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Annual Report


here is no formula for achieving community health. It isn’t a static endeavor, but instead, a dynamic pursuit by a certain people, connected by a certain place, at a certain time. As an organization whose mission is to provide philanthropic support to Community Medical Center, our Foundation has the opportunity to not only participate in the discovery of the evolving needs and priorities in Western Montana, but to then respond to them and celebrate success with you. Traditionally, we have accomplished this with you through models of capital fundraising and healthcare education. Because of these interests and your engagement, facility capacities have been strengthened and many community members empowered with thoughtful service. From founding leadership represented by legendary R.H. “Ty” Robinson, and continued leadership offered by MaryEllen Campbell and Jean Jenkins, I now receive the baton with excitement and humility. As VP of Fund Development, I assume the unique role of honoring the tenets of our rich Foundation history while imagining how we might pursue new paths of philanthropy to maintain the exemplary care our patients deserve. I will always contend that philanthropy is personal, and healthcare, intimate.

Nick and fami l


From that perspective, I envision our pursuits expanding to support further healthcare education, patient care affordability, wellness advocacy, and continued facility innovation. These are all interests that help our hospital and organization better serve individuals while also engendering a healthy community of people of which we are all a part. I invite you to join me in celebrating the accomplishments of 2012 while reflecting on how we will continue to challenge ourselves to grow in support of the critical services provided by your community-owned hospital. Thank you for your continued partnership. Sincerely, Give To CMC Foundation Today

Nick Roberts, VP of Fund Development CMC Foundation Officers 2011-2012 Jeri Fisher, President Susan Muralt, Vice President Ramona Holt, Secretary Mike Combo, Treasurer R.H. “Ty” Robinson, Chairman Emeritus Glen Henkel, Immediate Past President

Trustees (Executive Committee Members noted*) Kim Arnot Cheryl Baker, MD*

Tondy Baumgartner MaryEllen Campbell Steve Carlson* Paul Eichwald Karen Erickson Andrew George Larry Gianchetta, PhD Jason Greer Janet Hiller, MD Barry Kenfield* Shannon Lukes Tom McLaughlin Ric Mussiett

Robert Phillips Russ Piazza Ron Premuroso Brian Robertson Michele Robinson Kathleen Roth, DDS Jim Salisbury* Mike Size Greg Stahl* Sigri Thorn-Gildea* Anne Timmons* Kimberlee Visser* Kevin Winter

Visit for our list of recognized donors and to learn more about getting involved. (406) 327-4141, 2827 Fort Missoula Road, Missoula, MT 59804


n the early years of the Community Women’s and Newborn Center’s design and campaign work, we recognized the significant challenge and opportunity ahead – to transform the environment in which we meet the reproductive health and critical infant care needs of Community Medical Center patients, and to better position Community to deliver comprehensive care for the women, children and families of Western Montana. In 2012, we saw the completion of construction phase one and the opening of our new postpartum, or “MotherBaby” unit. This thoughtfully-designed combination of facility expansion, support programs, and exceptional staff collectively offers Western Montana and beyond an extraordinary environment in which to experience some of the most intimate and important moments of our lives. Patients can now be surrounded by the family and friends who support them in their care and healing, and in a setting that allows for private conversations, controlled sound/light/temperature, ample natural light, and nearly all clinical evaluation accomplished with each private patient room. With amenities including bathrooms, pull-out sleeper couches, reception areas,

Timmons Kids Fireside


nutrition stations, and home-like surroundings, patients and families feel welcomed and supported every moment they are with us for care and education. Visiting hours are now dictated by the moms, not Community, and a new commitment to couplet care allows babies uninterrupted time with moms and families. The completion of the Mother-Baby unit has presented a critical new capacity to support the nearly 1,600 babies born at Community each year - the most deliveries of any healthcare facility in Montana.


