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Location: You accepted ANI/ALI and are typing the address exactly as the caller spelled it….but it will not go! What’s going on? Remember, when you accept ANI/ALI, CAD is populated with the information from ANI/ALI, this will include the city, county, and state. If the address is in Mint Hill and you still have the City as Charlotte you will not be able to get the address to go. This often happens:

Calls from someone calling for someone at a different location Phase 2/Cell Tower calls near the border of two different cities The solution is simple if you can’t get a call to plot and you know it’s in Mecklenburg County...simply clear out the City field and try again.


Retain Supporting Data: If you accept ALI/ALI information and are then putting in a different address (ie PBX for Presbyterian but the call is for a MD”s Office) uncheck this box...doing this causes OLD ANI/ALI data to be cleared and any CAD premises information to be auto populated.

Have an address you can’t get in CAD?

2012 CMED Training Schedule

Nurse call backs for OMEGA: Please remember, when receiving a hand back from the Nurse line for an OMEGA to DUPLICATE the original call. When you duplicate the call you retain all the original call information and start the call timers from the duplication time, not the time of the original call.

10:00-14:00 unless otherwise noted.

December 4 and 11 2013 CMED Training Schedule 10:00-14:00 unless otherwise noted.

February 19 and 26 April 16 and 23 June 11 and 18 August 20 and 27 October 15 and 22 December 3 and 10

Recertification The follow employees are due for recertification for EMD/EFD November 2012

RN, MD & CFD CFD should be canceled to medical facilities staffed by an RN or higher on Charlie level calls UNLESS the call taker wishes them to continue. CFD should respond to all Delta/ Echo calls per normal procedure. CFD can be requested on Alpha and Bravo calls as the call taker sees fit making sure CFD knows we are going ALS/BLS and hot/cold.

Tammy Anderson Pam Baskin Andy Berger Todd Childers Janine Curlee Michael Durham Jim Emerson Tracy Gaskins David Gerig Brian Hancock Ben Harris Sarah Hinson Morgan Kettles Chris Mauldin Chris Milby Christy Parker Chris Peet Brandy Pender Jeff Perkel Kristie Rhinehart Derek Roger Todd Sims Jennifer Strout Barry Thornton Corinne Walser Lisa Wilson

s t p i r c S A Q o Pr

The three ProQA scripts below are all under Protocol 69, and if dispatched using a generic “structure fire” they all give the VFD”s the impression something is burning….but have a look….

If we take a second to read the ProQA summary we can dispatch more accurately. When Medic presented the idea of stopping pre-alert to the VFD Chief’s they were expecting more accurate information during dispatch. We have that information and should start providing them with information such as “extinguished fire”, “smoke visible”, “odor of smoke”, etc….when dispatching the call.

Fire threatening a structure... Start a 2nd Department! Call takers need to remember to let dispatch know when a brush/grass fire is threatening a structure so a second department can be added to the dispatch! Dispatchers, you can double check before dispatch simply by opening the call and looking at the Pro-QA summary. The summary will show the dispatch code with either an R (Residential) or B (Building) 67B01R, or as show below if a fire is threatening a Residential area it will say “Small Outside (Residential)”, and lastly if you make a habit of looking at the summary it will also show if a residence or building is being threatened.


Dispatch Code 40

FMO Notification: The Fire Marshal’s office has requested that we please follow the instructions for notifying them: INSTRUCTIONS: During weekdays 0800-1700 hrs contact directly on MCFD-DISP and/or alert radio pager. If no immediate response, contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 704-336-2154. After 1700 hrs and on weekends or holidays call residence telephone FIRST. If unable to contact, alert radio pager and call cell number. If the oncall unit cannot be contacted or is unavailable contact a supervisor (denoted by asterisk* below). NOTE: Requests for fire investigations, 0800-1700 hrs weekdays. Contact 1101 or 1102 prior to alerting the on-call unit.

I had a bunch of frequent flyer miles about to expire and hated to see them go to waste, so I subscribed to a bunch of magazines and will be placing them in CMED each week/month I receive them. They will be placed on the recycling bin at Corinne’s office door. Magazines include: Time, Money, Golf, Outside, ESPN, Rolling Stone, Fortune, Fast Company, and a few more… Hopefully everyone will find something they enjoy reading. - Ray Kirby

For 911 calls at the Airport please process as normal, DON’T pre-alert using dispatch code 40 anymore. If you receive a call from airport Ops and have no contact with a patient enter the problem code that matches the CC, otherwise process the call as normal and send to dispatch if applicable. Use 41 for Alerts at the Airport per policy

Why are we getting Police, Fire, Sherriff, or other calls on 911 with the State showing “XX” on the ANI/ALI? Several surrounding Counties have only one button to transfer calls to Mecklenburg County...our number. So when you answer a 911 call and see “XX” be prepared to possibly transfer the call to the appropriate agency within Mecklenburg County. The important thing to remember if the call is NOT OURS check the address and find out who (Pineville, CMPD, Matthews, etc…) the call should be transferred to.

CMED Fall 2012 Newsletter  

CMED Fall 2012 Newsletter