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Associate Pastor Candidate November 14, 2010 Reverend Kenneth E. Hughes has served as solo Pastor of Forest Hills Presbyterian Church (165 members) in Martinsville, Virginia, since August of 2006. In addition to preaching and teaching at Forest Hills, Ken implemented numerous innovative methods for pastoral care and programming that built and enhanced congregational and community connections. He also recently led a mission trip to the Gulf Coast and looks forward to engaging in further mission and outreach work with Decatur Presbyterian. Ken's ministry among us will be informed by his experiences at Forest Hills, as well as his significant life experiences living and working all over the world. Formal Education Candidate, Doctor of Ministry Columbia Theological Seminary Decatur, Georgia 2009 – present Master of Divinity Yale University Divinity School New Haven, Connecticut May, 2006 Graduate Work Theology & Biblical Studies Wesley Theological Seminary Washington, DC 2000-2003

Prior to his call to ministry, Ken served in the U.S. Navy for 4 years and then went on to a successful career with the Central Intelligence Agency, serving in a variety of assignments, including overseas intelligence officer, department head on the Intelligence Community Staff, and senior manager appointed to the Senior Intelligence Service. As he approached a critical career choice with over 20 years in the CIA, Ken began to discern a call to ministry. Despite the constant exposure to the fallenness of the world in all its global variety, the experience did not erode his faith, either in Jesus Christ or in humanity. Instead, it reinforced Ken’s sense of dependence on God and on the need for the grace and presence of the Holy Spirit in the world around us. Heeding the advice of pastors and friends, Ken began to test this calling by increasing his involvement in the life of the church. He also began taking graduate courses in theology and biblical studies.

In 2003 Ken retired from the CIA and enrolled at Yale Divinity National Security Studies Air War College School, where he received his Master of Divinity degree in 2006. Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama Ken is currently working on a Doctor of Ministry degree at Columbia 1988-1989 and plans to complete that degree in May, 2012. Bachelor of Arts in English Literature Ken's sharp and curious mind, warm and engaging heart, and State University College at Buffalo communicative, team-oriented style will inspire the congregation as Buffalo, New York he engages us with his commitment to faithful discipleship. 1977



Additional Information Words of Endorsement “Very bright, a good colleague, wonderful to have on staff, refreshing and supportive.” Rev. Graham S. Robinson Senior Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church West Hartford, Connecticut

“Ken was a real rock of stability, particularly with the students.” Dr. Jeremy Hultin Professor, Yale University Divinity School

“Tremendous, extraordinary, gifted person, very likeable.” Rev. Dr. Martha Moore-Keish Professor, Columbia Theological Seminary

“Ken is an excellent person and colleague. He thinks outside the box and is willing to try new things. He connects with people of all ages and makes them feel they are understood and heard.” Ms. Elsie Blough CIA colleague and personal friend

“Ken is a caring, thoughtful, impressive man with a positive attitude.” Rev. Dr. Peter G. James Senior Pastor, Vienna Presbyterian Church Vienna, Virginia

“Ken exudes a contagious passion for ministry. He offers great ideas combined with unflappable energy to follow projects through to fulfillment. His desire to serve Jesus Christ through the church has been obvious in every conversation. We are exceedingly fortunate to be welcoming Ken to join us in ministry at Decatur Presbyterian Church.” Rev. Dr. J. Todd Speed

Family Notes Ken and his wife Pam have been married for 34 years. They have one son, Dylan Matthew, who is 25 and recently completed his master’s degree in international economics from George Mason University in Washington, D.C. Dylan now lives in Arlington, VA, and works as a financial analyst for the Department of Homeland Security. Pam has taught in public school and special education settings for pre-school children. Most recently, she was a teacher at the Yale Children's Psychiatric Center, which operates a daytime school program for children ages 4 to 14 who have been admitted to the hospital. She enjoys reading, walking, antique furniture, and beach vacations. Ken enjoys reading, following professional football and hockey, running, biking, and technology, specifically, IT gadgets. In addition to their excitement about joining Decatur Presbyterian in ministry, Pam and Ken look forward to returning to an urban area with close proximity to entertainment and cultural attractions, restaurants, coffee shops, and farmers’ markets.

The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee would like to thank each of you for the trust you put in the committee and for your  prayers as we have walked through this journey.  Over the past 8 months, we have met together, deliberated together, prayed  together, pondered together, and prayed together some more.  The end result of this journey is our firm and unanimous belief in  God’s calling of Ken Hughes and Decatur Presbyterian into ministry together.    Jan Bedol | Sally Gutzke | Sarah Looper | Gordon Rose | Jeff Vaughan | Donald Warren | Ray Willoch