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Dust Bath by Sam Knapp Head twitching and turning about, the hen spies the ground, pauses, then clucks with approval at her chosen spot. She braces, grips the ground firmly with taloned toes, and with a quick backward kick, thrusts a foot skyward, left then right, right then left. A dust cloud rises in the dry air as she dances in place, and bare earth appears beneath her feet lining the sunken bowl of once lush grass. She shakes quickly to end the dance and fluffs her feathers like songbirds in winter’s cold. Sinking into her freshly dug hole, she rubs and rolls and twirls to work the dry silt through all her secret places. She pauses briefly with lids half-closed in contentment and, watching my stare with a sideways glace, wonders if might ever understand.


Carpe Diem by AnnMarie Spice How else to live other than, “seize the day”? Why contemplate it all since life is short? Because there is no other honest way The last thing one should be done is contort. Nothing is wrong with an honest mistake. Why sneak around, only seen, but not known? When you can make a difference and partake All that can be discovered and regrown. There are far off lands still to be conquered And villains seeking a hero’s demise Just give it a real chance to uncover, And you will be in for a real surprise. Looking back the choices made were dangerous Still no regrets remain, forever treacherous. 10 | P a g e

Feather Chronicles 2016  

Feather Chronicles is produced by College of Menominee Nation students and includes contributed work from students (current, former, and fut...