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December 2013

Northamptonshire County  Scouts  Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE Step up  and  Serve Campaign  aims  to  double  the  number  of  young  people  taking  part  in  social  action  by  2020

The Scout  Association  is  pledging  its  support  for  the  Step  Up  To  Serve  initiative,  an   umbrella  initiative  working to  promote  the  benefits  of  v olunteering  to  young  people   and  to  increase  the  number  of  young  people  that  volunteer  across  the  UK  to  over   50%  by  2020. To  mark  the  launch  of  Step  Up  To  Serve,  leaders  across  business,  education,  faith,   politics,  public  services  and  youth  organisations  such  as  the  Scout  Association  will  be   making  pledges  to  take  action  to  enable  and  empower  more  young  people  to  v olun-­ teer. The  Campaign  is  asking  the  public  to  pledge  via  the  website  or   by  tweeting  using  #iwill  to  show  their  commitment  to  the  Campaign  and  to  highlight   their  contribution. The  Scout  Association  has  been  at  the  forefront  of  the  youth  social  action  movement   for  over  100  years  and  its  annual  Scout  Community  W eek  this  year  attracted  over   160,000  volunteers  who  worked  on  over  3,000  projects. Research  shows  that  Scouting  develops  a  volunteering  habit  for  life  among  its  mem-­ bers:  36%  of  former  youth  Scout  members  volunteer  for  two  hours  a  week,  compared   to  26%  for  the  general  population.  At  a  time  when  local  authorities,  public  services   and  charities  are  feeling  the  pinch  more  than  ever,  The  Scout  Association  aims  to   harness  this  volunteering  habit  up  and  down  the  country. However,  with  membership  and  membership  waiting  lists  for  the  Scout  Association  at   their  largest  since  ever  (just  over  38,000)   the  Movement  is  keen  to  engage  with  even   more  adults  and  to  encourage  adult  volunteering  to  provide  enough  opportunities  for   young  people  to  take  part  in  social  action  in  their  communities. Speaking  about  the  Movement’s  pledge,  W ayne  Bulpitt  UK  Chief  Commissioner  of   the  Scout  Association,  said:  “Volunteering  is  at  the  heart  of  Scouting,  and  this  Cam-­ paign  is a  great  way  to  encourage  even  more  young  people  to  get  out  and  do  some-­ thing  positive  for  their  community.  As  well as  helping  out  those  around  them,  young   people  can  gain  practical  skills  that  they  might  not  learn  elsewhere  by  volunteering.  I   am  so  proud  that  thousands  of  Scouts  across  the  UK  who  are  already  involved  in   volunteering  every  year,  and  I  hope  to  see  many  more  adults  and  young  people  step-­ ping  up  and  volunteering  over  the  next  few  years.”

Be... Additional alternative   Scout  promise Paintball  as  a  Scout   activity Supporting  youth  life   issues Get  ready  for  Compass Scout  Community   Week  2014 2013  Infographic Sharing  Stories In  the  news… Save  the  date Scouts  Speak  Up Cub  Scout  Centenary   badge “Let  It  Out”  single

Shape Scouting  in   partnership  with   young  people Be...  is  a  new  campaign  to  encourage  Scouts  (aged  1225)  to  air  their  views  and  help  make  Scouting  even   better.  Encourage  members  under  25  to  provide  their   ideas,  sharing  thoughts  and  opinions  via  upload  videos,   A  new  campaign  to  encourage  young  people  to  air  their  views. blogs,  photos  and  illustrations  –  anything  that  gets  an   idea  across.  Sign  up  requires  basic  details  and  gives  access  to  post  opinions  -  Responses  from  the   survey  and  content  on  the  Be...  website  will  be  reviewed  by  40  young  people  and  the  Chief  Executive  of  The  Scout   Association  to  select  the  most  effective  and  important  ones  to  be  developed.  Additionally  a  quick  online  survey  that  was   ran,  asked  Scouts  aged  12-25  how  we  can  improve  Scouting,  and  gave  them  the  chance  to  win  £500  to  spend  at  Scout  

Additional alternative  Scout  Promise The  additional  alternative  version  to  the  core  Scout  Promise  was  launched  in  order  to  officially  welcome  atheists  and  those   without  a  faith  into  the  Movement  and  will  be  available  for  use  by  Scout  Groups  from  1  January  2014.  Key  updated   resources  will  be  launched  to  support  its  implementation  during  January  2014  (updates  to  POR  and  guidance  for   Appointment  Committees)  and  all  other  publications  with  a  reference,  as  they  are  reprinted.  Alternative  versions  used  by   Muslims,  Hindus,  Buddhists  and  those  who  live  in  the  UK  but  are  not  UK  citizens  have  been  available  for  nearly  50  years.   The  core  Scout  Promise,  referring  to  a  ‘Duty  to  God’,  remains  intact  and  Scouting  remains  fully  committed  as  a  Movement   that  explores  faith  and  religion  as  a  core  element  of  its  programme.

