot problems and explore solutions much quicker. Meanwhile, it will provide a strong impetus for design innovation in Beijing, and trigger the improvement of urban planning, transportation, telecommunication and environment. The "GeoCity Smart City - International Information Design Exhibition" will show the latest leading design trends around the world and provide a pilot demo for Smart Beijing case development. It will surely be a full embodiment of the design week theme that "design will lead to up-lifting social beings and smarter urban life."


Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee



由中华世纪坛数字艺术馆(CMoDA)策划的 2012 年北 京国际设计周专题展“智慧城市 - 国际信息设计展”覆盖 中华世纪坛上下两层近 6000 平米展区,以多媒体、互动、 信息可视化等新颖手段展示来自 14 个国家、50 家设计师 事务所与数字研究机构、实验室的 82 件信息设计作品。 让观众近距离欣赏到信息设计的强大魅力。 中华世纪坛数字艺术馆是国内首家专注于融合数字科技、 艺术与设计的综合性艺术中心,致力于建设一个集展览展 示、教育交流、技术开发、人才与产业孵化于一体的协同 创新平台,联结数字科技、设计、艺术与教育领域的专业 机构与实验室开展合作,不断推进数字驱动创新领域的最 前沿探索,孵化数字创新产品,向市场化与产业化转化, 助力中国创意产业的深入发展。

"GeoCity Smart City" is the feature exhibition for Beijing Design Week 2012. Curated by CMoDA (China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts), the exhibition presents 82 works from 50 international design studios and university labs from 14 countries and covers 6,000 square meters to enable the public to explore the beauty of information design.


As China's first comprehensive art center specializing in digital arts and design, China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts (CMoDA) is striving to build an interactive, experiential, integrated digital and physical collaborative innovation platform via exhibitions, screening, educational exchange and digital creative incubation. By connecting leading institutes and labs in digital technology, design, art and education, the CMoDA Lab pushes the frontier in digital driven innovation and digital product incubation.

陈彩云 / 中华世纪坛数字艺术馆总经理

CHEN Caiyun / General Manager, CMoDA 7

清华大学美术学院信息艺术设计系成立于 2005 年,目前 在信息艺术设计学科理论、复合型人才培养和跨学科设计 实践方面都处于引领的地位,在国内外的设计教育界、信 息与创意产业界都具有广泛的影响力。 本届“北京国际设计周”的信息设计作品“智慧北京

GeoPulse Beijing”是我院信息艺术设计系师生团队与 奥地利 Ars Electroica 未来实验室、中华世纪坛数字艺术 馆合作进行的。作品围绕城市信息可视化的主题展开,综 合运用北京城市的各类信息,通过多种新媒体手段来讲述 北京的城市故事,为决策者、规划师与公众提供了解读北 京城市生态建设与文化发展的全新视角。 本次参与“智慧城市”国际信息设计展的主展作品创作, 展现了清华大学多学科背景在设计创新方面的探索成果, 也体现出清华大学美术学院关注当下人文与科技发展的前 沿需求、积极服务于北京智慧城市建设的实践理念。

The "Information Art & Design" Department of Tsinghua University was established in 2005. Now it is recognized as a leading role in disciplinary academic research in information art and design, talents cultivation with comprehensive capabilities in creation, integration and planning, and interdisciplinary design practice. Further, 8

it also remains influential in both design education and information innovative design areas home and abroad. GeoPulse Beijing at the GeoCity Smart City Exhibition is a collaboration of Ars Electronica Solutions, CMoDA CoINNO Lab and Design Beijing Lab at the Information Art and Design Department of Tsinghua University, Beijing. GeoPulse Beijing, applying the idea of data visualization and information design, provides a holistic way for city operators, urban planners and city citizens to view and understand complex urban issues in city ecological and cultural development via multi-media approaches. GeoPulse Beijing, marks a great achievement in design innovation exploration of cross-disciplinary education of Tsinghua University. It also presents the educational philosophy of the Information Art and Design Department of Tsinghua University of meeting the frontier demands of human arts and technological innovation, and making active dedications to Smart Beijing initiative.

鲁晓波 / 清华大学美术学院 院长

Professor LU Xiaobo Dean of Academy of Arts & Design Tsinghua University, China 9

GeoCity 项目由奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术中心未 来实验室在奥地利林茨发起,通过设计开发建立城市基础 建设和人口等复杂数据信息交互、交流的新途径。项目的 核心目标是创造一个有利于城市居 民和社区广泛参与交流 城市发展规划和看法的开放平台。为了让更多居民参与城 市建设规划,为了让城市居民更好体验自己城市生活,开 发平台必须具有高度可视化的直观界面。 非常难得能与中华世纪坛数字艺术馆合作 “智慧北京” 项目, 此次活动将 GeoCity 项目理念拓展应用至更高层次的智慧 城市建设提供了可能,同时它也为我们的深入研究提供了 更富动态和活力的环境。非常荣幸受邀参加此次展览,感 谢此次活动为 我们双方深入合作和发展提供了宝贵契机!

GeoCity was started here in Linz, Austria at Ars Electronica as a project to investigate and develop new tools for interacting with complex data and information such as infrastructure and demography of cities. But even more, the main goal of the project was to create an open platform for the exchange of strategies and opinions about urban development with citizens and communities on a broad scale. High level visualization as well as intuitive interfaces had 10

to be developed to enable the participation of as many as possible people and to give them a new experience of their own city. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to collaborate with CMoDA for such a high profile event. It gives us the possibility to extend the initial ideas of the GeoCity project into a large scale Smart City project and to explore its possibilities within an exciting and dynamic environment. We are here honored by this invitation and consider it a great chance for further mutual collaborations and developments.

Gerfried Stocker 艺术总监,常务董事 / 奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术中心

Artistic and Managing Director / Ars Electronica 11



智慧城市 国际信息设计展

GeoCity Smart City International Information Design Exhibition 论坛








Smart City Big Design X Big Data 高校主题日

University Day 2011 奥地利 Ars Electronica 动画节 Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2011





智慧城市 国际信息设计展

GeoCity Smart City International Information Design Exhibition



GeoCity Smart City 由中华世纪坛数字艺术馆 (CMoDA) 策划的 2012 年北京国际设计周专 题展“智慧城市”- 国际信息设计展首次提出“大设计带动大数据服务 大城市”的“智慧城市”新理念,通过大数据驱动信息设计,为现代化 大城市建设带来“大智慧”。 北京作为一座迅速发展的国际大都市,不可避免地产生了很多问题:流 动人口管理,私家车对道路系统的日益增长的压力,公共交通系统缺乏 服务设计、后奥运空气质量问题、城市处处大尺度基建,缺乏小尺度亲 民设施。我们如何利用数字创新将钢筋水泥城市变成更能接纳现代都市 流动性渐增的趋势? 跨入新世纪的第二个十年,随着物联网、云计算、三网融合和社交媒体 的发展,大城市产生的信息量激增,信息类型更加繁杂,并以前所未有 的速度累计更新。如何将各种地理空间信息和社会城市信息集合,帮助 我们洞察城市发展问题?答案就在通过信息设计开发城市的数据宝藏。 信息设计运用技术手段将大量复杂信息与数据进行梳理,提炼出核心价 值,运用设计理念和手段将复杂问题可视化,以实现有效沟通和理解, 帮助更迅速地形成洞见和聪明举措。

2011-2012 年“世界经济论坛”报告指“信息可视化”是聚合世界这 一复杂系统的有效手段,它能有效处理和消化海量数据,百万级的数据 可以被转化成几十秒钟的 3D 动画,把几十年的数据量“压缩”于瞬间。 本次展览来自 14 个国家、50 个信息设计师事务所与研究机构、实验 室的 82 件作品,汇集了 8 亿条数据,从城市规划、交通、通讯、社会、 环境、安全六大维度通过直观的可视化让观众感受世界脉搏、城市脉搏。 16

展览分为“智慧城市”国际版块和“智慧北京”版块,围绕“城市资源可视化”展示国际 城市先进案例,启发北京的“智慧城市”建设,从设计改变生活、设计改变城市两个方面 触及与民生息息相关的产业。展览同时推出“智慧北京”概念原型,旨在聚合北京的大数据, 逐步形成北京城市资源信息可视化系统,最终为城市规划与公共服务提供全方位数字化解 决方案。 北京市政府十二五行动纲要主题从十一五的“数字北京”提升到了“智慧北京”的层面。“信 息可视化”可以成为“智慧北京”的眼睛和大脑。它帮助人们迅速看清问题。“信息可视化” 需要强大的数据处理分析能力与通过设计转化成可视化的能力,这需要科技与设计的紧密 合作,它将触发相关产业的协同创新。 未来的生活与信息可视化密不可分,通过信息可视化沟通复杂问题,设想,车载终端和家 庭终端连接个人手机实时可视化显示家庭能耗状况,并转化为直观易懂的行动指南。信息 可视化帮助提升个人社会生活质量。更重要的是,当人类正面临气候变化等更大的挑战时, 信息可视化可以帮助社会迅速沟通问题,赋予社会个体、组织更大能量,协同化解重大问题。 一个城市的“智慧”与否,最终反映在全社会福祉水平上。一个“智慧”的城市,应该是 城市软硬件协调,城市资源合理分配,高效使用,通过科技的聪明部署,和社会的协同运作, 以实现以人为本的高生活品质,并对自然资源的极大尊重和善用。 本次展览是探讨“信息设计”对“智慧城市”建设的发起点,它必将催生相关的产业孵化, 也是中华世纪坛数字艺术馆协同创新实验室今后的研发重点。希望通过展览能汇聚国内外 信息设计、城市规划、交通、通讯、环境、社会媒体、安全等领域的设计师、专家、机构、 院校、实验室和企业一起协同创新。

杨磊 中华世纪坛数字艺术馆 展览总监 中华世纪坛数字艺术馆协同创新实验室 发起人


GeoCity Smart City is the feature exhibition for Beijing Design Week 2012. Curated by CMoDA (China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts), the exhibition augments and maps information design and application cases for smart cities initiatives around the world, and to use it as input for Smart Beijing case development. Beijing, the fast growing mega city, inevitably spawns outrageous urban issues. The migration workers versus the static household and the social security system, the increasing number of private cars on the road versus the old capital's closed traffic network, the public transportation system that lacks service design, the downgraded air quality after the 2008 Olympics, a city with ubiquitous macro infrastructure, but no micro walkable area. How can we modify and transform the old concrete jungle to host the new urban mobility movement via digital intervention? Entering into the 2nd decade of the new millennium, when cloud computing, network convergence and internet of things are booming, the data generated in the big cities has been unprecedentedly overwhelming in terms of amount, velocity and complexity. How can we map all kinds of geo-spatial, social data and form insights into the city development? The answer lies in information design through big data mining. Information design can curate the big data pool, extracting the core value and through visualization to generate intuitive and effective communication and understanding, help form rapid insight and smart action.


Data visualization, mentioned by the Global Agenda Councils Reports 2011– 2012, is a supporting tool to map the world as a complex system. It's a powerful stomach to digest tons of data. For example, millions of pieces of data can be processed and translated into 30 seconds of 3D animation, zipping the decades into a single moment. GeoCity Smart City exhibition shows 82 works from 50 international design studios and university labs from 14 countries. It aggregates 800 million data points and through data visualization and information design to have the audience feel the city pulse and global pulse in the 6 key sectors - urban planning, transportation, telecom, social, environment and safety. GeoCity Smart City is the point of departure to provide a holistic way to view and understand complex urban issues via data visualization and information design. It studies urban mobility to facilitate interdisciplinary research and communication for city operators and urban planners, leading to collaborative innovation in city development and public service improvement. GeoPulse Beijing, the pilot demo for Smart Beijing case development, will be the main project debut at the exhibition. The GeoCity model was developed by Ars Electronica FutureLab (Austria). GeoPulse Beijing is the model's first Asian application after Linz and Berlin and is a collaboration of Ars Electronica Solutions, CMoDA CoINNO Lab and Design Beijing Lab at the Information Art and Design Department of Tsinghua University, Beijing. Beijing Municipality's 12th 5-year action plan's theme has evolved from the 11th 5-year action plan's "Digital Beijing" to "Smart Beijing". Data visualization can become the eyes and brains for "Smart Beijing". It needs the capability of powerful data processing and information design to convert, which creates an opportunity for collaborative innovation across relevant industries.


Future life can't live without data visualization, which can help communicate complex issues. Imagine you can get real-time home energy consumption status via your smart phone, which can guide your energy saving behavior. Information design can help boost life quality, more importantly, it can help the society communicate and form a collective force to address bigger challenge like climate change. Whether a city is smart or not, it is ultimately reflected on the social well-being status. A smart city is orchestrated in both "hardware" and "software", urban resources are well distributed and effectively used, the society is collaborative via smart technology deployment, life quality is high, natural resources are respected and carefully used. GeoCity Smart City exhibition is just the beginning. It will spawn further development in the smart city movement in China. It will be the on-going focus of CMoDA CoINNO Lab. We hope to gather designers, researchers, institutes, universities, labs and enterprises in the areas of information design, urban planning, transportation, telecom, environment, social media and safety to jointly develop the smart city initiative to the next level.

YANG Lei Exhibition Director, CMoDA / Founder, CMoDA CoINNO Lab



Ars Electronica Futurelab / Ars Electronica Solutions / Alan Mislove, Sune Lehmann, Yong-Yeol Ahn, JukkaPekka Onnela, J. Niels Rosenquist / Alexander Chen / Bloom / Brad Miller, Ian McArthur /北京大学可视化 与可视分析小组/北京工业大学艺术设计 学院 /北京航空航天大学空管中心 , 北京 航空航天大学新媒体艺术与设计学院/北 京舞蹈学院艺术传播系/北京印刷学院设 计艺术学院/北京邮电大学移动生活实验 室/ CNN, Heimat-Berlin, Minivegas / CYJO /成都乐动/ D3 / DataV / David Garcia Studio / Density Design / Dirk Vander Kooij / faberNovel / Fathom / Fernanda Viégas, Martin Wattenberg / / 22

Fran Castillo /费俊/ Google / Google Data Arts Team /高德/郭耀 , 蒋程宇/ Hyperakt /哈尔滨工业大学社会网络与数 据挖掘联合实验室/ Interactive Things / ItoWorld / James Bridle / Jay Weeks, Megan Guerin / Jordan Kanter, Rolando Rodriguez-Leal, Jihyeun Byeon /聚核众信 / LXU / Machine Molle / Miguel Rios / MIT SENSEable City Lab / onformative / Orange Labs Beijing /清华美院信息艺术设 计系/ Rhiannon Fox / /盛强 , 高晗/汤一虎 , 项砚东 , 张文韬/ Ushahidi, 北京交通发展研究中心 , 自然之友 , 世界银行/ / Vizmind / Vizzuality /新视线 /幸福佩智/中国传媒大学新媒体研究院/中国 戏曲学院新媒体艺术系/中央音乐学院中国现代 电子音乐中心/何崴 , 虞大鹏


Part 1 智慧北京

Smart Beijing


展览“智慧北京”版块云集 30 所国 内外高校、实验室、机构,展示北京 “智慧城市”与“智慧生活”领域 的信息设计研究与应用最新成果。 特别推出由奥地利 Ars Electronica Solutions, 清华美院信息艺术设计 系设计北京实验室与 CMoDA 协同 创新实验室联合研发的“智慧北京” 城市资源可视化概念原型。

The Smart Beijing Sector presents the latest information design and application cases for Beijing by 30 international and domestic universities, labs and institutes. We debut "GeoPulse Beijing", the pilot demo developed by Ars Electronica Solutions, Design Beijing Lab at the Information Art and Design Department of Tsinghua University and CMoDA CoINNO Lab.

分城市规划、交通、通讯、社会、环境、 生活六个子版块: 城市规划:“智慧北京”概念原型, 北京声音图谱,大栅栏生态图谱, 广场公共空间研究,社区活力研究, 北京房地产视觉研究。 交通:社会化车联网,电子地图服务, 公交网络研究与可视化,交通出行 互助平台(招车,停车)。 通讯:北京移动通讯可视化。 社会:城乡新媒体智慧社区,全媒 体发布平台,社会网络传播可视化, 汉语声调可视化应用。

The sector investigates the Smart Beijing practices through 6 sub-sectors: Urban Planning, Transportation, Telecom, Society, Environment and Life. Urban Planning: GeoPulse Beijing, sound mapping, Dashilar ecomapping, public square study, community viability study, real estate visual study. Transportation: Social car net, e-map service, public transportation network study, social media on collaborative transportation (car hiring, parking).

环境:都市田园绿色物联网,蓝天 日研究,垃圾流动可视化研究。

Telecom: Beijing Telecom data visualization.

生活:家庭智能物联网,智能媒体 中心,体感游戏、增强现实游戏。

Society: Urban/Rural smart community, omni-media publication platform, social media communication study, Chinese tone visualization. Environment: Urban farm IoT, blue sky study, wastes flow study. Life: Smart home IoT, smart home media center, somatosensory game, augmented reality game.



F1 地 上





资源智能共享的迅速普及会让低碳高 效的智慧之都近在咫尺

Sharing resources intelligently is one way that cities can reduce consumption, increase efficiency and become "smarter". - faberNovel


103 奥迪互联城市

Audi Connected City

奥迪互联城市是一个由观众驾车探索虚拟城市的社交游 戏装置作品,艺术家在现场创建了一个充满娱乐性的微缩 城市体验空间。观众可以使用自己的手机来和地面的大型

LED 屏幕进行互动,由在手机的专用界面上选择心仪的 车型,并赋予爱车拟人身份开始,在虚拟的城市中探索、 与现场其它参与者搭讪并交流,共同面对虚拟城市中的种 种境况。作品为观者创造了从观看、互动到表达的沉浸式 复合体验,有效地诠释了移动互联网、车联网等技术和媒 体等抽象概念,并通过图解式和游戏式的方式来表达出作 者对新技术所构建的未来交通的想象和理解。


FEI Jun, LI Xinlu


Audi Connected City is an interactive game that situated in a virtual urban environment. The game starts from visitors picking his or her favourite Audi model through their own mobile phone devices. The car picked will be assigned with a human like identity, later sets off to a micro city exploration. All the cars cruising in the city can talk to each other, swapping news and gossips. This game creates total immersive experience that combines watching, expressing by interacting with the LED floor road map. This game will provide an opportunity that explains abstract concepts like mobile internet, car

networking. Precisely in the form of game plus diagram like road map, it expresses the artists' imagination and projection towards the future of personal transportation which is shaped by new technologies.


费俊,艺术家,设计师,中央美术学院数码媒体工作室副教授。 曾就读于美国阿尔弗雷德大学艺术与设计学院电子综合艺术 专业并获得硕士学位。现任教于中央美术学院设计学院数码 媒体工作室,交互艺术与设计专业方向研究生导师。 作 为艺术家和设计师,他的艺术作品及设计作品曾在国内外 画廊、博物馆及艺术节多次展出。他的艺术研究及实践涉及 数字艺术、交互艺术、交互设计、界面设计和电子出版等多 个领域。一直关注和探索由虚拟空间和实体空间共同构成的 混合空间对艺术和设计的影响,最近的系列作品主要探讨如 何为特定的公共空间创建区域性的社群媒体。如何以艺术家 的方式创建出具有“价值转换功能”的交互系统来介入不平 衡的劳工价值、虚拟劳工价值等经济和社会学范畴的问题。

Artist/Designer, Associate professor , CAFA Media Lab, China Central Academy of Fine Arts. FEI Jun holds an MFA in Electronic Integrated Art from Alfred University 's School of Art and Design in New York. Fei Jun is an associate professor in interactive media art and design at CAFA Media Lab, China Central Academy of Fine Arts as well as a working artist and designer. His art and design work has 32

been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries, museums and festivals. His main research areas are digital art, interactive art, interface design, interaction design and digital publishing. He is particularly interested in the intersection of virtual space and physical space. His recent research focuses on creating locative social media for public engagement. He has also been exploring the value of virtual labor and interactive systems for promoting sustainability. 33

104 北京公交网络

Beijing Bus Network

作为 20 世纪 60 到 80 年代北京人出行的主要方式,公 交系统的发展对城市生活和城市空间格局发展均有重大的 影响。本作品展示了北京公交系统网络 1968、1983 和

2008 三个时间节点的详细分布及扩张状况。并通过计算 各个街区被公交连接的可达性,展示出 80 年代前后北京 商业分布与各街区公交连接性对应关系。

As the main mode of public transportation from 1960s to 1980s in Beijing, the configuration of bus system has great impact on the urban life and spatial structure. This work presents the detailed distribution and development of Beijing's bus network in 1968, 1983 and 2008. By calculating the bus connectivity of the urban blocks, it also presents how this connectivity is related with the commercial development in corresponding years.


SHENG Qiang, GAO Han


盛强,天津大学建筑学院讲师,荷兰代尔夫特工业大学城市 学博士。多年来从事城市空间研究,利用空间句法软件结合 城市交通体系进行街道空间拓扑形态分析,特别关注当代快 速的城市发展对日常生活活力的影响以及城市空间和社会文 化之间的关系。 高晗,天津大学建筑学院建筑系学生。特别关注当代快速的 城市发展对日常生活活力的影响以及城市空间和社会文化之 间的关系。

SHENG Qiang is a lecturer in the School of Architecture at Tianjin University. He received his PhD degree in Urbanism in TU Delft the Netherlands in 2011. For many years he has been working on the urban morphology studies using space syntax theory and methods. He is especially interested in the impact of rapid urbanization on local everyday life, and the connection between the form of urban space, society and culture. GAO Han is a student in the School of Architecture in Tianjin University. She is especially interested in the impact of rapid urbanization on the local everyday life, and the connection between the form of urban space, society and culture.


105 北京市交通轨迹可视化

Visualization of Beijing Traffic

上世纪初以来,各国经济繁荣带来飞速的城市化和流动性 的增长。明显后果就是大都市交通道路的堵塞。严重的交 通问题导致大气污染,延长上下班路途时间,引起各种安 全问题,甚至扩大大众对社会不公的感受。仅北京市就拥 有五百多万辆机动车,行驶于城市两万多公里的道路上。 作品展示北京一万多辆出租车几天的行驶轨迹。观众将可 以直观地看到整个城市里车辆的行驶往来。颜色表示各个 区域的总体交通状况:亮黄色区域交通繁忙,暗红色区域 交通稀少,而黑色区域几乎无车辆通过。

北京大学可视化与可视分析小组 袁晓如,王祖超

PKU Visualization and Visual Analytics Group Key Laboratory of Machine Perception (MOE), Peking University Xiaoru YUAN and Zuchao WANG


Due to rapid economic growth, large increases in both motorization and urbanization have been observed in many countries since the beginning of the last century. As a consequence, automobiles have jammed up transportation pathways in cities, resulting serious congestion. Heavy traffic results in air pollution, wastes the time of people who need to commute to work or school, poses a significant safety risk, and even exacerbates feelings of inequality in society. In Beijing, there are over 5 million vehicles, running on over 20,000 kilometers of road. This visualization work shows the travel routes of over 10,000 taxis in Beijing over the span of several

days. In this visualization, the color represents the overall traffic condition of local regions: light yellow, dark red and black representing busy traffic, little traffic, and no traffic respectively.


北京大学可视化与可视分析小组于 2008 年 1 月建立。在袁 晓如研究员的指导下,致力于研究发展新颖和先进的可视化 与可视分析技术与系统,将纷繁变化的复杂数据绘制成直观 图像,通过交互界面,帮助人们理解、探索和发现数据中的 特征。对交通数据的可视化是其重点研究方向之一,他们开 发了一个名为 TripVista 的交互式可视分析系统,能够对交 通轨迹数据进行不同尺度的探索,大至整个城市的交通密度, 小至一个路口的违章事件。

PKU Visualization and Visual Analytics Group, founded in Jan. 2008, is led by Prof. Xiaoru YUAN and focuses on developing novel and advanced visualization and visual analytics techniques and systems. Their work converts complex dynamic data into intuitive images, helping users to comprehend, explore and identify important insights through interactive user interfaces.

38 39

106 高德地图高德导航

AutoNavi & Amap

高德地图 (Amap) 是国内一流的免费地图导航产品,也是 基于位置的生活服务功能最全面、信息最丰富的手机地图。 高德地图采用领先的技术为用户打造了最好用的 “活地图” , 不管在哪、去哪、找哪、怎么去、想干什么……一图搞定, 是非常实用的生活出行软件。 高德手机导航提供地图浏览、目的地查询、语音导航、实 时路况等专业导航功能。超 2000 万个兴趣点,335 万公 里道路信息,电子眼 42.7 万个。精准语音识别。手机 /

PAD 全方位支持,覆盖 Android,IOS 多平台。关键时 刻即时获取路线,无需联网等待。联网时如在线应用,最 新数据云端查询。3D 导航模式,贴近真实场景。用户信 息一键备份,更换设备随时找回。

Amap is a free navigation application for China, famed for its comprehensive service options and detailed information output. It uses advanced technology to provide users with the most detailed and accurate maps in real-time.


AutoNavi 40

AutoNavi provides professional services including map browsing, destination inquiries, voice command options, real time traffic updates, etc. for millions of kilometers of roadways. It is supported on iOS and Android platforms. A

unique feature of AutoNavi is that users can upload traffic and route information which can be saved for next time. Also, it provides Vector Map with 3D. User information can be retrieved at any time with a backup key.


高德是国内领先的数字地图内容、导航和位置服务解决方 案提供商。从 2002 在北京成立以来,高德的各项业务取 得高速发展,并于 2010 年 7 月 1 日在美国纳斯达克全球 精选市场成功上市。高德基于覆盖全国、优质的导航地图 数据库,以丰厚的技术积累,在产品、服务和商务模式上 不断取得创新,构建能够应对各种客户类型和产品形态的 “地图云服务” 平台。公司将紧紧抓住移动互联网为位置 服务产业带来的巨大机遇,依托在汽车导航市场的领先地 位,努力实现建立“移动生活位置服务门户”的战略。


AutoNavi Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: AMAP) is the leading provider of digital map content and navigation solutions in China. We have built a mobile and internet location-based media and e-commerce platform that enables us to offer our customers and business partners a broad range of location-based solutions serving various aspects of consumer needs. The core of our business is our proprietary comprehensive and in-depth nationwide digital map database that covers approximately 3.1 million kilometers of roadway and over 17 million points of interest across China. In addition, we have completed 3-D navigation maps of key areas in 49 major cities and photo-realistic 3-D models of 22 cities for public sector projects.


107 摇摇招车


摇摇招车是由北京聚核众信信息技术有限公司开发的一款 手机智能招车软件。软件分为苹果 iOS 版和安卓版,目前 只支持苹果 iOS 版,安卓版即将发布,这是北京首款手机 智能招车软件。 其设计理念以智能为主,摇一摇手机,摇摇招车的车辆就 会到当前位置接送。期间能随时在手机上查看车的位置、 行进路线。还可把经常上车的位置编辑储存,当乘车请求 发出后,司机会精确地等在想让他等的位置。 同时,让市民体验真正私人专属司机接送服务。在价格低 廉的前提下提升服务质量,为市民出行提供一条新型通道。 其中包括多种实用功能,如招车、预约、派车接人等。

The app of YYzhaoche is developed by Beijing Ju He Zhong Xin Information Technology Co., Ltd. This app is the first smart phone app for hailing cars. 北京聚核众信信息技术有限公司

Ju He Zhong Xin


The design concept is based on intelligence. Just shake the phone, the taxi will arrive at the location. Users can see the position and the route of the car on the phone in real-time. The most often used location of the user can be saved, when the ride request is issued, the driver will be precisely wait for there.

In fact, the app wants the public to experience a truly exclusive private chauffeur service. It enhances the quality of the services under the premise of cheap. It has a variety of useful features, including hailing cars, booking cars, senting a car to pick up anther person, and so on. 北京聚核众信信息技术有限公司创立于 2011 年,意在开启私 人专属出行方式时代。创始人王炜建与团队共同开发了一款名 为“摇摇招车”的手机应用,聚核众信 因为这款应用应运而生。 由于解决了打车难问题,受到广大用户的追捧,和多家顶级风 投的竞标投资。目前摇摇招车会员 20000 余人,主要采用微 博营销的方式进行推广,经营范围目前仅在北京市。

Beijing Ju He Zhong Xin Company was founded in 2011. The goal is to use new technology to start a new era of hailing cars.The founder WANG Weijian and his team have seen the huge gap between supply and needs. It is time to make the change via smart phone applications. This app solved the problem of hailing taxi and cars in Beijing in a certain extent. At present , they have over 20,000 members registered and payed for using the service. The service they provide is only available in Beijing at present. 45

108 北京交通出行互动平台

Crowdsource Beijing

项目旨在手机上建立一个了解交通系统的平台,通过短信、 手机、网页协同上传信息,形成技术基础平台,用网页直 接链接用户、城市规划人员和政府官员。并以 “自上而下” 协作的方式,认识城市的主要交通投资需求(包括:危险 的十字路口、不安全的人行道和未完工或被截断的自行车 道),深入了解北京的行人和自行车 出行者使用城市交通 系统时遇到的日常问题,加大城市交通的公众参与度。

Ushahidi 与北京交通发展研究中心、清华大学自行车俱 乐部进行首次实验,并和世界银行合作共同推广该平台, 免费向公众提供下载服务。

Ushahidi ( 美 ) 等 46

This project was designed to build on the prevalence of mobile devices to produce a shift in the way urban transport systems are understood by supporting the creation of a web platform that directly links users of the transport system and the planners and government officials who oversee it. Specifically, the project was developed to gain an in-depth understanding of issues faced by Beijing's pedestrians and cyclists in their day to day use of the urban system through the 'bottom-up' collaborative identification of critical urban transport investment needs including dangerous road crossings, unsafe pavement,

incomplete or blocked cycle paths, etc. The Usahidi platform, a system that enables the collaborative uploading of spatially referenced information through SMS, mobile phones, and the web, forms the technological basis for the project. The project had its first test launch this summer in collaboration with the Beijing Transport Research Center (BTRC), Friends of Nature (FON), and the Tsinghua University bike club.


自然之友 ,1994 年 3 月 31 日正式成立,是中国最早在民 政部门注册成立的民间环保组织之一。创始人是梁从诫、 杨东平、梁晓燕和王力雄。组织以开展群众性环境教育、 倡导绿色文明、建立和传播具有中国特色的绿色文化、促 进中国的环保事业为宗旨。

Ushahidi, 非营利性的高科技公司,从事信息采集、可视 化及交互制图的免费、开放软件资源的开发。创建民主化 的信息工具,提高透明度并为个人分享信息降低门槛。旨 在颠覆传统,创建全新的信息流方式。 世界银行及北京交通发展研究中心 - 2011 年,中国政府 和世界银行加强合作伙伴关系,以支持可持续的城市交通。 项目包括公共交通,交通工程及管理,道路安全,交通需 求管理,可持续的土地利用总体规划等。旨在加快中国城 市交通政策的可持续转型。

Friends of Nature was officially found on March 31st 1994, as one of Chinese environmental NGO pioneers. Its founders include Prof. LIANG Congjie, Prof. YANG Dongping, Ms. LIANG Xiaoyan and Mr. WANG Lixiong. FON promotes citizens' environmental awareness and creates platforms for public participation in environmental decisionmaking. 48

Ushahidi is a non-profit tech company that specializes in developing free and open source software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping. They build tools for democratizing information, increasing transparency and lowering the barriers for individuals to share their stories. World Bank China Urban Transport - The Government of China and the World Bank have been strengthening their partnership to support sustainable urban transport. While urban transport historically represented 8 percent of World Bank lending in the transport sector in China, it now represents 36 percent of all transport projects either ongoing or under preparation. 49

112 城市交通的未来

Car to X Project

以图表形式,解说“car-to-x”为缓解交通压力,减少汽 车事故所能达到的效果,而这种效果亦可能成为未来交通 的一种方式。 本作 品出自《新视线》2011 年 12 月刊,策划统筹为彭 杨军和陈皎皎,编辑为李俊驹,设计和图表出自王英男。

We explain how the "car-to-x" technique relieves traffic pressure and reduces car accidents, and we believe this technique is a possible solution for future urban transportation. 《新视线》

Outlook Magazine


113 北京免费停车地图

Park Your Ride For Free!

