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Junior Council and its big About the kite year ahead by Leandro Castro and Dexter Yang

Since its foundation in 1958, the CMLI Junior Council has served as the avenue in the formation of young Filipino leaders for the past 55 years. This tradition continues up to this point and is going stronger. Now running on its 55th year, the entire Junior Council, composed of active members from the National Executive Board, the Regional Executive Boards (NCR, Visayas, Bicol Region) and the Junior Council Alumni Association, is up to maybe one of its biggest years ahead. (cont. p. 8)

The road to ViH 15 (p. 6)

The Buhay JC Magazine is the official magazine of the CMLI Junior Council 2013, released quarterly. The logo makes use of a kite which represents the exploration of new horizons as this year marks another year of moving forward for the whole Junior Council as it celebrates different milestones - 5th year of Sigabo, 15th year of Voices in Harmony, 20th year of the Alumni Association and the 55th year of the Junior Council. The Buhay JC Magazine aims to give up-to-date information about the different activities of the branches of the Junior Council.

JCAA directors (p.4) NEB, REB staffers (p.11) Training Program (p. 2)

Reconnect to the JCAA applies for Junior Council (p. 5) Incorporation (p. 2)


JCAA launches its fellowship training program by Gio Gomez

Starting 2013, the JC-AA will be opening its training program to the less privileged but deserving young leaders in the country. A trial program in October of 2012 triggered the association to embark in this great opportunity to develop both its internal growth and its avenues for external impact. In its pursuit to expand CMLI’s ideals on Leadership Training and Values Formation, the JC-AA seeks to cater to clients such ad public school student governments and community-based youth organizations, pro bono. Skills development modules, organizational development modules, and team building activities may be included in these training programs, depending on the needs of our young leaders. The Marketing and Communications arm is in charge of looking for potential clients of the fellowship. If you have organizations to refer, kindly course them thru Vian dela Cruz at (09261190929) or thru Arian Marzo (NEB 2012) at (0903656858).

The commemorative mail stamp of CMLI in celebration of its 25th Anniversary in 1982

JCAA applies for INC

by Joan Magno

This month, the CMLI Junior Council Alumni Association (JCAA) will apply for SEC registration. This registration has been attempted time and time again, starting almost a decade ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it was unable to push through, and has caused the organization setback in terms of applying for further legal protection and benefits. Under the administration department and with the help of older alumni, the Executive Committee is positive that the CMLI Junior Council Alumni Association Inc. will be approved by the end of April.


A friday of ‘firsts’ for AA by Gio Gomez

ents of The graduating stud training Raya School with the team

The 15th of February was a day The students’ transition to high of ‘firsts’ for AA, as it conducted its school was the main topic, with the 13 student-trainees bound to move first training program for 2013. to higher learning institutions. The The Training Department partnered Raya School does not have a high with The Raya School, Inc., a school program yet. progressive and patriotic learning institution for Grade School students The training team consisted of to organize a team building activity Nomer Madridejo (NEB 1999), for the school’s Grade 6 pupils – Carlo Flores (NEB 2006), and Gio Raya’s first batch of graduates. Gomez (NEB 2011). The activities took place in the campus of The Raya, which is located in Scout Fernandez cor. Scout Torillo in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. It served as a “night out” for the kids – and facilitators – as the program started at 6 in the evening and ended at midnight. The training design was filled with group dynamics activities and healthy discussions on the subject at hand.

happens to be the Vice President of Adarna Publishing House, which is located right beside The Raya’s campus.

There are training programs lined up already for the summer of 2013, but AA remains open to more opportunities like this. Contact Vian Dela Cruz (NEB 2011), Marketing and Communications Director of the Training Program at 0926It is also worth noting that LA 1190929 if you have proposals and Tutaan (NEB 2007) is the adviser referrals. of the graduating batch. He also introduced this team building AA has once again proven to be program to the school, which he a dominant force in the field of hopes would turn into an annual leadership training as it showed event. that no one is ever too young to engage in team building activities, The trainers also had a chance and that no one is ever too old to to meet the school’s founder and have fun with grade schoolers. director, Ms. Ani Almario. She also


ExeComm appoints new directors by John Daniel A. Item

The advent of the revised organizational structure of the Junior Council Alumni Association opened new positions for directorship within each of the six departments (Administration, Finance, External Relations, Human Resources, Training, and Voices in Harmony). This structure was made with long-term approaches in mind and this diversity brings a whole new level of leadership, management, direction for the association as this year marks its 20th anniversary and Voices in Harmony’s 15th as well.

