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Curious Choices by Jacqueline Braun Where shall we go on this beautiful day? Lots of things to peak curiosity We could tunnel under Chesapeake Bay Virginia Beach a fine coastal city On the east side of the town is the beach Sun and sand are a plenty for all to see Pretty birds that beg to eat or they screech Maybe turn round and for the mountains reach Up and up we drive on, headed for the trees The air gets thin but the sun shines brightly The trees are rustic scented on the breeze Fall like colors start to show just slightly Nature’s beauty is all around our home We are blessed to have the freedom to roam.


Camp Fire Song by Burton Arthur I can smell the embers as they fade away to night Smoldering in the dusty gray and lighting with a glow Like a color that fades and waiting to take flight As I hear the whippoorwill sing that same old song The night air is crisp as I want to sing along Can you even smell the darkness and I can see the stars The smell of embers still fade away to dark the night has come and the day has ended Tonight I smell the embers as they fade away to dark The embers have disappeared And know it’s only dark

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Feather Chronicles 2016  

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