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Cooperation amongst teachers

Tasks play an important role

Students find different ways of solving problems

Mathematics in a different way

Find Open-Ended Tasks

Allow diversity of ideas

Learning from Mistakes

Implement cooperative learning in the classroom

Partners from 15 schools (Romania, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey) participate in the project. The children are 6-10 years old. Project language is English.

The basic idea of the project is playing and learning with numbers, "Math is fun".

Each partner group designed numbers and number of houses in art class.

A poster with figures of the German class, and the houses of the Polish class was created.

Greetings were sent.

Online games were created and played.

They found different solutions.

Tasks were presented and exchanged.

They presented their results.

The partner groups presented fairy tales about numbers and number songs.

Pentominoes with five squares we have put together figures.

Through video conferencing, the partners got to know each other.

We exchanged geometric problems.

The children were involved in evelopment processes of tasks.



Geometric shapes and three-dimensional objects.

Evaluation in Portugal and Germany Very good result for our project!

We have prepared and uploaded posters for the "Spring campaign"!

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The Numbers travel around Europe  

Math is fun, a journey with numbers.

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