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The Brotherly Lesson

Stephen Green

One day in Maryland at eleven o’clock, three young boys were arguing over the new game they previously bought called Overwatch. The disrespect they were giving each other was non-stop until Noah said,“Listen! There is one way to settle this we are going to play our favorite characters and see who is better.” So that was it and they started playing.

So all of the brothers started playing Overwatch and at the end of the game when they beat the villain, Talon, they looked at all the work they did and realized they did an equal amount. The littlest brother said “What? That makes no sense without my healing you guys wouldn’t have gone as far as you did I’m the best!” “No I am” said Noah. “No,it’s me”, said Stephen. So they kept arguing until all of a sudden a red glow came from the controllers. They weren’t prepared for what happened next.

Suddenly a strange voice coming from the controllers, a voice none of them had ever heard before said, “If you guys can’t decide by yourselves then I’ll choose for you!” Then all of a sudden it went pitch black and the boys couldn’t see anything. Then they heard another voice shortly after that say, “3...2…..1 fight!” and before they knew it they were in the video game! They all appeared as their favorite characters; Stephen as Genji ,the cyborg ninja; Noah as the german crusader, Reinhardt; and Joshua as the healing soldier , Baptiste. They all were in the same boat.

“This is all your fault!” Joshua declared”. “No! this is all you!”, Noah replied they kept bickering until Stephen came, “Yo chill.” he said “This is all our fault and now we have to fix the mistake we made”. “Shut Up!” Joshua replied. “You only say that because this happens a lot in those comic books you read!” “You know what, wanna fight bro?!”, Stephen Said. “Ok I’ll destroy you kid.” Joshua replied “Big talk for such a terrible player!” Stephen Said .“No guys don’t do this, we don’t want to have another problem, we already got sucked into the game! If we keep arguing we might not come back out.” Noah Said.

“Ok, so if the comics and movies are correct then all that means is we have to kill the final boss in the game and we win!” said Stephen. “So what difficulty level are we on?” Joshua asked. “Legendary” Noah replied. “Why would anyone do that! We are going to get killed in here! I don’t wanna die without going out in a blaze of glory.” Stephen Said. “Don’t worry, since we are actually in the game it will get one hundred times easier! Ok.” Noah Said. “Yeah! Noah is right don’t sweat it.” Joshua Said. Just then some Talon Bandits ambushed them. “Well lets try these new bodies out!” exclaimed Joshua. “Yeah!” They all said while running into battle.

“Stephen if you’re going to aim for the head make it count.” Said Joshua. “Shut up Joshua! This is harder when you're fighting for your life!” said Stephen. “Shut up both of you! Stop targeting each other and start targeting the enemy.” Said Noah. Eventually, they took out the Talon bandits after getting the hang of their weapons and bodies. “Ok ! has everybody recovered?” asked Joshua. “Um no I don’t think so.” said Noah. When Joshua and Stephen turned around they overlook the scar on Noah’s face and realized he had gotten seriously injured. Just then they realize that more Talon bandits had arrived. “Quickly Stephen, take them out I need to help Noah.”said Joshua. “Ok I think it’s time to use the blade to wipe them out!” said Stephen.

“Ryūjin no ken wo kurae! Take the Dragonblade!” said Stephen. “You idiot ! Why didn’t you save your special ability for when we needed it!” Said Noah. “Well do you wanna die! Plus I want to see how to use the Dragonblade before we leave the game.” said Stephen. And just like that all the Talon soldiers fell before him, he just overpowered them. Just then Joshua noticed something. “Yo Bros! I think I just found an alternate way of getting out of here!” he said. “How! But if you are lying I will forever haunt you!” Said Noah. “I’m not ! Just look up!” said Joshua. When Noah and Joshua look up they see their living room as if it was a glass between worlds.

“That’s it Joshua you’re not the dunce I thought you were! All we have to do is crack the screen between worlds and since we don’t belong here we we’ll go home!” said Noah. “You know what? How about I use my super jump to get us up in the air, you use your rocket to blast us upwards and then Stephen uses his blade to break the screen restarting the game and sending us home!” said Joshua. “Great ideas guys!” Stephen Said. So they got everything set up for their final plan and it seemed like everything was coming to an end. “All right guys on the count of three let us blast off 1...2…..3! Go.” Joshua said.

So everything went according to plan Joshua jumped high in the air for Noah, then Noah used his rocket boost to propel himself in the air and Stephen using his blade swung at the glass. Than there was a vacuum in the sky sucking everything in that didn’t belong. It sucked all three of them back into their world and when they got there they destroyed the video game and decided not to tell a soul what had happened. The boys returned to their regular lives but as better friends.

The End

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This novel is about three brothers that can't get along and that gets sucked into a video game now they have to work together to fix the mis...


This novel is about three brothers that can't get along and that gets sucked into a video game now they have to work together to fix the mis...