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The Image Maker Complete Marketing Solution

Address : The Image Maker. Behind Krishna Apartment, Kitab Bhawan Lane, Boring Road, Patna-800001

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Our services are designed to meet varied requirements of our clients but serve single goal of “Attracting & Acquiring new customers� that too in an efficient cost effective manner.

The Image Maker

Marketing Outsourcing

Complete Marketing Solution

All of us know the importance of advertising, as it is the most common form of marketing known since ages. Outsourcing marketing to an outside agency is advocated as it is economical, time saving and offers superior quality results.

Table of Content Marketing Outsourcing About Us Vision and Mission Services we offer *Corporate Identity Services *PR Services *Specialty Teams *Media Relation *Delivering profits through effective participation (Event Management) *Lead Generation *Local Manpower Planning and Recruitment *Assistance in getting Office and Residence *Business relationship

These days only brand promotion is not enough, but customer retention is equally essential. We at Image Maker understand this, and therefore offer wide spectrum of services that are aimed not only at selling products but also educating the clients. The ultimate motive is to impart complete value for money to the clients, so that they are satisfied, and are eager to build long term business relations with you.

We are a Success Story. It was founded with the aim of helping companies do marketing in an organized and innovative manner. Since our inception, we've transformed our firm from one that helps clients achieve their business goals, to one that helps clients surpass their business goals through Responsible Marketing. Whether you seek to acquire new marketing leads, gain market share, increase ROI, or drive higher efficiencies at lower costs, Image Maker is your committed partner! Image Maker is the leader in right time revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises, offering the only suite of demand generation services that combines customer intelligence with multi-channel marketing campaigns at the right time in the customer life cycle. Delivered through its Guaranteed Success Program, Image Maker continually meets the evolving marketing needs of its customers by driving tens of millions of customer interactions resulting in hundreds of thousands of buying opportunities across industries. We are specialists who use our knowledge capital and intellectual property for the benefit of our clients' businesses & brands. We are a full service Marketing and brand communication agency. And for us at Image Maker, full service starts with strategy consultancy. Image Maker provides marketing communication know-how, technical competence and imagination to create new ways of improving short & long-term growth.

Vision To help our trusted Partners in their customer acquisition, process, making it more efficient ,effective and Economical.

Specialty Teams The Image Maker as an incorporated marketing solutions provider has developed and empowered several teams with diverse capabilities. One can either make use of all these combined or choose whichever is applicable..We are a team of people with rich experience in Sales Planning, Management and Execution. Team's experience in utilizing technology to its advantage helps in efficient and effective execution of the assigned tasks

Corporate Identity Services It's who you are. Image Maker creates brands that deliver impact, awareness, market share and profit. We are also specialists at developing clear brand guidelines that ensure a consistent and trouble-free implementation. Everyone has a sense of identity. It defines what we like and dislike, how we dress, what we believe in, what we'll stand up for. In essence, it allows us to say to the rest of the world, “This is Me!� For a company, that sense of identity is equally, if not more, important. None of us are necessarily loyal to a Service but many of us experience devotion to particular brands. We know what brands stand for, what they mean to others and how these things reflect on the individual. We'll ask a number of key questions to discover the very essence of your brand. What's your vision for your company? Where are you headed? If you know where you're headed, who is your target audience? What beliefs do you hold? What values do you consider non-negotiable? What's your attitude? What's your personality? How do you want to be perceived? By understanding these key points, we can work to create and develop a strong, robust corporate identity for your company. We'll make sure it's relevant, enduring and unmistakably yours.

Sales & Marketing Consulting Sales Strategy One of the most undeserved aspects of sales management is Sales Strategy and Planning. Most of the companies do not spend right amount of time on this and furthermore what gets planned; never or hardly gets implemented. The reality is otherwise the key differentiation between the successful and unsuccessful sales team is the strategy and its execution. Key considerations which are being overlooked even in large companies include: Customer Feedback Competition Strategy Scalability Effective Planning, execution and review. Revisiting the plan every quarter We specialize in creating a sales strategy that helps our client in entering new markets (geographies and vertical), launching a new product or service or any other aspect pertaining to new customer acquisition. Foundation for creating the Sales Plan is the Sales Strategy; Strategy defines why and what whereas the Plan suggest how and when.

