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2014-2015 Report to the Community




nsuring a sustainable and robust health system for our community…this has been our vision for the past three years as we worked with Dartmouth-Hitchcock on our closer affiliation that was finalized on March 2, 2015. The health and wellness of every community member in our region is important to us and this is why the Dartmouth-Hitchcock system was an obvious partner—both of our organizations share a common commitment to advance population health for the communities we serve. A key element of our affiliation agreement was our shared vision of Cheshire Medical Center becoming a Regional Referral Center for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock system and this is now well underway. We are currently increasing our resources—recruiting physicians, nurses and staff to care for a higher census of Intensive Care patients to help keep our patients closer to their homes and families. And we are working to increase the overall number of patients we can care for from our own community and from southern New Hampshire, southeastern Vermont and the Connecticut River Valley—both in the hospital and in our medical offices. This includes expanding the number of our MedicalSurgical beds with the reopening of our Kingsbury inpatient unit. We continue to explore and implement innovative models of care to improve the health of our patients. Access to care is an important factor and prime examples of our efforts to improve access this year include: n The opening of our Family Medicine Walk-In Care service located at the Center at Colony Mill, providing care seven days a week, 365 days a year. Walk-In Care is a convenient and popular option, providing health care directly connected to our patients’ existing medical providers. n The completion of our Emergency Department renovation that has improved patient privacy, provided dedicated space for behavioral health patients in crisis and incorporated advanced

Don Caruso, CEO/President, Chief Medical Officer


& Beyond

“…we are working to increase the overall number of patients we can care for from our own community and from southern New Hampshire, southeastern Vermont and the Connecticut River Valley …”

technology such as state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring devices and Telestroke services for patients with stroke symptoms.

you for helping us care for our community. I’m honored to be serving in my new role as CEO, President and Chief Medical Officer. I share a special thank you to our team of dedicated physicians, associate providers, nurses, ancillary and support staff who provide high-quality, compassionate care to our patients every day—helping to keep patients well and providing care when needed. I am proud of our role in Healthy Monadnock 2020 and know that working together, we can live in the nation’s healthiest community.

n Successful physician and associate provider recruitment for Primary Care, Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopaedics and other specialties. As we strive to provide innovative and expanded services for our patients, philanthropic support for our nonprofit hospital is more important than ever. We are grateful to our donors for their support of our Initiative for Community Wellness that helped fund the renovation of our Emergency Department and the expansion of Healthy Monadnock 2020. Over $2.3 million was raised and is making a difference in the health and wellness of our region today. Thank

Don Caruso, CEO/President/Chief Medical Officer

Centering Pregnancy is an innovative

CMC/DHK 2015 birth: Amy Elizabeth

prenatal care program that emphasizes selfawareness, education and support within a group setting. Groups consist of expectant mothers who are due to deliver around a similar date. Participants receive individual prenatal care and engage in self-care activities like weight and blood pressure checks. Group discussions are facilitated by an OB/GYN healthcare provider and range from physical changes during pregnancy to parenting philosophies, from diapers to diets. Centering Pregnancy provides pregnant women the important support of an extended community network often missing for women in today’s complex society. On the cover: A few of CMC/DHK’s 2014/2015 births LEFT to RIGHT: Grant, Owen, Ellie; Front: Genevieve


Service, Collaboration

& Community


education to kick-the-habit and 4,295 children received free dental care and education through Cheshire Smiles.

he mission of Cheshire Medical Center/ Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene (CMC/DHK) is to lead our community to become the nation’s healthiest through our clinical and service excellence, collaboration and compassion for every patient, every time. The Community Benefits programs of CMC/DHK form the bedrock of this mission. Our programs support the fundamentals of well-being for community members with classes and initiatives advocating an active lifestyle, good nutrition and healthy living conditions for all in the Monadnock Region.

In total, CMC/DHK provided $4.25 million in community health services, health profession education, subsidized health services and community-building activities including $2 million in unreimbursed charity care. In addition to these services, we absorbed $23 million in unreimbursed Medicaid and Medicare costs. CMC/DHK’s Community Benefits programs enhance the lives of community members of all ages, each and every day.

Programs include discounted meals and free nutrition education to strengthen our seniors, health and safety information for emergency preparedness and assistance in accessing federal and state insurance programs to empower individuals and families to further their wellbeing. The Cheshire Walkers walking club included 175 participants in 2015, 487 community members took advantage of free tobacco cessation counseling and

Medication Assistance Our Medication Assistance Program serves those who face the difficulty of being unable to afford long-term or expensive prescriptions. In the past year, program coordinator Haley Compos has aided 252 patients with chronic conditions to obtain free medications through pharmaceutical companies that offer free medications to qualifying patients, to ensure they receive the medications they need to maintain good health. Smoke-Free Housing Cheshire Coalition for Tobacco Free Communities (CCTFC), in partnership with BreathNH, has been working with Cheshire Housing Trust, Keene Housing and Southwestern Community Services, to implement smoke-free policies for their properties. CCTFC, CMC/DHK and Healthy Monadnock have created a web-based directory of smoke-free rental units in our community. The Cheshire County SmokeFree Housing Directory is available to search and find rental properties that prohibit smoking indoors as a condition of the lease. The smoke-free directory can be found at www.healthymonadnock.org.

Rhoda Lee Jurowski, Housing Specialist, Cheshire Housing Trust and Tammy Dwyer, Tobacco Control Specialist, CMC/DHK Community Health



& Hard-Working Our volunteers represent generations of dedication and giving. They share their time and skills to enhance the experiences of our patients, their families and staff. Our volunteers range from high school and college students learning the value of service, to local community members taking time from their busy lives of work and family to give back, to retirees who take pride and joy in continued purpose. No matter the motivation or inspiration, we are very grateful for the service of all our volunteers. STANDING from LEFT to RIGHT: Paul McClellan, Carol King, Kathleen Austin, Jeanann (JR) Jacobs, Priscilla Reyns, LouDonna Johnson SEATED from LEFT to RIGHT: Nancy Carlson, Maggie the dog, Janice Coates, Kelly Dellovo

The Laboratory at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene provides reliable, accurate laboratory testing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by highly skilled Medical Technologists, Medical Technicians and Phlebotomists, overseen by Board Certified Pathologists, our laboratory services are fundamental to quality healthcare.


FEELING GOOD: Dr. Todd Silberstein and patient Nancy Hickox in Nancy’s salon in Swanzey.

“The care I receive at CMC/DHK lets me carry on with my life exactly how I want to live.” Nancy Hickox


An Active Life


Restored and what my scar would look like—it’s almost invisible. The surgery went so smoothly—I was only in the hospital overnight.”

affrey resident Nancy Hickox was at a routine doctor’s appointment just before her 30th birthday when her doctor informed her that she had an extremely low heart rate of only 33 beats per minute. A normal heart rate is 60 to 100 bpm. Upon further examination she and her doctor agreed they would monitor her condition with the understanding that she would one day need a pacemaker to control her heart rate.

Nancy’s pacemaker keeps her heart rate in the range of 65 to 70 bpm. “I felt better overnight,” Nancy said. “My pacemaker has given me the confidence to do everything I want to do.” Nancy’s active lifestyle is proof of that. She spends the majority of her day on her feet working as a hair stylist at her salon in Swanzey. At home she manages her Jaffrey “friendly farm” of more than 50 animals, including emus, horses, pigs, donkeys, sheep and chickens. To celebrate her 50th birthday, Nancy took part in a 5K obstacle course.

That day finally arrived 10 years later while Nancy was competing in a pig scramble at the Cheshire Fair. Nancy felt lethargic and faint. For the first time her condition was compromising her quality of life. Nancy’s doctor referred her to Cardiologist Dr. Todd Silberstein at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene. Dr. Silberstein implanted a pacemaker, a small device which uses low-energy electric pulses to prompt the heart to beat at a normal rate, under the skin near Nancy’s heart.

Technology allows Dr. Silberstein’s Cardiology team to check Nancy’s pacemaker through her telephone every three months to record the status of her pacemaker and heart rate. “I’m living proof of how successful the surgery can be,” said Nancy. “I didn’t realize how much the low blood flow was impacting my life. I feel so good now that I don’t even think about having a pacemaker. I’m especially thankful to Dr. Silberstein. He took the time to get to know me and understand my lifestyle. The care I receive at CMC/DHK lets me carry on with my life exactly how I want to live.”

“From the moment I met Dr. Silberstein I was very comfortable,” said Nancy. “He was so reassuring and relatable. He told me he once had a pacemaker himself and he gave me a full explanation of how the pacemaker would work, what the surgery would be like

A pacemaker is an

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD). An ICD consists of

a pulse generator about the size of a pocket watch, which is connected to the heart with electrodes or “leads”—wires that go through the veins to the heart. ICDs are battery-powered and like all batterypowered devices, the batteries need to be changed. This requires a new generator to be implanted. In the past year Dr. Silberstein performed 66 new ICD implants and generator changes. CMC/DHK Cardiology currently monitors the ICDs of 517 patients like Nancy.


A Spirited Health

Initiative I

cardiovascular disease and some cancers such as colon and breast cancer.

f we all adhered to the national guidelines endorsed by Healthy Monadnock, the healthiest community engagement initiative conceived and coordinated by CMC/DHK, we would be moving our bodies for at least 150 minutes each week—and realizing the health benefits of being physically active. Unfortunately, in the Monadnock Region, only about 25 percent of adults currently meet the recommendation.

“Research has found that people in walkable neighborhoods do about 35-45 more minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week and are substantially less likely to be overweight or obese than similar people living in low-walkable neighborhoods,” notes Linda Rubin, Director, Healthy Monadnock. Turning our focus to promoting and funding projects to make our streets safer can have immediate and long-term positive health impacts.

Healthy Monadnock and key partner Southwest Region Planning Commission are implementing strategies to make it easier for people to move more—no gym membership required. The changes are based around a concept called active transportation.

The strategies for active transportation have made great strides and the programs are set to expand throughout the region.

Active transportation means choosing to walk or cycle as your day-to-day way of getting from one place to another. It calls for a physical infrastructure—think streets with sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks and signage—that supports us to safely and easily walk, bike or wheelchair roll for activities like shopping, work, school and recreation. Research shows you can improve your health with just 30 minutes of quick walking every day. Walking can also help you feel better physically and mentally. And by increasing our physical activity, we can reduce our risk for developing chronic diseases like diabetes,

Safer Streets Complete Streets policies adopted by the City of Keene and area towns will improve walking and biking accessibility along our region’s roadways. Enhanced Physical Infrastructure The Rack It Up! program created 170 new bicycle parking spaces (85 new racks at 30 locations) in 2015, specifically targeting high-traffic areas (near banks and grocery stores) and at worksites and schools throughout the region. Making It Safer to Walk and Bike to School Safe Routes to Schools action plans being developed in area schools outline committed changes to increase the number of students who walk and bike to school. Physical Activity at Work Worksite wellness initiatives supported through the Healthy Monadnock Champions program can increase physical activity at work with the creation of worksite walking paths, physical activity breaks and Take-the-Stairs campaigns. “Active transportation is gaining momentum throughout the nation not only for the impact it can have on health but also for the positive impact it is proving to have on worker productivity, job growth, individual transportation costs, air quality, property values and tourism,” says Linda.

