Painting the Home of my Heart

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"Painting the Home of My Heart" C Mawle Fine Art Volume 1

"The prairie tried her best to speak to my heart in her mother tongue but I understood only the poetry of her wide open skies that paralleled blue expanses over beaches and oceans. This sky was the thread I tied around my finger to remind me of the home of my heart."


The ocean, forest and rivers of Vancouver Island lay before me as my childhood playground. I ran free, exploring what I thought was simply my life but in actuality was a true gift feeding the creativity of my growing artistic mind.



Childhood became a mere memory as reality lit upon the doorstep cloaked in the darkness of a down-turned economy; its pockets tucked with insufficient income, unpaid bills and bright blue packages of kraft dinner. Alberta's promise of a brighter life moved us eastward just beyond the Rocky Mountains.



Over time one can adapt to a new town by hanging a hat in a home and raising a child but still just fall shy of belonging.



Within my studio walls young creative art students sat at tables, paintbrushes and pencils in hand. looking to me for direction...


...unaware they themselves were helping to pull together the disconnection that tugged at the empty corners of my creative soul.


Upon every westward visit, the first touch of Vancouver Island underfoot reminded me of where I truly belonged as tree branches reached out in a “welcome home” embrace.


The burst of joy from my heart never failed to fill my eyes with tears as I breathed the soft coastal air deep into my dust-dried lungs and felt the moisture caressing my brittle skin. I was whole again.


West Coast Islet III 15x30


West Coast Chain 15x30


Koskimo Islet 24x36


Breaking Point 30x36


Precious remembrances of undulating forests and calming waters always returned with me to the prairie to paint upon my touchstone of canvas and paper.


This re-creation of my heartfelt home deeply embedded my vow to one day return. 17

The call to come home appeared in the most wonderfully romantic way I could have ever imagined.


I have discovered the long separation has only amplified my emotional connection to the Island..


I cannot help but repeat its whispers in paint...


...hoping that my interpretation will be understood upon connection.


Sand Shadows 24x24


Sand Shadows II 24x24


Sun Dapped Grey 24x24


Twisted 12x36


The thread of sky upon my finger, gently tugged by the ocean breeze, untied itself and dissolved slowly upwards into...

.....the blue

About the Artist: Cindy Mawle is a full time painter living on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada. She paints from her home studio in the small community of Bowser. Artists statement: "In the midst of a seemingly chaotic world there is an unspoken calm I am drawn to in all my subjects, especially those found near my home on the West coast of Vancouver Island. My challenge is to interpret and nurture that tranquility onto my working surface with the materials I know best and to utilize design elements both technical and intuitive to balance stillness and gentle movement. I hope to offer the viewer an escape into the calm if even just for a moment of time." Facebook: cmawleSCA Instagram: cmawle