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Grandpa’s old farm by Alex Adamki The turkey’s gobble in the morning The crisp air in the fall sunrise The high pitch chirp of the Blue Jay The dead leaves below your feet The dark violet and orange leaves The sound of weaves acorns falling chattering of the red squirrel bubbling brooks and its calming waters The sight of an abandoned old tractor Natures overtake of the farmer’s field The fading red color of the barn Still here after all these years ____________________________________________________________________________

W2809 Chief Little Wave Road by Darian Isaac She came into our home from Chicago She was small and had an ever so shaggy-do She was a little Yorkshire Terrier She was mine and I was her’s too. I would fill her food and water dish Or let her eat off my own plate. Isla was her name, She was my little English mate. We called her Isla Bean She knew her name A mischievous little dog, Be we loved her all the same. 19 | P a g e

Feather Chronicles 2016  

Feather Chronicles is produced by College of Menominee Nation students and includes contributed work from students (current, former, and fut...