LEFT to RIGHT: Linda Rubin, Director, Healthy Monadnock and Southwest Region Planning team members J.B. Mack, Principal Planner; Mari Brunner, Planner; Tim Murphy, Executive Director


WALKING FOR HEALTH: José Montero, MD, MHCDS, Vice President, Population Health and Health System Integration for the CMC/DHK Department of Community Health, enjoys a section of the Ashuelot Rail Trail with a group of Super Seniors, as they prepare for the Clarence DeMar Super Seniors Marathon.

“Your health will benefit greatly from active transportation. You can take a leisurely walk with family and friends after a meal. Take a walk during a lunch break at work. If you drive to work, choose to park some distance away so you can walk the rest of the way.”


Region Statistics Percentage of Adults…

37.9 25

Healthy Monadnock 2020 Goals

that are at a healthy weight


that meet the physical activity guidelines


that have had any physical activity within 30 days 82.5 that have Diabetes 8.7

Linda Rubin, Director, Healthy Monadnock


90 5

LEFT to RIGHT: Patients Lauri Wallace, Jim Wallace and Hannah Wallace with Dr. Mark Silbey, four days after Hannah’s knee surgery.

“My personal experiences, combined with those of my wife and kids, gave me a true appreciation of the skill and expertise that the Orthopaedics team provided to get me and my family ‘back to sport’.” 10

Jim Wallace

Getting a Family

‘Back to Sport’


all of the surgeries. Jim wouldn’t have it any other way.

im Wallace’s orthopaedic pains began more than a decade ago in his right knee while coaching soccer. His primary care provider referred him to CMC/DHK Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Silbey. Jim was diagnosed with an Osteochondral injury, likely caused by the sudden stops, forceful twisting and hyper-flexing of the knees that occur in soccer. Dr. Silbey recommended microfracture surgery, which involves smoothing the edges of the bone cartilage and piercing holes in the underlying bone. These holes release cells in the bones that build new cartilage to replace the damaged tissue. “Dr. Silbey told me it would relieve my pain for 7-10 years and that I would be able to play soccer again.” Jim said, “And he was right.”

“It’s been a long 10 years of injuries and surgeries, for me and my family,” Jim said. “The Orthopaedics team was there for us every step of the way. The constant communication among the Physician Assistant, Certified Athletic Trainer and Dr. Silbey was reassuring. “Dr. Silbey talked about getting me ‘back to sport’,” Jim continues. “My personal experiences, combined with those of my wife and kids, gave me a true appreciation of the skill and expertise that the Orthopaedics team provided to get me and my family ‘back to sport’.”

Team-based Collaborative Care The Orthopaedics Department at CMC/DHK is a

Jim would work with Dr. Silbey’s team again for resurfacing surgery on his left knee and in 2015 for surgery to remove arthritis from his shoulder. “Dr. Silbey’s team tailored all of my treatments to meet my needs,” Jim said. “My opinions and needs were respected and my questions answered clearly and honestly. Everything I have been told has rung true. It’s a great relationship where I trust my doctor. He gave me options and the expected outcomes and I trusted what he had to say. I felt like I was a part of that team.” That teamwork and trust would eventually extend to Jim’s daughter, son and wife.

group of physician-led, specialty-specific teams of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physician Assistants, Certified Athletic Trainers, Certified Medical Assistants and Nursing Staff. As team leaders, Orthopaedic Surgeons review and oversee patient care with their team. This model provides well-rounded treatment and increases patient access to orthopaedic services.

Jim’s children, Hannah and Zachary, both played soccer at Keene High School. While on the field each of them would experience torn anterior cruciate (ACL) and medial collateral (MCL) ligament injuries requiring surgery. Meanwhile, Jim’s wife, Lauri, sustained an injury while four-wheeling that lead to rotator cuff surgery. Keeping it “in the family,” the Orthopaedics team would direct their care with Dr. Silbey performing


ABOVE: A few members of the Orthopaedics Department. Twenty-five providers and non-medical staff form the four specialty-specific teams in the department.

Advanced Treatment & Compassionate Care


o one is ever ready to hear that they or a loved one have cancer. Patients and family members may feel shock, fear, grief, depression… cancer takes its toll on the spirit as well as the body. The team at the Norris Cotton Cancer CenterKingsbury Pavilion in Keene, lead by the Cancer Center’s Medical Director, Robert Pritchard, MD, MS, provides comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and recovery services for cancer patients in the region. Whether their individualized care plan includes radiation oncology, medical oncology, surgical oncology or palliative care, advanced technology is available at the Cancer Center. Patients receive a level of care often associated with large urban hospitals and cancer centers—with the added benefit of treatment closer to the support and comfort of home. The Norris Cotton Cancer Center-Kingsbury Pavilion works to extend its reach of care beyond the hospital walls to where the real healing begins —at home. The Patient Relief Fund provides financial assistance to patients receiving care in Keene who have difficulty covering daily living costs due to their illness, like gas, heating fuel and groceries.

The team at the Cancer Center acknowledges life after cancer as more than just surviving with the annual National Cancer Survivors Day celebration. “This is one of my favorite days of the year,” says Jennifer Michelson, RN, Director of the Cancer Center. “Life after cancer can be beautiful, abundant and fulfilling—that’s something to celebrate. We address the ongoing challenges survivors face and also recognize the contributions of families, friends and healthcare providers. There’s a special bond we share with our patients and their families.” “We help patients and their families negotiate some very difficult days,” says Dr. Pritchard. “We understand the ripple effect of a cancer diagnosis—how it touches every aspect of a patient’s life and the lives of their loved ones. We are here to help our patients with every resource at our disposal.” Advancements in cancer research and treatment indicate we are getting closer to a cure, but until that time, Norris Cotton Cancer Center-Kingsbury Pavilion is here to treat patients with all of the available resources of a larger cancer center.

“I had choices for where I went for my cancer treatments—Dr. Randhawa went above and beyond for me, and the nurses took great care of me when I went in every Monday for my chemo. They took the time to get to know me—what I liked and what I needed.” Paul Therriault Jaffrey, NH resident – Postal Carrier – Cancer Survivor


The Cancer Center’s Linear Accelerator utilizes advanced image-guiding. This enables the delivery of targeted radiation therapy while avoiding healthy tissue and organs using intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). This TrueBeam™ Linear Accelerator is the state-of-the-art in IMRT, providing treatment with precision and speed.

The Norris Cotton Cancer Center-Kingsbury Pavilion Oncology and Hematology Medical Staff pictured with the Linear Accelerator. LEFT to RIGHT: Arvind Randhawa, MD; Jill Winslow, MD; Steven Levene, MD; James Nickerson, MD; Robert Pritchard, MD; Sarah Colson, APRN


Walk-In Care

Convenience S teve Bianco was enjoying a beautiful day on the golf course, but as his game progressed during the Connecticut River Cup tournament at the Keene Country Club, Steve’s arm became increasingly red, itchy and swollen.

Despite the growing discomfort in his arm, he played through and completed his 18 holes. His arm continued to worsen. Steve, who lives with type 2 diabetes, knew that he should have it examined. But it was a Saturday afternoon and he didn’t want to make the trip to the emergency room. One of his teammates in the tournament reminded him about Walk-In Care from CMC/DHK. “Going to Walk-In Care was one of the best decisions I made that day,” Steve said. “Everything about Walk-In Care was easy,” Steve said. “The location was convenient, with ample parking right in front and you just walk right in. I didn’t have to fill out a clipboard of forms because they had my records on file. And, best of all, I was in and out in about 20 minutes.” After an examination, Steve was diagnosed with cellulitis of the arm, a bacterial skin infection which was most likely caused by an insect bite. Cellulitis is easily treated

with antibiotics in most cases, but left untreated could spread and become serious and even life-threatening. “Basically, I had a bad reaction to a bug bite,” Steve said, “I was prescribed an antibiotic—by the next morning my arm was practically back to normal and I was able to play the second day of the golf tournament.” “I was really impressed,” Steve said. “It’s a state-of-theart facility and I received expert care. I was spared the dog-and-pony-show of telling all my history and filling out pages of paperwork. I was treated just like I would have been at my primary care office. They accepted my insurance and all I paid was my copay.” As a Vice President at Savings Bank of Walpole, Steve appreciates that Walk-In Care is locally run by CMC/ DHK. “As a representative of a local business, having Walk-In Care available from our local hospital means a lot to me,” Steve said. “I can receive the same quality medical care from the hospital that I’ve personally known and trusted for more than 20 years. It’s quick and accessible healthcare here in our community. I would recommend Walk-In Care to anyone for its convenient and exceptional care.”

Walk-In Care is open seven days a week, 365 days a year and staffed by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene medical staff. Patients have a direct connection to their medical providers and medical records every day, with no appointments required. Walk-In Care is convenient medical care for everyday illnesses and minor injuries.

LEFT to RIGHT: CMC/DHK Walk-In Care team members Marika Ostrowski, MD; Chuck Jackson, RN; “K” Horgan, RN


“…the same quality medical care from the hospital that I’ve personally known and trusted for more than 20 years.” Steve Bianco

On Par Walk-In Care patient Steve Bianco, Vice President/ Senior Lender, Savings Bank of Walpole


Report of Contributions July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

Appreciation &



e are pleased to acknowledge the following donors for their generosity and support of Cheshire Health Foundation July 2014 – June 2015. As a nonprofit hospital and clinic, CMC/DHK relies on philanthropic support, which is vital to achieving our goal of becoming the healthiest community in the nation. We are proud to provide the highest standard of health care for all our families, friends and neighbors. Thank you for your support and for the difference you help us make in the lives of our patients and the community.

Cheshire Health Society $25,000+

C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Hoffman Family Foundation Putnam Foundation SB Legacy Fund

1892 Founders $10,000-24,999

Elizabeth & Michael Christiansen Anne & Bill Moyle, MD Jim & Judy Putnam Walter & Ginny Rohr Jarrett & Ann Scott

Elliot $5,000-9,999

John Bradshaw Don & Jill Brehm Barbara Carter Moore, MD Richard & Patricia Dugger Joanne & William Fenton John H. & Nancy Hann Cherie A. Holmes, MD & Yvonne Goldsberry, PhD John & Carol Hubbard Michael & Tricia Kapiloff Jeffrey B. Miller & Carol MacKinnon Geof & Donna Molina Bob & Maryann Mucha Art & Patricia Nichols Eileen & Michael Sarson, MD Jane & David Stabler

Monadnock $2,500-4,999

Anonymous (2) Edward & Mable Bergeron Mary Louise Caffrey & Kenneth Stewart Alfrieda & Robert J. Englund, MD Steven & Valerie Horton Nathalie B. Houder Ruth & Carl Jacobs, Jr. Michael & Beth Newbold Paul & Sharon Pezone Jane & Leslie Pitts, MD Ann & James Robinson, MD Connie & John Schlegelmilch, MD Rebecca & Harneet Sethi, MD Maria & Kimball Temple, MD

Granite $1,000-2,499

Anonymous (1) Dollie Ash Bill & Kathy Baldasaro Jill Batty & Daryl Stutes Judith A. Boule, MD & Scott Lane John Butterly, MD & Lynn Butterly, MD Don Caruso, MD & Nancy E. Johnson, MD Bob & Susie Cochrane Cindi & Rich Coughlin Jay Eason Robert Guardiano, DO & Sherry Guardiano, DO Ann T. Hackett† Audrey L. Hadcock Nancy & Roger Hansen, MD

Dennis Huston Jim Janetos & Dale Pollack, MD Jay & Cheryl Kahn Judy & Rich Kalich Jennifer & Gerard Kiernan, MD Mason J. O. Klinck, Sr. Jane & Steven Larmon, MD Amy Matthews Sylvia & Craig McBeth, DMD Gregory & Susan McConahey Sandie Phipps & Tom Casey Anne & Roy Piper Tom & Barbara Putnam Mary & Robert Rooney, Sr. Linda & Jeff Rubin George W. Scott, Jr. & Charlotte Guyer Patti & Gregory Seymour, MD Lynn & Arthur Simington, MD Jane P. Skofield Barbara Taft Gregg & Julie Tewksbury Christine H. Weeks Michael & Amanda Whalen Peter & Suzanne Whittemore Joan Wulff

Ashuelot $500-999

Anonymous (1) Bill & Jane Allen Cheryl Belair & Stephen B. Bragdon Mike & Kathy Chelstowski Ronald Coburn Thomas S. Cochran, MD & Alexis Cochran, MD Arthur Cohen, MD

If we have omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly recorded your name, please accept our sincere apology and notify us at (603) 354-6810. To learn more about where future gifts can help, visit www.cheshirehealthfoundation.org.