Paintball as  a  Scout  activity Following  a  consultation  in  September  with  members  across  all  roles,  ages  and  geographical  areas,  paintball  will  be   permitted  as  an  activity  within  Scouting  from  January  2014.  It  will  have  to  be  provided  by  operator  members  of  paintball   national  bodies,  and  permission  gained  from  parents  for  young  people  under  the  age  of  18.  Consultation  results  are   available  online.

Supporting youth  life  issues If  you  need  to  support  young  people  who  are  facing  personal  challenges,  take  a  look  at  the  resources  available  at  You’ll  find  support  ranging  from  self-harm  and  divorce  to  mental  health  and  sexual  health.  Additional   resources  are  available  on  for  relevant  activities  that  can  be  used  at  Scout  meetings;;  simply  search  on  the   term  ‘life  issues’.  

Get ready  for   Compass Compass  is  a  powerful   set  of  online  tools  for   members  to  manage  their   Scouting  administrative   activities  in  one  place   offering  shared  access  to   relevant  Scouting   colleagues  with  a  high   level  of  data  security.   Compass  is  currently   being  developed  and  will   be  ready  for  use  by   members  during  2014.   The  County’s  Compass   Implementation   Champion  is  Tony  Keay   (County  Commissioner),   and  he  will  be  managing   the  introduction  process   for  all  local  members.   Further  details  and   support  details  are  due   from  Scout  HQ  in  January   2014.  Each  District  has  at   least  one  appointed   person  to  support  and   train  adults  in  the  use  of   the  new  system.  

Scout Community  Week  return  in  June  2014

Scout Community  Week  2014 Positive  local  community  impact Taking  place  from  2-8  June  2014,  Scout  Community  Week  not  only  gives  us  the  op-­ portunity  to  bond  with  the  local  community  and  raise  essential  funds  for  your  Scout-­ ing,  but  it’s  a  chance  to  promote  and  champion  Scouting.  Sign  up  for  this  year’s  pack   to  find  out  more  about  how  Scouting  can  make  a  real  difference  in  your  community.

Sign up  for  the  badge In  order  to  receive  your  Scout  Community  badges  you  need  to  register  on  the  Scout   Community  Week  microsite.  You’ll  receive  a  free  pack  full  of  resources  including  a   brochure  with  project  ideas,  plus  promotional  goodies.  Register  today!

Choose an  inspiring  project Scout  Community  Week  is  a  great  opportunity  to  get  your  young  people  working  to-­ wards  a  number  of  badges  and  awards  –  and  can  seamlessly  fit  into  your  Group’s   programme.  Check  out  our  project  ideas  to  give  your  section  some  inspiration  and   our  Flickr  account  to  see  a  handful  of  2013’s  photos.

We see  lots  of  stories  hit  media  outlets...  all  sorts  of  different  formats.  We  are  updated  with  all  newspaper  articles,  radio  presence  and  TV   appearances. The  District  &  County  Media  Teams  are  here  to  support  you  for  such  releases  and  sharing  of  information.  W e   are  here  to  support  and  demonstrate  the  best  way  to  communicate  your  story,  while  showing  Scouting  in  the   most  positive  way  possible,  while  also  staying  “on  brand”. The  Scout  Association’s  brand  is  very  strong  and  powerful,  so  don’t  miss  an  opportunity  to  seize  it  and  use  it   where  possible!

