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Each and every page of our magazine is filled with music, real life story’s and  pictures for you to look at..   Being different—page 1 onwards.  You me at six—pages 7 and 8.  Hayley and the band spill— pages 9 and 10.  Mcfly—pages 11 and 12  + loads more...    Please enjoy reading this magazine and if you  have any questions or just want to tell us what  you think of this issue, please contact us.  Visit our website for terms and conditions. 

Hey guys! First of all I would like to say a huge thank you for buying this magazine and taking your time to read it. Lots of thought and imagination went into this issue so we hope you enjoy reading it! Personally for me, when I hear the word different loads of images, and words start to come into my head, Being different isn’t something that you should be ashamed of, obviously people are going to comment because you stand out from everyone else. But don’t let that stop you from showing who you really are. It has nothing to do with anyone else if you want to have your hair a crazy colour or if you wear dark eye makeup. As long as you are happy and comfortable with your image then that is all that matters. Everything you do, whether it’s trying something new, a new hair colour, a new pair of jeans. Whether it’s something drastic or if it’s something small, believe it or not, you do it for a reason. God didn’t put us on earth for us to blend in with everyone and stay quiet. We were clearly put here to show that everything changes over time. Nothing stays the same! Everyone’s opinions, there fashion sense, there taste in music and the way they act around people change every day. Feeling down and upset will get you know where. Yes it will hurt when people comment and say things behind your back. But if you just ignore what they say you as a person will become stronger. Keep smiling and don’t let the bully’s and people who comment know that it is getting to you. It’s fine being different. Jealousy starts small and then gets bigger. This is the same as bullying. It needs to STOP! Sophie Gelder - (editor)

Flicking through images of eyes on  Google and this jumped out at me  straight away. The detail of the skull  inside the eye is amazing. Its great  that people take the time to draw  things that they love.  

If you have any letters or drawings then please feel free to send  them to us. We will try our very hardest to get your letters and  drawing or photo’s into the magazine!   BRANDED magazine.  Craig walk. Bowness on windermere  LA23 2JS  Cumbria. 

BEING DIFFERENT IS OK!  Everyday someone is branded as something they may or may not be! Everyone has feelings. But I guess some people clearly don’t get that.

don't let people change the real you,  You are the way you are for a reason,  And that reason is that everyone should be   able to express the way they feel.. 



s a teenager I got called many names. I was mainly branded as an ‘emo’ and it got to me a lot. But then I began to think about how the more I make it obvious that I’m upset about what people are calling me, the more it will go on. Having this experience has made me

someone! But trust us. You need to speak out. Show your voice. Show the people who call you names, that your stronger than them, that you don’t care if they brand you as an ‘emo’ ect… you need to be happy about yourself, don’t be ashamed of the real you. Being different and

This happens a lot around the UK and I’m sure that I’m not the only person that thinks this but I personally think that it’s time for all the naming and bullying to stop! understand that the only way I am able to get on with my life is to except who I am. And be able to be who I am all the time. Otherwise people won’t be able to except me for who I am either. The only way that all of this will stop is you tell some-

one! Yeah this may be hard, because you will be scared that it will get worse if they find out that you have told

unique is something to be proud of! The whole point of being your own person is to show that you aren’t afraid to show people the real you and express yourself in ways that no one else can. Everyone has their own opinion on the way that they want to look.




You don't have to feel trapped. You can feel free! It doesn't matter what people think about you. You need to feel confident about yourself. Make sure you have at least 1 person that will always be there for you that was there is always that 1 friend you can be yourself around! If you act the same around everyone, people will eventually start to understand that you just like different things! And that there is nothing wrong with you at all. You are who you are for a reason. don't change this for anyone! People will get used to the way you are just like you did.


You shouldn't feel that you have to wear certain clothes and certain items of jewellery to fit in or to feel normal. The more you hide the real you the more likely your friends are not going to support you like they should.

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Here is what Josh had to say about his time in You Me At Six... First of all hello to all BRANDED readers. I have been singing in You Me At Six now for about 4 years. I guess I use the band as a way of addressing ou Me At Six smashed my demons and writing them there 2010 UK tour. down and singing them, at Here at branded we first I started to just try look afhave all the backstage gossip ter the band and get them as much gigs because the hole you need. They were lucky of the band wanted to tour at enough to have a very busy 2010, with most tour dates get- this point. The most important thing of being in the band at ting sold out very quick. You the beginning was because I me at six were very lucky to be able to have The Blackout, wanted to make my parents proud of something as I wasCanterbury and the City Of n’t that sporty as a kid and as Gold touring with them this soon as my mum offered to year. Most of there UK shows get me guitar lessons I jumped were sold out this year, so they for it. I didn’t really want to be ended up adding an extra a front man at first but now I show in at Manchester O2 am I love it. academy on the 13th of December.


We were VERY lucky to catch up with the lead singer Josh Franceschi at the first of his two shows at the Manchester O2 Apollo.

The truth about the Farro brother   departure from Paramore. 

The official post from Paramore. With the TRUTH about the Farro brothers. "Over the past six years, our band has been through some of the most intense and incredible experiences of our lives. None of these things have been without trial. We've worked so hard to get to where we are and the fact that you are all still here with us says something about you that we will never be able to truly understand. You have stuck with us through thick and thin and we are so grateful. A couple of months ago, Josh and Zac let us know they would be leaving the band after our show in Orlando last Sunday. None of us were really shocked. For the last year it hasn't seemed as if they wanted to be around anymore. We want Josh and Zac to do something that makes them happy and if that isn't here with us, then we support them finding happiness elsewhere. But we never for a second thought about leaving any of this behind. We really hope that you can be encouraged by the fact that the three of us who are still here are ready to take on another chapter of

together. You have always been what keeps us going so why would we stop now? We want to stick by you. "The 'blog' that was posted regarding everything that is going on with our band was a fake. We aren't sure who did it or why... And we aren't sure how they timed it this way. This is the first time that we have spoken out about what's going on and we wouldn't have released an official statement that important through a personal blog. So, we're sorry for any confusion and just to remain clear, this is the first time we have spoken out about this. "As we look back, and now as we look with excitement to the future, in all of this what truly matters are the good times. The pictures of us with our arms around each other, the long van rides, your faces while you sing along as we play. Thank you for getting us right here to this very moment. We look forward to our best times. And we hope you will go there with us. "Love, Hayley, Jeremy & Taylor"



March 2004. The band's name originates from Marty Mcfly, one about Mcfly’s rise to fame and of the characters from the very how there image has changed popular film Back to the Fualong with there new album ture trilogy. ‘Above The Noise’ Mcfly have managed to sell an esDanny Jones, Dougie poynter, timated 8 million records worldTom Fletcher and Harry Judd wide and have also got a BRIT are the 4 members of the very award under there sleeves. famous band MCFLY! They first There new album has just been came onto the scene in 2003 released. And there tour dats when they brought out there for this year have been anfirst ever album ‘5 colours in her nounced. hair’ For more details on tour dates. The band rose to fame after fellow READ BELOW PLEASE!! pop band Busted helped launch them by inviting them to tour in We tell you


Oli Sykes


Josh Franseschi

Hayley Williams


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