e see every gift, every hour given to Community and the Foundation as a partnership and representation of Community ownership. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes – time, knitted hats and patchwork quilts for our babies, equipment finding new life in Rehab, a new wig for a cancer patient, a Family Tree plaque, proceeds from Gift Shop sales, cash, appreciated stock, a deferred gift annuity. Our gifts come from our CMC employees, medical staff, patients and their families, volunteers, business and community leaders, school children, people caught up in a Community Random Act of Kindness. Each partnership teaches us more about how we are individually and collectively, Community. We hosted three special events this year, each a unique example of partnership and community-to-Community giving. Our thanks to all who so generously supported and were a part of our Community Golf Classic with Partners In Home Care, our Community Cup Hockey Benefit with Glacier Ice Rink and under the leadership of Dr. Tim and Tonda Richards, and the 2011 Missoula Festival of Trees with Mountain Home Montana and under the leadership of Sigri Thorn Gildea and Kylie Barnes. All three outreach events helped to surround our moms and babies with a new care and learning environment that is becoming the Community Women’s and Newborn Center. In addition to support for our new Community Women’s and Newborn Center, our donors had impact throughout the hospital by providing for patient needs in our Montana Breast Health program, supporting temporary, emergency needs for Community employees in times of crisis, funding scholarships for outstanding high school seniors and Community employees, supporting healthcare lectures and sunscreen use programs, and providing equipment for Rehabilitation Institute patients, to name a few. In a community-owned hospital, every philanthropic investment makes a difference for those we serve. We are Community. The fact that Community Medical Center is owned by all of us in Western Montana is something the members of the Foundation’s R.H. “Ty” Robinson Legacy Club understand at their core. So much so, they have given to the Foundation in ways that will ensure a permanent investment for all who come to us for care and healing. We honor their gifts: · left to the Foundation in their will or trust · leveraged through giving opportunities like charitable gift annuities or trusts that qualified for the Montana Endowment Tax Credit · made through appreciated stock · representing beneficiary designations for IRAs, life insurance or other accounts In 2012, we celebrate new Legacy members Gerald H. Doty*, Michele Robinson, and Yvette Wirth, and the continuing Legacy support of Dr. Vince and Susan Meng, Susan Muralt, Dave and Suzanne Peterson, and Dr. Lennard Wilson and Karen Erickson. Our thanks for living your community ownership in your service and your giving! *now deceased


ealthcare education has long been a priority of the Foundation. Since 1990, our annual healthcare scholarship program has encouraged graduating high school students and Community employees to become physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, pharmacists, lab technicians and other important professional roles. From the program’s beginning through 2012, nearly 500 scholarship recipients have received awards funded from just under $300,000 in donations. Our award recipients often end up right back here at Community where they locally showcase their talents and care for our patients.


any people remember the days when patients, visitors and employees could sit at the counter in the Coffee Shop or shop for a gift while the CMC Volunteers made them a home-made milkshake or sandwich. Decades ago, this was accomplished by wonderful volunteers like Bette Collins, Adelaine Midgett, Kay Griffith and Tilda Lister, to name a few. With 65 years of service to Community, volunteers are still a vital part of making guests feel welcome, patients comfortable, and staff supported. Lois escorts patients throughout the campus while Maxine gives clerical support to Community staff. Jim visits people in our rehabilitation unit as Gracie’s Angels knit hats for babies and Quilt4Kids makes blankets for our NICU, pediatric, and emergency

Our Minerva Society represents another important educational program through which we invite the public to attend informational lectures on a variety of important healthcare topics. Lectures like “Healthy Bones: Build Them for Life” were included in our eight well-received offerings in 2011-2012 for which we had nearly 300 total participants. For 20 years, the Minerva Society has provided many high quality programs featuring nationally renowned speakers and local medical leaders. We look forward to the program’s future growth as we continue to explore how to increase public participation and coordinate the timeliest, most impactful healthcare presentations we can offer.

departments. Whether Jeety rings up your flowers in our gift shop, Phil serenades you with his fiddle in the waiting room, or Kay delivers you a complimentary coffee and newspaper, our volunteers are a treasure to Community and proud representatives of the Foundation. More than 200 volunteers consistently give over 15,000 hours yearly to serve our patients, their families and employees at Community Medical Center, which represents a few hundred thousand dollars of donated time, but a priceless value to our organization.

FY 2011-2012 Balance Sheet Comparison Assets


$738,899 $1,192 $6,501 $453,486 $14,857

– $965 $2,657 $221,823 $11,443

Total Current Assets



Investments Long term Pledges Receivable, Net Office Equipment

$3,522,225 $15,001 $17,495

$5,293,789 $408,094 $24,780




Cash & Cash Equivalents Accrued Dividends & Interest Other Receivables Pledges Receivable Inventory


Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Checks Written in Excess of Cash Accounts Payable / Accrued Expenses Annuities Payable

– $130,239 $116,896

$36,920 $101,071 $92,815



Unrestricted Board Designated Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted

$20,705 $788,990 $618,676 $3,094,150

$591,796 $799,199 $1,288,873 $3,052,877

Total Net Assets






Total Liabilities Net Assets

*Information provided is summary information from the June 30, 2012, audited statements. For further financial information, please refer to


Investment Earnings


$511,221 Contributions

10% 0%

$547,561 TOTAL


In 2012


$998,395 Hospital Programs & Facilities


$1,038,401 TOTAL


$28,181 Gifts in Kind



$81,994 Gift Shop

$40,006 Scholarships


-$73,835 Investments


b Dis


-1% -5% 1





CMCF FY2012 Annual Report  

Report from Community Medical Center Foundation about FY12.

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