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Winter 2017

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From the Chair As winter’s blanket silently spreads across our land, we can take stock of the achievements and gifts of the preceding year and look forward to the renewal of energy in the year to come.

Winter 2017

Volume 55 / Issue 1 02 From the President 04 CMCC News

Stories of achievements and renewal at CMCC and among our alumni fill these pages with the likes of the new Life Sciences and Human Performance Laboratories on campus; leading edge developments in Clinical Simulation technology and CMCC’s faculty presence at the SimOne conference; our alumni abroad advancing chiropractic scholarship in Israel; and the venerable Dr. Howard Vernon who recently received the illustrious Homewood Fellowship award.

05 Out of Africa

Part of the renewal process is a new cycle of continuing education requirements for chiropractors across Canada. As a member of CMCC, you have access to substantial savings on high quality and highly relevant education programs to keep you informed and up to date. Continuing education is the gift that keeps on giving.

08 Happy landing in Alberta

On a personal note, I will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of my graduation from CMCC in June 2017 at Homecoming and I’m looking forward to a great weekend full of stories of adventures in chiropractic from across the country over a quarter of a century. Perhaps I’ll see you there. I hope you enjoy this edition of Primary Contact and I look forward to great times ahead for CMCC.

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David Gryfe, DC, FRCCSS(C)

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From the President "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." Sydney J. Harris

David Wickes, DC, MA

I recently returned from the World Federation of Chiropractic’s Educational Conference in Montreal. This conference, “Chiropractors: Training Tomorrow’s Spine Care Experts,” began as a joint CMCC-UQTR initiative. When we learned of interest by the WFC and the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) in the conference, we decided to make it a collaborative effort. This resulted in an excellent program, higher attendance than is typical for the WFC/ACC educational conferences, and considerable accolades from the attendees. CMCC faculty members and researchers were well represented, delivering over a dozen papers, moderated sessions

and poster presentations. In March 2017, a major conference (DC2017) is being jointly held in Washington, DC, combining the 14th Biennial WFC Congress, the 24th Annual ACC Research Agenda Conference and the American Chiropractic Association’s National Chiropractic Leadership Conference. I’ve just been notified by the conference organizers that CMCC will have an impressive scientific presence at that conference, with a dozen platform presentations, nine poster presentations, and three workshops accepted for the program. Fall typically brings an opportunity for me to attend many of the provincial annual general meetings, although unfortunately some of


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"A wise system of education will at last teach us how little man yet knows, how much he has still to learn." John Lubbock

these are scheduled for the same weekend. This year I was fortunate to be able to attend the Maritime Conference and Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors AGM in Halifax, the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors AGM in Red Deer, the New Brunswick Chiropractors' Association AGM in Moncton, and the AGMs for the British Columbia Chiropractic Association and the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia in Vancouver. In each of these cities, CMCC hosted receptions for alumni and friends, providing a relaxed setting for interaction and information sharing. Most recently I attended the CCA Chair Affair gala and the Ontario Chiropractic Association’s AGM and holiday gala

here in Toronto. Early in 2017, I’ll be jetting off to Manitoba to greet our alumni there. Although I end up spending quite a bit of time away from CMCC and home, getting the opportunity to see you, to hear about the great things happening in chiropractic across Canada, and to tell you about the amazing accomplishments of CMCC is wonderful. We had a splendid fall and are getting ready for a great new year at CMCC. We’ve already closed the application cycle for the next entering class. We received over 675 applications and will spend the next few months selecting another highly qualified and motivated class of students.

Our strategic planning process is coming to an end and I look forward to implementing some amazing changes for our students, employees, patients, collaborators and alumni. We have a great institution, a solid foundation, a wonderful global reputation and great support from our alumni and friends. I looking forward to working with all of you in 2017. CMCC's 2015-2016 Annual Report can be found online at The Annual Report offers an overview of our finances and highlights some of the exciting changes and accomplishments we have made over the year.


CMCC News CMCC attends SimOne Conference

Representatives from CMCC’s Simulation Lab attended the SimOne conference held in Toronto October 5 through 7, 2016 Drs. Brynne Stainsby, Nadine Elleul, Steve Lester, and David Starmer showcased the Force Sensing Table Technology (FSTT™) and the potential role the simulation lab could play in preparing interdisciplinary teams in working most effectively during crisis. Drs. Lester, Starmer and Steve Tran attended the conference, presented the work, demonstrating the technology of the tables and fielding questions about interprofessional training. According to Starmer, the conference was energizing and CMCC received good exposure to diverse health care professions. “CMCC is the only institution using these simulation lab tools for manual therapy training and our work with the technology has attracted a lot of attention from

different universities and colleges. Although SimOne is Ontario-based, it is rapidly becoming known worldwide,” he says. “There is little evidence of others doing simulation training for professionals in multidisciplinary office settings in the private sector,” says Starmer. "Many different health care professionals come together in those settings, but none have interprofessional education (IPE) specific for collaborating. Usually IPE and simulation training is set up for hospitals and emergency situations, so CMCC’s presence highlighted the void within wider multidisciplinary private clinic settings that include manual therapists. CMCC could become a key player in filling that gap. It is hard enough scheduling two different professions within one institution, never mind that of different professions from different institutions. The scheduling practicalities are a large obstacle to overcome but this interest is growing each year.”

Dr. Howard Vernon receives A.E. Homewood Fellowship Award

Dr. Howard Vernon (Class of ’77) was honoured with the Dr. A. E. Homewood Memorial Professorship Award at this year’s celebratory dinner for the staff and faculty on September 19. The Homewood Award recognizes a member of the academic community who has shown, over a number of years, a dedication to the principles and philosophy of health care through chiropractic as professed by Dr. Homewood. Vernon says he appreciates the award because he had attended CMCC while Dr. Homewood was still present, and held him in high regard. “I met him while I was a CMCC student, and he had actually written a book, that is really a seminal book in chiropractic, which was a big part of my personal education,” he says. “It is very nice to be linked back to someone that was so important during my student years.”


Out of Africa between this international experience and others in that Canadian volunteers are both clinic manager and head clinician, given their level of education. She reported feeling very safe on her own and remarked on the warmth of the villagers as well as the comfortable stay at the Treehouse B & B. Mayberry returned in December, calling her time in Tanzania incomparable to any other experience she has had. “It was eye opening to work with patients from a very different culture and to be able to immerse myself in their environment,” says Mayberry. “It was also amazing to see the differences I could make in these patients’ lives through treatment and education. It was also very humbling to see cases where my help was limited and I had to really think outside of the box.”

