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Brand Development & Marketing Literature Design

Introduction WTF watches is a new company, specialising in silicon based, “jellywatch” jewellery. I was asked to assist on a freelance basis by one of my friends, the owner of the business, in developing a brand identity and preliminary marketing materials to get the company and brand established. Below are examples of some of the work I produced, Including: • The Company name and Logo • Business cards • Flyers • Promotional T-shirt graphics • Exhibition Material

Company Name/Logo Although the product offering was clearing the brand logo and comapny name was near clear from the offest, so with the owner of the business I brainstormed ideas for a comapny name. The prerequisites were that the company name should be in an acronym format, similar to other fashion brands such as FCUK. We came up with WTF (watch time fly). WTF was an ideal choice as WTF is an acronym used widely by our target demographic, students and the teen market and the term “Fly� is a well known colloquial term for trendy, fashionable and interesting. We chose to use the homographic identity of the word fly to also incorporate a brand logo of a flying watch. Due to the tongue in cheek nature of the WTF branding we also used a comic style , sans serif font, Showcard Gothic. Below are the finished logo Concepts:

Business Cards Incorporating the flying watch and logo font I came up with an idea of contrasting the bright vivid colours of the jelly watches themselves with bright green and blue colours of a modified hillside background, shown below:

Flyers Carrying over the idea for the Business Cards I created Flyer designs, to be on hand to distribute in city centres or at trade shows and local exhibitons, shown below, both back and front images of the double sided material:

Promotional T Shirt Graphics When appearing at trade shows and exhibtions etc I felt it was important to create a theme of brand consistency, which lead to the development of branded company T shirts, designs as shown below:

Exhibition Materials I created preliminary exhibition materials to help create a presence at fayres and trade shows through the medium of table top literature. I chose to integrate the use of display boards, as when shown create a harmonised brand identity with the T shirts, Leaflets and business cards. The Exhibition materials are a work in progress and within time should include material such as exhibition stands and POS material.

WTF Watches Brand Development & Marketing Literature  

One of my friends has recently decided to set up a business in the Jewellery trade. I was asked to come on board on a short term freelance b...

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