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APRIL 26, 2014

CREAM OF THE CROP. Purnell and Boado bag the coveted titles for Mr. and Ms. Summercon.

Com 6, 2 run away with crown, tiara High school delegates Kristoffer Purnell and Emerald Vann Boado emerged as Mr. and Ms. Summer Con 2014 during its pageant night April 25, Day Three. Prior to the event, each commission selected its male and female representatives to the contest, which was composed of casual wear, talent, and question and answer portions. Purnell represented Commission Six, while Boado carried the name of Commission Two. During the actual program, Emerald made it to the top of the crowd favorite list because of her clothing statement and notable interpretative dance, also earning herself a special award, the

Darling of the Crowd. Kristoffer gained the judges’ favor with his classic dance number, thus, another special award, Mr. Talent. Meanwhile, Quincy Micaela Galang was hailed Ms. Talent for her audience-attractive performance, while Dyrua Domingo was awarded the Prince Charming of the Crowd. Purnell is an alumnus of Claret School of Quezon City, while Boado is an incoming senior at Nueva Ecija High School. Quincy and Dyrua, on the other hand, represent Gapan North and South Central Schools, respectively.

Delegates ignite com battle

STRENGTH, SKILL, STEALTH. Delegates turn into tributes as they fight their way to the top. In a very cold atmosphere, there stood intense heat as the ten commissions of the 36th Annual National Summer Convention geared up for the Com Battle yesterday.

Five stations representing various games for strategy, strength, and speed were built for the commissions; in addition, four intercom meets were created.

Set in the Blue Function Hall, the environment turned ala-Hunger Games Arena, wherein every part of the room was filled with games and challenges for the students.

Every corner of the hall was filled with hits and misses, while others were a mixture of pulls and pushes, especially when the entire festivity ended with a tug of war among com representatives.


NORM BREAKING. This is the best that CMLI can do.

AIN’T YOUR AVERAGE KIDS. Ran by and for the youth, CMLI activates the nation’s future. I hate how ironic the present society works: we constantly are reminded of how we are the hope of the tomorrow and how we should start today, but are treated as if we know less because of our young age. I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of doing things much more than what the society dictates of me, which is why when I found CMLI, I made sure to hold on to it. I can never really put my enthusiasm into words whenever people ask me why CMLI means so much to me and to a lot of people, for I myself cannot fully understand either. When you come to think of it though, where else can you find a National Youth Convention that is actually ran by a group of youth leaders? It hasn’t been around for 57 years for nothing. When I first joined CMLI as a delegate, I found my days in Baguio as some of the best of my life. At points it felt surreal: how everyone always looked so optimistic and enthusiastic, how making friends became so simple and natural, and how we were being trained to become better citizens while having so much fun. This organization completely abolishes the perception of the youth being incapable of making decisions because it is basically composed of youth leaders from all over the Philippines

who work together to provide numerous events that focus on honing and maximizing the potential of each individual. CMLI gave me the drive to seek for a better society, and has given me the type of awareness that I am thankful to have. I never stop being curious therefore I never stop learning, and the National Executive Board gives me the opportunity to share the lessons I constantly learn. It has been such an overwhelming yet humbling experience, and has made me want to serve the youth for as long as I can. CMLI provides learning the way it is supposed to be provided. It doesn’t simply spoonfeed information, it actually makes you think and compose conclusions of your own. Each activity goes through deep discussions to make sure that the values to be taught are values to be kept. Most of all, each convention is built on the passion of the organizers and their endeavour to touch lives. The Children’s Museum and Library Incorporated needs no complex explanation, for each delegate it has moved is already a living testament of what it is capable of doing.

Has it touched you?

The Plus Plus Times Day 3  
The Plus Plus Times Day 3  

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