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Loaves & Fishes The Power of Compassion 2013 Annual Report

community • compassion • dignity • hope • service Dear Friends,

MISSION Loaves & Fishes provides food and leadership in the community by uniting and mobilizing resources to empower people to be self-sufficient.

VISION Ending hunger in our community.

Strategic Plan Overview


1. Provide the broadest array possible of healthy and diverse food options. 2. Continuously serve all clients in a dignified and customer-focused manner.

Last year, Loaves & Fishes was honored to present The Power of Community Annual Report, which focused on our core value of community and how it is developed by working together to achieve a common goal. While community is essential to our progress and success, compassion is the motivating force that impels us to mobilize and act on behalf of our neighbors. For that reason, Loaves & Fishes is pleased to share The Power of Compassion Annual Report. It is important to understand how compassion differs from sympathy and empathy when considering why this core value is vital to our organization. Sympathy, while valuable, can sometimes lead to pity and distance us emotionally from our neighbors. Empathy helps us walk in our neighbors’ shoes and experience the emotions they are feeling. At Loaves & Fishes, we provide a shoulder to cry on, an open ear to listen, and a warm embrace to comfort. Compassion, however, compels us take this one step further: we work to alleviate the hardships faced by community members. Consider our neighbor, Heather, a single mother who lost her job and was unsure how she would provide for her children or keep a roof over their heads. After assuring her that she came to the right place, our registration volunteers discussed how our job search support program could help her create a marketable resume and our computer classes could build her technological skills. Several volunteers in our grocery market gave her hugs while she walked through the aisles, and they directed her toward nutritious foods for her family. After the parking attendants helped her load her groceries into her car, they smiled and said “Have a great day, ma’am!” Compassion is not just demonstrated by our incredible volunteer base, though. Our grocery partners ensure that Heather’s family receives the necessary food to nourish them. Community fundraisers raise awareness for her and her neighbors’ struggles. Our loyal donors fund the programs she needs to utilize until she gains self-sufficiency. Loaves & Fishes is a community effort driven by compassion. Buddha once said, “Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.” Compassion has been the inspiration for our work. When St. Raphael parishioners created Loaves & Fishes in 1984, it was in response to seeing others in need. Nearly 30 years later we continue to act on behalf of our neighbors to make a profound difference in their lives. We thank you for your many expressions of compassion, the critical component in our progress and success.

3. Provide best-in-class operations. 4.

Build and maintain a strong and responsible financial position.


Be a regional philanthropic leader.


Empower more lowincome households to achieve selfsufficiency.


Generate broader community awareness and support for people experiencing food insecurity.

Charles P. McLimans Executive Director/CEO

Barry R. Horek Chair, Board of Directors

The Power of Compassion Fiscal Year 2013 Summary July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013



52,111 children

Total People Served*





With the help of our community:

+9% 7%


8,794 seniors

62,027 adults

*Number of individuals x number of visits = Total Served

3,272,680 pounds of groceries were provided to families


New families


Individual Households served


or 72% have children




Moms & Kids


individuals participated in an Empowerment Program



Children 18 and under


Students received school nutrition

18,564 Individuals Served

9,397 Adults


Seniors (65+)


1,500 Volunteers donated

79,000 hours the equivalent of 38 full-time employees!


We made


home deliveries

FY 2013 Pathways to Empowerment Programs (partners indicated in parentheses) Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (Internal Revenue Service) 362 tax returns were prepared, generating $600,000 for community members. English as a Second Language (College of DuPage) Each 10-week semester class was filled to capacity. 47 individual students received instruction. Emotional Support: “Someone to Talk To” (Samaritan Interfaith ) Counselors were available to provide assistance during client shopping times. Computer Classes (People’s Resource Center) 72 individual clients attended classes. Financial Literacy (William & Irene Beck Foundation) Free “All My Money” workshops endorsed by the University of Illinois Extension had 123 attendees.

Job Search Support (West Suburban Jobs Council and Community Career Center) Over 125 clients received services including improving their resume, networking, and interviewing skills. Public Benefit Application Assistance Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Illinois Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medical Care (Access DuPage) Loaves & Fishes volunteers helped 143 clients complete applications to pay winter gas or electric bills, 162 applied for SNAP, and 37 for Access DuPage. Nutrition Counseling (Benedictine University) Both individual and group programs were offered.

1 Program Highlights


New in FY 2013

Æ Shopping Matters Grocery Tour A Loaves & Fishes volunteer trained by FORWARD conducts a guided tour of the shopping area to highlight healthy options and discuss how to use this knowledge to purchase healthy food on a budget at a grocery store. Æ Veterans ‘ Assistance (DuPage County Veterans’ Assistance Commission) Loaves & Fishes currently serves 68 veteran households. A representative from the VA office was onsite to provide information on services available to veterans.