Valerie Collins Betsy & Bill Cotter John A. Curtis, MD Claire Fabian, MD & Jack Fabian, PhD Timothy J. Fisher, MD & Kathleen M. Fisher, MD Jennifer Gardner Maich Gardner & Ed Tomey Douglas & Julie Green Cynthia & Matthew Guiltinan, MD Julius & Doris Hof Peggy & Larry Jaeger, MD Carroll Johnson Margaret A. Johnson Ken & Carol Jue Alison P. Kapadia, MD Jim & Joy Koontz Charlie & Bianca Kuhn Giselle & Carlo LaScala, MD Charles & Sheila Lennon Kelly Madden Radek Masner, MD Larry & Mary Milliron Mary Lou & Charles Montgomery, MD Warren Neumeister Michael L. Ormont, MD Michele & Richard Penna Lisa A. Profetto, APRN & Eric M. Goodman, APRN Mary & Darrell Rauwerdink, MD Dennis & Gail Secore Kary Shumway Cynthia Sieracki Katherine Snow & Paul Ledell Alan & Melissa Stroshine Fred Szmit Andrew G. Tremblay, MD & Suzanne F. Nabi-Tremblay, MD

Elm $250-499

Anonymous (1) Brenda Amadon Charles & Liz Anderson Dean Beaman & Maureen Curtiss Bill & Susan Beauregard Shirley P. Bohannon Julia Booras Mary J. Booras Nathan Campbell Jane B. Cunningham Alison Cuomo-Nason & Donald Nason Peter & Mimi Delaney Michael & Theresa Desilets, APRN Tom & Christine Doane Jacqueline K. Dubriske Paul & Jackie Ethier Marla & Todd Evans Caroline & Thomas Ewing Stephanie Faulkner Eileen Fernandes & Carolyn Crane Joy Fike-MacLeod & Norman MacLeod, Jr. Kelly M. Fitzgerald Lisa & George Foote, Jr. Kathryn R. Frazier Brenda & James Glinka Leslie Goldman, ARNP & Matthew Peake, MD J. Michael Gomarlo Maria J. Goodman Gregory Hansen, MD & Deborah Hansen, MD Carrie & Steve Hoffman, DMD David E. Howe Terri & Thomas Johnson Shirley Lafreniere † deceased

Report of Contributions July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 Eileen Perra Louise & Dan Rath, MD Robert Ritchie James E. & Gail Robertson Cindy Rodenhauser Stewart & Tom Stewart Anna L. Ruelle, DPM & David Chase Mark & Patricia Salsbury Marni A. Silverstein, MD L. William & Norma Slanetz Mary & James Suozzi, DO Jim & Cathie Talbert Sarah A. Taylor-Black, MD Gary & Susan Tochterman Sandra Van De Kauter & John N. Walter, Jr., MD Joe & Judith Walier Joseph & Lorraine Youngs

Georgette Davidson Danie Davis Joey DeBartolomao Lisa DeBartolomao Mary Delisle & George Foskett Thomas Dobson Dennis Donegan Eileen M. Duffy Cheryl Dumont Sarah Dumont

Dolores Durant Barbara Evans William & Linda Faulkner Rudolph Fedrizzi, MD & Heidi F. Rinehart, MD Denis & Karen Fortier David & Robin Fournier Sheryl Fratino Marilyn & A. Gary Freeman, MD† George & Jane Freund

Mark M. Funk, MD James & Nancy Ganley Kenneth & Diane Gaspard Mindy Glasschroeder Lawrence Graves Cathy Gray Mitch & Erika Greenwald Sherry A. Guardiano, DO & Robert A. Guardiano, DO Diane M. Halas

Helen Hale Brian, Anne, Michael & Nicholas Hall Ray Hall Richard & Marian Hamilton Jennifer Hanrahan Kathleen Harrington Jill & Bruce Hart Meloney & Mark Hayward Paul & Sussan Henkel Martha Hennum

Stone Arch $100-249

Anonymous (5) Cynthia Adams James Allan Walter Anair Leif & Deb Arvidson Dorothy Arwe Janet Aug, OD Beverly Austin Jim & Irene Barnes Andrea Bast Sarah Bast Ruthanne Batchelder Tracy & Mike Beam James & Joan Bensinger Kenneth & Lynn Bergman Mary K. Berman Channing L. & Marie Bete Judith Bisies Jeremiah Blair Holley & Jacques Blanchet, MD Susan E. Bohannon Eugene V. Bowman David & Susan Brown Kelly Brown Ralph Buchanan Megan Burke Kidder Cheryl Burrows Cindy & Joseph Capobianco, MD Susan Carlson Harriette H. Carter Jessica Casey Diane & Steven Caswell Kim Chaffee Sandie Chaloux Bruce & Janet Chamberlin Robert & Barbara Chartier Barbara & William Chase, MD Erli Chen Michelle Christmas Ross & Carrie Cocklin, MD Peter Coffin Gregory Connolly Jack & Nancy Crawford Judith Creevy Heidi Crotty Linda Daniel

“When we moved to Keene many years ago, an important consideration was access to quality health care services. We feel our community is very fortunate to have such an array of high-quality specialty health care services in Keene, connected to the extraordinary services at D-H Lebanon. This is why we support Cheshire Medical Center—the friendly and professional staff is another reason. We have the best of both worlds, access to first class urban health care services with a small town, personal touch.” Bob and Mary Rooney


Report of Contributions July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 John & Catherine Hersey Richard High, PhD & Joyce Clark Glen & Susan Hipple Juanita Hope Matt Hudon William & Paula Hudon Anne E. Huot, PhD & Joanne Cepelak, PhD Cecille Ingalls Michael Jablonski Angel Jackson Charles T. Jackson Carl Jacobs Sally Jeffery Neil Jeneral Sandra Jillson Karen P. Johnson Judy & Stephen Jones, PhD Roxanne Karter Risa & Douglas Keene, MD Mary & Kevin Killelea Deb & Ronnie Kilyanczik Edward A. & Mary K. Kingsbury Sandra Kingsbury Scott Knox Anna G. Laffond Lisa LaFontaine Isabel Lane Robert & Lois Langlais Jeffrey Lapid Erika Laskowski Whitney Linnenbringer Charles & Carolyn Loos Debra S. Lukan Kerry Macie Malcolm & Barbara MacKenzie David & Louise Malcolm Peter Malloy Peter & Sharon Mangan Keith Mansfield Sue & Jim Margraf, MD Amanda Marquis Kassie & Justin Mazzillo, MD Anne McCoy Michele McDonald William McKee Maurice McLachlan, MD Joan Meltzer Ellen & Allen Mendelson Betty Merritt Mike & Diane Metell Andrew Miller Larry R. Miller, CRNA Kerry Mogan Helene & Chris Mogridge John & Polly Moyle Bruce Murphy Randy Murphy Michael Murray Suzanne & Roland Nadeau Katherine Nelson David & Betsy Neumeister Kathy Nikiforakis Kathleen Nuttall Roger Nyberg Anthony & Judith Olson, MD

Randy Patrick Paul & Celia Pearson Robert & Judy Perry The Pollacks John Puza Jan E. Ray-Thompson Debbie & Douglas Redfield, MD Marci & Michael Richards Michael Rigou Heather Robertson Michael Rogers John Roper Rachel Rosell Kathryn Rosenberg Greg W. Rothman, MD & Linda B. Singer, MD Lara & Jon Routhier David & Janet Royer Eleanor Russell Philip & Joyce Samsel Lisa & Eric Sandstrum John & Valerie Santos Paul Scheuring Mike Schruiff Patti & Mike Schuman William & Jane Seamans Diane Sette, APRN Jane & Gary Shapiro, MD Helen E. & Harry C. Shaw Mary A. Sherwin Chris Simons & Jack Schraeter Stella S. Sise Terri Skantze Del Skillins Frank Sloat William & Janet Smedley Anna Smith Richard E. Smith Lyda Snodgrass Cathy J. Sorenson Brenda & Frederick P. Spin, MD Debra Stallings Bill Starkey Russell & Audrey Starkey Craig Stockwell & Sarah J. Mustin David & Nancy Stone Stillman Stone Brian & Kara M. Stoning Jan Sundell Jeanie M. Sy Cameron Tease & Dixie Gurian Evelyn Tebo David & Lisa Therrien Denise C. Thomas Christopher & Lisa Tkal Shannon Tracy Allan Treadwell Brian & Patricia Trottier Beth Truman Nancy & Paul Vincent James Wadlow III Janice Walker Steve & Leah Walsh Kathryn Wheeler Kathleen Whitman Kim & Timothy Wolfe

David Wood, MD Norman E. Woodward Ellen M. Wright Susan & Kenneth Wright Philip Wyzik Joanne Yankura, CRNA Elizabeth Zinn

Community to $99

Anonymous (17) Margot & Bill Abbott Ruth M. & Bryant P. Abbott, Jr. Wendy Abbott

Kelly Bacon Anna Baker Marilyn Baker Lin Banek Richard Barclay Rebecca Barrett Diana Bascom Amy Bast Monique Batchelar Klaus & Christine Bayr Bonnie Bayuk-Clark Ann Bazan Carol A. & David B. Beal Jill Beam

Michelle Bourassa Leonard Boutin Mildred Bowie Karen R. Bradeen Alexandra Bradshaw Robert Brees David & Charlotte Breton Margretta & Mark Bromley Stacey Brooks Keegan Brosseau Mark Brosseau Sheryl Brosseau Jacqueline Brown Jennie Brown

“I give to Caring and Sharing to help support our campus’ ability to provide free care or financial help with medical costs to all who need it. I supported the ED renovation, because you never know when you or a loved one will need to use it.” Michele Penna, RN Clinical Leader, GI Services Sandra Adamchuk Charles Adams Mary Adams Nick Adams Tim Ahern Marsha Aiken Caroline Aldrich Gould Carrolla & Joseph Alger, MD Barrie & Terri Almond Karin Altmayer Richard & Janice Amarosa Winifred Amarosa Alan Amend Angelo Amoroso John & Carolyn Amstein Nancy Andino Camilla Arnold Vicki Arsenault Robert & Lindsey Austin Russ & Carol Austin Ann Avery Jill Avery Susan J. Avery Mary Ann Babic-Keith

If we have omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly recorded your name, please accept our sincere apology and notify us at (603) 354-6810. To learn more about where future gifts can help, visit www.cheshirehealthfoundation.org.