Vice-Presidents of each department to selected members of the 2013 Core alumni. This contains the job descriptions of each directorial position. Upon confirmation, the formal announcement was made the week after online and was called the Directors Week.

Now, let us be one in welcoming those who have accepted the tasks and challenges ahead of them in better serving the Filipino Youth and the country. Together, they will help in igniting the flame of Balboa leadership to new heights. See the In January 12, 2013, invitations list of your newly instituted directors were sent out personally by the on page 12.

Mommy B’s 14th On May 24, 2013, we will commemorate the 14th death anniversary of our dear founder, Atty. Fernanda S. Balboa. Mommy B dedicated her life participating in civic and social affairs. She established CMLI with the aim of discovering and developing the ability and talent of the Filipino youth. Her remains lie at the Garden of Resurrection, Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City and CMLI hopes to spend the afternoon with the members of the organization.


“If you can’t aim at the absurd, you can’t accomplish the impossible.” Atty. Fernanda S. Balboa Founder, CMLI

Reconnect to JC by Joan Magno

For some of us, the terms spent with the Junior Council are some of happiest and most life-changing times of our lives. From the sleepless nights at Baguio to the batch hangouts at the CMLI office, we want you to relive and reignite your Junior Council experience!

GIVE Give back to the Junior Council Alumni Association. Donations will be used to fund our comprehensive training programs with the Junior Council, educational institutions and student organizations; and pro bono training program with public school students. We encourage alumni to also give gifts for our HS choral competition Voices in Harmony, which is set to stage at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in December. The association needs to fundraise PHP300,000 this year for the venue. CONNECT We understand that the relationships you made during your CMLI National or Regional Executive Board Term can be some of the strongest bonds of your lifetime. Interested in organising your own reunion? Lost contact with your fellow NEB officers? Let us reconnect you with your batchmates and CMLI.

and experience on topics such as careers, industries, leadership, self-development and professional development with younger alumni who seek guidance and mentorship. Note that the mentorship program is new and will be launched mid-year. B. Train Rekindle your passion for delivering leadership training and talent development to the Filipino youth by being a resource speaker for talks and seminars. JCAA has a robust training program and curriculum development team for: 1. CMLI JCAA Core Team 2. CMLI JC-NEB 3. CMLI JC-REBs (NCR, Visayas and Region V) 4. Secondary/Tertiary Educational Institutions and Student Organizations - Team Espana - Team Diliman - Team Los Banos - Team Taft - Team University Belt 5. Pro Bono Training Program To be launched during summer, the Pro Bono Training Program extends our resources to train and teach public high school students on topics such as leadership, project management and selfdevelopment.

VOLUNTEER We honour the impact of volunteer alumni who commit their skills and talent towards the furtherance of the C. Join the CORE Team CMLI vision and mission. There are three ways to Junior Council alumni core team members are volunteer for the Junior Council Alumni Association: part of a family who participate in an impact-driven experience yearlong. Each member plays a vital A. Mentor and critical role in the association such as delivering JCAA encourages a culture of mentorship between training operations and organising socially-relevant older and younger alumni members. Share advice projects.


The road to ViH 15 by Kris Bartolome and Nicole Namuco

For fifteen years, Voices in Harmony has been a proponent of musical excellence among the Filipino youth. It serves as a home for the most brilliant and highly competitive high school chorales around the archipelago. Every year, the competition presents new concepts, from stage design to production, to make it memorable to the organizers and to the audience. The competition’s high standards can also be attributed to the selection of the finest, most credible and prominent personalities in the field of choral conducting as part of its jury. Thus, on its crystal year, the organizers are all aiming to stage the said competition in the premiere showcase of arts in the country–the Cultural Center of the Philippines.


Taking it to a national level Part of the 2013 plan is to put the competition into the center of national discourse. The team is currently taking one step forward in achieving a good turnover of participating schools from the different regions in the country by opening the competition doors to high school choral groups outside Luzon.

aspires to intensify the publicity through corporate and media sponsorships.