Found in  the  news... “Towcester  Family  Christmas  Bingo” 1st  Towcester  Scout  Group  host  a  family  Christmas  bingo. Available:

“Kettering Gang  Show  rehearsals” Video  and  short  story  about  the  Kettering  Gang  Show  and  details  of  the  show. Available:  Northamptonshire  Telegraph

Christmas Post Details  on  1st  Finedon  Scout  Group’s  Christmas  Postal  Service. Available:  Radio  (Station  unknown)

“Wellingborough Cubs  group  scoops  prize” Details  of  16th  W ellingborough  Cub  Pack  winning  second  prize  in  a  e-card  design  competition. Available:  Northamptonshire  Telegraph

American Indian  sleepover  for  Beaver  Scouts   in  Wellingborough Available  on:  District  Website

Last weekend  Beaver  Scouts  from  W ellingborough   gathered  for  their  annual  District  Sleepover.  25  Beaver   Scouts  with  accompanying  leaders  from  most  of  the   groups  in  the  area  came  together  and  had  lots  of  fun  for   "a  mish  mash  of  creativity",  as  quoted  by  Joan,  the   organiser. The  Beaver  Scout  sections  enjoyed  a  variety  of   activities  from  a  scavenger  hunt  and  a  walk  through  the   dark  woods  at  night,  to  making  tepees  and  totem  poles.   Josie  from  11th  W ellingborough  told  me  how   she"...really  enjoyed  the  scavenger  hunt". While  visiting  the  beavers,  many  fantastic,  creative   ideas  were  shared  with  the  others.  This  is  a  great   avenue  for  the  young  people  to  develop  their  teamwork,   and  to  express  and  share  their  creative  imaginative  flair.   Using  the  principles  of  the  old  Beaver  motto,  "Fun  and   friends"  still  proves  very  important  today. As  strong  as  the  sections  are  though,  there  is  still  a   desperate  cry  for  more  leaders,  especially  within  the   thriving  village  groups.  More  support  is  urgently  needed   to  help  reduce  the  waiting  lists  across  the  area.  1  leader   in  attendance  has  even  decided  to  relive  the  Scouting   adventure  again,  and  has  become  a  leader  to  continue   the  legacy. But  it's  not  all  hard  work  for  the  leaders,  there  is  pride   Beavers  work  together  to  make  a  totem  pole. and  happiness  to  be  felt  in  the  accomplishment  of  the  young  people's  work.  This  was  proven  when  Thomas  from  9th   Wellingborough  said  "I  had  fun  doing  the  American  Indian  drawing  and  the  scavenger  hunt.  Now  I'm  looking  forward  to   going  to  cubs  and  would  definitely  come  again." The  young  people  liked  the  sleepover  because  of  the  games,  being  in  the  woods  collecting  items  and  they  all  love  to  go   outdoors  when  the  weather  is  nice.  The  event  provides  the  Beaver  Scouts  an  opportunity  they  may  not  be  able  to  have   with  their  own  group,  but  also  shares  programme  ideas  with  the  leaders.   The  fun  is  to  be  had  by  all  though,  As  when  reviewing  what  everyone  got  for  the  Scavenger  Hunt,  they  were  all  asked   "What  have  you  found  that  smells  nice?",  and  one  of  the  Beaver  Scouts  held  up  a  piece  of  toilet  roll,  sending  fits  of   laughter  around  everyone.

Scouts set  sail  on  an  adventure Available  on:  District  Website

Scouts from  11th  W ellingborough  teamed  up  with  Explorer  Scouts   from  Pegasus  Explorer  Scout  Unit  for  a  weekends  camp  on   narrow  boats. The  weekend  narrow  boat  experience  started  quite  a  while  ago,   with  one  of  the  leaders,  Suzie  Dale,  performing  in  Gang  Show  80;;   a  national  Scout  Show  celebrating  80  years  of  Gang  Shows.

One group  on  the  barge.

One weekend,  Suzie  assisted  a  friend  from  the  show  with  some   fundraising  for  the  London  Narrow  Boat  Project  (LNBP).  The   LNBP  are  an  organisation  that  provide  narrow  boat  experiences   for  youth  organisations.  On  her  return  she  suggested  they  may   wish  to  consider  using  them  for  the  Scouts.

