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Are you looking for an interesting way of spending your spare time? Buy a Rubik’s Cube! This is, in my opinion, a wonderful invention and a great hobby. Sure, it takes a whole lot of patience and practice to solve one, but who is rushing you? Do you want to know more about it? Here are some interesting details about the Rubik’s Cube. In 1974 Erno Rubik, the creator of this amazing 3D puzzle, at the age of 29 was working at the Department of Interior Design at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts in Budapest. He was looking for an easier way to make his students understand 3D objects. Trying to solve the problem of moving parts independently without the entire mechanism falling apart, he created a very difficult puzzle. He wasn’t even aware of that until he tried to restore his cube after scrambling it. Although this was his invention he wasn’t even sure if he would be able to solve it, because it was too hard. Nevertheless, he was persistent in working out a solution. Consequently, it took him about a month to figure it out. When he realized his students liked his invention so much, he decided to put it out in the market, and the rest is history. At first, it was named “Magic Cube” but due to trouble with the patenting process they finally named it “Rubik’s Cube” after its inventor. Even though its main popularity was back in the 80’s, it is still really popular in the market. It is considered the world’s best selling toy.



The cube is composed of 26 unique miniature cubes named “cubies” that form three layers and six faces, each face with nine cubies. To be able to twist the cube, each piece is designed and smoothed so that the layers can overlap. Each of the six faces of the cube is covered by nine stickers of a specific color (green, orange, blue, white, red and yellow). The internal mechanism of the cube consists on enabling the blocks to hold themselves together by their shape. Can you believe that up to now approximately more than 350 million cubes have been sold worldwide? It is actually pretty shocking. However, if you aren’t impressed enough, let me tell you some amazing fun facts: The fastest time for finishing a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube is 5.66 seconds by Feliks Zemdegs at the January 2011 Melbourne Summer open competition in Australia. Also, as if it wasn’t hard enough, there are more than just speed cubing competitions, such as “Blindfolded solving”, “Underwater in one breath solving”, “Using one hand solving”, “Using feet solving”, etc. and the records don’t go over 40 seconds. There is also a category titled “How many can you solve in 24 hours” and the record goes to Milàn Baticz with 4,786 Rubik's Cubes. Another crazy fact is that there are edible cubes, jewel-encrusted cubes and even MP3 playing cubes. Furthermore, the biggest Cube in the world is on display in Knoxville, Tennessee, it is 3 meters tall and weighs over 500kg. Basically, this is all you need to know about Rubik’s Cube, a worldwide legendary toy. In addition to all of the amazing facts you learned today, this is a great way to exercise your brain. Are you willing to take the challenge?



Elvis, the King of Rock & Roll Do you dream a lot? I bet you’ve always wanted to be part of royalty, or maybe a famous heiress. Perhaps, you think this is impossible because you were born in the wrong family… However, you don’t need a crown to be king. Elvis Presley is the proof of it. He was and will always be the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. He grew up as an only child after his twin brother was stillborn. He grew in Tupelo but when he became 13 he moved with his family to Memphis, Tennessee. He graduated from Humes High school in 1953. He started working as a movie theater usher and then a truck driver for Crown Electronic Company. He used to sing locally until he finally signed with a recording company (Sun Records Label). Later on, he signed with RCA. After this, he became an international sensation. He had many musical influences such as the gospel music he heard on church, the pop music of that time and also the R&B he used to listen when living in the streets in Memphis when he was a teen. This is quite interesting because, normally we don’t relate Rock ‘N Roll with these geners.



He appeared six times on The Dorsey Brothers’ “Stage Show”. These were his first appearances in television. Then he got his first movie role in Love Me Tender. As a result of his undeniable talent, he starred in 32 more movies. He was known for his great talent, charisma, good looks and good humor. He also demonstrated throughout his life to be very humble and to have human kindness. He is today regarded as an important figure and music icon of the twentieth century. At age 36 he became the youngest recipient of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He became so popular that by the time of his death, he had sold more than 600-million singles and albums. In 1958, he served to the U.S army where he later met 14 year old Priscilla Anne Wagner with whom he got married and had a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley, who married Michael Jackson and later Nicholas Cage. Sadly, Elvis Presley passed away on August 16, 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee because of cardiac arrhythmia. You see? There’s no need to be king to leave a mark, and you don’t necessarily have to be famous. If you work hard for what you want you will be easily remembered by those who matter the most. Live your life to make a difference in the world.





