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8th Grade Science

School Year 2012-2013


Connecting with SCIENCE... Welcome to 8th grade science!

Welcome! Expectations Course Overview Grading Absences Homework

I hope you are refreshed and ready for an exciting and challenging year in science. This class is all about discovering science and becoming “scientifically literate”. Grade 8 Science explores four different themes this year: Systems, Transformation, Power and Interconnectedness. It is my goal for you to develop a passion for science and be able to work, think, and act like scientists. Emphasis will be placed on developing skills and strategies to prepare you for future studies in science. .

What will I be studying this year?

Communication Academic Honesty Contact Information

   

Classroom Expectations  Be POSITIVE!  Respect Yourself and Others  Be Prepared to Learn  Ask Questions  Follow Instructions  Do Your Best!

Energy Forms and Changes Chemistry Body Systems Physics

How are my grades calculated?

Virtual Science Fair /Independent Research Current events

Grades are calculated using a mathematical formula which gives a different weight to different types of assignments. Therefore, getting a low or high score on a project will probably affect your final grade more than getting a low or high score on a homework assignment.

The Formula

HomeworkLabs/Projects/Skills Tests \Quizzes

Classwork Organization

- 10% - 45 % - 25% - 10 % - 10 %

What do I do If I am absent ? Attendance Good attendance is very important. You should be in the classroom and in your seat ready to begin. with all required supplies at hand.

ABSENCES You are responsible for any assignments and material covered in class if you are absent. Speak with your study buddy and see me as soon as you return to school so that arrangements can be made to complete missed lessons and work. You may visit with me before or after class, or during breaks — you can even send me an email!

Academic Honesty? What does that mean? The staff and students at CIPLC place great emphasis on academic excellence and doing their personal best. It is our goal to work together in an environment that supports academic honesty and trust. Please see your student handbook regarding this policy.

LATE WORK Daily homework is due at the beginning of class on the assigned due date and is generally self-checked at the beginning of class. You will receive one “free” homework pass per quarter for daily assignments. Late work for larger assignments and projects will be subject to 10% deduction per day for the first 3 school days following the due date. See below:  One day late—

10% off

 Two days late—

20% off

 Three days late— 30 % off

If you have any questions or concerns please stop by and see me. You may also contact me through email:

 Four days late—

no credit

Basically this means: COMPLETE EVERYTHING ON TIME!!

Agreement Please carefully review this guide with your parents. Afterwards, I would like 2 emails, one from you and one from your parents. Your email should state the following: I understand the information and expectations explained in this handout and agree to follow them to the best of my ability. Your parents’ email should state that they are aware of the information and expectations for your science class. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know in person or in the email.

Gr 8 Expectations  
Gr 8 Expectations  

Expectations for 8th graders.