Dr. Ian Vana with the "Kanyama crew," on his last day at the clinic

Class of 2016 graduates Drs. Ian Vana, Rosanna Cheng and Kayla Mayberry diversified their treatment experience through volunteering at GPN Clinics in Tanzania. Arriving in stages, the three doctors took turns running the clinics through December. Vana and Cheng saw the opening of the second clinic in Kanyama, while Mayberry took over operations of the two clinics during her time there, from fall through December. Here they share some of their impressions of their time abroad.

Drs. Rosanna Cheng and Kayla Mayberry on safari in Tanzania

“The three months I spent in Tanzania with GPN have been an adventure and a challenge,” says Vana. “I have learned an incredible amount about what I can do to help people. This experience in Tanzania has definitely taught me how much I can really do with just my hands and simple education to help reduce and prevent pain. I have a new and deep seated appreciation for our health care system in Canada!" Stopping by CMCC upon her return, Cheng spoke about the differences

GPN has recently been awarded a generous grant from LUSH Cosmetics to support 'GPN Clean Water,' a program aimed at reducing water-borne disease by promoting SODIS - solar disinfection of water. SODIS is a cheap and highly accessible technology which involves placing ground water or rain water in PET bottles (such as those used for pop, plentiful in Tanzania) and placing the bottles in the sun. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun passes through PET bottles without degrading them, and kills microbes responsible for water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever. Rural communities in Tanzania seldom have access to safe drinking water, and water-borne diseases are major killers, especially of children. Learn more about GPN's work through their website at



In the Community Dr. Jillian Drouin Dr. Jillian Drouin (Class of ‘13) was welcomed to the Board of Directors of AthletesCAN this past November. Drouin also sits on the Board for Athletics Canada and is a member of Athletics Canada’s Athlete Council. Drouin is a track and field athlete who competed at an elite level in the heptathlon and high jump for more than a decade and has represented Canada at numerous elite competitions including both the Commonwealth Games and the Pan American Games. She is also a two-time national champion

in the high jump and heptathlon. Drouin practices at Corunna Chiropractic and Massage in Corunna, Ontario. Patrick Vellner among the fittest of the fit Congratulations to CMCC Year II student Patrick Vellner who finished in third place internationally in the Reebok CrossFit Games held in California in July. Contestants competed in 15 wide ranging sports over five days, including running, swimming, power lifting, gymnastics, rope

climbing and pushing weight sleds of up to 310 lbs. Before receiving international recognition, Vellner participated in a live competition from among the world’s 17 CrossFit regions. Coming in as one of the top five competitors, he was selected to compete for the championships in Carson, California. It was there that Vellner placed third overall. He intends to continue training and entering the CrossFit competitions again next year and is optimistic about combining his workload at CMCC with his physical training.


Iran hospital invites CMCC student to speak about chiropractic

Originally from Tehran, Iran, Year II student Arvin Sepahdoost travelled back to visit family this summer and to accept an invitation to speak to staff at Rofeideh Rehabilitation Hospital about chiropractic. His father is a cardiologist in Tehran, so health care has been part of the context of his family life. Arvin gravitated towards chiropractic so he could apply his knowledge of biology and biomechanics to work in a field to assist people, but without the critical care aspect. Although chiropractic has a relatively generous scope of practice in Iran, it is still a new profession and there are few chiropractors in the country. Presenting during what would typically be grand rounds; he spoke

to medical doctors, physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, speech therapists, psychologists and nurses about chiropractic and spinal manipulation. “They were interested in learning what it could offer patients. They had questions about what chiropractic treated and those with specializations asked me how chiropractic could help their patients. For example, a speech therapist asked me about TMJ manipulation and a psychologist asked me about how much psychological wellbeing might impact chiropractic treatment or recovery.�

have to be thoroughly versed in medical knowledge in the event that something that presents like an MSK issue is actually something else.

Patients have the choice to see a specialist or a generalist. Unlike Canada, medical doctors are not gatekeepers in Iran, so chiropractors and other specialists

Sepahdoost has been invited to return and looks forward to speaking with hospital staff again at the end of Year II when he hopes to be able to address more of their questions.

The Iranian Chiropractic Association (ICA) was formed about 15 years ago, says Sepahdoost. Afterward, the medical establishment granted chiropractors the rights to treat within an MSK context and to order appropriate tests such as blood workups, diagnosing imaging, etc. ICA develops the Iranian board exams that chiropractors must pass to practice in the country.



Happy landing in Alberta; a couple takes two different pathways to chiropractic

Jonathan and Emily Marshall had the perfect plan. They moved to Toronto together so that Emily could attend CMCC. Jonathan worked and supported them while she devoted her time to chiropractic studies. Wanting to start their family young, Emily had their first daughter, Violet, in Year IV and right after graduation, landed a position as an associate so she could support Jonathan, who was accepted to CMCC the year after she graduated. Seamless. Speaking to the impressive couple, you quickly have a sense of the depth

of their planning, commitment, and good fortune. By purchasing a busy practice in a small hub town Peace River, AB, Emily is helping the family pay down their school debt and laying the groundwork for their future. In the meantime, Jonathan is completing his clinical year. Both continue to be good-natured and positive about their future. Their second child, Tessa, was born this past April. Although their planning seems to put a project manager to shame, it didn’t happen quite that way, says Emily.

As a former Team Canada gymnast, she had seen a chiropractor (Dr. Frazer Smith, Smith Falls, Class of ‘97) for treatment and had been inspired to pursue the same avenue. Jonathan had followed his love of history and political science and had not pursued a path in science. It was during his time in Toronto that he met Emily’s friends and learned more about chiropractic while also being treated by Dr. Dinos Tsolakidis (Class of ’97), that he began to see his own future emerging. His final decision to become a chiropractor coincided with Emily’s pregnancy.


[Jonathan] had his admissions interview with CMCC the day before their first daughter was born.