Æ Workforce Employment Training Program (360 Youth Services) Candidates receive mentoring and guidance from Loaves & Fishes staff to assist in the development of workplace skills. The pilot phase graduated the first candidate in April. Loaves & Fishes has received funding to expand this program offered to youth 18-24 years old. Æ Milk Pilot Program An expanded milk initiative with Northern Illinois Food Bank provides additional milk to families with children.



Event Spotlight 5 7

6 8


ESL Instruction


“Smile Squad” provided free dental screenings for clients’ children


VITA volunteer providing tax assistance


Mother/daughter clients run for team Loaves & Fishes at Giving DuPage Human Race

9. Lutheran Day Without Hunger Food Drive


Junior League of Kane and DuPage County members staff the ReaderLink Client Book Fair


9 Loaves & Fishes received a $20,000 Spirit of Volunteerism grant at Volapalooza

11. Hix Bros bands playing at Day Without Hunger


ConAgra Foods Day of Service


Award winners at 2012 Volunteer Luncheon

13. Dan Gibbons speaks at the Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot

10. Event sponsor BMO Harris at Day Without Hunger booth





12. Loaves & Fishes Founder’s Day

14. Representative Bill Foster tours Loaves & Fishes




2013 Donor Highlights

Thrivent Financial “We try to meet people where they are so we can teach and encourage them to move forward towards a better future,” says Zac Larson, wealth advisor at Thrivent Financial. “In much the same way, I think Loaves & Fishes meets people where they are… without judgment on how they got to this point, Loaves & Fishes shows compassion, fulfills a need, and teaches people how to move forward.” Thrivent Financial is a not-for-profit financial services company with a mission to strengthen Christian communities, help people manage money wisely and inspire lives of generosity. While local Thrivent Financial offices have been advocates for and supported Loaves & Fishes for several years, our partnership has grown in FY 2013, especially with the Cantera Financial Associates—Zac Larson, CFP ®, Corey Schmidt, CFP ®, and Jacob Schatz—located in Warrenville. For example, Thrivent Financial was a platinum sponsor for Day Without Hunger 2013, which allowed Loaves & Fishes to underwrite the costs of food and entertainment to ensure free admission for clients and community members alike. Their involvement increased when Rob Kostelny, longtime Loaves & Fishes volunteer and Thrivent Financial Community Advisory Board member, learned of our 100,000-pound food drive goal. He organized food drives in multiple local churches and contributed to the 379,034 pounds we ultimately collected from January to June. Overall, businesses demonstrate compassion by partnering with Loaves & Fishes and benefiting our community. “It’s a privilege to support an organization that is providing solutions that help people not only get through the day,” explains Corey Schmidt, “but it is also giving advice that allows their clients to focus on a better future.” 

5 Grace Pointe Church In last year’s annual report, Loaves & Fishes recognized our four faith community Cornerstones who have played prominent roles in our progress and success since our inception. This year, Loaves & Fishes is proud to honor a church that has also made a significant impact in our history: Grace Pointe Church. Formed as Naperville Bible Church in a garage in 1964, Grace Pointe continually grew, and eventually the church purchased property on the corner of Chicago and Olesen, where its current Naperville campus stands. “Grace Pointe was looking for a way to have community input, somewhere we could make a difference,” says Tracey Cowart, Loaves & Fishes’ board member and Grace Pointe Deacon. “Loaves & Fishes was a natural fit and made it very easy for people to volunteer.” Tracey has helped develop a stronger partnership between Loaves & Fishes and Grace Pointe. For example, as co-chair of Day Without Hunger, Tracey helped create and organize a Grace Pointe food drive that raised 1,540 pounds of donations! Moreover, financial contributions from the church have increased by 40% since last year. “Clients are treated with the respect they deserve and the attention they need,” explains Tracey. “The Empowerment Programs have met so many needs beyond food. Loaves & Fishes has helped people prepare their taxes, learn computer skills, and sign up for SNAP; everything done at Loaves & Fishes is laced with compassion.” Among its five core values, Grace Pointe values our local communities. As stated on its website: “We believe that it is important to work in practical ways for the peace and prosperity of our cities.” By demonstrating compassion for our neighbors in need, Grace Pointe has helped Loaves & Fishes uphold the prosperity of our community. We thank Grace Pointe members for their faithful commitment.

Faith Community

Longwood Elementary School It is one of Loaves & Fishes’ goals to help educate local children about food insecurity and how they can help make a difference in the lives of their neighbors, and in some cases, their classmates. For nearly 25 years, we have partnered with Longwood Elementary School to help us achieve this goal through their annual food drive.

