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Cindy  Mackenzie  Breast  Cancer  Foundation  Black  Tie  Gala   Hot  Dice,  Shanghai  Nights   Hyatt  Regency  Coolum,  Saturday  May  14,  2011     Live  Auction  Sealed  Bid  and  Registration  Form       Live  Auction  Sealed  Bids    

'RQœWOLYHRQWKH6XQVKLQH&RDVWRUFDQœW  make  it  to  thLV\HDUœV*DODGRQRWZRUU\    You   can  still  help  the  Cindy  Mackenzie  Breast  Cancer  Foundation  to  raise  funds  by  bidding  on   WKHOLYHDXFWLRQVSULRUWRWKLV\HDUœVevent.     From  a  weeklong  Sydney  New  Year  Events  Spectacular  Experience  for  four,  to  a   weekend  escape  at  beautiful  Noosa,  to  an  Asian  adventure  in  Hong  Kong  and  Shanghai   VWD\LQJDWWZRRIWKHZRUOGœVEHVWKRWHOVWKLV\HDUœVJDODDXFWLRQKDVVRPHWKLQJIRU everyone.     How  Does  It  Work  

 Complete  this  registration  form  together  with  the  terms  and  conditions.  Tick  the  box  of   the  auction  item(s)  you  are  bidding  on  and  simply  offer  the  bid  you  think  no-­one  else  will   bid.  The  winner  is  the  highest  bid  that  is  received  either  on  the  night  at  the  Gala  or  by   sealed  bid.       Why  Participate  

 ,WœVH[FLWLQJGLIIHUHQWDQGLQQRYDWLYH,WDOORZV³)ULHQGVRIWKH)RXQGDWLRQ´ZKRFDQœW attend  the  Gala  and  charity  minded  individuals  right  across  Australia  to  bid  on  unique   auction  items  whilst  raising  money  for  a  great  grassroots  organisation.     Terms  and  Conditions  

 All  sealed  bids  must  be  received  by  12  noon  Thursday,  May  12  2011.     Email  the  completed  form  to    or  post  to  the  Cindy  Mackenzie   Breast  Cancer  Foundation  Gala  2011,  PO  Box  1648,  Buderim  4556.       You  may  bid  on  one  or  more  auction  items;͞  however,  you  may  only  bid  on  each  item   once.    The  highest  sealed  bidder  for  each  item  will  be  contacted  on  May  13.    We  will   confirm  your  bid  and  obtain  credit  card  details  to  hold  for  security.     The  live  auction  will  take  place  at  WKH)RXQGDWLRQœV%ODFN7LH*DODon  Saturday,  May  14   at  Hyatt  Regency  Coolum  at  approximately  10.15pm.    Live  bidders  in  the  room  will  be   notified  of  any  sealed  bids.     $WWKHHQGRIWKHELGGLQJLIWKHVHDOHGELGZLQVWKHELGGHUœVFUHGLWFDUGZLOOEHFKarged   immediately  and  the  bidder  will  be  notified  by  email.    Please  ensure  your  details  are   correct  so  we  can  reach  you  with  the  exciting  news.     If  the  transaction  fails,  the  winning  bidder  will  be  contacted  immediately  by  phone.    If   the  bidder  cannot  be  reached  to  obtain  alternate  credit  card  details,  the  next  highest  bid   ¹  either  by  a  bidder  in  the  room  or  by  sealed  bid  ¹  will  become  the  winning  bidder.         The  results  of  the  auction  will  be  notified  by  email  to  all  sealed  bidders  May  16.        

Cindy Mackenzie  Breast  Cancer  Foundation  Black  Tie  Gala   Live  Auction  Sealed  Bid  and  Registration  Form   Page  2         The  winning  bidder  is  responsible  for  any  postage  and/or  transportation  costs  of  their   auction  item  from  the  office  of  the  Cindy  Mackenzie  Breast  Cancer  Foundation  on  the   Sunshine  Coast,  Queensland  WRWKHELGGHU¶VQRPLQDWHGDGGUHVVthe  week  following  the   Gala.     For  further  information  or  any  questions,  please  call  the  Cindy  Mackenzie  Breast  Cancer   Foundation  on  1300  55  77  10  or  email     Registration  (tick  the  box)    