He had his admissions interview with CMCC the day before their first daughter was born. Emily, who had planned to return to the couple’s hometown of Smith Falls, ON, found a wonderful associateship with Dr. Cecile Thackeray (Class of ’85), the result of her own research and a referral through mentor Dr. Liz Anderson Peacock (Class of ’86). Coincidentally, Dr. Thackeray was the business partner of Dr. Frank Sovinsky (Palmer, Class of ’81), the deciding voice in Jonathan’s decision to study chiropractic. “The podcast interview with Dr. Frank was the tipping point, it provided that push that I needed to finally commit to returning to school.”

Dr. Thackeray, a chiropractic mentor, provided Emily with a solid foundation for opening her own practice. “She recommended books and gave me the opportunity to manage staff. It really prepared me.” Moving forward, the couple envisioned a life in Smith Falls, ON, where their children would grow up alongside their cousins. Tragedy necessitates change Just around the time that their second daughter was born, tragedy struck. Emily’s beloved father Dave Ryan, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive cancerous primary brain tumour. “He was a catalyst for our move back to Smith Falls. As a business man, he was going to help us with

our start,” says Jonathan, for whom Dave had been both an employer and long-time family friend. Smith Falls lost economic ground over the past few years when a factory closed down and again when the region closed the Rideau Regional Centre, a large facility for individuals with disabilities. “It put a lot of people out of work,” says Jonathan. “Emily and I began to wonder about the best path forward.” They wanted to ensure a solid future for their family, and secondly to find an opportunity to positively influence a rural community. They began to think back to a conversation Jonathan had with



Dr. Randy Vollrath (Parker, Class of ’99), a chiropractor from Alberta that he met at the annual Practice Opportunity event at CMCC. “His practice sounded very interesting at the time,” said Jonathan, “but we didn’t take it seriously because it was in Alberta and we were concentrating on a future in Ontario. But the more we reflected on it, the more worthwhile the opportunity sounded. Eventually, we called him and his wife and by the end of the conversation, we had agreed to visit Peace River, Alberta and investigate the opportunity.” A new future “After we landed in Peace River to visit, we met with Dr. Vollrath, had dinner together and returned to our hotel,” says Emily. “He asked us if we wanted to be introduced as the new owners or as visiting chiropractors, so we thought about it and said, “as the new owners.” “Peace River just felt like home,” said Jonathan. “This part of Alberta is quite flat but Peace River is in a valley. It’s about the same size as

where we grew up. It’s a hub town that attracts local farmers who live on the outskirts and the weather is similar to Smith Falls, which is close to Ottawa. It is cold in the winter and warm in the summer, but it’s a dry heat compared to the humidity of central Canada.” Emily loves the new clinic and has been implementing many of the business practices she learned from Dr. Thackeray. “I saw 40 new patients the first month.” She hired an office coordinator and made it possible for her to grow professionally with the practice. “Jordyn has been a great first employee,” says Emily, “she has been quick to catch on as the whole process from first phone call with Dr. Vollrath to first day of ownership happened in about seven weeks.” For the duration of the year, she is learning to balance the needs of her daughters with the demands of the new practice, while waiting for Jonathan to finish his internship and join her in the practice. He is incredibly proud of his wife and her

willingness to take on such a task. “It is hard on me not being there. She is up multiple times a night with our kids, operates and runs the clinic and moved across the country by herself. However, it does not surprise me. We met when we were young kids and Emily always had a drive and endless energy matched by only a few.” As for Jonathan, he is in a unique position as an intern married to an established chiropractor. “As students we all work through the first three years, waiting for our fourth year experience in clinic. For me, the experience is different in that I can already anticipate much about my future practice. I need to sit back, ground myself and try and learn as much as I can while still at CMCC without getting too far ahead of myself.” For now, Emily is managing the blessings of children and a busy clinic and Jonathan is anticipating joining her in summer in Peace River, a town where they feel very much at home.


WFC delivers successful conference

"The event sought to define what, in 2016, a spine care expert might look like..."

The 9th World Federation of Chiropractic / Association of Chiropractic Colleges (WFC ACC) Biennial Education Conference was hosted by the Université du Québec à Trois Rivières (UQTR) and CMCC October 19–22, 2016. The theme of the conference was Chiropractors: Training Tomorrow’s Spine Care Experts, reflecting the 2005 WFC Identity Statement that chiropractors are the spinal health care experts in the health care system. The event sought to define what, in 2016, a spine care expert might look like and how the curricula of the world’s chiropractic educational institutions might need to adapt in order to meet the expectations of the profession, patients, and society.

The conference has been touted as a great success, with over 160 delegates attending from most of the WFC’s world regions. Representatives of nearly 30 educational institutions were present as were those from examining boards, accreditation bodies, national chiropractic associations and students. The WFC ACC Education conference agenda provided a forum for all views to be expressed and both lively debates in the main hall and animated discussions at the breaks were testament to the topics covered in the program. As well as a wide range of plenary speakers, workshop sessions focused on the teaching and

learning of manual treatment skills and innovations in teaching and educational research. For the first time, papers accepted for poster and platform presentations were published in the Journal of Chiropractic Education and are searchable on PubMed. CMCC was well represented by delegates who presented work in which a host of CMCC faculty and employees participated. The consensus statements, developed during the conference by the delegates to guide the future of chiropractic, strongly reinforced the messages within CMCC presentations and highlighted qualities such as innovation, evidence based practices and the pursuit of excellence.



What’s next for research at CMCC? In 2015, CMCC’s Division of Research: • Submitted more than $35 million in letters of intent/grant applications • Published 73 peer-reviewed articles • Presented 67 studies • Received 18 awards and honours

Left to right: Drs. Brian Budgell, Julita Theordorczyk-Injeyan, Stephen Injeyan and Myroslava Kumka

Researchers in CMCC’s newly branded Life Sciences Laboratory and the Human Performance Laboratories further our understanding of basic sciences and the mechanics of motion, key to building a picture of how chiropractic treatment achieves its results and effects surrounding tissue on a macro and micro level. Filling in the gaps in our current knowledge also has implications for all of health care through enriching our understanding of how the body works, piecing together a puzzle we have been putting together since prehistory.

Dr. Brian Budgell is the Director of CMCC’s Life Sciences Laboratories that include the neurophysiology lab and the histology lab. In these laboratories, researchers are working on the science behind the adjustment – the mechanisms by which the adjustment contributes to patient health. The studies connected to these labs pertain to cellular and tissue related phenomena, data from which will help us to understand the scientific processes of chiropractic care, better positioning us to improve the quality and effectiveness of clinical treatment and enhancing the dialogue among health professions.