Food Drive

“Longwood’s giving spirit started when another Longwood teacher, Jan Barrett, was looking for a way to give back to the community,” describes Linda Boddy, Longwood Elementary Project Arrow teacher, who currently manages the food drive. “Year after year, it is such a positive activity for the students, teachers and families of Longwood.” Food drives this year brought in 744,905 pounds, and the Longwood Food Drive itself raised 2,100 items of food for Loaves & Fishes’ clients. The winning classroom, Rich Vine’s 3rd grade class, received a visit from Loaves & Fishes’ staff and Naperville’s Mayor A. George Pradel. “Longwood focuses on a positive character trait each month, and we hold the food drive during the month of March when we are focusing on the trait of ‘Giving,’” Linda explains. “Students learn about different ways to give in their classroom, at home, in the community . . . so Loaves & Fishes is a perfect match!” Instilling compassion in the classroom is crucial, especially when considering that the students represent families who are donors, volunteers, and clients. Longwood students acting on behalf of other Longwood students—what an incredible display of our core value! “Compassion would make a great vocabulary word for our students at Longwood to concentrate on this year!” says Linda. “Our relationship with Loaves & Fishes gives students a way to think of others and contribute positively to their community.” 



The DuPage Community Foundation Loaves & Fishes creates new partnerships with community organizations and develops new programs to alleviate the hardships of our neighbors. “I’m sure that most clients initially visit Loaves & Fishes to obtain food,” states Barb Szczepaniak, Director of Programs at the DuPage Community Foundation. “However, in addition to getting that most basic need fulfilled, Loaves & Fishes continues to develop programs designed to help clients become self-sufficient.” Our partnership with the DuPage Community Foundation began in 1994, when the foundation granted Loaves & Fishes $2,500 for a walk-in refrigerator, enabling us to offer fresh produce to our clients. This year, Loaves & Fishes received a $15,000 grant from the Communityworks and the Betty M. Bock Fund of the DuPage Community Foundation to fund administrative expenses for the new Community Workforce Training Employment Program. Loaves & Fishes was also thankful for a $20,000 Spirit of Volunteerism grant, made possible by the DuPage Community Foundation. This incredible gift will help enhance the volunteer experience. Foundations play a crucial role at Loaves & Fishes by funding programs that increase our capacity to empower our neighbors toward self-sufficiency. Compassion is a key component in realizing The DuPage Community Foundation’s vision to raise the quality of life throughout DuPage County, and with compassion, it progresses toward its vision, just like Loaves & Fishes. 

Casey’s Foods Food recovery is essential to our community because so many of our neighbors are food insecure. On November 18, 2012, Loaves & Fishes was featured in a segment on CBS Sunday Morning recognizing our innovative food recovery efforts. According to the Natural Resource Defense Council, Americans throw away $165 billion worth of food every year, an average of 20 pounds per person every month. Our established partnerships with local grocers, like Casey’s Foods, have helped Loaves & Fishes reduce food waste as well as provide a broad array of healthy and diverse food options. Last year, we received 1,947,141 pounds of food from our grocery partners! “I got involved with Loaves & Fishes years ago,” says Dan Casey, owner of Casey’s Foods. “It helps provide a fundamental human need to people who are challenged to provide with their resources. It seems natural for us, being in the food business.” Casey’s Foods has been instrumental to our success throughout the years, providing 5,027 pounds of food last year alone. Casey’s partnership has helped to make it possible for Loaves & Fishes to afford baby food and formula, critical yet expensive commodities necessary for our youngest clients to thrive and develop normally. Moreover, Dan and his team have helped secure holiday meals for client families, fundraise for special initiatives and spread the Loaves & Fishes message. By receiving groceries at Loaves & Fishes, the average family saves approximately $528 per month, which is redirected toward other household expenses and ultimately into the local economy. We are grateful for our food recovery partners, whose compassion nourishes our neighbors. 


Grocery Partner


Dave Kelsch Loaves & Fishes is fortunate to have many friends who enthusiastically share our mission with their friends, family, and colleagues, enabling us to create strategic community partnerships. Our extraordinary advocate, Dave Kelsch, President of Advanced Data Technologies, has introduced Loaves & Fishes to businesses, organizations and individuals in his network to help Loaves & Fishes progress toward our goals. An unassuming, modest person, Dave is beloved in our community for his charitable pursuits and compassionate efforts to help people in need. “I prefer supporting local organizations where an investment has a bigger impact in helping them fulfill their mission,” Dave explains. “Loaves & Fishes serves a great need in our community through an extremely efficient organization.” Dave’s involvement at Loaves & Fishes has greatly enhanced our outreach efforts. He helped develop the Community Advisory Council and served as its inaugural chair. Comprised of community leaders who share a commitment to our mission, the Community Advisory Council meets twice each year to provide insight regarding community outreach efforts and client empowerment. Aside from his advocacy, Dave also provides financial support to help empower clients and expand our services and capacity. For example, Dave recently provided funding toward the purchase of a refrigerated truck that will markedly increase our food recovery efforts in DuPage County. “Providing food for those who cannot afford this most basic need in a very dignified way is clearly how Loaves & Fishes’ clients are served,” says Dave. Compassion motivates our neighbors to act, and we thank Dave for taking a lead role in mobilizing our community and assisting our clients. 


Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot “I think the compassion shown by Loaves & Fishes starts at intake,” explains Dan Gibbons, founder of the Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot Foundation. “Realizing that the client asking for help probably has self-esteem issues, the volunteers at intake help remove the anxiety involved in the initial step.” For Dan, compassion began before anyone asked him for help. In 1983, Dan was listening to the radio and heard how much money was being spent on fireworks in Chicago despite so many people going to bed hungry. He soon learned that a similar issue existed in DuPage County, so he started working with the Good Neighbor Food Drive. After brainstorming with friends, it was decided that Dan would organize a 5K Turkey Trot to raise money for families in need and provide them with food for the holidays. In 1984, the very first Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot debuted on Thanksgiving morning. Fast forward to 2011: Dan began partnering with Loaves & Fishes when his organization made a decision to keep all funds raised from the event in DuPage County. “Mary Keating (DuPage County Director of Human Services) highly recommended Loaves & Fishes as one of the major emergency food providers in the county,” says Dan. “I was impressed with Loaves & Fishes and made a recommendation to my board to include Loaves & Fishes as a beneficiary of funds.” Organizations like the Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot Foundation greatly benefit our neighbors because they raise essential funds as well as awareness. Thanks to Dan and all the Turkey Trot participants for compassionately supporting Loaves & Fishes in our vision to end hunger in our community! 

8 Jim and Patrice Lia Sometimes compassion stems from personal experience with hardship. For Jim and Patrice Lia, our phenomenal volunteers, this is the case. “When first married, Jim and I were on food stamps,” explains Patrice. “It is demeaning to go to the grocery store with food stamps, but we know there was a reason for going through rough patches.” If you haven’t seen the Lias in action at Loaves & Fishes, you have most likely seen them featured in the media this year. Whether leading clients, volunteers and staff in the Human Race or creating a new children’s birthday initiative, the Lias have been a motivational force. They also coordinated all the stage performances at Day Without Hunger and managed the event schedule. When asked to pinpoint the highlight of the year, it was a compassionate moment that surfaced. “At the Human Race, we were standing at the starting point, and I was standing alongside a client,” Patrice describes. “I got choked up listening to the National Anthem, and she took my hand and held it. This was a very special day.” After learning about the Human Race, the Lias quickly took charge. They were instrumental in getting clients signed up for the race and finding sponsors for these clients. Patrice even trained with any interested volunteers and clients in the former Key Wester parking lot! The Lias are compassionate leaders who make it their goal to provide for their neighbors. “If we are out in the community, clients will walk up and give us a hug. They aren’t embarrassed. That is the welcoming attitude that Loaves & Fishes conveys,” says Jim. We thank all our volunteers for helping to reinforce the compassionate atmosphere of Loaves & Fishes wherever they go. 


Donors Visionary $10,000+ J.R. Albert Foundation Anonymous Ned & Linda Bacon BMO Harris Bank Kevin Burns & Dr. Jacqueline Moran The Collins Law Firm, P.C. ConAgra Foods The DuPage Community Foundation DuPage County Board Exchange Club of Naperville Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot Foundation Carl R. Hendrickson Family Foundation Steven & Linda Hill Ed Hoy’s International Knox Presbyterian Church George & Julie Mann City of Naperville Naperville Presbyterian Church Naperville Township


Brian & Lise Nauman Mark & Kris Nerud The Nielsen Company Alex W. Nielsen Foundation, Heavenly Pennies Readerlink Distribution Services, LLC Rotary Club of Naperville Charities Greg & Wendy Serafin Greg & Gina Shugar St. Raphael Catholic Church United Way of Metropolitan Chicago Tom & Karren Wcisel Whole Foods Market Thomas & Shauna Winters

Leader $5,000–$9,999 Acceleration Naperville Anonymous The Beck Family Brian & Nancy Bolliger CA, Inc. Cargill Foundation Casey`s Foods Church World Service The Compass Church Bill & Patti Donahue The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation First Midwest Bank

