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South Georgia Messenger S o ut h G e o r g i a R e g i o n W o m e n’ s M i s si o na r y S o c i e t y

June 2010

Volume 2, Issue 6


Inside this issue: From the President 2010 General Conference

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Retirement Wishes to Bishop & Dr. Othal H. Lakey We know that this is a day of celebration for what the Lord has done in the life of God's people and especially through the life of Bishop Othal Hawthorne Lakey, God's undershepherd. We are all ambassadors for Christ, but most especially our bishop, who represents Christ in the affairs of the Kingdom on earth. The task of a Bishop is not an easy one, and the responsibilities are large.

Jeremiah 3:15 states, "I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding." It is with tears of sadness we say farewell to our beloved bishop, Bishop Othal Hawthorne Lakey. He has served our church well and faithfully. He has worked hard to lay strong foundation stones for the next generation. We will pledge to him our prayers as he retires. We salute Bishop Lakey for being a champion for women’s rights. His wisdom and divine sermons have given hope to the ―Women With the Skinny Cont’d on Page 3

The Missionary Messenger All missionaries are encouraged to subscribe to ―The Missionary Messenger‖ the official publication of the Women’s Missionary Council. Subscriptions are available for $20 per

year. Make checks payable to: WMC—The Missionary Messenger and mail to: Rita Washington; The Missionary Messenger; 5874 Heron; Houston, TX 77033; (713) 417-9562 . Articles may be submitted to

Dear South Georgia Region Missionaries,


he South Georgia Region Women's Missionary Society continues to be community of Christians whose purpose is always to love and serve our God Jesus Christ, and to encourage one another and all the people of the church to be involved in their local, district and region missions through prayer, study, service and fellowship. As we come to close of this conference year, our focus remains on fulfilling our theme: " Christian Missionaries: A Light of Hope in a Troubled World.". Let me thank each of you for your support and for your dedication to the South Georgia Region Missionary Society.

This newsletter is to remind you of some important dates and some final responsibilities. Please take note to these reminders. I am asking that if you have not turned in your report to Ms. Grimes and your missionary asking to Mrs. Gloria Roberts; please do so no later than June 30, 2010. This report will be printed and presented at the South Georgia Region Annual conference to our Bishop. As president, it has been my joy to share with our wonderful missionaries: local churches, districts, and regions, participating in various programs, workshops and annual days. Let us continue to commit our lives in continuing service. It is a blessing to carry on this work. I continue to thank God for all that he has done and for all he is continuing to do in my life. I look forward to serving you yet another year.

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Kim Ezekiel

ď‚? South Georgia Messenger ď ź June 2010

Retirement Wishes to Bishop & Dr. Lakey (Cont’d) Legs,‖ encouragement to ―Those With Three Strikes Against Them,‖ a way out for the ―Pretty Women in a Bad Situation,‖ and inspiration for ―Aunt Jemima’s Mama.‖ It is quite an honor for us to know and work with someone who has lived such a blessed life:  Father of four children and two grandchildren; four is a long way from 11.  Guest on the nationally syndicated television program, ―The Religious Town Hall.‖ He will probably get an invitation from Jay Leno soon.  Secretary of the College of Bishops, vice-chair of the Board of Trustees at Paine College Phillips School of Theology.  Chairman of the Dept. of Christian Education and chairman of the Commission on History and Archives of the C.M.E. Church.  Elected 44th Bishop of the CME Church  Served as President Prelate of the 2nd Episcopal District and then the Sixth Episcopal District.  Editor of the Christian Index.  Author of several books on the C.M.E. Church. Bishop Lakey, we honor you because you allowed God to use you as one of his vessels to bring the message of the Good news of Jesus Christ. You challenged us to do our best when we tried to settle for less. You rekindled the fire of love within us when the evil fans of the world cooled the embers of our hearts. You lifted us up in prayer when we were too weak to call for help. You provided divine leadership with your strong faith as many of us groveled in the darkness of our own human sight. Bishop Lakey, we will always love you and be thankful you were our Bishop for the past 16 years. Excerpt from Dr. Ezekiel’s Presentation during the 2010 Spring Convocation “Simply the Sixth—Simply Thanks” Retirement Banquet for Bishop Lakey