The 15th Contest Piece

This year, the contest piece will culminate the fifteen glorious years of the competition, from its birth to its crystal year. It is about paying gratitude to the people who has become part of ViH. More about the contest piece will be revealed The organizing team aims to re-establish on the Elimination Round in September. partnerships with the Philippine Choral Directors Association and the National Youth Commission, who have been With the big plans that the committee in ViH years back. Alongside, it seeks has for ViH, they are all expecting allthe endorsement of the Department of out support from our fellow alumni in this Education and the Office of the President sincere endeavor. The team is more than of the Philippines which would definitely willing accept all forms of help and support raise the bars of competition and that every member is willing to offer. Be strengthen its reputation as the premier with us in making this dream a reality. choral competition in the country. The team

ViH 15 for CCP It has been everyone’s dream to bring the said flagship project of the JCAA to the center of culture and arts. The 2013 Organizing Committee pushes through with its goal with fingers crossed, as we strongly believe that staging the Finals Night in CCP would bring the competition to higher stakes and would further realize our vision of promoting artistic excellence and talent development as it aligns with the association’s vision. A production meeting was held last March 21 with the administration and theater staff of CCP, wherein the chairpersons presented a proposal of Voices in Harmony and its production plan. The CCP Board of Directors will convene this April as to whether ViH will be given the opportunity to be staged in their theater.


Junior Council and Its Big Year Ahead continuation from p.1

The 55th National Executive Board 56th Children and Youth Achievement Week (CAYAW). In celebration of CMLI’s 56 years of youth empowerment and talent development, the incumbent Junior Council-National Executive Board spearheaded the organization’s celebration through the Children and Youth Achievement Week (CAYAW) last February 18-23 at the Claret School of Quezon City. 35th Summer Conference and Workcamp: “Building a Proactive Society Through Responsible Mobilization of Mass Media”. CMLI’s convention season kicks off in the 35th Summer Conference and Workcamp to be held on April 23-28 at the Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort, Banaue, Ifugao. 19th Balboa Cup. In the hopes of empowering the youth to be aware and to take part in discussions regarding social issues, JC-NEB 2013 will be spearheading the 19th Balboa Cup, CMLI’s annual debate tournament sometime this August. 34th Annual National Graders’ Convention. CMLI continues to bring its leadership training to the youngest of the Filipino leaders through the annual graders’ convention. 55th Annual National Convention for Junior Members and Teacher Advisers. The much-awaited 55th Annual Convention is to take place in October 2013. The Annual National Convention is CMLI’s biggest annual convention, catering to almost 800 student-leaders from all parts of the country. Now running on its 55th year, this year’s convention could be one of the most-hyped conventions CMLI will ever host.


2 versions of the CMLI Balboa Cup. 2005 Oregon Oxford (Left) 2010 Asian Parliamentary (Right)

JCAA Director’s Day On February 25 2013 the CMLI JCAA Core Team convened at the CMLI Office on Maaralin St., QC. The agenda for the meeting included a presentation of general plans for the alumni association, historical perspectives, the AA vision and announcement of newly-appointed directors. The day aligned the core members of the organisation by discussing the five-year focus areas: 1. Financial Sustainability; 2. Knowledge Management; 3. Social Impact; 4. Member Development; and 5. Identity Formation. After each department presented its plans to the entire organization, synergy teams between departments were formed and assigned to a focus area to set primary goals for it. The output of the discussion and finalisation of primary goals have yet to be processed by the Executive Committee.

The Junior Council-Regional Executive Boards 5th Sigabo (NCR). Aiming to develop the talents of the youth in the performing arts as well as to promote the rich culture of our country, the JC-REB NCR 2013 will be holding the 5th Sigabo–an annual choral elocution competition held amongst the different public and private high school institutions in the National Capital Region. The flagship project of the JC-REB NCR reaching its fifth year truly is a milestone for CMLI. 1st Regional Congress (NCR, Visayas and Bicol). Aiming to further inculcate the ideals of CMLI to inner regions of our country, the Regional Congress will be a leadership congress open to both public and private high school institutions within the region. With the hopes of launching it for the first time, the Regional Congress made 2013 a much anticipated year for CMLI. 3rd Echo Convention (Visayas). Fulfilling REB’s duty of bringing the CMLI ideals closer to each young Filipino leader, JC-REB Visayas hosted their 3rd Echo Convention last February 9 and 25, which brought the 54th Annual Convention to their region. The Junior Council Alumni Association 15th Voices in Harmony. Today’s grandest and most sought-after choral competition in the country is also set to run in its 15th milestone year. Now set to take place in its 15th year, ViH continues to set and raise national standards in the field of choral music. Now on its 55th year, this, if not the biggest, is definitely one of the much-awaited years of CMLI and the Junior Council. The fifty five-year tradition continues and it gets richer and bigger this 2013.