Give with Liberty

Daniel Overton & Peggy Lundberg

Grace Pointe Church

Phoenix Leather Goods

Michael & Toni Havala

Republic Bank of Chicago

Barry & Mary Horek

John & Amy Ruth

Kevin & Clara Kridle

Corey & Tonya Schmidt

Henrietta Lange Burk Fund, Bank of America, N. A., Trustee

Sue Sebesta

Zachary & Kristin Larson

Ronald & Dawn Struxness

Lisle Community Service Corporation

John & Joyce Stuart

William McDaniel Charitable Foundation

Valerie Talsky

Mercedes-Benz of Naperville

Thomas & Margie Tarpey

Naperville Masonic Temple Association

Mary Trowbridge

SS. Peter and Paul Church

Brian & Margaret Tuttle

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans UPS Foundation

Provider $2,500–$4,999

Dan & Alice Sisbarro

Empowerment Circle $1,000–$2,499 Advanced Data Technologies

Dennis & Kathy Abboud

AGL Resources Private Foundation, Inc.


Larry J. Alania Photography

Ron & Peggy Beata

American Martial Arts Academy

Dr. Jay Bergamini

Charles & Melanie Andrew

Bluco Corporation

Anonymous (7)

August & Carol Bulfer

Jack Armbruster

John & Margaret Cadogan


Combined Federal Campaign

Aurelio’s Springbrook Square

Jeffrey & Nancy Couch

John & Ginger Aymond

Craftworks Foundation

Greg & Julie Baker

Derek & Rebekah Funkhouser

Michael & Jennifer Barad

Bill & Karen Garlough

Robert & Renee Barron

Grace United Methodist Church

Brad & Pat Barenbrugge

The Grainger Foundation

Rich & Julee Bartell

Jeff Gross & Wendy Hayum-Gross

Len & Maura Bencomo

Aman & Manisha Handa

Jack & Jody Bender


Daniel & Victoria Bischoff

Justin Kilchenmann


John & Alicia McCareins, Ph.D., J.D.

Blue Book Services, Inc.

Tom & Lori McGough

BNSF Foundation

Charles McLimans

Kevin & Gina Bognar

Jack & Renee Moore

The Breen Family Foundation

Bernie & Sue Moser

Charles Brooks

My Chef Catering

Thomas & Carol Byron

Naperville Evening Kiwanis

Jim & Kathleen Canavan

Naperville Jaycees

James & Lynn Cannon

Naperville Noon Lions

Caring About People

Naperville Rotary Charities

Tom Carroll & Kay Dahlquist

Naperville Woman’s Club

Joan Chow

Tim & Betsy Nyman

Thomas & Maryann Ciccarelli

Our Saviour`s Lutheran Church

CNA Foundation

Perry & Tracy Jager

John & Catharyn Reece

Community United Methodist Church

Richard Johnsen

Marlin & Margaret Reishus

Congregation Beth Shalom

David & Kathleen Johnson

Nat & Kathleen Rosenberg

Tom Connors

Colleen Johnston

Richard & Grace Rothrock

Dr. Don & Tracey Cowart

Ray & Marilyn Jones

Dawn Scarborough

Michael & Cindy Crawford

David & Nicole Jones

James & Kathleen Schlesser

Thomas & Ruth Cross

Timothy & Marcia Kelly

Patricia Schultz

Cyrus Shank Company

David & Lisa Kerr

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Frank & Deborah D’Ambrose

Donald & Lucie Kettering

Andrew & Megan Selck

Vince & Cindy Delack

David Kopp

Ruth Severson

Michael & Jane Donnantuono

Florian Kordas

Sewertech Services, Inc.

Chip & Naomi Downing

Loraine Kraft

Shannon & Suzann* Sheley

Bryan & Barbara Eckert

Philip & Lynn Langheim

Suzy Shinkle

Tim & Susan Ellerbusch

Brian & Stefanie Lee

Hal & Kathy* Spinka

Emerson Network Power Energy Systems

Jin & Joo Lee Family Foundation

St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church

Mark & Julie Ensinger

Craig Leinauer

St. John`s Episcopal Church

Exelon Corporation

Jim & Patrice Lia

St. Timothy Lutheran Church

Fish Law Firm, P.C.

Kenneth & Carol Lies

Doug & Debbie Stanley

Andrew & Susan Fitch

John & Karen Lindell

John & Noreen Stauffer

Mary Fogelsong

Robert & Elizabeth Littel

Hal & Donna Stembridge

Thomas & Debra Anne Fogelsong, Jr.

Wen Liu

Scott Stenmark

John & Cheryl Fontaine

Vincent & Sandy Lovelle

Robert & Casey Swininoga

Sophia Forero

James Luce

Roy & Mary Tarter

The Fox Family

Thomas Mallin

Sandie Thomas

Kevin & Susan Frydryk

Dale & Susan Mancuso

David & Norma Thompson

David Gallas

Eleanor Mares

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Jerry & Harol-Deane Garren

Michael May

John & Bernice Tulloch

David & Margo Garza

McCain Foods USA, Inc.