Katie Beam Thomas Beckwith Ilona Belinskaya, MD Bruce & Elizabeth Beliveau David Bell Casper Bemis Patricia Bemis Jeanette Bergeron Jeff & Shelly Bergeron Scott Bergeron Thomas Bergin, Jr. Terry Berntsen Paul & Elaine Bieber Jeffrey J. Bissell Janelle Black Laurie Blair David Blake Gil Bliss James & Beverly Boden Nicole Boudle Jennifer Boudrieau Mark Boudrieau Bea & Arthur Boufford Patricia Boulogne

Michael Brown Maria & Ricardo Bruni Marilyn Buck Bill Buckley Amarylis Buffum Judith & Franklin Buffum Melissa Burbank Marilyn Burday Pat Burger Marie Burlette Chuck Burnett Gay Burr Lisa & Andrew M. Buswell Rick Butler Wendy Byrn Julie Byrne John Byrnes James Cady† Wendi A. Campbell John Cancellieri Laurie Capella Jean & Gerald C. Carey Kim Carey Jean Carignan † deceased

Report of Contributions July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 Dana Carley Margaret Carlson Mona Carol Scott & Michelle Carter Margaret Carusona Alice T. Caswell Holly M. Caswell William Chabot Nancy Chabott Leonard & Sherry Chaloux Melodie Chapman Maryelen Charnovesky Philip S. & Nancy A. Chase Robert Chase

Marguerite Cheney Kathleen Chertok & Peter Bonneau Ryan Chisholm Stacey Clace-Howard Robin Clark Heidi Clay Krista Clement Lester & Linda Cleveland Eleanor B. & Douglas Cochrane Heather Colburn Karen Coleman Connie Conlin Cassia Contois Jim Cook Beverly Corey Jennifer Costa Emad Couikh Tracy Cowher Susan M. & Michael Cox Arthur Croteau Joseph & Donna Cunningham Ray Cuomo & Karen Michel Steven & Lois Cutting Remeline Damasco, MD

Michael Davern Debra Davidson Melinda S. & James E. Day Edson & Virginia Deangelis Roger Dearth Lynn Deblois Richard Delay Emily P. Delldonna, APRN Hilda L. de Moya Karen E. DeMinico Jamien Deschenes Melissa Deschenes Terri Deschenes Carol D. Despres Carol Devine Kate Dexter Lisa DiCesare Klaus & Margery Dickinson Elisabeth M. Dignitti Margaret Dignitti Cathryn Dilello Loiri Dininni Linda M. Dionne Laurie Donohue Roxanna Doran Carissa Draper Genevieve Drevet Jan Driscoll Daniel Drish Jeanne Drugg Kim Duffy Deborah A. Dugrenier Steven Dumont Lee Dunham Cynthia M. Durant Cindy Durkee Sandra Durkee Alicia Dutilley Diane Eaton Lisa Eaton Jeanne M. Edison Robin Eichert AJ Elijah Karen Emmith Cindy Enos Margery Eramo Barbara A. Evans Anthony Falzon Joely Fanning Margaret & Brian Farias Patty & Charlie Farmer Amy & Tony Farnum Beth Farrell Susan Farrell Farrell Family Kim & Chris Farris Carol A. Faulkner Patricia Faust Shannon Faxon Hazel Fellendorf Peter Ferguson Scott Ferguson & Patricia Keating-Ferguson David Ferner Jamie Ferrando Nancy Ferron

Donald Filkins Rachel Finan Melinda Finch Martha Fisher Linda Flagg Karen Flavin Donald Flemming Tina Fletcher Katherine Flood Betsy R. Follansbee Allie Fontaine Tracy Foote Thomas & Kathryn Forest Anita Fraiser Anne Francisco Jennifer Frappiea April Frazier Denise French Beth Fuchs Judy & Pat Gagne Wayne M. Gagnon Karen Galloway Marcia Galloway Jenna Gangell Addie Gann Candice Garrett-Jennison Rachel Gauthier Susan Gautot Gregory Getty Peggy Getty Tanya Gibson Martha W. Gilroy, APRN Carol & Bernie Glabach James Glinka Jeffrey Goller Arne & Christelle Gonzales Shirley M. Gorton James & Sandra Gourley Dena Grant Ashley Green Eric Green Jennifer Green Robert Greenwood Beverly J. Griffin Rick Griffing Alan Gross Paula Gulo Lori A. Guyette Peter & Sarah Haaren Jacob & Henryka Haberman The Rev. Canon Samir & Kathryn Habiby Roswitha Hadasch Albert Hale Susan & Richard Hale Amy Hamblett Theresa Hampton Colleen Harper Wayne Harper Dennis Hattie Mary Hattie Joanne Hayward Tina M. & James Heath Adina H. Hebert, APRN Meg Heil Dick & Barbara Henault


Orville Hersey Tina M. Higgins Nancy E. Hitchner Sue Hocking Nancy Hodecker Barbara Hodgdon Kathy Hodge Cheryl Hodges Sharon Holcombe Joan Hollis Ann Hollon Katherine Holt Michele Hood Nancy Hood Susan A. Hood Janet Horton Jessica Horton Mark Horton, MD & Heather Lesage-Horton Allie Houghton Clarence & Ritva Houghton Abrahm & Tisha Howe Jane Howe Leneille & Justin Howe Sylvia Howe Terri Hudson Amanda Huff Fred & Patricia Hughes Jodean Hunt Susan Hunt Debra Hunter Stanley D. & Deborah Hutchings Kenneth N. & Helen Hutchinson Ann Iannini Kate Ingram, APRN Diana James Nadine Jarvis Nancie Jarvis Geraldine Jeffery Elaine Jobin Raymond & Dorothy Jobin Pauline N. & John Johansen Cassandra Johndrow Annette L. Johnson Jay & Mary Johnson Richard & Katherine Jordan Donna Joyal Pat Kamel Dillon Kassis Ronnie Kaufman Peter Kaufmann Emma Keating Geraldine Keith Lynn Keneipp Stefanie Kenyon Amber Kilanski Kelli Kilanski Todd Kilanski Jean Kilyanczik Bethany King Hunter Kirschner James Kirschner Lee Kitchen Anne Klaud Arne Klepinger Richard Kolakoski

Laura Kolodziej Sarah W. Kossayda Christine R. Kruse Louis Labarre Cindy LaBounty Sharon Laflamme Laureen W. Lafond Robert E. Lafond Joseph Lafreniere Harry & Liz Lajoie Pierre Landry Diane Langlois Margaret Langsford Patricia LaPree Rob Larkin & Karen Larkin JP LaTour Christina Lavalley Renee Lawrence Edna LeClair Nancy LeClair Laurence Leech Angela Lefebvre Marion LeFrancois Maria & Brian Leighton Lara Levin, MD Susan A. Lewis, PA-C Molly Linn-Wulff Virginia Lisai John & Joan Little Warren J. Little Joy Livengood Romaine D. Looms Mark & Karen Lotterhand Marion Loup Doug & Kathleen Lowe Regina Lucas Susan Lucia David Lugo Rose Lugo Beth R. Lukin Robert & Mary Jane Lupien Diane Lupis Leesa & Emerson Lyons Kelly Mack Andy & Haley Mackey Patricia Mackey Melissa Maggy Ann & Ray Mahoney Heather Main Sue A. Maki Linda Mancinelli Fran Marazoff Robert Marble Robert March Terrence Mark Michael Marley Betsy Marshall Cynthia M. Marshall Roger E. & Judith W. Martin Barbara Massicotte Kelly Massicotte Susan & Edward Massucco Wade & Katrina Masure, APRN Sherry L. Mattson Jason McCann Kay B. McCarten

Report of Contributions July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 Kelly McCue Kate McCulla Shana McCullough Tabitha McCullough Lucille McDonald Melanie McDonald Katherine J. McGuire Jay McIntyre Pat McIntyre Heather McLean Hugh McLellan Amanda McMahon Kate McNally Sally McNear Alexandra Mead Andrew Meakin Robert Meissner Jennifer Mercer Stephanie K. Merchant Renee Mercier-Gerritsen Alan H. Merrill, Jr. Dawn & Andrew Merrill Theresa Methot Anne Meyer Jennifer Michelson Paula C. Miller Anthony & Eleanor M. Milo MaryAlyse & Robert Miner David & Linda Minickiello Laura Mitchell Andrea Molnar José T. Montero, MD Kenneth & Margaret Moore Wendy Moquin Christopher Morgan Francis Moriarty Brice Morin Lurlee Morin Walter Morse Patricia Mula Jan Muller Thomas Mullins Pat Murphy Tessie Murphy Keaton Murray Nicholas Murray Glenn Muthersbaugh Linda Muthersbaugh Bryan Myles Wayne Nef Ken & Linda Neilson Alice Nelson Eileen Nelson Meena Neva Sandy & James D. Newell Katherine Newton Mark Nichols Ann Nieskins David & Carmelina Nims Ruth Niven Michele Noel Debra Noris Theresa Norman Earl & Esther Norris Frederick & Harriet Norris Kathleen G. North

Scott & Judith Northcott Ethel M. Nowak-Bergeron Jane Oakes Dawn Oddo Elizabeth Olmstead Scott Olmstead Abbie Olson Patricia Olson Lindsaye Oppedisano Linda O’Reilly Jason & Marika Ostroski, MD Jill Ouellette Barbara Paige Dan Palazzo Sarah Palazzo Elizabeth Pare Fred S. Parker† Jerry Parker Norman Parkhurst, Sr. Shari Pashaude Diane Patnode Cheryl & M. Thomas Patty Jean Pearce Andrea L. Pearson, MD Jody & Scott Peckins Joseph & June Pellerin Erin Perkins & Gary Scott Lynn Perna Eileen Perra Gloria Perrin Ariane Pessis Karen Peterson Jean Petraska Jay & Sue Pettapiece Ryan Phillips Sandra L. Pietrowski Kelsey Plifka Lori & Stanley Plifka Becky Plunkard Nina Pollock Beatrice M. Porter Syrene Porter April Powers Judy Powers Rebecca Pratt Melanie A. Presnell, APRN Megan Prime Marie Putala Carole L. Putnam, APRN Judith Putzel Cindy Puza Sandra & David Raabe Wendy Rafford Sybil Raiman Jennifer Ramey Ramon A. Ramirez Emilea Raymond Rose Read Carol Reardon Carolyn S. Reder Gary Regan Randall Rhoades Lynn Ricci Jeff Richardson Rachael Richardson Vicky & Drew Riggio

Amy Riley Kate Riley Kin N. Rilling Tonya Roberts Donna M. Robidoux Kathryn Rockwood Betty & Isidoro Rodriguez Desiree Roff Bruce Rokes Betty & Dennis Rose Donna Rose Linda Rose John Round Michelle Rowland Amy Royce Donna Rozzin Cassandra Ryan Ana Saavedra Stephen C. Salamin & Abigail R. Mather Keith San Soucie Philip & Sally Sandstrum Taryn Sarcione Cathy Savoy David Savoy Pat Sawyer Mari Schacht Stephen Schacht Jon Schaubhut Walter Schillemat Joseph & Joyce Schneider Claire & Gabrielle Schuerman, APRN Jane Scobi John Sears Pam Secore Kendra D. Severance Patricia Severino Peggy Shaughnessy Catherine Shaw Courtney Shaw Shelley Shaw Carol & Gale Shelley Hugh Shelley Walter & Carolyn Shelley Lara Shields Al Shippie Scott Shulman Todd Silberstein, DO & Lisa Leinau, MD Sarah Simonetti Julie Simpson Karen Lee Simpson Wendy Smigelski Beth Smith Erica Smith Pam Smith Robin Smith Stephanie Smith Sue Smith Sondra Smolnik Samantha H. Snell Michelle L. Somerset The Somerset Family Arlene Spaulding Michael Stanowski Robin Starr

If we have omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly recorded your name, please accept our sincere apology and notify us at (603) 354-6810. To learn more about where future gifts can help, visit www.cheshirehealthfoundation.org.


