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With the evolutionary drum incessantly banging in our ears, where can your family hear the other side of the story? EQUIP YOUR FAMILY WITH THE TRUTH!


How Textbooks Mislead DVD

Dinosaurs! DVD

“Facts” are not neutral—and neither is education Dr Don Batten shows how textbooks use many deceitful, out-of-date and even fraudulent arguments to indoctrinate students in evolution (everything made itself without a Creator). Be prepared to equip our youth with answers!

God’s fearsome and freaky creations

Normally $13.00 – Now $9.75* * enter discount code tos25off at checkout

SKU # 30-9-577


Creatures Do Change— But It’s Not Evolution DVD

Get the latest groundbreaking Creationist research into these amazing creatures. See how we can use dinosaurs to teach age-old gospel truths. Both children and adults will love this entertaining and informative presentation.

Normally $13.00 – Now $9.75* * enter discount code tos25off at checkout

Get all 3 DVDs Normally $39.00 Now $29.25 SAVE 25% All by leading creation biologist Dr Don Batten of Creation Ministries International

How natural selection supports the Bible

See how mutations and natural selection contradict evolution, and how microbes-to-microbiologists evolution is impossible. See the incredible workings inside cells with the latest, original, cutting-edge animation showing how cells make proteins. It’s mind-blowing! It defies evolution and shouts “Creation!”. * SKU #

Normally $13.00 – Now $9.75

* enter discount code tos25off at checkout


SKU # 30-9-611

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