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John & Jane Gelston

Raymond McMullen, D.D.S.

WEBIT Services - Eric Rieger

Jim & Magaret Gerstle

Lauren Meachum

Lloyd & Susan Wennlund

Donald & Arletta Giehler

Metea Valley High School

Bill & Anne Wentz

Giving DuPage

Chris & Julie Michalski

Thomas & Carla White

Andy & Tracey Gorrell

Carl & Susan Mistretta

Ben Wiersum

Grace United Methodist Church Questor’s Class

Timothy Morrison

Robert & Nancy Wieszcholek

Naperville Church of Christ

Wolfe Associates, Inc.

Kent & Susan Green

Naperville Council No. 1369

Camille Woodward

GreenApple Campus, NFP

Naperville Covenant Church

Wayne & Cathleen Yakich

Jamie & Alisa Guthrie

Naperville Newcomers and Neighbors

Joseph* & Marilyn Zver

Jack & Diane Hammel

Jill Nielsen

Ron & Phyllis Haskell

Gene & Mary O`Keefe

Frank & Melissa Hayes

Outsource Solutions Group, Inc.

Robert & Mary Hedrich

The Parejko Family

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Paul & Anne Marie Pemberton

Peter & Rachelle Hickey

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Victor Hildebrand

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Ron Hoering & Jennifer Foss

Pretzel and Stouffer

Dr. James & Elizabeth Hoffman

Peter & Laura Priehs

Ed* & Dorothy Hoy

Mark & Kim Putbrese

David & Terri Huddleston

Darren & Miriam Qunell

Laverne Iacomini

Blanche Raab

Dominic & Joyce Imburgia

Norma Rambow

James & Barbara Jacob

Brian & Janelle Rebel


* Deceased

Memorials Joan Forsberg

Chester Rybicki

Lee Gibson

Suzann Sheley

Jonathan Holzer

Kathy Spinka

Ed Hoy

Mary Alice Williams

Delphine Kurcab

Joseph Zver

Virginia Lullo


Individuals with over 100 Volunteer Hours (July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013)


