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The Treasure Hunt By: Ambesi Ngwatancho

It was February 28 of 2019. Captain Blackheart and his fishmen have been on the sea for weeks. Their goal was to land in the Caribbeans a few days earlier but there was a storm that slowed them down. The island that they came from wasn’t very rich and they came in search of treasure. One of his most respected men, Hybrid, said they were getting close to land.

They finally stop at the shore of an island they decide to call Lazy Lagoon. There is a dock and there is another ship there. Captain Blackheart comes to talk to everyone on the ship. He says there may be others on the island looking for the treasure and that they would fight for it with their lives, when he does he begins to lead then out of their huge ship.

Blackheart and his men were becoming more certain that there were other people on the island. Not only they see the other ship, blackheart noticed there were used cannons in the distance and blackheart made an inference that there had been a battle. They became extremely concerned about the treasure being taken.

They take a few minutes to get everybody off the boats with weapons. Captain Blackheart has his treasure map in his hand and he’s slowly following the red arrows to get to his treasure. He tells all of the fishmen to keep watch because they know there could be others going toward their same destination. After traveling 200 meters to their destination they get to the treasure, but out of nowhere the Ice King also steps up to it with his Trog’s.With that Blackheart and the Ice King argue over who should keep the amazing treasure.

The fishmen get hungry so the decide to look through the village and get food. After finding meat to eat they decide to cook it on a campfire. They find a campfire and realize it still has ashes around it which tells it was used recently. Not only did they eat, some of them took naps. When everybody woke up and when the food was finished they begin following their map toward the treasure.

They continue walking for most of the night. After a great amount of walking they finally find the X that was marked on their map. They come to find out that the Ice King was also there to claim the treasure. With all of them arguing over who gets the treasure, Hybrid gets everybody to be quiet so they can make a compromise. He says they should have a build battle only using shotguns and submachine guns, and that it would be first to 7 kills. Everyone agreed knowing that if they died they could get rebooted and be ready for the next round.

After they talked among themselves, it was decided that Hybrid would do the build battle with Ice King. Since both Hybrid and Ice King were a little hurt from their long journeys, they regained their health using medkits they found nearby. Ice King then says that after each round if the person who wins takes damage they will come back to heal.

With both of them having people to cheer and support them, it was still a very tough battle. With the scariest part being one of them is going to lose the amazing treasure that was in the chest. In all they spend about 30 minutes doing the build battle. Hybrid got to 7 kills first, while Ice King was only at 5 kills.

With Hybrid winning the build battle, him and the rest of the crew were very happy. Even though Ice King was complaining and arguing that he got knocked down when he didn’t. Once clearing up the argument they all decide to go back to their homes. He became so happy he began to dance. Blackheart then opens the chest which was filled with amazing weapons and gold. They were now rich.

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The Treasure Map  

The Treasure Map