What is currently happening in the Life Science labs? Investigating the innervation and neutrally mediated behaviour of the vertebral artery Upper cervical manipulation can have tremendous affects, both positive and negative, on human health and much attention has focused on the vertebral artery’s sensitivity to physical forces, as this is thought to place patients at risk. However, remarkably, almost no research has investigated the innervation and neurally mediated behavior of these sensitive structures. Dr. Myroslava Kumka is addressing this


Left to right: Drs. Guy Sovak and Samuel Howarth

important knowledge gap through meticulous anatomical dissections and histological studies of the artery. Assisted by our research technician, Neha Iftikhar, Kumka is attempting to identify autonomic and somatic nerves serving these vessels, as well as identifying the particular types of mechanoreceptors found in the vessel walls. These studies may help us to understand how cervical stimulation modulates diverse physiological functions, such as heart rate and blood pressure, and how manipulation of this vessel could lead to both therapeutic and adverse responses. Cytokene profiles and pain response Drs. Stephen Injeyan and Julita Theordorczyk-Injeyan are studying cytokine profiles in patients with back pain, and in patients who undergo spinal manipulation. Cytokines control many aspects of inflammation and pain, and so precise profiles may help us to identify patients who are more or less likely to respond to spinal manipulation. The Injeyans are using precise biochemical and molecular techniques including ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay), western blot, immunofluorescence

microscopy and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to produce some of the most detailed information available on the body’s response to back and neck pain. What makes TENS effective? Dr. Guy Sovak is currently studying the mechanisms by which TENS (transcutaneous nerve stimulation) modulates the behavior of nerve cells. It is well known that TENS produces important clinical responses in different patients with pain and inflammation, but what are the mechanisms by which those responses are produced? Answering that question could help us to target and improve therapies. Sovak is working with different strains of neuronal cells, examining how TENS modulates the production and release of chemicals involved in pain and inflammation. He has discovered that TENS interrupts the normal behavior of cell membrane channels and ultimately suppresses the expression of certain genes responsible for cytokine production. Understanding spinal stenosis to improve interventions The director of the laboratories, Dr. Brian Budgell is interested in

the mechanisms and treatment of cord compression syndromes such as spinal stenosis. He has shown that, in short-term experiments, TENS-like stimulation can boost blood flow even in a compressed spinal cord. He is now working on a model to implant and gently inflate almost microscopic balloons to mimic spinal stenosis in an animal model. He hopes that this research will help doctors to understand the mechanisms of disease – how and why compression harms the spinal cord - and to time their interventions more effectively. Moving outward from microbiology towards macroscopic biological systems, we have the Human Performance Laboratory. Through the work undertaken here, Director Dr. Samuel Howarth, the McMorland Family Research Chair in Mechanobiology, has set an overarching agenda to understand movement. “Movement is fundamental to life,” says Howarth. “Pain and disability can have a dramatic effect on movement, and ultimately a person’s independence. A goal of chiropractic therapy is to reduce pain, and improve a person’s ability to move. People tend to think of



human performance on the high end of the scale, but it is equally about performing activities of daily living and giving people the ability to perform those actions.” Previously known as the Biomechanics and Elastography Lab, the new emphasis on human performance reflects Howarth’s expertise and will guide new research in the lab as he and others mentor and guide student driven research.

joints during spinal manipulative procedures and will be conducted in close collaboration with faculty from other areas of CMCC, such as the Simulation Lab. “There are a number of faculty with advanced degrees in biomechanics, along with their Doctor of Chiropractic degree, who are interested in mentoring students in a research setting,” says Howarth. By working with more faculty in this capacity, Howarth expects the clinical utility of the lab’s work to be enhanced.

Recently completed research Patient-centered biomechanics of diversified technique Dr. Kevin D’Angelo studied movements and loading experienced by the patient’s spine during two similar, yet different, high-velocity low-amplitude adjustments. His recently completed work resulted in three presentations at ACC-RAC, two of which won awards (2015, Las Vegas; 2016, Orlando). D'Angelo's research looked at side-lying lumbar procedures, diversified technique, performed in two ways. The study demonstrated there are biomechanically different outcomes, supporting the thought that clinical intent makes a difference to the loads and movements experienced by the patient’s spine. It remains to be understood if the biomechanical differences between these procedures lead to different clinical outcomes in patients.

Changes in patient movement patterns after spinal manipulation Howarth recently received a grant from the Australian Spinal Research Foundation to study whether spinal manipulation can influence pelvis and thorax movement patterns in low back pain patients during walking. This work is directly aligned with the overarching agenda of the Human Performance Laboratory, and investigates the neuromechanical aspect of spinal manipulation’s clinical benefit. Recent research has shown that pelvis and thorax movement patterns of low back pain patients are different from pain-free individuals, and even those who have recovered from an episode of low back pain. This suggests that measurements of pelvis and thorax movement patterns may have clinical use to identify patients that respond favorably to spinal manipulation.

Future research Chiropractor-centred biomechanics of spinal manipulation The Human Performance Laboratory will soon be embarking on multiple projects to determine how chiropractors perform spinal manipulation. This work will seek to measure movements and loading of the chiropractor’s

Current research Sports and exercise In the meantime, the lab has many other projects on the go in various stages, driven by students either completing their degree in chiropractic or pursuing graduate studies. Recently, says Howarth, two residents under his supervision, Drs. Eric St-Onge and Patrick Welsh, won research

awards from the Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences (Canada) RCCSS(C). St-Onge’s project studied activation of shoulder muscles during the Turkish Get-Up exercise, an exercise that has gained popularity in athletic training and rehabilitation settings. Meanwhile, Welsh is seeking to evaluate the effect of changing hip abduction angle on the measurement of hip strength in hockey players. His research question is: does athlete positioning influence ratios of hip strength that are used as indicators of groin injury risk? Findings from each of these projects will provide critical information to guide the implementation of exercise and physical diagnostic testing in training and rehabilitation settings.

Biomechanics of thoracic spinal manipulation Current chiropractic research is being led by Dr. Shawn Engell, who is looking at patient neck forces imposed during prone-lying thoracic procedures. Specifically, this work focuses on the biomechanical aspects of regional interdependence, or the notion that a patient’s symptoms may be directly related to impairments in remote parts of the body. Engell’s study is using an adaptation of CMCC’s FSTTTM technology with an innovative sliding headpiece to answer the question of whether friction between the patient’s face and the headpiece influences neck loading during prone-lying thoracic spinal manipulation. These are just a few of the projects being conducted in the Human Performance Laboratory. Please contact Dr. Howarth (showarth@ if you would like more information regarding any of these studies.