Tony Abbattista

Dwaine Churma

Tom Haddock

Gary Lund

Janice Podolski

Mary Adams

Steven Collins

Barbara Hayhurst

Chris Mair

Kathy Pope

Charles Allberry

Carol Conley

Andrew Heiser

Nancy Malinowski

Keith Quintavalle

Shirley Alteri

Kris Conroy

Amari Hill

Wally Malinowski

Rohini Raghuram

Darlene Anderson

David Coutts

Linda Hill

Tom Masen

Margaret Reneker

Jamey Archer

Judy Curley

Joe Honn

Patti Mau

Paul Renn

Frank Arford

Elizabeth Cytryn

Kate Hopkins

Elizabeth May

Walter Rittle

Joanne Arford

Daniel Darby

Jack Hounsell

Martin Mazurek

Marge Rossman

Rose Armbrust

Ed De Paepe

Marsha Howting

Anne McCoy

John Ruth

Leslie Atwood

Phyllis Dixon

Lucy Hoy

Jerry McIntosh

Brenda Ryan

Dolores Audy

William Dixon

Nancy Huck

Marj McIntosh

Anna Sarovich

Wayne Avery

John Dovale

Mark Hull

Susan McNeal-Bulak

Shelly Schmitz

Linda Bacon

Robert Duda

David Humphrey

Eugene McNeill

Robin Schoene

Ned Bacon

John Dunham

Paul Hunkele

Betty Menze

Susan Schumann

Nancy Bankemper

Bob Elazan

Jessica Hwang

Andrea Mueller

Gayle Schweinert

Renee Barron

Dennis Emanuele

Mary Isitt

Sarah Mulloy

Doreen Sevcik

Peggy Beata

Lynn Erickson

Michelle Iskowitz

Paulette Murphy

Carl Shaffer

Ron Beata

Sheila Ferguson

Thomas Kelly

Betsy Nardi

Sharron Sims

Melissa Beck-Cox

Colleen Fissinger

Michael Kiefer

Linda Nolten

John Slusarski

Linda Bedel

Hugh Flanders

Tom Klann

Jacqueline Nunes

Lyn Smith

Emily Bedford

Paul Flatman

Rob Kostelny

Mary O’Brien

Angela Splan

Connie Betz

Richard Fowler

Gerald Lahti

Bonnie O’Donnell

Luann Stec

Irene Birzetis

Dave Gagliano

George Larson

John O’Neal

Ron Steck

Jayne Boyle

Kathleen Galassini

Linda Lewis

Gerard Oleskowicz

Marge Steinhoff

Ed Bulak

John Gebo

James Lia

Helen Olsen

John Steury

Carol Bulfer

Paul Gebo

Patrice Lia

Dianne Ottney-Avery

Eric Storm

Sarah Bunge

Sheryl Geltner

Nancy Lindberg

Lynn Owen

Helmud Strohschein

Barb Burken

Ken Gerlach

Andrew Lindsay

Marcia Parrill

Layna Sweeney

James Cannon

James Gindele

Alex Lints

Thomas Pelc

Lawrence Sykora

Tom Carlson

Adrienne Golinkin

Audrey Lisk

Daniel Perez

Valerie Talsky

Dick Carney

Marion Golovach

Barbara Llewellyn

Jerry Pietrzak

Margaret Tarpey

Dorothy Carney

Bob Goste

Margaret Lobitz

Jill Pietrzak

Tom Tarpey

Mary Christensen

Shirley Haddock

Keith Loftus

Peg Pinkerton-delaHoz

Terry Termini

Monthly Work Groups

Risa Tormos

Kara White

Barbara Turek

Kevin Wiesbrook

Tom Tyo

Bob Young

Greg Umentum

Patricia Young

Anupama Vaidyalingam

Rosemary Young

Harriet Vander Velde

Tracey Zweig

Daniel Viar

2012 Award Winners

Tom Wcisel

Tracey Zweig

John Webb

Judy Curley

Fred Wehrli

Phyllis and William Dixon

Patricia Wehrli

Linda Bacon

Betty Weiss

Paul Flatman

Snezana Wensits

Brian Bolliger

Grocery Partners

Angan Blue Cross Blue Shield-United Way Community United Methodist Church Euclid Masonic Lodge No. 65 Grace Pointe Church Naperville Evening Kiwanis Club Naperville Bank & Trust Notre Dame Club of Greater DuPage Wesley United Methodist Church White Sox Volunteer Corps

Top Food Drives Total donated through food drives was 379,034 pounds! The top three drives were:

These food donation partners contribute on a weekly basis to Loaves & Fishes, providing most of the fresh foods distributed to our families.

US Postal Carriers 21,598 lbs

Jewel Osco, Ogden and Aurora*

St. Raphael’s

11,764 lbs

Casey’s Foods

Jewel Osco, Route 59 and 95th*

Bucket Brigade

3,944 lbs

Cermak Market

Oberweis Dairy



Garden Fresh Market

Trader Joe’s

Great Harvest Bread

Walmart Oswego*

Jewel Osco, Market Meadows*

Whole Foods Naperville


Jewel Osco, Ogden and Washington*

Northern Illinois Food Bank:

*In partnership with Northern Illinois Food Bank (NIFB)

Loaves & Fishes is proud to partner with the Northern Illinois Food Bank (NIFB) to end hunger in our community. In the past fiscal year NIFB helped to source and deliver 663,509 pounds of groceries to our doors for us to provide to our neighbors in need.

Matching Gift Companies These companies have matched a gift, thereby multiplying a donation.

ADP Aetna Foundation Apple Bank of America Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois BMO Harris Bank BNSF Foundation BP Foundation CA, Inc.

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Chubb Federal Insurance CNA Foundation ConAgra Foods Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation FM Global Foundation Follett Corporation GE Foundation Illinois Tool Works Foundation

Ingredion Jackson National JP Morgan Chase Foundation Macy's Foundation MasterCard McDonald's Corporation McKesson Foundation McMaster-Carr Microsoft

Motorola Solutions Northern Trust PepsiCo RBC Foundation Thrivent Financial Foundation Travelers US Bancorp Foundation



FY 2013 July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013

Public Support and Revenue



Sources of Funding

In-kind contributions $9,667,645 $8,473,854 Individual donors 921,177 446,879 Organizations/Corporations 774,595 687,503 Faith Communities 140,813 181,477 Government 127,750 226,935 Fundraising events/Other 9,780 7,216

Total Support and Revenue

Operating Expenses 1

Program Costs Administrative/Fundraising

Total Operating Expenses



2013 2012 $10,651,702 $9,435,453 371,170 304,073



 In-kind contributions


 Individual donors


 Organizations/Corporations 7%



Cash & cash equivalents Pledges receivable Total Current Assets Deferred financing fees Pledges receivable Net Property & Equipment2

Total Assets

2013 2012 $976,569 267,303

$775,325 118,953



$4,588 353,667

$ 6,316 164,500

 Faith communities


 Government 1%  Fundraising events/Other


Operating expenses

2,572,537 2,674,194




2013 2012

Accounts payable Accrued payroll Building mortgage (current portion)

$26,817 12,234 63,858

$30,337 10,414 55,621

Total Current Liabilities



Building mortgage (long-term portion)



 Program costs

Total Liabilities



 Administrative/Fundraising 3%

Total Net Assets3

3,002,122 2,382,020

Total Liabilities and Net Assets



Excludes retained earnings allocated toward operating reserves, capital reserves and program expansion. 1


Net property & equipment includes accumulated depreciation.