Therese Stepenuck Lori Stevens William & Barbara Stevens Donna Stewart Jean Stewart Pamela A. Stewart Wendy St. Louis Sally Stockwell Vicki & Steven Stone Nathaniel Stout & Sharon Price Holly Sullivan Dave Sutherland George Svok Edwin Swanson Donna Sweeney Leslie Swift Roshan Swope Robin Sylvern Joan Sylvester Katherine Sylvester Susan Szydlo Philip Tacy Robert & Sherry Talmadge Bob Tarbox Ken Tarbox Vicci A. Tarr Betty Tatro Joseph Tatro, Jr. Nick Tatro Steve Tatro Herbert & Joan Taylor Joan Taylor Laurie Taylor Becky Tedford Perry Temple Al Tencati Martha J. Tenney James Tetreault Patrick Tevlin Hope Therrien Jennifer A. Thieme Dawn Thomas-Smith & Mitchell Smith Andrew & Vera Thomsen Marc P. Tieger Amy Tighe Ben Tilton Deborah A. Titcomb Joseph & Patricia Tonweber Paulette Toole Patricia M. Toomey Jill Torrice Regina Towle Carolyn Trachim Judi Tracy Shannon Tracy Rhonda & Dominick Tralli Kathy Trevorrow Jacquelyn Trombly Susan Troy Stacey Turgeon Melinda Unwin Penny Vaine Rev. Kevin Van Brunt Nick Vankham Elaine K. VanOudenhove

Joan E. & Mark Van Saun Alei Verdi Linda Vermilyea Robert & Esther Vermouth Nancy & David Vesco Jennifer Vierus Sydney Wakefield Heidi Walker Kristen & Scott Walker Mike Walker Suzanne Walsh Jean & George Walthour Jared Warren Lucy Webb The Hon. Lucy Weber Sara B. Wellington Dawn Welshman Leda Werrell Elinor M. West John Whelan Dana Whitaker Melissa White Natacha White Wendy White William & Maureen Whitfield Sindie Whitten Nancy Wibben Charles Wilder Lisa Willenbrock Morris Willey Marianne Wisell Edmund Wojenski Harold Wolhandler Gayle & Paul Wollert Jackie Wolmer Nancy Wood Tim Wood Timothy D. Wood Terry & Janice Wooding Jenny Wooster Diana Worcester John Wright John & Gail Wrigley Barry York Raymond & Joan Young Ben Zalman Valerie Zalman Dana Zelenakas Louise & Roger Zerba Debra & John Zilske


& Purpose E ach year Cheshire Health Foundation seeks to engage the community in fun and meaningful initiatives to promote health and build awareness while raising funds in support of CMC/DHK programs and patients. This past fiscal year kicked off in August with the New England Reflections Calendar fundraiser, showcasing Dr. Jeffery Newcomer’s breathtaking photography, in support of Pulmonary Rehabilitation. In September the community hit the links at our 3rd Annual Golf Tournament in support of the Healthy Monadnock Champions program. Following soon after, the 3rd Cheshire Stepping Out for Diabetes Walk was our best ever. Our fall event cycle wrapped up in November as we celebrated our healthcare legacy at our 2nd tribute event, Caring, Candlelight and Community, in which we honored Dr. William Moyle and Alan Stroshine for their inspired contributions to the health of our region. Spring brought out a record 600 community members for our 8th Sports Medicine 5K Run/Walk and when the spring sun finally decided to stay, it warmed the bald heads of those who proved Bald Is Beautiful during our 7th cancer fundraiser. It’s people who make our events, and we so appreciate all of our sponsors, donors, volunteers and participants for entertaining, motivating, inspiring and supporting us over the course of the year to raise in excess of $117,000.

Sports Medicine 5K Run/Walk

Stepping Out for Diabetes

Annual Golf Tournament


Caring, Candlelight and Community

Report of Contributions July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

Gifts Made in

Tribute& Memory In Honor of Bobbie Bihun Cindy Rodenhauser Stewart

Anna Ruelle, DPM Kate Ingram, APRN

In Celebration of Dr. Roger & Nancy Hansen’s 50th wedding anniversary Mary & Robert Rooney, Sr. Barbara Taft

Patty Schuman Paul & Elaine Bieber

CMC/DHK Pathologists: C. Fabian, MD & C. Cocklin, MD Heather Shafer, MD Paul & Elaine Bieber Paul & Sharon Pezone Linda Singer, MD CMC/DHK Specialty Eugene Bowman Medicine Staff Eileen M. Duffy Alan Stroshine Lara & Jon Routhier Debra Davidson Steve & Leah Walsh Sharon Holcombe

In Gratitude for all who work at CMC/DHK Norman Parkhurst, Sr. In Recognition of Paul Pezone Kelly Brown In Recognition of Paula Thompson’s fight Ray Cuomo & Karen Michel

Victims of terrorism Warren J. Little

Paul Ells Cassandra Ryan Dr. Robert Englund David E. Howe

Additional Recognitions

Dr. Rudolph Fedrizzi Lamprey Health Care, Inc. Maine Quality Counts WellPoint, Inc.

In Appreciation of Cindy Rodenhauser Stewart’s service to CMC/DHK Ellen & Allen Mendelson

Yvonne Goldsberry Saint Anselm College

In Celebration of Carl & Ann Jacobs CB & Ruth Jacobs

Katherine Johnson Beth Lukin Steven Larmon, MD and his retirement Anna G. Laffond Sylvia & Craig McBeth, DMD The Pollacks David Lein, MD John Roper Serena (Letendre) Shomody, DPM Kate Ingram, APRN William Moyle, MD James & Joan Bensinger Doug & Kathleen Lowe Barbara Taft Art Nichols, for his integrity and dedication to this organization Paul & Sharon Pezone Radiology Assoc of Keene: M. Sarson, MD; P. Koutras, MD; & T. Nelson, MD Paul & Sharon Pezone Carmella Richardson Edward & Mable Bergeron Pete “Betty” Rose Linda Rose

In Recognition of Peter Malloy Dena Grant In Support of Grammie Deb Abbie Olson

In Memory of Mary & Everett Alther Suzanne & Roland Nadeau Joy Amisano Timothy J. Fisher, MD & Kathleen M. Fisher, MD

Dr. Homer L. Ash Dollie Ash Walter Banek Lin Banek Robert & Charlotte Beauregard Bill & Susan Beauregard George K. Bemis, Sr. Elizabeth Zinn Joseph & Barbara Beuth Joan E. & Mark Van Saun Don Blanchard Robert Perry Robert Bohannon Shirley P. Bohannon Susan E. Bohannon Dorothy Bond Kelly M. Fitzgerald Deb & Ronnie Kilyanczik Melanson Company, Inc. Betty Merritt Kenneth & Margaret Moore Lynn & Arthur Simington, MD Herbert & Joan Taylor Robert & Esther Vermouth

“‘Nurses are angels without wings’… this was one of April’s favorite sayings, along with…, ‘They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’ It always took April longer to grocery shop because she often ran into former patients. My son and I wanted memorial gifts for April to benefit nursing programs at Cheshire Medical Center.” Warren Neumeister (right), widower of April Neumeister, a retired Cheshire RN of 36 years, with son Brett Neumeister (center) and Jeannette Bergeron, dear friend and retired Cheshire LPN (left).


Report of Contributions July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 Joyce Boufford Bea & Arthur Boufford

Peter V. de Moya Hilda L. de Moya

Harry Ingalls & Marie Namiotko Cecille Ingalls

Bess Bradshaw Joan Wulff

Joan Donegan Dennis Donegan

Linwood Ingram Anonymous

Mrs. Gisela Brandl Alei Verdi

Joe Driscoll Robert Perry

Sharon Brown Brenda & James Glinka

Chester E. Dubriske Dennis & Gail Secore

Pamela Buchonis Robert & Barbara Chartier

David A. Dubriske Jacqueline Dubriske

Joyce Jernberg Russ & Carol Austin Cheshire County Retired Educators Association Jay & Mary Johnson Margaret A. Johnson Terri & Thomas Johnson

Paul Carignan Maria & Ricardo Bruni Jean Carignan Diane & Steven Caswell Lester & Linda Cleveland Elliot Hospital/NHHC Karen Galloway Marcia Galloway Terrence Mark Gloria Perrin RdF Corporation

Al Durling Bradley & Faulkner, PC Cheshire Superior Court Staff Diane Patnode Philip & Sally Sandstrum

Frank Carter, MD Helen E. & Harry C. Shaw Martha J. Tenney

Sharon Eason Jay Eason Peter James Fournier David & Robin Fournier Pauline M. Gavin Mark & Barbara Gavin Dexter Guyette Charles & Liz Anderson

Linda Chartier Robert & Barbara Chartier

Henry & Jane Hood Susan A. Hood

Ruth Cohen Arthur Cohen, MD

Dino Houpis Roger E. & Judith W. Martin

John Cunningham III Lynn & Arthur Simington, MD Shirley E. & John J. Cunningham Jane Cunningham

Anne Hubbard John & Carolyn Amstein James Cady† Hope Therrien

Frank & Trudy Curtiss Dean Beaman & Maureen Curtiss

Frank H. Hughes Fred & Patricia Hughes

Albert A. Daniel Linda Daniel

Krista Hulslander Marci & Michael Richards

Charlotte Kapiloff Judy & Rich Kalich Betty Merritt Marc P. Tieger H. Thayer Kingsbury Sandra Kingsbury Carl Lorette James & Sandra Gourley Cheryl & M. Thomas Patty Dorothy & Glenn Martin Joan Meltzer Philip & Joyce Samsel Romain Martin Richard & Janice Amarosa Winifred Amarosa Georgette Davidson John & Catherine Hersey Kenneth N. & Helen Hutchinson Keene Police Benevolent Association Hugh McLellan Joseph & Joyce Schneider Robert & Sherry Talmadge

Robert & Mary Jane Lupien Betty Merritt David & Linda Minickiello Anne & Bill Moyle, MD David & Betsy Neumeister Warren Neumeister David & Carmelina Nims Betty & Isidoro Rodriguez Mary & Robert Rooney, Sr. Lyda Snodgrass Brian & Patricia Trottier William & Maureen Whitfield Helen & Gonzie Orgaz Carol A. Faulkner Richard Petrin Channing L. & Marie Bete Bethlehem Central High School Laura Mitchell Jane Oakes Marie Putala Terry Phipps Sandie Phipps & Tom Casey Fred H. Secore Dennis & Gail Secore Enid Shea Kelsey Plifka Lori & Stanley Plifka Terry & Janice Wooding Marcia F. Shelley Hugh Shelley James G. Sise, MD Francis Moriarty

Edward J. McCarten Kay B. McCarten

Smokey Patti & Mike Schuman

Larry Meltzer Joan Meltzer Philip & Joyce Samsel

The Sorce/Culliton Families Douglas & Julie Green

Trish Metivier, my mom Shelley Shaw

Joan K. Starkey & Timothy J. Starkey Bill Starkey

Janet Morse Jill Avery Lisa LaFontaine Kelly Madden

Theresa Stewart, Hospital volunteer Mary Louise Caffrey & Kenneth Stewart

Jonathan Morse Sarah Kossayda April Neumeister, Retired Nurse Anonymous Susan Avery Klaus & Christine Bayr Bruce & Elizabeth Beliveau Jeanette & Scott Bergeron David & Charlotte Breton BUHS Class of 1964 Philip S. & Nancy A. Chase Kathleen Chertok & Peter Bonneau Arthur Cohen, MD Joseph & Donna Cunningham Steven & Lois Cutting Cathryn Dilello Thomas & Kathryn Forest Neil Jeneral

CYD Cheryl Sullivan Anonymous Mike Tebo Evelyn Tebo Todd Walier Joe & Judith Walier Kip Weeks Christine Weeks Cynthia & Michael White Stephanie Faulkner Michael J. White Ethel Nowak-Bergeron Joseph & June Pellerin Timken Company Ronald J. Wright Ellen M. Wright † deceased


If we have omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly recorded your name, please accept our sincere apology and notify us at (603) 354-6810. To learn more about where future gifts can help, visit www.cheshirehealthfoundation.org.