Dr. Jason MacDonald talks about a decade of running in Backs in Motion

CMCC is gearing up for the 34th annual Backs in Motion 10km run and 5km walk/run. Among the many runners and walkers we are looking forward to greeting is Dr. Jason MacDonald (Class of ‘98). MacDonald has been running since 1997. Speaking to us in November, he shared his experience of the run and the effect it has had on his own life. “I first ran the Backs in Motion 10km race while I was still a student at CMCC," says MacDonald. "A classmate, Dr. Paul Friesen, and I trained for a few months with our goal to complete the course. We made it and enjoyed the scenic route at the old Bayview campus and had a great day. With that accomplishment under my belt, I kept going and found myself

on a path to complete numerous 10km races, half marathons, a marathon and more than 15 years of triathlons." "When I began to run, my mother saw the health benefits and began walking, so she joined the event as well." "My most memorable moment occurred two years ago when my wife, mother and 10-year-old son, Tanner, signed up for the 5km event. Tanner ran the whole race with Dr. Peter Kim, and beat him! Tanner, my mother and I, each won our respective age groups. While it’s true that Tanner won some swag, he asks to go back each year because he had such a good time running with Dr. Kim and all

the other CMCC supporters and participants." "I look forward to coming back to run at CMCC with the hope of connecting with past classmates and instructors. Without exception, I always get to reconnect with someone from my past days at CMCC. It is interesting to see where everyone is and how they are doing." "As a chiropractor and CMCC alumnus, it feels good to be with others who have the same values and want to support the school in some small way. For anyone who has not tried this event, I recommend you give it a go, you can walk, run, stroll and enjoy the day with your friends and family."


Alumni 16


Dr. Janice Drover elected President RCCSS(C) Congratulations to Dr. Janice Drover (Class of ‘02), elected President of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada). Drover held the position of Treasurer on the Board of the RCCSS(C) for the past six years and resides in St. John’s, NL where she works at Core Insight. Dr. Marshall Deltoff, Class of ‘83 Dr. Marshall Deltoff joined the staff at Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, Israel in September 2016. A career chiropractic radiologist, Deltoff moved with his family to Israel in 2014. “Chiropractors can practice in Israel as long as they are graduates of an accredited program,” says Deltoff, “but unfortunately x-ray is not within the chiropractic scope of practice yet." Deltoff has continued to mount a challenge to this status quo by supplying Israel’s Ministry of Health with data regarding the education and clinical training of DCs in x-ray, as well as the legislative scope of practice in other jurisdictions worldwide. "It's a tough process dealing with governmental bureaucracy, but it's worth the effort", he explains. "There are currently approximately 140 practicing DCs in the country who have earned their degree from schools all over the world. This includes several CMCC alumni. Additionally, there is a professional organization, the Israeli Chiropractic Society which serves as the official voice of the profession in Israel." Deltoff decided to draw on his specialty in radiology

to reach out to hospitals in Israel, with the intention of introducing chiropractic to high-level medical radiologists and orthopaedists, some of whom might then help in the lobby to expand chiropractic's scope of practice. A published radiologist with a textbook and two book chapters under his belt, Deltoff was able to share his knowledge and experience with staff and administration at a number of hospitals by presenting radiology rounds. “It went very well. I have made friends with the chair of radiology at four hospitals and orthopaedics at two hospitals,” he says. Dr. Haim Shtarker, Chair of Pediatric Orthopedics at the Galilee Medical Center invited Deltoff to speak. It was through this invitation that Deltoff learned that the Center was involved in innovative research as well as incredible humanitarian work but was disadvantaged by language and could not get widespread publication. “Hebrew, Arabic and Russian tend to be the main languages here. It is difficult for the doctors and researchers to publish in English.” "The learning experience is phenomenal; I am treated as a total equal, going on rounds with the surgeons, visiting patients, observing surgery, and conducting research and manuscript preparation. It’s great to be part of the team, and as far as I’m aware, I am the only chiropractor in the country working full-time in a hospital. I am very excited about the quality of doctors I am working with and about the collaboration. For example, one day I was invited to attend an international conference we were hosting on paediatric orthopaedics and had the chance to meet and network with top orthopaedic surgeons from Switzerland, Japan, Chile, Kazakhstan and the UK. “When you share lunch or coffee with someone, they can see that you are a real person. I think they learned almost as much about chiropractic as I did about paediatric orthopaedics!"


Deltoff says that although there are relatively few chiropractors in Israel, there are great opportunities for collaboration and growth for our profession, and he is grateful and proud to represent the profession. He sees a wonderful opportunity to build bridges and break down barriers between health care professions. Michael Moore reappointed to federal medical panel Dr. Michael Tyler Moore (Class of ‘05) has been reappointed for four years as a medical panel member of the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals. He has been a full-time member of the Income Security section of the Tribunal's General Division since 2013. The Tribunal is charged with rendering fair and impartial decisions on appeals regarding the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS) and Employment Insurance (EI) claims for benefits. The appointment was announced by the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development.

Dr. Pat Tavares (Class of ’95) Transforming the World at Home or Abroad Award Dr. Alessandro Pichini (Class of ’16) James Watkins Memorial Award Dr. Courtney Brown (Class of ‘13) Young Investigator Award OCA Awards December 3 the OCA hosted its annual Awards Gala and was pleased to announce the 2016 OCA Award Recipients. The contributions of these chiropractors have advanced the profession in tangible and innovative ways: Dr. Dirk Keenan (Class of ‘84) Chiropractor of the Year Dr. Mohsen Kazemi (Class of ’96) Dr. Michael Brickman Heart and Hands Award

Moore resides in Ontario.

Dr. Frank Little (LIFE, ’97) Patient Care Award

CCA Award Honours Congratulations to the following CMCC Alumni who were honoured at the Canadian Chiropractic Association Awards on November 18, 2016.