JCAA goes to Bicol

by Carlo Flores

January 19, 2013 was our second attempt to board the airplane taking us to the beautiful city of Legazpi to attend the Regional Executive Board Bicol (REB-Bicol) Staffer Search. Gio Gomez (NEB 2011) and I first tried a week earlier but was halted by typhoon Bising. The Bicol local government had to suspend classes due inclement weather automatically postponing the Staffer Search.

officer Rayven Nepomuceno and Shimmy Capulong of NEB 2012 were also present to help facilitate the day’s affairs. Hours of group dynamics, interviews, and small group discussions led to the selection of 23 new members to complete the Bicol arm of CMLI. (see full list on p. 13)

Wasting no time, the complete REB-Bicol jumped into creating an initial year-long plan the following Despite being a perfect “bed day. The planning focused on setting weather” day, a total of 51 applicants a concrete direction for the REB for from Aquinas University and CMLI the year as well formalizing a support first-timer St. Benedict’s Academy system with the Alumni Association heeded the call of president Nicole and the National Executive Board. Picart to apply. Incumbent NEB


NEB, REB search for prospective staffers by Guia Fernandez

JC NEB Staffer Search

With different times, places, and specific activities but one goal in mind, the incumbent officers of the different branches of the Junior Council spent the last 2 months preparing for the one-day event that would cater to those who are aspiring to serve the nation.

JC REB NCR Staffer Search

JC REB Visayas Staffer Search

The Staffer Search, with decades of proof of being a challenging yet gratifying process for the applicants, aims to develop leadership potentials, critical thinking, confidence and conviction of the applicants through the group dynamics and lectures the officers have prepared. It also serves as a measure for the incumbent officers to look for student-leaders who would stand out and would best compliment the current batch. This year, the Junior Council-National Executive Board and the 3 active regions of the Junior Council-Regional Executive Board (NCR, Region V and Visayas) held their Staffer Search last January 26, February 9, January 19 and February 25 at the Colegio San Agustin-Makati, Claret School of Quezon City, Aquinas University and Leyte National High School, respectively. According to Miguel Grau from REB NCR 2013, “I had applied for the REB staffer search because I didn’t want any CMLI-related opportunity/event to pass me by. I want to actively be involved in this organization because my first convention made me think that this CMLI experience is really one roller coaster. It’s fun-filled, and really worth it.” The JC-NEB and REB 2013 officers will be in their positions until the last week of October and 2013. List of staffers on page 13

JC REB V Staffer Search


JCAA Directors 2013 continuation from p.1

ADMINISTRATION 1. Director for Information Management – Trysh Olives EXTERNAL RELATIONS 1. Account Communications Director – Kevin Kho 2. Director for Alumni Relations – Carlo Sayco 3. Marketing Director for Voices in Harmony – Brent Bueno External Activities Committee 1. Director for Communications – Nomer Madridejo Members: Zoe De Leon, Hazel Fernandez, Alexa Grace Fontanilla 2. Director for Creatives and Promotions – Kevin Kho Members: Keano Sereno 3. Director for Programs – Alison Galian Members: Charlene Aguilos, Carlo Sayco, Riona Estuar, Xibri Magbago 4. Director for Logistics – Anthony Batle Members: Kjerrimyr Andres, Chris Kwack, Mark Rendon HUMAN RESOURCES 1. Director for Member Involvement – Nomer Madridejo 2. Director for REB Development – Noriss Ayhon 3. Director for NEB Development – Carlo Flores 4. Director for CORE Development – JD Item





FINANCE 1. Director for Sales and Inventory – Alison Galian 2. Directors for Merchandising - Keano Sereño and Karl Catabas 3. Director for Finance Initiatives – Denise Mijares Asst. Director Finance Initiatives - Zoe de Leon 4. Finance Consultant – Christopher San Pedro 5. Finance Director for ViH – Chris Kwack 6. Finance Director for Training – Isabele Andaya TRAINING 1. Director for Marketing & Communication – Vian Dela Cruz 2. Deputy Director for Marketing and Communication – Arian Marzo 3. Director for Creatives – Cyril Zalamea 4. Director for Information Management – Gerald Paul Carmona Deputy Director for Information Management – Kjerrimyr Andres Team Leaders A. España Area– Gian Cala and Aaron Sam Gotico B. Taft Area – Ma. Concepcion Valera C. University Belt – Lenille Jean Grace Migraso D. UP-Diliman – John Christian Dacanay E. UP-Los Baños – Archimedes Aristotle Franco VOICES IN HARMONY 1. Director for Production – Faye Transfiguracion 2. Director for Communication – Marc Angelo Rayos Assistant Director for Communication – Rebekah Canicosa 3. Director for Design – Denise Mijares 4. Director for Logistics – JD Item 5. Director for Programs – Noriss Ayhon 6. Director for Marketing and Publicity – Brent Bueno 7. Director for Creatives – Kevin Kho Assistant Director for Creatives – Karl Catabas

