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Cheshire Health Foundation

125 years of caring For the health and wellness of our community


Laying the foundation for the next 125 years of caring for our community.


his September, Cheshire Medical Center began its 125th year of providing quality healthcare to our community. Over the coming year, we will be sharing and celebrating our legacy leading up to the 125th Anniversary in September 2017. I am proud of this history, and honored to be taking part in the laying of the foundation for the next 125 years of caring for our community. During the past year we’ve made great strides toward our goal of becoming a Regional Referral Center by expanding our ability to care for a higher census of patients, while ensuring access to a sustainable and robust health system for the Monadnock Region. Our key efforts include: ■ Reopening of the Kingsbury Unit in November 2015, which has increased our capacity for medical/surgical patients. As a result, more local patients received care here at CMC/DHK instead of being transferred to another hospital. ■ We are in the process of increasing our telemetry (an advanced form of cardiac monitoring) capacity from 12 patients to18. This expansion will include new monitoring equipment and the extension of our successful hands-free voice-controlled Vocera communication tool. ■ Dr. Robert Westlake has joined us as the first Medical Director for the ICU. Dr. Westlake is credited with building the Mt. Auburn (a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital) ICU program in Boston. We look forward to implementing our Tele-ICU system in January to further enhance our capabilities. ■ We have recruited five new Emergency Medicine physicians to our Emergency Department. In addition, our new Tele-ED video


conference monitoring and support system has been an important piece in increasing our ability to provide quality care and treatment for patients with more severe needs. Fiscal year 2016 saw our continued work and great success in hardwiring the Culture of Safety and Just Culture concepts to improve processes in our organization and patient outcomes. Already we are experiencing satisfying results with the positive support of our staff and improvements to our processes. Numerous staff have completed improvement training programs and projects. One of the biggest impact projects at this time is the early identification of sepsis. We continue to enroll staff in specialized trainings to further advance our quality improvement efforts. Our Primary Care Department is now fully staffed with primary care physicians and associate providers. Primary Care provided over 151,000 patient visits this past year. This success is directly related to our Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) team-based model of care. Our Family Medicine Teams are early-adopters of a model of care that the American Academy of Family Physicians has determined improves access and quality of care for patients. Our Primary Care Department continues to be recognized as a Robert Wood Johnson Exemplar Medical Home, earning accolades from many visiting institutions. The Affiliation with DartmouthHitchcock provided the opportunity for the creation of an independent Cheshire

Health Foundation (CHF) Board of Trustees. Jim Putnam accepted the post as the founding board chair and is leading the twelve local board members. The Board will guide the CHF philanthropic efforts and insure that funds raised in support of local patients and initiatives continue to remain in our community, supporting our friends and neighbors. The 125-year history of CMC/DHK and the close relationship we share with our neighbors is inspiring. The Medical Center, charged with caring for and supporting the health and wellbeing of our region, would not be possible without the care and support of the people we serve. Together we are ensuring the future health of our region into the next 125 years.


legacy Our shared values of caring and compassion, and the shared vision of community growth, health, and sustainability, continue to be fulfilled in the Monadnock Region. And it began 125 years ago with a generous gift.

Don Caruso, CEO/President/Chief Medical Officer

Our values are a reflection

of the caring people who make the Monadnock Region special.

— Don Caruso CEO/President/ Chief Medical Officer

1892 In 1892, John Henry Elliot gave his family’s estate to Keene for a public hospital. That same year, a Hospital Aid Society was formed. This organization assisted in furnishing the hospital. Through the donations and labors of the local citizens, the 18-bed hospital was formally opened September 21, 1892. Thank you to the Historical Society of Cheshire County for sharing the archived historical images of Elliot Hospital represented in this report.


Members of a CDPP group meet with CMC/DHK Lifestyle Coach, Jennifer Begley, to support each other to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Partnerships for living healthier. Connecting physicians and patients with an unconventional “prescription” program

Most physicians

understand that our health is largely affected by the environments and circumstances we experience outside of the doctor’s office.

— Rudy Fedrizzi, MD Director of Clinical Integration, for CMC/DHK,s Center for Population Health Strategy and Practice


A new program to enhance patient care will soon launch within Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene (CMC/ DHK) called Prescribe for Health. Led by Rudy Fedrizzi, MD, Director of Clinical Integration, for CMC/DHK's Center for Population Health Strategy and Practice (Center), the program aims to empower medical teams to connect patients with many existing community-based supports that will allow them to live healthier lives. In addition to quality medical care, researchers define education, jobs, family stability, safety, access to healthy environments, wholesome food, and physical activity as principal components of better health. “Most physicians understand that our health is largely affected by the environments and circumstances we experience outside of the doctor’s office. At the same time, the majority of physicians do not readily have access to the resources available, beyond medical treatment, to help patients make healthier lifestyle changes and prevent chronic disease,” says Dr. Fedrizzi. “Through Prescribe for Health, medical teams at Cheshire [CMC/DHK] will be able to identify their patients’ areas of need and engage the Center’s new Population Health Workers, who will assist patients in accessing available community resources.”

The Cheshire Diabetes Prevention Program provides a supportive environment with people who are facing similar challenges and trying to make the same changes. Together, participants celebrate their successes and find ways to overcome obstacles. Jennifer Begley, Cheshire Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach, shops for fresh produce from Bruce Bickford’s Abenaki Springs Farm in Walpole at the Keene Farmers Market. “In my years as a physician, I’ve found many occasions when it was clear that if a patient were better supported in other aspects of their lives, some of their health challenges could be alleviated,” says Dr. Lara Levin, Endocrinologist at CMC/DHK. “As a physician here, I am excited to be a part of the team to develop Prescribe for Health. It will allow us to address many of our patients’ unmet social needs by connecting them more readily with our community’s resources. This means we will be able to provide truly comprehensive quality care to our patients.”

The rewarding experience of achieving wellness goals together One in three American adults has prediabetes-higher than normal blood sugar levels. People with prediabetes are 5 to 15 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. With support, type 2 diabetes can often be prevented through lifestyle changes. The Cheshire Diabetes Prevention Program (CDPP) provides lifestyle change resources for individuals at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The CDPP is a partnership among CMC/DHK, the Keene Family YMCA,

Romaine Looms and Mary Lagerberg, CMC/DHK employees and CDPP participants.

“There are some days when I think I’ll have to skip walking-I’m too busy or just tired, then Romaine comes to my door with her walking shoes and I know I have to go.” -Mary Lagerberg

Mary and Romaine got to know each other through their CDPP group and have committed to walking together daily to maintain their physical activity. Monadnock Family Services and the Keene Senior Center. As a regional component of the National Diabetes Prevention Program, the program is guided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Led by a trained lifestyle coach, participants in this year-long program learn ways to incorporate healthy eating and moderate physical activity, as well as problem solving, stress reduction and coping skills into their daily lives. The program empowers participants to take charge of their health and wellbeing. Groups meet initially for 16 weekly

meetings, then once a month for 8 months to maintain healthy lifestyle changes. The CDPP was launched in April of 2016 with 54 participants joining one of three groups meeting at CMC/DHK, Keene Family YMCA or the Keene Senior Center. Participants have formed friendships and a support network within their groups, in addition to receiving the guidance of the lifestyle coach working with their group, and as a result have lost weight and improved their quality of life. Most participants are on target to reach their goals at the end of the 1-year program. “Lasting changes aren’t easy. The group coaching format allows for a strong sense of connection to grow within the group. They cheer each other on as they cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes in half,” says Jennifer Begley, MS, Worksite Wellness Program Manager and Lifestyle Coach at CMC/DHK. “Lifestyle change is best when you can share your journey and success with someone else. Members of the [CDPP] groups have developed friendships and bonds that have helped participants be successful in this journey to better health.” Groups are open to individuals at risk of developing type 2 diabetes or who have been identified as prediabetic. For more information, visit www.cheshiremed.org/diabetes or call (603) 354-6866.

The Center for Population Health Strategy and Practice (Center) is a department of CMC/DHK focused on health and wellness education, outreach, and support to individuals, families, worksites, schools, and the community. It was established to enable the Medical Center to work with the community, in concert with Healthy Monadnock, to improve the overall health and wellbeing of individuals within our region.

CMC/DHK The Center for Population Health Strategy and Practice

Community Engagement Initiative

Healthy Monadnock is governed by the Council for a Healthier Community, of which CMC/DHK is a member.

Healthy Monadnock INF



CMC/DHK provides infrastructure support to Healthy Monadnock

The Center provides resources to support community health and wellbeing priorities such as: Healthy eating and active living Income and jobs Mental wellbeing Emergency preparedness Reduction of substance misuse including tobacco Access and quality of healthcare These prorities are also important points of engagement for the Healthy Monadnock Champions Program.


Community Benefits Statistics FY 2016

Our commitment to community. Community Benefits Report


together and making it better together is all about collaboration. I am humbled by the trust people

place in me.

- Ruth M. Abbot Family Resource Counselor within CMC/ DHK,s Center for Population Health Strategy and Practice


We believe that the health and wellness of everyone matters. This belief is reflected in our mission to lead our community to become the nation’s healthiest through our clinical and service excellence, collaboration, and compassion for every patient, every time. Cheshire Medical Center/ Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene provides comprehensive Community Benefits programs to improve access to health care services and support the physical, mental, and social health of the individuals and families in our region. Working together with colleagues and partnering organizations, CMC/DHK actively supports and facilitates programs and initiatives advocating an active lifestyle, good nutrition, healthy living conditions, and overall well-being for all in the community. Free programs and support groups include discounted evening meals for seniors, breast and cervical cancer screenings for low-income or underinsured women, stress management and resiliency classes, high blood pressure prevention and monitoring programs, Pulmonary Rehabilitation support for individuals with chronic lung disease, education on asthma and diabetes in children for local school nurses, smoke-free housing initiatives, and more. In total, CMC/DHK provided over $7.62 million in Community Benefits such as unreimbursed charity care, health services, health profession education, subsidized health services, and community-building activities. These contributions are in addition to the over $28 million dollars in unreimbursed Medicaid and Medicare costs absorbed by the Medical Center.

Family Resource Counselor Ruth Abbott is the Family Resource Counselor within CMC/DHK’s Center for Population Health Strategy and Practice. Ruth provides information and referral services to


Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program participants

Tobacco Cessation referrals



Breast and cervical cancer screenings for low-income and underinsured women

395 235 8,200 Cheshire Walkers

Employees served by the Worksite Wellness Program


Children that received Cheshire Smiles oral health screenings


Children that received Cheshire Smiles preventative services

Participants in Health and Wellness Programs


Local high school students that received medical coverage from CMC/DHK Sports Medicine Athletic Trainers


Senior Passport meals served

455 507

Prescriptions supplied through Medication Assistance

Newborns, children, and adults aided by Family Resource Counseling


patients and community members so that they may access available local, state, and federal resources. What she really provides is much more. As individuals navigate a family member’s changing health needs or their own, they are faced with numerous considerations besides physical health. “How will I pay health care costs?” and “how can I provide daily care for my family member and still remain employed?” are just a couple of the stressful questions many people face. Ruth provides one-onone assistance to families in completing NH Medicaid applications for a variety of programs. Ruth is also a Certified Application Counselor for the Health Insurance Marketplace. She helps individuals determine eligibility for a number of programs including

Value of prescriptions supplied through Medication Assistance

NH Health Access, free or reduced cost services including prenatal care and delivery, health care for children ages birth through 19-years, preventive and restorative dental care, prescription drugs, vision exams and eyeglasses, mental health services, and drug and alcohol services. “Many people have no idea what types of services there are available, or how pieces can be put together to solve problems. It’s all about knowing who the right contacts are, and having good relationships with them,” says Ruth as she describes her work.“I don’t have all the answers. But I reassure people that they don’t have to do it alone. I’m with them, and together we navigate their options.”