作品以图表的形式, 提供了北京停车难、 收费贵的解决方案, 更涵盖一些小 TIPS,为大家免除了停车的后顾之忧。 本作品出自《新视线》2011 年 7 月刊,策划统筹为彭杨 军和陈皎皎,编辑为李俊驹,设计和图表出自王英男。

It is currently quite difficult to park in Beijing due to high parking fees and we provide solutions in order to help drivers find convenient and accessible parking spaces.


Outlook Magazine 51

《新视线》,中国首要的原创时尚生活创意杂志。 《新视线》致力于成为中国新生代都市精英与创意新贵的 生活美学指南,从时装到建筑,从居家到旅行,从生活到 设计,从艺术到人文,新视线联合国际与本土顶尖创意人、 生活家与您分享灵感 —— 你的生活方式和审美态度正体 现在每一个生活细节之中。

The Outlook Magazine, China's leading creative magazine on original lifestyles and fashions. They are striving to become a magazine synonymous to a lifestyle guide for urban elites and new generations of creative talents in China. They believe that lifestyle and aesthetics are dynamically reflected in the details of life at all times. That is why they cover content ranging from fashion to architecture, travel to art and culture to design. The Outlook Magazine brings together creative professionals and fellow lifestylists on both local and international levels to share with you their inspirations and innovations on life.

52 53





116 北京垃圾处理 视觉研究报告

Beijing Garbage Disposal Visual Report




在绚烂的北京城中,我们只是在时间之旅暂栖一时,然而 我们每天制造的垃圾却能存在成千上万年。这些垃圾俨然 形成了“北京七环”。这幅信息图就是要展示北京垃圾流向、 分布和处理流程,促进垃圾的无害化、减量化、资源化处理。

Beijing is a gorgeous city. While people only live for a brief moment in time, the garbage we produce each day can exist for thousands of years. This garbage has now become the Seventh Ring Road of Beijing. This infographic will provide insight into Beijing garbage flow, distribution and processing and we hope to promote proper waste disposal and treatment practices.


高蕴,信息设计师,致力于信息可视化的研究和创作。在 大数据时代下寻求信息设计高效解读问题的方式及信息畅 通传递的渠道。同时,她热心公益事业,思考设计在公益 传播领域中的作用。追求设计的普世价值。希望设计能真 正成为大众接受的“大设计”。目前高蕴于 LXU 工作室 做信息可视化的项目。

GAO Yun, Infographic Designer. Gao Yun focuses on the research and creation of information visualization. In this era of constant data flow, she is attempting to find efficient solutions for processing and distributing information. At the same time, she is committed to public welfare, addressing the the role of design in the public interest. She focuses on the universal values of design, hoping that the art of design can be accepted by the public as something wonderful. Now, Gao Yun is working at LXU studio, working on information visualization projects.



117 蓝天日

Blue Sky Day


CYJO 后来将摄影作品转变成投影加白噪音的多媒体装置。 北京天空色盘按月为单位记录北京空气质量指数与天空实 际色彩的比较,数据来自环保部。据空气质量测量表蓝天 日被定义为空气污染指数小于等于 100 的状态。此指数由 环保局制定,以每 50 点的递增作为节点区分优、良、轻 度污染等级别。 作品装置由两个投影组成。一个呈现天空色彩,另一个则 传达当天收集的数据信息。视觉展示的同时伴有白噪声的 起伏,用音量大小暗示空气污染指数的大小。

Blue Sky Day began as a photographic and textual series rendered in Archival ink pigment prints. CYJO translates her photographic work into a multi-media installation piece incorporating visual projection and sound (white noise).



The color palette of Beijing's sky is documented for monthly periods in correlation with air quality readings that are gathered from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China. A Chinese air quality chart measures various conditions where Blue Sky Days are defined as those with an API (Air Pollution Index)

of 100 or less. This API index was developed by Chinese State Environment Protection agency where descriptive markers apply to each 50 API increment Excellent, Good, Light Polluted, etc. This installation consists of 2 visual projections one expressing the coloration of the sky and the other conveying textual data gathered on that day. These visuals are married with a white noise whose volume is dictated by the API number of the given day.


CYJO,美籍韩裔摄影师。1974 年生于韩国首尔,1975 年移居美国。作品《散居韩裔》项目以祖籍韩国为镜头视角, 结合摄影和文本的方式呈现韩国移民及其文化认同的丰富 内容。两百多位居于美国的韩国人通过他们公民身份以及 生活经验,探讨其祖先文化与自身之间的文化关系。她的 新作《亚结构》用图像、文本以及影像记录了 50 位中国 打工者的肖像;作品《美》探寻文化及个人对美的不同标 准。她的作品在多国展出,如 The Smithsonian's、北 京 T 艺术中心、亮点设计中心、伦敦 The Art Atrium 等。 她的作品被《A+A》、《ELLE Korea》、《Eloquence》、 《环球时报》、《La Lettre De La Photographie》、《华 盛顿邮报》、《华尔街周刊》、《Smithsonian》、《纽 约时报》、《Vision》等平面媒体作专题报道。CBS 新闻 栏目与 PBS 星期日艺术新闻栏目报道了她的作品。她在 韩美文化中心 (The KACC),第三届亚美会议、韩国协会 的会议上发表演讲。

CYJO is a Korean American, born 1974 in Seoul, who immigrated to the US in 1975. Her KYOPO Project is a photographic and textual project about immigration and identity through the lense of the Korean ancestry. Over 200 people, mostly living in America, explore their relationships with their ancestral culture and the other cultures 62

they embody through citizenship or through life experiences. Her most recent work, Substructure, is a photographic, textual and video portrait series documenting 50 Chinese migrants in Beijing. CYJO’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including: The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C., T. Art Center, Beijing, Liang Dian Design Center, Beijing, The Art Atrium, London and The Korea Society, New York. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and broadcast including A+A Magazine, ELLE Korea, Eloquence Magazine, Global Times, La Lettre De La Photographie, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Times, Vision Magazine, CBS News and PBS Sunday Arts News. She has lectured at The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, KACC, The 3rd Asian American Conference, The Korea Society. 63




我们理想中的信息交流与共享是 可以通过对方的眼睛审视世界的 每一个角落

We are able to share information and communicate more easily than any time in our past, bringing the world closer. - Miguel Rios


109 北京除夕夜短信视图

Beijing SMS Eve

北京法国电信研发中心与本土 VizMind 团队合作 , 基于

2012 年新年夜北京移动短信数据,共同开发本作品。作 品使用 3D 实景地图与烟火喷射展示北京一万多个基站每 一时刻流经的短信总量,同时运用热力图来展现不同地区 短信热度变化,并用相应的统计图表描述全北京短信总量 走势与各区的变化。作品期望能够在城市“短信空间”与 真实城市空间构筑一座桥梁,从基站 到实地场景,从坐标 到地图,短信总量所代表的含义不止于电信行业运营层面 内,更拓展到整个城市人口在时空上的分布与流动问题。 从而促使我们对通讯数据的挖掘和利用进行更深层次的思 考。短信发送数据由合作伙伴中国移动通信提供。


Orange Labs Beijing VIZMIND Studio


Orange Lab Beijing and VIZMIND co-developed Beijing SMS EVE, which shows Beijing's SMS usage in Chinese New Year's Eve 2012. After preprocessing a dataset showing the progression of 18 hours of SMS messaging, we used a 3D interactive map and vivid fireworks to depict the real-time SMS volume at over 10000 base stations in Beijing, with a thermodynamic diagram to describe population distribution and mobility, as well as some basic charts showing trends in each district. This visualization project constructs a bridge between the urban SMS space

and geographical space hoping to go beyond mobile telecommunication operating data, and touch upon overall population distribution and mobility. This work also explores the future potential of telecom operation data through data mining. The SMS usage data is provided by our partner China Mobile.


Orange Labs Beijing,法国电信 Orange 集团是世界领 先电信运营商之一,欧洲移动通信和宽带互联网的主要运 营商之一,在全球拥有 17 万名员工,服务分布在 33 个 国家的 2.24 亿用户。法国电信北京研发中心是集团全资 子公司,致力于电信技术、服务的研究,其中包括新媒体、 数据挖掘等方面。

VIZMIND STUDIO,致力于数据可视化领域的尝试与探 索,期望结合数据挖掘技术与新媒体艺术,通过更具设计 感与科技感的可视化作品将复杂现象直观地呈现出来,利 用视觉这一强大有效的工具去探索未知、获取新知。 目前团队共有四名成员,由崔岸雍(香港城市大学新媒体 硕士在读),裴峰(茶叶,独立游戏设计师,中国传媒大 学游戏专业在读),罗霄(Contra,资深游戏工程师), 魏启龙(中央美院交互设计在读)。

Orange Labs Beijing , France Telecom-Orange is one of the world's leading telecommunications operators with 170,000 employees worldwide as of 30 June 2012. Present in 33 countries, the Group has a total customer base of 224 million. Orange is one of the main European providers of mobile and broadband internet services. Orange Labs Beijing is fully owned by Orange Group, and 68

works on telecom technologies and services, including new media, data mining, etc. VIZMIND STUDIO, is a pioneer in the field of data visualization from the perspective of data mining and new media art. We believe that visualization could be a powerful tool for describing complex phenomenona and deriving unexpected insights through design and new technologies. This studio has four members, three students from Communication Study, Game Design, and Media Lab respectively and one experienced game engineer. 69




我们所改变的,不仅是城市外在美好的 表达方式,更重要的是塑造城市内在灵 魂的根源

The way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed alongside the tools we use to design them and impact on their physical structure. - MIT SENSEable City Lab 美国麻省理工大学可感知城市实验室


110 智慧北京

GeoPulse Beijing

“智慧城市”由奥地利 AEC 电子艺术中心未来实验室研发。 “智慧北京”是“智慧城市”继林茨、柏林之后在亚洲的 第一个概念原型的试点。 “智慧城市”用一种全新、用户友好的方式,将地理位置 数据与信息作可视化呈现。这种未来的、互动和定制化的 解决方案可作为移动应用或多用户互动装置使用。 “智慧城市”基于特定区域的地理信息系统(GIS),由 航拍影像、地图和多个数据集共同组成一个图形用户界面。 数据集包括人口和统计数据、实时数据(网络摄像头、气 象数据、交通数据、公共交通数据等)、仿真数据(基于 时间的统计推演)和计算数据。 “智慧城市”可当作一个漫游数据库,采用全新的沟通手 段直观地传达复杂、相互关联的信息。无论是一本书或是 一张城市地图,一切事物都能呈现在交互界面上,实现模 拟和数字设备交互,纸笔与电脑、投影的结合。

开发团队:Ars Electronica Solutions(奥), 清华美院信息艺 术设计系设计北京实验室,CMoDA 协同创新实验室 项目顾问:殷歌丽 感谢:高德地图,空气污染指数 app,咕咚网,Ushahidi


“智慧北京”是一个全新起点,它让我们通过信息可视化 理解北京城市发展过程中的复杂问题。它汇聚人口、文化、 交通、环境、社会媒体和未来仿真预测等信息到一个动态 “总控台”,用以研究北京城市流通性问题。它为交叉学 科研究带来便利,同时给城市决策和规划者以有效沟通信 息,启发城市各部门协同创新。

The GeoCity model was developed by Ars Electronica FutureLab. GeoPulse Beijing is the model's first Asian application after Linz and Berlin and is a collaboration of Ars Electronica Solutions, Design Beijing Lab at the Information Art and Design Department of Tsinghua University, Beijing and CMoDA CoINNO Lab.

Credits: Ars Electronica Solutions, Design Beijing Lab at the Information Art and Design Department of Tsinghua University, CMoDA CoINNO Lab.

GeoCity is a new way to visualize geospatial data and information presented in a user friendly fashion. This futuristic, interactive and customizable solution is available as mobile application or as multi-user installation.

Acknowledgement: AutoNavi, Air Quality app,, Ushahidi

Adviser: Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber

GeoCity is based on a Geographic Information System (GIS) of a chosen area (country, region, city), that combines aerial photographs and maps as well as a number of different data sets into a graphic user interface. The data sets are derived from demographic, real time (multimedia data from webcams, meteorological data, traffic data, public transportation data and so on), simulated (time based statistical extrapolations) and computed data. 73

GeoCity has been conceived as a walk-through database that uses new means of communication to communicate complex, interconnected information in an intuitive way. Whether it's a book or a city map - everything morphs into an interactive surface. Analog and digital elements react to each other - pencil and paper unite with computer and projection. GeoPulse Beijing is the point of departure to provide a holistic way to view and understand complex urban issues via data visualization. It studies Beijing's urban mobility via mapping population, culture, transportation, environment and social data and future simulation into one dynamic dashboard portal to facilitate interdisciplinary research and communication for city operators and urban planners, leading to collaborative innovation in city development. It also allows the public easy access to the open data of the city.



奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术中心未来实验室致力于 研究未来艺术、技术和社会的关系。开发作品勾勒以艺术 为基础的的各种可能的未来场景。实验室旨在通过发展应 用科学技术,启示社会关系中关于艺术和科学的新知识与 经验。研发作品均为跨学科研究,并影响多学科。经过多 年的发展成熟,领域涵盖媒体艺术、建筑、设计、互动展览、 虚拟现实和实时图形等领域。 奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术中心解决方案部将 Ars

Electronica 未来实验室的研发成果推向更广的实际应用, 从原型研发到创新产品化, 成为数字创新与市场之间的连接。 清华美院信息艺术设计系设计北京实验室 , 付志勇,博士, 副教授,交互设计师,工业设计师,现任清华大学美术学 院信息艺术设计系副系主任,兼任教育部高校文科计算机 教学指导委员会艺术类分委员会秘书长,2006 年教育部 “新世纪优秀人才支持计划(NCET)”入选者。1998 年曾赴日本筑波大学参与感性评价特别研究目,2008 至

2009 年为美国卡耐基梅隆大学设计学院访问学者。主要 的研究领域为交互设计、数字娱乐设计、服务设计,具体 研究方向为交叉学科设计教育研究、基于社会化媒体的服 务设计创新研究。 中华世纪坛数字艺术馆协同创新实验室(CMoDA

CoINNO Lab)致力于促进跨专业协同创新项目的建立、 76

开展与实施,通过在数字艺术馆实验室空间开展的讲座、 研讨、工作坊与国际艺术家、设计师、机构驻场项目,联 结数字科技、设计、艺术与教育领域的专业机构与实验室 开展合作,不断推进数字驱动创新领域的最前沿探索,孵 化数字创新产品,向市场化与产业化转化。

Ars Electronica Futurelab focuses on the future at the nexus of art, technology and society. We consider our works as sketches of possible future scenarios in art-based, experimental forms. In this way, we are aiming at developing contributions through methods and strategies of applied science, the results of which reveal new knowledge and experiences of societal relevance in art and science. The lab's team bases its work commitment upon transdisciplinary research and work which results in a variety of different disciplines at the lab. Our range of services concentrates on expertise developed throughout the years in fields such as media art, architecture, design, interactive exhibitions, virtual reality and real-time graphics.

清华团队成员: 穆斯塔法·柯万,崔行健,王骆宾, 周杨,苏战,张惠心,杨安琪,李申, 施萌,罗君钰,李寅,张初阳

Team members of Tsinghua University: C. Mustafa Kirwan, TSUI Ken, WANG Luobin, ZHOU Yang, SU Zhan, ZHANG Huixin, YANG Anqi, LI Shen, SHI Meng, LUO Junyu, Tiger LEE, ZHANG Chuyang


Ars Electronica gathers and packages commentary on, ideas for and visions of our modern information-based society. AE Solutions, this organization's newest division, adds an interesting dimension to Ars Electronica's offerings. Now, innovative products can be addressed to a broad spectrum of end users for sale and rental. AE Solutions thus represents the final link in the process chain commencing with a visionary concept and proceeding via prototype development to culminate in an innovative product. Design Beijing Lab at the Information Art and Design Department of Tsinghua University FU Zhiyong, PhD, Associate Professor, Interaction Design, Industrial Design. Fu is an associate professor and the vice director of Information Art and Design Department, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. He received his Bachelor of science on Engineering degree from Wuhan University of Technology, in July, 1993, and received his MA degree in 78

July, 1996 and his PHD degree in Jan, 2005 from Tsinghua University. January to April 1998, he was a visiting professor of Kansei Evaluation special research project at Tsukuba University, Japan. August 2008 to August 2009, He was a visiting scholar in school of design at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. CMoDA CoINNO Lab (Short for Collaborative Innovation) aims to develop cross-disciplinary collaborative innovation projects via talk, lecture, forum, workshop and artist / designer / institution residency program. By connecting leading institutes and labs in digital technology, design, art and education, the lab pushes the frontier in digital driven innovation and digital product incubation. 新浪微博:@CMoDA_Lab 79

111 声音·北京


24 声道全方位环绕声艺术作品《声音·北京》,既是一 次北京城市声音景观的展现,也是音乐多声道技术探索中 的一次创新性试验。《声音·北京》是一部不依靠视觉辅 助,而纯粹由声音构成的作品,因为声音既可以记录历史, 也可表现时代,声音既是艺术的载体,又是文化的符号。 作品收集和梳理了北京城市最具代表性、时代性、地标性 和文化符号意义的声音,以独特的声音艺术形态展示今天 的北京。 区别于传统音响的立体声模式或 5.1 声道模式,目前大于

8 声道的音响布局一般只能见于专业音响实验室或电子音 乐工作室。而《声音·北京》则以 24 声道全方位环绕声 的方式呈现给观众。音响设计成上、中、下;左、中、右, 多层次、多角度环绕于听众四周,这种音响布局最大限度 的模糊了真实与虚拟的界限,创造出新的音响空间,为我 们带来了超越以往任何形式的声音体验。 艺术总监,作品创意:

张小夫 Artistic Director, Creative Director:

ZHANG Xiaofu


Sound·Beijing with 24 - channel omnibearing surround, not only opens up to listeners the soundscape of beijing, but also performs an innovative experiment in the field of multichannel technology. Sound·Beijing is purely a set of sound, not relying on visual aids, because the sound can record the history and represent the time, It also can be the vector of art and the

symbol of culture. The work has collected and sorted out the most representative sound with the cultural symbolic significance, which presents before us the various aspects of beijing in a distinctive sound art form. Different from the traditional layout of stereo or 5.1-channel, Sound路Beijing presents us 24-channel omnibearing surround with surprise when at present the layout more than 8-channel can only appear in the laboratory. Listeners will find that they are surrounded by the sound boxes, and even there are some sound boxes above their heads and under their feet. In this layout, the distinction between the real and the virtual is obscure, which creats a completely different sound experience from common conditions.


张小夫是中国当代作曲家群体中为数不多的跨界作曲家之一, 主要作品类型包括现代电子音乐、大型民族管弦乐、 现代室 内乐、交响乐、舞剧、舞蹈音乐和大型广场艺术表演音乐以 及影视音乐。作为活跃在国际音乐舞台的中国作曲家,其主 要作品均为国际专业机构和国家委约创作,并曾在中国、美 国、法国、德国、英国、爱尔兰、意大利、奥地利、比利时、 西班牙、波兰、加拿大、古巴、巴西、日本、韩国以及台湾、 香港等众多国际现代音乐节、音乐会演出;其主要作品在众 多国际作曲比赛中获奖,并荣获中国文化部颁发的文华音乐 创作大奖等众多国家级奖项,现已出版四张个人音乐作品专 辑 CD 和 DVD。 张小夫师从中央音乐学院名誉院长、著名作曲家吴祖强教授, 总监助理,项目统筹

冯金硕 交互技术

邓卓夫 制作团队

中央音乐学院中国现代电子音乐 中心-李林林、王海旭、孙宇明、 李昱林、张超、宋雨、任秀、单婷、 亓梦婕、金帆 、沈佶 技术支持



1983 年毕业于中央音乐学院作曲系,获学士学位并留校任 教;1988 年获法国政府奖学金由中国文化部公派赴法国深造, 先后获得法国瓦列兹音乐学院(Edgar Varese) 现代电子 音乐作曲大师班学位(相等于硕士学位)和法国巴黎高等音 乐师范学院 (ENMP) 高级作曲家学位(相等于博士学位)。

ZHANG Xiaofu, Composer, Professor and Director of the Center for Electroacoustic Music of China (CEMC) of the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) in Beijing; President of the Electroacoustic Music Association of China (EMAC); Executive President

and Artistic Director of MUSICACOUSTICA – BEIJING, an International Electroacoustic Music Festival. Zhang is one of the few Contemporary Chinese composers whose compositions covered a wide range of genres, including electroacoustic music, traditional Chinese orchestral music, chamber music, symphonic music, ballet, and film music. His music has been performed in China, France, UK, the United States, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, Polish, Austria, Cuba, Japan, Korean, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. ZHANG has won numerous international awards. His music has been released on four CDs and a DVD.

Director Assistant , project manager:

FENG Jinshuo Interactive technologies:

DENG Zhuofu Production team:

The Central Conservatory of Music Modern Electronic Music Center - ZHANG Xiaofu, FENG Jinshuo, DENG Zhuofu, LI Linlin, WANG Haixu, SUN Yunming, LI Yulin, ZHANG Chao, SONG Yu, REN Xiu, SHAN Ting, QI Mengjie, JIN Fan, SHEN Jie Technical support:

Beijing Century Evangel Electronic Instrument Limited Company


118 @场北京城市公共空间解读

@ field: Interpretation Of Urban Public Space In Beijing

公共空间是一个城市中最能体现城市精神的场所。本研究 以北京市内一系列具有特色的广场为客体对象,通过选取、 采样和分析,对广场的物质空间,使用者,以及使用者在 空间内的行为进行多层面解析;并在此基础上,采用“点 介入”的方式对空间进行重构和再感知。 研究强调人与物质空间的联动性,并试图用新的视角来观 察,用新的方式来解构,用新的媒介来呈现。

Public spaces in a city best reflect its spirit. This study analyzes the use of physical space in Beijing's various plazas and the behavior of those who use the space and based on the results, attempts to reconstruct the space using the method of "point intervention" . This study emphasizes the correlation between the space used by people and objects, and tries to present this through revolutionary new techniques.

何崴 , 虞大鹏

HE Wei, YU Dapeng 84


何崴,1973 生于北京,清华大学建筑学院建筑学学士,德国 斯图加特大学建筑学与城市规划硕士;中央美术学院建筑学 院讲师,数字空间与虚拟现实实验室负责人,兼任《生态城 市与绿色建筑》副主编,《照明设计》执行主编;从事建筑、 城市、照明、艺术等多领域的跨界研究;出版有《阅读广场》 等多部著作;建筑、摄影、灯光互动装置作品多次参加国内 外展览。 虞大鹏,同济大学城市规划设计与理论博士,中央美术学院 建筑学院副教授,城市规划与设计教研室主任, 注册城市规 划师;在《城市规划学刊》、《建筑创作》等核心学术刊物 发表多篇论文,如《北京的住房供给与住房建设规划》、《旧 城街道的生与死》、 《知识型产业集聚中的社会资本作用研 究》、《广场合理规模的影响因素及规划对策 》、《社会资本、 协作型竞争与我国城市的发展》等。

HE Wei, have got his Bachelor of Architecture from Tsinghua University and Dipl. Ing. Architektur from University of Stuttgart, Germany; he is a lecturer in the School of Architecture and director of the Digital Space and Virtual Reality Lab, China Central Academy of Fine Arts. In addition to teaching, He Wei is the deputy chief editor of "Eco-city and Green Building" magazine and the editor-in-chief of "Professional Lighting Design_China" magazine. 86

He has engaged in many interdisciplinary studies in architecture, urban, lighting, art and other areas, published a lot of writings such as " Read the Piazza " . Also, he has participated in many domestic and international exhibitions with his design, photography and lighting interactive installation works. YU Dapeng, associate professor, Director of Department of Urban Planning and Urban Design, School of Architecture, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Ph.D. of Urban Planning, Tongji University, and registered urban planner.Yu has published many dissertations such as "Housing Supply and Housing Construction Planning in Beijing" , "The Death and Life of Streets in the Old City" . "The Role of Social Capital in a KnowledgeBased Industrial Agglomeration" , "Influential Factors of Reasonable Size of City Square and its Planning Strategy " , " Social capital, Cooperative Competition, with the Development of China's Cities" in core journals such as "Urban Planning Forum" and "Archicreation" . 87

119 大栅栏生态图谱

Found City Project

大栅栏生态图谱项目探索了在当代中国发展的过程中,测 绘、编目以及干预社区生态的新技术手段。 团队在北京市 中心的历史悠久的大栅栏胡同区开展工作,通过深入调查, 探究组成该社区中社会、经济及客观环境的实际以及暂时 的因素。他们用计算工具来可视化并模拟大栅栏这个生态 社区的未来情景,寻找加强现有社区关系及基础设施的方 法,并探索如何协同合作和建立意想不到的联系,从而增 强大栅栏创意生态和社会认同。 作品通过两种形式创作,两种方式互相独立,而又相辅 相成:一方面,通过可视化情景再现来揭示很少被人注 意的潜在城市角色、结构和逻辑;另一方面,团队利用

Processing 编程语言创建了一个计算机平台,可以在线 可视化和操控各种物体和元素,包括实际的和暂时的元素。 通过两种方式开启了重组、变化、矫正和逻辑秩序调整的 探索过程,让城市形态既有历史感又有现代感。 赞助及合作机构:中华世纪坛数字艺术馆、北京广安控股 有限公司及旗下的北京大栅栏投资有限责任公司。

Jordan Kanter, Rolando Rodriguez-Leal, Jihyeun Byeon 88

The Found City project explores new techniques for mapping, cataloguing and intervening in the processes of development in contemporary China. Working directly in the historic hutong district of Dashila in central Beijing, in-depth surveys

explore both tangible and ephemeral elements that make up the social, economical and physical situation of the site. Using computational tools to visualize and simulate future scenarios within this ecological organization, we seek opportunities to enhance existing networks and infrastructures, exploit collaborative synergies and produce unexpected programmatic affiliations to enhance the creative ecology and social identity of the Dashila area. This work proceeds in two independent, but increasingly interwoven tracks: on the one hand, the revitalization of the Situationist approach of participatory mapping to unveil the underlying, often hidden dimensions of city identity, formation and logic; on the other, the development of a computational platform custom built in the Processing coding language, allowing for the visualization and manipulation of the various objects and elements both concrete and ephemeral encountered in the site. This begins an exploratory process into possibilities for reconfiguration, mutation, remediation, logistical reorganization, etc. in the building up of city form that is both historically grounded and radically new.


Jordan Kanter,美国建筑师、研究员。2009 年以来一直在 北京工作生活,直至 2011 年在 MAD 任高级设计师。目前 致力于城市发展、算法汇城和城市设计的新范例研究,作为

The Found City 研究项目的一部分,也是 Future.Play 设 计顾问公司的创始人。他目前在清华大学建筑学院教授设计。

Rolando Rodriguez-Leal 是来自墨西哥城的建筑师,担任 哈迪德建筑事务所的高级设计师,现为北京 SOHO Gallaxy 外观设计项目建筑师。Rolando 不仅是清华大学和伊比利亚 美洲大学的客座评论员,也在大连和北京指导设计工作室。

Jihyeun Byeon,美籍韩裔建筑师,担任英国凯达建筑事务 所建筑设计师。自 2011 年就定居北京。Jihyeun 专注于研 究复杂城市、生态、信息系统特征,并利用它开展代码算法 设计。

Jordan Kanter, architect, researcher, originally from the US. He has lived and worked in Beijing since 2009 and was a Senior Designer at MAD until 2011. Currently, he is engaged in research in urban development, computational mapping and new paradigms for city design as part of the Found City project research initiative and as a founding principal of Future. Play, a speculative design consultancy. He is currently teaching design at 90

Tsinghua School of Architecture. Rolando Rodriguez-Leal is an architect originally from Mexico City. He is a Senior Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects, where he is the project architect for the faรงade of the SOHO Gallaxy project in Beijing. Rolando has been a guest critic at Tsinghua University in Beijing as well as Universidad Iberoamerican and has taught design workshops in Dalian and Beijing. Jihyeun Byeon is an architect originally from South Korea and the US. She is an Architectural Designer at AEDAS, and has lived and worked in Beijing since 2011. Jihyeun's research focuses on the representation of complex urban, ecological, informatic systems and the leveraging of these representations in proscriptive design.


120 活力空间

Vitaliy and Space

在经济发展和快速城市化背景下,作为城市基本组成单元 的社区是否具有活力(Vitality)是评价城市改造社会学 意义的重要指标。基于 2005 至 2009 年北京三环路内所 有街道中的商业,特别是服务于街区范围菜市场和小商业 分布的调研,应用空间句法理论和模型,从城市层及交通 网络和街区内道路拓扑空间形态角度分析其空间逻辑。进 而从街道空间设计角度为促进和保持街区活力提供一些可 供参考的空间控制参数。

Urban vitality is a crucial factor when evaluating the social impact of urban renewal project in the contemporary development of Chinese cities. Based on detailed mapping of all shops and food markets inside the 3rd ring of Beijing and using space syntax as an analytical tool, this work presents the relationship between street layout and centers of urban life. The result shows a clear influence of traditional, more inward focused styles of spatial design on contemporary urban life.


SHENG Qiang 92


盛强,天津大学建筑学院讲师,荷兰代尔夫特工业大学城 市学博士。多年来从事城市空间研究,利用空间句法软件 结合城市交通体系进行街道空间拓扑形态分析,特别关注 当代快速的城市发展对日常生活活力的影响以及城市空间 和社会文化之间的关系。

SHENG Qiang is a lecturer in the School of Architecture at Tianjin University. He received his PhD degree in Urbanism in TU Delft the Netherlands in 2011. For many years he has been working on the urban morphology studies using space syntax theory and methods. He is especially interested in the impact of rapid urbanization on local everyday life, and the connection between the form of urban space, society and culture.