 June 2010  South Georgia Messenger

2010 General Conference Dr. Elnora P. Hamb, on of the General Officers is scheduled to make her report on Sunday, June 27, 2010 in the evening. All missionaries are asked to wear white on that day. General Conference Resolution and Proposal Bishop Lakey has asked that we support this resolution. He states: It is to change the name of the Regional and District Missionaries "Societies" to Regional and District Missionary "Councils" to be consistent with the Women's Missionary Council at the Connectional level. Other than a possible desire to keep the Connection distinct from the other levels of the church I don't see when this would not receive support from all the Missionaries. Bishop Lakey proposes that we support the following: Whereas: The women of the CME Church have established Women’s Missionary Societies since 1886 and faithfully and effectively served God and the church therein through close knit ―circles‖ —―Ruth‖, ―Esther‖, ―Esther‖, etc.—raising funds for the upbuilding of the Kingdom of God, serving the needs of women in communities and around the world and helping meet the needs of the poor and less fortunate; and Whereas: To depict more accurately and adequately the organization of the missionary activity as leaders and representatives came together from local churches, districts and Regions at the connectional level, the Woman’s Connectional Missionary Society was, some years ago, designated the Women’s Missionary ―Council‖ rather than ―Society; and Whereas: The activity and structure of the Missionary organization at the District and Region levels which also bring together the leadership and representatives from various other entities are more consistent with concept of ―council‖ reflected at the Connectional level than ―society‖ as practiced at the local level: Be It Therefore Resolved: That in order to be consistent with the Women’s Missionary Council, the designation for the women’s missionary organization at the district and regional levels be changed to the Regional Women’s Missionary Council and the District Women’s Missionary Council, respectively. Be It Further Resolved: That the women’s missionary work at the local church level shall remain designated as the Women’s Missionary Society of the local church. Respectfully submitted: Dr. Kim Ezekiel, South Ga. Region; Mrs. Siddie Willis, West Ga. Region Mrs. Jennie Ruth Haugabrook, Central Ga. Region; Mrs. Renee Woodruff, South Ca. North, Region

 South Georgia Messenger  June 2010

Prayer for The General Conference Father, we come before You in reverence and awe of who You are and what You have done in the life of Your church, The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. We thank You for Your goodness, mercy and grace toward us. Praise be to Your name! We confess that we have sinned and come short of Your will for us. We repent. Forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We pray for Your Spirit to empower us to abandon any patterns of sin. We pray our will be lost in Yours! As we draw near to the General Conference, with its great gathering of C.M.E.'s from all across the Connection, fill us with the desire to only please You. May every attitude be an expression of love and unity among all the saints. We seek Your divine guidance in every decision-making process. We pray blessings on every Episcopal leader and their families. May every delegate and non-delegate experience Your transformation power. We thank you in advance for hearing and answering our prayer. In the name of the One who is our mediator day and night, Jesus the Christ. Amen. Submitted by Peggy Robinson, Prayer Coordinator Southeast Texas Region

Annual Conference President Reminder           

Elect your delegates for the 17th Quadrennial Assembly in 2011. Remember you must include one (1) Mattie E. Coleman and one (1) Phyllis H. Bedford as part of your delegation. Send the list of delegates to the President's office as soon as they are elected Don't forget to encourage your members to pre-order the History Book of the Women's Missionary Council. Send money to the treasurer Mrs. Emogene W. Crittenden. Please stress the importance of donation to the H.O.P.E Project (a minimum of $500.00 per region). Increase your Missionary Messenger Subscriptions. Pay your Council $ 25.00 Missionary Pledge to the Organization and Promotion Department, Mrs. Hilda Murphy Buie. Make sure that new Rossie T. Hollis, Mattie E. Coleman and Phyllis H. Bedford Departments are organized in your local churches. Stress greater involvement in the Overseas Missions, Hunger and Meals for Millions, Eula W. F. Harris Life Membership, Helena B. Cobb Scholarship and S.O.S. Projects. Encourage each missionary to purchase a Missionary Pin, the Constitution and Bylaws of the WMC, and other literature that will serve as a guide to facilitate the work.