Patient-centered care extends beyond the examining room. Patient Registration Great patient care begins at registration. Patient Registration Specialists work with patients to set them, their Medical Home team, and their families up to succeed as they begin the process of healing at CMC/DHK. The detailed information gathered at Patient Registration is essential to assuring that patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place-and that they are billed fairly for that care. Accurately capturing patient information can help to reduce patient costs.

Patient Billing The billing process is vital to the financial health of CMC/ DHK. Insurance coverage differs dramatically between companies, individuals, and plans, so Patient Account Representatives have systems in place that check each patient’s coverage in order to assign the bill to the correct payer. Timely and accurate submission of our medical claims helps to insure the financial stability of the organization. The staff submit over 30,000 claims each month, the majority being electronic. The Federal Team in the Patient Billing Department submits all claims specific to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and follows up with those plans to insure payment of the claims. Regulations for these programs are constantly changing, keeping the team consistently challenged. Their efforts help to insure we have a steady flow of Medicare and Medicaid payments coming into the facility. The team submits roughly 18,200 of these claims each month.

Our employees are our most precious resource in providing compassionate, high-value care. Patient-centered care is a team effort that starts the moment you enter our doors, and continues well after medical care is provided.

Judy Powers, Patient Registration Specialist

Gina Lucas, Federal Team, Patient Billing Department

Cindy Tedford, Patient Account Representative



It’s like being part of a family.


hen Jina Church found a lump in her left breast in September 2015, the then-36year-old didn’t think anything of it. But a month later, it had grown larger, and she realized she should get it checked. “I went to [the Dorothy Penniman Hubbard Center for] Women’s Health and they quickly scheduled me for a mammogram, ultrasound, MRI and biopsy,” she relates. “Within a couple of weeks, I found out I had two types of breast cancer.” Just days later, she met with Robert S. Pritchard, MD, MS, a board-certified, fellowship-trained medical oncologist/hematologist and the medical director at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center-Kingsbury Pavilion at CMC/DHK, who would manage her care. “The original treatment plan was for me to have a mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy,” Jina says. “But Dr. Pritchard explained that studies show if you do the chemo regimen first, to shrink a tumor before surgery, the success rate is higher.” Before starting chemotherapy, Jina underwent a sentinel node biopsy in which lymph nodes are removed and tested to see if the cancer has spread beyond the initial tumor site. Fortunately, hers had not. She started the first of six scheduled chemotherapy sessions the very next day. It wasn’t easy, she admits, because the powerful drugs made her feel sick for days after treatment. “But being able to do chemo right here in Keene, close to home, was such a relief,” she says. “I’d be there for an eight-hour infusion every three weeks. My husband was able to take each of those days off and spend it at the infusion center with me.”


Just prior to her sixth and final chemotherapy treatment last March, Jina landed in the hospital for five days with the flu. “But by then, the lumps in my breast were gone— we couldn’t feel them,” she says. “Dr. Pritchard said that since I’d done so well, we were going to skip the sixth treatment because he wanted me as healthy as possible for surgery, which was scheduled for the end of April.” Due to the complexities of Jina’s surgery, her mastectomy was performed at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon by Kari M. Rosenkranz, MD, a board-certified surgeon who completed a fellowship in breast surgery at the renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center. It was a 13-hour surgery during which Jina had a mastectomy and a reconstructive procedure in which skin and tissue were taken from her abdomen to recreate the breast. The reconstructive surgery was performed by plastic surgeon John F. Nigriny, MD. Three days after she returned home from surgery, Jina got a call from the surgeon with the best news of all: tests confirmed that she was cancer-free. Today, she’s back to work and reveling in the normality of her role as wife and mother to two teenagers. “I can’t say enough about the care I’ve received at Kingsbury Pavilion,” Jina says. “Dr. Pritchard, the nurses, everyone—they’re amazing. Whenever I needed anything, I just called and got an immediate answer. Going through treatment was pretty awful, but the care was just awesome. “It’s like being part of a family,” she adds. “They know your name here, and they really care. It’s so reassuring.”

Jina presented with a particularly

aggressive form of cancer. Based on her tumor type, I recommended chemotherapy prior to surgery, allowing us to use a newer drug recently approved for this specific purpose. Our experience has taught us that patients whose cancers disappear completely prior to surgery do better in the long run. It was gratifying to see that after all the challenges she faced during treatment, no residual cancer remained at the time

of surgery.

-Dr. Robert S. Pritchard, MD, MS Medical Director, Norris Cotton Cancer Center-Kingsbury Pavilion at CMC/DHK

Less than one year after her diagnosis of breast cancer, Jina and her husband Brian are back to enjoying their weekend rides on their Harley Davidson motorcycles in Keene, New Hampshire.


Gary is back to work and feeling strong as he delivers packages on Main Street in Keene, New Hampshire.



It keeps members of our community productive.


f you live or work in Keene, NH, chances Best of all, Gary learned that Cheshire are you might recognize Gary Moreau, 42. Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene has He’s worked as a driver-deliveryman for its own well-established Work Hardening program, United Parcel Service (UPS) in this city for an outpatient rehabilitation service at the Farnum 23 years. Rehabilitation Center, giving him convenient local But when he hurt his back last December— access from his Swanzey home. the second time in two years—he began to wonder “I had physical therapy sessions three times if he’d have to give up his livelihood. a week for several weeks,” he relates. “The exercises “I just bent down and my back went out,” he would simulate my job—I’d have to lift boxes onto recalls. “I wasn’t even lifting anything at the time.” a shelf, then take them down, or push a weighted After a few weeks of rest, Gary planned to sleigh that simulated a dolly. I also did targeted return to work at the end of January, but he was still strength-training exercises and stretching. having back pain. Then, a Workers’ Compensation “It changed how I approach things at work,” case manager accompanied him to a doctor’s he continues. “I’d been doing my job for so long appointment and told him about something called that I’d forgotten the right way to do things, like a work hardening program. “No one at work had standing closer to what you’re about to pick up, ever heard of it,” Gary says. crouching instead of bending at the waist, testing Work hardening is an intensive conditioning the weight of a package before lifting it. Over program that incorporates physical and the years you tend to get lax, and this program occupational therapy tailored to the unique requirements of an When patients come into the program, we work individual’s job. Highly structured and goaltogether to design a workout that simulates their job. I love oriented, its aim is to get injured employees back to helping people like Gary…he put himself 100% into getting work healthy—and with the knowledge of how stronger and working smarter. to prevent injury in the future. -Joan Van Saun, OT Farnum Rehabilitation Center at CMC/DHK

hammered into my head what I need to do to protect my back. “I had been nervous about going back to work and I wasn’t feeling ready,” Gary admits. “So instead of just throwing myself back into work, this program made sure I was ready and gave me the confidence to go back and do my job.” Gary returned to work in March. “What I think makes this program so valuable is that it doesn’t just help you get healthy, but it gives you the knowledge to stay healthy, whether your job involves sitting, standing, driving or lifting,” he says. “This gives you the tools to make it through your day without getting injured, and keeps members of our community productive and contributing. “If I had known about it the first time I hurt my back, I probably wouldn’t have injured it a second time,” he adds.



I never considered having my surgery anyplace else.


It isn’t uncommon for

these procedures to cause some discomfort immediately after surgery. We wanted Peggy to have the best healing environment possible. That meant providing for her body’s needs, as well as her dignity and the concerns of her family. It makes me happy to see her moving and

feeling so well.

-Breanna “Bre” Harper, RN Kingsbury Unit at CMC/DHK


argaret Richmond, Director of Admissions at Keene State College, has been active her entire life, enjoying running, cycling, hiking, walking and aerobics. But when progressively worsening hip pain from arthritis began to limit her mobility, she had to make a decision. “My doctor suggested cortisone shots to control the pain, but I didn’t want to postpone the inevitable,” Margaret says, referring to hip replacement surgery. “I know they don’t like to replace joints too early in younger patients since the implants don’t last forever, but I’m 55, and I want to be able to do everything an active, healthy 55-year-old can do—without having to rely on medications.” So she scheduled her hip replacement procedure for early September with Anthony H. Presutti, MD, a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in joint arthroplasty at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene (CMC/DHK). “I really didn’t have many expectations about being hospitalized because I’ve had such limited interaction as an inpatient,” she admits. “I’ve had two kids at Cheshire Medical Center, and gallbladder surgery after my son was born, but that’s about it.” To say that she was pleased by the care she received would be a major understatement. From her initial meeting with Dr. Presutti, to attending preoperative “Joint Camp” to learn about what to expect before, during and after surgery, Margaret felt fully prepared going in. But it was her inpatient stay that truly stands out. “The staff at Cheshire Medical Center are simply outstanding,” she says. “I

could name every person on the Kingsbury Unit who cared for me because they made such an impression. They were wonderful. “The nurses were just so professional, attentive, superkind and focused on my comfort,” she relates. “They all treated me like a human being. “They have chosen and trained their staff well,” she adds, “and the staff obviously love what they do.” She also gives high marks to Dr. Presutti for keeping her husband informed about her surgery. “He personally made sure my husband knew how to use the beeper the hospital gave him, and assured him he would be in touch if surgery ran longer than expected,” she says. “He also came out and saw my husband as soon as my procedure was over.” In addition, she notes that her post-operative pain was “absolutely” well managed, and having physical therapy “a couple of floors away from my surgeon’s office” was reassuring, too. CMC/DHK was always Margaret’s first choice for where to have her surgery. “I moved to the Keene area in 1982 and have received all my healthcare in this community,” she says. “I had a lot of options for where to have my hip replaced, but I wanted to do it here where it was convenient for me and my husband. That was Margaret and her important. husband Rod walk “Another reason is that I their German shepherd choose to live in this community for puppy, Ranger, around every aspect of what it offers—the the quad at Keene arts, education and healthcare,” Margaret continues. “I feel blessed to State College just be in a place where I can trust in all weeks after her hip these things.” replacement surgery.


Cheshire Health Foundation

Building on a tradition of caring.