121 咕咚运动+

Codoon Sports Plus

咕咚网是国内著名的移动运动健身平台,横跨时尚消费电 子与物联网领域,倡导快乐健康的生活方式。将物联网、 移动云健康、社交等方面结合起来,采用先进的人体检测 技术,利用硬件及移动客户端产品检测并记录人体的运动、 睡眠数据,并将数据上传至云端进行智能分析,绘制专业 图表及统计结果,给用户直观形象的数据展示。同时借助 网络平台的展示、分享、互动,把来自各方面的督促激励 转换为健康运动的动力,将娱乐性与运动健康完美融合, 全面推动人们身心健康的改善。



Codoon, as a famous sports & health platform on mobile in China, lies both in the domain of Fashion Consumer Electronics and Internet of Things, advocates a happier and healthier lifestyle. We combine Internet of Things, Health on Mobile Cloud Computing, Social Networking Services to a one-stop service. In detail, we measure and record the activity and sleep of people through our advanced body measure technology, then we upload the measured data to our servers which could intelligently analyze the data and present the visualized statistic result to people back. In the mean time, we advocate and help people to present their sports, share their

sports, "social" their sports in our platform built for them, so they can be encouraged to have more activities. In short, we are dedicated to helping people to promote their health by mixing the entertainment to the sports. 成都乐动信息技术有限公司是一家专注于基于物联网技术个人电子产品研 发、生产、销售并提供对应网络社区服务和娱乐产品的高科技企业。为解决 亚健康问题,公司运用先进的物联网技术和国际领先的理念, 通过将个人 运动电子产品网络化,致力于成为最具影响力的时尚、快乐、运动、健康生 活方式的网络服务社区平台。目前已发售健身追踪器、咕咚笑、健康秤、咕 咚运动等多个软硬件产品,构建了国内著名移动健康平台——咕咚网,倡导 快乐健康的生活方式。无线心率表,网络瘦身秤等全新的网络健身产品也正 在开发之中。

Chengdu Codoon Information and Technology Co., Ltd, is an information technology company which focuses on consumer electronics research and development, production, marketing, and provides corresponding SNS and entertainment production. Coodon has a range of products including Sports Tracker, Codoon Smile, Health Steelyard, Codoon Sports APP etc on sale. Our goal is to build a sports and health based mobile platform in China which we hope will advocate for healthier and happier lifestyles. 97



Urban Farm: An IoT Space

这套数控智能田园系统利用现代化植保绿色防控、智能数 字控制、残体循环利用、省力化农机配套等高新技术,生 产出“五彩番茄”、“西甜瓜”、“水果黄瓜”、 “彩色 甜椒”等主打产品,年产优质有机蔬菜近 1500 万斤,注 册为“金福艺农”产品品牌,并获得无公害有机认证。农 业数字化程控室虚拟数字农业科普系统, 利用形象生动的 多媒体技术,将不同作物的生长过程以三维动画的形式模 拟演示出来,让参观者在体验中享受到温室种植、指尖管 理的乐趣,感受高科技给京郊农业带来的舒适与便捷。


The IoT team of Communication University of China


This digitally controlled smart garden produces nearly 1500 kilograms of produce each season including colorful tomatoes, melons, cucumbers and sweet peppers. We registered our products under the brand Jinfuyinong and obtained a pollution-free organic certification. The agricultural program control room simulates the popularization of agricultural systems and different crop-growing processes in the form of a three-dimensional animated demo. Visitors will enjoy the experience of greenhouse planting. Easily accessible management and the comfort and convenience of suburban agriculture in Beijing are available through high-tech methods.

123 城乡新媒体智慧社区

New Media, New Life: The Urban/Rural Smart Community

感知绿色、美好生活。绿色家递:农场直供智能化服务, 利用最先进的现代物联网技术,与中国移动合作,为生态 农业企业提供生产、农产品加工销售、园区综合管理等运 营管理服务;解决农业企业在生产管理、园区展示、市场 销售方面的问题。

A Greener, Healthier Life: We supply intelligence services using the most advanced information technology. The online community can provide management services such as production, processing and marketing of agricultural products and integrated management of park operation for eco-agricultural enterprises through cooperation with China Mobile. It can also help to solve agricultural enterprise management problems related to production displays, sales and marketing. 99

中国传媒大学物联网小组成立于 2012 年,小组成员基本 由在校研究生组成,有丰富的想像力和实践能力。团队还 拥有开发移动应用的专门小组,相继给北京市委农工委, 北京市金福艺农农业科技集团有限责任公司等做过官方

APP 及其信息发布系统。 主创人员之一的郑文平,2010 年 6 月毕业于江西理工大 学,获得江西理工大学电子与信息工程工学学士学位,并 于 2011 年 9 月份考入中国传媒大学信息工程学 院,研读 电子与通信工程专业硕士,关注智能终端应用生成模块研 发。他是中国传媒大学新媒体研究院 App 开发团队的主要 负责人,曾带队做过数个项目的开发。

团队成员: 郑文平,方小林,王硕愍,肖亚翠, 陈鑫

Team members: ZHENG Wenping, FANG Xiaolin, WANG Shuomin, XIAO Yacui, CHEN Xin.


The IoT team of Communication University of China was founded in 2012. The members are basically postgraduates with a lots of practical experience. We developed a Mobile APP panel, an information publishing system and official APP for the Municipal Agricultural Working Committee and the Jinfuyinong Agricultural Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd in Beijing, etc. One if the core member ZHENG Wenping got his Bachelor's degree of Electronic and Information Engineering from Jiangxi Polytechnic University

in June 2010. He started his Master's degree of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Communication University of China in September 2011. Currently he is developing the generation module for intelligent terminal applications and serves as the leader of New Media App development team in New Media Institute of Communication University of China.


124 北京 @ 房事 2.0

Beijing@Real Estate 2.0

我们每天都面对现代社会的各种信息“轰炸”,LXU 希望 通过可视化设计,将北京房价的一些信息进行整合,让人 们更直观地感受到北京房价的虚高景况。去年 LXU 曾制 作了一个有关北京房价的信息可视化作品,今年他们延续 对北京房价问题的关注,推出《北京 @ 房事 2.0》,以更 丰富的数据信息和视觉表现带来更新 的体验。 作品通过三张动态信息可视化图表体现北京目前的房价情 况。观众可通过互动装置选择图表显示的内容。 第一部分由三角马赛克图体现出北京整个市区在售房屋售 价的分布情况。 第二部分结合北京市平均收入,显示在北京购买不同的房 子所需要的收入时间。 第三部分通过颜色表现北京社区周边居住生态情况。分别 体现出不同地区的房子距离公园、 学校、 商场等设施的距离。

LXU studio 102

Every day we face a variety of information in the modern society, LXU hope to design integration Beijing housing prices, visualizing Beijing housing prices artificially highsituation. Last year the LXU had produced a Beijing housing prices, information visualization works this year, we are concerned about the continuation of the problem

of housing prices in Beijing, once again launched an information visualization works "Beijing @ intercourse 2.0." Hope to bring an updated experience richer data and visual performance. The project reflects the information regarding the rent in Beijing through three dynamic information visualisation chart. Audience can select the content shown via controlling the mouse. THE FIRST PART > The triangular mosaic diagram reflects the distribution of housing price in entire urban area of Beijing. THE SECOND PART > Combined with the average income in Beijing, it shows the time needed to buy different houses in Beijing. THE THIRD PART > The colour zone shows the Beijing residence communities. Respectively, the zones reflect the distance to the park, schools, shopping malls and other facilities.


LXU studio 是一家年轻的设计工作室,专注于视频、平面、 图形动画以及互动媒体的信息可视化设计与实验。工作室 一直在信息可视化领域中不断探索信息传达的创意解决方 案,寻求清晰直观的信息传达方式,并努力创造优良的视 觉体验,帮助枯燥、抽象的信息更加有效地传播。LXU 一 直用设计的眼睛关注社会,相信设计能够产生积极的力量 并作用于社会。团队中每个成员都擅长不同的领域,我们 相信每个人的力量组合能相辅相成,产生乘法效应,迸发 出更大的能量。这次的项目由四位成员李雨、魏婷婷、鲁川、 高蕴共同完成。

LXU studio is a young design studio, focusing on video, graphics, motion graphics and visualisation of interactive media design and experiment. The studio has been constantly searching for creative solutions in the field of info visualisation, a clear and intuitive means of communication, and means to create a good visual experience, to help the transference of dry and abstract information more effectively disseminate. The LXU has been looking at the society with the the eye of design, believing that design can produce a positive force and impact in society. Each member in the team specialises in different areas and we believe 104

that the alignment of forces of each person is able to complement each other, resulting in a multiplication effect which results in greater energy. The project was completed jointly by the four members of the team: LI Yu, WEI Tingting, LU Chuan and GAO Yun. 105

129 智慧微博剧第一季 魔法小屋

Smart Weibo Sitcom Season 1 - Magic Home

一次家居总动员。一次现实与网络的结合,将真实的事物 抽象到微博中,赋予其人类的智慧,融入到人类的社交网 络中。 在微博剧中,观众可以领略机器之间的沟通,人与机器之 间的互动,并从中学习自然奥秘。 魔法小屋将以生动的语言向观众提供科普知识,内容涉及 老龄认知、物联网、节能、健康、营养、食品追溯等等与 生活紧密相关的科普知识。

Magic Home is a story full of love,happiness and adventure where inaminate objects are as intelligent as humans.

北京邮电大学移动生活 及新媒体实验室

Mobile Life and New Media Lab of Beijing University of Post & Telecommunication 106

Experience communication between machines and the interaction between man and machine, and learn from natural mysteries. Magic Home provides scientific knowledge concerning information technology, energy, health, nutrition, food traceability, geriatric studies and so on which are closely related with the study of life sciences.

纪阳,北京邮电大学教授,移动生活及新媒体实验室主任。 崔跃,CEO,负责产品与整体运营。硕士,具有丰富的产品设计经验和项目 管理经验,曾经在中国移动等公司工作。 周舒欣,CDO,负责创意、设计。本科,擅长科普童话内容编撰。曾经发起 公益组织老少联,进行老龄科普。在智能家居的参与式创新领域有大型项目 经验。 沙晶,CTO,负责总体技术研发。硕士,擅长 MongoDB 等数据库技术,对

WoT 平台技术有深刻的理解。 卢文凯,CMO,负责市场渠道拓展。硕士,曾经督导过 3 支创业团队的孵化, 并帮助其中 2 支队伍找到风险投资。

JI Yang, Professor, Director of Mobile Life and New Media Lab of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

CUI Yue, Master, Project Manger and Operation Manager. Oneyear Internship at CMCC with extensive experience in product design and program management.

ZHOU Shuxin, Co-founder of Joy of Aging. Joy of Aging is a nonprofit organization which helps the elderly keep active and involved in their communities.

SHA Jing, Master, Focuses on internet research. proficient in Web Technology, Database Architecture and Management. Experience in development of large-scale information management system.

LU Wenkai, COO of Mobile Life Club of China (MCC), MCC is an organization which helps college students with entrepreneurship. 107

130 智慧家庭媒体中心

The Media Center for Smart Homes

“智慧家庭”是新一代信息技术的重要组成部分,主要承 载家电控制、影视娱乐、信息文化服务等内容,能显著提 高人类生活的舒适度和便利度。该作品主要以安卓系统的 智能媒体中心作为主展内容。展示一套基于数字电视平台, 以用户信息数据库和数字内容为基础,为家庭用户提供各 种综合信息服务的家庭信息平台,其核心是可控制的实时 互动的家庭(个人)信息的获取、过滤以及处理。其展示 内容主要是体感互动。


DING Yiqiong


"Smart home" is an important part of the next generation information technology. The smart media center covers the aspects of the home such as appliances, television and entertainment, information and cultural services and so on. The comfort and convenience of living can be significantly improved by the center. The smart media center is based on the Android operating system. We will show a family platform based on a digital TV which will integrate users' information databases with digital content. The core of the platform provides access to processed, filtered and integrated data in order to provide a fully controllable and immersive virtual experience.

丁一琼,2010 年考取中国传媒大学信息工程学院工学硕 士。主要研究传输与覆盖监控方向,在校期间主要负责新 媒体研究院与北京市农村工作委员会合作的北京市城乡新 媒体平台建设项目和与大唐移动合作的云媒体平台建设项 目,受到合作方的好评。读研期间获专利一个,软件著作 权数个,多次发论文,其中 EI 论文数篇。

DING Yiqiong started her Master Degree in School of Information Engineering, Communication University of China in 2010. Her research is mainly about transmission and coverage monitoring. During her study in New Media Institute, she is responsible for the collaboration with the Beijing Municipal Rural Work Committee of Beijing Urban and Rural Areas, and also the Cloud media platform projects in collaboration with Datang Mobile. Ding has got one patent, several software copyrights and has issued many papers in journals.


131 粉墨登场

Make Up, On Stage

《粉墨登场》是一个集戏曲人物介绍、戏曲换装、游戏体 验的多元应用作品。作品首先利用虚拟现实技术对生、旦 两个戏曲行当的服饰进行展示,采用键盘、卡片两种操作 方式,把死板的戏曲常识游戏化,再辅以声音解说。其次 作品中加入互动环节画脸谱。戏曲人物中净角的一大特点 就是脸谱,有时甚至要通过人物的脸谱判断他的性格,比 如蓝脸的窦尔敦、红脸的关公、黑脸的张飞……而虚拟现 实技术可以通过虚拟体验的方式让普通人来参与到这一专 业环节中,将画脸谱的过程虚拟化。 简言之,《粉墨登场》 是对戏曲艺术游戏虚拟体验的首次尝试,是新媒体艺术与 戏曲艺术的一次碰撞。




The virtual opera costume show "Make Up, On Stage" is a multi-faceted work, which includes opera characters, costume changes, and a gaming experience. It uses virtual reality technology to display the actors and their costumes, and changes the rigid opera into an interactive game through a keyboard, and control cards, supplemented by audio commentary. One feature of the work is interactive face painting. Generally, a major feature of Jing characters is facial makeup and sometimes we judge characters by their makeup, such as the blue faced Dou Er Dun,

red-faced Guan Gong, yellow faced Dian Wei, etc. Virtual reality technology allows ordinary people to participate in this rich and complex experience. 'Make Up, On Stage' is one of the first attempts to recreate the experience of Chinese Opera and brings an ancient art form into the 21st Century.


杨超,2010 年毕业于中国戏曲学院新媒体艺术系,现就职于北 京金视和科技有限公司,获高级工程师职称。2010 年 6 月 在

2010 大中华区 VR 盟主比赛中,参赛作品《粉墨登场》荣获大 陆第一名,大中华区第三名成绩,负责程序、部分策划及其部分 美术设计。2012 年 3 月至今的首都师范大学图书馆虚拟社区项 目中,杨超担任经理。用户可以通过 OPAC 书目查询和 URL 网 址两种方式进入虚拟图书馆导航系统,实现馆内图书的虚拟检索 和路径导航,并实现多人实时信息交互和多媒体共享,为用户提 供一个真实的虚拟图书馆漫游场景。

YANG Chao, graduated from the Department of New Media Art at The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in 2010. Currently he serves as an advanced software engineer at Beijing Jinshihe Technology Co., Ltd. At the 2010 VR Champion Match, his work "Make Up,On Stage" won the third place in Greater China and first place in Mainland China. Yang Chao is responsible for part of the planning and some of its art design. As production manager, he is now responsible for the project "Virtual Community Library of Capital Normal University", which tries to get users to enter the virtual library navigation system in two ways: OPAC bibliographic queries and the URL and provide users with a true virtual library roaming environment. 112


132 花雅之争

Controversy of Hua and Ya

作品旨在弘扬戏曲艺术、推广戏曲文化。作品名称来源于 清朝中期戏曲界花部雅部之间关于梨园霸主地位之争的 典故。 《花雅之争》是一个多媒体交互作品,采取游戏的形式进 行交互体验。游戏过程中,观众通过体感动作转动手臂, 操作虚拟戏台上的花部、雅部戏曲演员进行戏曲表演,丛 而了解、接受戏曲表演程式动作,达到推广、宣传戏曲文 化的目的。



National Academy of China Theater Arts

ZHU Xiao, LIU Xiang Fu, YANG Ji Hui , YANG Ming Zhuo


The opera integrates traditional classic aspects of opera with modern interactive design. Each character has a distinct appearance with a rounded head and visual stylings based upon those found in Chinese opera. The characters, around 3 heads high with short and fat bodies, are designed to look cute. Regarding the design of the game scenes, we wanted to present a misty, ambiguous atmosphere, so we designed distant mirage-like peaks and used fog effects, to fully mobilize the imagination of the player. We designed various stages centered on different themes such as a

朱晓,负前期策划、三维模型制作、 程序编写、界面交互设计及最终 作品集成。 刘祥福,前期策划、演员动作捕捉、 三维模型制作和动作绑定。 杨吉辉,前期策划、游戏场景制作、 三维模型制作。 杨明卓,人物原画设计、贴图绘制。

lotus stage, an underwater stage and a dragon boat stage, keeping the overall design of each stage thematically unified throughout.

以上作者均于 2008 年至 2012 年在中国戏曲学院新媒体艺术系 网络艺术设计方向学习。 指导教师中国戏曲学院新媒体艺 术系王亚东、杨洋老师。

ZHU Xiao, LIU Xiang Fu, YANGJi Hui , YANG Ming Zhuo, graduates from Network of Art and Design Major, Department of New Media Art from The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in 2012. Adviser: WANG Yadong and YANG Yang.


133 夜奔

Night Flight

作品《夜奔》是一款以中国戏曲剧目《夜奔》为文化背景 的游戏三维动作类游戏。作品主要讲述水浒英雄“林冲” 与大奸臣“高俅”之间的恩恩怨怨,在游戏中玩家将扮演 林冲的角色,与高俅的手下展开激战,最后将高俅击杀。 游戏操作方式分为 2 套:键盘版;跳舞毯 + crywee(类 似 sony 的 wii)。玩家可根据自己的选择进行娱乐。

"Night Flight" is a 3D action game, based on "Night Flight", a famous Chinese Opera. The work focuses on the rivalry between the heroes "Lin Chong" and traitor "Gao Qiu" from famous epic, Water Margin. In the game, players will play the role of Lin, who fights a fierce battle with Gao Qiu and finally kills him. The game is controlled via keyboard and a dance mat. 于鹏,毕业于中国戏曲学院新媒体艺术系。2011 年,获 第十五届全国多媒体教育软件大奖赛等教育组教学工具类 软件系统一等奖及北京市大学生学科竞赛金奖。2010 年, 获全国 3D 大赛全国总决赛一等奖。 于鹏

YU Peng


YU Peng, graduated from the Department of New Media Art at The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. In 2011, he won the first place in Fifteenth National Competition on multimedia education software GP education teaching tools software system and the gold medal in Beijing college students' subject competition. In 2010, he won the first place in Nationwide 3D contest national final.


134 梁祝化蝶

Butterfly Lover

数字皮影表演以传统皮影曲目“梁祝化蝶”为主题,采用 北京工业大学研发的数字皮影交互平台技术,由北京工业 大学艺术学院师生共同设计、研制并表演。此皮影戏表演 遵从传统皮影戏的特点,并具艺术性、技术性、互动性和 创新性。 梁祝的故事在中国家喻户晓,其中化蝶的部分最为凄美。 利用数字皮影的表演形式,不仅是对梁祝的艺术再创作, 也是利用新技术手段对皮影戏这一传统民族文化瑰宝的保 护与传承。


College of Art & Design of Beijing University of Technology


The idea of digital shadow puppet performance is from the traditional shadow puppet show "Butterfly Lover". It uses an interactive platform developed by the Beijing University of Technology. Developed with concerted efforts of teachers and students from Institute of the Arts and Design of Beijing University of Technology, this shadow play performance respects the characteristics of traditional shadow puppetry while introducing new artistic, technical, interactive and innovative elements.

The show tells the famous Chinese tale of Liang Zhu, which is about the metamorphosis of a butterfly from something hideous to something beautiful. It is not only a re-creation of Chinese traditional drama through digital means but also a means of using new technologies for shadow projection and inheritance of a treasured piece of traditional national culture.


项目总策划: 谭铁志,北京工业大学艺术设计学院副院长,教授; 执行总监:张岩,北京工业大学艺术设计学院数字媒体专业教师; 项目小组成员:徐金玉,北京工业大学艺术设计学院研究生(表演风格 定位);戴晶晶,北京工业大学艺术设计学院研究生(视觉元素开发); 丁慧君,北京工业大学艺术设计学院本科生(视觉元素开发);董昱敏, 北京工业大学艺术设计学院本科生(动态元素开发);郭明豪,北京工 业大学软件学院研究生(技术研发);孙妮娜,北京工业大学软件学院 研究生(技术研发)

Chief Director: TAN Tiezhi, Deputy Dean, Professor, College of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology ; Executive Director: ZHANG Yan, lecturer, Digital Media Major, College of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology; Group members: XU Jinyu, postgraduate, College of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology (performances style positioning); DAI Jingjing, postgraduate, College of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology (Visual element development); DING huijun, postgraduate, College of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology (Visual element development); DONG Yumin, postgraduate, College of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology (development of dynamic elements); GUO Minghao, postgraduate, Software College, Beijing University of Technology Software College, postgraduate (Technology and R&D); SUN Nina, postgraduate, Software College, Beijing University of Technology (Technology and R&D).



135 小径分岔的花园

The Garden of Forking Paths

作品是关于时间与选择的互动装置。通过一个虚拟的梦幻 花园,用丰富的肢体语言,舞蹈与装置、舞蹈和观众、舞 蹈与灯光、舞蹈与影像,为观者提供多重意象的身体游戏。 关键词:花园、小径、分岔的路口。无尽的想象,无尽的选项, 无尽的时间还有回环往复的空间。

This is an Interactive installation about TIME and CHOICE. We created a virtual garden like in the dreams, where the user can use dancing and body language to interact with lights and images. It will provide the audience a game of body with multiple imagery. Key words: Garden, Path, Cross road, Endless imagination, Endless options, Endless time and Distorted space.


The Department of Art Communication , Beijing Dance Academy Communication , Beijing Dance Academy



北京舞蹈学院艺术传播系,艺术管理及舞蹈科技专业人才 的培养基地、影视及舞蹈新媒体艺术的研究开发基地。 艺术传播系是北京舞蹈学院响应国家和北京市大力推广文 化创意产业的整体号召,拓宽舞蹈文化传播实效而创建的 交叉性专业教学系。下设公共艺术管理专业中外文化交流 管理方向和舞蹈编导专业 新媒体舞蹈方向。其中,前者主 要针对全球化、市场化背景下中外舞蹈文化交流与经营管 理的艺术实践,兼顾舞蹈艺术行政管理与舞蹈演出经营管 理两类艺术管理人才的培养,属于舞蹈学、艺术学与管理 学、传播学的交叉学科;后者主要针对数字化、网络化背 景下舞蹈艺术媒体传播的艺术实践,兼顾舞蹈大众传播与 舞蹈新媒体 传播两类艺术传媒人才的培养,属于舞蹈学与 传播学的交叉学科。

The Department of Art Communication , Beijing Dance Academy offers both undergraduate and graduate education for public art management majors with two different specializations: the management of cross-culture exchanges and new-media dance choreography. The former specializiation is a cross-disciplinary subject integrated with dance studies, the science of art, science of management and the communication. Its main focus is to prepare dance administrators 124

as well as dance performance managers to deal with dance-related cultural exchanges, marketing and management in the globalized market. The latter one is a multidisciplinary study encompassing dance studies communication science, aiming to prepare new-media dance choreographers to deal with mass media as well as new media works in the digitalized era. 作品主要策划人: 王梅 北京舞蹈学院艺术传播系教师。曾参与创作电视舞蹈长篇实验作品《激情 岁月》;多媒体舞蹈诗《舞者》的创意策划;作为新媒体交互装置的策展人, 曾策划多媒体交互图片展《那时花开——舞蹈人物主题图片展》以及《舞蹈生 活体验营——舞蹈拍客》展等。 高燕 北京舞蹈学院艺术传播系 09 级电视舞蹈专业在校生。 李喆 北京意象致远科技有限公司董事长。

The main planners of this work: WANG Mei teacher of department of art communication, BDA. She participated in the creation of "The Passionate Time: A Love Story ", an experimental dance film. And she was the planner of the multimedia dance poem "The Dancer". As a curator of new media interactive devices, she planned a series of multimedia interactive exhibitions such as "Merchant: A Dance Characters Collection" , and "Multimedia Exhibition About Peoples' Dance Experiences". GAO Yan New-media dance choreographer, a student of department of art communication, BDA. LI Zhe The president of Beijing Image Vision technology company. 125




那些因人和事件活跃着的数据将展现给 我们一个令人惊讶而多姿多彩的城市, 你会因此明白,原来这就是城市的脉搏

Cities are pulsing with life and activity, and watching the data gives us a surprisingly rich glimpse of that activity, and of the city itself. - faberNovel


101 等离子流


大型动态互动装置。利用自适应环绕立体声来加强用户体 验,塑造一连串高能带电粒子流。装置模拟一个流体粒子 系统,并通过互联网、红外感应相机组,在展览空间中发 射和捕捉信号来实现即时互动。观众的运动轨迹像粒子旋 风和染色流体一样,投影在装置中。等离子流在 2012 年 的悉尼 VIVID 艺术节上首次展出。

plasma_flow is a dynamic large-scale interactive projected installation utilising adaptive surround sound to reinforce a user's experience of creating and then co-shaping a cascade of highly charged particles. The installation emulates a Fluid/ Particle system and is accessible for real time interactive via a combination of internet traffic and series of Infrared light sensitive cameras, capturing input from participants as they traverse the exhibition space. Visitors' traces are projected as a swirling storm of particles and dyed fluids in response to their movements. plasma_flow was first shown at VIVID Sydney 2012.


作者 Artist: Brad Miller 编程 Programming: Adam

Hinshaw 音频 Audio: Ian McArthur 网络协议软件 Network protocol interfaces: Paul Adams Ian Andrews 根据 Derek Holzer 音频素材重组音频

Audio: Ian Andrews original reworking of patch by Derek、 Holzer 特别感谢原创 Processing 流体库的开发者。

Special thanks to original Processing Fluids Library developer 129

102 调解时刻


作品将因特网用作可搜索、反应式图像、声音、影像全球 数据库。通过记录的内容在一个沉浸式的环境中描绘北京。 让大家感知设计周前后的北京。这些数据时刻根据实时摄 像跟踪器由交互媒体平台生成动态内容,然后组成一系列 横向移动的影像中。作品根据观众的移动和位置控制单个 视觉元素的快慢、缩放显示的变化,让观众感知自己的位 置变化。

Brad Miller Ian McArthur


mediated_moments draws on the internet using it as a searchable and responsive global database of images, sound and video content describing, documenting and framing Beijing to display content as an immersive environment. Providing a sense of the city in the weeks before and during BJDW. Forming sequences in response to audience movement and position, these data ‘moments’ are animated by our Interactive Media Platform according to our custom live video camera tracker, and then sequentially embedded into strips of images presented horizontally. The interactivity of our installation enables users

in the space to recognise themselves in the work and control the display of individual visual elements of content by slowing and enlarging an image or video in response to their movement and position.

作者 Artist: Brad Miller 编程 Programming: Adam

Hinshaw 音频 Audio: Ian McArthur 网络协议软件 Network protocol interfaces: Paul Adams Ian Andrews 根据 Derek Holzer 音频素材重组音频

Audio: Ian Andrews original reworking of patch by Derek、 Holzer


Brad Miller,新南威尔士大学美术学院,艺术家,设计 学者,现居悉尼。他曾在交互作品中把现成的图像和声音 合成单频道视频,在近期关于记忆和联想的交互作品中加 入原创摄影及视频。这些联想对身份认同和自我形象定位 有更深刻复杂的影响。Miller 在 2011 年 ISEA 国际电子 艺术论坛上发表论文,关于泛在网和记忆调节的自龄特性。

Miller 目前与艺术家、环境工程师 Tega Brain 合作利用 数据库和分布式技术收集大量众包物候学数据,用于跨界 公共艺术研究和创新。Miller 受悉尼 2013 ISEA 国际电 子艺术论坛委托创作一件新的大型装置。

Ian McArthur,澳大利亚新南威尔士大学艺术学院,设 计师,设计教育家。他拥有英国密德萨斯大学的设计硕士 学位和悉尼科技大学的双学位。30 多年专业经验,在澳大 利亚以及东南亚地区的职业教育和高等教育领域担任要职, 现为新南威尔士大学美术学院设计系讲师,本科远程教育 课程主任。重点研究跨文化设计管理,开发有合作潜力的 新技术,开展全球范围的设计教育合作。

Brad Miller is an Artist and Design Academic at University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, he lives and works in Sydney. He has typically manipulated found images and sound 132

to create single channel video and more recently used original photographic and video content in his interactive works, where he explores memory and associations. These associations he suggests have a much more complex and supple effect on identity and our self-image than is commonly understood. Miller has written on the nature of self in the age ubiquitous networks and the mediation of memories, recently presenting a paper at International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) 2011 Istanbul. Miller is working on a number of new research projects planned for 2013, including collaboration with artist and environmental engineer Tega Brain, where they are developing original research and the creative development stages of an interdisciplinary public art project that uses database and distributed technologies to explore and present crowd sourced phenology data. Miller has been commissioned to create a massive new installation during ISEA 2013 in Sydney.