Report of Contributions July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015



& Foundation Aetna Foundation Aetna Inc. Alliant Healthcare, LLC Analog Devices Anon CAKRP, LLC ARC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Arthrex ASTHO/CDC Bergeron Construction Company, Inc. Bermil Foundation, Inc. Bethlehem Central High School Bonnie’s Basement Bradley & Faulkner, PC Brady Sullivan Keene Properties, LLC BUHS Class of 1964 C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. CDC-National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Centurion Insurance Group Cheshire County Literacy Coalition Cheshire County Retired Educators Association Cheshire Superior Court Staff Children’s Dental Care Church Women United Clark-Mortenson Insurance Clarke Distributors, Inc. CMH Foundation Cogswell Benevolent Trust Davis Construction Deep Roots Massage Devine, Millimet & Branch DEW/The MacMillan Company Douglas Company, Inc. Elliot Hospital/NHHC

Factory Mutual Insurance Company Fairfield’s Cadillac, Buick, GMC Fenton Family Dealerships FirstTracks Marketing Group Flooring Concepts, Inc. Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie 1413 Fraternal Order of Eagles NH State Past Presidents Club

G. Housen and Company Garner Auto Body, Inc. Give With Liberty Granite State Glass Guyer & Sons Contracting Hamshaw Lumber, Inc. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England

Health Plans, Inc. Helms & Company, Inc. HNH Foundation Hogancamp, PC HRSA IBM Corporation Institute for Healthcare Improvement The Insurance Source, Inc.

Melanson Company executives LEFT to RIGHT: Bob Lefebvre, Jr., Vice President; Rob Therrien, Jr., President; Peter Mangan, Controller

“Cheshire Medical Center is a big part of the fabric of our community and a place area residents depend on for professional medical services or referrals to specialists at other hospitals around northern New England, to ensure the best medical care possible. We support Cheshire Medical because you are there when Cheshire County residents need you and that is important to the Therrien, Lefebvre and Melanson Company families.” Rob Therrien, Jr., President, Melanson Company 24


in Kind IPG Employee Benefits IPIC, Inc. Johnson & Johnson Kapiloff Insurance Agency, Inc. Karl Roberts Cuts For Men Keene Auto Body Keene Elm City Rotary Club Keene Emblem Club Keene High School Girls’ Soccer Booster Club Keene Lodge No. 927 Keene Police Benevolent Association Keene State College Keene State College Field Hockey Team The Kingsbury Fund Kingsbury State Farm Insurance Lamprey Health Care, Inc. Lavallee Brensinger Architects Leash Booster Leon Watkins’ Auto Center, Inc. Liberty Mutual Insurance Macie Plumbing and Heating Maine Quality Counts Marcam Associates March of Dimes Markem-Imaje Masiello Insurance Agency Melanson Company, Inc. Monadnock Region HOG New Hampshire Charitable Foundation The New Hampshire Trust Company NG Advantage, LLC NGM Charitable Foundation Nick’s Restaurant Nissan of Keene, Inc.

North Walpole School Northern Lights All-Star Cheer Gym, LLC Office Depot, Inc. Oncology Rehab Partners Pinney Plumbing & Heating Port-O-Lite Corporation Prime, Buchholz & Associates, Inc. Putnam Foundation Quality Care Collision Refinishing RdF Corporation RiverMead Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Rountree Ford Saint Anselm College Savings Bank of Walpole Shipping Shack Smiths Medical Stanley Elevator Stan’s Auto Body Surgi-Care, Inc. SVE Associates TD Bank Teleflex Foundation Thomas Drilling & Blasting Corp. Timken Company TPI Staffing Transamerica Retirement Solutions True North Networks, LLC VFW Post 799/Men’s and Women’s Auxiliaries Walmart WellPoint, Inc. Ye Goodie Shoppe

A Cut Above Aetna Athen’s Pizza Baker Hill Country Club Bed Bath & Beyond Black Squirrel Studio Blueberry Fields Market SB Legacy Bulldog Design C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Cameron’s Winery Celebrities for Charity Dan Chalifour Charter Trust Company Cheshire Village Pizza Clarke Distributors, Inc. Bob and Susie Cochrane The Colonial Theatre Concord Country Club CVS Pharmacy Deep Roots Massage Dick’s Sporting Goods Louise Dumais Elm City Restaurant and Brewing Co. G. Housen and Company Hannah Grimes Marketplace, Inc. The Home Depot Ingenuity Country Store IPG Employee Benefits Keene Country Club

The foursome from local sponsor IPG Employee Benefits enjoy a day of golf at our 3rd Annual Tournament.

If we have omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly recorded your name, please accept our sincere apology and notify us at (603) 354-6810. To learn more about where future gifts can help, visit www.cheshirehealthfoundation.org.


Keene Family YMCA Keene Fusion Studios The Keene Sentinel Keene Yoga Center Life is Sweet Margaritas Mexican Restaurant Mark Corliss Multi-Media Creations MJD & Co Hair Design Monadnock Food Co-op Monadnock Imaging of Keene, LLC Monadnock Radio Group Monadnock Shopper News The Mountain Corporation Jeffrey Newcomer, MD Nicola’s Trattoria Oriental Rug Works Papagallos Restaurant PepsiCo Pizza Pie Ramunto’s Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters Savings Bank of Walpole Target Corporation Ted’s Shoe and Sport Timoleon’s Restaurant The Toadstool Bookshop W.S. Badger Company, Inc. Ye Goodie Shoppe Yolo Frozen Yogurt Your Kitchen Store

Report of Contributions July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

Initiative for




hank you for helping us raise over $2.3 million for the renovation and redesign of the Emergency Department and the expansion of Healthy Monadnock 2020.

We are deeply grateful to the following 400 individuals, corporations and foundations that made generous gifts and pledges to support our Initiative for Community Wellness. With your support, Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene’s Emergency Department now provides improved privacy for patients and their families, state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring devices and dedicated space for behavioral health patients in crisis. The Initiative is also helping us to expand the reach of Healthy Monadnock 2020 and take greater strides toward improving the health of our community.

Cheshire Health Society $25,000+

Anonymous (1) Cogswell Benevolent Trust C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Hoffman Family Foundation Melanson Company, Inc Geof & Donna Molina Dr. & Mrs. William D. Moyle Putnam Foundation Jim & Judy Putnam Savings Bank of Walpole SB Legacy Fund Timken Foundation of Canton

1892 Founders $10,000-24,999

Mable & Edward Bergeron, Jr. Don & Jill Brehm Michael R. & Elizabeth C. Christiansen Timothy J. Fisher, MD & Kathleen M. Fisher, MD Mark & Kathy Gross Nancy & John Hann Nancy & Roger Hansen, MD Cherie Holmes & Yvonne Goldsberry Nathalie Houder John & Carol Hubbard CB & Ruth Jacobs DEW/The MacMillin Company Markem-Imaje Sylvia & Craig McBeth, DMD Bob & Maryann Mucha Michael & Beth Newbold Arthur W. & Patricia J. Nichols

Dr. Leslie & Jane Pitts Walter & Ginny Rohr Ken Stewart & Mary Louise Caffrey

Elliot $5,000-9,999

Jill Batty & Daryl Stutes Judith A. Boule, MD Don Caruso, MD & Nancy E. Johnson, MD CMH Foundation Robert & Susie Cochrane Cindi & Rich Coughlin Richard & Patricia Dugger Edward J. Eason Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Englund Fenton Family Dealerships Mark A. & Barbara A. Gavin Doug & Julie Green Cynthia & Matthew Guiltinan, MD Valerie & Steve Horton Jay & Cheryl Kahn Judy & Rich Kalich Michael & Tricia Kapiloff Jennifer & Gerard Kiernan, MD The Kingsbury Fund Jeffrey B. Miller & Carol MacKinnon Paul & Sharon Pezone Sandie Phipps & Tom Casey Dr. & Mrs. James A. Robinson Mary & Robert Rooney, Sr. Jeff & Linda Rubin George W. Scott, Jr. & Charlotte Guyer Rebecca & Harneet Sethi, MD Lynn & Arthur Simington, MD Jane & David Stabler

Mary & James Suozzi, DO Dr. & Mrs. Kimball Temple Gregg & Julie Tewksbury Christine H. Weeks

Monadnock $2,500-4,999

Anonymous (1) Cheryl Belair & Stephen Bragdon Clark-Mortenson Insurance John A. Curtis, MD Robert Guardiano, DO & Sherry Guardiano, DO Greg Hansen, MD & Deb Hansen, MD Lavallee Brensinger Architects Steven Levene, MD & Susan Peters Gregory & Susan McConahey Ambassador & Mrs. J.C. Petrone Chuck & Vanessa Prigge Eileen & Michael Sarson, MD Connie & John Schlegelmilch, MD Dr. Andrew Tremblay & Dr. Suzanne Nabi-Tremblay Peter & Suzanne Whittemore

Granite $1,000-2,499

Anonymous (1) Dollie E. Ash Bill & Kathy Baldasaro John Butterly, MD & Lynn Butterly, MD Ann T. Hackett† Audrey Lathrup Hadcock Dennis & Evelyn Huston Mason J. O. Klinck Sr. Drew & Carol Landry

If we have omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly recorded your name, please accept our sincere apology and notify us at (603) 354-6810. To learn more about where future gifts can help, visit www.cheshirehealthfoundation.org.