There is a 125-year

tradition of providing care in this community by medical professionals and by people from all walks of life. We gratefully refer to them as Cheshire CareGivers. They are all characterized by their acts of reaching out to help



he following pages celebrate this community’s support of our local Medical Center. I am honored, as the chair of the new Cheshire Health Foundation (CHF) Board of Trustees, to lead that celebration by voicing my own gratitude. I am aware more than ever, as I read this report, that our support of Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene (CMC/DHK) makes a significant impact in the everyday lives of our friends and neighbors, and ensures that we will continue to have exceptional healthcare close to home for generations to come. We are just entering the 125th year of having a state-of-the-art medical facility in our region. We are grateful for John Elliot’s vision in 1892 when he gifted his family’s estate to become our first hospital on Main Street. I am proud to be part of that tradition of giving and to help Cheshire Health Foundation continue to foster support for our Medical Center. The CHF Board of Trustees will enhance community engagement, encourage increased philanthropic support, and represent the collective voice of a community whose compassion and caring for each other distinguishes our region. The historic photographs in this report kick-off the Medical Center’s 125th anniversary year and tell a story of caring that helps us recognize our unique vantage point in time. We can look back to hold close that feeling of pride and gratitude for those who came before us, while also taking the opportunity to carry their work forward as we continue to support the health and wellness of our community. We can affect future generations who will, years from now, view pictures and historic scripts about us. I hope you are as inspired as I am by those forward thinking community members who came before us, yet cared for the health of generations they knew they’d never see. For those within the following lists who helped the Medical Center extend care to our region by adding resources to many areas and funds detailed in this report, my sincerest thank you. For those not listed, if it is within your means and in your heart, please join me. Help us continue to build on our community’s 125-year tradition of caring for the wellbeing of our families, friends and neighbors. With great appreciation and my best wishes for your good health,

— James A. Putnam

Chair, Cheshire Health Foundation Board of Trustees


James A. Putnam Chair, Cheshire Health Foundation Board of Trustees

Each year, CHF seeks to engage the community in building health-centered awareness while raising funds in support of CMC/DHK programs and patients. Gross proceeds of our 2015-2016 initiatives exceeded $148,000! Our sincere appreciation extends to the 1,500 participants, volunteers, donors, vendors and local businesses for their ongoing commitment, tireless dedication, and generous support.

Participation with Purpose

A warm spring day greeted our 5K Sports Medicine Run/Walk, as 400 participants added dollars to our sports medicine program in support of area high school athletes. The annual Stepping Out for Diabetes Walk was our biggest yet, with 116 participants of all ages, building awareness for the disease and support for diabetes patients being treated at CMC/DHK.

In November 2015, our Caring, Candlelight and Community Tribute Event recognized Dr. Kimball Temple and John & Jean Hoffman. Over 170 guests joined us in celebrating the honorees’ devotion to the health of this region while benefiting Cheshire Health Foundation.

In May, Bald is Beautiful celebrated its eighth year, with over 100 participants spanning all ages and helping build awareness and raise funds to directly benefit cancer patients in treatment at CMC/DHK.

During the annual CHF Golf Tournament, a sold-out field raised dollars for the Healthy Monadnock Champions Program.


Cheshire Health Foundation

Cheshire Medical Center/ Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene exists as a direct result of this community’s deep-rooted tradition of kindness, caring, and giving back. On behalf of our patients, thank you for believing in us, and for consistently contributing to initiatives that are devoted to actively supporting a healthier Monadnock region.

Inspired and Thankful


t is with great appreciation that Cheshire Health Foundation (CHF) lists the following individuals whose caring and support helps CHF advance Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene’s mission to lead our community to become the nation’s healthiest. A few examples of how your gifts make a difference to patients in our community include: ■ The addition of new physical therapy equipment to serve a wider variety of injuries, especially patients with limited mobility, wheelchairs or spinal cord injuries; ■ Helping cancer patients with groceries, anti-nausea medication and utility bills; and ■ Charity care to help patients overcome financial hurdles so healing can have their full attention.


$1,000-2,499 Anonymous (4) Dollie Ash Cheryl Belair & Stephen B. Bragdon Judith A. Boule, MD & Scott Lane Bob & Susie Cochrane John A. Curtis, MD Jay Eason Gerald J. Eichner If we have omitted, misspelled or incorrectly recorded your name, please accept our Stephanie Faulkner sincere apology and notify us at (603) 354-6810. Ian & Maryanne Ferguson Karin and Carl Gravina Douglas & Julie Green Cheshire Health Society Elliot Monadnock Robert Guardiano, DO & $25,000+ $5,000-9,999 $2,500-4,999 Sherry Guardiano, DO Anonymous (1) Jean & John Hoffman Edward & Mable Bergeron Cynthia & Matthew Guiltinan, MD Bill & Kathy Baldasaro Don & Jill Brehm 1892 Founders Gregory Hansen, MD & Jill Batty & Daryl Stutes Mary Louise Caffrey & $10,000-24,999 Deborah Hansen, MD John Bradshaw Kenneth Stewart Jay & Cheryl Kahn Anne & Bill Moyle, MD Don Caruso, MD & John H. & Nancy Hann Judy & Rich Kalich Jim & Judy Putnam Nancy E. Johnson, MD Cherie A. Holmes, MD & Jennifer & Gerard Kiernan, MD SB Legacy Fund Rich & Cindi Coughlin Yvonne Goldsberry, PhD Jarrett & Ann Scott Alfrieda & Robert J. Englund, MD Drew P. & Carol Landry John & Carol Hubbard Jane & Steven Larmon, MD Timothy J. Fisher, MD & Geof & Donna Molina Kathleen Letourneau Kathleen M. Fisher, MD Art & Patricia Nichols

At the heart of our legacy is the generous spirit of this community, helping to sustain and grow our Medical Center’s vision and mission for 125 years and counting. 16

Mark & Barbara Gavin Mark & Kathy Gross Nancy & Roger Hansen, MD Nathalie B. Houder Ruth & Carl Jacobs, Jr. Michael & Beth Newbold Joseph† & Augusta Petrone Paul & Sharon Pezone Sandie Phipps & Tom Casey Jane & Leslie Pitts, MD Connie & John Schlegelmilch, MD


Sylvia & Craig McBeth, DMD Greg & Susan McConahey Larry & Mary Milliron Jose T. Montero, MD & Jessica Stern Bob & Maryann Mucha Emily B. Nichols Michele & Richard Penna Anne & Roy Piper Jim Janetos & Dale Pollack, MD Lisa A. Profetto, APRN & Eric M. Goodman, APRN Walter & Ginny Rohr Mary & Robert Rooney, Sr. Linda & Jeff Rubin George W. Scott, Jr. & Charlotte Guyer Rebecca & Harneet Sethi, MD Patti & Gregory Seymour, MD Mary & James Suozzi, DO Maria & Kimball Temple, MD Gregg & Julie Tewksbury Christine H. Weeks Peter & Suzanne Whittemore


$500-999 Jim & Bev Boden Ronald & Barbara Coburn Rick & Jan Cohen Heidi & Pat Crotty Susan C. Doyle Paul & Jacquelyn Ethier, RN Claire Fabian, MD & Jack Fabian, PhD Lisa & George Foote, Jr. Diane & Kenneth Gaspard, RN Dayna & Eric Gebhardt

caring generosity


Leslie Goldman, APRN & Matthew Peake, MD Audrey L. Hadcock Doris† & Julius Hof Ann Hollon Dennis & Evelyn Huston Carl A. & Margaret A. Johnson Family Foundation Michael & Tricia Kapiloff Charlie & Bianca Kuhn Giselle & Carlo LaScala, MD Sheila & Charles Lennon Charlton & Diana MacVeagh Katherine & Chris McLaughlin Jennifer Michelson, RN Kerry A. Mogan Brian Moser Michael L. Ormont, MD Susan & Steven Paris, MD Andrea L. Pearson, MD David & Susan Quigley G. Forrest Quimby, MD & Julia E. Sirois Robert & Susan Ritchie John Round Anna L. Ruelle, DPM & David Chase Dennis & Gail Secore Marni A. Silverstein, MD L. William & Norma Slanetz Jane & David Stabler Alan & Melissa Stroshine Fred & Fran Szmit Barbara Taft Dan Black & Sarah Taylor-Black, MD Robert & Lianne Therrien Robin Topper

Andrew G. Tremblay, MD & Suzanne F. Nabi-Tremblay, MD Sandra Van De Kauter & John N. Walter, Jr., MD Jill Winslow, MD


$250-499 Anonymous (2) Charles & Liz Anderson Janet Aug, OD Tracy & Mike Beam Kristen & Jean-Pierre Bernier Steve Berube The Bohannon Family Shirley & Daughters Don Carlisle James Casey Bruce & Janet Chamberlin Barbara & William Chase, MD Arthur Cohen, MD Valerie Collins, RN Gregory & Rachel Croteau, DO Michael & Theresa Desilets, APRN Klaus & Margery Dickinson Tom & Christine Doane Jacqueline K. Dubriske Todd & Marla Evans, RN Rudolph Fedrizzi, MD & Heidi F. Rinehart, MD Eileen Fernandes & Carolyn Crane Denis & Karen Fortier Alice & Gilbert Fuld, MD Alice & Mark Funk, MD John R. Genovese Brenda & James Glinka Cecile Goff

J. Michael & Jennifer Gomarlo Mary E. Hofreiter, MD Abrahm & Tisha Howe Kate Ingram, APRN Carroll Johnson Karen P. Johnson Frances A. Lacoste Shirley Lafreniere Harry & Liz Lajoie, RN A. David Lein, MD & Nancy Wood Kerry Macie Patricia Mackey Peter Malloy Dr. Charles & Mary Lou Montgomery Linda Muthersbaugh Carlene Newell, RN John Patterson, MD Robert & Judy Perry Reinette & Brian Reilly, MD James E. & Gail Robertson Lisa & Eric Sandstrum Sara Sargent Christine & Stephen Scheffler Jane & Gary Shapiro, MD Cynthia Sieracki Todd A. Silberstein, DO & Lisa A. Leinau, MD Marni A. Silverstein, MD Patricia Snow David & Linda Thomas Gail E. Thomas, RN Don & Sheila Tisdale Gary & Susan Tochterman Eugenia & Wilhelm Trinkl, MD Joe & Judith Walier Timothy & Kim Wolfe, RN Gayle & Paul Wollert Mark Woods Karen S. Wright Joseph & Lorraine Youngs

kindness reliability

Stone Arch

$100-249 Anonymous (5) Tim Ahern James W. Allan Carl Allen Fred Arnowich Gordon O. Ayotte Rev. Gary & Janis Barnes Colleen A. Barry & Stephen Tarbox Sarah Bast Barbara Bates, MD Chantal Bedard, RN Jeff & Shelly Bergeron Thomas Bergin, Jr. Jerry Berube Michael & Renee Berube Alyse & Paul Bettinger, MD John Birkmeyer, MD Michael & Kathryn Blair Holley & Jacques Blanchet, MD Lee & David Borden Sam & Lucy Bradley Karen A. Bradley, MD & Christopher M. Landon Jeff & Cindy Brooks Megan Burke Kidder John Butterly, MD & Lynn Butterly, MD Vanessa Calkins Mike Campano Susan Carlson Harriette H. Carter Nancy Chabott Theresa Chute Jay & Michelle Clarke Jennifer Clough


† Deceased




Our community is extremely fortunate

to have such an excellent local hospital affiliated with a world renowned medical center. Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene is a vital resource that contributes to the health, wellness and well-being of all of us. I am proud to continue to support our outstanding medical center and the fine work it does, not only in providing health care, but also in all of the health education and community

wellness initiatives it delivers.