Ian Mcarthur is a designer and also a design education professor. He holds a Master of Design (Middlesex University, UK) and two education degrees (UTS, Sydney). During 30 years professional practice as artist, designer and design educationalist Ian has held a range of leadership roles in vocational and higher education in Australia and South East Asia. Ian currently coordinates COFA Online's Undergraduate online program and lectures in the School of Design studies at The College of Fine Art. Ian's research explores the potentials of collaborative cross-cultural practice, new technologies and design education. 134


114 微博可视分析工具

Weibo Events Visualization

“微博”这个曾经的新鲜事物现在已经渐渐融入了我们的 生活,人民开始习惯于用微博表达个人观点,用微博关注 明星、名人,用微博纵览热点事件……但是通过一条条独 立的微博,很难观察到每个事件的来龙去脉,也不容易找 到影响事件的关键人物。我们试图将微博热点事件的产生、 发展、结束用可视化的方式展示出来。本作品就是这样一 款微博可视化工具,它利用新颖的可视化方式,将一条条 独立的微博连接起来,用户可以选择多种形式来可视化微 博事件的传播方式,把握微博传播的脉络,快速浏览和分 析微博事件中的人和事,挖掘事件中的信息,更好地分析 事件的发生与发展过程。 袁晓如,张昕、任东昊、王臻皇、李菁、张博,北京大学 机器感知与智能教育部重点实验室,北京大学可视化与可 视分析小组(,2008 年 1 月 建立后在袁晓如研究员的指导下,数年来致力于研究发展 新颖和先进的可视化与可视分析技术与系统,将纷繁变化 的复杂数据绘制成直观的图像,通过交互界面,帮助人们

北京大学 可视化与可视分析小组

PKU Visualization and Visual Analytics Group



Weibo, analogue of Twitter in China is an integral part of our life. People are now used to express their opinions on internet through Weibo, track the activities of their favorite stars or celebrities,

or followe different events. However, unorganized Weibos are very hard to follow. It is also very difficult to identify key players in a hot Weibo event. One research effort of PKU Visualization and Visual Aanalytics Group is to develop visualization techniques to facilitate the comprehension and analysis throughout a Weibo event's lifespan. PKU WeiboEvents is such an online tool developed to organize Weibo posts through visualization. It provides multiple visual styles to help determine how Weibo messages are spreaded. YUAN Xiaoru and WANG Zuchao , Key Laboratory of Machine Perception (MOE), Peking University, PKU Visualization and Visual Analytics Group (http://vis., founded in Jan. 2008, is led by Prof. Yuan Xiaoru and focuses on developing novel and advanced visualization and visual analytics techniques and systems. Their work converts complex dynamic data into intuitive images, helping users to comprehend, explore and identify important insights through interactive user interfaces. 137

115 知微

Weibo reach

知微是目前较受大众欢迎的单条微博分析工具,生成的数 据图表美观且完整,有传播路径图、曝光量、传播关键词、 疑似水军比例、 传播人群地域分析等模块, 甚至还有性别比、 层级分析、用户类型、转发时间曲线、关键传播节点等数据。

Weiboreach is one of the most advanced new media news propagation analysis tools. The data charts generated by Weiboreach are complex and beautiful. It can display data such as sex ratio, hierarchy analysis, user types, time curves, communication node data, transmission path in the graph, exposure, communication key words, the size and disposition of military assets, and analysis of communications demographics by area. 哈尔滨工业大学社会网络与数据挖掘联合实验室研究团 队,团队掌握国内一流的海量数据分析、大数据背景下的 数据挖掘、语义级别的自然语言处理(NLP)、社交网络



Harbin Institute of Technology

技术。旗下作品 # 知微 # 是目前国内最出色的社交媒体传 播可视化工具,融合传播展示,情感计算,垃圾内容过滤 等功能。

Harbin Institute of Technology Joint Laboratory for 138

social networks and data mining research team performs high level analysis of large datasets in China and researches the context of data mining, semantic issues in natural language processing (NLP), the social characteristics of network information communication and model analysis, social networks and information visualization. Weiboreach is one of the most outstanding social media fusion visualization tools currently available, with options showing information distribution, affective computing, spam filtering and other functions. 139

125 玩调调

Play With Tones

声调是汉语与生俱来的特质 , 我们世世代代口口声声地沿 用下来习以为常 , 作为母语的无意识的使用似乎淡化了其 本身的感知 , 反倒是日益庞大的中文学习者时常感叹汉语 中惊人而难以掌控的声调。 玩调调是一个能唤起人们对汉语特质的声调可视化交互装 置。它实时捕捉语音中的汉字声调 , 首尾相接 , 进而生成 平上去入的连续波形几何图形。图形之间的堆叠 , 交叉 , 错落等关系构成了各种生动活泼的游戏。参与者可以根据 声调构造自己需要的声调图形 , 亦可即兴发挥。

The tones is the natural born characteristic of Chinese. Generation by generation, word by word we inherit the functionality of them. Using Chinese as the mother tongue, Chinese people hardly sense the wave of tones that generate when speaking certain words. In contrast, increasing number of Chinese learners often time feel the function of tones is the most difficult part of Chinese. 郭耀,蒋程宇

GUO Yao JIANG Chengyu


Play with tones is such a vocal interactive installation that trying to evoke and rediscover the beautiful nature of Chinese tones. It basically captures the tones while the participants speak,

and then put the tones together so it become an undetermined wave that stretch on the screen. The variation and the pattern of tones form a context of various games. The participants can either build the certain wave according to the pattern, or make improvisation while playing.


郭耀,受媒体和社会学理论启迪,专注于媒体艺术的思考 和创作,试图将艺术与科技整合。本科就读于中国人民大 学新媒体艺术系,曾赴台湾艺术大学和德国科隆媒体艺术 学院交流学习。兴趣涉及自然、社会及人文科学。作品曾 在中国美术馆、北京国际设计周、中华世纪坛数字艺术馆 等机构展览,涉及气候议题、消费社会、时代思维、社会 认同和声音界面等。北京创客空间成员, 参与很多创客活 动。是公益组织一公斤电子的核心成员。该组织旨在将电 子实验传播到偏远地区。 蒋程宇, 一公斤电子发起人, 现任清华大学工业工程系助研, 希望通过个人有限的工作能够为架通科技,艺术与社会的 桥梁产生有效的作用。

Guo Yao got bachelor degree in Renmin University of China, and has experiences of studying in Taiwan University of Arts and Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. With widely-open eyes and trans-disciplinary minds, he keeps track of the emerging social phenomena, currents of creative industry, the contemporary art environment especially in the field of media art and other varies theories, aiming to dig more possibilities of media extension, achieve the firsthand inspirations and expand the fields of research. 142

He is the member in Beijing Hackerspace and involved in lots of maker events. At the same time he is also a board member in a NGO called one kilogram electronics, whose mission is to spread the basic but intriguing packet of electronics in budget to the students in rural places. JIANG Chengyu is one of the founder of One Kilo-gram Electronics and serves as Assistant Researcher in IE Dept., Tsinghua Univ. Through efforts,he hopes to bridge the gap between technology and art in order to contribute something positive towards society. 143



UI Creator: A Solution for Interactive Media Design and Content Delivery

作品以 UICreator 全媒体互动业务开发支撑平台为主。

UICreator 全媒体互动业务开发支撑平台是以信息服务提 供者和信息发布者为中心的信息服务支撑技术平台,支持 信息发布机构面向包括智能电视机、双向互动机顶盒、智 能手机、平板电脑、公共触摸屏、个人电脑与办公计算机、 以及各种户外屏幕与环境媒体终端在内的信息服务终端的 交互信息发布,支持基于广告和用户付费的互动业务运营。

The interactive media design and publishing platform UICreator focuses on providing publishing information service support to media outlets. UICreator's interactive media publishing service is supported across a wide variety of platforms, including PC, tablet, public displays, mobile phone and television via a two way settop box, all with full cross-platform compatibility. The platform utilizes a hybrid revenue model based on advertisements and subscriber payments. 中国传媒大学 马立铭等

Communication University of China MA Liming

本团队致力于全媒体互动业务系统的研发,与北京市委农 工委、广东省云浮市有线数字电视网等单位有着广泛的业 务合作关系。我们的团队始终秉承着“做产品要有爱”的 宗旨,团结协作,不断吸收各方意见,使全媒体互动业务 系统具备更多的便捷服务、更友好的人机操作界面、有效


提升了 UICreator 在业界的知名度,凭借着“统一交互消 息描述机制”、 “面向多屏融合的交互消息处理接口”、 “媒 体服务云”等多项具有自主知识产权的关键技术,实现了 多项核心模块的自主研发。

Our team is committed to the research and development of interactive media service system. We have extensive cooperative relations with the Beijing Municipal and Rural Work Committee, Digital cable television networks in Yunfu, Guangdong and other organizations. Our team has always been adhering to the purpose "Love into Products". We enhanced the popularity of the UICreator effectively by promoting interactive media system with more convenient services and friendly man-machine interfaces. By virtue of the "unified interactive message description mechanism", "interactive message processing interface for multi-screen integration", "media service cloud" and the other key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, our team has achieved the independent research and development of a number of core modules.

团队成员(中国传媒大学研究生): 马立铭:系统技术架构、核心模块开发 夏志强:设备识别与 EPG 模块开发 倪瀚飙:服务器软硬件平台搭建 于鉴桐:第三方部署及升级模块开发 陈墨蛟:广告业务模块开发 马骁:桌面与本地模块开发

Team members : (Graduate of Communication University of China) : MA Liming : System Architects, Core Modules Development XIA Zhiqiang Xia : Device Identification Technology, EPG Module Development Ni Hanbiao : Server Hardware and Software Platform Building YU Jiantong : Third-party Deployment Module Development CHEN Mojiao : Advertising Module Development MA Xiao : Desktop and Local Module Development


127 北京印象

Beijing Impression

多媒体作品《北京印象》,作者严晨,人民教育音像出版 社出版。 作品表现北京 3000 多年建城的历史,曾作为中国金、元、 明、清四朝的首都,千百年的历史发展,使北京拥有了丰 富的历史文化遗产,深厚的文化底蕴以及独特的社会风情。 她的历史变迁贯穿于中国发展的过程,折射出华夏文明发 展演变的轨迹,是华夏五千年文明史一个极富特色的缩影。 作品以多媒体的形式从北京城的中轴线设计、皇城构造、 民居风情以及著名的自然景观四个角度为线索,通过图像、 文字、动画以及人机交互虚拟现实技术再现了北京古往今 来的风采。


YAN Chen


The multimedia work "Beijing Impression" by Yan Chen, shows the history of Beijing, which was founded 3000 years ago. Beijing, served as the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties' capital and has thousands years' development. Beijing is rich in historical and cultural heritage as well as unique social customs. The city's historical changes reflects the evolution of Chinese civilization. Beijing is a unique microcosm of China's five thousands years of civilization.


The work displays a design emanating from the central axis of Beijing and shows how imperial construction, residential styles and the famous four perspectives of the natural landscape affected the development of the city. Through images, text, animation, virtual reality technology, and human-computer interaction, "Beijing Impression" reproduces the elegance of Beijing through the ages.

严晨,北京印刷学院设计艺术学院副院长,教授,硕士研 究生导师,光华龙腾奖 - 中国设计业十大杰出青年、中国 出版工作者装帧艺术委员会会员、中国数码艺术与设计研 究会会员,出版国家“十一五”规划教材《多媒体技术及 应用——Director 篇》等 11 部学术专著及教材,并发表

50 余篇专业论文。教学成果“艺术创新教育与人才培养” 获北京市级教学成果二等奖。主讲课程“多媒体编创艺术” 入选北京市级精品课程。教学团队“多媒体艺术教学团队” 获 北京市市级优秀教学团队称号。

YAN Chen, Associate Dean at Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication and Art Design Professor, Master Instructor, Guanghua Dragon Award-Ten 148

Outstanding Youth of China's Design Industry winner Publishers Binding Arts Council memberďźŒ Digital Art and Design Research Association Member. He has published the national "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" textbook "Multimedia technologies and applications - Director articles" and over 50 professional paper. He has won "The Art of Innovative Education and Personnel Training" Beijing - level Teaching Achievement Award. His course "multimedia innovations of art" was selected for the Beijing - class quality courses. His teaching team won the title of the Beijing municipal outstanding teaching team.


128 剪影公告板


奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子 艺术中心未来实验室

Ars Electronica Futurelab 制作人员 Credits:

Ars Electronica Futurelab: Roland Haring, Hideaki Ogawa, Christopher Lindinger, Emiko Ogawa, Matthew Gardiner and David Stolarsky

作品即拍摄观众剪影然后打印成人形便利贴,连同留言贴 到一个巨大的留言板上。剪影中独特的肢体语言、充满趣 味的留言“泡泡”、汇聚成一个主题墙。

Shadowgram 是一件用人们的剪影创作的参与式作品, 让个人和社会集体发声。

Shadowgram prints shadow of visitor's silhouette out as a miniature sticker. There is a big illustration board which shows the world. Add your silhouette shadow sticker and your comment on it. The particular body language of the silhouette, a speech balloon containing a brief statement, and the respective thematic cluster coalesce into a message. Shadowgram is a participative artwork using shadows that enable the individual and society to form collective messages.



奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术中心未来实验室致力于 研究未来艺术、技术和社会的关系。开发作品勾勒以艺术 为基础的的各种可能的未来场景。实验室旨在通过发展应 用科学技术,启示社会关系中关于艺术和科学的新知识与 经验。研发作品均为跨学科研究,并影响多学科。经过多 年的发展成熟,领域涵盖媒体艺术、建筑、设计、互动展览、 虚拟现实和实时图形等领域。

Ars Electronica Futurelab focuses on the future at the nexus of art, technology and society. We consider our works as sketches of possible future scenarios in art-based, experimental forms. In this way, we are aiming at developing contributions through methods and strategies of applied science, the results of which reveal new knowledge and experiences of societal relevance in art and science. The lab' s team bases its work commitment upon transdisciplinary research and work which results in a variety of different disciplines at the lab. Our range of services concentrates on expertise developed throughout the years in fields such as media art, architecture, design, interactive exhibitions, virtual reality and real-time graphics. 152


Part 2 智慧城市

Smart City


展览“智慧城市”版块展示国际间 在“智慧城市”领域的信息设计研 究与应用案例:纽约,波士顿,伦 敦,巴黎,日内瓦,米兰,哥本哈根; 新加坡,美国,日本,法国,欧洲, 全球;多角度展现在科技、通讯、 社会、交通、环境、生态、安全领 域发展“智慧城市”的探索与实践。

The Smart City Sector presents information design and application cases in international cities, countries and continents: NYC, Boston, London, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Copenhagen; Singapore, US, Japan, France, Europe and Global. The sector investigates the Smart City practices through 7 sub-sectors: Technology, Telecom, Society, Transportation, Environment, Ecology and Safety.




001 谷歌搜索量

Google Search Volume

作品可视化一天各地区搜索量,颜色代表语言。整个欧洲 版图和亚洲部分地区色彩丰富。但在网络覆盖少,经常停 电的非洲地区,一天的搜索量就很小。我们期望网络能覆 盖更多人群,搜索量同步增长,这样色彩将布满整个地球。 作品由谷歌数据艺术团队运用他们的新工具 WebGL 实 现,它是基于 JavaScript 的 3D 图形编程接口。

WebGL, a 3D graphics API for JavaScript designed by the Google Data Arts Team, maps global search volume by language:

Nathan Yau


The Search Globe visualizes searches from a given day, and shows the language used in search queries in an area in different colors. You’ll see a bright rainbow of queries across Europe, and parts of Asia for instance, but unfortunately you’ll see many fewer searches from parts of the world lacking Internet access— and often electricity as well—like Africa. We hope that as the Internet continues to become more accessible over time and as people continue to ask questions, we’ll see this globe shine brightly everywhere.

Nathan Yau,FlowingData 的作者。前任电子工程师, 加州大学伯克利分校学习计算机科学,目前在加州大学洛 杉矶分校攻读统计学(数据可视化方向)博士学位。 对数据解读的普及、信息设计、自我监督极感兴趣,致力 于让更多非专业人士可读可用数据,数据可视化起到重要 作用。

Nathan Yau,writer for FlowingData. Former electrical engineering and computer science student at Berkeley, now UCLA PhD candidate in statistics with a focus in data visualization. Most interested in Data for non-professionals Information design Self-surveillance, he wants to make data available and useful to those who aren't necessarily data experts, in which visualization plays a major role. 159

002 网络的演变

Evolution of Web

当前网络世界中网页和网络应用迅速增长,有丰富的视频、 图片和交互内容。正是网络技术和浏览器的互相影响协作 将这一切变为可能。随着时间的推移,网络技术不断演进, 让网页开发者能开发出更实用和沉浸式的网页浏览体验。 当前的网络是开放式的网络开发团体不断努力的结果,他 们帮助定义网络技术,如 HTML5(第 5 代超文本标记语 言)、CSS3(第 3 代层叠样式表)和 WebGL(网络图形库), 并且保证兼容所有网页浏览器。作品中的色带代表各种网 络技术和浏览器的相互协作和影响。正是这些使更加强大 的网络应用得以实现。

Vizzuality, Hyperakt


The web today is a growing universe of interlinked web pages and web apps, teaming with videos, photos, and interactive content. What the average user doesn't see is the interplay of web technologies and browsers that makes all this possible. Over time web technologies have evolved to give web developers the ability to create new generations of useful and immersive web experiences. Today's web is a result of the ongoing efforts of an open web community that helps define these web technologies, like HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL and ensure that they're supported in all web browsers. The color bands

in this visualization represent the interaction between web technologies and browsers, which brings to life the many powerful web apps that we use daily.


Vizzuality 来自纽约和马德里的数据分析和可视化机构,引 领海量分类、地理空间和实时数据领域数据分析和可视化。 基于重要话题建立大量开源的、富媒体因特网应用。客户包 括谷歌、华尔街日报和哥伦比亚大学。CartoDB (cartodb.

com) 的开发者,CartoDB 是云端数据聚合、分析和位置感 知应用的开源平台。

Hyperakt,位于纽约的独立设计室,热衷创作新事物改变身 边世界,在平凡中创造不平凡。

This is a joint project of Vizzuality, a data analysis and visualization company based in NYC and Madrid and NYC based design studio Hyperakt in collaboration with Google. Vizzuality is a leading company in data analysis &visualization of large taxonomic, geospatial and temporal datasets. It builds open source, Rich Internet Applications on stories that matters. Clients include Google, The Wall Street Journal and Columbia University. It is also the developer of CartoDB (, an open source platform to map, analyze and build location-aware applications with your data in the cloud. 162

Hyperakt is an independent NYC design firm with a passion for creating work that effects change in the world around us: meaningful design for the common good. 163

003 欧洲新版图

A New Map of Europe

DensityDesign 制作人员 Credits:

Wired UK (unpublished) 2009 学术协调 Scientific Coordinator:

Paolo Ciuccarelli

项目负责 Project Leader:

Donato Ricci

团队成员 Team:

Mario Porpora, Lorenzo Fernandez, Michele Mauri, Luca Masud 统计顾问 Statistics Consultant:

Marco Fattore


欧洲版图新演绎,由《连线》杂志英国版邀约创作,展 示 27 个欧盟国家(移动)互联网的实际覆盖与它对人民 生活的影响程度。作者通过与统计团队合作,可视化处理

2008 年 27000 个民意调查数据,运用等压线传统制图法, 以等高地图呈现。地图上的区块对应调查问题,调查结果 分析的可视化形成了一个欧洲新版图。

Commissioned by Wired magazine - UK edition, it shows how people in the 27 EU states perceive the impact of the Internet and mobile phones on their lives and then contrasts this with their actual penetration in each country. It explores new ways to visualize complex data by working with a statistics team to crunch data from a 2008 Eurobarometer survey of 27,000 people. The result is a contour map, which makes use of the isobars of traditional cartography. Each panel in the map refers to a specific question in the survey and provides a new way to look at geography as Europe' s landscape gets reshaped.


米兰理工大学设计系研究实验室,关注社会与城市复杂现 象的可视化分析。旨在挖掘信息可视化与信息设计的潜力, 为研究员和学者提供依据。通过重组数据、重释定性信息、 地理位置信息及视觉分类,形成可视化概要,成为描述、 揭开复杂系统隐藏联系的图形化的捷径。 从设计角度研究可视化项目,研究兴趣包括可视化理论及 认识,认知基础分析。还包括数据可视化大型框架建构、 推测性叙事的特定解决方案。用开放式方法实现可视化, 从视觉叙事到视觉分析。设计的作用不仅是工具,更应是 一门语言,在实践中定义全新的视觉认识论。 与其他研究员和组织合作,通过独立严谨的学术研究、开 放式问卷调查,加深公众对世界的认知。

DensityDesign is a Research Lab in the design department (INDACO) of the Politecnico di Milano. It focuses on the visual representation of complex social, organizational and urban phenomena. Our research aim is to exploit the potential of information visualization and information design and provide innovative and engaging visual artifacts to enable researchers and scholars to build solid arguments.By rearranging numeric data, reinterpreting qualitative information, 166

locating information geographically, and building visual taxonomies, we can develop a diagrammatic visualization - a sort of graphic shortcut - to describe and unveil the hidden connections of complex systems. DensityDesign develops research projects in the domain of visual representation, stemming from a design perspective. Our research interests include theoretical and epistemological reflections on visualizations and analyses of their cognitive underpinnings, in addition to the development of large frameworks for data visualization and ad-hoc solutions for speculative narration. We adopt an open approach to visualization, working from visual storytelling to visual analytics. Design is, thus, treated more like a proper language than a tool. We use this language in practice to define a new - visual - epistemology. DensityDesign is committed to collaborating with other researchers and organizations devoted to academic independence and rigor, open enquiry, and risk taking to enhance our understandings of the world. 167




通过对数据的深入挖掘掌握使用它的方法, 政府机构和城市居民都将因此受益,最终铸 就美好的城市

The more we dig into the data, the more we learn about the city. This can in turn be useful, both for city government agencies and the citizens, making it a better city for everyone.

- faberNovel


012 伦敦公共交通

London Public Transport

作品展示伦敦过去十年交通方式的变化,从 2001 年至

2010 年,城市私车数量剧减,自行车、公车数量激增, 自行车在中心城区的使用量增加一倍多。 数据来源于运输部车流计数器,图中红点显示十年来自行 车使用量上升一倍以上。其对应的汽车使用地图,蓝色圆 点占据整个中心城区,反映 2003 年伦敦拥挤路段收费区 建立后的情况。 尽管十年间自行车使用量在大伦敦区呈整体上升趋势,但 中心城区以外的某些地区自行车使用量却逐年下降。

ITO World

New graphics from data mapping specialists ITO World clearly show how travel patterns in London have changed during the past decade, displaying how the use of bicycles (shown in the graphic above) more than doubled in the centre of the city between 2001 and 2010. It is evident how vehicle use in the city has been reduced significantly in nine years since 2001 - except for huge increases in cycling and bus/coach use. The map was compiled using data gathered by traffic counters for the Department for Transport.



The bright red dots on the map above show where levels of cycling have gone up by 100 per cent or more between 2001 and 2010; the corresponding map for car use, shows blue circles dominating the city centre - a reflection, among other things, of the introduction of the Congestion Charging Zone in 2003. While bicycle usage across Greater London has generally increased during the period, there are a number of locations outside the centre where declining numbers of cyclists were recorded. ITO World,英国公司,成立于 2006 年,为交通行业及 交通设施使用者提供基于网络的服务。服务建立在先进的 多渠道英国运输系统上,包括道路、公共交通,采用尖端 视觉技术展现研究成果。 参与欧盟与英国数据标准的研究,曾是政府五年研究项目 的引领行业伙伴。该项目旨在让交通设施使用者了解信息 技术的创新使用。 目前为国家铁路查询网等交通机构提供个性化交通信息的 自动生成。


ITO World Ltd. is a UK company formed in 2006 to provide web - based services for transport professionals and transport users. Our services are based on an advanced multi - modal model of the United Kingdom's transport system, which includes roads and public transport, displaying the results using state - of - the-art visual effects techniques. ITO has worked on a number of key EU and UK data standards and is the lead industrial partner in a five-year government research project to understand innovative uses of information technology by transport users. ITO currently provides automated reporting of personalised local transport information to transport agencies, including the National Rail Enquiries website. 173

013 数字说纽约

NYC by Numbers

014 世界高铁地图

Global Map High Speed Rails


The Outlook Magazine 174

选取纽约几大特征,结合数字和插画,以图表形式作全方 位诠释,为所有人提供一个快速了解纽约的方式。出自《新 视线》2012 年 4 月刊,策划统筹为彭杨军和陈皎皎,编 辑为陆茵茵,设计为王英男。

We offer comprehensive explanation based on the core features of New York in graphics with data and illustrations to help everyone have a quick overview of New York.

以图表形式,解说世界各地高铁的差异性,帮助大众从数 据上分辨成熟的高铁航线。出自《新视线》2012 年 4 月刊, 策划统筹为彭杨军和陈皎皎, 编辑为陆茵茵, 设计为王英男。

We illuminate in graphics the differences between high - speed railways all over the world and help everyone on how to distinguish a perfect route for high - speed railway travel.


015 法国高铁准点动态图

Trains of Data Trains in Time

美国麻省理工大学 可感知城市实验室

MIT SENSEable City Lab


列车会晚点。列车路网运营商最关心通过了解受延误影响 的乘客数量和列车位置等关键因素来减少整体延误。作品 可视化晚点列车实时数据,受延误影响乘客数量,路网上 所有列车实时位置,帮助高铁调度员及时掌握延误乘客信 息,迅速采取行动,优化铁路运营,提高旅客满意度。

Trains, at times, do run late. While a rail network operator is interested in reducing overall delay and especially critical aspect relates to the number of passengers directly affected by such delays and their location. In this visualization we combine data on the time trains run behind schedule with the actual number of passengers on any train at any moment. This information is represented at the actual location of a train on SNCF's high speed rail network. With this, a rail operator can quickly understand where many passengers are affected by train delays and use this information to take appropriate action, ultimately limiting delay per passenger and increasing overall passenger satisfaction.


016 等时法国

Trains of Data Isaochronic France

美国麻省理工大学 可感知城市实验室

MIT SENSEable City Lab


一天中以及一周内列车换乘和晚点造成的等候时间都会发 生变化,两地交通时间随之变化。作品中,地图根据交通 耗时按比例变形,显示一周的变化。用户选择初始车站, 就可以知道在特定时间内能到达哪座城市。用户能可视化 某特定时间或一周的信息。

As train schedules, wait times between connections and delays vary throughout the day and over the course of a week, travel time between any location and the rest of the country changes constantly. In this visualization, deformations are proportional to travel time and reveal the changes in the course of a one week period. Users can select any one location as their origin to explore what cities can be reached within specific travel times. The interface allows users to access the information for a specific time or visualize this information over the course of a week.


麻省理工可感知实验室,探讨城市、公众、科技间连接面 的多学科研究团队,致力于研究数字设备和通讯网络的覆 盖对都市生活的影响。团队汇集十多个学科研究人士以开 创性思路和创新型真实演示来预测未来趋势。这些研究项 目与城市、企业与大学合作,力求揭示数字设备网络的拓 展对城市认知、描述与居住等传统准则的改 变。 已完成 50 个项目并出版 300 篇科学论文。作品在纽约 建筑联盟、加拿大建筑中心、巴塞罗那设计博物馆、纽约 现代艺术博物馆、麻省理工学院博物馆、威尼斯双年展及

2008 萨拉戈萨世博会展出,并被 BBC、CNN、《经济学 人》与《纽约时报》多次报道。

The SENSEable City Lab, a multidisciplinary research group that studies the interface between cities, people, and technologies. We investigate how the ubiquity of digital devices and the various telecommunication networks that augment our cities are impacting urban living. With an overall goal of anticipating future trends, we bring together researchers from over a dozen academic disciplines to work on groundbreaking ideas and innovative real - world demonstrations. This research is undertaken in partnership with cities, the private sector and other universities; 180

through this collaborative approach we strive to reveal how a new, rapidly expanding network of digital devices is serving to modify the traditional principles of understanding, describing and inhabiting cities. The SENSEable City Lab's experience includes 50 completed projects and 300 scientific publications. The group' s work has been exhibited in leading venues, including the Architectural League of New York, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the Design Museum in Barcelona, MoMa, the MIT Museum, Venice Biennale, and Zaragoza's 2008 World Expo. In addition, The SENSEable City Laboratory's work and vision is frequently featured by global media and press outlets including, ABC Radio, Architectural Record, Associated Press, BBC, Boston Globe, CBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, The Economist, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune, Le Monde, Metropolis, National Geographic, New Scientist, Newsweek, NPR, The New York Times, Science, Science Daily, Seed, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and Wired among others. 181

017 巴黎租车


资源智能共享能让城市减少消耗、提高效率、更智慧。单 车共享、公寓共享、工作室共享在欧美迅速普及。2008 年至 2010 年,faberNovel 将共享理念提升到一个新层 次,应用于电动车共享服务。faberNovel 与法国最大的 几家交通服务公司联盟合作(万喜集团、Avis 汽车租赁公 司、法国国家铁路公司和巴黎公交公司),从理念到原型 完成了这一新的服务设计,让城市交通带入全新时代。



Sharing resources intelligently is one way that cities can reduce consumption, increase efficiency and become "smarter". Bike-sharing, apartmentsharing, workspace - sharing are all quickly gaining popularity across Europe and the United States. From 2008 to 2010 faberNovel helped take this movement to a new level with its work on a sustainable electrical car sharing service. faberNovel worked with a consortium of some of the biggest transportation companies in France (Vinci, Avis, SNCF and RATP) to design this new service from idea to prototype. The result is a vision for the next era of transportation in our cities.


018 地铁「售票员」


作品在 将纽约地铁系统转变成交互弦乐 器。基于纽约运输署发布的列车时刻表,从列车启动开始 移动,逐渐加速前行,以 24 小时为周期循环往复。作品 视觉受玛西莫·维格尼利 1972 年作品 Diagram 启发。

At , Conductor turns the New York subway system into an interactive string instrument. Using the MTA's actual subway schedule, the piece begins in realtime by spawning trains which departed in the last minute, then continues accelerating through a 24 hour loop. The visuals are based on Massimo Vignelli's 1972 diagram. Alexander Chen 生于 1981 年,目前住在布鲁克林, 做交互、音乐作品。2002 年根据费城地铁上班族的素材 创作了一部名为“无意识奏鸣曲”的作品。2011 年推出 将纽约地铁系统转变成弦乐演奏。2012 年创建网站 将巴赫的大提琴 组曲可视化。现工作于谷歌创意实验室,2010 年设计了 爵士音乐人 Les Paul 版的 Google doodle。 多乐器演奏家,The Consulate General 和 Boy in

Alexander Chen


Static 乐队成员。

Alexander Chen (b. 1981) creates musical and interactive work, currently living in Brooklyn. In 2002, he made Sonata for the Unaware, a piece which generated music from footage of Philadelphia subway commuters. In 2011, he launched, which turned the New York subway system into a string instrument. In 2012, he created http://www., visualizing Bach's Cello Suites. Chen is currently working at Google Creative Lab, where he conceived the Les Paul Google doodle (2010). He is also a multi - instrumentalist who makes music as The Consulate General and Boy in Static. 185

019 16 亿客流

1.6 Billion Rides

2011 年纽约有 16 亿乘客搭乘地铁。尽管数字庞大,却 没有说明其他信息。如果将数据细分后分析,我们发现: 无论城市、社区还是地铁,我们都可从数据中受益良多。 数据挖掘得越深,对数据使用方式的了解也越深。这对政 府机构和城市居民都有益,并让城市更美好。 作品使用了纽约大都会运输署的开放数据。


1.6 billion - that is the number of rides people took on the New York City subway in 2011. While an enormous number, taken by itself it does not tell us very much. But what can we learn if we break that number down to look at it in various different ways? The answer: the data tells us a lot, both about the city as a whole as well as about individual neighborhoods and subway stations. The more we dig into the data, the more we learn about patterns of use within the city. This can in turn be useful, both for city government agencies as well as for the people who live in the city, making the city work better for everyone. 1.6 Billion Rides is a project created by faberNovel using open data from the NY MTA.