Jane & Steven Larmon, MD Liberty Mutual Insurance Amy W. Matthews Michael L. Ormont, MD Anne & Roy Piper Jim Janetos & Dale Pollack, MD Thomas & Barbara Putnam Franz Reichsman, MD Patti & Gregory Seymour, MD Jane P. Skofield Barbara Taft

Ashuelot $500-999

Anonymous (2) Mike & Kathy Chelstowski Ron & Barbara Coburn Thomas Cochran, MD & Alexis Cochran, MD Arthur E. Cohen, MD Susan Doyle Claire Fabian MD & John Fabian, Ph.D Kathryn R. Frazier Maich Gardner & Ed Tomey Julius & Doris Hof Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Jaeger Carroll Johnson Margaret A. Johnson Ken & Carol Jue The Kapadia Family Jim & Joy Koontz Charles & Bianca Kuhn Giselle & Carlo LaScala, MD Peter Malloy Radek Masner, MD Larry & Mary Milliron

Jose T. Montero, MD Mary Lou & Charles Montgomery, MD Lisa Profetto, APRN & Eric Goodman, APRN Mary & Darrell Rauwerdink, MD Robert Ritchie Kary Shumway Cynthia Sieracki Michael Davern & Marni Silverstein, MD Norma & Bill Slanetz Katherine Snow & Paul Ledell Fran & Fred Szmit Gary & Susan Tochterman

Elm $250-499

Anonymous (2) Tracy & Mike Beam Bill & Susan Beauregard James & Beverly Boden Julia Booras Mary J. Booras Bill & Betsy Cotter Jane B. Cunningham The Delaney Family Thomas & Christine Doane Jacqueline K. Dubriske Caroline & Thomas Ewing Eileen Fernandes & Carolyn Crane Lisa & George Foote, Jr. Leslie Goldman, APRN & Matthew Peake, MD J. Michael Gomarlo Carrie & Steve Hoffman, DMD Maryanne B. Keating † deceased

Report of Contributions July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 Liz & Harry Lajoie Charles & Sheila Lennon Michelle & Richard Penna Prime, Buchholz & Associates, Inc. RiverMead Cindy Rodenhauser Stewart & Tom Stewart Anna L. Ruelle, DPM & David Chase Mark & Patricia Salsbury Chris Simons & Jack Schraeter James & Catherine Talbert Sandra Van De Kauter & John N. Walter, Jr., MD Joseph & Judith Walier Lorraine & Joseph Youngs

Stone Arch $100-249

Anonymous (4) Cynthia Adams Dorothy R. Arwe Janet I. Aug, OD James & Irene Barnes James & Joan Bensinger Holley & Jacques Blanchet, MD Eugene V. Bowman Kelly Brown Megan Burke Kidder Cheryl Burrows Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Capobianco Susan Carlson Harriette H. Carter Bruce & Janet Chamberlin Carrie & Ross Cocklin Peter Coffin Gregory Connolly Jack & Nancy Crawford Thomas Dobson Dennis Donegan Douglas Company, Inc Rudolph Fedrizzi, MD & Heidi F. Rinehart, MD Marilyn & A. Gary Freeman, MD† George & Jane Freund Alice & Mark Funk, MD Maria J. Goodman Mitchell & Erika Greenwald Helen Hale Brian, Anne, Michael & Nicholas Hall Ray Hall Meloney & Mark Hayward Paul & Sussan Henkel Richard High & Joyce Clark Glen & Susan Hipple Abrahm & Tisha Howe Anne E. Huot, PhD & Joanne Cepelak, PhD Cecille Ingalls The Insurance Source, Inc. IPG Employee Benefits Charles T. Jackson Carl B. Jacobs, Sr. Karen P. Johnson Kapiloff Insurance Agency, Inc. Risa & Douglas Keene, MD Mary & Kevin Killelea Edward A. & Mary K. Kingsbury Sandra Kingsbury

Sarah & Adam Kossayda Suzanne LaCroix Anna G. Laffond Isabel K. Lane Robert & Lois Langlais Jeffrey Lapid Angela Lefebvre Charles & Carolyn Loos Malcolm & Barbara MacKenzie Maine Quality Counts David & Louise Malcolm Peter & Sharon Mangan Sue & Jim Margraf, MD Jane & Donald Mazanowski, MD Justin & Kassie Mazzillo Katherine McLaughlin Joan Meltzer Michael & Diane Metell Larry R. Miller, CRNA Helene & Chris Mogridge Suzanne & Roland Nadeau Mr. Errold & Dr. Tina Nelson Meena Neva Elizabeth Olmstead Anthony & Judith Olson, MD Erin Perkins & Gary Scott Evelyn Pollack Louise & Dan Rath, MD Debra & Douglas Redfield, MD John Roper Greg W. Rothman, MD & Linda B. Singer, MD Lara & Jon Routhier David & Janet Royer Eleanor C. Russell John & Valerie Santos William & Jane Seamans Diane Sette, APRN Jane & Gary Shapiro, MD Terri Skantze Frank Sloat William & Janet Smedley Richard E. Smith Audrey & Russell Starkey Bill Starkey

Craig Stockwell & Sarah J. Mustin Alan & Melissa Stroshine Jeanie M. Sy Chris & Lisa Tkal Joan & Mark Van Saun Janice Walker Steve & Leah Walsh David Wood, MD Norman E. Woodward Ellen M. Wright Joanne Yankura, CRNA Elizabeth Zinn

Community to $99

Anonymous (7) Mary Adams Joseph & Carrolla Alger Barrie & Terri Almond Charles & Liz Anderson Leif & Deb Arvidson Marilyn Baker Lin Banek Jill Beam David Bell Bergeron Construction Company, Inc. Thomas J. Bergin, Jr. Kenneth & Lynn Bergman Kristen & Jean-Pierre Bernier Arthur & Bea Boufford Margretta & Mark Bromley Judith & Franklin Buffum Marilyn Burday Dana J. Carley Alice T. Caswell William H. Chabot Robert & Barbara Chartier Barbara & William Chase, MD Arthur & Lorraine Croteau Edson & Virginia Deangelis Mary Delisle & George Foskett Carol D. Despres Patty & Charlie Farmer Susan Farrell William & Linda Faulkner

David & Betty Ferner Donald & Paula Flemming Anne Francisco Wayne M. Gagnon Martha W. Gilroy, APRN Jeffrey Goller Cathy Gray Beverly J. Griffin Jacob & Henryka Haberman Susan & Richard Hale Richard & Marian Hamilton Jennifer Hanrahan Kathleen Harrington Jill & Bruce Hart Joanne Hayward Martha & Vaughan Hennum Susan A. Hood Jessica Horton Mark Horton, MD & Heather Lesage-Horton Clarence & Ritva Houghton Jane Howe Terri Hudson Fred & Patricia Hughes Debra M. Hunter Stephen Ide Kate Ingram, APRN Michael & Lynn Jablonski Raymond & Dorothy Jobin Judy & Stephen Jones, PhD Keene State College Geraldine Keith Lamprey Health Care, Inc. Marion LeFrancois John & Joan Little Warren J. Little Doug & Kathleen Lowe Ann & Ray Mahoney Robert March Roger & Judith Martin Wade & Katrina Masure, APRN Alan H. Merrill, Jr. John & Polly Moyle Kathleen D. Nikiforakis Earl & Esther Norris

Frederick & Harriet Norris Scott & Judith Northcott Fred S. Parker† Norman Parkhurst, Sr. Jean Pearce Andrea L. Pearson, MD Kelsey Plifka Lori & Stanley Plifka Judith Putzel Sandra & David Raabe Wendy Rafford Marci & Michael Richards James E. & Gail Robertson Bruce Rokes Walter Schillemat Michelle, Claire & Gabrielle Schuerman, APRN Patricia & Michael Schuman Hugh Shelley Walter & Carolyn Shelley Julie Simpson Stella S. Sise Stacey L. Somerset Cathy J. Sorenson Steve & Terry Stepenuck William & Barbara Stevens Sally E. Stockwell David & Nancy Stone Nathaniel Stout & Sharon Price Joan Taylor Cameron M. Tease Martha J. Tenney Denise C. Thomas Marc P. Tieger Joseph & Patricia Tonweber Beth & Joe Truman Alei Verdi Nancy & David Vesco Nancy & Paul Vincent George & Jean Walthour Elinor M. West John J. Wright John & Gail Wrigley Philip Wyzik Raymond & Joan Young

Cutting the ribbon for the renovated Emergency Department is State Senator Molly Kelly (center) along with Paul Pezone, Vice President of Clinical and Support Services (left) and Amy Matthews, BNS, RN, Senior Director of Patient Care Services (right) at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene.


Message from the

Chair A

s I begin my term as Chair of the Board of Trustees, gratitude is the theme of my message. Gratitude for a community’s generosity, and gratitude for staff, physicians and associate providers who through their work are improving the health of our region.

It is with deep gratitude that we thank the many contributors to our Initiative for Community Wellness, which successfully raised $2.3 million for the renovation of our Emergency Department and expansion of our award-winning Healthy Monadnock 2020. Your investment has enabled us to meet the increasingly complex and challenging emergency care needs of our community as well as expand our efforts to keep our region healthy by focusing on improved health and safety in the places where we live, learn, work and play. Your generosity ensures that the highest level of health is achieved for all residents by broadening access to high-quality health care, and by reducing the need for medical treatment. This year brought a change to the Office of the President with Art Nichols’ decision to retire. After intensive succession planning, Don Caruso, MD, MPH was named Chief Executive Officer of the Cheshire Medical Center and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene campus. We want to acknowledge and thank Art for his 27 years of service and leadership to Cheshire Medical Center, first as Chief Financial Officer, and then as President/CEO. Art’s accomplishments are many, including working with the Board of Trustees through an intensive strategic planning

process that culminated in a closer affiliation with Dartmouth-Hitchcock. There was no greater champion of this strategic direction than Art, who worked closely with Dartmouth-Hitchcock through Cheshire Medical Center’s Joint Operating Agreement. Last March our affiliation with Dartmouth-Hitchcock was approved by state and federal regulatory bodies. We know well the values and patient-centered culture of the DartmouthHitchcock system. A highlight of the closer affiliation is the work that has begun to enhance Cheshire Medical Center’s capabilities to become a Regional Referral Center, which means patients in our secondary service areas requiring hospitalization will now be closer to home. This effort will also maximize the resources of our medical campus. I would like to thank my predecessor, Sylvia McBeth, for her service as Chair. The work of the Board of Trustees during her two-year term was appreciable, and Sylvia’s leadership and dedication were fundamental to accomplishing the Board’s strategic objectives. On behalf of the Board we are grateful for: staff who are available 24/7 to care for our patients, and the generosity of hundreds of individuals, businesses and foundations who contributed to the Initiative for Community Wellness.

Gregg R. Tewksbury, Chair, Board of Trustees

Appreciation for 27 Years of Service and Dedication: Arthur W. Nichols, President/CEO, Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene, retired on October 31, 2015. The patients and employees of CMC/DHK are grateful for Art’s legacy of leadership, inspiration and commitment to our community and our organization. His vision has advanced our efforts to become a sustainable healthcare system for the Monadnock Region.