— Walter Rohr

President, IPG, Inc. Cheshire CareGiver


Cheshire Health Foundation Mary Cobb Wesley & Ruth Cobb Eleanor B. & Douglas Cochrane Ross & Carrie Cocklin, MD Pamela Cooke Ronald & Dixie Cote Stephanie Couturier Jack & Nancy Crawford Dan & Cate Croteau Moira A. Croteau Tom Crouse & Kay Enokido Remeline Damasco, MD Mary Delisle & George Foskett Linda M. Dionne Rebecca Dionne Thomas Dobson Richard & Patricia Dugger Franny & Jim Dunton Joan Elliott Frederick & Else Ernst Tom Ewing Sharon & Paul Fachada, DPM Chandler & Donna Fairbanks Wendi J. Faulkner, RN Abbie Fellbaum Brad & Sharon E. Ferguson, DO Wendy Fielding Michael Fiorentino, Jr. John & Carole Foley Kevin & Dawn Forrest David & Robin Fournier Judy Franseen Kathryn R. Frazier Michael & Teri Gallagher James & Nancy Ganley Maich Gardner & Ed Tomey Martin & Carolyn Geheran Martha W. Gilroy, APRN

Willard Goodwin & Barbara Summers Lawrence Graves Mitch & Erika Greenwald Linda & Peter D. Griesbach, DDS Judith & Kevin Griffin Lori J. Guyette The Rev. Canon Samir & Kathryn Habiby Nancy Haley Richard & Marian Hamilton Parker & Sally Hansel Peter & Elizabeth Hansel Dennis & Mary Hattie David Hayden Ann Henderson Paul & Sussan Henkel Steven Hertford, MD & Jo Ann Hertford, MD Richard High, PhD & Joyce Clark Glen†& Susan Hipple Carrie & Steve Hoffman, DMD Janet Horton William & Paula Hudon, RN Judy & Phil Hueber Anne E. Huot, PhD & Joanne Cepelak, PhD Charles T. Jackson, RN Carl B. Jacobs, Sr. Virginia & Richard James, MD Thomas & Terri Johnson, RN Ken & Carol Jue Robert & Patricia Kamel Larry & Ashton Kane Roxanne & Karl Karter Kathleen Kelley Mary & Kevin Killelea

James C. Kiritsy Oliver Klebe Harriet Knappe Scott Knox Jim & Joy Koontz Sarah & Adam Kossayda Barbara & Paul Koutras, MD Thaddeus & Karen Kuchinski Thomas & Linda Lacey Anna G. Laffond Nora Larsen Angela Lefebvre, RN Lara Levin, MD Linda & Gus Lienhard Alan Litchman Lisa Llera Charles & Carolyn Loos Diane Lupis, RN Peter & Kathy Magraw David & Louise Malcolm Peter & Sharon Mangan Keith Mansfield Sue & Jim Margraf, MD Roger & Judith Martin Amy Matthews, RN Jane & Donald Mazanowski, MD Raymond & Sylvia McClary Susan & John McGinnis Kate McNally & Clay Bradley Paula McQuillan Betty Merritt Jack & Gail Metcalf Bonnie & Ted Moe The Morrison Family Elizabeth Nagine Kathie Nelson Meena Neva Susan & Jeffrey Newcomer, MD

Richard & Angel Nicoletti Robert & Amy Noyes Dale O’Connor Elizabeth Olmstead Anthony Olson, CPA & Judith Olson, MD Sarah J. Osgood Joan Paczkowski Lucius Parshall Mike Peters Elizabeth & Daniel Price Mark & Carole L. Putnam, APRN Tom & Barbara Putnam Michael J. Rafferty, CFP Louise & Dan Rath, MD Fiona Reeve Marci & Michael Richards Vicky & Drew Riggio Nancy & Paul Righi, MD Amoriel Robinson, RN Ann & James Robinson, MD Cindy Rodenhauser Stewart & Tom Stewart John Roper Greg W. Rothman, MD & Linda B. Singer, MD Eleanor Russell Eileen & Michael F. Sarson, MD Kathleen Scheidel Mike & Patti Schuman, RN William & Jane Seamans Jeremy Shand Lenny & Julie Shores, RN Lynn & Arthur Simington, MD Stella S. Sise Del Skillins Jane P. Skofield Frank Sloat Richard E. Smith

Robert & Nancy Smith Katherine Snow & Paul Ledell Russell & Audrey Starkey Craig Stockwell & Sarah J. Mustin Stillman Stone Brian & Kara M. Stoning Jeanie M. Sy Joan Sylvester Richard Talbot Cameron Tease & Dixie Gurian David & Lisa Therrien Nancy P. Thompson Marc & Sharon Tieger Christopher & Lisa Tkal Allan Treadwell Anthony & Barbara Tremblay Joan & Mark Van Saun Kate Van Wely David & Nancy Vesco Josephine & Robert Vita Barbara Wales Susan Warren Heather & Kevin Watterson Christa Weaver, RN Kathryn Wheeler John & Joan White Judy White Pat Wielosinski Kathy & Donald Wilson, MD David Wood, MD Chip & Kathy Woodbury Norman E. Woodward Ellen M. Wright Joanne Yankura, CRNA Louise & Roger Zerba


to $99 Anonymous (18) Wendy Abbott Brenda Adams Colleen Adams Theresa Adkins Christina Albertelli Caroline Aldrich Gould Karla Allen Sharin Alpert Laura Alzapiedi Pamela Amer Stephen & Joan Ames Mary Annear Jorden Archambault Deb & Leif Arvidson Bea Austin Robert & Lindsey Austin Mary Ann Babic-Keith Donna & Ted Baczewski Robert Baker Yvonne & Michael Ball Jodie Ballaro Linda Banek Steven Basiliere Martha Bauman Carol A. & David B. Beal Jill Beam, RN Johanna Beam Jennifer & Scott Begley Craig & Jenifer Bell David & Judith Bell Lorraine & Eldridge Bellows Nancy T. Benda, PA-C Megan Bennett Carrie Bergeron Jeanette & Scott Bergeron Joanne Bergeron

Maureen P. Bergeron, RN Beth & Joseph Bergman, MD Pamela & Alan Bielunis Fred Bingham, Sr., Fred Bingham, Jr. & Matt Bingham Janelle Black, RN David Blake Mary Blanchard Brian Boardman Malia Boaz Dan Bohannon Sharon Bohannon Debbie Bokum Arthur & Bea Boufford Irene A. Boyea Karen R. Bradeen Carol Bramblett Margretta & Mark Bromley Aaron Brown Nick Brown Sarah Brubaker, RN Mara M. Bryand Chad Bryant Jennifer Bryant Lauri Buffum Kari Burd Susan Burd Chuck Burnett Lisa & Andrew M. Buswell Bette J. Butson, RN Julie Byrne John & Catherine Byrnes Joseph Cafferty Erica Caffrey Matt Calkins Pattie & Dave Campana Ashley Campbell Debra Campbell








Kelly Canfield, RN Lillian Canfield Eric J. Canzanello, DO John & Linda Carey Dana Carley Patti Carrier Jessica Casey Bethany A. Castagna William Chabot Shauna Chamberlain Jay Chamberlin Bonnie Champney Troy S. Chaput, RN Scott & Donna Chase David Chiulli Jenna Christie Karen Christie Mark Ciaramella Rosanne Ciaramella Loret Clark Wayne Clark Chris Clay Heidi Clay William Clay Denise Cloutier Janice Coates Wendell Cobb Karen Coleman Monique Coll Beth Cope Rebecca Copeland AnnMarie M. Coppo Eleanor Corbin Beverly Corey Susan Cormier Tracy Cowher Carolyn Crane Andrew Crawford Wendy L. Weiler-Crespo, RN

Don Crider Greg Croteau Joanne Crowder Tammie Crowley Adam & Jessica Cullis Shaylin Cullis John Cunningham Alison Cuomo-Nason, RN & Donald Nason Christopher Cusack Nancy D’Aleo Sharyn D’Eon Kenneth & Kathryn Dale Jen Damien Linda Daniel Shirley Davidson Geoff Davis Peter Davis Tom Dean Roger & Donna Dearth Rebecca DeFusco Robert & Emily P. Delldonna, APRN Yvonne & Bruce DeMay Cyndy Demers Karen E. DeMinico Laurie J. Derby Caroline & Royal Desrosiers Laura Deyo Elisabeth M. Dignitti Judi & Mark Dill Linda Diluzio Linda M. Dionne Carol Donahue Joy Dorchies Emily R. Drew Manny Driscoll Marjorie Droppa Hank Drury & Lilla Lyon Kim Duffy

Jack Dugan Nick Dumais Cynthia M. Durant Dolores Durant Neal Dwelley ED night crew “stars” who come out at night Norma Elliott Carol Elms Sarah Ennis Leslie Erdoben-Evans Kathy Fagley Traci Fairbanks Margaret & Brian Farias Chris & Kim Farris, RN Kecia Felumb Rhonda Felumb Kellen Ferguson Keith Ferland Jamie Ferrando Carol Feustel Joy Fike-MacLeod & Norman Macleod, Jr. Denise & Robert Filiau Mark Fiorentino Laurie Firth Shirley Fish Steven Fisher Deb J. Flagg Karen Flavin Cheryl Flood Jay Flood Jean Flood Brian Foley David Foley Betsy R. Follansbee Chris Fontaine Michael Fontaine Christina Forbes

Thomas & Kathryn Forest Chris Fortson Alice Foster Terri Fournier Maureen Fredette Tiffany French, RN Kevin & Susan Frewert Kevin Frey Marcy Fries Jennie Fuller, RN Posey Furnish Judy & Rob Gagne Kam Gagne Wayne M. Gagnon Denice Galicia Paula Gangell Miller Michael Gartman Richard Gatley Lorraine Gaytten Jeff & Lauri Gilbert Carol & Bernard Glabach Mindy Glasschroeder, RN Deborah Glassford Ann Glezen Kami Golembeski Arne & Christelle Gonzales Craig Goodman Barbara Goodwin Jody Goodwin Tracy A. Goodwin Shirley M. Gorton Andrea Gott Debra Gove Jessica Griebler Beverly J. Griffin, RN Betsy Grotman Brian Grover Bruce C. Grover


because I know that any size donation, even a small donation, has the potential to improve an individual’s quality of life.