Get to


Get Through


Come by


Get by

Not be noticed (problems, errors, etc)

Give in

Reluctantly stop fighting or arguing Assume control

Take hold

Come on

Start functioning (machines, etc)

Look to

Expect, hope

Look away

Avert one's gaze

Look from

Origin from where one is looking.

Look into


Come across

Find unexpectedly

Get in

Enter a building or place.

Take up

Fill or occupy time or space

Take over

Come about

Start a job or position that someone had occupied before you Happen, occur

Stand for

The words represented by


Sentence I will get to Tulsa in a couple of hours. I called you yesterday but I couldn’t get through. Come by next week and we’ll talk about this issue while we drink a cup of tea. I checked it twice because there were some errors I didn’t get by. She wants me to surrender but I won’t give in. He will take hold of the office this weekend since the manager will be missing. My alarm clock comes on a couple of minutes after I already woke up. He is looking to study in Harvard next year. I looked away when my mother was healing my wound because I was scared. I was looking at you from my bedroom through my window. I will look into the price of skateboards to see if I can buy mine. I came across our old pictures, when we used to be friends. I couldn’t get in to her house because she wasn’t home. Can you explain today’s topic to me? It won’t take up to much of your time. I’m going to take over Hanna’s position now that she quitted. Our postponed meeting will come about next Friday. Do you know by chance what


Catch on

certain initials Finally understand what is going on

Count on

Rely on

Find out


Look out

Be careful, vigilant, and take notice Try to find

Look for

Look around look about oneself Look through Stand up

Read quickly

Keep to

Move from a sitting or lying down to a vertical position Be about, use as a subject matter Stay within limits

Run into

Meet unexpectedly

Take off

Put off

When a plane departs or leaves the ground To "take (X) from (Y)" generally implies that X is presently a part of Y and you are going to remove it. Put clothing/accessories on your body Postpone

Left out

To omit or exclude.

Stand out

to be much better than other similar things or people Cut into smaller pieces

Deal with

Take from

Put on

Cut up


does LOL stands for? Just copy the notes from my book, I’ll help you catch on later. You can count on me whenever you need it. When I found out was going on I felt relieved. Look out! There is a snake in the middle of the yard. I’m looking for my shoes. Have you seen them? Help me look around to find my notebook. Look through the Reading to find the answers faster. I’m so tired I can’t even stand up by myself. You are not supposed to deal with these situations. Please keep to the plan designed. I ran into my cousin today in the supermarket. I don’t know if my plane will take off on time today. I’m going to take money from your wallet to buy food at the store. Don’t forget to put on your sweater before you go out. We are putting off the picnic because of the weather. He felt left out because you didn’t invite him to your party. He stood out this year in class thanks to his grades. My mother likes to cut up my vegetables and fruits.







: Obligatory; compulsory Having received a mandate over some territory. For example: Mandatory signs.



: Exposure or vulnerability to injury, loss, evil, etc. At hazard ⇒ at risk; in danger



: Something proposed, as a plan



: A stall for the display or sale of goods, especially a temporary one at a fair or market.



: A polite expression of sadness, especially in a formal refusal of an invitation:



: A document issued by a seller to a buyer listing the goods or services supplied and stating the sum of money due



: To respond to an offer by a seller by stating on which one is willing to make a purchase



: A person undergoing training



: To close at the end of a session



: A person recommended to someone or for something.



Reflection This unit was very fun, I really enjoyed the projects. Specially making the video, even though it was hard and time consuming it was a nice challenge. What I disliked about this unit were the book exercises, but I know that those exercises will help me practice my English so I can finally graduate as a bilingual secretary. Next unit I would like to have more show and tell activities, because I enjoy them really much.





Portfolio - Michelle García  

Activities made during the unit.

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