FaberNovel 由创业家和创新人士一起为客户和合作伙伴 引进革新的数字生活理念。我们坚信创新加上创业精神是 改变世界的最佳方法,我们相信未来由人创造,在创业生 态系统中协同合作是实现改变的最佳方式。 我们与大量机构开展合作项目,帮助大型机构永葆活力; 助力初创公司成长、壮大;促进全球创业生态系统,让其 中每个人获利。 我们在巴黎、旧金山、纽约和莫斯科都设分部,业务覆盖 全球。

faberNovel is a movement of entrepreneurs and innovators working to bring game-changing digital ideas to life with clients and partners both big and small. We believe that innovation and entrepreneurial thinking are the best way to change the world, making it a better, smarter and more interesting place. Further, we believe that the future is shaped by people, and that undertaking this together with others as part of an ecosystem is the best way to create this change. faberNovel works with a large number of 188

organizations on many different projects. Generally speaking we help large organizations think and act like startups and help startups become big, successful companies as well as grow and build ecosystems of entrepreneurship worldwide, for the benefit of everyone in that ecosystem. We are based in Paris, San Francisco, New York City and Moscow, and our work spans the entire world. 189

020 TS2 塔台模拟器

TS2 Tower Simulator

作品“TowerSim2”塔台模拟器由北京航空航天大学空 管中心与北京航空航天大学新媒体艺术与设计学院共同开 发。本作品旨在建立一个高逼真度的,适用于军民航机场 的程序管制方式的塔台模拟器,为管制员培训提供基本的 模拟训练系统。 在“TowerSim2”塔台模拟器中,建立虚拟的机场三维 图像,逼真的飞机运动模型和车辆运动模型,构筑与真 实的塔台高度相似的操作台、显示画面、通讯设备、工 作流程和系统响应,让学员有一个完善逼真的场景,丛而 提高培训质量、缩短塔台实习时间,节省培训费用。同时 “TowerSim2”也对提升机场塔台空管在运输高峰期的 调度能力、在航班频繁起落的机场进行针对实地的零风险 的改建扩建勘查测绘、以及在自然灾害气候变更方面给予

北京航空航天大学空管中心 北京航空航天大学新媒体艺术 与设计学院

Air Traffic Control Research Center of Beihang University, School of New Media Art and Design of Beihang University

有效的风险预测等方面都具有现实意义。目前,该类培训 已在发达国家开始实施,但在中国还刚起步。本作品从实 践的角度研究塔台模拟器构建与实现,并以拉脱维首都亚 里加机场为具体研究模型。

The tower simulator "TowerSim2" is developed by Air Traffic Control Research Center & School of New Media Art and Design of Beihang University. The "TowerSim2" tower simulator is a digital simulation training system of high verisimilitude


in order to train tower controllers efficiently. This simulator creates virtual three-dimensional images, vivid motion aircraft models, and vehicle models and builds up console, display, communications equipment, workflow and system response that are highly similar to the real tower control, so that trainees can have a perfect feeling of immersion in the scene, which can train them to have good working habits, sharp their intuition, and enhance their work skills and psychological qualities. It is very benefit to improve the training quality, to reduce training time for tower control practice, and to save training costs. Currently, such training has been implemented in the developed countries, but has just begun in China. We studied the structure of tower simulator from a practical viewpoint, and developed a sample system based on the Latvian Riga airport.


陈峰,北京航空航天大学空中交通管制研究中心,高级工 程师,飞行器控制、制导与仿真专业。在本作品中主要负 责系统后台程序,比如雷达、管制员、飞行员等席位的设计。 谢劭辰,北京航空航天大学空中交通管制研究中心,讲师, 飞行器控制、制导与仿真专业。在本作品中主要负责视景 及仿真设计。 陈峰和谢劭辰长期从事空中交通管理研究。近年共同完成 的主要课题有:1)2010 年巴西空中交通管制学院塔台模 拟器;2)2009 年拉脱维亚首都里加机场塔台模拟器系统;

3)2004 年空军工程大学塔台模拟器;4)2000 年中国 南方航空公司签派管理系统,也是国内首套类似系统。 王宁,北京航空航天大学新媒体艺术与设计学院,讲师, 中国图学会会员。在本作品中主要负责视景及仿真设计。 王宁长期从事新媒体信息设计及视觉艺术设计工作。2010 年曾参与国家“863”重大项目子课题,担任其中可视化 工作。多次参加中国科协承建的“中国数字科技馆”网络 博物馆工程建设项目。曾在第五届世界多媒体与互联网峰 会 FIAM 国际数码艺术大奖中获“技术”奖。

CHEN Feng, senior engineer, Air Traffic Control Research Center of Beihang University, major in guidance and simulation. In this project, he mainly charged for program design. 192

XIE Shaochen, lecturer, Air Traffic Control Research Center of Beihang University, major in guidance and simulation. In this project, he mainly charged for scene and simulation design. Chen Feng and Xie Shaochen have been engaged in air traffic management research for a long time. Recent years, they have finished many projects about air traffic management, for example, Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator for Brazil Air Traffic Control Institute in 2010 and Latvia Riga Airdrome Control Tower Simulator in 2009. WANG Ning, lecturer, School of New Media Art and Design of Beihang University, member of China Graphics Society. In this project, he mainly charged for scene and simulation design. Wang Ning has been engaged in new media information design and visual art design for many years. In 2010, he participated in "863" LargeAircraft - Subproject of State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, and in producing of JiLin province propaganda film of Shanghai World Expo as chapter director & technique director.


021 全球民航实时图

Global Live Air Traffic

全球民航实时图是一个很棒的全球航班跟踪器,能看到全 球各地实时空中交通。网上、智能手机与平板电脑都可以 用到。

Watch live air traffic from all around the earth! Flightradar24 is the internationally acclaimed flight tracker service that is available both on the web, in your smartphone and in your tablet. With lots of useful and cool features, you're be able to monitor every move of the aircrafts in the sky above you. 2007 年在瑞典推出,是一个兴趣爱 好者的项目。最初在北欧和中欧建立信息接收网络,2009 年开放给公众,任何人用 ADS-B 接收器就可以接入。信 息覆盖拓展到欧洲其他国家,以及格陵兰岛、澳大利亚、 加拿大和巴西。2011 年计划让网站覆盖到欧洲大部分地 区及世界其他地方。

194 was launched as a hobby project in Sweden in 2007. We started to build our own network of receivers in Northern and Central Europe. In 2009 we opened this network, and

made it possible for anyone with a ADS-B receiver to connect to the network. This made it possible to expand in the rest of Europe, on Greenland, in Austraila, in Canada and in Brazil. In 2011 we hope to cover most parts of Europe and other places around the world. 195

047 微置建城


通过受众与一个坐标点在三维空间中的不完全转换 , 将 量子力学 (Quantum Mechanics) 中的测不准原理

(Uncertainty principle) 引入社会学范畴。讨论真实社会 以及虚拟世界 (Virtual World) 中 , 人与群体空间之间的 相互作用。 现场大屏幕上有一个由所有 CMoDA 的微薄粉丝的头 像构筑成的虚拟城市,观众在现场通过微博发言:@

cityposition + 内容,进行互动,之后会收到一条回复, 内容是观众头像在虚拟世界里的坐标值,即“position”。 观众的头像和 ID, 会随后出现在大屏幕上,当积累到一定 数量(数量是随机的)的微博发言,一座虚拟的建筑便会 出现在大屏幕里的虚拟城市中。 我们借此来向观众表达,不论是在真实世界还是虚拟世界 中,人与其群体所在的空间关系都是随机且不可描述的, 但又是确定无疑,不可割裂的。 项砚冬,汤一虎, 张文韬,幸福佩智

XIANG Shuodong, TSIANG Yihu, ZHANG Wentao, BrainPage


虚拟城市环境的数据瀑布流来自北京的大数据,由幸福佩 智提供大数据分析处理。

Plotting the location of an audience in a threedimensional space by sending a post on Weibo, this work introduces the Uncertainty principle of Quantum Mechanics into the field of sociology. It depicts spatial interaction between individuals and the crowd in both real and virtual world. The virtual city's data waterfall comes from Beijing's big data, processed by BrainPage.


项砚冬,aka VJ xxx,无线电电路设计专业及软件设计专 业毕业,现为自由职业者,艺术家,教师及 VJ。自本世纪 初开始实验电影、数字影像技术及互动媒体创作,擅长在 各种类型的空间里向受众精准的传递信息及情绪。 汤一虎,作为电影剪辑师的 Hanabitheo Tang 从 2002 年开始接触 VJ,同年以 VJ hanabitheo 的名字开始了他 的 VJ 生涯。2004 年回到中国以后,与搭档 VJ xxx 成立 了 Double Vie Groupe,并与 Mix Club 合作,成功推 出了一系列的视觉盛宴派对。 张文韬,前端工程师,毕业于北京印刷学院计算机科学与 技术专业。目前负责前端架构设计和代码编写并参与交互 设计,偏爱模块化的开发,喜欢把东西做得容易被复用和 维护。 北京幸福佩智科技有限公司是一家提供大数据处理与分析 解决方案的创新企业,主要服务于行业用户和开发者。针 对大数据结构多样、变化迅速、海量增长等特性,致力于 为合作伙伴提供便捷、可扩展及灵活的数据处理与深度数 据挖掘服务。

XIANG Yandong (aka VJ xxx) , Majored in Radio circuit design and software design, Xiang is a freelance artist, teacher and VJ. He has started 198

his work on experimental films, digital videos and interactive media since 2000. He is good at transmitting information and emotion to audiences precisely in different types of spaces. TANG Yihu , As a film editor, Tang has started his career as a VJ in Paris since 2002, with name of VJ hanabitheo. After returning to China in 2004, he founded the Double Vie Groupe with his partner VJ XXX, and collaborated with Mix Club. The team successfully brought a visual enjoyment to Beijing's party scene. ZHANG Wentao, a front-end Web developer, graduated from Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication majoring in Computer Science and Technology. He is currently responsible for front ďź? end structure design and coding, also participates in interaction design. He likes to make things which can be easily reused and maintained. Brainpage is a big data processing & analysis start-up, delivering a cloud-based engine for sequential data. Our ultimate goal is to provide developers and industry partners an easy-to-use, flexible and cost-effective big data solution with cutting edge machine learning and processing algorithms. 199




用触手可及的信息向你承诺一个 高速运转的世界,一个幸福美好 的未来

Having access to better information sooner makes it possible to keep international development on track. - UN Global Pulse


004 Skype 可视化

Skype Visualization

正值 onformative 成立一周年之际,联合创始人 Julia 和

Cedric 设计一张基于两人过去三年的 Skype 聊天数据可视 化信息图海报。从 2008 年 8 月 8 日首次聊天到现在无话不 谈,从讨论合著《成形》到首个合作项目、成立工作室,甚 至这张信息图海报的过程都被详尽记录。 作品显示了从 2008 年首次交谈到 2010 年新年前夜最后一 次对话,共产生 62,676 条信息,多达 2,531,434 个字符。

For the first anniversary of onformative the cofounders Julia and Cedric, have designed a poster that visualizes their Skype correspondence over the last three years. They first met via Skype on 08.08.2008 and since then have been sharing virtually everything the same way: from the development of the book "Generative Gestaltung" to their first projects as a team, to the establishment of their studio and even the creation of this poster.



All their Skype conversations and sent files from their first meeting in 2008 to their last conversation on New Year' s Eve 2010 are visualized in these data graphics. To sum it up they wrote over three years a total of 62,676 messages consisting of 2,531,434 chars.


onformative,由 Julia Laub 和 CedricKiefer 成立于柏 林,是一家专注生成式设计解决方案的工作室。 他们认为生成式设计流程代表了一种新思维和将创意转化 为市场的有效方式。涉及书刊设计、信息可视化及实验性 生成设计作品。他们超越传统设计进而创新,在科技、设 计和情感的交叉领域,设计师尝试为客户在文化、经济和 教育领域发展创新性的跨媒体解决方案。

onformative, founded by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer in Berlin, is a studio specialized in generative design solutions covering various types of media and topics. For them the generative design process presents a new way of thinking and a new approach on how to bring ideas to the market in a more effective and efficient way. onformative covers a range of fields from classical book design, to visualizing information, to experimental generative work. Their expertise along with an in-depth understanding of the project lead to innovative solutions that go beyond conventional ways of doing creative work. At the intersection of technology, design and emotion they develop 204

innovative, cross-media solutions for their customers in the domains of culture, economical and education.


009 全球情绪脉搏

Blogged Feelings

作品呈现 2011 年前九个月全球 200 个城市人的心情。 每一座峰代表一个城市,峰的高度则代表了该地某个带情绪 的词在博客上出现的相对频率(比如说:“我今天感觉好多 了……”)。由于数据收集机制只识别英文单词,这个可视 化项目更倾向于英语国家。 虽然这些数据还不全面不够综合。但对比地区间大众情绪的 积极、消极和变化频率是件有趣的事。(好消息:尽管全球 经济衰退,但更多人反而感觉更好而不是更坏!)。

This globe looks at how people felt in 200 cities around the world during the first nine months of 2011. Each peak represents one city, and peak heights represent the relative frequency of a word being blogged by someone from that location (e.g., "I feel better today..." ). Visualization skews toward the English-speaking world, since the data collection mechanism only looks for English words. Scott Murray


Data should not be understood as comprehensive or statistically valid in any way. Still, it's interesting to compare locations and frequency of those who feel the best, the worst, and everywhere in between. (Good news: Despite the global economic downturn,

far more people report that they feel better than worse!)


Scott Murray 平常编写能生成图像和交互式体验的软件。 对信息可视化、衍生艺术颇感兴趣,也关注那些激励人们慢 下来反思的设计。

2010 年获得麻省设计学院动态媒体研究院艺术硕士学位, 2001 年获瓦萨尔学院艺术学士学位,现任南佛罗里达大 学助理教授,有时教授创意编程课。

Scott Murray writes software that generates images and interactive experiences. He's interested in data visualization, generative art, and designed experiences that encourage people to slow down and reflect. An Assistant Professor of Design at USF, and occasionally teach workshops on creative coding. Studied at MassArt's Dynamic Media Institute (M.F.A. 2010) and Vassar College (A.B. 2001).



010 美国推特心情

Twitter mood US

关于数据与可视化 图上每部分的大小是根据 MPI-SWS 研究收集的 3 亿多 条推文(2006 年 9 月到 2009 年 8 月)计算得出,以密 度统计地图呈现。该可视化项目包括工作日和周末的数据。 将来我们会把它们分开做可视化。每条推文的情绪根据特 有的词表来推断。县地区的数据来自美国人口普查局,原 始地图来自维基百科。用户位置信息从谷歌地图应用接口 推断获得,然后用 PostGIS 汇总到美国国家地图集上。情 绪的颜色挑选自 Color Brewer2。 关于统计地图 统计地图是用变量(本项目为推特数量)替换传统地图上 的土地面积。所以,它改变了原有的地图的几何形状,从 而使每个地区的形状尽可能保留,而面积则按当地推特数 量按比例变化。这样我们就得到了一个等密度地图。这个 统计地图由 Mark E. J. Newman 用 cart 软件生成。

Alan Mislove Sune Lehmann Yong-Yeol Ahn Jukka-Pekka Onnela Niels Rosenquist


About the Data and Visualization The plots were calculated using over 300 million tweets (Sep 2006 - Aug 2009) collected by MPISWS researchers, represented as densitypreserving cartograms. This visualization includes both weekdays and weekends; in the future, will we create seperate maps for each. The mood of

each tweet was inferred using ANEW word list using the same basic methodology as previous work. County area data were taken from the U.S. Census Bureau, and the base U.S. map was taken from Wikimedia Commons. User locations were inferred using the Google Maps API, and mapped into counties using PostGIS and U.S. county maps from the U.S. National Atlas. Mood colors were selected using Color Brewer 2. About Cartograms A cartogram is a map in which the mapping variable (in this case, the number of tweets) is substituted for the true land area. Thus, the geometry of the actual map is altered so that the shape of each region is maintained as much as possible, but the area is scaled in order to be proportional to the number of tweets that originate in that region. The result is a densityequalizing map. The cartograms in this work were generated using the cart software by Mark E. J. Newman.


Alan Mislove ,美国东北大学计算机与信息科学学院教 授助理。2009 年获莱斯大学博士学位,并在 2009 年夏 担任马克斯·普朗克研究所博士后研究员。其研究涉及分 布式系统、网络,并试图用社交网络解决系统问题,特别 关注计算机对人际沟通的影响,如在线社交网络。他是美 国国家科学基金会大奖获得者,作品被《新科学家》、《纽 约时报》及 CBS 晚间新闻报道。

Sune Lehmann,丹麦技术大学信息与数学建模系副教 授。最初是一名物理学家,然后转向复杂网络和大数据, 从事物理、社会学、计算机的交叉领域的研究。Sune 专 注于认知复杂网络拓扑的结构和动态方面。目前,他致力 于网络边界的时间动态学对社交网络模块结构影响的研究。

Yong-Yeol Ahn,印第安纳伯明顿大学计算机与信息科 学学院教授助理。2008 年获韩国高等科学技术学院统计 物理学博士学位,美国东北大学复杂网络研究中心博士后 研究员。2008 至 2011 年,达纳法伯癌症研究所癌症系 统生物中心访问研究员。其研究兴趣涉及生物学、社交网 络等复杂系统。

Jukka-Pekka Onnela,哈佛大学生物统计系教授助理。 2006 年获赫尔斯基工业大学博士学位。2006 至 2008 年担任牛津大学研究员。2008- 至 2009 年担任哈佛肯尼 212

迪学院富布莱特访问学者。2009 至 2011 担任哈佛医学院博士后。目前 其研究关注统计分析及社交网络的数学建模与人类健康的关系。

Niels Rosenquist,哈佛医学院医学博士及麻省总医院讲师。 他获得 宾夕法尼亚医学院医学博士学位及沃顿商学院应用经济学博士学位。

Rosenquist 博士侧重于自然科学、行为科学、商业领域的转化型研究。 Alan Mislove is an Assistant Professor at the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. He received his Ph.D. from Rice University in 2009, and was a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) in the summer of 2009. Prof. Mislove' s research concerns distributed systems and networks, with a focus on using social networks to solve systems problems. In particular, his research is focused on studying computer systems that enable communication among people, such as online social networks. He is a recipient of the prestigious NSF Career Award (2011), and his work has been covered by New Scientist, the New York Times, and the CBS Evening News. Sune Lehmann is an Associate Professor at DTU Informatics, Technical University of Denmark. He began his career as a physicist, but his interests have shifted towards complex 213

networks and massive datasets, working in the intersection between physics, sociology, and computer science. Sune's work focuses on understanding the structural and dynamical aspects of complex network topology, as seen from a statistical standpoint, and he's currently working to understand how the temporal dynamics of network edges influence the modular structure found in many social networks. Yong-Yeol Ahn is an Assistant Professor at the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, Bloomington. He earned his Ph.D. in statistical physics from KAIST in 2008. He was a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Complex Network Research of Northeastern University and a visiting researcher at the Center for Cancer Systems Biology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute from 2008-2011. He is interested in various complex systems such as biological and social networks. Jukka-Pekka Onnela is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard 214

University. He received his Ph.D. from Helsinki University of technology in 2006. He was a research fellow at Oxford University from 2006 to 2008, a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Kennedy School from 2008 to 2009, and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School from 2009 to 2011. His current research focuses on statistical analysis and mathematical modeling of social networks and their connection to human health. Niels Rosenquist MD/PhD is an Instructor at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital. A practicing psychiatrist, he received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine and his PhD in applied economics at the Wharton School. Dr. Rosenquist's work focuses on translational research between the natural sciences, behavioral sciences, and the business world.


011 日本地震“推”全球

Twitter Japan Earthquake

重大事件发生时,人们习惯用推特与好友、家人、粉丝分 享新闻和观点。通过直接发推、回推和转推,信息从一处 迅速传播到全球各地。推特活跃在世界杯、皇家婚 礼等世 界级活动中。在日本 3.11 强地震及大海啸之后的五个时 间段,每秒产生 5000 多条推。视频中发往日本用户的推 显示为粉红色,日本用户发出的推显示为黄色。 信息传播 此部分显示震后一小时日本推文的全球转发量。推文原作 者显示为红色,转发者是绿色。在世界任一角落,推特让 公众看见别人眼中的世界。我们比以前能更容易地交流和 共享信息,世界变得更小。

Miguel Rios


During major events, people use Twitter to share news and thoughts with friends, family and followers around the world. Messages originating in one place are quickly spread across the globe through Retweets, @replies and Direct Messages. We see this behavior during everything from sporting events like the World Cup to widelytelevised news events like the royal wedding, and also in the face of major disasters like the March 11 earthquake in Japan, where the volume of Tweets sent per second spiked to more than 5,000

TPS five separate times after the quake and ensuing tsunami. In Video, Replies directed to users in Japan are shown in pink; messages directed at others from Japan are shown in yellow. Spread of information The clip below displays worldwide retweets of Tweets originating in Japan for one hour after the earthquake. Senders' original Tweets are shown in red; Tweets retweeted by their followers in the hour after the event are displayed in green. Whether across the world or across the street, Twitter allows people to view the world through each other's eyes. As a result, we are able to share information and communicate more easily than any time in our past, bringing the world closer. Miguel Rios 获马里兰人机交互硕士学位,曾担任人机交互实验室研究助理。现服务 于推特开发平台,致力于大数据研究,开发有效工具将数据可视化展示,帮助公众从数 据获得洞见。

Miguel Rios works in Twitter building tools to visualize and analyze unique dataset and crunching numbers and data the company shares with the world. He used to be research assistant in University of Maryland's Human Computer Interaction Lab and a graduate student in that same institution. He wants to visualize and explore big and unique datasets, as well as design and develop useful tools and paradigms that help others to gain insights from their data. 217





034 谷歌流感趋势

Google Flu Trends

每周,全球数亿用户在线搜索健康信息。流感季产生更多 与流感相关的搜索,作品探究搜索流感相关话题的人数和 真正流感患者人数之间的密切关系。并非每个搜索 “流感” 的人都患病,但汇总所有与流感相关的搜索资料后,会产 生一种特定模式。通过计算我们浏览这些搜索资料的频率, 可预测流感在全球不同国家和地区中的扩散。

Each week, millions of users around the world search for health information online. As you might expect, there are more flu-related searches during flu season. We have found a close relationship between how many people search for flu-related topics and how many people actually have flu symptoms. Not every person who searches for "flu" is actually sick, but a pattern emerges when all the flu-related search queries are added together. By counting how often we see these search queries, we can estimate how influenza spreads in different countries and regions around the world.


6,885 5,168 3,442 1,721











035 全球水灾影响

Water Disasters for 30 Years

1980 - 2010 年间全球水灾影响信息图。一般政府或机构 用表格呈现的数据,难以被普通公众理解。信息图能直观 显示各国每年因受洪灾、 干旱、 暴雨等自然灾害影响的人数。 图上的国家根据人类发展指数的排名进行分组,该指数排 名的衡量指标包括平均寿命、教育和生活水准,它能让援 助组织很容易地辨别出风险最高的国家。2011 年 5 月瑞 士日内瓦全球评估研究报告启动论坛上,本作品向 3000 多位联合国代表展示。

Rhiannon Fox,平面与信息设计师,摄影师,艺术学士, 毕业于纽约帕森斯设计学院。

Rhiannon Fox


An infographic that visualizes water-related natural disaster data gathered between 1980 and 2010. Traditionally presented by scientists and governments in the form of spreadsheets indecipherable to the average citizen, the infographic shows the number of people affected and killed in each country as a result of floods, droughts, and storms. Countries are grouped based on their Human Development Index ranking - which measures a country's achievement in areas such as life expectancy, education and standard-of-living-allowing aid organizations to

easily identify the most at-risk countries. In May 2011, the graphic was presented to over 3,000 UN delegations at the Global Assessment Research Report Launch Platform in Geneva, Switzerland. Rhiannon Fox is a graphic designer who graduated with a BFA honors in Communication Design from Parsons the New School for Design. 223

036 核辐射安全播报


项目旨在通过建立传感器网采集汇聚辐射量数据,大 众既可以提供数据也能使用数据。日本 3.11 大地震 后,人们希望获得更多福岛地区的核辐射数据。通过

International Medcom、日本庆应大学、John S. 、 James L. Knight 基金会和 GlobalGiving 的共同协作, 在福岛灾区和日本全境布署了定点和移动传感器网络监测 辐射。 我们支持越多(免费)数据越好的理念。我们致力于包容 单独数据源进入现有数据衡量体系中,使其更强大。多数 据源在汇总后会变得比单一数据源更可靠。

SafeCast 是由志愿者组成的非营利机构,本着研究和教 育的宗旨为公众创建实用、高精度的环境数据。团队从关 注日本核辐射水平,到探究地球核辐射基数、空气质量等 环境指数。

Robin Scheibler, Pieter Franken, Kenji Saito, Brett Waterman and team


Safecast is a global project working to empower people through data, primarily by mapping radiation levels and building a sensor network, enabling people to both contribute and freely use the data collected. After the 3/11 earthquake and resulting nuclear situation at Fukushima Diachi it became clear that people wanted more data than what was available. Through joint

efforts with partners such as International Medcom, Keio University, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and GlobalGiving, Safecast has been building a radiation sensor network comprised of static and mobile sensors actively being deployed around Japan-both near the exclusion zone and elsewhere in the country. Safecast supports the idea that more data-freely available data-is better. Our goal is not to single out any individual source of data as untrustworthy, but rather to contribute to the existing measurement data and make it more robust. Multiple sources of data are always better and more accurate when aggregated. Safecast is a volunteer driven non-profit organization with the goal of creating useful, granular environmental data for research and educational purposes. Initially focused on radiation levels in Japan, Safecast is now trying to get a radiation baseline for the planet as well as measure other environmental factors such as air quality. 225

037 切尔诺贝利

MAP 005

独立出版物 MAP 第五期以“切尔诺贝利”为专题,可视 化研究 1986 年切尔诺贝利核事故,特别是四号反应堆的 情况。它以每分钟为单位聚合了事故前后 24 小时的惊人 巨变,对事故对环境造成的永久创伤展开讨论,并对未来 发展提出大胆创想,一个天体生物学试验基地,回收前苏 联遗留下的“啄木鸟”型天线做成一个候鸟喂养基地,一 个核辐射环境的考古实验室,或将破损反应堆的石棺变成 一座切尔诺贝利山。

MAP,“建筑可能性手册”缩写,由 David Garcia Studio 策划制作的独立出版物。


MAP 005 Chernobyl, the issue charts the history of major nuclear accidents, focusing on the Chernobyl reactor 4 explosion of 1986, mapping a minute by minute description of the events on nuclear plant cut-outs and info graphics. From its medical implications to the social impact of the accident and articles and input from scientists, this issue offers a wide spectrum of commentaries on the implications of radiation in this scarred landscape. The project page investigates various scenarios; an astrobiology testing base, the reuse of the


massive "Woodpecker" ex-soviet antenna into a migratory bird feeding ground, a mobile archeology lab for radioactive landscapes and Mount Chernobyl, an alternative to the new sarcophagus for the damaged reactor.


David Garcia 工作室是一个实验平台,与设计师、艺术 家和工程师们合作项目,测试新方法,“开放”是他们的 工作哲学。

David A. Garcia(丹麦)建筑师、教育家、建筑事务所 合伙人。生于巴塞罗那,毕业于 Bartlett 建筑学院,巴塞 罗那大学艺术理论硕士。曾在英国伦敦诺曼福斯特的建筑 事务所工作,现居丹麦哥本哈根,是丹麦最大的建筑事务 所 Henning Larsen 的合伙人。

David Garcia 的作品在巴塞罗那、伦敦、哥本哈根等地 展出,David Garcia 的“书轮”与“书桶”两件作品 参加了 NOTCH09 北京站展览,为 NOTCH10 设计了 NOTCH 再生设计馆,获得广泛关注。 DAVID GARCIA STUDIO is an experimental architectural platform. The Studio's work spans through various scales, and from the social sphere to the technical, often challenging the status-quo through inventiveness and a crossdisciplinary approach. We truly believe that what exists is only a small part of what is possible, and we design driven by this principle.


David A. Garcia, practicing architect, educator and researcher. Born in Barcelona and graduated from The Bartlett school of Architecture, David also holds a masters degree in art theory from the University of Barcelona. He has worked at Foster and Partners and is currently an Associate at Henning Larsen Architects, Copenhagen. He is also director and owner of David Garcia Studio. It's an experimental platform which tests new methods and processes at all scales, collaborating with other designers, artists and engineers. The studio works with an "open door" philosophy. He has exhibited his work in Barcelona, London and Copenhagen, as well as published in architectural journals. David Garcia's "Archive" series works were exhibited at NOTCH09 Beijing, he also designed the NOTCH Pavilion for NOTCH10 Beijing. 229





The real-time city is now real! - MIT SENSEable City Lab


030 城市教育资源


Dust 是为美国非赢利组织 Iridescent 所开发的免费网络 信息可视化工具,帮助家长们搜选、比较美国一些大城市 的教育设施。通过提供分步决策流程,Dust 帮助用户基 于多维数据集对学校进行评估、甄选。数据集包括学校概 况、教学水平及城市流动性。有了地图和放大可视化技术 支持,用户即可根据他们的需要和优先项目创建自定义文 档。作品尝试通过复杂、多维的地理信息数据可视化帮助 形成综合视角,并提供多样、直观的用户体验。

DensityDesign 学术协调 Scientific Coordinator:

Paolo Ciuccarelli

项目负责人 Project Leader:

Matteo Azzi

研究员 Researchers:

Donato Ricci, Giorgio Caviglia 参与人员 Team:

Emanuele Bonetti, Loredana Bontempi, Mario Porpora, Michele Graffieti, Lorenzo Fernandez 232

Dust is a freely available web-based information visualization tool developed for Iridescent (, a non-profit organization. It supports parents in exploring and comparing the educational offer of some of the major cities in the US. By providing a step by step decision making process, Dust helps to evaluate and compare school profiles based on multidimensional datasets composed by general information, school performances and urban mobility. Supported by geographical maps and close-up visualizations, users can create custom profiles based on their needs and priorities.

Dust aims to combine the capability of information visualization in depicting synthetic views of complex, multi-dimensional and georeferenced data with a rich but intuitive web user experience.


米兰理工大学设计系研究实验室,关注城市、社会与组织 等复杂现象的可视化分析。 旨在挖掘信息可视化与信息设计的潜力,为研究员和学者 提供依据。通过重组数据、重释定性信息、地理位置信息 及视觉分类,形成可视化概要,成为描述、揭开复杂系统 隐藏联系的图形化的捷径。 从设计角度研究可视化项目,研究兴趣包括可视化理论及 认识,认知基础分析。还包括数据可视化大型框架建构、 推测性叙事的特定解决方案。用开放式方法实现可视化, 从视觉叙事到视觉分析。设计的作用不仅是工具,更应是 一门语言,在实践中定义全新的视觉认识论。 与其他研究员和组织合作,通过独立严谨的学术研究、开 放式问卷调查,加深公众对世界的认知。

DensityDesign is a Research Lab in the design department (INDACO) of the Politecnico di Milano. It focuses on the visual representation of complex social, organizational and urban phenomena. Our research aim is to exploit the potential of information visualization and information design and provide innovative and engaging visual artifacts to enable researchers and scholars 234

to build solid arguments. By rearranging numeric data, reinterpreting qualitative information, locating information geographically, and building visual taxonomies, we can develop a diagrammatic visualization - a sort of graphic shortcut to describe and unveil the hidden connections of complex systems. DensityDesign develops research projects in the domain of visual representation, stemming from a design perspective. Our research interests include theoretical and epistemological reflections on visualizations and analyses of their cognitive underpinnings, in addition to the development of large frameworks for data visualization and ad-hoc solutions for speculative narration. We adopt an open approach to visualization, working from visual storytelling to visual analytics. Design is, thus, treated more like a proper language than a tool. We use this language in practice to define a new visual - epistemology. DensityDesign is committed to collaborating with other researchers and organizations devoted to academic independence and rigor, open enquiry, and risk taking to enhance our understandings of the world. 235

031 实时新加坡

LIVE Singapore!