— Jessica Horton, BS, RT (R) † Deceased


I give to Caring & Sharing

Chief Technologist Radiology Department, CMC/DHK Cheshire Caregiver




Cheshire Health Foundation Paula Gulo Lori A. Guyette, RN Edward Guyot, CPA Jacob & Henryka Haberman Kristen Haines Caroline Haley Sandra Hamlin Bea Hammond Mike Hanley Colleen Harper Edwin Harrop Tom Harrop Deb & Scott Hartley Don Hartwell Carlita Haskins Dee Hastings Mallory Hattie Coby & Katherine Hauser Joanne Hayward Meloney & Mark Hayward Judith & Scott Healey Joshua Heath Tina & James Heath Adina H. Hebert Lisa White Hebert Theresa A. Hebert, RN Karen Heidarsdottir Dick & Barbara Henault Steve & Jean Henderson Ann Henry Orville Hersey Charles & Julie Hildreth Christa Hill Robert & Denise Hitchcock Juanita Hope Jessica Horton Mark Horton, MD & Heather Lesage-Horton

Klayton Hoskison Courtney Hosley Allie Houghton Owen Houghton Nancy Howard Jane Howe Fred & Patricia Hughes Lori Hulslander Caroline Hume Brenda Hungerford Jodi Hunt-Wheeler Debra Hunter Kristen Hunyadi Carolyn Hurwitz Stanley D. & Deborah Hutchings Michael Iannacone Cecille Ingalls Jennifer Ireland Lynn & Michael Jablonski Pooja Jain Bryan & Esther Jalava Nancie Jarvis Lisa Jean Sydney Jenkins Nancy Jennison Raymond & Dorothy Jobin Cassandra Johndrow Joanne Johnston Courtney Jordan Richard & Kathy Jordan Dean Joyal Laura L. Judge Dan Kamps Margaret Kasschau & Donald Gillis Veronica Kaufman Barbara Kaufmann Andrew Kellar

Peter Kelley Donna Kenison Cooper Kennedy Gordon Kent Makenzie Kilgour Deb & Ronnie Kilyanczik Jean Kilyanczik Lisa Kinnare Kopcha, RN Amanda & Jeremy Kinson Wanda Kirker Tammy Kirouac Kathleen A. Kirstein Lois Kitz John Klepinger Ingrid Knittle Cathy Labounty Sharon Laflamme Arthur LaFond Jean Lake Melissa Lake Charles Lamoureux Gail Laraba Karen Larkin Isis Latham Susan K. Latham Kim Lauer Elice Laughner Phyllis LaVigne Jerry Leclerc Briana Leighton Maria & Brian Leighton Mary Leighton Deborah & Bruce Lemnah Zain Lent Thomas Lentocha Bob Lester Marcia & Gordon Leversee, Jr. Jeanmarie Levesque

Kristen M. Lippincott, RN John & Joan Little Ralph Littlefield Bruce Lllewelyn Merril Locke Peter & Donna Longo Kathleen Lucas Regina Lucas Karen & Jeffrey Luebkeman David Lugo Debra S. Lukan Beth R. Lukin, RN Leesa & Emerson Lyons Kelly & Gary Mack Raymond MacLean Greg Macri, Jr. Jan Madeja Ann & Ray Mahoney Virginia Mallard Theresa Manahan Anthony Manning Sarah Manning Robert Marble Rob Marcy Mary Ann Marino Terry & Justine Mark Amanda Marquis Gail M. Marrotte Richard & Doris Martin Andre & Lori Martineau David Martineau Julia Mason Loretta Mason Barbara Massicotte Kelly Massicotte Susan & Edward Massucco Jennifer Matthews Maryann May


Dana Mayotte Richard & Karen Mays Lori L. McCallister Kay B. McCarten Thomas McCarthy Ella McCauley Mitchell McCauley Margaret K. McCormack Jay McIntyre Virginia McManus Chandara Meas Josh & Leila Meehan Erin Meenan Joan Meltzer Jim Menihane Jennifer Mercer Lisa Merchant Stephanie K. Merchant Chayce Merenda Alan H. Merrill, Jr. Arthur Merrill Dawn & Andrew Merrill Rachel Messier Pam Methe Mary & Mike Meyer Ian Michaels Kathleen Milanese Chris Miller Dan & Allegra Miller Heath Miller Jaymie Miller, RN Paula C. Miller Herbert & Paula Miller Sandra & Robert Miller Alise Montenero Melissa Monty Leeanna Moore Kathaleen E. Morales

Donna Morse Delmora Morton James & Kay Mountford Thomas Mullins Lisa Munroe Diane Myers-Miller Evelyn Nadeau Paul Nadeau James Narkiewicz Patti Neal Kenneth & Linda Neilson Eileen Nelson Marcia Nelson Melissa Nelson Sarah Neutra Elizabeth Newell Kathy Nikiforakis, RN David & Carmelina Nims Patricia Noble Kathleen G. North, RN Scott & Judith Northcott Tom O’Brien Kara O’Connell Charles O’Neil, MD Kathleen Oliver Lynn Olynik Bruce & Sandra ONeil Dave Osowski Marika Ostroski, MD Heather Palmer Victor Pantesco, EdD Gloria Paradise William & Barbara Pardus Margaret Parison Kristina Parker Susan Parker Norman Parkhurst, Sr. Kathra Parrott



integrity 20



Janet Parsons Gregory Pascale Bhavna Patel Forrest & Dianne Patenaude Rhonda L. Patnode Jaime Pawlowicz Robyn Payson Sue Peaks Jean Pearce Nancy A. Pellerin Keith Pepin Erin Perkins & Gary Scott Lynn Perna Jeanne Perreault Jody Peters Jay & Sue Pettapiece Hillary Piispanen Kristina Piskorski Paul Policella Deeann Pouliot Rebecca Pratt Pamela Prentiss Nicole T. Prescott, RN Melanie A. Presnell, APRN Debbie Prew Sharon Price Stout & Nathaniel M. Stout David Priestley Bruce & Bette Prouty Andrea & Christopher Prozzo Marilou Putula Cindy Puza Miranda Quinn David & Sandra Raabe, RN Wendy Rafford Pat Ranahan Doreen Rancourt Margaret D. Randall, ABOC

Donald & Lois Ray Jan E. Ray-Thompson Victoria Raymond Carol Reardon Marilyn Reardon Diana Reilly Kristy Rhoades Randall Rhoades Charles & Lin Richard Dena Richard Jeff Richardson Rachael Richardson Sandra Richardson Jonathan Richer Alexander Riddle John Rider Eli & Jen Rivera Heather Robertson George & Rachel Robideau Debra Robinson, RN Mitchell Robinson Kait Rockwell Kathryn Rockwood Denise M. Roentsch Ann Rogers Bruce Rokes†Jackie Ronning Betty & Dennis Rose Donna Rose, RN Linda Rose Michelle A. Rose Lynne Rumba Angela Russell Cynthia A. Ryder Joseph & Sherrie Sabolevski, RN Philip & Joyce Samsel Michelle Sanborn Liza Sargent

Jodi Scanlan Mel & Alex Schierman Joyce Schlichting Katelyn Schmidt Kurt Schmidt & Shelley Earley Nicole Schmunk Claire Schuerman & Gabrielle Schuerman, APRN Jane Scobi Mindy & Doug Scott Tory See Tyler Sekula Carrie Sevene Patricia Severino Bill & Karen Shanahan Carol & Gale Shelley Walter & Carolyn Shelley Elaine Sherman Al Shippie Sierra Simmons Chris Simons & Jack Schraeter Julie & Roger Simpson Benjamin Sims Catherine Sims Keith & Pat Sinusas Lucas Sipler Alia Skiffington Mandi Slate Carol Slocum Erica Smith Jack Smith Kristin Smith Natalie Sokoloski Paula Somero The Somerset Family Karen Soohoo

Gaelyn Spencer Kristine Spencer David Spinney Cameron Spivey Nancy & Donald Sporborg Debra Stallings Haleigh Stanway Monique Stanway Phil & Joanne Stanway JoHanna Steinbock Kristen Stenberg, RN Therese & Stephen Stepenuck William & Barbara Stevens Mike Stewart Paul Stewart Joe Stiefel James Stiles Sally Stockwell Vicki & Steven Stone Bob & JoAnna Strong Linda Stuckey Gloria Surber, RN Ken Susskind Kristin Sweeney Roshan & Eric Swope Robin Sylvern Alison Sylvester Katherine Sylvester Christine Symonds Danielle Tardie Gayla Tardie Laurie Taylor Rhonda Taylor Lucinda Tedford Martha J. Tenney Anna Thackston Suzan Tharpe Mary Ellen Thibault

Robert Thibault Jane Thomas Barbara Thompson Cathy Thornton Marie Thornton Brian Tilton Keith Tilton Scott Tilton Lindsay Timpson Nate Timpson Carl & Laurie Tindell, RN Deborah A. Titcomb Stanley Todd John Toomey Patricia M. Toomey Jessica Torres Susan Trajkovski Rhonda & Dominick Tralli Kathy Tremblay Kathy Trevorrow Jon True Blanche Truesdell Beth Truman David Underwood Carolle Vaillancourt David & Meredith VanderWoude Michael Vaughan Edward P. Venezia & Ellie Cook-Venezia Linda Vermilyea Lauren T. Vermouth, RN Sarah Vezzani Sara Voorhis Tricia Wadleigh Wayne Wagner Heidi Walker Kelsey Walker Scott & Kristen Walker, RN Lily Walker


Cynthia Walsh Sally Washington Leroy Watson Daryl Watterson Kevin Watterson Anita Watts Heidi Way The Honorable Lucy Weber Charles & April Weed Pamela Weinrieb Kathleen Welch Elinor M. West Susan L. West Yvonne West Dale Wheeler Joan Whitcomb Susan Whitcomb Melissa White, RN Michael & Karen White Kelly Whitman Kenneth Whittet, Jr. Mary Wilcox Lisa Willenbrock David L. Williams Robin Willis Ernest & Janet Wilson Elizabeth Winchester Linda Wirth Marcia Woodruff Jennifer L. Woodworth Shelley Woonton Diana Worcester Thomas Worthley Alison Wright Carrie Wright Dennis & Tuesday Wright Dianne Wright John Wright Nancy & Frederick Wright

Lisa Wyman Christine Yackel Conradine Yackel Gary Yackel Patty Yoerger Barry York Marie R. & Michael R. Young Zhao Zeng Elizabeth Zinn Mike Ziogas Sandi & Brian Zych



dependability resilience



Cheshire Health Foundation

Gifts made in tribute and memory Every year individuals and businesses lovingly recognize, pay tribute and memorialize their family, friends and co-workers with a gift. Quite often, this is at the request of the family in lieu of flowers when their loved one passes. Cheshire Health Foundation is honored to be the beneficiary this year of so many meaningful sentiments.