Marketing Strategy Marketing strategy stars with writing a statement which includes My product or service is solving following problems of my clients from listed markets. It's all about communicating those competitive advantages that will allow your company to reach the expected levels. It clearly defines which customer demands your product and services meet and thus the value they create. It is also the differentiation strategy helping you in attracting right customers and facilitating their decision making. This includes product positioning, pricing and promotion. We work on Branding Position Segmentation and Targeting Pricing Promotion Strategy Media Tools Customer Service

PR Services We are a leading public relations agency with an abiding commitment to developing comprehensive, customized programs that integrate and align PR with other branding efforts and overall company goals. We conceptualize and execute strategic planning, message development and tactical campaigns that build on your business & brand positioning initiatives to generate constant, wide-ranging media coverage.

Delivering profits through effective participation (Event Management) At Image Maker, we work closely with our clients to create customized, memorable and entertaining events. As an event management company our expertise lies in the presentation of a wide range of events including corporate events, trade shows, company & product launches and corporate training days. We do everything for the achievement of your business objectives - from creative

We strategically create messaging targeted at specific audiences that support your sales and branding efforts. What makes us different from other PR companies is that we don't think the messaging and positioning component is an end in itself - it's what drives our uncommonly powerful execution. We determine a winning strategy and then put massive force behind its implementation. The Image Maker team is probatively and creatively pitching your story to reporters every day. As a part of our public relations services we develop all necessary PR background materials as well as press releases. Regular contact with key reporters ensures placement in trend stories, features and news reports.

Media Relation The principal reason clients retain us is our unswerving focus on results. And in the public relations business, clients define results as a steady, consistent flow of outstanding, on-target, on-message media coverage. This is what we are known for, and we are proud of it. The cornerstone of all client programs is a comprehensive and prioritized media program that promotes your story to all appropriate print, broadcast and online media, from industry vertical & key trade press to major national business publications.

consultancy and conceptualization to pre-production, co-ordination and final presentation. As a leading producer of corporate communications and brand-immersive experiences, Image Maker offers a full range of services including the strategic objective oriented planning, creative development, design, production and staging of corporate events, product launches, business infotainment shows, trade shows and related multimedia.

Lead Generation Are you challenged by the trickle of leads? In today's competitive environment, the biggest challenge for marketers is generating high-quality leads for the sales team. Of the leads available, most of them are cornered by “the big guys� with deep pockets. Are you looking for a way to stop your struggle to get more leads? Here's your ticket to lead freedom. For over 8 years our Sister Concern Synergy Media has been disseminating quality leads for B2B and B2C clients. This has helped many clients expose new products or services to new markets. Whether you're a small business looking, or a member of a department within a larger organization, we have leads just right for your business. Our lead generation program helps you to: Generate high quality leads Nurture right relationships with relevant lead details Increase lead generation productivity Get hand-on the most qualified opportunities

Local Manpower Planning and Recruitment For working in different states The Companies require Local manpower which is efficient in working Local Condition as well as are very cost effective. The Image maker helps the company in recruiting good Manpower and allocate them to their specific tasks

Arranging Offices & Residence in different states

Business relationship For future growth and development every company needs to build Business relationship with different group of People like consultants in that field, teachers

To build up a good customer base and for being a Marketing leader. Companies need Local offices as well as residences for their respective Employees who will be accompanying us during Marketing Process. The Image maker assist every company in this regard and helps them in getting best places with minimum Price or rent.

and coaching centers in case of Education sector, business related Government Officials. We at The Image Maker are best in Industry to make arrangements in building relation with different groups.

The Image Marker  

Complete Marketing Solution

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