“实时新加坡”由麻省理工学院可感知城市实验室项目, 也是新加坡 - 麻省理工学院科研技术联盟未来城市流动研 究项目的一部分。该项目由新加坡国家科研基金资助。 实时城市就在眼前!作品通过建立一个收集、细化、分布 式的反映城市活动的实时数据开放平台,方便公众掌握城 市及环境的全方位实时数据,以便及时作出应变。


MIT SENSEable City Lab

作品关闭公众与实时数字数据间多网络的反馈循环,将公 众自己生成的数据即时回馈给公众,方便他们获得城市的


Carlo Ratti 项目负责人:


Kristian Kloeckl


成 员:


Afian Anwar, Assaf Biderman, Rex Britter, Xiaoji Chen, Pedro Cruz, Jennifer Dunnam, David Lee, Till Nagel, Darshan Santani, Oliver Senn, Aaron Siegel, Christian Sommer, Anthony Vanky, Dustin York MIT Senseable City Lab, SMART, Future Urban Mobility 合作方:

censam 技术伙伴:

CHANGI, Comfort Delgro, National Environment Agency, PSA, SingTel, SP Service




The Real-Time City is Now Real! LIVE Singapore! provides people with access to a range of useful real-time information about their city by developing an open platform for the collection, elaboration and distribution of real-time data that reflect urban activity. Giving people visual and tangible access to real-time information about their city enables them to take their decisions more in sync with their environment, with what is

actually happening around them. LIVE Singapore! closes the feedback loop between people moving in the city and the digital real-time data collected in multiple networks. It gives the data back to the people who themselves generate it through their actions, allowing them to be more in sync with their environment as well as to taking decisions on the basis of information that reflect the actual state of their city. This platform is not aimed at one single application, instead it rather resembles an ecosystem and a toolbox for real-time data that describe urban dynamics. Building on this platform, a community of developers can build multiple applications in a joint effort which harnesses the creative potential of citizens in extracting new value from real-time data. LIVE Singapore! is a project of SENSEable City Lab and part of the Future Urban Mobility research initiative at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), and funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore. 237


实时新加坡 - 等时地图

LIVE Singapore! - Isochronic Singapore


MIT SENSEable City Lab


一天中以及一周内列车换乘和晚点造成的等候时间都会发 生变化,两地交通时间随之变化。作品中,地图根据交通 耗时按比例变形,显示一周的变化。用户选择初始车站, 就可以知道在特定时间内能到达哪座城市。用户能可视化 某特定时间或一周的信息。

As train schedules, wait times between connections and delays vary throughout the day and over the course of a week, travel time between any location and the rest of the country changes constantly. In this visualization, deformations are proportional to travel time and reveal the changes in the course of a one week period. Users can select any one location as their origin to explore what cities can be reached within specific travel times. The interface allows users to access the information for a specific time or visualize this information over the course of a week.


033 实时新加坡 - 雨天打车

LIVE Singapore! - Raining Taxis


MIT SENSEable City Lab


新加坡的城市流动依赖出租车,而雨天打车是棘手问题。 作品结合出租车和降雨数据研究对交通系统的影响,以便 在雨天更好地匹配出租车的供给和需求。

Singapore's mobility is heavily reliant on taxis, but what happens when it rains? Getting hold of a cab is not the easiest thing in the world. We are exploring how our transportation system behaves by combining taxi and rainfall data, and investigating how in the future the system can streamline in order to better match taxi supply and demand.


038 生态星球


作品是 CNN 为 2012 联合国可持续发展大会 - 里约 +20 峰会而作。它是一个实时推特观察仪,聚集标有 #RIO20 标签的推文,按特定的主题或讨论排列。 每条推文的发布促成了个人话题树的生长,而对话的进展 决定话题树的成长速度。相似的推文组合在由对话形成的 枝桠上,而新的见解则被当作种子埋下等待生长。

Minivegas,由编导、数字艺术家、程序员和设计师组成 的以沟通、创新与娱乐为驱动力的创意制作公司,致力于 前沿的视觉体验。 团队 与 Stink Digital 和 Heimat Berlin 合作将数据可 视化与 WebGL 的研究应用到大型项目上。在第 17 届气 候大会上,联合国邀请众多代表到南非德班讨论气候变化 问题。为此,团队开发实时数据可视化,将推特上标签为

#COP17 并与气候变化有关的讨论作可视化呈现。 The CNN ECOSPHERE is a real-time Twitter Visualizer that aggregates tweets tagged with #RIO20 and then orders them into specific topics or discussions. CNN, Heimat-Berlin, Minivegas


Each submitted tweet stimulates growth in individual topic plants causing some plants to grow larger or faster than others depending on

how the conversation is evolving. Similar tweets are grouped together on branches forming conversations, while new thoughts are planted as seeds waiting to grow. Minivegas is a creative production company consisting of directors, digital artists, programmers, and designers focused on creating cutting edge visual experiences. We're driven to create work that informs, innovates and entertains. Working in collaboration with Stink Digital and Heimat Berlin we were finally able to put some of our data visualization and WebGL research to work for a great brand and an even better cause. At the 17th Conference of the Parties, the United Nations invited a large number of delegates to Durbin to talk about climate change. For this project we developed a real-time data visualizer that would represent the conversation about climate change on Twitter when conversations were tagged with #COP17. 243


2015 米兰世博主题可视化 EXPO 2015 Themes Visualization

2015 米兰世博邀请 DensityDesign 根据此次世博会主 题,创作一个传达粮食生产和消费之间关系所衍伸的社会、 环境、技术和可持续发展问题的可视化作品。作品超越单 纯的可视化分析工具,旨在催发公众兴趣,阐释本次世博 会主题的背景和影响。

DensityDesign 团队在本项目中更多地参与内容组织过 程。世博非常需要彻底重组主题以反映它的复杂性。


学术协调 Scientific Coordinator:

Paolo Ciuccarelli

项目负责人 Project Leader:

Michele Mauri

项目成员 Team:

Luca Masud, Mario Porpora, Lorenzo Fernandez, Giorgio Caviglia, Donato Ricci


Expo 2015 S.p.A. asked DensityDesign to work on the Expo themes and generate a visualization with the specific purpose of communicating the complexity that stems from the relationship between food production and consumption; social and environmental concerns; technological and sustainability issues. The visualization should be also aimed at generating interest, while helping to explain the context and impact of the themes, rather than a pure analytical visual tool. Our team, much more than in other projects, was involved in the content organization process too: Expo strongly needed a deep reorganization of the themes to be able to make sense of their complexity.


040 三角灯云


艺术家对计算机用成千上万个三角形图形绘图方式十分着 迷,由此创作出三角灯云。试想拥有一个物件是由许多个 小三角形构成,随着你兴趣的转移,它可以随意重组成新 的形态。新形式的实现不需要工具、不必考虑回收,更无 需耗费能量。

Dirk Vander Kooij is exhibiting a Triangulate lamp at the Beijing Design Week 2012. Vander Kooij was fascinated by the hundreds or even millions of triangular shapes used to build up a computerized drawing. Imagine buying an object, made up out of all these little triangles, but after some time you come across a more appealing design; all you have to do is rearrange the components to match the new design, no tools required. Recycling is no longer necessary; no energy is needed to reassemble the product in its new form. Dirk Vander Kooij 制作人员 Credits: 杨磊 YANG Lei,林启弘 LIN Qihong 246

设计风格就是诚实。从小就对构建充满热情,Dirk Vander

Kooij 13 岁就设计了一套工具,随后开始制作小件家具。毕业 于荷兰埃因霍温设计学院。

2010 年的毕业作品回收了一架来自中国的旧工业机器人,经重 组和修理,变成一个类似 3D 打印机的制造工具,用来制作椅子、 桌子和台灯( “无止境”系列)。同年作品入选米兰国际家具展。

The adjective which to Dirk Vander Kooij's mind best defines his way of designing is honest. A passionate constructor since adolescence, at the age of 13 he designed a collection of tools and later started making small items of furniture. He went on to attend the Wood and Furniture College before enrolling at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. While taking his diploma in 2010, Vander Kooij got his hands on an old industrial robot from China, which he reprogrammed and modified on his own, essentially transforming it into a 3D printer of sorts. He used his new technology to produce chairs, tables and lamps (the Endless series) and exhibited them the same year at the Salone del Mobile.



烟蘑菇 - 提醒我

Royksopp Remind Me

歌曲 Remind Me 的音乐动画录像也非常有名,由法国动 态图形工作室 H5 执导。作品用信息图形描绘一个在伦敦

Square Mile 上班的白领的一天,对她生活的日常物品都 作了标记特写、产品生命周期、原理图、流程表都以简单 立体的视觉风格生动呈现。作品没有遵循传统时间轴动画 方式,全以信息图形来表达。作品获 2002 欧洲 MTV 最 佳音乐录影奖。

The song "Remind Me" is also famous for its computer animated video, directed by the French motion graphics studio H5. It features a day in the life of a woman working in London's Square Mile solely through infographics; this includes labelled close-ups of everyday objects, product lifecycles, schematic diagrams, charts, and is generally illustrated in a simple isometric visual style. But instead of unfolding like typical chronological animation world, the visuals are shown entirely in infographics. The promo won the award for Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2002. Machine Molle, H5



Machine Molle 专注于视觉效果创造、制作与后期制作 的动画工作室,2000 年以来,Machine Molle 结合创 造性的艺术视野和技术专长,采用计算机图形、经典动画 等技术创作音乐录像、广告、电影视觉特效及其他新媒体 作品。

H5,位于法国巴黎的平面和电影制作工作室。由 Ludovic Houplain 与 Antoine Bardou-Jacquet 成立。 H5 在 “法国触觉” 跳舞音乐运动兴起之际成功地把握视觉方向, 创作不少视觉形象和图形:标志、杂志、电视节目,涉及 例时装、音乐、电视和零售业等多个领域。

Machine Molle is an animation studio involved in the creation of visual effects, production, and post-production. The studio is led by a group of post-production supervisors, art directors and directors. Since 2000, Machine Molle has been combining artistic vision with creativity and technical expertise. The team uses a number of techniques such as computer graphics and classical animation in the creation of music videos, commercials, visual effects for cinema, as well as other new-media materials.


H5 is a graphic studio (created in 1996) and a film-making team (since 1999), which founded by Ludovic Houplain and Antoine Bardou-Jacquet. H5 successfully seized the visual direction when the "French Touch" dance music movement began. It has done visual identities and graphics - logos, magazines, TV shows - in different domains, e.g. fashion, music, TV and retail.





地图万花筒犹如看地图形成的肚脐,重构常规地图,创造 出新的形式。它好玩而不实用,建筑物、街道以及空地不 是它的关注点,作品将卫星地图以万花筒的形式呈现,在 大部分最新版的浏览器上都可以玩这个新版地图。

James Bridle 在出版业、艺术和媒体领域分饰多角,从 编辑做到市场营销,大到制定数字化战略,小至网络应用 产品开发,他都尝试过。空余时写作、编辑、出版。最近 在策划自己的项目,与其他公司合作设计、完善、开发新 媒体产品。

Rorschmap is cartographic navel-gazing, a reframing of the map. It will not help you find anything. We are bored with your squares and your margins. We want new shapes and new dimensions, the unicode snowmen of visual representation. †‡†, as the man said.

James Bridle


Rorschmap should work on most modern browsers. Safari and Chrome are better than Firefox. I don't know about Windows machines. It is optimised for iPad, and looks rather good there. Enjoy.

James Bridle has worked in a number of roles within the publishing and wider arts and media industries, from editorial to publicity and marketing, and from digital strategy to web application development and production. He also write, edit, publish and code. He currently freelance, and as well as undertaking my own projects, he work with a number of businesses to explore, refine, design and implement new media products and strategies.





让复杂的思想变得清晰,让深奥的数据变 得简明,请与我们一同开启数据化世界的 奇妙之旅

Infographics and data visualizations are creating a new way of seeing the world of data. They help communicate complex ideas in a clear, compact and beautiful way, taking deep data and presenting it in visual shorthand. - Stew Langille, Lee Sherman,

Tal Siach, Adam Breckler




Circle of Trust

当 Google+ 的应用程序接口开放后,我们决定学习和利 用现有的功能制作一个实验性程序。受 Jack Byrnes(电 影《拜见岳父大人》角色)启发,作品名为“信任圈”。 想法很简单:将你 Google+ 上所有好友分类并用不同颜 色标记出来。互为好友标记为绿色;你加他,他不回加 你则为黄色,相反则为红色。结果我们发现 Google+ 是 一个不对称的社交网络。项目用 HTML5 编写,使用了

CANVAS 和 Processing,可在所有苹果设备上运行。 D3,巴西数字制作公司,与广告公司合作,创造交互式体验。 When the Google+ API opened, we decided to study and develop an experiment using the available features. So, we created a data visualization of what our friend Jack Byrnes (of the film Meet the Parents fame) calls the "Circle of Trust".

制作成员 Credits:

Luiz Rodrigues, Edson Pavoni, Joáo Marcos de Souza


The idea was simple: the interface analyzed and classified all of a user's friends on Google+. Friends in green are located closer to the user and consist of contacts in which both users have mutually added one another. Yellow are the contacts that the user has added but where

the contact has not reciprocated. Red are people which have added the user, but the user does not follow them back. The main result was the visualization of Google+ as an asymmetric social network. This project was whole developed in HTML5, using canvas and processing. The project is compatible with all iDevices. D3, Digital Production Company working along with advertising agencies to make interactive experiences.


006 活力日内瓦

Ville Vivante

仅 2010 年全球就售出近 1.6 亿手机,其中 19% 是智能 手机。同年,瑞士的手机服务订购数已近千万台,超过国 家常住人口,25% 的手机具备宽带连接功能,几乎每台手 机都可根据数据的上传发送追踪其位置。它基本可被看作 一个实时定位用户地理位置的移动传感器。 瑞士电信的数据显示,日内瓦一天中 200 万台手机通话可 产生近 1500 万次连接。这种“数字痕迹”使让我们重新 认识城市,对政治与经济都极有吸引力。 数据让公众感受到人群的脉动,看到都市空间的使用情况。 它为人性化的公众服务如交通拥堵探测仪、夜生活指标等 带来新机会。 “数字痕迹”有助于公共管理者评估城市规划战略,有助 向商家展现人口密集地段和密集时间,便于商家确定租金

Interactive Things


Almost 1.6 billion mobile phones have been sold worldwide in 2010, 19% of them being smartphones. In 2010, the number of mobile subscriptions has reached almost 10 million in Switzerland, which is more than the number of people living in the country. Approximately 25% of these telephones featured a broadband internet connection. 258

Every mobile phone leaves digital traces permanently, while interacting with the mobile infrastructure. It can be seen as a mobile sensor that allows to define the geographic position of the subscription holder, almost in real-time. During one day Swisscom subscribers in Geneva generate approximately 15 million connections from 2 million phone calls. This information called 'digital traces' offers new insights about the city, which are of great interest both from a economic and political perspective. Examples are the following. For citizens this data allows to feel the pulse of the population and see how they use the urban space. It offers a great innovation opportunity for new citizen services like traffic jam detectors or nightlife buzz indicators. For the public administration these digital traces can be very useful to evaluate urban planning strategies. For businesses the digital traces can reveal insights on how popular certain districts are, during what time periods. This information can be leveraged to determine leases or chose the best spot for a shop or restaurant.


Interactive Things 是苏黎世一家用户体验设计和数据 可视化工作室,2010 年由 Benjamin Wiederkehr, Christian Siegrist 和 Jeremy Stucki 成立。为国内外 客户如联合国计划开发署、联合国教科文组织、Mozilla 基金会和国家地理设计开发可视化和交互产品。并把经验 运用于 网站的数据可视化研究、 工作流程和典型案例。

Interactive Things is an user experience design and data visualization studio established in 2010 by Benjamin Wiederkehr, Christian Siegrist and Jeremy Stucki. The Zurich based collective designs and implements interactive products and information visualizations for national and international clients including the UNDP, UNESCO, Mozilla and National Geographic. On, the team of designer and developer provide insight into their research and working process as well as topical use cases in the eld of data visualization.


制作成员 Credits:

Lift, Interactive Things, Swisscom, Near Future Lab 261

007 都市移动族

Urban Mobs

如果能把城市通讯数据可视化会是什么样子? 当今城市被通讯数据所充斥。每个打电话发短信的人都生 成特定时间地点的数据包。这些数据集几乎无影无踪,无 迹可寻。但如果细究就能获得许多发现。城市因为人和活 动而搏动,观测这些数据会让我们发现活动及城市中令人 讶异且丰富的一面。

faberNovel 受 Orange 委托,研究并显示城市通讯数据, 观测巴黎世界音乐节和新年前夕产生的手机数据。它不仅 是巴黎节庆日的浓缩一瞥,也是城市未来景象的预告。

What would a city's communications data look like if you could see it as it happened?



Cities today are continually awash in communication data. Every person calling on a cell phone or sending a text message creates packets of data mapped to specific locations at specific times. These data sets mostly go unviewed and unnoticed. But taking the time to look at them, we see there is much to learn. Indeed, cities are pulsing with life and activity, and watching the data gives us a surprisingly rich glimpse of that activity, and of the city itself.

Urban Mobs is a project that studies and reveals this communication data at the city level. Created by faberNovel on behalf of Orange, it looks at cellphone data for the city of Paris during World Music Day and on New Years Eve. It represents not only a snapshot of Paris on those dates, but a preview of what the future may look like in terms of viewing our cities. Urban Mobs videos were also created for cities in Spain, Poland and Romania.


faberNovel 由创业家和创新人士一起为客户和合作伙伴 引进革新的数字生活理念。我们坚信创新加上创业精神是 改变世界的最佳方法,我们相信未来由人创造,在创业生 态系统中协同合作是实现改变的最佳方式。 我们与大量机构开展合作项目,帮助大型机构永葆活力; 助力初创公司成长、壮大;促进全球创业生态系统,让其 中每个人获利。 我们在巴黎、旧金山、纽约和莫斯科都设分部,业务覆盖 全球。

faberNovel is a movement of entrepreneurs and innovators working to bring game-changing digital ideas to life with clients and partners both big and small. We believe that innovation and entrepreneurial thinking are the best way to change the world, making it a better, smarter and more interesting place. Further, we believe that the future is shaped by people, and that undertaking this together with others as part of an ecosystem is the best way to create this change.


faberNovel works with a large number of organizations on many different projects. Generally speaking we help large organizations think and act like startups and help startups become big, successful companies as well as grow and build ecosystems of entrepreneurship worldwide, for the benefit of everyone in that ecosystem We are based in Paris, San Francisco, New York City and Moscow, and our work spans the entire world. 265

008 伦敦奥运微表情

London Emoto

作品抓取 2012 年伦敦奥运会及残奥会的激动时刻并将其 可视化,从独特的“公众”角度看奥运。随着赛事进行, 作品处理全球推特数据,分析每条推文的内容和情感基调, 实时将更深刻的见解反馈给观众。作品提供主流媒体外的 另一种随时跟踪奥运赛事动态的新视角。

Emoto 实时数据可视化:作品不仅呈现一幅自上而下的 大图景,也传递私人、个人的意见。话题窗口显示当前最 热活动、运动员或话题的正负面情绪。信息流体现信息的 趣闻性和即时性。每日概览展示更广阔的动态和形势。这 是一个紧跟奥运脉搏的全新体验。 奥运结束后,所收集的奥运相关数据被转换成互动数据雕 塑。情绪各异的数百万推文重塑成 17 个并列体,各代表 一个奥运日,表面上显示数据中最有趣的故事。 数据雕塑表面显示城市雄伟景观,代表伦敦奥运中民众情 绪高低点。观众可查询奥运数据高峰或低谷,追踪话题在 某日某时的发展趋势。 作品由 FutureEverything 与 MIT SENSEable City

Lab 合作为奥林匹克文化项目及 2012 伦敦文化节开发。 由通用电气赞助,英国艺术委员会、WE PLAY/Legacy Trust UK 资助。


Emoto is a unique data art project that captured and visualized the excitement around the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Theproject captured the pulse of the Games and provided a unique 'peoples' perspective on events as they happened. As stories unfolded, emoto was processing global twitter data and analysing the messages for content and emotional tone, which was then fed back to the viewer providing greater insight in real-time. The dynamic nature of evolving news stories within the Olympic Games could be followed via emoto providing an alternative perspective to that broadcast by mainstream media. The emoto real-time visualization was developed so at to be able to show the big picture, the world from above, as well as the intimate and personal. In topics view, the viewer could see the big picture overview, which event, athlete or topic was generating the most attention in that moment, and the mix of positive and negative emotions for each. The anecdotal and ephemeral was able seen in the message view stream, and anoverview on each day showed an even bigger picture, the trends and patterns. 267

创作 Created:

Moritz Stefaner, Drew Hemment, Studio NAND 基础设计与开发

Infrastructure design & development: Gerrit Kaiser 公民新闻

Citizen journalism: Andy Miah 评估与博客发布

Evaluation and blogging: Ege Sezen 项目管理 Project management:

Leon Seth, Nick Lawrenson 沟通协调 Communications:

Jo Williams, Anita Morris Associates 制作 Emoto is produced:

FutureEverything, Studio NAND


Once the Olympics had finished, all of the accumulated data was gathered and transformed into an interactive data sculpture. Millions of tweets with different emotional sentiment values representing the story of the Games were milled into 17 objects laid side by side, each representing one day of the Games. Onto this surface were projected some of the most compelling stories we discovered in the data. The surface of the data sculpture has the appearance of a majestic cityscape and represents the highs and lows of the emotional response to London 2012. Viewers of the sculpture are able interact with and query the data peaks and the lows of the Games, and investigate for themselves what stories were trending at a specific time on a particular day. A FutureEverything project with MIT Senseable City Lab for the Cultural Olympiad programme and London 2012 Festival. Co-sponsored by GE and funded by Arts Council England and WE PLAY/Legacy Trust UK.

Drew Hemment 博士,曼切斯特 FutureEverything 艺术节创始人、CEO 兼 艺术家、策展人及研究员,还是兰卡斯特大学 ImaginationLancaster 研究小组 副主任。作品获艺术、科技、商业多个大奖认可,如 2010 Level Prize,2008 奥地利电子艺术节荣誉奖,并被《纽约时报》、BBC、NBC 报道。 在数据可视化、信息美学和用户界面设计交叉领域,Moritz Stefaner 就是 “真 与美的操控人”。奥斯纳布吕克大学认知科学理学士与波茨坦应用技术大学交互 设计文学士的双重背景,令他在描绘抽象及复杂现象时追求分析学与美学完美平 衡点。

Moritz Stefaner 协助经合组织、世界经济论坛、Skype、德新社、国际足联、 德国马普学会等从大型数据库探寻洞见与美。2010 年,他被提名为德意志联 邦共和国设计大奖,作品参展于威尼斯艺术双年展、SIGGRAPH、奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术节和普朗克科学馆。 FutureEverything ( 前身为 Futuresonic, 创立于 1995 年 ) 艺术节,总部在曼 彻斯特。艺术节包括会议、艺术展览、现场音乐项目、关注数字文化对日常生活 的影响 , 通过制作趣味的实验性项目使观众身临其境感受未来。

NAND 工作室位于柏林市中心,由 Stephan Thiel, Steffen Fiedler 及 Jonas Loh 主创,关注跨学科设计的实践项目,主要研究设计、科学、技术的交叉领域。 工作室创作产品、小物件、互动环境、应用产品和可视化作品。此外,团队通过 创作室、讲座和公共资源平台 Creative Coding 努力促进创新和变革。

Dr. Drew Hemment, FutureEverything festival founder and CEO, is an artist, curator and researcher based in Manchester. His work has been recognised by awards from the arts, technology and business sectors, including Lever Prize 2010 (Winner) and Prix Ars Electronica 2008 (Honorary Mention), and covered by New York Times, BBC and NBC. Drew is also Associate Director of ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University. Moritz Stefaner works as a "truth and beauty operator" on the crossroads of data visualization, information aesthetics and user interface design. With a background in Cognitive Science (B.Sc. with distinction, University of Osnabrueck) and Interface Design (M.A., University of Applied Sciences Potsdam), his work beautifully balances 269

analytical and aesthetic aspects in mapping abstract and complex phenomena. In the past, he has helped clients like the OECD, the World Economic Forum, Skype, dpa, FIFA, and Max Planck Research Society to find insights and beauty in large data sets. In 2010, he was nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany; his work has been exhibited at Venice Biennale of Architecture, SIGGRAPH, ars electronica and Max Planck Science Gallery. FutureEverything (formerly Futuresonic which was established in 1995) is an award-winning multi-arts festival, based in Manchester. It comprises a conference, art exhibition and live music programme that focus on the impact of digital culture on our everyday lives by creating playful and experimental projects which invite audiences to bring the future into the present. Studio NAND are Stephan Thiel, Steffen Fiedler and Jonas Loh. Studio NAND are a multi-disciplinary design practice in the heart of Berlin, practising and researching at the intersection of design, science and technology. The Studio creates products, objects, interactive environments, applications and visualisations. Additionally, the team tries to foster innovation and exchange in these fields through workshops, lectures and their Open Source platform Creative Coding.


046 数据可视化分享平台

DataV 由淘宝可视化团队发起,旨在为可视化爱 好者提供了解可视化, 实践可视化, 讨论可视化的交流平台。, a project headed by the visualization team of aims to build a platform to further the study of data visualization and provides amateurs a way to understand and utilize data visualization.



042 照片版图

作品可视化 社会化用户体验,描绘一幅能够 代表集体趣味的区域地图。作品是一张名副其实的统计地 图,照片受公众的喜好度与该照片的地理位置信息关联。 照片受公众的喜好程度决定照片的大小。作品突破传统线 性模式,提供更广泛、可识别、可任意缩放的用户新体验。

Bloom 是位于旧金山的一家初创公司,由创业邦和 OATV 投资。其长期目标是结合动态视觉、游戏设计和数据可视 化开发一系列 APP 应用,目前专注于 IOS 应用开发。团 队第一个 iPad 应用叫 Planetary,用可视化方式展示音 乐间的联系,挖掘用户的音乐喜好。最新的 iPad 应用是

Biologic,展示用户在 twitter, facebook 与 Linkedln 的社交联系。


272 attempts to provide a glimpse into the collective experience of users. We' ve initially created maps that present a collective view - focusing on what's "interesting" within a given area. is actually a cartogram - it truly measures a variable over a geographical area. In this case we're using the notion of "interestingness" to define what defines an area. Using this variable we select which

photos to show in a larger size than others. We're not restricting ourselves to a completely linear model of interestingness and size, so that we can provide users with some larger, and recognizable, photos at any zoom level. Bloom is a growing start-up based in mid-Market in San Francisco, funded by Betaworks and OATV. Our long term vision is to produce a suite of apps across different devices that combine motion graphics, game design and data visualization to deliver new ways of seeing what's important. Our current focus is on app development for iOS; our first iPad app was Planetary.



开发网络中最棒的数据可视作品 信息图和数据可视化转变大众寻找、体验故事的途径,产 生了看数据化世界的新方式,助于复杂思想以清晰、简洁、 美观的方式传达,深奥的数据借助视觉捷径迅速呈现。平 台收集、分享网络中最棒的信息图给大家愉悦、参考。 推广您的作品 每位可视化设计者都希望更多的人认识自己的作品。 上的个人资料栏可作为你的作品选辑,每月拥有 上百万的访问量,并可跟踪作品在数据可视化爱好者社区 受欢迎度。 创作你自己的信息可视化作品 信息可视化很强大,但需要时间和努力去创作。 提供工具让非专业人士快捷、简易地创作专业设计,即使 缺乏软件、精湛的设计技巧和数据处理能力。将作品贴在 个人主页中,即可向大众公开展示作品。

Stew Langille, Lee Sherman, Tal Siach, Adam Breckler


Explore the Best Data Visualizations on the Web Infographics and data visualizations are shifting the way people find and experience stories, creating a new way of seeing the world of data. They help communicate complex ideas in a clear, compact and beautiful way, taking deep data and

presenting it in visual shorthand. We've collected the best examples on the web and gathered them for you to reference, share, and enjoy. Promote Your Work As a designer of visualizations, you want as many people as possible to see your work. Your Visual. ly profile serves as your portfolio, exposing you to millions of monthly visitors and allowing you to track how popular your content is within a community of data visualization enthusiasts. Create Your Own Data Visualizations Visualizations are powerful, but they've required time and hard work to create - until now. You no longer need expensive software, extensive design skills, or number crunching ability. We're building a tool that will allow everyone to quickly and easily create professional quality designs with their own data. And when you're ready to show your work to the world, publish it on your Visual. ly profile, your own personal showcase.






022 欧洲民航碳排放

Airspace Rebooted CO2

作品对因冰岛火山灰停飞后恢复的欧洲航线进行可视化分 析。欧洲各地火山灰密度的不同决定了 2010 年 4 月 18 日首批航班恢复运营,直至 20 日欧洲航班全部恢复。作 品新增了对二氧化碳排放的分析。 航班数据来自 和 RadarVirtuel.

com 网站,覆盖欧洲大部分航线。尽管在大西洋上有少许 空白,但仍然可以说明问题。 地图信息来自 CC-by-SA 和 其他合作者。作品由 制作,获得了 的支持。 A visualisation of the northern European airspace returning to use after being closed due to volcanic ash. Due to varying ash density across Europe, the first flights can be seen in some areas on the 18th April 2010 and by the 20th everywhere is open. Now with added CO2 burn rate analytics. ITO World

The flight data is courtesy of and and covers a large fraction of Europe. There are a few gaps and no coverage over the Atlantic, but the picture is still clear. The map data is CC-by-SA


and contributors. This CC-by-SA visualisation was produced by with support from


023 全球碳排放计算器

The Carbon Calculator

作品可显示全球任一地方对减缓气候变化的潜在贡献。该 在线工具提供现有地区碳储存量估计及通过恢复生态减少 潜在碳排放。另外,它将这些信息与环保价值、区域森林 覆盖率联系起来。用户可以在线圈出感兴趣的区域,或选 择被保护区域,以获取相关信息。 作品由 CBD 秘书处、LifeWeb 与 UNEP-WCMC 合作。

An innovative online tool that details the potential contribution of any area in the world to climate change mitigation. It achieves this by providing estimates of the amount of carbon currently stored in the area, as well as the amount of additional carbon that potentially could be sequestered through restoration.

Vizzuality CBD, LifeWeb, UNEP-WCMC


Moreover, it links this information with the conservation value and forest status of the area. The tool allows users to draw a line around their area(s) of interest (AOI) around any area in the world, or select any protected area, and provides them with the information on several areas. It's a joint product of The CBD Secretariat, LifeWeb and UNEP-WCMC.

Vizzuality 来自纽约和马德里的数据分析和可视化机构, 引领海量分类、地理空间和实时数据领域数据分析和可视 化。基于重要话题建立大量开源的、富媒体因特网应用。 客户 包括谷歌、华尔街日报和哥伦比亚大学。CartoDB

( 的开发者,CartoDB 是云端数据聚合、 分析和位置感知应用的开源平台。

Vizzuality is a leading company in data analysis & visualization of large taxonomic, geospatial and temporal datasets. Based in NYC & Madrid, it builds open source, Rich Internet Applications on stories that matters. It is also the developer of CartoDB (, an open source platform to map, analyze and build location-aware applications with your data in the cloud. 281

024 通用电气供电全球

GE Powering

作品用数据阐释“电力驱动全球”。作品的交互装置版放置 在通用电气公司在康涅狄格州费尔菲尔德市的总部大厅里, 是“通用电气艺术大赛”的一部分。 作品计算出在 15 天内,713 个通用电气涡轮的位置和发电量。

The piece is part of the GE Works campaign, which describes and organizes the company's work with one of the four verbs: Powering, Curing, Building, and Moving. The work shows how data can illustrate "Powering" activities by working with data about the location and power output from 713 GE gas turbines during fifteen days. The interactive installation version is for the lobby of GE's headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Fathom 信息设计事务所协助客户通过信息图、交互工具、 装置、网页、手机软件来理解和传达复杂数据。

Fathom 282

Fathom Information Design helps clients understand and express complex data through information graphics, interactive tools, and software for installations, the web, and mobile devices.