In Honor of

A wonderful & generous community Deep Roots Massage All my Radiation Therapy patients! Joy Fike-MacLeod & Norman MacLeod, Jr. All the Brave Warriors Isis Latham All the wonderful caregivers at Cheshire Medical Center Norman Parkhurst, Sr. Leif Arvidson James W. Allan Dena Richard Dave Barnes Yvonne & Bruce DeMay

Bobbie Bihun Cindy Rodenhauser Stewart & Tom Stewart Laura Byrnes John & Catherine Byrnes Marion Carberry-Mogan Kerry A. Mogan Sandra Chandler Kathaleen E. Morales Rosanne Ciaramella Melissa Lake Cindy, the sweetest lady Rhonda & Dominick Tralli Cathy Collins Keene High School Remembrance Fund Dan Croteau’s 60th birthday Sharin Alpert

Declan Keith Pepin Dolly Emily R. Drew Eileen Kathie Nelson Family Amanda & Jeremy Kinson Dr. Rudolph Fedrizzi Physician Association of Rochester, PC Greg Felumb & Gene Miller Rhonda Felumb Marty Francis Deborah Glassford Adrian Gagne Jody & Rob Gagne Finoa Reeve Amanda Gaspard Kenneth & Diane Gaspard Gayla & Blaire Karen & Jeffrey Luebkeman Gabriel Genovese Kerry A. Mogan Penni Giles Colleen Harper Julie Green Paul & Sharon Pezone Jackie Greenough Jackie Ronning Kate Ingram, APRN for doing slow medicine quickly Nancy Wood & A. David Lein, MD Katherine Johnson Beth R. Lukin, RN


creativity 22

The KCCC team Bruce & Janet Chamberlin Kingsbury Staff 1994 David Foley Moira Lawlor & Fred Spin Kate Ingram, APRN Marcia Leversee Marcia & Gordon Leversee, Jr. John Lightbody, Sr. Gordon Kent Loved ones Jill Beam Dorothy Momaney Karen Christie Sandra Morin Anonymous My friend, Melanie, the strongest woman I know Paula McQuillan My Parents Kara O’Connell Art Nichols Sarah & Adam Kossayda Douglas Pleasanton Robert & Judy Perry Carmella Richardson Edward & Mable Bergeron Pete Rose’s 68th birthday Linda Rose Marti Saxton Katherine Sylvester Jeanne Sumner Crane Carol Slocum Dr. Carl Szot Ernest & Janet Wilson

Michelle Tanguay Jennifer Mercer Scott Tilton Erin Meenan Too many to name Jack Smith Skylar Trevorrow Kathy Trevorrow Upward Bound Kristin Sweeney Robert & Lee Waters Robin Willis Janet Yedinak Anonymous (2)

Additional Recognitions In Celebration of John & Jean Hoffman’s 60th anniversary Sandie Phipps & Tom Casey In Honor of and thanks to my DHMC Doctors Carl Allen In Recognition of Dr. Ditri and the wonderful staff at Farnum Rehab Joan Elliott In Recognition of Marla Evans Anonymous In Recognition of Doug† & Mary Pleasanton’s contributions to chaplaincy Robert & Susan Ritchie In Support of Bob Dean Joyal





In Support of my mother-in-law Eva Burchfield Virginia Mallard In Support of Cancer Research Carol Allen In Support of Shayln Culls Jay & Sue Pettapiece In Support of Caroline Haley Kathleen Milanese In Support of Grace Nadeau Evelyn Nadeau In Support of our patients & their loved ones Debra Stallings In Support of Diana Reilly Cooper Kennedy

In Memory of Timothy J. Alexander Alexander’s Sheet Metal Inc. Dr. Carolyn B. Allen Mary Cobb Joy Amisano Timothy J. Fisher, MD & Kathleen M. Fisher, MD Edna Anthony Dayna & Eric Gebhardt Dr. Homer L. Ash Dollie Ash Aunt Dot Cynthia Durant Susan Ayotte Gordon O. Ayotte Walter Banek Linda Banek

Patty Bannister Sara Voorhis Deborah Barlow Franny & Jim Dunton Wendi J. Faulkner Betsy R. Follansbee Tina M. & James Heath Debra S. Lukan Sherrie & Joseph Sabolevski Bill & Elijah Barrett Michael & Kathryn Blair Richard Bauries Ian & Maryanne Ferguson Ronald G. Bergeron Paul & Sharon Pezone George & Gini Berube Steve Berube George, Gini & Zoel Berube Michael & Renee Berube Joseph & Barbara Beuth Joan & Mark Van Saun Robert Bohannon The Bohannon Family Shirley & Daughters Judith & Kevin Griffin Dorothy “Dottie” Bond Bank of America Charitable Foundation Robin Topper Nancy Borden & Virginia Wilson Lee & David Borden Joyce Boufford Arthur & Bea Boufford John “Jack” Boyea Irene A. Boyea


Sharon Brown Brenda & James Glinka Rosemarie T. Carroll Herbert & Paula Miller Frank H. Carter, MD Harriette H. Carter Barbara Carter Moore, MD Martha J. Tenney Lora Caruso Nancy E. Johnson, MD & Don Caruso, MD Rose Chabot William Chabot Colin Lisa Merchant Norma Croteau Greg Croteau Paula Cuomo Kim & Timothy Wolfe Albert A. Daniel Linda Daniel Jean L. Dinsmore David L. Williams Beverly Doody Craig & Jenifer Bell Bruce & Sandra ONeil Janet Parsons Sue Peaks Sandie Phipps & Tom Casey Marilyn Reardon Cindy Rodenhauser Stewart & Tom Stewart Nancy & Donald Sporborg David A. Dubriske Jacqueline K. Dubriske Richard Dufresne Andrea Gott

Steven Dwyer Jessica Griebler Sharon Eason Jay Eason Albert D. & Myra R. Eichner Gerald J. Eichner Loretta Evans Heather Palmer Dr. Ederito P. “Ted” Fachada Shirley Davidson Hank Drury & Lilla Lyon Betty Merritt Patricia Fairchild, RN Kristen & Jean-Pierre Bernier Family Anonymous Family & Friends Betsy R. Follansbee Joan Flood Cheryl Flood Peter James Richardson Fournier David & Robin Fournier Dr. Allan Freeman Betty Merritt Bruin French Tiffany French, RN Pauline M. Gavin Mark & Barbara Gavin Betty Gedney Eileen Nelson Fay & Charlotte Gemmell Heather & Kevin Watterson Martha J. Getty Gayle & Paul Wollert Dorothy Graham

Betty Merritt Grampy Beth Cope Ann Hollon Marty & Frank Hughes Fred & Patricia Hughes Krista Hulslander Marci & Michael Richards Harry Ingalls & Marie Namiotko Cecille Ingalls Teresa Jenkins Megan Bennett Joan John & Joan White John Dennis & Gail Secore Antoinette Johnson Richard & Doris Martin Dennis & Tuesday Wright Charles H. Johnson Deb & Leif Arvidson Jeff & Shelly Bergeron Kristen & Jean-Pierre Bernier Jim & Bev Boden Sandie Phipps & Tom Casey Sharon Price Stout & Nathaniel M. Stout Harold & Betty Johnson Don Caruso, MD & Nancy E. Johnson, MD Roy O. Johnson Stephen & Joan Ames Fred Bingham,Sr., Fred Bingham, Jr. & Matt Bingham

† Deceased


Cheshire Medical Center was a natural

choice as a beneficiary of donations when my husband, Doug, passed away last December. For years, Cheshire had been his “second home;” first, as a patient and then, as a volunteer! He became friends with the staff throughout the hospital as well as the patients during his volunteer work in the chemotherapy unit, and “preached positivity” to all. We are most grateful




for the Medical Center’s loving care of Doug and to those who donated in his memory to the

Cheshire Health Foundation.

— Mary Pleasanton Cheshire CareGiver


Cheshire Health Foundation Scott & Donna Chase Janice Coates Chandler & Donna Fairbanks Alice Foster James C.Kiritsy Terry & Justine Mark Forrest & Dianne Patenaude Mary & Robert Rooney, Sr. Cynthia Walsh Fred H. Hamblet, LLC Electrical Contractors IBM Corporation Walier Chevrolet Charlotte Kapiloff Judy & Rich Kalich Michael & Tricia Kapiloff Pamela Weinrieb Fred Laffond Anna G. Laffond Andrew N. Lemnah Deborah & Bruce Lemnah June Levesque Jeanmarie Levesque Linda Norma Elliott Frank Lupis, Jr. Diane Lupis Tammy Mahavik Franny & Jim Dunton Betsy R. Follansbee Tina M. & James Heath Debra S. Lukan Paul & Sharon Pezone Sherrie & Joseph Sabolevski Jane Mains Mark Horton, MD & Heather Lesage-Horton

Jeanette & Arthur Marrotte Sherrie & Joseph Sabolevski Dorothy “Dot” & Glenn Martin Philip & Joyce Samsel Joan Meltzer Edward J. McCarten Kay B. McCarten Larry Meltzer Philip & Joyce Samsel Joan Meltzer Murray Michaels Sierra Simmons Murray & Sheila Michaels Ian Michaels Joan Mochon Thomas & Kathryn Forest Margaret Kasschau & Donald Gillis George & Rachel Robideau My Dad Marcy Fries My Ladies: Betty Boop & Laureen Shauna Chamberlain My Mom Conradine Yackel My Mother Sally Washington Nancy & Bunny Diane Myers-Miller Catherine Needham John & Linda Carey Bruce & Bette Prouty Linda Oliver Kathleen Oliver

Patricia (Thibault) Oneschuck Donna & Ted Baczewski Robert Baker Mark Fiorentino Robert & Denise Hitchcock Robert Thibault Our Parents Terri Fournier Frank Panek Beth Truman Joseph G. Pascale Gregory Pascale Kathy Pearson Lauri Buffum William A. & Claire M. Perkins Caroline & Royal Desrosiers Terry Phipps Sandie Phipps & Tom Casey Robert Pierce Morrison Family Douglas Pleasanton Jack & Gail Metcalf James & Kay Mountford Janet Parsons Sandie Phipps & Tom Casey Anna L. Ruelle, DPM & David Chase David & Meredith VanderWoude Dorothy Pratt Jaquith Nancy T. Benda, PA-C Angelo & Margaret Righi Nancy & Paul Righi, MD Rita John Toomey

Florence Rokes Bruce Rokes† Rosanne Abbie Fellbaum Walter C. Rose, MD, the 20th anniversary of his passing Wendy, David, Scott & Mark Rose Debbie Rubin Edward P. Venezia & Ellie Cook-Venezia Judy Sargent Sara Sargent James G. Sise, MD Sharon & Paul Fachada, DPM Vivian Skinner & Priscilla Zuercher Richard & Karen Mays Sara F. Sloat Frank Sloat Andrea Smith Yvonne & Michael Ball Smokey Patti & Mike Schuman Dr. Richard & Louisa Snowman Barbara Taft John Sorce, MD, Mirella Scully, & Lindsey Eyles Douglas & Julie Green Eleanor B. Stanford Anthony & Barbara Tremblay Irene Stark Mindy & Doug Scott

Theresa Stewart, Hospital Volunteer Mary Louise Caffrey & Kenneth Stewart CYD Cheryl Sullivan Karen S. Wright Clarence “Hector” Swain Pattie Neal Jeanne Symonds Anonymous Sean Tease Cameron Tease & Dixie Gurian Dale & Doris Thompson Christine & Stephen Scheffler Jack Tracy Lauren T. Vermouth Theophilo Vincent Peter Howe & Elizabeth Brown VKM Mindy Glasschroeder Todd Walier Joe & Judith Walier E. Bruce Weber The Honorable Lucy Weber Kip Weeks Christine H. Weeks Fleurette Wentworth Kathleen Letourneau Larry White Judy White Mikey White Emily B. Nichols

