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Is Manipulation Bad? The word “manipulation” has a fairly bad reputation. Through it, we often express the loss of power or of individual freedom or of personal choice. That, in many cultures, is an inherently negative thing. However, manipulation occurs all around us. Unless you are living the life prescribed the author of “Radical Honesty,” it is fairly impossible to not manipulate all of those around you. It has been a necessary part of humans interacting with one another for a very long time, perhaps since the first existence of mankind on this earth. Manipulation is the way in which we exercise control over our own worlds, even with other people around us. The question arises: Is manipulation bad? This is a good question to ask, since without manipulation, many of us leave ourselves open to undesired results or unwanted change. Even if change is simply not planned, many people do not feel comfortable with even that much flexibility in their lives, and they seek to cement down their plans, and the people around them, no matter what. Others, who operate more independently, find this type of external control to be intrusive, and may even think of the so-called perpetrators in a bad way, but the truth is that their behavior is probably based more upon fear than malice. When fear takes hold of someone, they are more likely to attempt to control the things around them that they can, even becoming quite obnoxious when doing so. If they only control a very small amount of people and circumstances, then whenever they feel helpless, they may become extremely controlling of those things. Since their circle of influence does not widen, their influence becomes that much more poignant. In the workplace, manipulation has its advantages. Sometimes, it helps to foster healthy competition, and sometimes it helps to keep erstwhile enemies civil to each other. Of course, there is always the down side of manipulation, when it becomes a barrier to communication or production, but at that point, it is so obvious that corrective initiatives are almost unanimously supported. Although drug and alcohol testing has been considered manipulative a couple of decades ago, it is actually a tool which enables business owners to effectively manage and evaluate their employees. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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