Ms. Carla Diogo CHA of the Year

Dr. Carlo Ammendolia (Class of ’82) Chiropractor of the Year Dr. Drew Potter (Class of ’70) Medal of Merit and induction into the International College of Chiropractors Dr. Howard Vernon (Class of ’77) Lifetime Membership

Dr. Brent Milljour (Class of ’15) Recent Graduate Award Dr. Sapna Sriram (Class of ’07) Community Relations Award In addition, several long time members were honoured for their years of service to the profession, including Dr. Jan Kempe (Class of '66) for 50 years of service and Dr. Donald Viggiani (Class of '56) for 60 years of service.


17 20


June 2 – 3 at CMCC

Connecting Friends & Memories Honouring the Classes of

‘52, ‘57, ‘62, ‘67, ‘72, ‘77, ‘82, ‘87, ‘92, ‘97, ‘02, ‘07, ‘12 and ‘16

Weekend of events includes

President's Welcome Home BBQ, Anniversary Class Luncheon, Governors' Club and CCHA Lunch, Grand Reception and dinner. All social events and CE will be held at CMCC, with the exception of the Grand Reception and dinner which will take place at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North hotel.

Complete weekend Includes one admission to all social events (BBQ, Grand Reception and dinner, and Governors’ Club/CCHA Lunch) and CE programs Up to May 1

After May 1

CMCC member



Non-CMCC member



Governors’ Club member & CMCC member



Governors’ Club member & Non-CMCC member



Social events

CMCC Member

Non-CMCC Member

June 2 - Welcome Home BBQ



June 3 - Grand Reception and dinner



June 3 - Governors’ Club Lunch/CCHA (Non-GC Member)



June 3 - Governors’ Club Lunch/CCHA (GC Member)



June 2 - Anniversary Class Luncheon (For anniversary classes of ‘52, ‘57, ‘62, ‘67, ‘72, ’77 and ‘82 only)



Preferred hotel for Homecoming 2017

Limited rooms available, make your reservations now! Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel 600 Highway 7, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4R8 Hotel information & booking: Group rate available until May 2. Book by phone 1 800 668 0101 or email Booking Code: CA0601 or “Homecoming 2017 group” or “Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College” with a reference to the month of June. Discounted group rate (includes WiFi and parking) $129 plus taxes inclusive of Wi-Fi and parking $139 plus taxes inclusive of Wi-Fi, parking and two breakfasts

Win a free night’s accommodation in the Jacuzzi Suite at the Sheraton during Homecoming! Club lounge access and breakfast for two! Total value is $199 + taxes per night. Register by May 1, 2017 to be entered into the draw. For more event information, contact 416 482 2340 ext. 200 or or to get in touch with your class representative, contact David Coleman at 416 482 2340 ext. 146 or

Register online at or look for your Homecoming brochure in the mail!


Homecoming Continuing Education program Friday, June 2, 2017 Extremity Adjustment Workshop Mark N. Charrette, DC 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. CMCC , Lecture Hall 1 - 3 CE Hours Become proficient in taking care of extremities in this workshop with Dr. Mark Charrette. He will review adjustments of the foot and wrist, their importance and how aligning joints in these areas can influence the rest of the body. Drawing on his years of training and practice, he demonstrates how quickly chiropractors can learn and use these fast and efficient adjustments to improve patient outcomes. This hands on session also features motion x-rays as well as an introduction to orthopaedics and associated neurology.

Saturday, June 3, 2017 Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction Protocols for the Lumbar and Cervical Spine James Cox I, DC, DACBR, FICC, Hon D. Litt, FACO(H) 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. CMCC, Lecture Hall 1 - 5 CE Hours Dr. James Cox, developer of the widely-recognized Cox Technic System of Spinal Pain Management will demonstrate the use of the Cox 8 Table for effective flexion-distraction and decompression adjustment of the lumbar and cervical spine. Cox Technic has been shown to work better than active exercise therapy in realigning and restoring ranges of motion inherent to the spine while reducing low back pain – especially in patients with radiculopathy, a finding published in the European Spine Journal.

Continuing Education program only - Registration fees Early Bird* CMCC Member $320 Non-CMCC Member $380 Gov Club Member & CMCC Member $295

Regular $370 $415 $330

Early Bird* Regular Gov Club Member & Non-CMCC Member $350 $385 Chiropractic Office Assistant $220 $255 *Early bird deadline is May 1, 2017

We've lost touch with your classmates! We’ve lost touch with these CMCC anniversary alumni. If you have contact information for any of these individuals please contact Shirley Fuligni at 416 482 2340 ext. 133 or Class of 1952 Dr. Robert J. Corrigan Dr. Frederick G. Forster Dr. John J. Lenville Dr. Clare J. McGarrett Dr. Joseph T. Nickens

Dr. Edward L. Demchuk Dr. Ole H. Jochumsen Dr. Diane B. Munden Dr. Ivan Sloan Dr. Richard M. Telford Dr. Garry W. Titus

Class of 1957 Dr. Peter Bodnar Dr. Francois Brouillet Dr. Bernard Fruitman Dr. John H. Hayes Dr. Marcel LeCavalier Dr. Kenneth W. Legate Dr. Claude Vaillancourt

Class of 1972 Dr. Grant K. Adair Dr. William T. Evans Dr. Jorn Gundersen Dr. Denis Jean Dr. Denis Lebel Dr. Yu Nan Leung Dr. Barry G. Lucas Dr. David W. MacKenzie Dr. David J. McCready Dr. Theodore Tribe

Class of 1962 Dr. Wayne R. Parker Dr. Basil Q. Peters Dr. Leslie Scott Dr. Donald Sharkoff Class of 1967 Dr. Audrey J. Barber

Class of 1977 Dr. Steve S. Cheng Dr. David Fai Dr. Michael J. Hulme Dr. Joseph Lipkowitz

Dr. Elaine B. Markovitch Dr. Ryan M. McKague Dr. Andrew Z. Menceles Dr. Donald Quick Dr. Gitte A. Rasmussen Dr. Judith A. Roe Cheng Dr. Gregory B. Smith

Dr. Eddy Oklobdzija Dr. Perry A. Prudhomme Dre Ghyslaine Rioux Dr. Michael J. Sax Dr. Alan Shell Dr. Vincenza Tucciarone Dr. David J. Tulbert

Class of 1982 Dr. Lawrence Chan Dr. Janice M. Elenbaas Dr. Barbara Grossman Dr. Gregory Leneve Dr. Jeffrey R. Martin Dr. John S. Phillips