Statement of Operations BILLED OTHER SOURCES

Statistics 12 Months Ending June 30, 2015

Admissions.......................3,678 Newborns.......................... 448 Emergency Department visits ......................... 24,194

Twelve Months Ending June 30, 2015 (in thousands of dollars) BILLED OUPATIENT CARE


Billed for services to our patients: Care for inpatients................................................................................................... 91,802 Services for outpatients......................................................................................... 304,882 Received from other sources............................................................................................... 3,945 (Includes income from incidental services, investments of previous charitable gifts and unrestricted gifts from hospital donors) Total from all sources:..................................................................................................... 400,629 Amounts billed but not received: Government programs and BILLED BUT NOT commercial contractual agreements.................................................................... 235,501 RECEIVED FROM BILLED BUT NOT From patients unable to pay PATIENTS UNABLE RECEIVED FROM TO PAY THEIR DEBT GOVERNMENT and bad debt............................................................................................................ 12,484 PROGRAMS AND COMMERCIAL CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENTS

Therefore, we actually received revenue from patient care and other services of:......................................................................... 152,644

Surgical cases....................3,911 Inpatient......................581 Outpatient..................3,330 Physician and professional provider visits........... 313,792 Endoscopies, Colonoscopies....4,367 Pain Clinic procedures...........1,553 Imaging exams................ 87,680 Laboratory tests.......... 1,540,815 Physical therapy and other outpatient treatments.... 126,982 Respiratory therapy treatments ......................... 21,337


Our costs included amounts: DEPRECIATION, INTEREST To pay our employees and physicians.................................................................... 78,381 To pay our suppliers and vendors........................................................................... 55,590 To operate the building, depreciation and pay interest....................................................................................................... 14,302 Resulting in total costs for patient care and other services:................................................................................................... 148,273 COSTS TO PAY SUPPLIERS AND VENDORS


Residual earnings intended for use to reinvest in our community’s health care:.......................................................................................... 4,371 Payment of the state Medicaid Enhancement Tax.................................................. 6,790 Net loss from operations: ................................................................................................ (2,419)


EKG/EEG tests................ 12,659 Sleep lab........................... 411 Meals served................ 311,888 Pounds of laundry processed............... 1,026,688 Volunteer hours............... 16,855

Medical Staff Don Caruso, MD, MPH, CEO/ President, Chief Medical Officer

Medical Directors

Latasha Heape, CRNA Larry Miller, CRNA Kristin Rossi, CRNA Joanne Yankura, CRNA

Leslie Pitts, MD, Medical Director, Ambulatory Care Services Cherie Holmes, MD, Medical Director, Acute Care Services Andrew Tremblay, MD, Associate Medical Director - Quality


Honorary Staff

Alan Opsahl, MD Todd Silberstein, DO Robert Spencer, MD Tammy Simpkins, APRN

Alex Bonica, MD Joanne Bulley, MD William Chase, MD Arthur Cohen, MD Robert Englund, MD John Fraunfelder, MD Gilbert Fuld, MD Teng Go, MD H. Roger Hansen, MD Eric Herr, MD Richard James, MD James Margraf, MD Gary Murata, MD William Moyle, MD Claire Naylor, MD Jeffrey Newcomer, MD Dan Rath, MD James Robinson, MD Theodore Ruel, MD John Schlegelmilch, MD Charles Schofield, MD Arthur Simington, MD Richard Stein, MD Kimball Temple, MD David Wood, MD

Officers President Judith Boule, MD Vice President Jennifer DiNubila, DO Secretary Gerard Kiernan, MD

Allergy/ Immunology Sarah Taylor-Black, MD

Anesthesiology Mark Horton, MD Carlo LaScala, MD John Marty, DO Thomas Provost, DO Darrell Rauwerdink, MD Douglas Redfield, MD Joanne Eden, CRNA

Karen Dale, CCC-A Bernadette Quinn, MC, CCC-A


Dermatology Robert Guardiano, DO Andrea Pearson, MD Gregory Seymour, MD Kristen Chapin, APRN

Emergency Medicine Steven Boutrus, MD Jacques Blanchet, MD Alexis Cochran, MD Thomas Cochran, MD John Curtis, MD Steven Friese, MD Gregory Hansen, MD Thomas Hennigan, MD Alison Kapadia, MD Kendra Larkin, MD Matthew Murray, MD Andrea Plaskiewicz, MD Franz Reichsman, MD Harneet Sethi, MD James Suozzi, DO Ian Symons, MD George Terwilliger, MD Danny Ballentine, PA-C Allison Ellia, PA-C Elisa Lafayette, PA-C Robin Liston, PA-C Matthew Nichols, PA-C Josh Rosenblum, PA-C Richard Fletcher, APRN Douglas MacNeil, APRN Brianna Seaver, APRN

Endocrinology Lara Levin, MD Melanie Presnell, APRN

Family Medicine


Barbara Bates, MD Joseph Capobianco, MD Eric Canzanello, DO Don Caruso, MD, MPH Suzanne Coble, MD Robert Cochran, MD Rachel Croteau, DO Remeline Damasco, MD Carl DeMatteo, MD Sharon Ferguson, DO David Hall, MD Jo Ann Hertford, MD Michael Kasschau, MD Christopher LaRocca, MD Carrie Lundeen-Young, MD Donald Mazanowski, MD Suzanne Nabi, MD Leslie Pitts, MD Sheila Ramanathan, DO Brian Reilly, MD, Maplewood Heather Shafer, MD Gary Shapiro, MD, Maplewood Joshua Toll, MD William Toms, MD Andrew Tremblay, MD Alexandra Van Dyck, MD John Walter, MD David Segal, PA-C Amaris Weller, PA-C Emily Delldonna, APRN Theresa Desilets, APRN Martha Gilroy, APRN, Nursing Homes Leslie Goldman, APRN Katrina Masure, APRN Currier Neily, APRN Lisa Profetto, APRN Carol Putnam, APRN Pamela Rosen, APRN Gabrielle Schuerman, APRN Kathryn Scoville, APRN Diane Sette, APRN

Lisa Leinau, MD Kathleen Miller, MD

Gastroenterology Jennifer DiNubila, DO Andrew Gorske, MD Matthew Rockacy, MD Frederick Spin, MD Otto Trinkl, MD

Hospitalists Haris Bilal, MD Judith Boule, MD Remeline Damasco, MD Matthew Guiltinan, MD Helen Heneghan, MD, Mary Hofreiter, MD Gerard Kiernan, MD John LaPadula, DO Radek Masner, MD Sandeep Randhawa, MD James Stauber, MD Carl Szot, MD Nancy Benda, PA-C Catherine Ingram, APRN

Infectious Disease A. David Lein, MD

Nephrology Jeffrey Blomstedt, MD Michael Plager, MD R. Challapalli Sri, MD

Neurology Valerie Gendron, MD Randall Long, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology Karen Bradley, MD Timothy Fisher, MD Heidi Rinehart, MD Lisa Stolper, MD Marion Boardman, CNM Sarah Ellsworth, CNM Mary Jane Greenwood, CNM Brandie Porter, CNM Lindsey Cushing, APRN Ann Lent, APRN

Occupational Health

General Surgery

Karoline Kimball, MD Maria Powers, APRN

H.E. Guy Burman, MD Michael Ormont, MD Moira Lawlor, PA-C

Oncology/ Hematology


Steven Larmon, MD Letha Mills, MD James Nickerson, MD

Robert Pritchard, MD Arvind Randhawa, MD Jill Winslow, MD Sarah Colson, APRN

Ophthalmology Lawrence Jaeger, MD Basilio Kalpakian, MD Dale Pollack, MD Janet Aug, OD

Orthopaedics Paul Bettinger, MD Cherie Holmes, MD

Gregory Leather, MD Anthony Presutti, MD Mark Silbey, MD Payson Ayer-Dufner, PA-C Susan Maydwell, PA-C Michael Olm, PA-C Timothy Stilwell, PA-C Stacy Zickl, PA-C

Deborah Hansen, MD Jessica Payton, MD Geraldine Rubin, MD Malinda Scherpa, MD Marni Silverstein, MD Eric Goodman, APRN


Paul Koutras, MD John Ditri, MD Steven Levene, MD Nancy Johnson, MD Tina Nelson, MD Greg Rothman, MD, Internal Medicine Michael Sarson, MD

(Ear, Nose & Throat)

Paul Righi, MD Donald Wilson, MD Joseph Cameron, PA-C

Pain Center Mark Horton, MD Nancy Johnson, MD Judith Olson, MD, Acupuncture

Pathology Carrie Cocklin, MD Claire Fabian, MD

Pediatrics Patricia Campbell, DO Kathleen Fisher, MD

Amanda Hitchings, PsyD Heather Shlosser, APRN

Pulmonary Adebanke Davis, MD Shweta Gupta, MD

Physical Medicine & Radiology Rehabilitation



Paul Fachada, DPM Heidi Newkirk, DPM Jonathan Pattavina, DPM Anna Ruelle, DPM Serena Shomody, DPM Anaka Nunnink, APRN

Todd Daugherty, MD Todd Dombrowski, MD Sherry Guardiano, DO Whitney Patterson, APRN


Mark Funk, MD Thomas McNamara, MD G. Forrest Quimby, MD

Joseph Bergman, MD Lisa Lambert, MD Judith Olson, MD Marcia Pabo, MD Thomas Stearns, PhD


Walk-In Care Marika Ostroski, MD Judith Carpenter, APRN Adina Hebert, APRN Margaret Kelly, APRN Cameron Spivey, APRN

Courtesy Medical Staff Eric Belin, MD, Dermatology Frederick Bruch, MD, Hospital Medicine James DeVries, MD, Cardiology Evelyn Fleming, MD, Gynecology/ Oncology Glen P. Greenough, MD, Sleep Medicine Paul Hanissian, MD, Gynecology/ Urogynecology Daniel Herrick, MD, Sleep Medicine Stefan Holubar, MD, General Surgery Brooke G. Judd, MD, Sleep Medicine Mark S. Kegel, MD, Obstetrics/ Gynecology Bianca J. Lang, MD, Sleep Medicine Craig A. Rinder, MD, Urology Eva Marie Rzucidlo, MD, Vascular Surgery

BACK ROW, LEFT to RIGHT: Gregory Leather, MD; Michael Ormont, MD; Moira Lawlor, PA-C; Karen Bradley, MD; Arvind Randhawa, MD FRONT ROW, LEFT to RIGHT: Joseph Cameron, PA-C; Claire Fabian, MD; Stacy Zickl, PA-C; Michael Olm, PA-C; Brandie Porter, CNM


Adam Sorscher, MD, Sleep Medicine Dale Vidal, MD, Plastic Surgery W. Bradley White, MD, Orthopaedics Jeffrey A Young, MD, Radiation Oncology

Courtesy Dental Staff Henry Ford, DMD Blake Wullbrandt, DMD, Pediatrics

Oral Surgery Charles Henry, DDS Leonard Weldon, DDS

Affiliate Staff Peter Griesbach, DDS Thomas Hillebrand, DMD David Levene, MD Craig McBeth, DMD Victor Pantesco, PsyD

Acupuncture Allergy/Immunology Anesthesiology Audiology Bariatric Surgery Cardiology Dermatology Dietitian Services Ear, Nose & Throat Emergency Medicine Endocrinology Family Medicine Gastroenterology Geriatrics Gynecology Hospital Medicine Infectious Disease Internal Medicine Laboratory Lactation Lifeline Mammography Nephrology Neurology Obstetrics & Nurse Midwifery Occupational Health Oncology Ophthalmology Optical Shop Orthopaedics Pain Center Palliative Care Pathology Pediatrics Pharmacy Physiatry Physical Therapy Plastic Surgery Podiatry Psychiatry Pulmonary Medicine Radiology Rehabilitation Services Research Rheumatology Sleep Center Sports Medicine Surgery Telestroke Travel Clinic Urology Walk-In Care

“I am so grateful to this community for the opportunity I have had to be a part of the development of our superior regional cancer center and the continued high-quality and value care we have been able to give here. I want to thank the patients, families and physicians of the region who have entrusted me with the care of themselves and loved ones. It has been a privilege and a true great joy. I have absolutely loved my career here.� Steven Larmon, MD

Dr. Steven Larmon, his wife, Jane and their dog, Bacon.

580-590 Court Street Keene, NH 03431 www.cheshiremed.org 603-354-5400 For further information about CMC/DHK, please contact the Communications Department.


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2014-2015 Annual Report to the Community  

2014-2015 Annual Report to the Community  

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