†      I  would  like  to  register  to  participate  in  the  sealed  bid.               †        I  have  read  and  agree  to  the  above  terms  and  conditions.               Should  bidding  on  the  night  exceed  your  nominated  bid  would  you  like  to  be  contacted   via  phone  to  participate  in  further  bidding?               †        YES      /      †      NO       Name:  _________________________________________________________________     Street  Address:  __________________________________________________________     City:  __________________________________________________________________     State:  _________________________________  Postcode:________________________     Email:_________________________________________________________________     Mobile:__________________________Home  phone:____________________________      

Cindy  Mackenzie  Breast  Cancer  Foundation  Black  Tie  Gala   Live  Auction  Sealed  Bid  and  Registration  Form   Page  3       Live  Auction  Items     You  are  invited  to  make  a  sealed  bid  on  the  following:  

   †    1.  Train  with  Ironman  Matt  Poole   $RQFHLQDOLIHWLPHRSSRUWXQLW\IRUSDUHQW¶VWRVSRLOWKHLUFKLOGUHQZLWKWKUHHRQHKRXU   exclusive  training  sessions  on  Mooloolaba  Beach  (Sunshine  Coast)  with  Ironman  and     Australian  lifesaving  champion,  Matt  Poole.  (Maximum  four  children)  Thank  you  Matt  Poole     Bid  amount:  $_________       †    2.  Noosa  Escape   $QXQIRUJHWWDEOHZHHNHQGIRUWZRFRXSOHVRUDJLUO¶VJHWDZD\IRUIRXUDWPDJLFDO1RRVD Prize  includes  two  nights  in  a  luxury  two  bedroom  apartment  at  Sunshine  Beach.    Enjoy   the  great  outdoors  with  a  1½  hour  stand  up  paddle  board  lesson.    One  of  the  fastest   growing  water  sports  sweeping  the  Sunshine  Coast  and  the  coolest  way  to  explore   1RRVD¶VEHDXWLIXOZDWHUVZKLOHHQMR\LQJDVXEWOHIXOO-­body  work  out!  This  weekend   experience  also  includes  a  relaxing  trip  to  the  pristine  Everglades,  dinner  at  Sirocco   Noosaville  and  an  afternoon  of  pampering  and  High  Tea  by  Matt  Golinski  from  Rolling   Dolmade  DW,NDWDQ%DOLQHVH'D\6SDRQHRI$XVWUDOLD¶V%HVW'Hstination  Spas.  Do   weekends  get  any  better  than  this?  Thank  you  Ikatan  Balinese  Day  Spa,  Matt  Golinksi,   Rose  Callaghan  Realty,  Discovery  Group  and  Noosa  Stand  up  Paddle  

   Bid  amount:  $_________        

†   3.  Sydney  New  Year  2012  Events  Spectacular  Experience   The  Sydney  Events  Spectacular  experience  for  four  people  is  without  doubt  the  highlight   of  this  year's  gala  auction.  7KLVQHYHUWREHUHSHDWHGPRQH\FDQ¶WEX\H[SHULHQFH includes  tickets  to  the  Lord  Mayor  of  Sydney's  Private  New  Year's  Eve  Party  and   fireworks  extravaganza  at  the  Opera  House,  New  Year's  Day  racing  in  the  Members  at   Rosehill  Gardens  with  betting  vouchers,  VIP  access  to  day  one  of  the  Sydney  Festival,   Members  Reserve  tickets  to  every  day  of  the  January  2012  Sydney  Cricket  Test  Match   between  AustUDOLDDQG,QGLDLQFOXGLQJWKH&KDLUPDQ¶V3ULYDWH/unch  on  Day  One   (Tuesday,  January  3,  2012)  in  the  SCG  Trust  Suite  and  the  McGrath  Foundation  High  Tea   on  Day  Three  (Thursday,  January  5,  2012).    Thank  you  Lord  Mayor  Clover  Moore  MP,  The   City  of  Sydney,  Sydney  Cricket  and  Sports  Ground  Trust,  Australian  Turf  Club,   Rosehill  Gardens,  Matthew  Bradley,  Henry  Noonan,  the  Hon.  Morris  Iemma,  the  Hon.   Kevin  Greene  and  Barry  Davison    

