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The Official New Rochelle High School Key Club Newsletter


Volume: 1

Issue: 1

Month: July

Year: 2010


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From the Editor

From the Editor


From the President


Recent Events Editor Carolina Mesa

Hi everyone and welcome to New Rochelle High School Key Club's first newsletter ever! Over the course of the 2010-2011 school year, I have big, huge hopes that this monthly newsletter will become a valuable resource for all of you club members. By the way, hi, I'm Carolina Mesa, I'm an upcoming senior at NRHS and I am your club’s editor. So, what does an editor do anyway? Well first of all, an editor makes these snazzy newsletters, advertises the club, and makes sure you guys are well informed of everything you need to know. This newsletter does just that. It “enlightens” you on important dates, upcoming events, officer information, any meetings, service projects dates and information, reviews of completed projects, reports, etc. In this newsletter I included more or less a “digital scrapbook” of the 2009-2010 school year, be sure to check that out! I hope all of you are enjoying your summer, and at the same time, still embodying Key Club’s ideals of service and leadership. Our club fosters these characteristics in its members; it is your duty to carry them out into your everyday life and change the world for the better. You can do it! Why not start out with one of these websites? Go ahead, make one of them your homepage and click daily. Clicks equal donations for important causes.      

Make a difference today.

Contact Info:

Intergenerational Prom


The Icon


Digital Scrapbook 2009-2010


Key Club Poem


General Info


SHOUT OUT! "A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows" -- St. Francis of Assisi Upcoming Events

Saturdays During Summer- Special Needs Softball Game for kids

September Divisional - Date TBA

School 


From Our President

Greeting By Emily George

President Emily George

A warm, hearty hello to everyone in the New Rochelle High School Key Club! As the second president of Key Club, I am new to the job, but definitely not new to Key Club and the inherent satisfaction that comes with being a part of this club. In the past two years, our Key Club has advanced significantly and I can hardly believe this fact. I am sure that we will all miss our former president, James Florakis, because he truly did contribute immensely to the club; his love for and dedication to Key Club were clearly visible and unavoidable. He will more than fulfill his duties as Lieutenant Governor of our Division. As summer is set in motion, many, if not all, of you are undoubtedly going to be busy. Some of you will be attending college programs, others of you will be traveling nationally and internationally, still others will be working at summer jobs while the rest will be occupied in numerous other ways. However, I highly encourage all of you to participate in volunteering amidst your other activities. Go out there and give the community a helping hand! Within Key Club itself, we recently helped host an intergenerational prom, where elderly will get the chance to attend a second prom in their life. Furthermore, every Saturday, volunteers can go to the Isaac E. Young Middle School field to help handicapped kids as they participate in activities. For those who are not busy, it would be great for you to attend these events. Until I see all of you at the start of school in September, I wish you all a great summer. Make it special!!


Recent Events


Intergenerational Prom June 23

Secretary Sunu Mathew We, as New Rochelle high schoolers, take advantage of the fact that our school is able to have a senior prom. The nursing home residents at the Sarah Neuman Nursing & Rehabilitation Center must have wished to have a senior prom of their own when they were in high school, but weren’t fortunate enough to have the opportunity. On June 23, 2010 the NRHS Key Club went to Sarah Neuman to volunteer for their first ever Intergenerational Prom! They really just needed volunteers to help setup for the event so Key Club was readily willing to help. The nursing home recreational staff arranged this event in the hope to prove to the residents that dreams can be made possible if they just believe together. The first thing we saw when we walked through the door to the nursing home was a poster for the Prom with pictures of the staff and a few residents at their proms. James’ mom thought this whole event was really quite adorable and even said that an opportunity like this is quite special to help out for.

Amy, the director of volunteers at Sarah Neuman, directed our group to first interact with the Main 1 residents who were to take part in the Intergenerational Prom. We had a blast meeting all these different people, from different backgrounds, that all come together in this one nursing home. Our Key Clubbers got to have long, deep conversations with some of the residents. Residents, such as Charlie, told Diana practically his whole life story. Diana even said herself that Charlie’s “story was amazing”. Most of the residents said that it was very nice and that it was a pleasure to see young people, like us, volunteer their time to have conversations with them. Most teenagers wouldn’t want to volunteer at a nursing home just to talk to senior citizens, but it was really a great opportunity for Key Club to be able to do. It’s always wonderful to bring a smile to at least one person’s face every day, and that day, at Sarah Neuman, together we were able to bring smiles to many, if not all, of the residents we visited. We also spent a good amount of time going around playing piano for the residents. Emily and James played beautiful music, and the residents couldn’t get enough. It was practically like giving a free concert, so many people, and such wonderful applauses after every song! Unfortunately the only song I could really play for them was “I Got Rhythm” by George Gershwin, which everybody there knew and sang along to. We came across so many different people that day. We were even able to speak to some of them in their native tongue. Diana got to speak quite a bit of Spanish. I got to speak in Italian to one of my favorite Italian residents, and Emily was even able to speak a little French with that same Italian lady, who, we learned, lived in France for 15 years of her life.