June 2010  South Georgia Messenger

Celebrate the “Fathers” in Your Life Show your father some appreciation. Not only on Father's Day, but all year round. Father’s Day is a time to honor and celebrate the fathers and father figures in your life. Show your father how much you love and appreciate them for being there for you and installing the values that you have carried on through your life as an adult. No matter what relationship you have had with your father, you will have learned valuable lessons in life. Whatever you do on Father’s day, remember the good times and have fun. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Faithful Always there Trustworthy Honoring Ever-loving Righteous Supportive

Graduate Recognition Please send Miss Darol McGhee the names of all high school or college graduate that may be a son, grandson, daughter or granddaughter of an active Missionary in one of the C.M.E. churches in the South Georgia Region. We want to recognize these graduates during our program on Wednesday, July 14, 2010. Send this information to our Region Vice-President: Ms. Darol McGhee 2302 Betty's Drive Albany, GA 31705 (229) 883-5568

 South Georgia Messenger  June 2010

Regional Annual Conference The time has come for the South Georgia Region Annual Conference July 13-16 at Holsey Chapel C.M.E. Church in Fitzgerald, GA. We will not have an official meeting this year until after the conference. We need to greet our new bishop and spouse and learn his/her focus and vision and purpose for the Women’s Missionary Council of Georgia. Please see me during the conference. Remember on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 all missionaries are asked to wear royal blue for communion. We are expecting representation from every church in the region during our Missionary Night, Wednesday, July 14, 2010. We are scheduled to have our missionary program on this evening at 7:00 p.m.. We are having a women’s ensemble for our program and are looking for women to sing. We will practice during the annual conference (dates and times to be announced). Announcement will be made during the conference. This is our Lena Jones Rice March and each church and missionary is asked to march with $100.00.

Missionary History Study Course The History Book will be ready for purchase during the General Conference and it is the goal of the Council that this book will be included in every C.M.E. household. The cost of the book is $25.00. Checks should be made payable to the Women's Missionary Council. The region, district and local church who sells the most books will be recognized at the 2010 Women's Missionary Council Quadrennial Assembly.

Regional Book Club Hidden Women of the Gospels by Kathy Coffey This study guide is about a shepherdess who raced to the manger...a bride who saw Jesus turn water into wine...these are among the more than twenty rich imaginings of women hinted at in the Gospels, whose stories will enthrall and inspire. One reader wrote: I found this book to be wonderfully moving. It helped me to understand the women of the bible within the context of their everyday lives. And so it made me more able to then relate their lives to mine. This book is an exciting read for women (or men) who want to know the women of the bible on a more personal, emotional and every day level. It's also a great jumping off point for prayer, meditation, or bible study. Books may be ordered from Cokesbury or June 2010  South Georgia Messenger

S o ut h G eo r g i a Reg i o n Wo m en’s M i s si o na r y S o c i et y MISSIONARY PRESIDENT Dr. Kim Ezekiel South Georgia Region Women’s Missionary President 409 West 27th Street Tifton, Georgia 31794


2009-2010 Conference Year 

June 26 – July 4, 2010 – General Conference – Mobile, Alabama. If you plan to come, wear white on the day Dr. Elnora P. Hamb gives the report of the stewardship of the Women's Missionary Council.

July 13-16 - South Georgia Region Annual Conference at Holsey Chapel C.M.E.; South Georgia Region Lena Jones Rice March, Wear White

September 21 – 24, 2010 – 24th Annual C.M.E. Convocation – Louisville, Kentucky, Galt House.

―We are Missionaries; We are C.M.E.’s. Loyal Missionaries; Loyal C.M.E.’s‖

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