Yvonne Wilbur Sarah Ennis Ray Wilson, my dad Debbie Bokum Marion Woodbury Andrea L. Pearson, MD Ronald J. Wright Ellen M. Wright Patricia Wyman Johndrow Cassandra Johndrow Elizabeth & James Yanizyn Nora Larsen

† Deceased



innovation learning courtesy 24



Corporate and Foundation Giving


Our corporate partners at C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. share our commitment to the health of our community, today and into the future. Left to Right: Danna Hatfield, Gina Goff, Todd Jackson, Erin Temmen, Eric Winn, Rahul Kalke, Andrew Connell, Devoney Erickson, Mora 125 Thornton, Bill Umscheid, Michael Newbold

We’re proud to support Cheshire Medical

Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene. Cheshire’s medical teams provide expert care to people in the region, including to our Y Eemployees A R S O F Eand FFIC A C Yfamilies. Their vision and their


courtesy discovery

growth quality

work toward making this area the healthiest

ur corporate and foundation partnerships add depth and breadth to our community impact. Cheshire Health Foundation is grateful to the following local businesses, community organizations, vendors and foundations that generously: ■ partnered with us in vital population health programing and community education, ■ donated to our events and helped us maximize fundraising efforts, and ■ generously shared their knowledge, services and support. We look forward to working together for the health of the Monadnock Region-into the next 125 years. Aetna AJG Events, Marketing & Promotions Alexander’s Sheet Metal Inc American Legion Gordon Bissell Unit 4 Auxilliary Amtgard Anthem BCBS of NH ArborClimb, Inc. BA Technical Services, LLC Baker Newman & Noyes, LLC Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bergeron Construction Company, Inc. Bulldog Design

Burnell-Johnson Architects C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Canfield’s Garage Carbone’s Window & Awning, LLC CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Charter Trust Company Cheshire County Literacy Coalition Cheshire County Pomona Grange Chesterfield Lions Club Church Women United of Cheshire County Cigna Clarke Distributors, Inc.

in the nation is inspiring.

— Rick Cohen

Chairman & CEO C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Cheshire CareGiver


Cheshire Health Foundation CMH Foundation Deep Roots Massage Devine, Millimet & Branch, PA Donoghue, Barrett & Singal, PC Eastern Architectural Representatives Engelberth Construction Company, Inc. Equipment Protection Solutions Factory Mutual Insurance Company Fairfield’s Cadillac, Buick, GMC Fenton Family Dealerships FirstTracks Marketing Group, LLC Frank Lucius Construction Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie 1413 Frazier & Son Furniture Fred H. Hamblet, LLC Electrical Contractors Garner Auto Body, Inc. Give With Liberty Granite State Glass Gray Financial Center, Inc. Guyer & Son Contracting Homestead Activity Club Hutter Construction Corporation IBM Corporation Internet & Telephone IPG Employee Benefits IPIC, Inc. Jakes 5 Star Jersey Mike’s Subs Johnson & Johnson JZ Medical, Inc. Keene Auto Body Keene Elm City Rotary Club Keene High School Remembrance Fund Keene Lodge B.P.O.E. 927 Keene State College

Kenneth Wright Excavation The Kingsbury Fund Kingsbury State Farm Insurance The Kurtz Family Foundation Lavallee Brensinger Architects Leon’s Auto Center/J&L Auto Body Liberty Mutual Insurance Links Fitness Macie Plumbing and Heating The MacMillin Company, a DEW Affiliate Margaritas Mexican Restaurant Markem-Imaje Mascoma Savings Bank The Melanson Company, Inc. Monadnock Community Hospital Monadnock Conservancy Monadnock Family Services Monadnock Food Co-op Monadnock Radio Group NBT Bank Nelson Congregational Church New Hampshire Charitable Foundation NG Advantage, LLC NGM Charitable Foundation Nick’s Restaurant Nissan of Keene, Inc. Northeast Delta Dental Office Depot, Inc. Pepsi Beverages Company Physician Association of Rochester, PC Port-O-Lite Corporation Prime, Buchholz & Associates, Inc. Prospect Place Putnam Family Foundation

Quality Care Collision Refinishing RE/MAX Town & Country RiverMead Savings Bank of Walpole SBW Wealth Management Screwballs Softball Team Shipping Shack St. James Thrift Shop Stanley Elevator Stonewall Farm Surgi-Care, Inc. Syd’s Carpet & Snooze Room SymQuest Group, Inc. TD Bank Teleflex Foundation Thai Garden Keene The Union Church Third Sector New England Timken Company Charitable and Educational Fund, Inc. Timken Foundation of Canton TPI Staffing Transamerica Retirement Solutions VFW Post 3968/Men’s and Women’s Auxiliaries VFW Post 799/Men’s and Women’s Auxiliaries Walier Chevrolet Woodell & Daughters Forest Products, LLC

An in-kind gift of art generously donated by Peter Howe and Elizabeth Vincent Brown, in loving memory of her father, Theophilo Vincent, and in appreciation for the compassionate care he received at Cheshire Medical Center/DartmouthHitchcock Keene. L to R: Peter Howe, Elizabeth Vincent Brown and Amy Matthews, Senior Director of Patient Care Services

Gifts in kind Cheshire Health Foundation is grateful for the gifts in kind received in support of our events and programs. The in-kind donations of products, time and talent shared by these local businesses demonstrates their shared commitment of service to the health and wellbeing of our community. Amidon Jewelers Athen’s Pizza Barbara Carter Moore, MD Bed Bath & Beyond Bellows Falls Country Club Billings Farm & Museum Brady Sullivan Keene Properties, LLC


honesty 26


Brattleboro Country Club Bretwood Golf Course Bulldog Design C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Cannon Mountain Ski Area Celebrities for Charity Charter Trust Company

Cheshire Village Pizza Chesterfield Inn Claremont Opera House Clarke Distributors, Inc. The Common Man Inn Country Club of New Hampshire Curry Indian Restaurant




CVS Pharmacy D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Deep Roots Massage Dick’s Sporting Goods Dunkin’ Donuts Eastman Community Association Eastman’s Fishing Fleet Edible Arrangements Elm City Restaurant and Brewing Co. Enterprize Comics, Etc. GemGraphics Golf & Ski Warehouse Hannaford Supermarket Hanover Country Club Hooper Golf Club HP Hood, Inc. IPG Employee Benefits Jaymil Ergo & Office Solutions Keene Country Club Keene Family YMCA L.A. Burdick Chocolate Lake Sunapee Country Club Links Fitness Local Burger Longhorn Steakhouse Margaritas Mexican Restaurant Mill Falls at the Lake MJD & Co Hair Design Monadnock Food Co-op Monadnock Radio Group Montcalm Country Club Mount Sunapee Resort New Hampshire Fisher Cats Newport Golf Club Nicola’s Trattoria North Country Smokehouse Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Okemo Mountain Resort

Olive Garden Oriental Rug Works Panera Bread Papagallos Restaurant Paul Mitchell of Northern New England Paul’s Choice Pepsi Beverages Company Peter Howe and Elizabeth Brown Ramunto’s Brick Oven Pizza Ron and Jenny’s DJ and Karaoke Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters Sanofi-Synthelabo Savings Bank of Walpole Scott Hussey Photography Six Flags New England Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Stuart and John’s Sugar House Target Corporation Ted’s Shoe and Sport The Keene Sentinel The Colonial Theatre The Home Depot The Mountain Corporation The Toadstool Bookshop Thomas R. Hanna Law Office Timoleon’s Restaurant W.S. Badger Company, Inc. Walmart Walpole Mountain View Winery Your Kitchen Store

Bald is powerful. Bald is brave. Bald is generous.

2016 This year, over 100 participants raised money and awareness for cancer patients in treatment at CMC/DHK.

Our fundraising events are true partnerships with local companies and organizations. A great example is the Bald is Beautiful fundraiser. Alongside the amazing individuals who shave their head and raise money in support of cancer patients in treatment, generous in-kind support from MJD & Co Hair Design, Deep Roots Massage, and Scott Hussey Photography are essential to the event’s success.






Our plan for growth and vitality.

T “

The commitment of

our staff, physicians and associate providers, and the community’s increasing charitable and volunteer support assures that exceptional health care close to home will be here

for generations to come.

— Gregg R. Tewksbury

Chair, Board of Trustees


ransition, growth and commitment…these are the themes that are top of mind as I reflect on my first year as chair of the Cheshire Medical Center Board of Trustees. I’m honored to serve in this role and am inspired every day as I witness the difference our employees, volunteers, and donors make in helping us care for our community. Last year I noted the change in leadership as Art Nichols retired, and the newly finalized Affiliation between Cheshire Medical Center and Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Both events were significant and impacted the leadership and governance of your community Medical Center. Our new CEO/President, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Don Caruso, has picked up where Art left off and is leading our organization to new heights. A great deal has been accomplished under Don’s guidance, both clinically and administratively, positioning the Medical Center for success in the years ahead. The recast Cheshire Medical Center Board, comprised of ten community member Trustees and five Dartmouth-Hitchcock appointed Trustees, has worked extremely well together this past year, focusing on the success of our local nonprofit Medical Center. It has truly been a positive experience working with this dedicated and knowledgeable Board as it advocates and governs for our longterm mission of providing access to high quality health and wellness care for everyone in our region. During the strategic planning for the Affiliation, the Medical Center Trustees rejected a “go it alone” downsizing approach in favor of a growth strategy in partnership with an academic medical center. Cheshire Medical Center’s growth mode this past year is due to the implementation of the Affiliation Agreement with DartmouthHitchcock. In November 2015, the Kingsbury Unit reopened for medical-surgical inpatients, increasing our capacity to care for more Monadnock Region patients closer to their homes and families, while supporting other regional hospitals and the DartmouthHitchcock system. Growth for the benefit of our patients and to ensure a sustainable Medical Center for our region-this was the vision that supported our Affiliation with Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

Today, we are a stronger organization for it. Further growth this year due to our Affiliation is reflected in the launch of the dedicated Cheshire Health Foundation Board of Trustees. For decades, when the hospital experienced positive operating margins, charitable support was not sought consistently, thinking it unnecessary. As the financial landscape of health care has become more challenging, it is clear we can’t go it alone. Charitable support of your nonprofit community Medical Center makes a difference for local patients. Thank you for your support. As chair, what has impressed me most is the commitment at all levels of the organization to identify issues and then allocate the right resources to resolve them. As a part of our Culture of Safety, long hours are dedicated to improving patient care, patient satisfaction, and other quality improvement initiatives. I’ve seen no compromise for doing the right thing, regardless of how difficult, costly, or sensitive the issue. This is something of which we can all be proud. Five of our Trustees retired from the Medical Center Board in 2016. Please join me in thanking Ed Bergeron, Dr. John Birkmeyer, Marylou Caffrey, Dr. Tim Fisher, and Sylvia McBeth for their service and dedication. Together they have made a difference by providing 31 years of volunteer leadership to our organization. Today, our growth is invigorating for our employees, positive for our patients, and important for our local economy. As a regional business person, I see a vibrant medical facility as critical for our community to attract and retain businesses. The Medical Center plays an important economic role in supporting the growth and vitality of our region. The commitment of our staff, physicians and associate providers, and the community’s increasing charitable and volunteer support assures that exceptional health care close to home will be here for generations to come. Thank you for helping us care for our community.