Total net assets includes unrestricted and temporarily restricted.


Board and Staff Board of Directors (as of July 1, 2013)


Barry Horek, Chair

Harol-Deane Garren, Emerita

Charles McLimans

CPA, Retired partner, Ernst & Young

Retired Teacher

Mike Havala, Vice Chair

Wendy Hayum-Gross

GoldTree Capital Advisors, LLC

Mary Kay Cosmetics & NCC LCPC

Tracey Cowart, Secretary

Tom Kallay

Matt Chicola

Executive Director/CEO

Advancement Coordinator

Jody Bender

Rachelle Hickey

Director of Community Engagement

Communications Coordinator

Jane Macdonald

Hilary Nelson

Director of Client Engagement

Volunteer Coordinator

Megan Selck

Alan Loeb

Cowart Chiropractic

Nicor Gas/AGL Services

Alice Sisbarro, Treasurer

George Mann

Director of Advancement & Engagement


Global Risk Services, Ltd.

Shelly Schmitz

Brian Bolliger, Immediate Past Chair

Alicia McCareins, PhD, JD

SkeensMcDonell Consulting Group, PLC

RECA, Inc.

Charles McLimans, Ex officio

Tom McGough

Executive Director/CEO

ConAgra Foods

Peggy Beata

Chris Michalski

RLP Images

BMO Harris Bank

Charlie Brooks

Matt Pfeiffer

Warehouse Coordinator

Diane Ramonas

Director of Volunteer Engagement

Advancement Assistant

Elizabeth Hoffman

Lori Nalefski

Office/HR Manager

Program Assistant

Cary Gilkey

Alkalee Cole

Operations Manager

Warehouse Assistant

Gerard Oleskowicz Traffic


Pfeiffer Law Offices, P.C.

David Brown

Tom Winters

Mondelez International


Kevin Burns CPA, WTAS

Volunteer Action Committee

Nutrition Advisory Council

The Loaves & Fishes Volunteer Action Committee provides leadership in efforts to recruit, train, engage and retain our valued volunteers. Volunteers are the “heart” of our business, giving Loaves & Fishes the manpower needed to get the job done in every facet of the organization.

The Loaves & Fishes Nutrition Advisory Council (NAC) was formed over the summer of 2011 to support efforts to provide wholesome and nutrient-rich food choices for our clients. Our NAC members are a talented and experienced group of health care professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge to our community and to Loaves & Fishes.

Andy Lindsay (Co-Chair)

Nancy Malinowski

Tracey Zweig (Co-Chair)

Susan McNeal-Bulak

Ned Bacon

Carl Shaffer

Renee Barron

John Webb

Jim Lia

Pat Wehrli

Patrice Lia

Toni Havala, MS, RD, LDN (Chair)

Richard Merrion, DC

Nicki Anderson

Julie Michalski, RN

Kelly Brasseur, MS, RD, LDN

Patty Minta, RD, LDN

Nan Conrad, RD

Ginnie (Virginia) Moore, RD

Katie Davis MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

Julie Moreschi, MS, RD, LDN

Angela Dennison, MW, NPV

Community Advisory Council The Community Advisory Council is a group of community leaders who share a commitment to the mission, vision, and ideals of Loaves & Fishes and serve in an advisory capacity. They meet twice each year in a non-governing capacity.

Nicki Anderson (Chair)

Dave Kelsch

Ned Bacon

John Koranda

Mike Tegge

Mary Ann Bobosky

Alicia McCareins, PhD, JD

Cindy Urrea

Michael Donnantuono

Caroline Morrison

Dr. Linda VanHorn, PhD, RD

David Fish

Kevin O’Hara

Celeste Wagner

Dan Gibbons

Lou Petritz

Amanda Ward

Bob Gibson

Trish Robb

Grant Wehrli

Betsy Goltermann

Jackie Romberg

Wendy Hayum-Gross

Vince Rosanova

Chris Hensley

Dana Marie Smith

Dawn Struxness


community • compassion • dignity • hope • service

Ending Hunger

Empowering Lives

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Loaves & Fishes 2013 Annual Report  
Loaves & Fishes 2013 Annual Report  

This is the fiscal year 2013 annual report of Loaves & Fishes Community Pantry, a leading hunger relief and social services provider based i...