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Burnt Offerings by Sabrina Hemken If my words get stuck in your mind And if my words tie themselves to your heart Would you follow them now and let me leave a mark There isn’t much difference between the blood on my hands And the blood still flowing through our bodies The color red means life and death all the same So when I look in the mirror with my skin ablaze I will know that I am truly alive So if you feel that you’re lost and there isn’t no returning Then you’ve come to understand what there is left of what’s worth knowing You can tag along forever but know you’re going nowhere fast If my fist gets stuck in the wall If my clenched teeth and the feeling gets too far to find Would you follow them now with the pains of being pure of heart I never understood the reason for the passing of time and the changing of the season Bitter roots and black leather boots Are all that I’ve got on the ground And I’ll be the first to know when your feelings are left undefended There are some fences that just can’t be mended If my words get lost on you If my words get thrown along side the road Would you trust that what I’ve been saying has never been true You’re the last know who has truly gotten to you The color of the changing leaves and the blood and fire aren’t so easily distinguished It’s this gift I give to you

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Feather Chronicles 2016  

Feather Chronicles is produced by College of Menominee Nation students and includes contributed work from students (current, former, and fut...