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Forest Story by Dolly Potts As the woman ran toward the forest she heard the songs in her head - the water song, the food song, and the prayer song passed through her thoughts as she covered the distance to the tree line. The woman recently lost a child in an accident. In preparation for the four days to come, she asked her circle to hold a ceremony for her. The grief she felt was so miserable she could not focus on what she now must do. All her circle came together and sang the songs of blessings for her. Now she must go into the forest to release her grief and face the preparations for her child’s journey into the afterlife. She ran through calf length grass, over the prairie flowers and the sandy loam of the field. She ran across a rainbow of color, grasses in hues of green and gold. Prairie flowers dotted the field with pastel hues like scattered pieces of confetti strewn about. All around the woman colors and light displayed happiness that she could not feel anymore. Her feet pounded the rhythm of the shaker and the songs echoed in her mind. The bottom of her skirt skimmed over the grass smoothly through the flowers. The woman focused only on what was in front of her. She was running and she did not want to trip or fall. She looked up to see the edge of the forest coming rapidly toward her. The field was awash with light and color but the forest edge was a deep, dark, green waiting to envelope her in the darkness. The darkness was where her emotions lay, deep in her chest wrapped around her heart. She felt completely washed in anguish for the tragedy that had befallen her. As she moved into the edges of the tree line, she immediately felt the coolness of the shading canopy on her skin. The cold quelled her elevated heart rate and temperature. Around her was a deep emerald green foliage. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness. The quiet enveloped her like a soft green velvet robe stopping the songs and replacing them with crystal calmness. The woman’s movement slowed and with measured steps she began to walk down the path in the forest. Under her feet the softness of the moss on which she walked calmed her mind. The woman knew that this was her escape from her grief, here in the forest. She would continue down the path until she found the tree to release her sadness. She would know when she came to the tree that would receive her prayers. The woman passed through the trees, massive pines and huge oaks standing like strong chieftains in the forest. Her steps were measured and respectful, she knew that she was in the presence of her people’s royalty. The woman was in a court of spirituality greater than herself. The woman went to her family for comfort after the accident. People could only sympathize; she still felt the crushing grief. Her child’s death left a dark monster consuming her emotions. Looking up at the tall, stately giants over her she felt the soothing strength of the trees. Soaring into the sunlit sky these giants reached into the heavens closer to Creation 5 | Page

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