Staffers 2013

continuation from p.5

JC NEB 2013

Jan Paolo Racelis Juan Antonio Magalang Jose Rafael Toribio Richard Anthony Baldoza Julio Romualdo San Jose Regina Bagaforo Kriselda Laxa Sandra Aguilar Clara Cayosa Karlo Palmado


Lauren Simone Abuyuan Jose Miguel D. Grau Rio Henri A. Dayao Marianne DG. Bartolome Jose Primo E. Dumatol Aaron Lemuel C. Reyes Aslin Luziane F. Dizon Nicole Banta Liam Eliel DB. Jasarino Wynfred Russell S. Santos Myka Denisse R. Manalo

JC REB Region 5 2013

Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer

Claret School of Quezon City Claret School of Quezon City Claret School of Quezon City Claret School of Quezon City Claret School of Quezon City Colegio San Agustin – Makati Colegio San Agustin – Makati Academy of St. John – La Salle Greenhills Supervised St. Paul University of the Philippines, Tuguegarao Far Eastern University – FERN

Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer

Multiple Intelligence International School Colegio San Agustin - Makati Claret School of Quezon City Colegio San Agustin - Makati Claret School of Quezon City Claret School of Quezon City Holy Family School of Quezon City Holy Family School of Quezon City Colegio San Agustin- Makati Claret School of Quezon City FEU-FERN College

Rochelle Zaira P. Caraig Ma. Diana Therese G. Calleja Viktoria Shaine M. Chua Razell Jigs P. Caraig Denzelle Marie B. Amparado Ann Quincy M. Murillo April Kae B. Enaje Nezzie Marie Eloiza K. Bulawan Karen Joyce B. Arjona Ian Denzel C. Sy-Reyes Winona Lois P. Thomas Angelic A. Recio Ella Natalia A. Llandelar Donna Carmela H. Hapal Christian James T. Andales Juan Vicente G. Basilla Mary Justine A. Guerrero

Vice-President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Auditor P.R.O. Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer

Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi St. Benedict’s Academy Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi Aquinas University of Legazpi


Micah Rhicel R. Santillan Phoebus Aljohn P. Ramirez Ria Alexandra D. Castillo Sunshine G. Osi Crisponde Gwyneth Crisponde Ruby Camille G. Toledana

JC REB Visayas 2013

Monique Clarice Q. Cañete Izabelle Trina M. Vivero Gy-Anne Marcess G. Yepes Meynard Eric Ablen Dara Clarysse C. Golpe Jamie Belle V. Evangelista Rica Lorraine Z. Bonifacio Regina Anne Z. Bonifacio Deanne Caryl S. Espina Leo Andrew S. Santos Christine Marie D. Aguilos Kateleen Phaye E. Callera Jay Martin Z. Nuevo Kent Abbyson C. Pingol Paulyne Ville A. Estorba Francis M. Arevalo Aleena Rose R. Delovino Kristoffer John Navarro Freddie Mark Fallore Queena Krystelle P. Nasinopa

Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer

St. Benedict’s Academy St. Benedict’s Academy Aquinas University of Legazpi St. Benedict’s Academy St. Benedict’s Academy St. Benedict’s Academy

Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Auditor P.R.O. Head Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer Staffer

Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School Leyte National High School

h 2013

January - Marc




CMLI Junior Council Alumni Association (02) 710 8593


Children’s Museum and Library, Inc. #23 Maaralin St. Central District, Diliman, Quezon City (02) 434 0008

Buhay JC Jan-March (2013)  

Welcome to the first edition of the Buhay JC Magazine. The Buhay JC Magazine is the official magazine of the CMLI Junior Council 2013, relea...

Buhay JC Jan-March (2013)  

Welcome to the first edition of the Buhay JC Magazine. The Buhay JC Magazine is the official magazine of the CMLI Junior Council 2013, relea...