   Bid  amount:  $_________                  

Cindy  Mackenzie  Breast  Cancer  Foundation  Black  Tie  Gala   Live  Auction  Sealed  Bid  and  Registration  Form   Page  4       †    4.  KHQGDOO3HUNLQVœ3DLQWLQJ   Travelling  the  globe  in  a  EOD]HRIFRORXUDQGFKDUDFWHU´  with  a  style  that  is  highly   individualistic,  Kendall  continues  to  take  the  art  world  by  storm  with  a  technicoloured   trail  that  leads  all  the  way  back  to  her  home  in  Buderim,  Queensland  and  to  one  of  her   favourite  local  charities.  If  you  are  not  already  a  Kendall  collector,  this  is  a  great   opportunity  to  start  or  simply  add  to  your  collection.  Thank  you  Kendall  Perkins   (Conditions:  Transportation  and  insurance  of  the  painting  will  be  the  responsibility  of  the   winning  bidder)          

Bid  amount:  $_________      

†   5.  BMW  Exhilaration       The  most  serious  of  driving  enthusiasts  will  revel  in  this  exhilarating  one  day  BMW   Intensive  Driver  Training  course  for  two  people  at  Phillip  Island  in  Victoria.  Under  the   watchful  eyes  of  international  motorsport  champion  and  BMW  Driver  Training  Chief   Instructor,  Geoff  Brabham,  this  experience  will  not  disappoint%UDEKDPœVVSDUNling   career  featured  victories  in  the  world's  most  storied  sports  car  races,  the  24  Hours  of  Le   Mans  and  the  12  Hours  of  Sebring  (twice).    Prize  also  includes  return  airfares   %ULVEDQH0HOERXUQHDQGWZRQLJKWVœDFFRPPRGDWLRQDW  Silverwater  Resort.   Thank  you  Coastline  BMW  and  Silverwater  Resort,  Phillip  Island      

 Bid  amount:  $_________      

†   6.  &ROOHFWRUœV,WHP-HZHOOHU\   We  all  want  long,  happy  and  healthy  lives!  This  meticulously  handcrafted  pendant   representing  the  longevity  symbol  enforceVWKH)RXQGDWLRQœV  affirmation  for  attaining  the   best  out  of  life.    Made  in  9ct  yellow  gold,  the  pendant  is  3.5cm  (35mm)  in  diameter,   featuring  1.25cts  of  fine  Burmese  rubies.  Thank  you  Mark  and  Shelley  Evans  of  Mark   Evans  Fine  Jewellery     (Conditions:  Transportation  and  insurance  of  the  jewellery  will  be  the  responsibility  of   the  winning  bidder)        

 Bid  amount:  $_________       †    7.  Hong  Kong  Shanghai  Odyssey     6KRSWLOO\RXGURSLQWZRRI$VLDœVJUHDWFRVPRSROLWDQFLWLHVVWD\LQJDWWZRRIWKHZRUOGœV best  hotels.    Prized  for  its  unrivalled  views  over  Victoria  Harbour  and  Hong  Kong  Island,   enjoy  three  nights  Superior  Harbourview  accommodation  at  the  internationally  acclaimed   InterContinental  Hong  Kong  and  three  nights  in  a  Grand  River  view  room  at  the  Grand   +\DWW6KDQJKDLRQHRIWKHZRUOGœVKLJKHVWKRWHOVZLWKSDQRUDPLFYLHZVRYHUWKHFLW\ Prize  also  includes  Cathay  Pacific  roundtrip  air  Brisbane/Hong  Kong  and  roundtrip  air   Hong  Kong/Shanghai  on  Dragonair.  Thank  you  Cathay  Pacific  Airways,  InterContinental  Hong  Kong,   Grand  Hyatt  Shanghai  and  Travelworld  Mooloolaba  

(Conditions  apply:  travel  period  to  30  November  2011,  minimum  stay  2  days  maximum   stay  14  days,  no  frequent  flyer  points  awarded.)     Bid  amount:  $_________  

Auction sealed bids and Registration form  

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