Arriving Friday  evening  in  the  dark,  the  battle  of  finding  the  boat   began,  before  settling  in.  2  boats  had  been  hired  to  accommodate   everyone  both  with  fully  equipped  galleys  and  gas  central   heating. Saturday  morning  and  the  6  hour  journey  began  from  Braunston   to  W eedon,  following  the  safety  briefings.  Soon  arriving  at  some   locks,  the  young  people  were  split  into  2  teams  to  take  it  in  turn  to   work  the  locks  and  steer  the  boat.  This  provided  them  a  great   avenue  to  develop  teamwork. Once  arriving  at  their  destination,  dinner  began  to  cook  followed   by  a  short  walk  around  the  village.  In  traditional  Scout  camp  style,   the  day  was  brought  to  an  end  with  a  small  campfire,  where   everyone  was  able  to  relax  and  reflect  on  the  days  adventure. Sunday  brought  an  early  start  so  that  the  journey  could  be   completed,  before  parents  came  to  collect  the  Scouts  and   Explorers,  and  the  journey  had  to  end.

Working together  as  a  team.

All of  the  young  people  boasted  about  what  a  fantastic  weekend   they  had  experienced,  and  how  they  all  thoroughly  enjoyed  it.

Kettering Gang  Show Available  on:  County  Website

The Lighthouse  Theatre  was  again  the  host  to  Kettering   Gang  Show  in  November,  and  what  an  amazing  show  it  was.   With  a  brand  new  production  team  this  year,  who  worked  so   hard  to  deliver  the  2013  Gang  Show. To  quote  Chris  Curchin,  the  Kettering  Gang  Show  Chairman,   “  Rob  Churchwell  our  Producer,  Duncan  Balcon,  Director  and   Matt  Wright  Assistant  Director  have  worked  extremely  hard   over  the  last  six  months  to  cram  in  Junior  and  Senior  gang   auditions,  planning  meetings  and  multiple  rehearsals,   together  with  all  their  other  Scouting  activities,  they  really   have  shown  an  immense  amount  of  energy  and  enthusiasm  ! They  have  all  recently  been  members  of  the  gang  and  it  is   good  to  see  the  transition  being  made.  They  have  brought  a   new  vision  and  enthusiasm  ;;  one  that  I  am  hopeful  will  take   the  show  forward  for  many  years”. With  nearly  100  young  people  taking  part  in  a  great  Gang   Show,  they  made  us  “Scout  and  Proud”.

Performing on  stage.

Front of  curtain  set.

All together  now!

Scout Speak  Up  Training Do  you  know  an  Explorer  Scout  who  is  keen  to  promote  Scouting  and  learn  more  about   the  media?  The  Scouts  Speak  Up  course  trains  Explorer  Scouts  to  be  confident   spokespeople.  They  will  find  out  how  to  talk  to  journalists  and  get  their  message  across   in  front  of  the  camera.  The  Scouts  Speak  Up  course  is  aimed  at  14  to  18  year  olds.   Confirmation  of  accepted  application  will  be  made  once  we  have  made  contact  with  the   Explorer  Scout’s  leader  and  parents/carer.  Attendance  on  the  course  is  not  guaranteed   by  completing  the  form.  Members  in  Wales  and  Northern  Ireland  are  welcome  to  attend.   A  course  for  Scotland  is  currently  being  planned  for  January  2014. 14-15  March  -  John  Lowther  Centre,  Northants  

Cub Scout  Centenary  Badge   Competition

Let it  Out  – Bright  Sparks   (Scout’s   Charity  Single) Have  you  heard  the   Scout’s  charity  single,   produced  in  partnership   with  Bright  Sparks? Go  and  find  it  today  on   iTunes,  YouTube  or  other   avenues.  Proceeds  go   towards  supporting   Scouting,  so  shout  all   about  it  and  share  it  with   your  friends!

Help your  young  members  celebrate  the  centenary  of  Cub  Scouts  by  designing  the   winning  badge  design.  Download,  print  and  encourage  your  members  to  get  creative  on   the  badge  template  and  enter  the  Cub  Scout  Centenary  badge  competition. Full  details  can  be  found  on  under  the  Cubs  menu  item.

Northamptonshire County  Scouts @NorthantsScouts

Have you  got  a  story  that  you  want  to  share  with  everyone,  including  the  media  and  press?  Your  story   will  need  to  be  with  us  by  the  20th  January! If  so,  please  contact  the  County  Media  Development  Manager,  Peter  Reynolds,   via,  @scoutspeter  on  Twitter  or  contact  your  Distrist  Me-­ dia  Manager. You  can  also  book  the  media  team  for  a  future  event  to  come  and  get  a  story  as  well!

Northamptonshire County Scouts - Newsletter - December 2013  
Northamptonshire County Scouts - Newsletter - December 2013