Gregg R. Tewksbury Chair, Board of Trustees

Statement of Operations Twelve Months Ending June 30, 2016

Billed other sources

(in thousands of dollars)

Billed inpatient care

Billed for services to our patients: Care for inpatients.............................................................................. 103,375 Services for outpatients...................................................................... 355,798 Received from other sources..................................................................... 3,497

Billed outpatient care

Total from all sources:.............................................................................. 462,670 Amounts billed but not received: Government programs and commercial contractual agreements.... 284,244 From patients unable to pay and bad debt........................................ 13,142 Therefore, we actually received revenue from patient care and other services of:............................................................................... 165,284

Billed but not Billed but not received from received from patients unable government to pay their programs and debt commercial contractual agreements

Costs to operate building, depreciation interest

Our costs included amounts: To pay our employees and physicians................................................85,404 To pay our suppliers and vendors......................................................62,979 To operate the building, depreciation and pay interest...................14,961 Resulting in total costs for patient care and other services:................. 163,344

A Year in Numbers Twelve Months Ending June 30, 2016


(Includes income from incidental services, investments of previous charitable gifts and unrestricted gifts from hospital donors)

Costs to pay employees and physicians


Physician and Professional Provider appointments


14,909 Volunteer hours

Surgical procedures

Costs to pay suppliers and vendors

412 18,560



Walk-In Care visits

Emergency Department visits

18,233 Respiratory therapy treatments


5,064 Endoscopies & colonoscopies

1,508,083 1,974 Pain Clinic procedures

Laboratory tests

13,659 92,054 Imaging exams

EKG/EEG tests

Residual earnings:.............................................................................................1,940 Payment of the state Medicaid Enhancement Tax.............................7,132 Net loss from operations.............................................................................(5,192)


Meals served



Physical therapy & other outpatient treatments

Pounds of laundry processed


Medical Staff Don Caruso, MD, MPH, CEO/ President, Chief Medical Officer

Medical Directors

Leslie Pitts, MD, Medical Director, Ambulatory Care Services Cherie Holmes, MD, Medical Director, Acute Care Services Andrew Tremblay, MD, Associate Medical Director

Honorary Staff

Continuous innovation is key to the delivery of high-value care. Our medical staff integrate clinical experience and patient values with the best available research information. The state-of-the-art surgical suites at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene are home to 27 skilled surgeons across a range of surgical specialties. Christopher Lee, MD, Board Certified General Surgeon, is holding a vintage photo of a surgery in the early-20th century operating room at Elliot Hospital.


Alex Bonica, MD Joanne Bulley, MD William Chase, MD Arthur Cohen, MD Robert Englund, MD John Fraunfelder, MD Gilbert Fuld, MD Teng Go, MD H. Roger Hansen, MD Eric Herr, MD Richard James, MD James Margraf, MD Gary Murata, MD William Moyle, MD Claire Naylor, MD Jeffrey Newcomer, MD Dan Rath, MD James Robinson, MD Theodore Ruel, MD John Schlegelmilch, MD Charles Schofield, MD Arthur Simington, MD Richard Stein, MD Kimball Temple, MD David Wood, MD


Jennifer DiNubila, DO, President Gerard Kiernan, MD, Vice President Claire Fabian, MD, Secretary


Matthew Anderson, MD Carlo LaScala, MD Douglas Redfield, MD Michael Frank, CRNA Amy Granquist, CRNA Latasha Heape, CRNA Larry Miller, CRNA

Rachel Ritter, CRNA Kristin Rossi, CRNA Joanne Yankura, CRNA



Family Medicine

Karen Dale, CCC-A Bernadette Quinn, MC, CCC-A


Alan Opsahl, MD Todd Silberstein, DO Robert Spencer, MD Tammy Simpkins, APRN


Robert Guardiano, DO Andrea Pearson, MD Gregory Seymour, MD

Emergency Medicine Jacques Blanchet, MD Alexis Cochran, MD Thomas Cochran, MD John Curtis, MD Steven Friese, MD Gregory Hansen, MD Robert Hilo, DO Alison Kapadia, MD Kendra Larkin, MD Evan Lowy, MD Patricia McFadden, MD Matthew Murray, MD Stuart Murray, MD Andrea Plaskiewicz, MD Matthew Roginski, MD Joseph Rosenberg, MD Harneet Sethi, MD Ellen Stein, MD James Suozzi, DO Ian Symons, MD George Terwilliger, MD Danny Ballentine, PA-C Allison Ellia, PA-C Elisa Lafayette, PA-C Robin Liston, PA-C Matthew Nichols, PA-C Douglas MacNeil, APRN Brianna Seaver, APRN

Lara Levin, MD Melanie Presnell, APRN Barbara Bates, MD Eric Canzanello, DO Joseph Capobianco, MD Don Caruso, MD, MPH Rachel Croteau, DO Remeline Damasco, MD Carl DeMatteo, MD Sharon Ferguson, DO David Hall, MD Jo Ann Hertford, MD Michael Kasschau, MD Christopher LaRocca, MD Carrie Lundeen-Young, MD Donald Mazanowski, MD Suzanne Nabi, MD Leslie Pitts, MD Sheila Ramanathan, DO Heather Shafer, MD Joshua Toll, MD William Toms, MD Andrew Tremblay, MD Alexandra Van Dyck, MD John Walter, MD Toller Wilson, DO Kristin Dunnell, PA-C David Segal, PA-C Amaris Weller, PA-C Emily Delldonna, APRN Theresa Desilets, APRN Martha Gilroy, APRN Leslie Goldman, APRN Jennifer Hanrahan, APRN Katrina Masure, APRN Rebecca Naughton, APRN Currier Neily, APRN Lisa Profetto, APRN Carole Putnam, APRN Pamela Rosen, APRN Gabrielle Schuerman, APRN Kathryn Scoville, APRN Diane Sette, APRN Heather Shlosser, APRN


Jennifer DiNubila, DO Andrew Gorske, MD Matthew Rockacy, MD Otto Trinkl, MD

General Surgery

H.E. Guy Burman, MD Christopher Lee, MD Michael Ormont, MD Moira Lawlor, PA-C


Lisa Leinau, MD Kathleen Miller, MD

Hematology/Oncology Letha Mills, MD James Nickerson, MD Robert Pritchard, MD Arvind Randhawa, MD Jill Winslow, MD Sarah Colson, APRN


Haris Bilal, MD Judith Boule, MD Matthew Guiltinan, MD Mary Hofreiter, MD Gerard Kiernan, MD John LaPadula, DO Radek Masner, MD Sandeep Randhawa, MD Carl Szot, MD Nancy Benda, PA-C Catherine Ingram, APRN

ICU/Critical Care

Robert Westlake, MD

Infectious Disease A. David Lein, MD


Michael Plager, MD


Valerie Gendron, MD Randall Long, MD

Services of CMC/DHK Obstetrics & Gynecology Karen Bradley, MD Heidi Rinehart, MD Lisa Stolper, MD Marion Boardman, CNM Sarah Ellsworth, CNM Mary Jane Greenwood, CNM Brandie Porter, CNM Autumn Vergo, CNM Lindsey Cushing, APRN Ann Lent, APRN

Occupational Health R. Abe Timmons, DO Maria Powers, APRN Jennifer Ferreira, PA-C


Janet Aug, OD Lawrence Jaeger, MD Basilio Kalpakian, MD Dale Pollack, MD


Paul Bettinger, MD Cherie Holmes, MD Gregory Leather, MD Anthony Presutti, MD Mark Silbey, MD Payson Ayer-Dufner, PA-C Joslyn Ferland, PA-C Susan Maydwell, PA-C Michael Olm, PA-C Stacy Zickl, PA-C

Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Paul Righi, MD Donald Wilson, MD Claudia Matta, PA-C

Pain Center

Mark Horton, MD Nancy Johnson, MD


Carrie Cocklin, MD Claire Fabian, MD Christopher Appleton, DO


Patricia Campbell, DO Kathleen Fisher, MD Deborah Hansen, MD Jessica Payton, MD Geraldine Rubin, MD Malinda Scherpa, MD Marni Silverstein, MD Eric Goodman, APRN

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation John Ditri, MD Nancy Johnson, MD


Paul Fachada, DPM Heidi Newkirk, DPM Serena Shomody, DPM Anna Ruelle, DPM Anaka Nunnink, NP


Judith Olson, MD Amanda Hitchings, PsyD


Adebanke Davis, MD


Paul Koutras, MD Steven Levene, MD Tina Nelson, MD Michael Sarson, MD


Todd Dombrowski, MD Sherry Guardiano, DO Whitney Patterson, APRN


Mark Funk, MD Martin Gross, MD Thomas McNamara, MD Erik Pattison, MD G. Forrest Quimby, MD

Walk-In Care

Marika Ostroski, MD Siobhan Benham, APRN Margaret Kelly, APRN

Adina Hebert, APRN Cameron Spivey, APRN Judith Carpenter, PA-C

Courtesy Medical Staff

Eric Belin, MD, Dermatology James DeVries, MD, Cardiology Evelyn Fleming, MD, Gynecology/ Oncology Stefan Holubar, MD, General Surgery Mark S. Kegel, MD, Obstetrics/ Gynecology Craig A. Rinder, MD, Urology Jeffrey A Young, MD, Radiation Oncology

Courtesy Dental Staff

Blake Wullbrandt, DMD, Pediatrics

Oral Surgery

Charles Henry, DDS Leonard Weldon, DDS

Affiliate Staff

Frederick Bruch, MD Peter Griesbach, DDS David Levene, MD Craig McBeth, DMD Victor Pantesco, PsyD Emily Ridgway, MD William Torrey, MD

Allergy/Immunology Anesthesiology Audiology Cardiology Dermatology Dietitian Services Ear, Nose & Throat Emergency Medicine Endocrinology Family Medicine Gastroenterology Geriatrics Gynecology Hospital Medicine Infectious Disease Internal Medicine Laboratory Lactation Lifeline Mammography Nephrology Neurology Obstetrics & Nurse Midwifery Occupational Health Oncology Ophthalmology Optical Shop Orthopaedics

Pain Center Palliative Care Pathology Pediatrics Pharmacy Physiatry Physical Therapy Podiatry Psychiatry Pulmonary Medicine Radiology Rehabilitation Services Research Rheumatology Sports Medicine Surgery Urology Walk-in Care



Supporting Cheshire

Medical Center has always been important to me. The hospital was there when my patients needed it, and is

there for me and my family. -Dr. Arthur Cohen

CMC/DHK Urologist 1961-1990, 2013 Caring, Candlelight and Community honoree, Cheshire CareGiver


Cheshire Health Foundation





Development Office 580 Court Street, Keene, NH (603) 354-6810

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2015-2016 Report to the Community  

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