The color scheme for the prom was purple and white. So we, New Rochellians, felt right at home. It was really great to see these residents all dressed up. We were able to pin corsages on them. And everybody really appreciated our help, while we were happy to be of assistance wherever possible. Helping out for the Intergenerational Prom was a very enriching and worthwhile experience. It was a fun way to volunteer three hours of our time to residents of a nursing home that were able to have a prom, while when they were in high school, they didn’t have the opportunity. Not to mention, it was a great way to meet people from different backgrounds who all come together in one nursing home. Dreams were made possible and we were able to see many brilliant shining stars (the residents) going to the prom of their dreams.


Intergenerational Prom

Photos courtesy of Diana Euyoque


The ICON July 7-12

International Convention 2010 By Lieutenant Governor James Florakis

Lieutenant Governor James Florakis

Roller coasters, cruises, concerts, dances, motivational speakers, and celebrities - all these were present on the New York District Key Club Tour and at ICON in Memphis, TN! I just returned a couple of days ago and had the time of my life! It was fun and educational at the same time. I met so many people from around the world, including the West Coast and Aruba, and learned more about Key Club’s impact on the world and how we, as high school students, can positively change our home, school, and communities. At the convention, we were also able to elect the new Key Club International Board for the 2010-2011 year, including the President, Vice-President, and International Trustees. One of the International Trustees will be working with our district, the New York District, to connect our district to Key Club International. I can’t wait to see y’all to share my stories and experiences from the trip with you! Hope you are having great summers and don’t forget to stay active over the summer and continue acts of service! And hope you can attend ICON next year in Phoenix, Arizona from June 29-July 3!



Photos courtesy of James Florakis


In Retrospect New Rochelle High School Key Club The Digital Scrapbook 2009-2010

We have certainly had a truly awesome year. Our club has grown tremendously and has once again helped build strong leaders dedicated to the welfare of others. Thank you Key Clubbers, for your service to altruism.

Advertising the first bake sale of the year

Go Beavers!

Club Day!


Dinner with Kiwanis, Circle K, and other Key Clubs

Key Clubbers delivering Thanksgiving turkeys and handing out Thanksgiving cards written by Key Club members, designs made by Elissa Levy

Holiday Sing-Along at HOPE Soup Kitchen ...on the third day of Christmas Deck the halls with boughs of holly‌ Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock‌


2010 Key Club Dinner and Dance Through hard work and determination, NRHS Key Club successfully pitched its first dinner-dance. Not only was it fun, but it was a major fundraiser resulting in $616!

Leadership Training Conference


The former and first NRHS Key Club President, James Florakis became Lieutenant Governor of Division 12, NY


Elections: The Pinning of the Pins

End of the Year Party

12 We were taught that strangers Represented all sort of dangers But there's one organization A group of strangers determined to help the whole nation As one they work together To change the world for the better United they hold a common goal

Poem by:

To do good and help all From brownie to brownie

Diana Euyoque

Helping the world to open their eyes and see That there is a world that needs our aid That they will help with every cupcake paid Proud we are to title our self Key Clubbers For we pride ourselves in the art of helping others Yes, we are the Key Club Working together to clean the great "Misery Blob" We hold the key to a new future We hold the key to a new beginning

New Rochelle High School Key Club 2009-2010



The NRHS Board:

Contact Information:

President: Emily George


Vice President: Kayleen Eslinger Secretary: Sunu Mathews Treasurer: Zachary Whitman Editor: Carolina Mesa Webmaster: Michelle Prakash Websites:

Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s newsletter. In the future, if you would like to write articles based on the club’s activities and/or have your Key Club/volunteer/service-themed creative work featured in the newsletter just like Diana E. did in this edition; please email your work to with the subject heading as “NRHS Newsletter Submission”, as all submissions are gladly accepted.

July 2010  


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