Class of 1992 Dr. Reinhard Brunner Dr. Lisa A. Chlysta Dr. Diane Harrison Dr. Andy S. B. Hsu Dr. David W. Lelek Dre Lyne Picard Dr. Michael A. Reid Dr. Wade A. Sabados Dr. Lisa M. Wagner

Class of 1987 Dr. Michel Belanger Dr. Sherry L. Bruno Dr. Richard S. Castro Dr. Yves Croisetiere Dr. Paul Deelman Dr. A. Owen Fleming Dr. Milan Gillespie

Class of 1997 Dr. Lloyd A. Deutscher Dr. Thomas R. Fried Dr. Corinne M. Gill Dr. Deanne E. Hill

Dr. Vincent J. Leering Dr. Farah Samji Dr. Kevin K. Smith Dr. A. Cynthia Stewart Dr. Krishna M. M. Takman Dr. Dennis K. Tse Class of 2002 Dr. Aviram Bodnar Dr. Teri L. Butler Dr. Kendall S. Chorostecki Dr. Scott G. J. Cook Dr. Giselle L. Hideib Dr. Adrian Joaquin Dr. Elise Mendelle Dr. Richard A. Menge Dr. Darin C. Orr Dr. Jeffrey L. Plante Dr. Emile A. Ramlochan Class of 2007 Dr. Carney G. Carney- Kilian



CMCC Continuing Education Grow your practice

Distance Learning Continuing Education is pleased to offer you distance learning programs for your convenience. Topics include: The Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative series; Diagnostic Imaging; Anatomy and Biomechanics of the TMJ; Chiropractic Management of Lumbar Disc Protrusion/ Herniation; Foot, Gait and Orthotics; Demystifying the Shoulder and Ethical Marketing. Fees range from $45 to $200

Certificate Medical Emergencies in the Practitioners Office (63677) March 4-5, CMCC 12 CE hours Drs. David Starmer and Steven Lester This unique course blends a WSIB certified first aid course with medical emergency simulations in CMCC's state of the art SIM lab. Overall, the program is designed to meet the new requirements of

the College of Chiropractors of Ontario for WSIB certified training in Emergency First Aid with CPR + AED. Chiropractors and office staff are encouraged to attend this two day program not only to become certified in Emergency First Aid with CPR + AED (Level C) for three years, but also to be motivated and informed about emergency procedures that effectively respond to medical emergencies in the chiropractic office. Member: $375 Non-member: $450

AMA Guides to Impairment Rating (63675) April 27-30, CMCC and Courtyard Marriott 44 CE hours Drs. Steven G. Yeomans, Rocco Guerriero, J. Douglas Salmon, Howard Platnick and Mr. Ian Furlong CMCC and the Canadian Society of Chiropractic Evaluators (CSCE) are pleased to present a didactic course dealing with the methods of evaluation necessary to determine the presence, nature and extent of Whole Person Impairment of musculoskeletal, neurological

and other body systems, utilizing the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, fourth and sixth editions. The process of catastrophic determination evaluations will be introduced and discussed using case studies. This seminar will also highlight the relevance of the AMA Guides in Ontario. The AMA Guides are the legally accepted standard for impairment assessment in Ontario for catastrophic determination, and in many US states for workers’ compensation claims settlement. CMCC/CSCE Member: $1,395 Non-member: $1,550


Simulation Lab Technique Workshop (63682) April 2, CMCC SIM Lab 5 CE hours Dr. David Starmer At CMCC’s Simulation Lab, chiropractors will have the opportunity to participate in a contemporary workshop using high fidelity manikins, Force Sensing Table Technology™ and video feedback with a focus on modulating force and velocity across all patient types. Participants will gain insight into the finer details of personal adjustment technique via personal video and force table data feedback embellished with analysis and a technique practice recommendation. This program meets the CCO requirement of five mandatory structured hours consisting of diagnostic or therapeutic procedures related to any of the controlled acts within the chiropractic scope of practice. Member: $200 Non-member: $225

Advanced Spine Imaging for Doctors of Chiropractic (63671, 63672, 63673) February 4, Calgary AB February 5, Edmonton AB April 22, Hamilton ON 6.5 CE hours Dr. John Taylor Get up to date with the latest in advanced diagnostic image interpretation with Dr. John Taylor. In this one day session he will take participants through a stimulating and engaging assessment of clinically relevant MR images and CT scans of the lumbar and cervical spine as well as a review of osteoporosis cases.

Winter Radiology - MSK Imaging of the Lower Extremity – Challenges for the Chiropractor (63676) February 4, Ottawa ON 6 CE hours Dr. Norbert Dombrowsky Dr. Dombrowsky takes you through musculoskeletal imaging of the lower extremity in a three-part, one-day lecture where he will review pathology, abnormal and normal MRI anatomy of the hip, knee, ankle and foot complimented by case studies to challenge you!

Craniosacral Therapy for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers (63681) April 8, CMCC 6 CE hours Dr. Elise Hewitt Dr. Hewitt will present the basics of craniosacral therapy (CST), a gentle form of care, including the history of components of the craniosacral system, general CST guidelines and contraindications for application of the technique. Using demonstrations on a model plus video clips of actual treatment sessions, she will detail specific CST techniques for the newborn and infant patient, including technique modifications to implement as the child ages. Dr. Hewitt will pepper her instruction with clinical pearls from her 28 years of experience in paediatric practice.

Member: $238 Non-member: $265

Member: $238 Non-member: $265

Member: $250 Non-member: $285



In Memoriam

Donations The donations listed here were received and processed between September 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016. We extend our sincere appreciation to those who have made gifts to CMCC. If you have a correction to this list or would like more information about making a donation, please call Donation Services at 416 482 2340 ext. 194.

Dr. Jacques Bédard Class of ’73

Dr. Hans Rohner Class of '60

Dr. Kent Winterstein Class of ’73

CMCC is grateful to its supporters who have thought to include a donation to CMCC in recognition of the passing of their loved one. Memorial cards are available through Donation Services at 416 482 2340 ext. 194.