025 开放能源

Open Energy

开放能源是一个能源基础建设的开源原型。作品旨在建立 一个平台以探究能源消耗可视化,以优化家庭、工业能耗。 系统基于两个维度建立:一是能源监测仪,利用开源硬件 记录能耗。另一个是开放能源可视化(实时能耗可视化), 让大众了解能耗的动态信息。 作品用一种新的分布式模式设计可视化系统,新技术使全 球发电去中心化,构建一个可持续平衡的格局。 开放能源可视化(OEV)是一个关于电力消耗(千瓦时为 单位)和家庭二氧化碳水平(克为单位)的实时数据可视 化软件。OEV 通过发明可视化技术、传感器系统和自动发 电装置,实现智能网络设计(智能电量分布网),使全球 能源分配得到最大优化。 此可视化构架建立了人与能源之间的新关系。能耗实时可 视化和消耗预测模拟构成了新信息系统。该系统能可视化 能耗、二氧化碳浓度、大电量盈余节点、电力实时价值。 这个智能网络的新模型不同于传统的层级网络模型,旨在 建立分散式能源系统的理念,每个人都可成为能源产生、

Fran Castillo

分配与再生的节点。作为一个可视化环境,它将大众觉察 不到的周围环境电力消耗动态表达出来,使大众学习消耗 决定消费的概念。


项目旨在建立一个开放能源概念的社区,不仅增强对能耗 的认识,而且进一步发展在智慧城市理念下的开放式的新 能源分配模式。本项目正在进行商业融资,有意者联系: Open Energy is an open-source prototype of energy infrastructure. Open Energy aims to develop a platform to explore new systems of visualization of energy use and to optimize it accordingly, both in domestic and industrial environments. The system is built in two parts: first one, Energy Monitoring Device, which investigates open hardware devices which monitor power consumption, and a second dimension, Open Energy Visualization (Data Visualization / RealTime Energy Behaviour Visualization), which explores new ways of real-time visualization of power consumption in domestic environments. These systems will allow us to amplify our knowledge about the dynamic behavior of energy anywhere.


In view of the upcoming stage of evolution of information technology ( wiki/ Internet_de_las_Cosas), Open Energy considers the design of a visualization system in which a new distribution model is inserted, where invention of new technologies will allow a decentralized redistribution of electricity production on a global scale and will define new frameworks of sustainable balance. Open Energy Visualization (OEV) is a real-time visualization software of power consumption (kWh) and CO2 levels (g) at home. OEV seeks to implement the design of a Smart Grid system (intelligent electric distribution network) by utilizing visualization technologies, sensors system and autonomous electricity production, allowing greater optimization of the energy distribution globally. These visualization structures will allow for new relationships between people and energy use. Real-time visualization of power consumption patterns, and simulations which predict 286

consumption, will constitute new information systems through which we will be able to visualize power consumption, CO2 levels, nodes which have greater energy surpluses, real-time value of electricity, etc. This new model of smart grid, in opposition to the traditional hierarchical grid, produces a decentralized energy system, where anyone can become a generator node and a distributor of renewable energy. Open Energy as a visualization environment generates new and imperceptible representations of electrical dynamic behavior of people in their living environment. These real-time visualization systems will enable us to adapt consumption behavior patterns in relation to consumption levels. The project aims to develope a community around the Open Energy concept, developing monitoring and visualization systems to allow us, on one hand, to amplify our knowledge about energy and, on the other hand, explore development of an open infrastructure for a new energetic distribution model, through the Smart Grids/Smart City concept. 287

Open Energy is intended for any citizen and/or groups interested in knowing (and optimizing) energy usage in their homes and/or urban systems, through different tools of real-time visualization . Open Energy is looking for business partner, email francastillo32@gmail. com with interest. Fran Castillo,建筑师、交互设计师。现任 Responsive Environments 研究主任。在马德里普拉多媒体实验室 开发“生态可视化 - 生态模拟” 项目。生态增强项目最近 入选 2011 多伦多精密技术节,并在巴塞罗那 2011 第四 届前沿建筑大赛 IAAC“城市意识”和 2011 布达佩斯国 际居住项目“厨房”项目中获得一等奖。同时入选匈牙利 电信创新实验室和塞利维亚 2011 数字文化节 UBICUA。 它也入选了 2011 Eme3 国际建筑节 / COAC / ARTS

SANTA MÓNICA / DHUB / 巴塞罗那 ELISAVA。 Fran Castillo is an Architect/ETSAS and Interaction Designer /UPF. He is currently research director at Responsive Environments. Between his projects, stand out EcovisualizaciónEcoanalogización, developed at MedialabPrado Madrid, and Augmented Ecologies, 288

recently chosen in 2011 Subtle Technologies Festival Toronto, awarded with first prize in the 4th Advanced Architecture Contest IAAC "City Sense" Barcelona 2011, and in 2011 International Residency Program KIBUĂ“S / Kitchen Budapest. Magyar Telekom' s Innovation Lab, and I Digital Culture Festival UBICUA 11 Sevilla 2011. It was also chosen at 2011 Eme3 International Architecture Festival / COAC / ARTS SANTA MĂ“NICA / DHUB / ELISAVA Barcelona.


026 哥本哈根之轮

Copenhagen Wheel

智能、应变、优雅,哥本哈根之轮是都市出行的新标志。 它能很快将传统单车改造成电动单车和移动传感器的结 合体。哥本哈根之轮储存骑单车刹车原本浪费掉的能量, 转化成提速助推力。它还可以测量污染水平、交通拥挤 度和道路实时信息。 感知和可持续:公众可以通过智能手机控制它,成为你 生活中的左右手。同时,可用手机打开和锁定单车、改 变挂挡、选择适合自己的动力。轮子上的传感器还收集 用户的脚蹬力度和周围环境情况,包括路面状况、二氧 化碳和氮氧化合物浓度、噪声大小、温度和相对湿度。 通过网页和手机读取这些数据,有助于制定更为健康的 骑车路线、达到健身目标或出行规划。还可以分享这些 数据给朋友或匿名分享给公众。这些成千上万的微小数 据的分享组成了一个环境数据库,造福于每一个人。


MIT SENSEable City Lab


Smart, responsive and elegant, the Copenhagen Wheel is a new emblem for urban mobility. It transforms ordinary bicycles quickly into hybrid e-bikes that also function as mobile sensing units. The Copenhagen Wheel allows you to capture the energy dissipated while cycling and braking and save it for when you need a bit of a boost. It also maps pollution levels, traffic

congestion, and road conditions in real-time. Sense And Sustainability: Controlled through your smart phone, the Copenhagen Wheel becomes a natural extension of your everyday life. You can use your phone to unlock and lock your bike, change gears and select how much the motor assists you. As you cycle, the wheel's sensing unit is also capturing your effort level and information about your surroundings, including road conditions, carbon monoxide, NOx, noise, ambient temperature and relative humidity. Access this data through your phone or the web and use it to plan healthier bike routes, to achieve your exercise goals or to meet up with friends on the go. You can also share your data with friends, or with your city - anonymously if you wish – thereby contributing to a fine-grained database of environmental information from which we can all benefit.


027 波士顿四季色轮

Flickr Flow

我俩把世界看成色彩的流动,2009 年我们脑海中有了色 彩流的蓝本。我们先收集了波士顿公众在 flickr 上发布的 照片,然后用了 WIRED 杂志周年庆而可视化作品中的算 法,软件算出各种颜色在每个月的照片中的相对比例,然 后将它们标绘在一个环上,这个图是初期的草图。夏天位 于顶部,随时间变化顺时针流动。

The two of us see the world as a stream of color, and in 2009 we finally had a chance to draw the river which we've imagined. We began with a collection of photographs of the Boston Common taken from Flickr. Using an algorithm developed for the WIRED Anniversary visualization, our software calculated the relative proportions of different colors seen in photos taken in each month of the year and plotted them on a wheel. The image below is an early sketch from the piece. Summer is at the top, with the flow of time proceeding clockwise manner. Fernanda Viégas & Martin Wattenberg


Fernanda Viégas 和 Martin Wattenberg 领导位于马塞 诸萨州剑桥市的谷歌“蓝图”可视化研究组。 加入谷歌前,两人成立了“流媒体”有限公司,专门从事媒 体和以消费者为导向的可视化项目。此前,他们领到了 IBM 视觉沟通实验室,开发了公共可视化平台“Many Eyes”。

2003 年,他们借为维基百科做可视化的契机组成了团队,完 成了“历史流”项目揭示了网络百科全书的自我修复特性。

Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg lead Google's "Big Picture" visualization research group in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Before joining Google, the two founded the studio Flowing Media, Inc. and, at IBM, created the ground-breaking public visualization platform Many Eyes. Viégas is known for her pioneering depictions of chat histories and email while Wattenberg's visualizations of the stock market and baby names are considered Internet classics. Their work has appeared in the New York Times, is in the collection of the NY Museum of Modern Art, and has been lampooned on Saturday Night Live. 293



Water Underground

作品按月为单位描绘了 2002 年以来全球地下水的变化情 况。作品是纽约时代广场信息图现场活动而设计。数据来 自 与加利福尼亚大学水文中心提供的公 开数据。 作品采用 Three.js 渲染,它是一个包括 WebGL 的实验 性浏览器技术的 3D 渲染引擎。

You are viewing an interactive visualization of global ground-water fluctuations on a monthly basis from 2002 to the present. This project is part of a competition proposal by @jpweeks and @megguerin for a live infographic display in Times Square, NYC. The data is publicly available and provided by Visualizing. org in collaboration with UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling. Rendering is powered by Three.js, a 3D rendering engine leveraging experimental browser technologies including WebGL. Jay Weeks & Megan Guerin


数据来源 Data Source: 全球水量 Global Water Mass:GRACE Satellite Monthly Data 2002-11

Jay Famiglietti, Professor and Director, UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling


Jay Weeks,学生,程序员,创意工作者,建筑师。 本科时兴趣超越传统设计,越来越意识到数据分析与计 算产生更交互、高效率的相应结构。至今涉及领域从

processing 脚本到 grasshopper 定义,从 rhino 脚本 到所有交互网络应用,尝试各种数据分析及可视化技术。 对高度自动化制作新方法及手工消减、添加过程极具兴趣。

Megan Guerin,设计师,艺术家。凭借艺术背景创作丰 富且有意义的数字体验。专注网页、本地应用、图表、品 牌的界面设计,热衷于用设计推动积极变革和创新。

Jay Weeks, student, programmer, creator, and architect: this array of professional and amateur roles describes his current state as a designer. While engaged in undergraduate studies, his interests grew beyond traditional design practice as he became more aware of the potential for data analysis and computation to enable more responsive, efficient, and relevant architecture. he has since experimented with various dataanalysis and visualization techniques ranging from processing sketches, grasshopper definitions, and rhino scripts to fully interactive


web applications. He is interested in new methods of fabrication with experience in highly automated as well as manual methods for subtractive and additive processes. Megan Guerin, Designer and Artist. She strives to use her background in fine art to create rich and meaningful digital experiences. She specializes in interface design for web and native apps, illustration, and branding. She's passionate about using design to drive positive change and innovation.


029 低碳生活



CO2GO,这个新型智能手机应用软件,可制定更聪明的个 人出行选择,丛而减少城市碳排量。它充分利 用智能手机 中的传感器(加速传感器,GPS),采用最新算法计算实 时碳排量。通过自动检测步行、自行车、火车、公交车、 地铁等交通方式,跟踪覆盖区域来实 现碳排量的统计。

Today, more than a third of global CO2 emissions are generated by transportation. CO2GO, a new type of smartphone application, is an effective tool that assists individuals in making smarter transportation choices to collectively reduce carbon emissions in cities.


MIT SENSEable City Lab


Making sophisticated use of the sensors contained in a standard smartphone (accelerometer, GPS, ...) carried in a pocket, CO2GO deploys an unprecedented algorithm to calculate real-time carbon emissions while on the move. It does so by automatically detecting the mode of transportation (walking, biking, train, car, bus, subway,...) being used while tracking the distance covered.






Smart City Big Design X Big Data


什么是大数据?大城市产生大量信息,如何更 快了解变化中的城市?让城市管理者迅速反 应?如何利用城市个领域的实时数据解决综合 性的复杂问题? 信息设计如何开发大数据以改变城市公共服 务,提升城市管理水平?从而改善市民生活, 提升城市品质?信息设计如何带动城市相关产 业发展? “智慧城市”论坛涉及城市规划、交通、通讯、 环境、社会等多领域,邀请来自大数据、移动 通讯、物联网、城市交互媒体、信息可视化、 城市规划、电子地图服务、车联网、城市公共 服务设计的国内外参展机构代表就“智慧城市” 话题展开讨论,通过国际间交流与碰撞,借鉴 与学习,推进“智慧城市”建设。 “智慧城市”论坛由中华世纪坛协同创新实验 室策划组织。


What's big data? The big city generates big data, how to better understand our city in change? How to enable our city operator to make more agile reaction to changes? How to leverage real-time data to address complex urban issues? How Information Design can exploit big data and apply it to better urban public service level? Thus to improve citizen life and boost the overall urban quality? How can Information Design trigger the development of relevant industries? GeoCity Smart City symposium will focus on the ares of urban planning, transportation, telecom, environment and society. The international and local speakers from big data, mobile telecom, IoT, urban interactive media, data visualization, urban planning, e-map service, telematics, urban public service design will elaborate the topics and form a holistic vision for Smart City development. We hope the symposium can uplift the Smart City movement to the next level. GeoCity Smart City symposium is organized by CMoDA CoINNO Lab.






ZHOU Wenzhe

Brainpage 创始人,信息工程学留英博士,在 IT、咨询、移动互联 网等领域有着丰富的行业和创业经验,热衷于跨界创新与应用。本 着对科技的热爱,她于 2011 年创办了北京幸福佩智科技有限公司 (Brainpage),致力于将信息技术以数据为媒介,帮助行业与开发 者创造更大价值。Brainpage 主要专注于对传感数据的处理与分析, 她认为,传感数据是物理世界与虚拟世界的桥梁,也是技术能够真正提 高人们生活质量的入口。

Founder, Brainpage, Dr. Zhou Wenzhe has rich experience in the areas of IT, Consulting and Mobile Internet. Graduated from Information Engineering, Queen' s University Belfast, UK, Dr. Zhou has always been fascinated into crossover innovation and application of technology. In 2011, She founded Brainpage, dedicated to making cutting-edge data technology available to everyone and creating bigger value. Brainpage is a sensor data processing and analysis platform, aiming at help industries and developers connect the physical world online easily, and draw values out of the data through user-friendly algorithms.


REN Zhen

北京法国电信研发中心市场与创新总监,1995 年在法国格勒诺贝尔理 工大学获得信号、图像和语音数字处理博士学位。此后她在法国多家跨 国企业担任项目经理、高级项目经理及高级咨询师等职位。任真博士于

2004 年加入北京法国电信研发中心,并作为多媒体创新服务实验室总 监,与她的科研团队一同获得法国电信集团 2006 年度创新奖提名。现 在任真博士是北京法国电信研发中心市场公关与创新总监,负责法国电 信在中国区的创新及战略合作伙伴关系。

Marketing, Communication & Innovation Director, Orange 305

Labs Beijing. She obtained the PhD in Signal Image and Speech Digital Processing at National Institute of Technology of Grenoble in France in 1995. Then she worked as project manager, senior project manager and senior consultant respectively in different international companies in France. In 2004, she joined France Telecom R&D Beijing. As Head of Service Anticipation of Multimedia and Innovation URD, she obtained the nomination of 2006 Innovation prize of France Telecom Group with her research team.


YANG Yongqi

高德集团汽车业务群执行副总裁。本科毕业于浙江大学机械工程专业, 并在美国华盛顿州立大学获得计算机科学和机械工程硕士学位。作为一 名计算机科学家,1996 年到 2005 年,他在微软(Microsoft)担任 过几个技术和管理职务,参与了 Windows CE 操作系统的开发。杨永 琦还协助成立微软中国技术中心,维护微软与中国硬件合作伙伴的技术 关系。2005 年 5 月到 2007 年,杨永琦在软银 (Softbank) 投资成立 的光芒国际传媒网络技术公司 (Roxbeam) 任工程副总监。 2007 年 3 月, 他加入高德,担任集团技术主管。

Executive Vice-President, AutoNavi. Mr. Yang received his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Zhejiang University in China and master's degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University. From 1996 to 2005, Mr. Yang held various technology and management positions at Microsoft. He led the development for the first Windows CE product for the China market, helped to found the Microsoft China Technology Center, and managed the technical relationships with Microsoft hardware partners in China. Before to join 306

Autonavi, Mr. Yang served as vice president of engineering at Roxbeam, a startup company funded by Softbank, from May 2005 to February 2007. Mr. Yang was chief technology officer of Autonavi from March 2007 until January 2011.

Michael Badics

奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术中心 AE Solutions 总监。AE

Solutions 负责开发 Ars Electronica 电子艺术中心未来实验室最 具应用潜力的原型和研究成果,将其转化为可以实际应用的产品。

Michael 曾是 Memetics 公司创始人和常务董事,他就读于奥地利林 茨约翰开普勒大学。最初为软件工程师,他在跨国软件公司 Fabasoft AG 供职了 15 年,之后 8 年他一直负责 Ars Electronica 电子艺术中 心未来实验室的运营。实验室大约有 50 名研究员和艺术家,致力于策 划和实施国际艺术项目、协作项目和第三方项目。这些项目主要关注新 媒体表演、媒体艺术和建筑、信息设计和展览艺术方面的尖端技术应用。

Director of AE Solutions, Ars Electronica. AE Solutions is developing the most promising prototypes and research results of the Ars Electronica Futurelab into products ready for real-world implementation. He was founder and managing director of Memetics GmbH and has studied computer sciences at the Linzer Johannes Kepler University. He was working about 8 years with managing the Ars Electronica Futurelab. About 50 researcher and artists are working in the lab for planning and realizing international art projects, cooperation projects or third party projects in the context of Ars Electronica with the focus on cutting edge technologies in the area of Media Performances, Media Art & Architecture, Information Design und Exhibits.



FU Zhiyong

清华美院信息艺术设计系副主任,博士,副教授,交互设计师,工业设 计师,现任清华大学美术学院信息艺术设计系副系主任,兼任教育部高 校文科计算机教学指导委员会艺术类分委员会秘书长,2006 年教育部 “新世纪优秀人才支持计划(NCET)”入选者。1998 年曾赴日本筑 波大学参与感性评价特别研究目,2008 至 2009 年为美国卡耐基梅隆 大学设计学院访问学者。主要的研究领域为交互设计、数字娱乐设计、 服务设计,具体研究方向为交叉学科设计教育研究、基于社会化媒体的 服务设计创新研究。

Information Art and Design Department, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, PhD, Associate Professor, Interaction Design, Industrial Design. He received his Bachelor of Science on Engineering degree from Wuhan University of Technology, in July 1993, and received his MA degree in July 1996 and his PHD degree in Jan 2005 from Tsinghua University. January to April 1998, he was a visiting professor of Kansei Evaluation special research project at Tsukuba University, Japan. August 2008 to August 2009, He was a visiting scholar in school of design at Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

Solène Maitre

法国信息设计机构 faberNovel 项目经理。毕业于法国著名工程院校法 国高等电力大学校和英格兰赫瑞瓦特大学,Solène 在 faberNovel 负 责有关智慧城市的创新项目,包括从创意集成、原型设计到具体构建的 过程。她致力于设计、开发系列交通、通讯数据可视化产品,曾为一个 关于垃圾和水管理的展示空间设计交互用户体验。她对数据可视化、大 数据和增强现实领域非常熟悉,因为她相信这方面的新技术能为都市居 民的生活方式带来变革。

Project Manager, faberNovel. Maitre is a graduate of 308

Supélec, one of the French top engineering school and from Heriot-Watt University (MSc in Energy). Solène is in charge of innovative projects related to the smart cities, from idea generation to prototype and its concretization. She contributed to the design and development of several Data Visualizations related to transportation and telecommunications. She has been designing interactive user experiences for a showroom dedicated to waste and water management. Solène is particularly familiar with Data Visualizations, Big Data and Augmented Reality; because she believes that new technologies around these topics will revolutionize the way we organize our lives in the city.

Ian McArthur

澳大利亚新南威尔士大学艺术学院,设计师,设计教育家。他拥有英国 密德萨斯大学的设计硕士学位和悉尼科技大学的双学位。30 多年专业 经验,在澳大利亚以及东南亚地区的职业教育和高等教育领域担任要职, 现为新南威尔士大学美术学院设计系讲师,本科远程教育课程主任。重 点研究跨文化设计管理,开发有合作潜力的新技术,开展全球范围的设 计教育合作。

School of Design Studies, University of New South Wales Australia. Ian Mcarthur is a designer and also a design education professor. He holds a Master of Design (Middlesex University, UK) and two education degrees (UTS, Sydney). During 30 years professional practice as artist, designer and design educationalist Ian has held a range of leadership roles in vocational and higher education in Australia and South East Asia. Ian currently coordinates COFA Online's Undergraduate online program and lectures in the School 309

of Design studies at The College of Fine Art. Ian's research explores the potentials of collaborative cross-cultural practice, new technologies and design education.

Jordan Kanter

美国建筑师、研究员。2009 年以来一直在北京工作生活,直至 2011 年在 MAD 任高级设计师。目前致力于城市发展、算法汇城和城市设 计的新范例研究,作为 The Found City 研究项目的一部分,也是

Future. Play 设计顾问公司的创始人。他目前在清华大学建筑学院教 授设计。

architect, researcher, originally from the US. He has lived and worked in Beijing since 2009 and was a Senior Designer at MAD until 2011. Currently, he is engaged in research in urban development, computational mapping and new paradigms for city design as part of the Found City project research initiative and as a founding principal of Future. Play, a speculative design consultancy. He is currently teaching design at Tsinghua School of Architecture.



天津大学建筑学院讲师,荷兰代尔夫特工业大学城市学博士。多年来从 事城市空间研究,利用空间句法软件结合城市交通体系进行街道空间拓 扑形态分析,特别关注当代快速的城市发展对日常生活活力的影响以及 城市空间和社会文化之间的关系。

Lecturer, School of Architecture, Tianjin University. He received his PhD degree in Urbanism in TU Delft the Netherlands in 2011. For many years he has been working on the urban morphology studies using space syntax theory and methods. He is especially interested in the impact of 310

rapid urbanization on local everyday life, and the connection between the form of urban space, society and culture.


HE Wei

中央美术学院建筑学院数字空间与虚拟现实实验室主任。清华大学建筑 学院建筑学学士,德国斯图加特大学建筑学与城市规划硕士;中央美术 学院建筑学院讲师,兼任《生态城市与绿色建筑》副主编,《照明设计》 执行主编;从事建筑、城市、照明、艺术等多领域的跨界研究;出版有 《阅读广场》等多部著作;建筑、摄影、灯光互动装置作品多次参加国 内外展览。

Director, Digital Space and Virtual Reality Lab, China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Bachelor of Architecture from Tsinghua University and Dipl. Ing. Architektur from University of Stuttgart, Germany; He Wei is the deputy chief editor of "Eco-city and Green Building" magazine and the editor-in-chief of "Professional Lighting Design_China" magazine. He has engaged in many interdisciplinary studies in architecture, urban, lighting, art and other areas, published a lot of writings such as "Read the Piazza".



艺术家,设计师,中央美术学院媒体实验室副教授。美国阿尔弗雷德大 学艺术与设计学院电子综合艺术专业硕士。现任教于中央美术学院设计 学院数码媒体工作室,交互艺术与设计专业方向研究生导师。作为艺术 家和设计师,他的艺术作品及设计作品曾在国内外画廊、博物馆及艺术 节多次展出。他的艺术研究及实践涉及数字艺术、交互艺术、交互设计、 界面设计和电子出版等多个领域。他一直关注和探索由虚拟空间和实体 空间共同构成的混合空间对艺术和设计的影响,最近的系列作品主要探 讨如何为特定的公共空间创建区域性的社群媒体,以及如何以艺术家的 311

方式创建出具有“价值转换功能”的交互系统来介入不平衡的劳工价值、 虚拟劳工价值等经济和社会学范畴的问题。

Artist, Designer, Associate professor, CAFA Media Lab, China Central Academy of Fine Arts. MFA in Electronic Integrated Art from Alfred University's School of Art and Design in New York. His art and design work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries, museums and festivals. His main research areas are digital art, interactive art, interface design, interaction design and digital publishing. He is particularly interested in the intersection of virtual space and physical space. His recent research focuses on creating locative social media for public engagement. He has also been exploring the value of virtual labor and interactive systems for promoting sustainability.


CAO Sanxing

中国传媒大学新媒体研究院副院长,博士生导师,副教授。近年来从事 智能网络、移动新媒体与互动媒体关键技术领域内的研究。在国际国内 学术期刊与会议上发表论文 90 余篇。目前作为负责人承担国家重点实 验室课题项目、国家高新技术产业化项目、北京市文化创意产业项目、 文化部艺术科技项目、国家广电总局科技项目、国家科技基础工作专项 项目与横向项目。

Deputy Dean of New Media Institute, Communication University of China. In recent years, he is focusing on the research of intelligent network, mobile new media and the technology of interactive media. He has published more than 90 articles on journals and conferences both domestic and international. As the head leader at the moment, he is in charge of the key projects of National Labs, National 312

high-tech industrialization projects, cultural and creative industry projects in Beijing, art and technology projects of MCPRC, technology projects of SARFT, and special projects of National foundation works about science and technology.

Oliver Senn

Oliver 在新加坡 — 麻省理工大学科研中心从事 LIVE Singapore! 项 目。他与新加坡团队合作开发收集、处理、可视化城市实时数据的平台。 该平台有助公众利用实时数据开发应用,并为城市规划者提供数据分析 工具。作为团队负责人,Oliver 关注平台核心软件的可扩展性、实时 数据处理能力,也致力于为用户提供数据接口实现方便、强大的平台互 动。

Oliver is currently based in Singapore at the Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology where he works for MIT's Senseable City Lab on the project LIVE Singapore. Together with the team in Singapore, he is creating a platform for gathering, processing and visualizing urban real time data. The platform supports citizens in developing applications that use real time data as well as city planners by providing tools for (real time) data analysis. Leading the team in Singapore, Oliver is also focusing on core software aspects of the platform to allow scalable, real time data processing as well as designing the API's for users to interact in a simple, yet powerful way with the platform.



13:30 PM


14:00 PM

开幕 / 致辞


中华世纪坛数字艺术馆总经理 陈彩云 清华美院副院长 苏丹

Opening Adderss

CHEN Caiyun, General Manager, CMoDA SU Dan, Associate Dean, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University 14:10 PM


Brainpage 创始人 周文哲

Big Data

ZHOU Wenzhe, Founder, Brainpage 14:20 PM

GeoCity 移动通讯

北京法国电信研发中心 Orange Labs 市场与创新 总监 任真

GeoCity - Mobile Communication REN Zhen, Marketing, Communication & Innovation Director, Orange Labs Beijing


14:35 PM

社会化的物联网 中国传媒大学新媒体研究院副院长 曹三省

Social IoT

CAO Sanxing, Assosiate Dean of New Media Institute, Communication University of China 14:50 PM

城市数字交互媒体 澳大利亚新南威尔士大学艺术学院设计系讲师

Ian Mcarthur

Interactive Media in Smart Cities Ian McArthur, School of Design Studies, University of New South Wales Australia 15:00 PM

GeoPulse 城市脉搏

奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术中心 AE Solutions 总监 Michael Badics 清华大学美术学院信息艺术设计系副主任 付志勇

GeoPulse Beijing

Michael Badics, Director of AE Solutions, Ars Electronica FU Zhiyong, Vice Director of Information Art and Design Department, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University


15:20 PM


美国建筑师、研究员 Jordan Kanter

Dynamic Urban Planning

Jordan Kanter, Architect, Researcher 15:35 PM

城市公共空间研究 建筑师、资深媒体人、中央美术学院建筑学院数字空间与 虚拟现实实验室主任 何崴

Study of Urban Public Space

HE Wei, Director, Digital Space and Virtual Reality Lab, China Central Academy of Fine Arts 15:45 PM

城市社区活力 天津大学建筑学院讲师,荷兰代尔夫特工业大学城市学 博士 盛强

Activeness of Urban Communities SHENG Qiang, School of Architecture, Tianjin University 15:55 PM

实时城市 美国麻省理工大学可感知城市实验室研究员 Olive Senn

Real-time City

Olive Senn, Researcher, MIT SENSEable City Lab 316

16:10 PM

城市智能地图服务 高德集团汽车业务群执行副总裁 杨永琦

Smart Map Service

YANG Yongqi, Executive Vice-President, Automotive Business UNIT, AutoNavi 16:25 PM

车联网 中央美术学院数码媒体工作室副教授 费俊


FEI Jun, Associate Professor, CAFA Media Lab, China Central Academy of Fine Arts 16:40 PM


法国 faberNovel 项目经理 Solène Maitre

Smart City Service Design

Solène Maitre, Project Manager, faberNovel 17:00 PM

展览预览 中华世纪坛数字艺术馆展览总监 杨磊

Exhibition Preview

YANG Lei, Exhibition Director, CMoDA






University Day


北京各家高校新媒体实验室将参与到“智慧城 市 - 国际信息设计展”中。除展示本校研发的 优秀作品之外,各高校还将在展览期间组织包 括放映、论坛、演出、讲座等在内的丰富多彩 的主题日活动。同时由中华世纪坛数字艺术馆 倡议并建立的协同创新实验室,也将集合多家 高校为观众带来首个协同创作作品 - 新媒体艺 术专场演出。

The new media labs of universities in Beijing will participate in "GeoCity Smart City" international information design exhibition. While showing their latest development works, the universities will organize various activities during the University Days, including screening, forum, performance and lectures. The CMoDA CoINNO Lab, initiated by CMoDA, will present its first collaborative project, a new media performance, with several universities. 320



International innovative collaboration in new media



The development of digital design industry 2012.10.12


Communication University of China 2012.10.13


Beijing Dance Academy


这是一个创新的机会,并以此证明我们 的设计、分析与实施将成为解决危机、 保持世界发展的先行者,感谢大家的参 与、承诺与支持 -联合国秘书长 潘基文


It is a chance for us to innovate and demonstrate that giving strong support to Global Pulse would be a pioneer to addressing the fast-moving crises and international development. I thank you for your participation, commitment and support. ďź? Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General, UN





2011 奥地利 Ars Electronica 动画节 Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2011


奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术节动画节 每年都会播放 Ars Electronica 艺术大奖参 赛动画片作品。此次展映节目来自 2011 Ars Electronica 电子艺术节动画节的 120 部数字 动画短片,共分十个单元,给观众集中了解全 球当下数字动画界最具创意的作品。

The Ars Electronica Animation Festival screens a selection of outstanding films submitted to the Prix Ars Electronica. These 120 visual highlights have been divided into 10 lineups. The Ars Electronica Animation Festival has selected and grouped them into lineups that give viewers a concentrated overview of current digital filmmaking.



在 1992 年的奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术节上,《终结者 2》获得了电脑动画 类金奖。这是电脑视觉特效领域的最高荣誉,尽管没有奖金。 Peter Weibel 在评审 团陈述中写道:“我们没有奖金,因为评审团清楚地知道仅仅依靠人的智慧是不足以 完成如此优秀的作品的。它还需要在制作设备与劳动力方面投入巨资,而这些只有企 业才能负担得起。从这个角度来看,在创作中能够借助在特定领域拥有顶级配置的电 脑进行模拟运算,对那些在历史上一直扮演艺术创作主要角色的个人而言,根本就是 天方夜谭。只有国家财政高度倾斜的军队及科研机构,或是受到巨大潜在利润驱动的 娱乐公司,才有能力使用这些电脑。”接着,他还写道,工业 / 商业电影不仅使电脑 动画大众化,还展示了电脑动画所提供的无限可能,并因此促进了这一技术的发展进步。 正如我们所见,Peter Weibel 的点评完全正确;而这也正是 19 年前的真实写照。但 是今天,我们早已对各种电脑特效司空见惯;我们也不用再依赖那些笨重的大型电脑 设备就能设计出令人叹为观止的视觉效果。在上世纪 90 年代,学生和独立电影人们只 能使用当时的二流技术;而今天,只有想象力的限制才能束缚他们的手脚。 提交到奥地利电子艺术节的作品也印证了这一变化。入围作品大多来自独立电影人。 奥地利 Ars Electronica 动画节为入围作品挑选并划分了不同单元,每个单元的作品 都有着类似的主题。 奥地利 Ars Electronica 动画节为观众展现了当今数字电影制作的全貌。

In the 1992 Prix Ars Electronica's Computer Animation category, Terminator 2 was awarded an honorary Nica - and thus not a cash prize - to honor it as a superlative display of state - of - the-art computer - generated visual effects. In the jury's statement, Peter Weibel wrote: "There was no money award, because the jury was conscious of the fact that the qualified knowledge of all persons involved would not have been sufficient to create this work without the millions of dollars in machine and manpower that only industry can afford. In this respect, certain aspects of top performance computer simulation are impossible to achieve in the 328

personal area of operation, the historical field of artistic creativity; they can only be done with the far higher and unevenly distributed funding of military or scientific research or in the entertainment business under the aspect of a potential mass distribution of the products and the profits expected." He went on to say that industrial/commercial films weren't just popularizing computer animation; they were also showcasing the manifold array of possibilities it afforded and thus advancing it. Which was spot on, as we can now see. That' s how it was 19 years ago. Today, we take special effects completely for granted. It no longer takes massive computing power to achieve breathtaking visual design. In the 1990s, it seemed that students and indie filmmakers had to make do with second-rate capabilities; now, they're restricted only by the boundaries of their imagination. Works submitted for Prix Ars Electronica prize consideration conclusively attest to this. Most of the shortlisted films are by freelancers. The Ars Electronica Animation Festival has selected and grouped them into lineups that reflect important themes prevalent among the entries. The Ars Electronica Animation Festival gives viewers a concentrated overview of current digital filmmaking.



Narration 用视听语言讲述真实的故事——一个小孩用画画解决了日常问题; 一个老妇人不会用电炉;一个电灯泡生产者的深奥故事;一个关系 错综的家庭肥皂剧。

Tales of real life told in cinematic terms - a child solves the problems of everyday existence with drawings; an elderly lady and her difficulties with a hotplate; the abstruse story of a light bulb producer; a family soap opera about a confusing relationship.


Remy Dereux, Maxime Hibon, Juliette Klauser, Raphaelle Ranson, Louise Seynhaeve : Aleksandr/Prix ars electronica/ fr 2011 / 05:20 Tyler Kupferer : The Girl and the Fox / Prix Ars Electronica / us 2011 / 05:30 Ole Gulbrandsen : Last Fall / Prix Ars Electronica / DK 2011 / 05:30 Lucrèce Andreae, Alice Dieudonne, tracy nowocien, Florian Parrot, ornélie Prioul, rémy schaepman : Trois petits points / Prix Ars Electronica / fr 2011 / 03:35 Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter : Something left, something taken/ Prix Ars Electronica/ jp+us 2011 / 10:13 Veronika Obertova : Viliam / Prix Ars Electronica / sk 2011 / 07:19 Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-scanatovits : My Mother’s coat / Prix Ars Electronica / gr 2011 / 06:02



Parallel Worlds 童话中描述的奇闻异事,现在变成了现实。战争情节变得乱七八糟; 漂流瓶的信息链接地球两极;偷画贼变成了他想偷的作品;一种能 潜入阴影的生物最后在一个幻想的世界浮现。

Strange things, the stuf that fables are made of, occur on a regular basis here. War scenarios are turned topsyturvy; messages-in-a-bottle connect the poles; an art thief becomes the product of his craving; creatures that immerse themselves in shadows end up landing in Nowhere - a fantasy realm emerges!


Malcolm Sutherland : Umbra/ Prix Ars Electronica/ ca 2011/ 05:35 Pierre ducos bertrand bey : La détente/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 08:30 Léo Verrier : Dripped/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 08:00 Erick Oh : Heart/ Prix Ars Electronica/ kr 2011/ 08:30 Helena Frank : Heavy Heads/ Prix Ars Electronica/ se 2011/ 07:34 Stéphanie Lansaque, François Leroy : Mei Ling/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 15:00 Kirsten Lepore : Bottle/ Prix Ars Electronica/ us 2011/ 05:25 Doris Bachelier, maeva viricel : Carpates Express/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 05:22 Eran Hilleli : Between Bears/ Prix Ars Electronica/ il 2011/ 05:22


Chaos 落单的人,混乱的敏感事物,在精神病边缘游走,深夜的车祸,本 性的碰撞,情感,变革和道德约束,冲击对比强烈的现实,解剖台 上的媒体……组成了这个单元。

Individual, chaotic sensitivities, excursions on the verge of psychosis, a midnight car crash, the collision of nature, emotion, evolution and morality, the dynamic impact of highly contrasting realities, and media on the dissection table make up this program.


Matthias Hoegg : Thursday / Prix Ars Electronica/ de 2011/ 07:14 Alessandro Bavari : Metachaos/ Prix Ars Electronica/it 2011/ 08:27 Sandro : John Malkovich - Butterlies/ Prix Ars Electronica/ us 2011/ 01:20 JĂŠro yun + Le Fresnoy : RED ROAD/ Prix Ars Electronica/ kr +fr 2011/ 08:40 Stefan Larsson + Mira Calix : A forest within a forest/ Prix Ars Electronica/ se , jp+uk 2011/ 05:10 Till Nowak : The experience of fliehkraft/ Prix Ars Electronica/ de 2011/ 02:36



Short Cuts 为了拯救一束光芒,太阳摧毁了整个城市。夜晚,在一家超市里, 一个跌跌撞撞的橘子引发了混乱的连锁反应。一只可爱的凯蒂猫梦 想成为一位动作明星。这个单元证明了即使是最惊心动魄的冒险故 事也能用短短几分钟讲完。

In an attempt to rescue a lost ray of light, the Sun destroys a whole city. In a supermarket at night, a tumbling tangerine triggers a chaotic chain reaction. A cute little kitty dreams of being an action star. This lineup is proof positive that even the most animated tales of adventure take only a few minutes to tell.


Yann Benedi, Celine Desrumaux: Giant Episode Sun/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 01:12 Mehdi Alavi, Loic Bramoulle, Alex Digoix, Geofrey Lerus, Alexandre Wolfromm: Parigot/ Prix Ars Electronica/fr 2011/ 04:50 Alexander Gellner, Niklas A Kröger: One Minute Puberty/ Prix Ars Electronica/ de 2011/ 01:41 Romain Blanchet, Georges Huang, Rémy Hurlin, Ari tolga: Hezarfen/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 03:20 Alexandre Ada, Cedric Jeanne, Akama Studio, Ludi Factory, Ubisoft: Raving Rabbids Travel in Time/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 01:55 Tokyoplastic: Kitteh Kitteh Triple Feature/ Prix Ars Electronica/ uk 2011/ 02:00 Fx & Mat, Nexus Productions: The Siege/ Prix Ars Electronica/ uk 2011/ 01:00 Leo Bridle, Ben Thomas : Train of Thought/ Prix Ars Electronica/ uk 2011/ 03:50 Francois Barreau, Violaine Briat, Clément Girard, Benoit Tranchet, Maité Xia: M. Eustache/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 00:58 Digital Media 2008 @ University of Applied sciences campus Hagenberg: The Incredible Tangerine/ Prix Ars Electronica/ at 2011/ 01:21 Will Johnson: Ike‘s Kream/ Prix Ars Electronica/ us 2011/ 02:13 Fons Schiedon: In a Forest/ Prix Ars Electronica/ nl 2011/ 02:30 Luis Arizaga Rico: Holy Monks/ Prix Ars Electronica/ es 2011/ 03:29 Rémi Bastie, Jean Baptiste Cumont, Clement Desnos, Jonathan Djob n‘Kondo, Nicolas Pegon: JESUS 2000/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 01:22



Fight & Chase 这些战士们有的相互厮杀,有的同心协力;他们为一个原因而战, 或为反对一个原因而战;或者是跟他们自己开战。日本剑士和北欧 维京人闹翻了脸。你想把食物完好无缺地带回家,就要接受全世界 的挑战。在这条惊险刺激的旅途上你最好系紧自己的安全带。

These warriors battle each other or on the same side, struggle for a cause or against one, or maybe with themselves. Japanese sword fighters face off against Nordic Vikings, and a guy just trying to get his food home intact takes on all comers. You better have your seatbelt buckled for this white-knuckle ride.


Smith & Foulkes, Nexus Productions: The Chase/ Prix Ars Electronica/ uk 2011/ 01:43 Damian Nenow: Paths of Hate/ Prix Ars Electronica/pl 2011/ 10:00 Denis Bouyer, Yann de Pr茅val, Vincent E Sousa, Laurent Monneron: Meet Buck/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 04:23 Mathias Barday, Olivier Landais, Luc-Ewen Martinfenouillet, Guillaume Petit, Arnaud Saibron, Bertrand saint-Martin : Derapage/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 04:48 Ercan Bozdogan : Captain Awesome:The Rumble in the Concrete Jungle/ Prix Ars Electronica/ dk 2011/ 08:11 Benjamin Kousholt : The Saga of Bi么rn/ Prix Ars Electronica/ dk 2011/ 07:02 Sune Reinhardt : Mighty Antlers/ Prix Ars Electronica/ dk 2011/ 04:39



Dark Stories 斗争冲突、刑事案件、内部分歧;生命中模糊、沮丧、阴险的一面—— 这些令人不安的情节勾勒除出一个光怪陆离的世界,深入到潜意识 的核心。这绝不是一个“晚安,睡个好觉”这样的表演!

Clashes, criminal cases, internal chasms; the shadowy, gloomy, sinister side of life-these disturbing plots draw viewers into a world of absurdities and monstrosities, into the very core of the subconscious sphere. Deinitely not a "nighty night, sleep tight" kind of show!


Floris Kaayk : The origin of Creatures/ Prix Ars Electronica/ nl 2011/ 11:45 Kirk Hendry : Junk/ Prix Ars Electronica/nz 2011/ 06:30 Vicky Mather : Stanley Pickle/ Prix Ars Electronica/ uk 2011/ 11:20 Bo Mathorne : The Backwater Gospel/ Prix Ars Electronica/ dk 2011/ 09:32 Amine Beckoury, Franรงois Dumoulin, David Fernandez : Cuisine Jap/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 03:35



Digital Bestiary 在这个物种繁多、活动丰富的群落里,生活着狗、猫、海象、鱼、 鸟和各种只有上帝才叫得上名字的物种。你不必成为一个动物爱好 者,就会喜欢上这个单元。在这个单元中,我们会深入审视那些被 我们的动物亲属们占领的广袤土地——从热带雨林到阿尔卑斯高山 牧场。

There' s plenty of activity in this highly diverse biotope full of dogs, cats, walruses, fish, birds and God knows what else. You don't necessarily have to be an animal lover to like this lineup teeming with profound insights into the domain inhabited by our biological kin environments ranging from tropical rainforests to high alpine meadows.


Bill Plympton : The Cow Who Wanted to be a Hamburger/ Prix Ars Electronica/ us 2011/ 05:50 Jens Blank,, Wordsales, : cooked/ Prix Ars Electronica/de 2011/ 06:55 Sam Chen : AMAZONIA/ Prix Ars Electronica/ us 2011/ 04:50 Vida Vega : /mi‘au, myau// Prix Ars Electronica/ uk 2011/ 01:00


立场与启示 Position & Message 希腊债务危机、切尔诺贝利核事故、过度节食和饮食混乱、全球变 暖、个人脱离社会结构——电影人们在这个单元中对此做出了尖锐 而犀利的评论。

The crisis in Greece, the consequences of the Chernobyl meltdown, obsessive dieting & eating disorders, global warming, individuals drifting away from stable social structures - filmmakers offer up trenchant statements in this program.


Matthieu Bernadat, Nils Boussuge, Florence Ciuccoli, Clement Deltour, Marion Petegnief : Chernokids/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 07:00 Danae Diaz, Patricia Luna : Cafeine/ Prix Ars Electronica/ ES+DE+CO 2011/ 05:02 Simon Robson : Coalition of the willing/ Prix Ars Electronica/ uk 2011/ 15:35 NOMINT MOTION DESIGN : THE GREEK CRISIS EXPlAINED/ Prix Ars Electronica/ gr 2011/ 02:44 MK12 : TELEPHONEME/ Prix Ars Electronica/ us 2011/ 02:49 Bertrand Avril, Pierre Chomarat, David Dangin, ThĂŠa Matland : Slimtime/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 08:00


变·换 Transformations 对内部世界和外部世界的认知正经历显著的变化。建筑学立体视角 被彻底颠覆,内部和外部空间的视觉也完全改变。结构和解构是这 个单元的核心特征。

The perceptions of internal and external worlds undergo striking shifts. Architectural perspectives are reformulated, along with visualizations of interior and exterior spaces. Construction and deconstruction are the essential parameters of this program.


Alex Roman : The Third & The Seventh/ Prix Ars Electronica/ es 2011/ 11:58 Masaki Yokochi, Shred Inc : Locus/ Prix Ars Electronica/ jp+us 2011/ 02:40 Stephan Larson : impetus/ Prix Ars Electronica/ us 2011/ 04:02 Candas Sisman : F L U X/ Prix Ars Electronica/ tr 2011/ 04:43 Tendril Design + Animation, Vini Nascimento, Christopher Bahry, Alexandre Torres, John Black of CypherAudio, Kate Bate, Anne Deslauriers : Manifesto 1 - Seed/ Prix Ars Electronica/ ca 2011/ 00:46 Daihei Shibata : The Light of Life/ Prix Ars Electronica/ de 2011/ 04:35 Max Hattler: 1925 aka Hell/ Prix Ars Electronica/ de 2011/ 01:36 Paul Nicholls : ROYAl RE-FORMATION/ Prix Ars Electronica/ uk 2011/ 04:56 Alvaro Pasados : ( )/ Prix Ars Electronica/ es 2011/ 00:27 Clemens Wirth, Florian Rinnerthaler, Melanie Pappenheim (At) Radium Audio ltd,london, Sigur Ros : Macro Kingdom Trilogy/ Prix Ars Electronica/ uk 2011/ 07:25 Jonathan Gales : Speculative Landscapes/ Prix Ars Electronica/ je 2011/ 02:00 Lucio Arese : Repeatedly/ Prix Ars Electronica/ it 2011/ 04:08 Stefan Larsson : an Anomalous Garden/ Prix Ars Electronica/ se+jp 2011/ 03:32 Paul Nicholls : THE GOlDEN AGE/ Prix Ars Electronica/ uk 2011/ 03:30



Visuals & Sounds & Music 尽管正被重新解读,音乐和影像的交融还是最传统的艺术表现形式。 提交给我们的作品中包括大量的音乐可视化和音乐影像。我们挑选 出其中一些优秀的作品组成了这个单元。

The interplay of musical and visual imagery just might be the artform with the longest tradition, though one that' s now undergoing a radical reinterpretation. Prix submissions have included a great many music visualizations and music videos; several outstanding works were selected to orchestrate this program.


Jamie Hewlett, Pete Candeland : Gorillaz On Melancholy Hill‘/Prix Ars Electronica/ uk+au 2011/ 04:21 Mike Winkelmann: Flying Lotus: Kill your Co-Workers/ Prix Ars Electronica/us 2011/ 03:02 Brandon Blommaert : Black Moon/ Prix Ars Electronica/ ca 2011/ 01:18 Bernardo Rivavelarde : Future Nature - The Movie/ Prix Ars Electronica/ es 2011/ 07:30 Jungwoo Yang, Juan Ha, Taejoon Park, Youngseok Kim, Sunghwan Lee : Play/ Prix Ars Electronica/ kr 2011/ 03:56 Da-Wei Liou : Invade/ Prix Ars Electronica/ tw 2011/ 00:55 Motiphe : Between Two Points/ Prix Ars Electronica/ at 2011/ 02:15 Laen Sanches : Miss Daisy Cutter/ Prix Ars Electronica/ fr 2011/ 05:40 Robert Ivanov, Daniel Bruylandt, Alex Wöhlkonig (BE) & Tecla Tangorra (IT), Music by Miki Yui : City Drops/ Prix Ars Electronica/ jp 2011/ 01:20 Marieke Verbiesen : Reloaded/ Prix Ars Electronica/ no 2011/ 03:42 David Muth : 1 c A a 01x/ Prix Ars Electronica/ at 2011/ 07:47 Flying Lotus, special Problems : MmmHmm (featuring Thundercat)/ Prix Ars Electronica/ us 2011/ 03:50


纵使身处纷繁世界, 我们呈现你想看到一切, 无论是一本书、 一张地图还是一条消息 -奥地利 Ars Electronica 电子艺术中心


Even though living in the intricate world, we presents everything you want to see, whether it is a book, a map, or a message. ďź? Ars Electronica



Smart City, Destiny's Child 编写:杨磊 郝东英

Edit by YANG Lei, HAO Dongying


何谓智慧? 深知祸福谓之智,亟见窕察谓之慧。早在两千年前,古人就给出了这样的定义。亟见、窕察、深知,简 单六个字准确而严谨地提炼出“智慧”一词的精髓,那便是对于不同时间、空间上信息的快速获取、精 确选择与深刻理解。信息处理能力的重要性在古老的中国就已经被智者预见。如今我们重新审视这一概念, 对于人如此,对于一座城市亦然。 智慧城市的概念不是一种乌托邦式的空想,是基于如今人们已经熟识和未来将会掌握的科学技术,利用 不同的手段进行塑造。这些手段可以是城市文化的浸润,也可以是生物医学的推进。而如今我们聚焦于 信息设计的角度,探讨信息可视化对于未来城市及产业的影响,既是源于对“智慧”一词意义的追溯与剖析, 也是面对当前资源和形势的利用与迎合。我们的智慧城市,无疑应该具有完善的信息系统,并使城市公 民可以自主地找到或形成解决问题的方法,更让城市的潜力得到充分的挖掘和发挥,最终达成城市孕育 智慧公民,公民成就智慧城市的美好愿景。 353

何种模式? 以信息设计带动信息可视化从而实现智慧城市的优势在于双向互利的模式。这种模式可以激发城市活力, 提高公民的幸福感,同时提升公民意识并协同公民自身的灵动思想,真正诠释“智慧城市”的内涵。与 之相对,把城市作为单一实体的做法并不值得推崇,美国《连线》杂志曾刊登文章批评了 IBM 和 Cisco 试图用单一模式和自上而下的方法来改善社会整体绩效的智慧城市实践。文章指出,忽略公民将导致我 们重复二十世纪年代所遭遇的一系列社会理想的破灭。忽略新信息技术将带来的社会自组织,提出的智 慧城市理论只不过是新瓶装旧酒。无独有偶,我国著名物流网分析师曾韬在网络上表达了相似的观点, 他表示真正的智慧城市应该具备极强的包容性,自适应性和扩展性。企业和政府都应尽可能避免对城市 多样性的扼杀,顺从城市发展的潮流。 值得我们欣喜的是,对于智慧城市的讨论并不限于理论,很多城市的数据研究正在进行,大城市的雏形 也在逐步建立。2011-2012 年《世界经济论坛报告》指“数据可视化” 是聚合世界这一复杂系统的有 效手段。数据研究与分析遍布在城市建设的每一个关键部分,先进的技术将城市转化为一个“数据喷泉”, 这些井喷的信息证实了已知规律并启示了令人瞠目的新模式,这些都会改变城市的定义、建设和管理等 诸多方面。除此之外,畅通无阻的获取数据的渠道,使城市的数据研究不再受时空的限制。 因此,更多 的学者不断得出新颖、科学、个性化的“城市法则”。圣菲研究所会聚焦于城市规模,探讨人口增长与 地域面积扩张的关系;纽约大学城市规划师能够采集百个城市历史和普查数据,绘制千幅数字地图,计 算数百万像素的卫星图像;麻省理工学院感知城市实验室负责人卡洛·拉蒂得以开拓电信网络产生的数 据筛选,查明一个国家内部界限如何反应居民之间的联系;伦敦大学的高级空间分析中心会关注到公共 交通支付卡以及推特网上的信息,研究市民出行模式的规律;新加坡第二大研究实验室会重点开发城市 实时控制系统软件,使城市交通系统受益于出租车的供求平衡关系。“城市规划、交通、通讯、社会、 环境、安全”人们的探索遍及生活的方方面面。这些学者所做的努力一方面试图在大数据中提取城市建 设法则,另一方面,他们也在阐释同一个问题,那就是未来城市在数据分析、信息设计的支持下将走向何处。 354

从何而来? 尽管学界与业界对于信息可视化的推崇和狂热是新近开始的,但是无论是信息可视化还是信息设计,都不 是一个新概念。信息可视化其实在很早以前就已经融入我们的生活,有些可能你都不曾意识到,比如人 们喜闻乐见的电子游戏。信息可视化的目标是在于增强认识,通过多个次级任务的完成逐渐接近最终的目 标——传播、教育、激励等。游戏行业的实质是以娱乐为目的的一种虚拟的信息可视化,通过给玩家设定 挑战形成复杂而连贯的认知循环,吸引玩家不断的继续操作,博得喜爱。受众参与、刺激动机、记述手法, 这些共通的关键概念不仅在游戏场景里有着错综复杂的关系,更是支持信息可视化的重要因素。 相对于信息可视化,信息设计技术则出现的时间更早。十八世纪五十年代,约翰·斯诺就通过绘制位置 图显示出霍乱患者所在位置,并通过此图找到霍乱疫情源头;而后查尔斯•约瑟夫·米纳德绘制拿破仑 东征信息图标;奥托·纽拉特发表经过系统化设计的国际画图文字。上世纪七十年代就已经由英国平面 设计师特格拉姆正式提出。相对于平面设计,信息设计的主旨是“进行有性能的信息传递”,并继承了 数据统计的可量化特点。1979 年,《信息设计期刊》杂志创刊,从此确立了信息设计的学术地位。

去向何方? 几十年过去,信息可视化给期待它的人们带来越来越多的发展空间。英国数据记者、信息设计师 David

McCandless 在《信息很美》一书这样写道:“这是一个信息爆炸的时代,我们需要一个新的途径去处 理,建立信息之间的联系,并探索之中的美丽和乐趣。” 但这些美丽和乐趣将如何转化为客观存在的城 市发展?如何用信息设计改变我们的城市?呼之欲出的智慧城市又将如何改变人们的生活呢?这些问题 亟待明确的答案以及可信的证据。


大数据与大设计下所蕴藏的经济价值是巨大的。受到经济危机的影响,同样以数据为支撑的金融行业了 无生机,与之相对的是作为朝阳行业横空出世的社交网络大数据,通过信息将消费者与销售者配对的盈 利模式迅速创造了可观的利润。从公元前 6 世纪的亚历山大图书馆,到把一切都数字化的谷歌,再到

SoLoMo 时代,数据的获取正在变得越来越细致,也越来越个人化。将大量的数据分析后的结果可视化, 使得那些非技术人员也能轻易明白这些数据在表达什么。数字化让广告业的效率和产出变得更加容易衡 量。 很多学者与业界人士都表明,在巨大的利益驱使下,大数据无疑是个趋势,未来更多的与复杂的 数据相关的创业公司会陆续出现。 在对信息可视化实用性的论述当中,沟通交流和分析利用是信息可视化中最为关键的两个组成部分,信 息本身与其设计的分离使我们的交流不限于内容本身,而是拥有了属于自己的工具箱,政府通过多样化 工具的帮助优化城市建设,城市公民则可以借此信息自主提出详实可靠的改进方案,真正成为智慧城市 的智慧主人。我们可以窥见信息可视化实用性与说服力兼备的工具模型,将从根本上深化城市的民主性。

2011 年联合国发布的《世界城市展望报告》中指出:“目前全世界 70 亿人口中有一半生活在城市里, 到 2050 年世界人口多达 23 亿的增长将全部被城市吸收。”也就是说,四十年后世界城市化集中度将 高达 62.4%。这意味着,未来城市,尤其是大城市,所蕴藏的数据量是巨大的。有效利用这些信息将可 以全面提高公共管理水平从而在大范围内提升社会福祉。电子政务所涵盖的内容不再仅是公文的发报和 意见的采集,而是形成信息的良性互动。一方面政府合理开放数据,引导公民在生活、工作、教育中采 取最优化的决策;另一方面,每一个公民都是城市管理部门的数据源和信息采集者,及时自下而上反映 信息的同时,由上及下进行反馈,将公共权力最大化,避免任何不理智或不科学的管理行为发生。因此, 双向信息渠道的打通对于任何一个城市的公共管理而言都无疑具备着深远的影响,从根本上整体提高居 民的幸福感与满意度。Open data(开放数据)运动正是人们对以上观点的实践。Open Data 是指一 种经过挑选与许可的资料,这些资料不受著作权、专利权,以及其他管理机制所限制,可以开放给社会 公众。在这项运动的努力下,美国、英国、加拿大、澳大利亚、挪威等数十个国家政府纷纷设立公布数 据网站,向着最终的目标不断前行。以美国政府的数据公开为例, 已经成为广受关注与好评 356

的网站,无论是普通劳动者还是授课教授,退休的老人亦或是未上学的孩子都开始有意识的利用这些资 源行使自己的权利,并将这种观念传播至世界各处,目前加州等城市也相继走上了数据公开之路。 联合国秘书长潘基文先生倡议的“全球脉动”项目就是在利用大数据促进全球的经济发展与城市建设。 通过治理全球数字化与实时分析技术,旨在帮助人们更好的理解当今社会的瞬息万变。整体战略的实现 由三个相对独立的信息设计活动组成,分别是数据调查、技术工具包和脉搏实验室。使用自然语言解密 软件来对社交网站和文本消息中的信息作出分析,用来帮助预测某个给定地区的失业率、支出削减或是 疾病爆发等现象,其目标在于利用数字化的早期预警信号来提前指导援助项目,以阻止某个地区重新陷 入贫困等困境。 在公共卫生、经济发展和经济预测等领域中,“大数据”的预见能力正在被开发中, 而且已经崭露头角。正如潘基文先生说:“这是一个创新的机会,并以此证明我们的设计、分析与实施 将成为解决危机、保持国际发展的先行者,感谢大家的参与、承诺与支持。” 那么, 亲爱的智者们, 面对如此的智慧城市愿景, 何所不至?


维基百科 信息设计

《第一财经周刊》204 期封面故事:《大财富,数据改变世界》

Christine McLaren 《可视化信息:美好但是实用吗?》

Philip Man 《可视化信息可以从游戏设计中学到什么?》

联合国世界脉搏项目《大数据分析白皮书》 357

日期 / Date

时刻表 / Timing

中华世纪坛一层、地下一层 / F1、LG

14:00 -17:00

9/28 17:00 - 22:30



10:00 -17:00

10:00 -14:00


展览开放 / Exhibition

14:00 -17:00

10/01 ~

10/07 358

每天 Daily 10:00 -17:00

中华世纪坛地下一层 CMoDA 艺术影院 / Kino 3, LG


Theatre, China Millennium Monument Museum of Contemporary Art

“智慧城市”国际论坛 (凭邀请)

SYMPOSIUM SMART CITY - BIG DESIGN × BIG DATA by invitation Exhibition Preview (by invitation)

Ars Electronica 动画节作品展映 Screening: Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2011

“欧洲及中国/亚洲建筑数字媒体外墙设计趋势”研讨会(凭邀请 )

TRENDS IN VISUAL MEDIA FAÇADE DESIGN IN EUROPE AND CHINA ASIA FORUM by invitaion Ars Electronica 动画节作品展映 Screening: Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2011

Ars Electronica 动画节作品展映 Screening: Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2011


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时刻表 / Timing


Full day


中华世纪坛一层、地下一层 / F1、LG


10/09 10/10 10/11 每天 Daily 10:00 -17:00

10/12 10/13 10/14 360

展览开放 / Exhibition

中华世纪坛地下一层 CMoDA 艺术影院 / Kino 3, LG


Theatre, China Millennium Monument Museum of Contemporary Art


Ars Electronica 动画节作品展映 Screening: Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2011


University Day: International innovative collaboration in new media


University Day: The development of digital design industry


University Day: Communication University of China


University Day: Beijing Dance Academy


Performance Day: The collaborative innovation laboratory of Universities

Ars Electronica 动画节作品展映 Screening: Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2011 361



总制作人 Producer

陈彩云 CHEN Caiyun 展览策划 Curator

杨磊 YANG Lei 策划助理 Curator Assistant:

高雅 GAO Ya 论坛 Symposium

岳进 YUE Jin 姜潇 JIANG Xiao 展览活动执行


Exhibition Design

赵宇 ZHAO Yu 高慧 GAO Hui 王喆 WANG Zhe 罗霜华 LUO Shuanghua 刘瑾伟 LIU Jinwei 贾莎莎 JIA Shasha 沈宾 SHEN Bin

杨磊 YANG Lei 高雅 GAO Ya 编辑助理

Assistant Editor

刘草心 LIU Caoxin 韦冀 WEI Ji 郝东英 HAO Dongying

制作 Production

翻译 Translator

谢峰 XIE Feng 林启宏 LIN Qihong

刘草心 LIU Caoxin 韦冀 WEI Ji 李洁 LI Jie 韩培培 HAN Peipei

Exhibition Execution

媒体 Press

艾青 AI Qing 张弘远

陈韬婧 CHEN Taojing 章俊丽 ZHANG Junli 傅娴婧 FU Xianjing

ZHANG Hongyuan 王嵩 WANG Song 陕朝晖 SHAN Zhaohui 顾杰 GU Jie 肖志龙 XIAO Zhilong 刘岩 LIU Yan 杜思飞 DU Sifei

编辑 Editor


Business Development

于沛然 YU Peiran 岳圆 YUE Yuan 后勤 Logistics

冯均 FENG Jun 杨玲玲 YANG Lingling 李阳阳 LI Yangyang 于曜晖 YU Yaohui

英文校对 Proofreader

李一新 LI Yixin 展览顾问 Advisor


Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber 志愿者负责人

Volunteer Organizers

葛雅楠 GE Yanan 魏芳 WEI Fang

GeoCity Smart City  
GeoCity Smart City  

Catalogue of the GeoCity Smart City exhibition, Beijing Design Week 2012, curated by CMoDA.