Research Chair Dr. Raphael H. Ahn Dr. Thomas E. Amaolo Dr. Frank Baliko Mr. David Boldovitch Dr. Ron and Mrs. Wendy Brady Mrs. Margaret Butkovic Dr. Dena G. Churchill Dr. Todd Clayton - Dieppe Chiropractic Centre Dembar Financial Services Inc. Dr. James DiGiuseppe Dr. Douglas A. Donbrook Dr. Brad S. Ferguson Frank H. Hori Charitable Foundation Dr. Thomas A. Gadsby Giles Financial Dr. Keith G. Harper and Mrs. Barbara J. Harper Dr. L. Kevin Henbid and Family Dr. Richard H. Kolanos Dr. Darrel J. Kopala Dr. Pierre Levesque and Dr. Marie Josee Robichaud Dr. John E. MacRae Dr. Peter G. Magee Dr. David J. Matheson Dr. David E. Osiowy Reginos Pizza Dr. Darren J. Scraper Dr. Michael D. Sider Dr. William P. Stackhouse Dr. Perry Taylor and Mrs. Carol Taylor The Co-operators Group Insurance Mr. Alan and Dr. Astrid Trim Dr. Paul and Mrs. Susan Uchikata United Way of Peel Region Dr. John W. Vargo Ms. Anmarie J. Webb Dr. Kathy Wickens and Family Dr. Matt G. R. Williams

Awards and Scholarships Dr. Douglas M. Brown Chiropractors' Association of Saskatchewan Council of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors Mr. Chris Greenshields Dr. David A. Gryfe Dr. Rocco C. Guerriero Dr. Rahim Karim Dr. Mark G. Labrecque Ms. Diana McLennan Dr. Richard Mercier Dr. Jean A. Moss Dr. Mark C. Perrett Mr. Rupinder Randhawa Dr. Nancy Riedel Bowers Mrs. Mary L. Rourke Dr. Mark A. Symchych The Orthotic Group Mrs. Donna J. Wood Dr. P. Gregory Woolfrey York-Peel Chiropractic Society General Donations & Gifts in Kind Dr. Raphael H. Ahn Dr. Khalid M. Alibhai Dr. Antonio Anziano Dr. Jacques Auger Dr. Ayla Azad Dr. James Barrett Dr. Matthew J. Barrigar Ms. Mara Bartolucci Mr. David Boldovitch Mrs. Sharlene Browne Canadian Policy Network Ms. Angelica Chen Chiropractic Care & Longevity Center Ms. Shannon Clark CMPC Dr. Richard R. Cronk Dr. Ian D. Culbert Dr. Philip Decina Dr. Lara C. deGraauw Dr. Lynn M. Dowswell Dr. K. Spencer, Prof. Corp. Ms. Lenore Edmunds Mr. Allan Fraser

Mrs. Shirley A. Fuligni Giles Financial Dr. Dominic Giuliano Dr. J. Kenneth Goldie Dr. Jeffrey D. Goldsworthy Mr. Jake Hacker Dr. L. Kevin Henbid Ms. Lynne Hodgson Holdun Family Office Mrs. Evelyn Humphries Dr. Verna Hunt Dr. Rahim Karim Dr. Peter S. Y. Kim Ms. Ivona Kolo Mrs. Nauka Kumar Dr. Alexander K. Lam Dr. J. Donald Langford Mrs. Lois Laquerre Dr. David Lovsin Dr. Rich & Mrs. Betty Luck Ms. Susan MacLean Ms. Margaret McCallen Mr. Chris McGrath Ms. Katherine Mior Dr. Silvano A. Mior Mrs. Barbara Newbigging Ontario Chiropractic Association Dr. Catherine Owens Dr. Cosma Pecora Ms. May Ramdial RE/MAX P.A. Realty Mr. Gregory Roberts Ronald G Stoley Professional Corporation Dr. Gregory Ruhr Mr. Ravi Samlal Dr. Murray E. Schneider Dr. Brian D. Schut Ms. Shabana Siddiqui Mrs. Brenda Smith Mrs. Ursula Sortwell Dr. David J. Starmer Dr. Todd D. Starr Dr. Medville A. Thompson Ms. Brenda Trowsdale-Barr Mr. Todd Vasey Dr. David Wickes

23 Dr. Leslie J. Wiltshire Ms. Karen Zelensky In Memoriam Donations Longfields-Davidson Heights SS Hyundai Auto Canada Mrs. Lori Baldasaro Dr. Douglas M. Brown Miss Claire Dallaire Mrs. Shirley A. Fuligni Dr. E. Kitchener Hayman

Mrs. Eileen Hugli Dr. Stephen H. Injeyan Mrs. Argentina Juncal Dr. Joseph R. Kelly Dr. Peter S. Y. Kim Ms. Mary Louise Laberge Mrs. Lois Laquerre Mr. & Mrs Gary Locke Dr. Sandra J. Malpass Dr. Richard Mercier Mr. Patrick Mergel Mr. Enni Mior

Ms. Glena Moore Dr. Jean Moss Bill Muirhead & Ellen Vogel Ms. Jenny Myers Mrs. Barbara Newbigging Ghislaine Pommet Mr. Jim Riley Dr. Roger Roy Ms. Betty Schaefer Dr. William M. Smith Mr. Christopher Spencer

Dr. Igor Steiman Ms. Debbie Sutton Cecile Tessier Ms. Marjorie Thompson Mrs. Barbara Thornbrough Ms. Eilene White Dr. Kathy Wickens Dr. Leslie J. Wiltshire Dr. Robert M. & Mrs. Anne Wingfield Dr. Hainan Yu


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CMCC is searching for a Vice President, Academic The newly created role of Vice President Academic (VPA) will serve as the Chief Academic Officer of CMCC and provide academic leadership and strategic direction for undergraduate (Doctor of Chiropractic degree) and graduate education programs and the CMCC Health Sciences Library. Reporting to and liaising with the President on strategy and priorities, the VPA will lead the planning process for undergraduate and graduate education and the Library, while ensuring that academic plans and activities are aligned with CMCC’s mission, vision, values, and strategic plan, as well as assisting in the development of strategic institutional academic collaborations, including articulation agreements. What we are looking for is a skillful leader who inspires, supports and motivates students, staff and faculty and who articulates and advocates for the unique role, vision and mission of CMCC within the chiropractic profession. The successful candidate will be: • a decisive yet collaborative decision maker who will provide strong leadership in academic programming, budgetary and fiscal management, strategic planning, and fundraising; •

a strong and effective communicator who will build and sustain effective relationships with alumni and members, professional partners, government and institutional partners; active, energetic, dynamic and well-organized, with an appreciation of the special culture and history of CMCC.

Or new VPA will lead with a sense of pride in CMCC’s accomplishments and excitement about its potential.

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